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Fall 2011/Spring 2012

A New Logo for teach21 Our new “identity” now has a “graphic…” …to go with it. See more about the essence of teach21

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Educating in a Visual-Age In this issue: •

What is “Authentic Learning”? rendered in Prezi Page 2

A Graphic Identity for teach21

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What Collaboration means to Us

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Dawnette’s Doctoral Defense: Counselor Cigrand Page 4

This Picture is Worth 6,000 Words

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See Yourself in Academia? Position Postings

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Helping the Autistic Put on a Happy Face

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Pinterest for Educators: a New Bulletin Board

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Values Visual: Teaching to “improve our world” Page 8

Cognitive Coaching: Rethinking Thinking

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Bush Summit Participants Tackle the Tough Questions (right) Summit II will be Wed. March 7, 2012 from 11-3:30 at WSU-West Campus Tau Center Rotunda Room

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Fall 2011/Spring Spring 2012 2012

What is “Authentic Learning”?—a 2011 Bush Summit Discussion Why even call learning “authentic,” in the first place? Is “authenticity” a buzzword in business and education alike, that we have no need of? The jaded wonder what “being authentic” is to be compared to—“being synthetic”? Do we need a new word qualifying what we mean by learning? The discussions we had in the Fall of 2011 suggest that it is worthwhile to re-examine learning and that “authentic” evokes meanings that add substantially to what education needs to be. The results of this dialogue have been summarized in a “Prezi” presentation that turns your typical PowerPoint slideshow on it’s head (actually, this Prezi is more of

Above: A screenshot of an “Authentic Prezi” 2

an incremental change, but check it out). This Prezi is best viewed by selecting "More" and the "Full-screen" option and navigated with arrows on your keypad or clicking the arrows with your mouse. Prezi is free for educators and now offers both uploading of your PowerPoints for adaptation to Prezi and free use of many existing Prezis as templates. That said, the learning curve is fairly steep and some presentations may give you vertigo (take Motrin if you are prone to motion sickness—some presentations overdo it). Prezi is a new presentation tool for educators to use to add some visual pop.

Winona Lorem Ipsum State University Dolor teach21 News

Fall 2011/Spring Spring 2012

Teach21 Graphic Identity

enhance our communications. It is asserted that vision is our most important sense and our time is an ever more visual age. The graphic identity is simply a visual representation of our message and vision for future educators. Below is an example of the new logo paired with a message to potential teacher candidates. We want to communicate the fresh ideas that drive our transformation process and we want to appeal to an altruistic audience that really wants to “improve our world� (as WSU’s motto suggests). The research tells us that making a positive difference in society inspires many to consider the teaching profession.

In March of 2011, the new teach21 name was unveiled to identify the transformational initiative of our teacher education programs. At that time, WSU graphic artist Angela Kronebusch was charged with crafting a logo and related graphics for teach21. Additionally, communications consultant Annette Mikat enlisted the input of focus groups of high school and college students to discern how best to communicate with our audience, including their take on several logo and graphic options provided by Kronebusch. By the summer of 2011, the WSU College of Education had a new graphic identity to


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Spring 2012 Fall 2011/Spring

Collaboration between University and “Birth to Grade-12 (B-12)” Educators will change everything! What Collaboration Means to Us: •

University Faculty are more aware of talents and needs of B-12 educators and future teachers

B-12 Educators are more involved at the University and have more contact with future teachers

Teacher Candidates get more and better experiences in area classrooms (both earlier and more often)

We are more likely to be succeed by working together and more seamlessly integrating what we do at the University, area schools and in the community

We have a new Doctor in the House! Some Highlights: Dawnette Cigrand, Assistant Professor and School-Counseling Program Cochair, defended her Doctoral Dissertation in December of 2011 and has earned her Ph.D. in Counselor Education from the University of Iowa. Dr. Cigrand’s dissertation was an investigation into “Combination Social Studies and Video Modeling Interventions for Social Development of Students Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).” Collectively, the family of Autism Disorders constitutes the fastest growing group of disorders diagnosed in children. Dr. Cigrand’s work showed that by combining “social studies and video modeling” autistic children showed gains in “communication, daily living, and overall adaptive functioning.” Interestingly, given the visual focus of this newsletter, Cigrand’s dissertation involved the visual medium of video modeling (for another example of using visual modeling with autism see this story). Cigrand was awarded a Meritorious Service Award in July 2002 by Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack for saving a State Trooper’s life in a swimming accident.


