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The Rhatigan Student Center is committed to providing a variety of programs, events, services and facilites which contribute to the overall success of an urban-serving university. We foster the cultural, economic, recreational and social needs of a diverse university community that build lifetime connections for faculty, staff and students.


We aspire to be a dynamic student union that is an integral contributor to the overall success of the university and serves as a bridge to the community.

VALUE STATEMENT COMMUNITY We serve as campus community builders through collaborative efforts and partnership which enhance educational, economic, cultural, social and recreational experiences. INTEGRITY We maintain a constant level of excellence by being accountable to our community through fair, honest and ethical practices. LEADERSHIP We provide a variety of high quality programs and services that inspire personal growth and development outside the classroom. RESPECT We honor and celebrate the commonalities and individualities that exist within our community.











































Letter from the Director This was our first year of having Student Involvement under the Rhatigan Student Center. We hired three new staff members. • Coordinator of Student Organization & Civic Engagement • Coordinator of Leadership & Service Learning This new RSC department focuses on student development and the promotion of a vibrant campus life at Wichita State University. New programs and services for all students have been created and they are continuing to build relationships with faculty, staff and the campus community. With the Rhatigan Renewal renovation, there were many challenges along the way for all RSC departments. Once departments had moved, a Rhatigan Student Center Open House was held to make the campus community aware of the temporary department office locations. The construction had a big impact on University Dining Services. However, we were able to continue providing food services to our guests such as Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell, Marsala Grill, Fast Break, and even set up food carts at Ablah Library and Heskett Center. To inform the students and community of the Rhatigan Renewal construction progress, a webcam was installed at Jabara Hall. The Rhatigan Student Center management staff created a strategic plan for the years 2013-2015 stating the overall initiatives. • Operate the RSC in a manner that insures fiscal stability and protects the organization’s staff and resources. • Develop and implement strategies that will insure the ultimate success of the Student Involvement area. • Improve the connection between the RSC and the university community. • Identify and implement improved customer service standards. Kevin Konda became the Assistant Director of Rhatigan Student Center. Other staffing changes were Amanda Ropar became Director of Human Resources, Megan Lamb as Marketing and Web Content Coordinator, and Vanessa Bastian as Senior Administrative Assistant in the Directors Office. Service projects included clean-up at the WSU section of Maple Grove Cemetery and assisted with a USD259 school project. During the holiday season, RSC directors volunteered for Operation Holiday. In the spring Wichita State University Union Corporation, as a 501c3 non-profit corporation, became a work-through entity for funding of the new residence hall on the Wichita State University campus. The past year has been challenging and successful for the Rhatigan Student Center. We had three goals when we started the Rhatigan Renewal project: to provide the same services for our students in half the space of the building, no layoffs for any employees, and to be financially stable. It appears we will be able to meet all three goals during this year. In closing, I want to thank the staff for all their hard work; the students for sticking with us through construction and the University for their involvement with the Rhatigan Renewal project.

Rich Renollet Relocation of RSC departments during Rhatigan Renewal renovation Don Burris Coordinating the moves of RSC departments to temporary locations Gordon Vadakin Presentation of the RSC Way Customer Service project

RSC REVENUES and EXPENDITURES Rha$gan Student  Center  Revenues  FY  2012  

Bowling and   Contribu<on     1%  

Services &  Commission   Food  Contract     2%   2%  

Rha$gan Student  Center  Expenses  FY  2012   Furniture,  Fixture  and   Equipment  Expense   3%   Service  Cost   Other  Cost   1%   8%   Building  &  Equipment   Repairs   1%  

Other Income     0%   Student  Fees     27%  

Reserve Fund   5%  

Janitorial 2%   U@li@es   4%  

Room Rentals     3%   Sales     65%  

Wages &  Benefits   29%  

Total: $9,095,076 Rha$gan Student  Center  Revenues  FY  2013   Services  &  Commission   Other  Income     Food  Contract     2%   1%   1%   Bowling  and   Contribu;on     1%  

Cost of  Good  Sold   46%  

Bank Card  Service  Fee   1%  

Rha$gan Student  Center  Expenses  FY  2013   Furniture,  Fixture  and   Equipment  Expense   3%   Service  Cost   Other  Cost   1%   10%  

