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al users. The effects are already visible in bills, which are much lower than, for example, traditional solutions such as fan-coils based on ice water. One can say that the more tenants of our offices or service space, the lower the costs. Each new user means less need for heat from the towers to maintain comfort and constant temperature, because we will have more devices in the system, which will give back heat or cold. Our installations, ensuring high comfort, energy-saving and ecological are also a magnet attracting new tenants who want to work in good conditions. Tomasz Szymkowiak: We adjust the system on an ongoing basis, especially as each tenant has its own specificity and diversified activity. An office, a bank, a restaurant or a fitness centre - each shows different heat gains, which we can balance. We learn about this building every day. We have already gone through one summer season and we are about to finish the heating season. We can say that we have tested the system in all conditions and we have all the knowledge we need. We are learning on a living organism. Each building has to go through one heating and one cooling season. Now we have tested everything and we are fully knowledgeable.

ficate after this stage. We followed the guidelines of the certification process at every stage, from the works of the design office and the work of the general contractor, and it brought great results. Everyone emphasizes how unique Bałtyk is and we are often asked about the technologies used. The building is very popular due to its shape, i.e. what is visible very well from many areas of the city. Bałtyk looks different from every perspective, it will surprise and show different faces. In addition, although it is not the highest building in the center as it is less than 64 m high, it is located in a place that makes it seem equal to much higher buildings. We have a unique façade or, for example, surprising clearances designed by Dutch architects, allowing one to see the other side of Poznań from behind the building. The impression is enhanced by the beautiful view of the city from the roof terrace, regardless of the direction.

Bałtyk: a multifunctional A-class office building located in the center of Poznań. 67 m high, total area of 25,000 m2.

The building and the place have become a symbol of Poznań, but also a model in terms of functionality, energy efficiency, including aesthetic and architectural values... Tomasz Frycz: Right in the design stage, Bałtyk was awarded the BREEAM green building certificate scoring the highest possible level, Excellent. When we rent the entire area and close the post-construction stage, we will also endeavour to obtain the highest level of this certi-

Investors: VOX Capital Group, Garvest Project: Dutch studio MVRDV under the direction of Nathalie de Vries in cooperation with the Polish office NO Natkaniec Olechnicki Architekci. Installations: Termo Studio



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