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New & forthcoming WTO titles 2013

Promoting Access to Medical Technologies and Innovation: Intersections between public health, intellectual property and trade Promoting Access to Medical Technologies and Innovation examines the interplay between public health, trade and intellectual property, and how these policy domains affect medical innovation and access to medical technologies. Co-published by the World Health Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the World Trade Organization, the study draws together the three Secretariats’ respective areas of expertise. ISBN 978-92-870-3839-5 Published in February 2013 | 252 pages | price: CHF 60.-

E-commerce in Developing Countries: Opportunities and challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises E-commerce in Developing Countries focuses on the relationship between electronic commerce (e-commerce), development and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and on how some SMEs have used e-commerce to promote, market, service and sell their products nationally and internationally. ISBN 978-92-870-3864-7 ISBN 978-92-870-3865-4 ISBN 978-92-870-3866-1

E-commerce in developing countries Le commerce électronique dans les pays en développement El comercio electrónico en los países en desarrollo

Published in April 2012 | 16 pages | price: free

Annual Report 2013 The Annual Report 2013 provides an overview of activities in 2012 and early 2013. A brief summary of the year is followed by an in-depth review of the WTO’s main areas of activity. ISBN 978-92-870-3856-2 ISBN 978-92-870-3857-9 ISBN 978-92-870-3858-6

Annual Report 2013 Rapport annuel de l’OMC 2013 Informe Anual de la OMC 2013

Published in May 2013 | 144 pages | price: CHF 55.Available as a printed publication, a PDF and, for the first time, as an App. Download the PDF at: Download the App for your tablet at:

Global Value Chains in a Changing World Edited by Deborah K. Elms and Patrick Low A collection of papers by some of the world’s leading specialists on global value chains (GVCs). It examines how GVCs have evolved and the challenges they face in a rapidly changing world. The approach is multi-disciplinary, with contributions from economists, political scientists, supply chain management specialists, practitioners and policy-makers. Co-published with the Fung Global Institute and the Temasek Foundation. ISBN 978-92-870-3882-1 To be published in July 2013 | 410 pages | price: CHF 60.-

Supply Chain Perspectives and Issues: A Literature Review Written by Albert Park, Gaurav Nayyar and Patrick Low Global value chains (GVCs) have become ubiquitous. The literature that attempts to understand and explain GVCs is vast, multi-disciplinary and no less complex than the phenomenon itself. This volume is an ambitious attempt at a fairly comprehensive review of literature on the subject. Co-published with the Fung Global Institute. ISBN 978-92-870-3893-7 To be published in July 2013 | 228 pages | price: CHF 35.-

Aid for Trade at a Glance 2013: Connecting to Value Chains This joint OECD-WTO publication puts a spotlight on aid for trade to assess what is happening, what is not happening, and where improvements are needed. The analysis is focused on trends in aid for trade policies, programmes and practices. It shows that the Aid-for-Trade Initiative is delivering tangible results in improving trade performance and bettering people’s lives in developing countries, notably those of women. Co-published with the OECD. ISBN 978-92-870-3868-5 To be published in July 2013 | 408 pages | price: CHF 90.-

World Trade Report 2013: Factors shaping the future of world trade The World Trade Report 2013 focuses on the factors that will influence world trade in the years to come. It looks at what has shaped global trade in the past and reviews how demographic change, investment, technological progress, developments in the transport and energy/natural resource sectors as well as trade-related policies and institutions affect international trade in various ways. ISBN 978-92-870-3859-3 ISBN 978-92-870-3860-9 ISBN 978-92-870-3861-6

World Trade Report 2013 Rapport sur le commerce mondial 2013 Informe sobre el Comercio Mundial 2013

