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All the advanced installations used require ongoing monitoring to achieve the best possible results. Tomasz Szymkowiak: What we have here is a building management system (BMS) and all systems are fully metered. There are about 400 meters installed in Bałtyk - for water, electricity, heat and cold. Each of these meters is connected to the BMS system. All larger water and electricity consumptions are immediately displayed and we can keep track of what is the cause of this on an ongoing basis. If, for example, the filter in the fan gets dirty, the speed of the fan increases immediately and the power consumption increases, and hence we can react quickly. The ongoing actions in seemingly minor matters contribute to considerable savings. Tomasz Frycz: Several people deal with the day-to-day operation and functioning of the installation. It is also worth mentioning that there are two power supply systems, basic and backup, as well as an additional power generator. Due to the fact that Bałtyk is a high building, we are subject to very strict fire regulations. Therefore. there are all required systems, aeration, suction, two levels of evacuation, oxygen detection in shafts or CO/LPG in garages.

gers in the air handling unit. It is enough to have one which, depending on the needs, selects the parameters of technological water in such a way as to heat or cool. In addition, the system is equipped with Belimo control valves, which regulate the flow of water through individual VRV units. In situations when a unit needs more water, has more refrigerant to return, the flow is automatically increased. Tomasz Frycz: It may turn out that at the moment, for example, the fifth floor heats up, i.e. gives away the cold, and at the same time the sixth floor cools down and gives away the heat to us. Having one system only, we are able to maintain a constant temperature of the process water and use it later in heat pumps to heat the reverse or hot water system in the building. Tomasz Szymkowiak: It is also worth mentioning the evaporative towers installed here. There are several ways to cool the water, e.g. through chillers, i.e. systems with freon or towers. In case of the latter, water from the system is sprayed over a large bathtub with fans. The temperature of the air passing through the water mist is lowered. This solution was chosen because it is much more economical than chillers, consumes less electricity and is much more environmentally friendly.

Can you already tell us how these installations translate into comfort and, above all, into operating costs? Tomasz Frycz: We haven’t finished the first year, which is the most difficult for the operation of such a building. The installations are regulated on an ongoing basis, adjusted to new tenants and the space which is currently occupied. It is certainly very easy to feel comfortable, especially as the installations allow us to adjust the temperature or ventilation to the current needs of individu-

You mentioned the rainwater tanks in the underground.... Tomasz Szymkowiak: This is how we collect water; depending on where it flows from, we decide how we use it. For example, we cannot use the water collected from the sidewalks to water the greenery anymore. On the other hand, water from our green terraces, which begin on the seventh floor, is stored, softened and then used for watering.



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