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Welcome To My Yard

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The street children and young people of Pashupati, Nepal First Year Annual Report 2011/ 2012 Produced November 2012

Why are we doing this?

Welcome To My Yard seeks to address the lack of sufficient investment in street children and young people’s futures using strengths based approaches..

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to partner with vulnerable street children & young people by investing in their futures and enabling them to invest in themselves through meaningful education and income generating activities and holistic community based support. Our vision is that through our dedication and creative approaches to involve, inspire and enable we will better children & young people’s outcomes, build social capital within the community, as well as provide an enriching experience through our not for profit business projects.

The reasons for street children in Kathmandu include witness to and victims of abuse at home, exploitation and trafficking, the breakdown of step families, social disadvantage to single parent families and children being forced to the city to find work when temporary solutions become long term realities. The results are children and young people living or

working on the streets in hazardous conditions, poor health, poor opportunities, lack of supervision or adequate care, intergenerational street families marred by poor parenting and vulnerability, and victims to exploitation and abuse including ongoing sexual, physical and mental abuse by adults, peers and by people in positions of authority. Glue sniffing is prevalent in children as young as five which is highly addictive and has devastating consequences.

Subsequently street children and young people

experience low morale and self esteem, inabilities to maintain accommodation placements, build trust or safe relationships and experience multiple social and emotional issues. Strategically there has been a heavy focus on removing children from the streets and providing accommodation which often fails.

More investment in their futures is needed using non

formal dynamic approaches with a focus on small achievable change. The Pashupati community comprises of mostly street working children and young people and street families meaning there is a good foundation in which to build on their strengths and maximise their entrepreneurship into safer and more sustainable futures.

Project objectives

 To increase educational and business knowledge and skills for vulnerable street young people in Kathmandu in order to help them achieve their potential.  To build on protective factors and reduce risk factors of street life for children and young people  To strengthen resilience and build on social and emotional strengths in order to support them to identify and achieve personal goals.  To enable children and young people to invest in themselves and their futures through our programme of activities.  To improve social capital by recognising community strengths and bonds and ensuring opportunities to meaningfully involve children, young people, families and communities in planning and implementation.


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WTMY timeline


Seeing the strengths and understanding the challenges

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Our achievements in brief

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Notes from our Team From our Nepali Board

Chair, WTMY Nepal

Our passion comes from having spent a lot of time working in Pashupati over the years and having seen the children we used to work with mature as young adults, having children of their own and yet remaining in the same situation creating intergenerational street families and a cycle of dependency. It also comes from seeing the younger children sheltering for their very survival in Pashupati struggling to meet their basic needs and likely to follow the same path without support. From the beginning a small group of us have always known that we wanted to do something more sustainable for the community of street children and young people of Pashupati, we’ve realised the importance and the need of our involvement in a much more in depth way, our simple gestures and donations were simply not enough. One of our philosophies at WTMY is that every small effort and achievement counts and really partnering with the young people by involving them to help us to develop the model of our programmes will have a more lasting impact. Our vision statement involve, inspire and enable is an important guideline for us underpinning our goals and what we do. In 2012 we have reached out to more than 80 children and young people, this is a huge achievement for us as well registering both in the UK and Nepal, building our team and organizational structure, expanding our supporters, our networks both internationally and locally in Nepal and establishing the trust within the community as a good source of support. Our work is made possible by the support and restless efforts from our generous concept founders Ms Sarah and Mr Ray along with funders, friends and all supporters. All our supporters have demonstrated a genuine trust to our work for the community of street children and young people of Pashupati. I would like to express our gratitude to our dedicated trustees, staff and volunteers in Kathmandu for your valuable efforts, time and passion.

