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Smooth, secure and reliable transports The Port of Raahe is one of Finland’s busiest ports. This is thanks to its scheduled routes to other European countries, including the UK, those on the Mediterranean Sea and in the Baltic region, its excellent land connections as well as certified and customer-oriented service. The Port of Raahe is an excellent logistical hub for importers and exporters, offering services such as its container stuffing service centre, storage and inexpensive district heating. The highly specialized, global steel company SSAB operates a large steel plant in Raahe, and its import and export requirements guarantee a steady stream of materials passing through the port all year round. Combined shipping with steel products allows for timber, for example, to be transported mostly below deck. Weekly container feeder traffic facilitates regular container transport around Europe and further afield. Raahe is close to Highway 8 on the Finnish mainland, and can be reached by rail along an electrified track. Rail connections to Russia run smoothly.




Petrozavodsk Gulf of Bothnia

St. Petersburg

Baltic Sea



Vejle Szczecin

North Sea


Bremerhaven Antwerp



Mediterranean Sea

INVESTING FOR THE FUTURE Some 600 vessels call at the port each year. Raahe has benefited from year-round traffic for 40 years. Various raw materials and bulk transports, steel, sawn timber, containers and project-specific transports pass through the port.

Deep port area Extension area Deep quay

Sailing depth 10.0 metres SSAB Port Area

Sailing depth 8.0 metres

Tug boat quay

Storage and cargo handling There are six covered warehouses with total area of 19,000 m2 and 15 hectares of outdoor storage. The 6,000 m2 container stuffing terminal, which was taken into use in 2012, provides export efficiency thanks to quick and productive container loading. It is the first automated container stuffing terminal with fully modernised equipment on the Bay of Bothnia. The terminal includes the LoadPlate loading equipment, a bridge crane and a humidity control system. The container stuffing service centre also offers a lot of warehouse space and several automatic doors, making it easy to move goods around and place them in storage. The LoadPlate can be used for loading timber, steel and other goods suitable for container transportation. The port has a range of high-quality equipment that allows for efficient cargo handling.

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Cement silos

Harbour office

4 hectar outdoor storage area extension

Pilot station

Factories Hooli Stevedoring Ltd

Railway track

Harbour gate Container terminal

Lapaluoto port area

Customer-oriented services

Import and export transportations •

Regular connections to various ports in Europe

Weekly feeder connections from and to Hamburg and Bremerhaven

Weekly container transport around Europe and further afield

Container stuffing •

The container stuffing terminal provides competent cargo services at Lapaluoto

Forwarding services •

Forwarding is provided at Raahe by Oy AtoB@C Shipping AB

Ship clearance •

The superior port operations, in-depth traffic knowledge and excellent contacts with shipping companies and consignees at the Port of Raahe ensure an easy stay in port

Stevedoring and terminal services •

Container storage according to customer requirements

The storage spaces and areas are particularly suitable for storing timber, containers, general cargo and bulk cargo

Separate storage for hazardous materials and electric power connections for containers

Temporary duty-free zone

Cargo handling •

High-quality equipment allowing efficient cargo handling

Strong experience and high-quality equipment in handling bulk materials

Special transportations •

Project-specific transports

Assembly and logistics services of large industrial products

Wind turbine transportation

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Port of Raahe  

Smooth, secure and reliable transports

Port of Raahe  

Smooth, secure and reliable transports