To be published in July 2013 | 338 pages | price: CHF 60.-

The History and Future of the World Trade Organization Written by Craig VanGrasstek A comprehensive account of the establishment of the World Trade Organization, focusing on those who shaped its creation as well as those who have influenced its evolution. The book examines trade negotiations, the WTO’s dispute settlement role, the presence of coalitions and groupings within the WTO, the process of joining the organization and many other topics, including what lies ahead for the organization. ISBN 978-92-870-3871-5 To be published in July 2013 | 700 pages | price: CHF 120.-

Trade Policy Reviews 2013 Monitoring of national trade policies is a fundamentally important activity running throughout the work of the WTO. At the centre of this work is the Trade Policy Review Mechanism (TPRM). All WTO members are reviewed, the frequency of each member’s review varying according to its share of world trade. This series of publications is to be re-launched in September 2013.

Trade Policy Reviews for 2013 -

Japan Argentina Indonesia Mexico Switzerland/Liechtenstein Macao, China Suriname

- Brazil - European Union - CEMAC (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Rep. of, Gabon) - Viet Nam


Costa Rica Peru Kyrgyz Republic FYR Macedonia Tonga Myanmar Mongolia

Published regularly in 2013 | price: CHF 100.- per volume (CHF 60.- from September 2013)

Dispute Settlement Reports 2011 The Dispute Settlement Reports of the World Trade Organization (WTO) are an essential part of the libraries of practicing and academic trade lawyers, and an important reference for students of international economic or trade law. They include Panel and Appellate Body Reports and arbitration awards in disputes concerning the rights and obligations of WTO members. Volumes can be purchased individually, or as a set of all published reports. Published March 2013 | price: CHF 200.- per volume

International Trade Statistics 2013 International Trade Statistics offers an annual overview of the latest developments in world trade, providing detailed statistics on merchandise trade and on trade in commercial services. Includes for the first time a new section on trade in value-added terms. Charts and maps highlight the latest developments in world trade. Over 100 tables provide detailed breakdowns of all aspects of trade data. ISBN 978-92-870-3872-2 ISBN 978-92-870-3873-9 ISBN 978-92-870-3874-6

International Trade Statistics 2013 Statistiques du commerce international 2013 Estadísticas del comercio internacional 2013

To be published in November 2013 | approx. 250 pages | Price: CHF 50.-

World Tariff Profiles 2013 World Tariff Profiles is a co-publication of the WTO, ITC and UNCTAD covering market access for goods. This annual publication contains a comprehensive compilation of the tariffs imposed by each of the WTO members plus a number of other countries and customs territories. ISBN 978-92-870-3886-9 ISBN 978-92-870-3887-6 ISBN 978-92-870-3888-3

World Tariff Profiles 2013 Profils tarifaires dans le monde 2013 Perfiles arancelarios en el mundo 2013

To be published in November 2013 | 220 pages | Price: CHF 50.-

Trade Profiles 2013 Trade Profiles provides a country-by-country breakdown of trade flows and trade policy measures for WTO members and countries seeking to join the WTO. With information provided in a standardized format for each country, this publication is an invaluable quick reference tool for anyone looking for essential trade statistics. ISBN 978-92-870-3883-8 ISBN 978-92-870-3884-5 ISBN 978-92-870-3885-2

Trade Profiles 2013 Profils commerciaux 2013 Perfiles comerciales 2013

To be published in November 2013 | 190 pages | Price: CHF 40.-

Services Profiles 2013 Services Profiles provides detailed statistics on key “infrastructure services” (transportation, telecommunications, finance and insurance). Around 90 indicators relating to investment, market performance, production, employment, trade, as well as performance rankings are available for over 125 economies. Data are sourced from several international, regional, and specialized institutions, as well as from national sources. ISBN 978-92-870-3895-1 ISBN 978-92-870-3896-8 ISBN 978-92-870-3897-5

Services Profiles 2013 Profils des services 2013 Perfiles de Servicios 2013

To be published in November 2013 | Price: to be determined

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New & forthcoming WTO titles 2013

New & forthcoming WTO titles 2013