From the Executive Directors

Founding Director, WTMY CIC

This year we opened our street community centre, situating us in the heart of the Pashupati and creating a key central point of contact for street children and young people. Building a passionate team of front line volunteers, interns and a Programmes Manager also meant we had capacity to further develop our programmes and outreach with the community that we serve. We see the close knit community as a source of great strength as well as a place of many struggles and strive to value local knowledge and resources through regular consultation. As a result of listening we began ‘Healthy Bodies’ a monthly health check up service with the help of local hospitals and increased the hot food available at workshops stretching our tiny budget as much as we can. We are building trust and relationships and creating partnerships with the young people and other local services meaning we can respond better to the needs of these children and mutually adopt a more coordinated approach. We are beginning to better understand the overall challenges of the streets and the individual talents and skills of the children and young people who live on them so we can build on these strengths wherever the opportunity arises. We ran climbing and other activities which was an incredible way to get to know the young people better and really stretch their imaginations and challenge them personally. We also have progressed our social business such as launching our e-shop and Walk With Me which is beginning to provide work experience opportunities and a savings scheme for young people and we are excited to see these grow next year. The work experience they gain will increase their knowledge, skills and confidence and the WTMY savings scheme will help them to make small steps towards an independent positive future. Next year we also look forward to further directly involving young people in our project, developing the model of individual and group interventions we deliver and offering more opportunities for young people This coming year we intend to continue our journey to establish to join our programmes and make small achievable changes in our project, with our focuses being their lives.

Next Year’s Goals

Director, WTMY CIC It is well documented that the first year of any business is a bumpy ride, a learning process no matter how experienced and knowledgeable you are in the industry. At WTMY, that’s what we anticipated and experienced. There was major struggle and major achievements and a lot of lessons were learnt. Our skills were stretched in multitude of ways whilst we worked with limited resources and funding but we were able to use what we had in front of us and turn them into positives, there is a great deal of evidence to show that we can do more and that gives us confidence heading in to our 2nd year. Given a little more resources and funding, we can make positive changes and improvements in the lives of the children and young people. We are very excited going into 2013, we will continue to strengthen our team, our supporters and our promotion to achieve our goals

1) Building . We will complete projects such as our Rickshaw Cafe, our social work programme and education programme which will provide increased services to the community. 2) Improving the marketing and awareness of our social business projects which will increase the number of work experience placements available and begin to bring in a partial income for WTMY. 3) Bettering the quality and professionalism of our community programmes to ensure we are striving to bring meaningful positive outcomes for the children and young people we support. 4) Raising Funds A strong emphasis will be placed on addressing urgent funding needed to help us achieve our aims. 5) Structuring. In our continued commitment to transparency, accountability and professionalism we will build our UK Advisory Board


WTMY Timeline.. 2005 2005- We met the street community of Pashupati in Nepal

2010- Photography exhibition in London to showcase the children’s work

2010- Funded 2 young men from Pashupati to gain their taxi driver licenses

Oct 2011- Registered as a UK Community Interest Company

2009- Published photography book of the street children and of the children of the carpet weavers

2010- from the book sales we funded 8 educational placements for children of the carpet weavers

July 2011- Team research phase in Kathmandu. Engagement with the community

Feb 2012- UK Team in Kathmandu. Setting up activities, groups and classes April 2012 WTMY Introductory movie made and IndieGoGo Campaign launched July 2012- Climb for Kids Programme launched July 2012- WTMY Nepal registered as a Not for Profit Company- Board set up

July 2012- Moved into our community Centre. Started running groups with volunteers

July 2012- rock climbing volunteering programme. Aug 2012 Hired Programme’s Manager, interns and volunteers June 2012- WTMY e-shop launched July 2012- Healthy Bodies launched Aug 2012- Young people entered into national rock climbing competition Sept 2012- Recycled Bag Making Project begun Sept 2012- Walk With Me Launched

Oct 2012- WTMY October Challenge


Learn more. .


Seeing The Strengths Street children and young people... Take care of each other as a community

Are creative and resourceful Have an incredible capacity to survive in difficult circumstances

Want to be listened to Want to have fun!

Need a committed and consistent approach

Want to be counted

Want to achieve Want the opportunity to support themselves and their families

Want to be treated with respect Show entrepreneurial flare Need warmth and emotional care Want to be consulted Want to be well and happy

Need encouragement

Need positive solutions and options Want to be included

Can have different and better outcomes


. and understanding the challenges Street children and young people... Are victims to physical abuse by police and others Regularly move on or hide when they feel unsafe Have to do dangerous and menial jobs to survive Lack a voice

Are extremely vulnerable

Are victims to ongoing sexual abuse

Come off the street and have few opportunities to succeed in life Often receive poor parenting or no parenting Fall victim to severe drug and alcohol abuse including dendrite and brown sugar Lack education or training opportunities Struggle to trust people

Suffer with treatable illnesses

Have experienced many traumatic problems at home and on the streets Bring up families of their own in the same conditions with few other options available

Are hungry


Our Achievements in Brief 83

Street children and young people accessed our service.


from our original estimations as to the the need for a service like ours in the community within our first year.



