April 2021 Omega Gazette

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Gabriel Fonseca Student Involvement Assistant Director gabriel.fonseca@wichita.edu

Rani Somers Coordinater of Fraternity & Sorority Life rani.somers@wichita.edu

When we met with chapter presidents in February, we asked them to describe how they were doing using one word. Here are some of the words we heard: exhausted, tired, defeated, overwhelmed, done-with-covid, and just okay. We knew that this semester was going to provide our students with a unique set of challenges and we were proven correct. However, amongst the changes in guidelines and the feelings of distraught over things we cannot control, our chapter leadership remained steadfast in their commitments to providing an authentic experience for their members. We saw this in the form of creative virtual events and safe in-person collaboration. We apologize for not putting out a version of the Omega Gazette sooner! February was full of transitions. We had many conversations with individuals about their mental health, self-care, and just overall emotions. We spent time in meetings with student leaders helping with the adjustment to a semester full of unknowns, coming off of a two-month break. When March hit, we were hitting the ground with New Member Greek Academy, Wellness Weeks and Greek Awards. Now that we have a little time to breath, we can reflect on our semester. We hosted a virtual New Member Greek Academy with over 75 participants where we had a wonderful presentation from Danielle Johnson, Assistant Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Since weekend-long, overnight retreats are not super COVID-friendly, we adjusted our schedule and hosted a Sorority Wellness Week and a Fraternity Wellness Week with great success. We also hosted our virtual Greek Awards Ceremony in March. We adjusted our awards slightly due to COVID-19 but we were still able to hand out 16 awards and $3,000 in scholarships. Award winners are on the next few pages. More than ever, we are so incredibly thankful for your support of Fraternity and Sorority Life at Wichita State University. We are looking forward to wrapping up the semester and a much-deserved summer break.

Randi Beggs Coordinater of Student Activities randi.beggs@wichita.edu

Much love, Gabe, Rani and Randi

Greek Awards Outstanding Fraternity GPA

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc.

Outstanding Sorority GPA Delta Gamma

Greek Awards

Outstanding Community Partner Award The Rudd Foundation

Interfraternity Council Award for Innovative Programming The Trash Challenge, Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Greek Awards Panhellenic Council Sisterhood Award Sponsored by the Panhellenic Council

Mu Delta Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Outstanding Advisor Award Jennifer Nolte, Kappa Kappa Gamma

Greek Awards Gamma Phi Beta Greek Unity Award John Ramey, Delta Upsilon

Dottie C. Miller Award Sarah Myose, Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc.

Greek Awards Outstanding New Member Award Fraternity

Chase Biswell, Delta Upsilon

Sorority Ayshea Banes, Alpha Phi

Craig Barton Outstanding Greek Sophomore Award Fraternity

Cade Swayne, Delta Upsilon

Sorority Promise Asher, Alpha Phi

Greek Awards Mortar Board Legacy Award Fraternity

Grant Clopine, Phi Delta Theta


Kaylee Thamrin,

Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc.

Dr. Sam Cohlmia Outstanding Greek Woman of the Year Award Abbi Faflick, Delta Gamma

Tony Ibarra,

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc.



Hippodrome Winners 1. Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Phi Epsilon 2. Delta Upsilon 3. Phi Sigma Pi

Chapter Update

Alpha kappa alpha Sorority, inc. "The pretty women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated have started the semester with great stride. With the pandemic still in effect, it has not gotten easier on any member. Over the break, many sisters went home to be with their family and friends to enjoy some quality time to get a break from the outside. A lot of rejuvenated mental health has happened due to the fresh start of the new year. We are still sad that we are unable to get together in person, but having a retreat on zoom was not a bad replacement. We even exchanged lots of laughs and meaningful conversation, but E.A still conducted chapter business of course."

Chapter Update

Lambda pi upsilon sorority, inc. "Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Latinas Poderosas Unidas, Inc. has been focusing on their sisterhood within the organization since it has been a difficult year with a lot of unpredictable events. We have maintained a positive attitude through it all and have even welcomed new members to our organization known as our Chi Beta line (See attached pictures). We continue our empowerment through our social media and events we have hosted in order to bring education and encouragement to our community, such as the "Misogyny in Music" event where we had an amazing turnout and were able to have educational discussions on how the music industry portrays women."