Student Fees     29%  

Reserve Fund   3%  

Building &  Equipment   Repairs   1%   Janitorial   1%   U@li@es   3%  

Sales   63%  

Room Rentals     3%  

Cost of  Good  Sold   45%  

Bank Card  Service  Fee   1%   Wages  &  Benefits   32%  

Total: $9,021,722 8

FINANCIAL SUMMARY EXPLANATION Financial Summary Explanation Wichita State Univeristy Union Corporation (WSUUC), the Rhatigan Student Center (RSC), is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation which receives no state funding. Net revenue generated for FY 2013 went to the operating fund to be used for future day-to-day operations. In addition to the operating fund WSUUC also maintains a Board of Directors designated replacement reserve fund used solely for the purpose of remodeling and equipment purchases for the two, state owned buildings, maintained by WSUUC. The main facility is 166,400 sq. ft. housing a bookstore; a food court with Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, the Masala Grill and a snack bar; the William H. Smith Bowling & Recreation Center; many meeting rooms; Commerce Bank; Shocker Card Center; an engraving shop; a hair salon; and four ATM machines. The second facility is a 10,000 sq. ft. theater with a capacity of 450. Revenue is generated through: • Student fees • University Bookstore (sales of textbooks, clothing, educational supply items, computer software, etc.) • The William H. Smith Bowling & Recreation Center (sales of food and beverages, fees from bowling and billiards, rentals for birthday and company parties) • Commissions from food service contractor • Room and table rentals • Ticket sales for entertainment • Bowling team fundraisers and bowling camp registration fees and sales • Tax exempt donations Major expenses include: • Merchandise purchased for resale • Wages and benefits • Fixed operating expenses (telephone, computer service, service contracts, trash, electricity, water, natural gas, etc.) • Variable operating expenses (postage and freight, advertising, office supplies, building maintenance supplies, contracted services, building repairs, equipment repairs, automotive repairs, travel, bank card service fees, bowling camp expenses, depreciation, etc.) • Maintaining its two facilities and providing quality programs and services are top priorities of the Wichita State University Union Corporation Board of Directors and management staff. The financial position of the WSUUC has always been closely monitored by the Board of Directors and the management staff. 9

COLLABORATIONS Administration RSC Departments WSU Faculty and Staff Student Government Association Student Activities Council Wichita Community Kansas Universities and Colleges Student Union Professional Organizations Student Organizations WSU Alumni Association WSU Foundation WSU Admissions Office Campus Life and University Relations Wichita Chamber of Commerce Rotary Club WSU Administration and Finance Office of Multicultural Affairs WSU Academic Departments WSU Student Groups Wichita Area Businesses WSU Physical Plant Council of University Women Student Involvement WSU Office of Financial Aid

Finance Office Intrust Bank Commerce Bank Bank of America Campus Credit Union Regier Carr & Monroe, LLP Kirkpatrick Sprecker & Company, LLC Professional Software Inc. Guardia Inc. Sodexo WSU Departments WSU Foundation Sage Software

Shocker Bowling Local Bowling Centers Media Go Wichita- Convention & Visitors Bureau Residence Halls Media Resources Center Studio ‘B’ Sport Management Campus Recreation HPS Department WSU Office of Financial Aid WSU Foundation WSU Office of Registrar

Marketing Student Activities Council Student Government Association WSU Dining Services RSC Directors and Departments Commerce Bank Lords & Ladys President’s Office Salvation Army WSU Orientation


Student Involvement Ulrich Museum That Gay Group Office of the Provost Office of Multicultural Affairs Student Health Housing and Residence Life Counseling and Testing Center Campus Recreation Tornado Alley Press Fairmount Towers Activities Council Wheatshocker Activities Council Brennan Community Alcohol Advisory Board Sociology Department Social Work Department University Libraries Feminists on Campus Uniting Students

University Dining Services RSC Departments Housing and Residence Life WSU Faculty and Staff WSU Foundation WSU Alumni Association WSU Athletics

University Reservations Student Activities Council Wichita Public Schools WSU Departments Admissions Wichita Area Businesses WSU Faculty and Staff

William H. Smith Bowling and Recreation Center Student Activities Council WSU Shocker Bowling WSU Orientation Student Involvement College of Health Professions VP Administration & Finance Housing and Residence Life College of Engineering WSU Sociology Club Black Student Union Office of Admissions Student Government Association Council of University Women Physical Plant Pepsi Beverages Company

University Bookstore WSU Alumni Association WSU Athletics Grad Finale Kansas Food Bank Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection Braeburn Golf Course ProShop 11