Community Centre opened in the heart of Pashupati for the children and young people

16 year old boy has begun training in our Walk With Me City Walk and receives weekly 1:1 English, reading and writing support

34 WTMY Healthy Bodies Programme in Partnership with local hospitals

As an Intern with WTMY and a student of Social Work my job is to motivate the street children & young people and learn about their lives. I have positive thoughts about them but most people think that street youths are the burden of the nation and treat them differently by using bad words and beating them. They are here in the street because of their family conflict, poverty and some of them came there because of peer influences, rather than because of their own interest. I also help to run English class. It is important for them to read and write because some of the youths are really enthusiastic to work. I am very much enjoying working with them. Mukunda took an internship programme with WTMY this year after completing his Bachelor in Social Work

our research has found that amongst the boys and young men of the community nearly all use alcohol, glue or other drugs to varying frequencies. Alcohol and carpet glue are the biggest dependencies for children as young as ten. The glue is used for sticking shoes and carpets and can have devastating consequences when used as a drug

Medical treatments and tetanus vaccinations given in partnership with local hospitals. We had to turn away children when we ran out of vaccinations and medicines “Through Healthy Bodies children and young people of the community receive regular health checkups and awareness camps to help the community to know about communicable diseases , infections and ways to prevent them. One young person was provided with an individual health service which included his medical check-up at hospital and all his medical expenses with the assistance of MNNM hospital and team of WTMY.� WTMY Intern


Our Achievements in Brief 7 SCYP enter a national climbing competition


Young people aspired to climb and were entered into a national indoor rock climbing competition through our Climb for Kids Programme. More wished to enter

19 year old young man showed his potential by coming fourth in the competition


“Other climbers seemed to be confident and professional. I believed that I could not compete with other climbers , I decided just to stop comparing myself. Finally, the moment had arrived when I had to compete in the first round of the competition and using my inner courage I was through and selected for the next round. That was the moment when I felt that I was the happiest person in the world, on top of the world even. Before climbing I thought that I could not do anything in my life. I was nervous and has always had low self- esteem but during the climbing I felt a sense of inner power and confidence. Now I think that nothing is impossible in this world if we work hard. I feel I have the courage to do good things in my life and have shown this to myself. I want to start a new life as soon as possible leaving the life of Pashupatinath behind. I wanted to win the climbing competition but could not this time, but I have not lost hope. I believe that I can win next time”. Young person who entered the Climbmandu climbing competition.

Group Sessions delivered to the community over six months run by volunteers

Running a Community Class


Young mothers have started a recycled bag making project with us

Bag Making

Proud of the bags they have made

“The key to ending extreme poverty is to enable the poorest of the poor to get their foot on the ladder of development” Jeffrey Sachs 9

Our Social Projects. . Building our street community centre


----> Signing our first contract

A major clean up was needed

Our little backyard

Our community centre was opened with the hard work and generous donations by individuals through our IndieGoGo Crowd funding campaign...



----> Singing songs at a our weekly community drop in

Children and young people are welcomed at our opening


The first look around


Preparing snacks for our opening party

The team working together with our single desk!

Our community centre provides an essential drop in point in the heart of the street community and provides us with a space in which we can run our classes, training sessions and fun activities. This has meant a huge leap forward in terms of our capacity to provide services to the community. It is still a little bare but we are on our way to making it a welcoming and engaging place for children and young people

Building our community programmes

Team on a field visit in Pashupati

Outreach Regular outreach in the street community is an integral part of our project. Our outreach worker takes time to listen and build relationships with the children and young people collecting important information to help us better understand their strengths and challenges.

