NCAT Overview Book

Page 12

TAKING EDUCATION ONE STEP FURTHER. Learning Doesn’t End in the Classroom Learning doesn't stop after you leave the classroom. There are many opportunities for hands-on learning and unconventional educational techniques available. The future belongs to you. With so much potential in STEM learning, now is the time to take action! A diverse set of opportunities make this true: from learning through hands-on experience or unconventional settings; there really is no limit on where you can go with education.

Mobile Learning, Hands-on Demonstration The challenge was how to get more students to recognize the value in technical careers. The result is the FutureMaker Mobile Learning Lab - a 60-foot truck and trailer that is packed with state-of-the-art technology designed to drive interest in technical education as a strong choice for middle school, high school, and adult GED students. The FutureMaker lab program and mobile unit are a partnership between WSU Tech and Goodwill Industries to introduce middle school, high school, and GED seeking students to careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. Participants will be introduced to Career Technical Education (CTE) programs and occupations that are in-demand in the state of Kansas and across the country. The program has grown since inception, and the team works each year to develop new stations to showcase more fields of study with the latest technology. The FutureMaker lab program continues to serve schools and community organizations across the state of Kansas to introduce students to the merits of technical programs of study using hands-on demonstrations.