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WSU Tech is always looking WSU forTech opportunities is always looking to create forpowerful, opportunities to create powerful, innovative partnerships for innovative the benefit partnerships of our students, for the industry benefit ofpartners, our students, and the industry partners, and city, state, and region wecity, call state, home.and We region have the wepeople, call home. resources We have andthe opportunities people, resources to helpand your oppor organization achieve neworganization heights. There achieve are sonew many heights. ways we There canare partner so many withways organizations we can partner and wit companies to enhance the companies educational to enhance experience thefor educational our students experience throughfor increased our students applied through in learning, apprenticeships, learning, internships, apprenticeships, certifications, internships, earn & learn certifications, opportunities, earn job&board learn opportuniti postings, industry advocate postings, teams,industry scholarships advocate and teams, grants, scholarships and so muchand more! grants, and so much mo Partnership involvementPartnership is a vital part involvement of how we make is a vital work part happen. of how we make work happen.

American Association American of Community Association Colleges of Community Colleges

The American Association The ofAmerican Community Association Colleges (AACC) of Community is the primary Colleges advocacy (AACC)organization is the primary foradvo the nation’s community colleges. the nation’s Nearly community 12 million colleges. students Nearly are represented 12 million students by more are thanrepresented 1,000 b 2-year, associate degree-granting 2-year, associate institutions. degree-granting By providinginstitutions. advocacy, leadership, By providing andadvocacy, service for leaders community colleges, thecommunity association colleges, will play athe key association role in assisting will play theanation key role asinitassisting passes from the nation the industrial era of the 20th the industrial century toera theofnew the knowledge-based 20th century to thesociety new knowledge-based of the 21st century. society At of t WSU Tech, leadership has WSU a seat Tech, at the leadership table tohas guide a seat in making at the table decisions to guide on 2-year in making college decisions on 2 standards, the future of education, standards, and the future advocacy of education, for students. andTogether, advocacyeducation for students. is reimagined. Together, educ



The National Coalition ofThe Certification National Coalition Centers (NC3) of Certification is a value-driven Centersorganization (NC3) is a value-driven and the future organiz model for career and technical modeleducation, for career and creating technical highly-skilled, education,job-ready creating highly-skilled, professionals through job-ready pr a growing network of educational a growingpartners networkand of educational global industry partners leaders. andWe global are industry a network leaders. of doers. We are NC3 is a network of education NC3 isproviders a networkand of education corporations providers that, together, and corporations embody passion that, together, for embo innovative CTE models and innovative produceCTE a sustainable, models andhighly-skilled produce a sustainable, workforce.highly-skilled WSU Tech wasworkforce. W presented the 2021 Enterprise presented Award thefor 2021 being Enterprise the #1 top-performing Award for beingschool the #1intop-performing the NC3 network. school i During the 2020 calendarDuring year, this the institution 2020 calendar issued year, 1,895 thisNC3 institution certifications. issued 1,895 WSU NC3 Techcertifications not only serves as an NC3 Center of serves Excellence as an NC3 institute Center forofaviation, Excellence automotive, institute for and aviation, weldingautomotive, but also wasand w the inaugural host of thethe 2020 inaugural Nationalhost Signing of the Day 2020 Game National Day event. Signing NC3Day is where Game education Day event.and NC3 is w industry meet. industry meet.