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Where it All Started

In 1916, Clyde Cessna signed In 1916, a contract Clyde Cessna signed a contract to start manufacturing planes to start in manufacturing Kansas. planes in Kansas.

Since then, the greater Wichita Since then, region the has greater pioneered Wichita aviation region has pioneered aviation and manufacturing with and a culture manufacturing of innovation with- abuilding cultureiconic of innovation planes, - building iconic planes, revolutionizing manufacturing revolutionizing with composites, manufacturing and cultivating with composites, an industry and cultivating an industry synergy. The first planessynergy. were invented The first in aplanes barn. From were invented there, theinUnited a barn.States' From there, aviation the United Stat industry blooms with innovation industry and blooms growth; withtransforming innovation and Wichita growth; into transforming an international Wichita hubinto for an in manufacturing as well - to manufacturing this day creating as well iconic - toaircraft this day like creating Boeing's iconic 707 aircraft or Douglas likeDC-8 Boeing's jets 707 or which are still being made which rightare here still at being homemade while right revolutionizing here at home how while modern revolutionizing people fly how mode everywhere around our world! everywhere We don’t around just our build world! planes We- we don’t build justbetter buildplanes. planes - we build better pla

After over a century of leadership After overdesigning, a century manufacturing, of leadership designing, and testing manufacturing, the world’s most and testing the w advanced aircraft, Wichita advanced is perfectly aircraft, positioned Wichita toislead perfectly the way positioned in aviation to training lead theand wayresearch. in aviation t Cessna, Beechcraft, Stearman, Cessna, and Beechcraft, Learjet were Stearman, foundedand in Wichita. Learjet were Boeing, founded SpiritinAeroSystems, Wichita. Boeing, S Airbus, and hundreds of Airbus, suppliers and would hundreds followoftosuppliers make Wichita wouldone follow of five to make majorWichita aviationone of five m clusters in the world along clusters with Dallas, in the Montreal, world along Seattle, with Dallas, and Toulouse, Montreal, France. Seattle, and Toulouse, Fran

Flight is in our heritage, and Flight it'sisstill in our in our heritage, blood and today. it'sWith still in a pro-aviation our blood today. business Withenvironment a pro-aviation b and an unmatched concentration and an unmatched of skilled employees, concentration in Wichita, of skilledinnovation employees, isin our Wichita, life’s work. innova Here, there's something about Here, there's the land something that encourages about the people landto that find encourages new ways people of livingto fin and doing things - it has and always doing been things this way - it has foralways those who beencall this this way city forhome thosefrom who ca all walks of life. all walks of life.

A flourishing city in the heart A flourishing of America, city Wichita in the heart offers of America, Wich entrepreneurs, community entrepreneurs, leaders and volunteers communitya leaders place toand vo contribute to Wichita’s creative contribute culture to Wichita’s through acreative strong cult sense of community pride. sense of community pride.