ADMINISTRATION The Rhatigan Student Center Administration works closely with all RSC and university departments, faculty, staff, students, and the greater Wichita community. Housed in a temporary location on the first floor of the Rhatigan Student Center, the office houses the Directors Office, Human Resources, and two administrative personnel. Noteworthy Activities • Provided customer support to faculty, students, and staff • Administrative support to Director of RSC, Assistant Director and Director of Human Resources • Maintained RSC employees’ personnel records • Continual tracking of human resource reports • Collaborated and provided additional support to Student Involvement on various events • Supported of events associated with Convocation and Commencement • Customer service and administrative support of activities involving university departments • Gathered information and activities announcements from various departments in the building to include in the RSC weekly newsletter • Represented the Directors Office on committees such as Rhatigan Renewal Marketing Committee, and the Planning Committee • Provided support to various building events, such as the National Student Day, Rhatigan Renewal events, and employee initiatives • Completed the RSC’s second strategic plan Events • Rewrote personnel policies for the building • Promoted and marketing the building while under construction • Winter Party for RSC Staff • Organized tours of the construction site • Year-End Celebration • Continued to provide all of the same services in only half of the building • Employee Graduation Celebration Breakfast • Installed a live webcam so people could watch the construction progress as it occurred • National Student Day • Council of University Women events • Student Employee of the Month presentations Challenges & Opportunities • Finals Packs for student employees • Maintain a professional and confidential environment for the Human Resources department • Rhatigan Renewal events • Ongoing support of the RSC Director in management and supervision of the RSC • Provide an accessible and welcoming environment for RSC staff, students, and customers • Provide a central location for communicated critical information and updates on the Rhatigan Renewal to the union’s constituents • Continue to attend functions and meetings held by the Division of Campus Life and University Relations • Uphold our high standard of customer service and office operations during the construction phase of the Rhatigan Renewal • Maintain a positive relationship with other university departments


FINANCE OFFICE The Finance Office provides timely, accurate and meaningful financial information in support of the management decision-making process as well as demonstrates fiscal responsibility and accountability. The Finance Office promotes the efficient use and stewardship of the Rhatigan Student Center’s resources and compliance with laws, regulations and reporting requirements through technical, financial and analytical skills in the accounting knowledge. Noteworthy Activities • During FY 2013 the Finance Office staff met its goal of delivering timely and accurate monthly financial statements to each department director via e-mail as an attachment. Each director opens the attachment and is able to see the financial statements using either the FRx viewer software or the newly implemented BizNet software. • The Finance Office converted to Sage MAS 200 software from the University’s legacy software in June 2007 and is currently using version 4.5. This software has proven to be very user friendly and useful in the ease of entering and retrieving data for departmental use. • Both the Finance Office and Human Resources Department work in Sage ABRA software for payroll and employee records which is updated quarterly, and have gone from version 7.74 in FY 2007 to 9.20 in June 2013. The ABRA software is integrated with the MAS financial software and the EZ Track time and attendance software. • During FY 2013 3,789 accounts receivable invoices were processed, 7,324 accounts payable invoices were paid, 3,235 accounts payable checks were issued and 3,476 cash receipts were written. In all $11,914,479.83 was deposited and $12,067,906.64 was disbursed. • Each year the financial records of Wichita State University Union Corporation - Rhatigan Student Center (WSUUC - RSC), maintained by the WSUUC Finance Office, are audited by an independent accounting firm. For FY 2013 the audit was conducted by Regier Carr & Monroe, LLP, CPAs (RCM), and completed on September 25, 2013. The audited financial reports were presented to the WSUUC Board of Directors at their bi-monthly board meeting on Thursday, October 3, 2013. As with previous years an unqualified opinion was issued. • The Finance Office staff continued to work with Howard+Helmer Architecture firm and Dondlinger Construction in the completion of “the Finance Office of the future” for the Rhatigan Renewal – The Future Is Ours renovation. The Finance Office will be relocated from the first floor, across the hall from the University Bookstore at the south end of the building, to the northwest side on the second floor in August 2013. We are very excited about the renovation and are looking forward to the newly renovated Rhatigan Student Center. Challenges & Opportunities • The current state of the economy presents many challenges to each departmental director in meeting their monthly budgetary requirements. It is the responsibility of the Finance Office staff to assist the directors in meeting this challenge by providing accurate and timely monthly financial statements, research revenue and expense accounts and keep accounting software up-to-date.


HUMAN RESOURCES Noteworthy Activities

• The last twelve months have proven to be extremely busy with some significant areas of achievement around policy development, improving policy and procedures and HR communication. • In August 2012, Naomi Strong retired from her position as the Director of Human Resources for the Wichita State University Union Corporation (WSUUC) also referred to as the Rhatigan Student Center (RSC). Following her retirement, the RSC hired Amanda Ropar in a temporary capacity to fill the position of Director of Human Resources. Amanda began employment on August 20, 2012. A formal search was conducted in April 2013 and eventually offered Amanda Ropar the permanent position of Director of Human Resources in the RSC. • In May 2013, the fully revised and updated version of the RSC Employment Policies and Procedures Manual was uploaded to the RSC HR website to allow access to all staff members for the first time in nearly a decade. • In June 2013, the RSC HR Department purchased software for an online applicant tracking system. The system allows RSC applicants an opportunity to apply for positions online from any computer or electronic device with internet capability. It also allows each department director access to all the applicants for their job requisitions and drives a strategic recruiting process that ensures proper reporting and more efficient workflow. • The HR Department continues to strive to adopt more proactive approaches to HR. They continuously review the RSC’s structure to ensure they keep up to date with any legislation changes and key areas for quality improvement. This year has produced some interesting challenges and they are looking to continue to build upon their successes in 2013/14.

