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To: UBMS Students Summer 2013 From: V. Kaye Monk-Morgan, Director TRIO Upward Bound Math Science Center Date: May 23, 2013 CC: Summer Notebook Re: Good to Great Book and Assignment

Greeting to all of you! I am so excited that you have made the choice to further develop yourselves and strengthen your commitment to your pursuit of education by attending the UBMS Summer Program. The staff and I are working diligently to put together an experience that will take you and your goals from Good to GREAT! Returning students all received a copy of this great book last fall and the new students are getting their copies with this letter. It is important that you take time to read this book because each of you will have an opportunity to present a chapter, with a group during the summer. Tuesday evenings this summer will focus on Leadership and Personal Development. Each week a student group will present on a concept covered in this text, beginning with the Bridge class of 2013 on Tuesday, June 11th. For those of you that are audio learners, there is an audio file of the book on the UBMS Good to Great blog. The blog can be found at …. Listening might be a good option if reading sounds difficult  Presentation topics for this activity are as follows:      

Level 5 Leadership (Bridge) First who then what…Who is on your bus? Confronting the Brutal Facts The Stockdale Paradox Hedgehog Concept Culture of Discipline

Groups will be formed the first week of the summer program. At that time, your group will determine how best to present the information related to your topic. Since you don’t know what your topic is, you best read the whole thing! If you have questions…please email me at

UBMS MISSION: It is the mission of the Upward Bound Math Science Regional Center to:  Educate students with the propensity for study in STEM areas for post-secondary  Stimulate and sustain interest in STEM careers, and  Motivate low-income and potential first generation college students to realistically consider the attainment of a postsecondary degree in STEM.

Good to Great Assignment  

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