Running an English workshop at a local youth club

At our ‘Climb For Kids’ programme at the indoor wall

Providing check ups



Healthy Bodies

At WTMY we believe that recreational sports and activities bring out the positives in young people and is a great way to engage with them. Our rock climbing programme includes lots of fun, trust, commitment and personal challenges

In partnership with two local hospitals we are providing a monthly drop in check up service for the community. We also provide medicines, hospital referrals and health camps to provide information about communicable diseases within the community

We are running weekly English Classes, a community drop and 1:1 sessions where by the children and young people can learn, do creative arts and develop their social and emotional literacy. We have a lot more we plan to provide next year such as computer classes.


Our Social Businesses.. On a city walk

WTMY e-shop

We are now selling a range of handicrafts, gifts and clothing in our e-shop. We buy from local Nepali businesses and other charities. We also use recycled bags made by the young women in our project Shop Positive! Get a rockin range of Nepali Handicrafts, clothing and gifts whilst making a positive difference to the lives of the street children and young people of Pashupati, Nepal.

Kathmandu City Walk

We are in the initial phase of this new social business offering exciting city walks that are also providing work experience, training and a savings scheme for young people on the streets with our experienced guide “The young person is given vocational training including English classes, which helps them to develop their personal skills and self confidence. They can also save towards a better future. We’ve found it to be a great way for us and young people to work together.” Purnima WTMY Programmes Manager

Learning how to make bags Our coffee cart so far...

Rickshaw Cafe

We will continue our fundraising efforts to launch our environmental cafe that will provide training and work experience for young people. The cart will sell fantastic hand pulled, hand ground coffee in Kathmandu using no electricity and will get around with cycle power “Our savings scheme is designed to support young people to learn about finance and help them to invest in their own futures. A deposit is made every time they do work experience with us and we help them to decide how they will invest it to become independent and move forward positively in their futures.” Sarah, Founding Director.

Recycled Bag Project We have teamed up with two women from the community to begin a new project making gift bags from recycled Newspapers. The women are involved in every stage of learning this business and we hope that these young women will have the opportunity to sell their bags in Nepal and the international market in the coming year. “Our young women’s group have learnt paper bags making and this the skill has been transferred to their family members .” Purnima, WTMY Programmes Manager


Creating A Team The role of our local volunteers

Intern, Director and Volunteer together at our centre

Our volunteers in Nepal have been crucial to our service in order to keep delivering community programmes. Volunteers have taken on a variety of roles including profile collection, outreach, research and assisting us to run our workshops and activities.

Internship Programme

“In my view the Outreach Worker in terms of delivering services is of great importance, as an Outreach Worker plays the role of the link between the organisation and the people. If the people are facing problems they may feel uneasy to come directly to the organisation and talk about the problem, but if there is someone who goes to them and hears them, then an effective relationship can be established and their problem can be addressed in a positive way. Their relationship with other people, their behaviour, their living environment and as a whole their living style can be known through outreach and helps us to understand the best way to support them.” Suman, Social Work Intern

We have partnered with local Universities to take on Bachelors of Social Work students completing their placements. This has provided us with much needed part time outreach service and the students the opportunity to develop their skills putting theory into practise.

WTMY Programmes Manager

Thanks to successful fundraising efforts we have employed our first paid member of staff. Our Programmes Manager provides a pivotal role in the management, development and quality assurance of our programmes.

International Volunteering

After a successful rock climbing volunteering trip this year we are recruiting for much needed skilled volunteers in Kathmandu. We also have begun to see the support of international volunteers volunteering in their home countries through fundraising and promotion. Spotlight ‘A’