Past Year at a Glance Recruitment/Turnover • Student Employees Hired: • Full Time Employees Hired: • Temporary Employees Hired (Rush): • Temporary Employees Hired (Bowling Camps): • Full Time Terminations:

38 7 25 7 7

Breakdown of RSC’s Tuition Assistance Program Participants • Fall 2012 5 Participants $3,733.50 • Spring 2013 5 Participants $2,482.60 • Summer 2013 2 Participants $1,469.50

• October 1, 2012 began a new benefit plan year for health insurance. Total premium costs for the Rhatigan Student Center for the new plan year reflected an 8.9% premium increase. • Total personnel expenses ending June 30, 2013 were $2,874,804.38 up 8% from the previous year’s total of $2,635,804.84. This increase was due in part to adding two new full time positions in the Student Involvement Department; the Coordinator of Student Organizations and the Coordinator of Leadership. • The Rhatigan Student Center’s contribution to full time employees’ retirement is 8.5% of the employee’s gross salary. Contributions to retirement for the year ending June 30, 2013 totaled $131,976.14, down 4% from the previous year’s total of $137,364.79. • In the FY 2013, the Human Resource Department reduced the unemployment charges to the Rhatigan Student Center by 67%.


MARKETING Graphic Jobs/Month   74  

64 51  

39 27  


34 20  

Au gu st Se   pt em be r   Oc to be No r   ve m be De r   ce m be r   Ja nu ar y   Fe br ua ry   M ar ch   Ap ril   M ay   Ju ne  




Noteworthy Activities • Acquired responsibility for producing promotional materials for the Greek Step Show Shock the Yard. • Responsible for producing Student Involvement’s Fall and Spring Event Calendar. • Painted homemade wooden toys to give to children in need. • Started taking time-lapse photos three times a week of the Rhatigan Renewal progress. • Responsible for Rhatigan Renewal items, such as directional banners, promotional items, materials for the relocation and creation/reproduction of floor plans. • Began filming monthly construction video updates for people to view online. • Put up a large art chalk board for students to draw on in the temporary dining area. • Won several awards for our promotional pieces at the Annual ACUI Regional Conference. • Began a renewed focus on our social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. • Compiled the fiscal year 2012 Annual Report for the Rhatigan Student Center.

Challenges & Opportunities • The Marketing Director position was vacated in April 2013 and replaced with a Marketing and Web Content Coordinator in May 2013. • There were two designers that moved on after a long time of being with us, which resulted in having a less experienced staff. • Discontinued RSC Day/Shocker Night program and replaced it with National Student Day and other smaller events. • Due to the Rhatigan Renewal, RSC Marketing was moved to the sub-basement in the University Bookstore which presented operational challenges, involving access to space and equipment when the University Bookstore was not open. 15

PLANT OPERATIONS Noteworthy Activities: • FY13 was all about the renovation. We started the year by moving every department and every person into the 1969 addition: o We created a temporary Rec Center on second floor, complete with everything from a kitchen to pool tables and dart boards. o Commerce Bank and Shocker Card Center were moved into the old Campus Ministries office space; we then moved Campus Ministries to a temporary area to open up their space. o We installed wash sinks and moved our in-house hair salon to a new location on second floor. o Student Involvement was temporarily housed in the old ballroom. o The list goes on, from the maintenance office housed in a table and chair closet to RSC Directors office in the former dining services space. o Moving departments and repurposing of space was how things started this year. • Along with moving internally we also saw our food court operations and kitchen close and those folks were moved temporarily out of the building to Fairmount Towers. The food court reopened in mid-October and the central kitchen was back in operation as of mid-February. • As the fiscal year came to a close, the first phase of construction started to finish. As that happened we started the process of moving every department and every person from the south half of the building into the newly renovated north half of the student center.

Challenges & Opportunities: • Our utility costs were lower this year. But that would be expected with half the building closed and under renovation. • Natural gas consumption was the lowest ever, but the boilers were taken offline in July and remained off until mid-October. The food court was closed until mid-October and the central kitchen did not reopen until mid-February. • Electricity usage was likewise the lowest in over 40 years. But with only heating and cooling half a building, we would expect to see lower utility consumption and costs.