Chapter Update

Kappa Kappa Gamma "We have started the spring semester still fully virtual. While we long to be back together we are grateful the virtual capabilities exist. We ended last semester with our elections and our new executive board is getting settled in. Something exciting we are doing to honor Women’s History Month is delivery cards to the Women’s Harbor Home in Wichita on International Women’s Day."

Chapter Update

beta theta pi "Beta Theta Pi has been working on renovating both of our houses to help us during recruitment and to better the experience for all of our members. Covid has obviously affected our ability to have events, but we have used it as a time to grow closer to our brothers and focus on becoming men of principle. We are looking forward to events such as formal, date parties and social volleyball, but we remain patient. Beta is looking forward to a great end of this semester and getting off to a strong start in the summer!"

Student Spotlight

outstanding greek man of the year Tony Ibarra Class standing: Senior Major: Mechanical Engineering w/ Minor in Mathematics Chapter: Rho Beta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc.

What are your plans after graduation? Upon graduation my plan is to work for Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, GA as an engineer where I'll get the opportunity to further expand my technical knowledge on commercial aircraft. Moreover, I strongly believe this company's values are an extension of those I hold dear to me. Once I become competent in my role, I plan on pursuing a master's degree in engineering management. In personal terms, I've always wanted to start a free after-school program focused on STEM education for underrepresented and underserved students here in Wichita. I think the best thing anyone can do right now, is to inspire and make those that came after you believe in themselves.

What have you gained from being a part of Greek Life at Wichita State? Being a part of Greek Life at Wichita State taught me so many things that I would have not learned otherwise but the most prominent one is the discovery and practice of purpose and passion for the betterment of others. Lending a helping hand, even in the smallest of gestures, can have an infinitely lasting effect on people. I've witnessed this when volunteering at food banks over the summer and even upon notifying our Dreamer Scholarship Recipients of thier awards. It's true that once you find your "why", you can answer any "how".

What was your favorite memory in Greek life? This one is tough! Some of the most memorable events, occurred when the entire chapter was together and focusing on a singular goal like for MGC's Yardshow or the Dream Run. However, the one I'm always going to have engrained in my heart is the Burrito Feed held every October. This was a food fundraiser where all the proceeds would go to help creating a scholarship for students who are ineligible for federal and state financial aid because of thier immigration status. I recall the entire chapter would pull an all-nighter at one of our brother's house just to make over 1,000 burritos for our scholarship (sometimes closer to 1,400). Was it tiring? That is an understatement, of course of it was. Many people would sleep on chairs and many others would not sleep at all! Did we skip classes? Oh yes, and we would not regret it either. Was there a lot of arguing? Yes, about every five minutes ranging from how to season the eggs, to cooking the potatoes, to learning how to roll the burritos, and even deciding on who should get more indigents from the store because we always underestimated the quantity. But was it all worth it? Most definitely, the brotherhood became stronger because of it and we would do it all over again because at the end of the day, it changed someone's life and that's all that mattered.

What legacy do you wish to leave behind in your chapter? The legacy I wish to leave behind is one of purpose, strength, and determination. With most of us being first generation students, we understand the compounded challenges of navigating through college, yet we always find a calling so great and urgent that we rise to the it no matter how daunting or feasible it may be. Never lose that sense of direction, keep your heads up otherwise you will not know where you are heading and always...always remind yourselves to do it for the benefit of others and I promise the journey will be worth it.

Wellness Weeks We were not able to host our weekend long wellness retreats this year due to COVID event restrictions. We still wanted to provide cr the opportunity for our members to come together to have important conversations about wellness. Sorority wellness week was hosted the first week of March. The week started with a social media challenge in recognition of International Women's Day. Tuesday featured a session on resilience and grit from Kennedy Rogers, Coordinator of Leadership Development. Wednesday was a lunch and learn about professionalism with Dr. Kaye MonkMorgan. Thursday featured a session with Rani and Randi about Toxic Relationships and the week ended with an empowerment trivia on Friday. Fraternity wellness week started with social media challenges on Monday and Tuesday where fraternity members were encouraged to share memories about their fraternity experience and a male mentor that they have. Wednesday featured a session on brotherhood and belonging. Thursday featured a session on professionalism. T

We hope to bring back our regular retreats in 2022!

Upcoming Events 4.22: Chapter Advisor Meeting 4.29: Chapter President Social 5.7: Study Day 5.10-14: Finals Week 5.15: Commencement

We hope to host an All Greek event this summer for our members to enjoy themselves. We will have more information very soon!