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WTEC Highlights

Duane Shelton February, 2012

August 27, 2008

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…and over 400 expert panelists, thousands of foreign hosts

WTEC Past • WTEC is a non-profit that leads in international R&D assessments by peer review • 70 studies funded by peer-reviewed NSF awards • Studies are jointly funded by several agencies • ITRI is the small business subsidiary of WTEC • Both were spun off from Loyola University Maryland in 2001

Related Studies (Sponsors) • Systems Biology (NCI, NIBIB, NSF, DARPA, DOE, EPA, NASA, NIST) • Biosensing (NIBIB, NSF, NASA, USDA, ARO) • Brain-Computer Interfaces (NSF, NINDS,NIBIB, TATRC, et al.) • Simulation-Based Engineering & Science(NSF, NASA, DOE, NIST, NIBIB) • Nanotechnology Progress and Opportunity (NSF, USDA) • Rapid Vaccines Manufacturing (NSF, NIST, NIBIB, HHS/BARDA, USDA)

WTEC Future: New in FY2012 •

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Converging Technologies for Societal Benefit (NSF, EPA, et al.) 12/15/11 APHELION (NCI, NSF) 1/18/12, 2/1/12 Systems Engineering and Education for Manufacturing (4 NSF divisions) 1/19/12 BioImaging R&D (NSF, et al.) 2/8/12 Bidding on NNCO and NITRD contracts

Purposes of Studies   

Guide and justify U.S. research investments Look for good ideas abroad (tech transfer) Look for opportunities for cooperation and collaboration Compare U.S. R&D programs and status with those abroad

WTEC Methods 

Write grant proposals that can pass peer review Establish a coalition of sponsors who have resources to make it happen Recruit a great panel from sponsor nominations Conduct the study effectively; sponsors participate in decisions—like where to go Maintain good host relations, so we can return in future studies Publish an outstanding report

Report Editing 

 

Our reports are of academic quality with full citations, etc. Analytical chapters written by experts Site reports are merely an appendix They are edited several times We always have to extract chapters from holdouts Published in 9 books; we now have Springer series with 4 published Distribution by paper media pales in comparison to Web downloads

WTEC Staff for This Study Frank Huband, PhD, VP for Operations Hassan Ali, MS, Project Manager (POC) Grant Lewison, PhD, EU Advance Contractor Haydon Rochester, PhD, Senior Editor Hemant Sarin, MD, International Science Policy Fellow

More Information  

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Briefing books for this meeting Hassan Ali at 301-461-2109 or hali (public)


Duane Shelton February, 2012 August 27, 2008 …and over 400 expert panelists, thousands of foreign hosts NCI (need permission to use logo) WT...