Noteworthy Activities • The Shocker women’s team made its record 38th appearance at the national tournament, finishing in 3rd place this year, up from their 5th place finish in 2012. • The Shocker men did not advance to the Intercollegiate Team Championships. This ended an incredible, record-setting run of 28 straight years, appearing in the ITC every year since 1985. • The program reached the 2nd highest level of Academic All Americans, with 14 student-athletes achieving a cumulative 3.5 grade point average. • The Shocker women’s and men’s teams have won 19 national titles, men (10) and women (9). The next most successful college program has seven titles total. • The Shocker men’s and women’s teams competed in 12 major tournaments during the 2012-2013 season. Out of 24 tournament victories possible, against fields of opponents ranging from 3 to 77 teams, the Shockers won 13 times. • The 2012-2013 economic impact of the Shocker Bowling Program’s 108 athletes, in tuition and fees, room and board, textbooks, advertising, and off-campus revenue to the city of Wichita exceeded three million dollars for a total of just over $6.4 million. • 2013 was another solid year for the summer bowling camp program with nearly 100 youth from 20 different states, and one other country attending even though this event was held off-campus for the 2nd year, due to the continuing renovation of the Rhatigan Student Center. • Junior Jazreel Tan, from Singapore, was named the Female Collegiate Player of the Year for the third straight year; the tenth in the history of the Shocker Bowling Program. Junior player on the woman’s team, Holly Harris, was selected for the 2nd straight year to the United States National Youth Team. • Alumnus Jake Peters became the 8th Shocker bowler to win a National Professional Bowling Association title. • Two former players, Nathan Bohr and Geoffrey Young, earned spots on the US Men’s Adult Team in the summer Team USA Trials, at the International Research and Training Center in Arlington, TX. Challenges & Opportunities • We continue to be both challenged and inspired to increase our scholarship award levels to our student-athletes. In the last 3-4 years, over $400,000.00 in new funds have been raised and awarded in either annual or endowed scholarships. • The perception of less scholarship aid has been addressed and will continue to be addressed in order to recruit the best student/athletes to Wichita State University. Encouraging new students to come and visit our beautiful campus, facilities, and meet our faculty, players, and coaches remains a critical piece to attracting outstanding student-athletes. • Understaffing significantly affected program operation, as the program struggles to both maintain its current level of excellence and more importantly improve for the future. • Additionally, being displaced from our campus bowling center placed a large burden on our student-athletes and summer camp program. • Lacking sufficient office space and storage areas, in general, created issues with efficiency, timeliness, and organization. • Increasing our social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube continues to be a wonderful opportunity to re-frame our messages. • We continue to strive to be the best collegiate sports program by continuing to expose our athletes to professional and Olympic-level skills. • We remained focused on helping our student-athletes grow to become better people, students, and bowlers by providing an atmosphere of honesty, integrity, and compassion. • We continue to teach the best in team play principles and sport psychology strategies and are continuing to enhance these two program facets. • We encourage our athletes to welcome challenges and thrive on adversity in competition and to embrace their diversity and realize how great they become when they do this. 17

SHOCKER CARD CENTER Noteworthy Activities • Produced 6,441 Shocker Cards: 5,533 Students, 50 Faculty, 398 Staff, 3 Retirees, 457 Other • Our PocketTracker event verification & tracking system although down from last year was utilized by more groups this year than last fiscal year. The decline for last year can be attributed to fewer events on campus due to construction. The system is a free service the Shocker Card Center provides that enables attendance tracking at events by swiping an individual’s Shocker Card through a wireless hand held device. The device validates their identity and records their attendance in real time. A total of 81 events (down from last year’s 140 events) used this system to track/validate attendance for 5,498 attendees (down from last year’s 12,250 attendees). • The Shocker Card Center continues to produce photo ID badges. We design and produce custom ID badges at a reasonable cost. These badges do not serve as a replacement for the Shocker Card, but serve as a means to visually identify the wearer as a student, faculty or staff member of a WSU program or department. These custom badges are currently being created for WSU Nursing and Physician Assistant programs in the College of Health Professions as well as badges for Housing & Residence Life staff, and the SEEDS program in the College of Engineering. • The Shocker Card Center began producing guest passes for the dorms this past year. These passes function much like a Shocker Card and can be given out by Housing to allow guests access to the dorms. The Shocker Card Center produced 650 of these cards last year.

