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Preparing Students for Purpose Since 1992

Volume 21, Issue 4

Wichita Star TRIO Upward Bound Math Science April 2013

IN THIS ISSUE It’s time to update you on the latest happenings with UBMS and I must admit that my brain is so busy thinking that I am not sure what I should share. Here are a couple of things that are on the top of my head. 1.


Spring is almost here and that means summer planning is well underway! The UBMS program plans to host 74 students this summer for the first time. Staff is working diligently to preserve some program components that are critical to the culture of UBMS while modifying others to accommodate our new size. Thirty-six new students will join us from Hutchinson, Wichita, Garden City and Kansas City. Your leadership will be imperative to help the new students get acclimated to our family. This summer promises to be one of change and growth…we plan to live the theme: Going from Good to GREAT! Spring also signals budget time for the U.S. Congress and the determination of funding for TRIO programs, including UBMS. I have just returned from Washington, DC where I had the opportunity to meet with and discuss my work and your lives with our Senators and Representatives. Soliciting their support for our cause. Many

thanks to Senator Jerry Moran for attending the breakfast and pledging his support to you! Pictured to the right are TRIO staff members from the State of Kansas, McNair Students from the University of Kansas and staff members from Kansas Senator Jerry Moran and Kansas Senator Pat Roberts offices. 3.

Spring also marks the pending graduation of our UBMS seniors and the hustle and bustle for scholarships. Congratulations to our seniors who are winning awards! Please contact Ms. Bruce to announce you’re winning so we can share your great news with the UBMS family! WOO HOO! If you need a letter of recommendation from a UBMS staff member, please notify us immediately. It takes time to write a strong letter and we want to make sure that our efforts really underscore your greatness!

UBMS is at work on your behalf, in traditional and non-traditional ways. We advocate for you in your schools and in your nation’s capital. We do so because we believe that you are worth it and we know that TRIO WORKS! Getting GREATER every day! Mrs. Morgan

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TRIO staff advocating for TRIO at the COE Policy Seminar

Director’s Notes “…we believe YOU are worth it and we know that TRIO WORKS!”



information about the project we would like to work on, and to sign up for this event.

Ms. Karen Rogers

“Your greatness is revealed not by the lights that shine upon you, but by the light that shines within you.” ― Ray Davis UBMS READS Good to Great, by Jim Collins Reading Assignment for April Chapters 9 & Epilogue Reminder: Post your weekly blog at

CAREER OUTLOOK Each year, an organized group of church representatives, city officials and community members from across the city, come together on one particular day, with one goal in mind . . . to show some “LOVE” to the citizens of the Wichita community. They do this by helping to fix a home owner’s property, cleaning up trash and debris in neighborhoods, removing graffiti from buildings, doing chores for senior citizens, planting flowers at community centers, etc. These thousands of volunteers work together in a city-wide program called “LOVE Wichita.” It is an awesome experience and opportunity to lend a helping hand to someone in need, for one day! The offer to get involved by making a difference in your community is extended to UBMS students. We would like you to participate in this one-day event. This is your chance to “show some love” to people who deserve it. Here is a list of reasons that will help you decide to get involved: #10: It's good for you. #9: It saves resources. #8: Volunteers gain valuable experience. #7: It brings people together. #6: It promotes personal growth and selfesteem. #5: Volunteering strengthens your community. #4: You learn a lot. #3: You get a chance to give back. #2: Volunteering encourages civic responsibility. #1: You make a difference. Every person counts! Please contact Ms. Bruce,, for more

Internet at


ACT – Are you prepped?

Lending a Helping Hand! It’s been said that high school prepares students for college and for life. If that is true, then high school should be the place that prepares them to be a good citizen as well . . . and being a good citizen means that they are good and productive members of the community. As a productive member of the community, we all should try to do whatever we can to safeguard, esteem and improve our community. One of the best and easiest ways we can do this is by volunteering our time and effort through community service.


STATISTICIANS WHAT DO THEY DO Statisticians use mathematical techniques to analyze and interpret data and draw conclusions. WORK ENVIRONMENT Although statisticians work mostly in offices, they may travel in order to supervise surveys or gather data. Sometimes they must work overtime to meet deadlines. About one-third of statisticians work for government; many others work for private businesses. HOW TO BECOME A MEDICAL SCIENTIST Most statisticians enter the occupation with a master's degree in statistics, mathematics, or survey methodology, although a bachelor's degree is sufficient for some entry-level jobs. Research and academic jobs generally require a Ph.D. PAY The median annual wage of statisticians was $72,830 in May 2010. JOB OUTLOOK Employment of statisticians is expected to increase by 14 percent from 2010 to 2020, as fast as the average for all occupations. Job prospects will be very good. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition, Statisticians, on the

ACT Prep for June Test Date . . . Communication Fitness is ready for you to really get things in gear. All rising Juniors and Seniors will take the ACT this summer. Ms. Bruce is working to get you signed up so look for communication from her. Remember, we can see who is on-line and who isn’t. 

ACTIVITIES Students not planning to participate in the UBMS 2012-2013 program year (Academic year or Summer) should expect an Exit Form in the mail soon. Please complete the form and return it to our office. It is imperative that we have your information. “Once a UBMS student (MORGAN) always a UBMS student (MORGAN).” When you discontinue your active status you’re only “inactivate.” UBMS will continue to track you and your academic progress. If you are graduating and not returning for bridge, remember where your home is…we love you!

BRIDGE CLASS of 2013 Summer course enrollment will take place in late March. Keep your eyes open for information about summer schedules and course options. Students will have an opportunity to request courses for the summer program.

FAFSA COMPLETION All seniors should have completed your FAFSA by now. If you have not yet submitted a copy of your Student Aid Report to Mrs. Morgan, please do so immediately.

SCHOLARSHIP Please report your scholarship packages to either Mrs. Morgan or Ms. Bruce immediately. This information has to be tracked and your help is needed.






Post your weekly blog at

Acceptance Packets have been mailed and should be returned to the UBMS office by April st 1 .


FACEBOOK Visit our page “Current Student Participants” for updates and announcements Please don’t make us track you down to secure the much-needed paperwork.



Students returning their packets prior to the deadline will receive a gift card to Sonic for use during the summer. So far we have received information from “Payton Morgan.”

UPWARD BOUND MATH SCIENCE ACTIVITIES & EVENTS FOR APRIL 2003 - Check Facebook for Invites – Response Required Apr 2 Tue

UBMS Summer Program Orientation Kansas City at 6:30PM to 8:00PM location to be announced. nd

Apr 6 Sat

POPS in Wichita at 8:30AM to 12:30PM, Brennen Hall I, 2 Floor Commons

Apr 16 Tue

POPS in Kansas City at 5:00PM to 8:00PM, KCKCC, Lower Level Jewell Building

Apr 20 Sat

POPS in Wichita at 8:30AM to 12:30PM, Brennen Hall I, 2 Floor Commons

Apr 24 Wed

UBMS Family Night in Wichita – Dinner and Presentation held at National Institute for Aviation Research on the southeast side of campus at Wichita State University, Conference Room 307-309 (Invitations will include a map for those unfamiliar with campus)


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April 2013 Issue 4 WSU-UBMS Student Newsletter  
April 2013 Issue 4 WSU-UBMS Student Newsletter  

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