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Spring 2012 Fall 2011/Spring

Info-Graphics‌ Wordle-style: At the Fall 2011 Bush Summit, over 6000 words of participant feedback were collected regarding important education topics and challenges. Here you see these words distilled into a Wordle graphic representing the ideas in the form of a tree. The larger the word is rendered, the more prominently it figured in the discussion:


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Fall 2011/Spring Spring 2012

Faculty Positions

For more information contact: (507)457-5008

An Invitation to join our faculty during exciting transformation and growth. College of Education Dean’s office (507)457-5570

The following faculty searches are now active:

Tenure Track:

For regularly updated information see our website:

o Assistant/Associate Professor of Literacy, ELL & Children’s Literature

o Associate/Full Professor of Education Assessment o Assistant/Associate Professor of Educational Foundations, Research & Technology o Assistant/Associate Professor of Education and Director of Clinical Experience & Student Teaching o Assistant/Associate Professor of Education Leadership o Assistant/Associate Professor of Special Education, EBD & Autism

Photo: Belinda Banks (Fast Company)

o Assistant/Associate Professor of Chemistry/Chemical Education Fixed Term: o Assistant/Associate Professor of Business Education

2012 Administrative Searches: o Induction Coordinator o University Assessment and Data Management Coordinator

Putting on a Happy Face… …new robot toy shows emotions (anger, surprise, happiness or sadness), to help autistic children learn them. Laura Chun Urquiaga, a photographer, brought together a team of ASD experts including teachers, researchers, parents and therapists to design a toy with the goal of teaching emotions. They ended up with a toy that would look at home in any kid’s toy box rather than having a “special-needs look” (this addressed a concern expressed by parents). As a bonus, the robot also teaches fine motor skills, colors, and other aspects of sensory perception. Find out more, even how to order one at Fast Company. 6

Winona Lorem Ipsum State Dolor University teach21 News

Spring 2012 Fall 2011/Spring

Pinterest: A New Bulletin Board Teachers can Use…

Pinterest bounded into cyberspace, landing on the Time list of “50 Best Websites of 2011” and was named “Best New Startup” by TechCrunch. Most users share “fashion favorites,” “dream vacations” or “cool pics.” But does it have educational value? Not being much of a clothes horse myself and more likely to…(cont’d below) …“vacation” at my parents house than some

A Kid Powered School Bus (above), Bold Ideas for Education (left), and a Visual Directory of Minnesota and NExT Teacher Colleges (below)

exotic place, I have nonetheless, found Pinterest a useful tool. The site appeals to the urge to collect and organize things. I created a “Bold Ideas” board populated mostly with articles about interesting educational ideas and one of teacher colleges of the Upper Midwest. It is a visual way to share collections of ideas with others. Others can add to “open” boards, and clicking “Pin It” is easier than cutting and pasting URLs to create a list of websites you like. The thumbnail images are a nice visual guide too. 7

Fall 2011/Spring 2012

Cognitive Coaching Clinic: Rethinking Thinking “A man is but the product of his thoughts—what he thinks, he becomes.”—Ghandi

One of the hallmarks of humankind is our metacognitive bent--we think about what we think. Better thinking = better results. Cognitive CoachingSM is a systematic approach to guiding this metacognitive process. WSU recently hosted the first two days of an 8-day series of Cognitive Coaching seminars to be conducted between now and May. The presenter is Loretta Norgon whose work in Brainerd received state and national recognition as an exemplary mentorship/induction program and model. The Cognitive Coaching model aims to improve school culture and teacher and student performance… thoughtfully.

February 2012 Seminar: Loretta Norgon (above) and Cognitive Coaching strategies put to work (right).

Connecting “Improving Teaching” with … “improving our world” The new graphic (to the left) plays on the “improve our world” theme and also connects teaching with improving yourself and other values that inspire educators.

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Teach21 Newsletter Fall '11/Spring '12 WSU  
Teach21 Newsletter Fall '11/Spring '12 WSU  

Teach21 Newsletter Fall '11/Spring '12 WSU