Challenges & Opportunities • After utilizing the Shocker Card Centers free service and realizing how valuable it is, Career Services and Orientation opted to buy their own tracking systems which may create another downward trend next year. However, several inquiries have been made as to how other groups on campus can access this service. • Fiscal year 2013, the Shocker Card Center will switch out the current Shocker Cards with iClass cards. We have already begun making preparations for this new system to go into effect early in the next fiscal year. The new iClass card is similar to the current Shocker Card but has an RFID chip implanted in the card that allows a reader to activate the chip and allow the card holder to have access to buildings after operating hours. These iClass readers will be in place early in the next fiscal year and will allow individuals who need access an easier and more user friendly system. This new system will require the Shocker Card Center to issue new iClass card to a large number of card holder across campus. 18

STUDENT INVOLVEMENT Noteworthy Activities • Creation of the Student Involvement Department. • Creation of mission and vision statements, values, strategic plan and learning objectives. • Increase in number of students participating in community service. • Improved policies, procedures and support for RSOs. • Increased retention of SAC members. • Expanded leadership opportunities. • In collaboration with the Provost’s Office, creation of a Service-Learning action plan. • Greek Life expansion. • Continued to offer events for RSC employees through the Employee Initiatives program. • Ended the year fiscally sound. • Created and implemented a three year assessment schedule. • Moving office to temporary location in the former RSC Ballroom.

Carrying on campus traditions, including:

85th Annual Hippodrome 31st Annual Exposure Photography Competition 21st Annual Shocktoberfest 20th Annual Family Carnival 20th Annual Elements Multimedia Competition 8th Annual Shocker T-shirt Design Contest 4th Annual Shock the Yard Step Show 4th Annual IFC Neighborhood Clean-Up 4th Annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Challenges & Opportunities • Merging of the two offices - including policies/procedures/staff/culture. • Due to renovation, establishing venues for events. • Branding/Marketing of the new department. • OrgSync - managing and using. • Student organizations adherence to University policy. • Continued focus on student development. • Branding the department and marketing beyond the fence. • Fulfilling strategic plan, mission and learning outcomes. • Collaborations between areas within the department. • Preparing for the final office space. • Utilizing the budget effectively. • Adhering to the assessment schedule. 19

UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE Noteworthy Activities • Participated in the National Student Day activities for the first time. University Bookstore awarded a student with $2,000 cash scholarship for winning second place in the National Student Day essay contest. • Opened Shocker Locker (Koch Arena) during Wednesdays as an alternative retail shop for Shocker fans wanting to purchase merchandise. • The University Bookstore achieved more than $1.2 million dollars in sales for the year in general merchandise sales thanks to the Final Four. Setting a record for the General Merchandise department. • Sales for the bookstore were stronger than anticipated with the construction process happening in the RSC and exceeded the budget for the fiscal year. • The net profit for the bookstore increased by 8% over the previous year thanks in a large part to general merchandise sales from the Final Four. • The textbook department saw an increase in sales of rental textbooks of 28% from the previous fiscal year and is looking at expanding the sale of e-books in the bookstore in the next couple of semesters. • The University Bookstore began selling WSU merchandise at Braeburn Golf Course. • The University Bookstore purchased a mobile point of sale system for use of sales on off-site locations, including sales at Koch Arena, St. Louis for the MVC tournament, and various locations. • Hired Misti Marsh as the new General Merchandise Buyer for the University Bookstore. Misti started her new position on December 7th and is responsible for all WSU imprinted merchandise. • The University Bookstore staff spent a great deal of time planning the move of the store to the north part of the RSC where the temporary store, textbook and retail, will be located for six months.

Challenges & Opportunities • With Wichita State advancing to the Final Four, the University Bookstore faced the fun and exciting time with the store being filled for nearly 3 ½ weeks straight with Shocker fans begging to get their hands on new Wichita State University Men’s Basketball, Play Angry, or NCAA bracket attire. Along with the large crowds, long lines, and sales, management arranged and scheduled pick-up teams to drive the Kansas Turnpike to and from Kansas City to ensure the store received its merchandise first when compared to local vendors. • During the first phase of renovation of the Rhatigan Student Center, the University Bookstore shared space with Graphics and Engraving. Textbook staff assisted customers in answering questions related to engraving products and services when Engraving was unavailable.


UNIVERSITY DINING SERVICES Noteworthy Activities • Celebrated our 10 year partnership with the RSC and Wichita State University this year. • Hired two (2) new Executive Chefs this year: • Samuel Cross – Campus Executive Chef – Transferred with Sodexo from William & Jewell College in Kansas City, Mo. • Jim Neumann – Executive Chef – Resident Dining

• Promoted Jim George, a Senior Retail Supervisor with WSU Dining Services to Retail Manager. • Generated gross annual sales in excess of $4,038,188.00 despite the construction impact on revenue. • Operated during the year with 124 hourly employees leading the way to service, many of whom are Wichita State University students. • Completely remodeled Pizza Hut into a Pizza Hut Wing Street. • Purchased and operated two hot food carts; one serving hot dogs and brats, the other serving BBQ. We collaborated with the RSC & the University to establish an operating location and hours of service. The carts provided an additional food option while under heavy construction.