CYP and volunteer climbing together at the local wall

A is 14 years old. He has five family “Whatever it is that brought these kids to the members whom he visits once a month as streets it hasn’t stopped their desire to learn they live outside of the Kathmandu Valley. and develop and being able to get involved in He spends most of his day at a project which taps into their talents was Pashupatinath temple and sleeps outside fantastic.” International volunteer or in abandoned shelters in the area. In the day he searches for wood, logs and gold (jewellery fallen from the deceased bodies) in the Bagmati river from which he earns Welcome To My Yard CIC about Rs 1200 (£9) a week depending on UK Team what he finds in the river. He spends his Director: Sarah Reyes earnings on food, cigarettes and he gives Director: Raymond Reyes money to support his family. He uses Company Secretary: Hilary Kyte dendrite (glue) as he enjoys taking it and Welcome To My Yard Nepal he forgets his hunger. He used to study in Board Members Arabinda Subedi, Chair class when he was with his family in the Anju Khatri, Secretary Village. He says he didn’t wish to attend Anita Acharya, Treasurer school so he ran away from the village and Norbu Sherpa came to the Pashupatinath in the Capital. Bipindra Shrestha He spends most of his time with others in Team Members similar situations in Pashupatinath Purnima Chhetri, PM temple. Now he is older he wants to study Summit Kharel, Guide /Trainer and take his class exams. “He seems to be Suman Katwal, Social Work Intern Subash Thapa, Volunteer Educator quite serious about his study as he always More volunteers during 2011/2012 asks me about the course book of class 8 Amrita Archarya whenever we meet”. He thinks that he will Mukunda Budha do his best and continue to study if given Umesh Bomjam this opportunity. Suman Outreach Worker.

Team Members 2011/2012

Sunila Pradhananga

Involve, Inspire & Enable Why involve children and young people? We have a core belief that the inclusion, participation and partnership with children and young people are the key to our project success and community solutions. Providing a voice and really listening to children and young people helps Getting to know each other us to better understand the street better at a picnic day out community, the issues they face and how to support them. For this reason we encourage team captains in group sessions and older young people as mentors and volunteers. We also regularly invite members to our community centre to talk about our progress and ask for their feedback and advice on ways forward. Of the children and young people that we have completed detailed profiles with this year we discovered that 61% sleep on the street and 39% sleep in a room and return to the street community daily. This showed us that even though members gain basic accommodation; emotional, educational, cultural and financial factors makes it difficult for young people to significantly improve their situations. Social and emotional investment from others is still greatly needed to support young people towards independence, positive futures and to help the next generation to have better childhoods.

Committed to enabling young people At WTMY we are committed to fulfilling our aim of creating meaningful, sustainable and positive opportunities for young people. This means that ensuring each of our interventions have realistic measurable outcomes for the children and young people we support. We will do this through • Pursuing the involvement and opinions of young people on our programmes and progress. • Seeking involvement of young people in the development of our not for profit business projects. • Ensuring that the workshops we run at our centre have purpose and add social and emotional value • Ensuring that our skills programmes will offer a realistic pathway to better opportunities for street young people in their futures.

Spotlight: ‘B’.

B is 22 years old and married with two young children and a baby. Both her parents were blind and would beg in the street so she was raised in a street life full of hardship. Her mother passed away a few years ago and she takes care of her father. Her husband was also a street child and now spends most of his day time at the temple area searching in the river and doing other odd jobs, he asked that we support B and his family. She has never had an interest in school and neither B or her husband received any formal education. B spends most of her day time in Pashupatinath temple area playing cards with friends and night time in her own room with her family. She faces financial difficulties as nobody in her family has a permanent job and her husband feeds six people doing odd jobs. They also take care of one of the other street children. She is hoping that if her husband finds a good job then her family can be a happy family. She said that she does not dream of her future but wants to focus on making her present better. B has close bonds with other women in the community and with her family. B has shown incredible endurance in her life to survive and in raising a family of her own in similar circumstances. She is strong, shy and caring and often teases us at the project. She likes visiting new places and enjoys coming to our centre. B’s husband is a ‘older brother’ in the community always worrying about the younger members and their wellbeing. B is being supported by WTMY, training in recycled bag making, a job which she can do alongside as taking care of her children. We hope that the work experience and extra income will help her onto other work with the experience she gains. WTMY has provided B’s husband vocational training and we hope to support B and her family further in this coming year. B gave permission to write her story and chose what she wished to share.

