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Best Twitter Marketing Software Let's say you've got an awesome twitter growth strategy. You've got quality content coming from your blog. You've got kick-butt social marketing integration that really ties the room together. There's no question, if you tweet it they will come-but how do you streamline your social media for faster results, less invested time, and greater ROI? Well, that's easy. You let the wonders of technology do the heavy lifting for you. At this point in the game there are only one piece of twitter marketing software that you will ever need: TweetAdder. With them you can accomplish every task your little blue bird heart desires, including tweet automation, follower management, keyword searching, and more.

Getting Followers While You Sleep with TweetAdder I have so much praise for TweetAdder's marketing tools that in our upcoming "Essential Guide to Getting Twitter Followers" eBook I'm devoting an entire chapter to it. It's the must-have twitter software for marketers, and that goes double if you're managing multiple accounts. At $55 for a basic license (less if you use Retail Me Not) it isn't cheap, but if you're serious about marketing this tool will pay for itself a thousand times over. Here's a quick breakdown of features you need to be using if you want to step up your social media game.

RSS - To gain followers organically you need to tweet, and tweet consistently. TweetAdder's RSS function lets you automatically tweet new blog posts from your favorite sources throughout the day so that your feed never gets old. You can control the maximum amount of daily updates and variable timing between tweets. You can even set different hash tags to pin on, such as #marketing, so that you get the most interaction possible from each update.

Follower Management Automatically follow those who follow you, and stop following once you hit a certain ratio (1.2 follows to followers, for example.) You can automatically unfollow accounts who do not follow you back after a certain amount of time, and control it so that only mass-added follows made with TweetAdder are affected. Find New People to Follow - Search based on keywords to target accounts in your industry or area. For marketers, search your demographic and start reaching out. Add these accounts to a list that you can follow all at once or gradually follow over a period of time. You can automatically stop adding new follows once you hit a certain ratio. Thank You Messages - This is a critical area for marketers, especially when we get into the hundreds of reasons you should be content marketing. Automatically direct message a thank you and an ebook, a blog post, or an offer every time you get a new follower so that you can drive traffic to your website or landing page. There are oodles of other features in TweetAdder, but I consider those the most critical. Other features, such as automatically generating tweets, auto-RTing, and auto-replying, are tricky to use without making it blatantly clear you're using a twitter bot. With TweetAdder you can manage additional accounts (for an additional price) making it very worthwhile for when you have a ton of clients on your plate. Just be careful with TweetAdder and user your powers for good, not evil. Nobody likes a spammer, and if you're using the program correctly nothing should look out of the ordinary. TweetAdder review says is not the only game in managing your Twitter account, but they're the big dogs for a reason, they're comprehensive, and the price tag that comes along with TweetAdder is low enough to not be an issue. It's your ticket to better results, and you'll notice the difference immediately. If you're an agency, another option well worth mentioning is newcomer Sprout Social. For managing clients and creating in depth reports, their eye-catching interface and analytics can't be beat. at $59 a month per user it's the Rolls Royce of social media management services, but in this consultant's opinion, if you can afford it, it's worth every penny.

Best Twitter Marketing Software  

At this point in the game there are only one piece of twitter marketing software that you will ever need: TweetAdder. With them you can acc...

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