Management team consists of: • David Casida – General Manager • Sharon Knapp – Catering Manager • Cathy Stroud – Resident Dining Manager • Jim George – Retail Manager • Jim Neumann – Resident Dining Executive Chef • Samuel Cross – Campus Executive Chef • Kindra White – Office Manager – Lead Admin

Challenges & Opportunities • Operated all of the retail and catering business during phase 1 of the construction in the RSC. • We operated our catering business from the kitchen at Fairmount Towers from May through December of last year.




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Noteworthy Activities • The University Reservations Office assists the university community, visitors and guests with reservations for meetings and events in the Rhatigan Student Center, the CAC Theater, outdoor spaces and numerous other locations on campus. • The Reservations office staff, Rebecca Off and Linda Sims, are primarily responsible for assisting all our on-campus and off-campus customers with their event reservations needs. • The RSC’s Building Managers, directed by Building Supervisor Jarod Schmidt and Assistant Building Supervisor Andrew Merry, are a vital part of RSC operations. Building Managers Trey Lassiter, Josh McKnight, Addison Nichols and Jared Neidert have shared responsibility for making sure RSC events ran smoothly. • The student operated University Information Center is a key location within the RSC for assisting guests with campus information. University Information Center is staffed by Raymond Doubrava, Student Manager, Madeline Robison, James Fields and Courtney Wilson. Challenges & Opportunties • The past year was marked by many challenges and opportunities brought on by the renovation of the Rhatigan Student Center and, as a result, the temporary loss of meeting space in the building. Staff worked closely with other departments on campus to provide guests with alternative space. • The single greatest change to our daily operation was the implementation of a new, campus-wide, event scheduling system by our long-time provider, Dean Evans. The Dean Evans EMS campus system brought together scheduling resources across campus, including the Registrar’s Office to one central calendar making it much easier and more user friendly to obtain information on scheduled activities and events on campus. • Preparing for the acquisition of new meeting space in the RSC was vital for the Reservations Office staff. Determining what spaces would be available, and how they can be utilized necessitated a lot of planning for all staff involved. • During the past year we also assumed responsibility for scheduling outdoor spaces on campus which gave us the opportunity to coordinate and include those spaces into the campus wide scheduling system. • As the coming year approaches the Reservations Office will continue to prepare for the opening of new meeting space and the transition to a larger and more active student union.








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WILLIAM H. SMITH BOWLING & RECREATION CENTER Noteworthy Activities: • The William H. Smith Bowling & Recreation Center was closed the entire 2013 fiscal year due to the Rhatigan Renewal construction project. We operated a temporary unit on the 2nd floor of the building called the wRECk Center which offered billiards, darts, games and a limited menu of foods and beverages. • We have continued to fill a service niche by offering food services during break periods when most of WSU Dining Services is closed and with longer hours during the fall and spring semesters. • We contributed to the enhancement of campus life by participating in building wide programs and by co-sponsoring events with the Student Activities Council and Student Involvement. In addition, we partnered with WSU Orientation by providing each new student with a $5.00 voucher toward their first visit to the the wRECk Center. • Poker continues to be a popular program in the department. During the fall and spring semesters, we consistently attracted 20+ students & guests for two separate poker tournaments every Friday. This is significant given that campus foot traffic is traditionally lower on Fridays as well as the fact that our building was heavily under construction. • Patterned after our poker program, we also offered free weekly tournaments for billiards. We averaged 10-15 participants per tournament. • We continued to promote the EAT.DRINK.PLAY. Rewards program to our customers and guests. At the end of the fiscal year, the program had in excess of 1,800 members. We targeted marketing efforts to this group throughout the year. • Gross revenues for the fiscal year exceeded our original budget by 17%.

Challenges & Opportunities • The Rhatigan Renewal represents a tremendous opportunity for our department. The end of fiscal year 2013 brought great anticipation of the completion of phase one and the reopening of the department with a new operating name of the Shocker Sports Grill & Lanes. • Like all the departments associated with the Rhatigan Student Center, we will be greatly challenged to manage operations through the Rhatigan Renewal construction phase 2 with the building access limitations. • The continued growth and development of the EAT.DRINK.PLAY. Customer Rewards program represents an opportunity for customer growth and retention.