‘Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity, it is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life.’ Nelson Mandela


Fundraising & Finance How have we coped with the financial challenges? As a social enterprise in their first year, one of the obvious challenges we faced is gaining sufficient funding in order to achieve our goals. Despite a dedicated pursuit of grants and learning from each application we submitted, we were unsuccessful in gaining major funding this year. We are grateful to Good For Life for providing us a grant through the charity arm of Percol Fair-trade Coffee. We would like to individually thank other funders for their generosity at the end of the report. Alongside grant writing we have worked hard at reaching out to individual supporters who have supported us with donations and donations in kind , this strategy has been more successful and seen us through this first year to get Fundraisers in New Zealand doing our basics set up. The Directors have also donated from their the October Challenge personal funds in order to springboard the project and show our commitment to our vision. We feel positive that we will become more attractive to potential funders by completing our first year of operations, by formalising our project and by having good evidence of our efforts and outcomes to showcase. This year our successful funding strategies included

* IndieGoGo Crowdfunding ‘campaign for our workspace’ * WTMY e-shop and Amazon affiliates programme * Monthly giving Spotlight ‘C’ C is a 23 year old woman married women with two young * The WTMY October Challenge 2012 children. She was born in the area but her and her family were

Our Financials Income Grant Making Trusts and Companies General Donations Other

Expenditure Staff, Volunteers & Directors Salaries



543 4,784 124




Rent, Rates & Insurances


Telephone & Internet


Training & Activities


Equipment (net of gifts in kind )


Legal & Professional costs


Bank & Financial Charges


Travel & Accommodation


Stationery & Office Expenses


Other costs


88% of our total income was contributed by individual supporters this year

forced from their house when she was young as the family did not have the required legal documents. She would often spend time on the streets as a child, pulled into street life by friends, which is where she met her husband who had run away from home and lived on the streets for several years, they married when she was around 14 years old. C could not attend school due to lack of money. These days C spends most of her day time in the temple area playing with other young people and night time in her own room with her family. Other family members also spend time on the streets with her. Sometimes she washes clothes for people and earns about Rs200- Rs300 (£1.50- £2) a week which she spends on her family, her husband drags the river for coins, wood and does odd jobs when possible. She explained that because of her husband’s alcohol abuse she has suffered a lot and it made her cry day and night. She completed a short tailoring training some time ago but did not know how to further it. C is a wonderfully bright , friendly and creative person who wants a different future for herself and her children. She wants to educate her children so she sends her son to school and is planning to send her daughter as well. Since we came to know C she has begun helping out at our project and we are working to support her. She looks out for other members of the community and has close bonds with them. WTMY supports C and her family with training, activities and through our health programme. Her husband has completed a vocational qualification through WTMY and C has joined our recycled bag making project. C gave us permission to write her story and chose what she wished to share.


How You Can Help

Examples of some of the great activities, events and fundraising supporters have done for WTMY

Our call to action- how you can help

We hope that we have shown a taste of just what we can achieve in a year . We have an opportunity to do something different but we urgently need the generosity, help and support of others in order to continue our project and improve the support we give to the street children and young people of Pashupati in Kathmandu. You can help us to do so us in several ways, all of which you can learn more about at

Donate. You can make a one off donation or set up regular giving through our website

Fundraise. Help us to raise awareness about our work

whilst helping us to raise essential funds needed to continue .

Shop Positive! Shop through our not for profit e-shop and flex those fair trade fingers

Shop through Amazon! We receive a 4-6% donation of every sale made through the Amazon link on our website

Volunteer. We are in need of skilled volunteers to assist us in Kathmandu. There is a list of current vacancies on our website.

Partner. If you are an organisation that would like to find ways to help us further our goals please drop us an email


Our Sincerest Thanks We would like to thank the following who have helped us to make a difference in the lives of street children and young people this year A big thank you to the following Companies & Trusts for their very generous donations and donations in Kind





We would also like to extend special thanks to the many wonderful individuals who have believed in and supported us this year with their time, advice, guidance, monetary donations and donations of clothing, arts and crafts and items that we needed for the community centre.

We would finally like to thank Mahendra Narayan Nidhi Memorial Hospital (MNNMH) & Motherland Charitable Foundation for partnering with us for our Healthy Bodies Programme

Other International


Contact Us


W ‘Welcome To My Yard’ @welcometomyyard Welcome To My Yard Community Interest Company 07814702 Welcome To My Yard Nepal Not For Profit Company 94740/68/069


Welcome To My Yard Annual Report 2011/ 2012  
Welcome To My Yard Annual Report 2011/ 2012  

We are proud to have produced our first ever WTMY annual report. Our annual report is packed full of photos and information about our projec...