RHATIGAN RENEWAL Serving as the heart of the Wichita State University community for the past 50 years, the Rhatigan Student Center has worked to provide an environment where all students, faculty and staff feel welcome. As the building aged, it became apparent that some areas needed upgrading. A study of the building was conducted in order to determine what areas should be improved and what the cost of those improvements would be. The results of the study showed that among the most important improvements were a need to replace elevators that were antiqued with no replacement parts available and a rapidly deteriorating front patio. The study also indicated that several RSC departments had outgrown their physical space. With important technological advancements, it also seemed obvious that the RSC was not designed to handle the increasing demand for power to drive 21st century technology. With careful assessment of current needs and the potential for future growth, it became obvious that a major renovation of the building was critical to meeting the future needs of the university community. In 2007, the architectural firm of Howard and Helmer was hired to conduct a total study of the facility. During numerous interviews conducted over a period of several months with students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders the architects developed recommendations for the future growth of the RSC. Those recommendations and plans were presented to the Rhatigan Student Center management team and the Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s administration. In 2008, Howard and Helmer presented their initial drawings for consideration; however, a deteriorating national economy put the project on hold. By the fall of 2009, plans for the renovation of the Rhatigan Student Center began to move forward again. In 2010, plans for the renovation of the building moved forward. Meetings and focus groups were held throughout the campus in an effort to educate the university community on the need for a remodeled union. During February of 2010, Wichita State University students were surveyed and indicated their support for the renovation. In March 2010, the Student Government Association voted and approved a six dollar per credit hour fee increase to fund the Rhatigan renovation. The following month, Wichita State University President Donald Beggs approved the project and in May and June, 2010 presented the fee request to the Kansas Board of Regents, where it was approved. During 2011, the Rhatigan Renewal took a new life with numerous planning sessions and meetings with architects to develop the

final plans for how the building would look and ultimately function to serve students. In spring 2012, phase one of the two phase project began with a ground breaking ceremony. This phase consisted of renovating and expanding the north side of the RSC, which meant that all of the departments on the north side of the building had to relocate to a temporary locations on the south side. Phase one of the Rhatigan Renewal will be completed in the fall of 2013. The second phase of the Rhatigan Renewal, which will consist of expanding the southeast side of the building as well as completely renovating the south side of the building, with exception of the University Bookstore, is set to be completed and ready by the fall of 2014. We know that it has not been easy for the students and for the staff with all of the construction going on. However, we have heard nothing but positive feedback on the completed parts of the RSC. We have had a lot of support from the students, the staff and the community and we could not have done the renovation without it. The RSC is turning into a beautiful building, a place that students, staff and the community want to come study, meet, dine, shop and hang out in and we couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have asked for a more positive result.

RSC BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dr. Wade A. Robinson- Board President Mary Herrin- Board Vice President James W. Herrman- Board Secretary Dr. John Dreifort- Faculty Representative Richard LeCompte – Faculty Representative Dr. Rhonda Lewis – Faculty Representative Michael Hinkle- Classified Senate Representative Brian Sullivan- Alumni Representative Lana Anthis- Unclassified Professional Senate Representative Luis Carbajal- SGA President Olivia Sullivan- SGA Vice President Tessie Arambula- SGA Treasurer Sean McLemore- SGA Member Britanny Thurman- SGA Member Diana Carbajal - SGA Member Tessa Cattermole- SAC President Rachel Vroman – SAC Vice President Ashley Brink- SAC Vice President

RSC STAFF James Herrman

Associate Vice President Campus Life and University Relations & Director, Rhatigan Student Center Kevin Konda Assistant Director, Rhatigan Student Center & Director, University Bookstore Don Burris Director, Plant Operations Maria Ciski Director, University Reservations David Kidd Director, IT/Shocker Card Center Nancy Loosle Director, Student Involvement Shelly Coleman-Martins Director, Marketing Richard Renollet Director, William H. Smith Bowling and Recreation Center Naomi Strong/Amanda Ropar Director, Human Resources Charles Roush Director, Finance Gordon Vadakin Head Bowling Coach

Full Time Staff

Johnnie Barnhart Vanessa Bastian Troy Bookless Ryan Brown Anthony Calvert Steven Crider Kay Doubrava Erin Dowell Lisa Fitzsimmons Brian Gartland Cheryl Gomez Donna Green Tia Hill

Kristine Hoetmer Magda Hoetmer Dianne Hutchins Megan Junk Michael Lacy Megan Lamb Mark Lewis Tanya Lord Alvaro Melgar Andrew Merry Nicholas Messing Duyen Nguyen Rebecca Off

Sean Robinson Ambar Roller Jarod Schmidt Charles Short Diana Simpson Linda Sims Lyston Skerritt Gina Stewart Andrea Stipp Sarah Turner Gabriel Vazquez Nicholas Velez Marcia Ward Avi Zacherman

Rhatigan Student Center FINANCIAL REPORTS

Rhatigan Student Center FY 2013 Annual Report  

Rhatigan Student Center FY 2013 Annual Report

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