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March 2014


Volume 22, Issue 7





WORDS FROM OUR DIRECTOR – Mrs. Kaye Monk-Morgan “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Is a question that I ask myself at least once a year. I am sure that those of you preparing to enter college and the world of work ask yourself that question even more often. Finding one answer is typically difficult, so I settle on the tried and true response for me, “I want to be useful and help others.” This answer is specific enough to provide some sense of direction, yet vague enough to allow me some comfort in my current station. That’s okay for a 40-ish mother and wife, but not necessarily for someone planning a career from the beginning. Famed author, Stephen Covey, says that one should “start with the end in mind” and I agree with him, except some things simply can’t be planned. My plan was to be a lawyer, that didn’t happen, in part because I didn’t have the wisdom to know what my passion was nor the aptitude to determine what I could really do with my skill set. The older one gets, the more likely they are to narrow the options. The problem with this fact is that you are beginning a career path today… My best advice to you is to prepare yourself for purpose. When you are prepared, you can do whatever you want to do when given the proper opportunities! It has been said that “Success is when preparation meets opportunity.” My new answer to the age-old

question of “what I want to be” is SUCCESSFUL, and I am preparing for my opportunity every day! When you begin to think about careers, I want to encourage you to think about your end result. What do you want to have as a result of your labor? Money? Power? Influence? All of the aforementioned? Think less about what you want to do and more about how you can take what you already do well and get paid for doing it. Preparing for purpose means continuously “Sharpening your saw.” Community service, leadership in student organizations, and participation in UBMS are all steps towards discovering what you do well and what you enjoy. Learning to do something begins well before you get a job. Getting your dream job and meeting your ultimate career success begins now.

TRIO Upward Bound Math Science is a federally funded program hosted by Wichita State University. We work to elevate students who have an interest and talent for science, technology, engineering and opportunities to learn from professional mathematicians and scientists in a variety of fields.

What are you really doing to prepare for your purpose? Will you be ready when opportunity presents itself? Your answers to these questions will help you determine if you are on your way to determining a career that will sustain your chosen lifestyle. Yours in Service! Mama Morgan

UBMS with Dr. Linda Byrd-Johnson at the TRIO Day Town Hall that was held February 13, 2014



Volume 22, Issue 7 CURRICULUM COORDINATOR’S CORNER by Karen Rogers

THE SECRET LIFE OF STEM Okay, so you have declared a STEM major, now what? Researchers have found that careers and degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields are among the highestpaying and fastest-growing of any occupational areas. While this statistic may be true in many parts of the country, what also remains true is that students who pursue a career in a STEM field also have to start planning for their future while they are still in high school… taking the right classes, developing better study habits, and maintaining an above average GPA. Your success in STEM careers also requires both technical and non-technical skills… a natural curiosity or interest in the specific field, the ability to think logically and creatively in problem-solving, strong communication skills and the ability to work in teams are all required to succeed in STEM careers. In order for you to pursue and fully enjoy your career choices, you must first find your passion or love for your career, then research the requirements necessary for that career, develop a “SMART” plan of action, and then follow your dreams! The rewards of a STEM career are priceless… higher paying jobs, the challenge of the work, and potential for growth in that field. With less than three (3) months left in this school year, the urgency to get each of you focused on your career choices, and the necessary steps it will take to get you there, has become necessary. Allow me to help you with your plans… “There is no doubt that to advance our economy and our society we need to create the next great technology innovations, not just consume them.” ~ Rodney C. Adkins

INNOVATIVE CAREERS in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math With the right STEM degree . . . . ENVIRONMENTAL ADVOCATES & RESEARCHERS Discussion of the environment is increasingly dominated by ideology and partisan politics. Whether on micro or macro levels, coverage of the environment is frequently dictated by political rather than scientific concerns. Both research on the environment and especially debate surrounding it continue to benefit from scientific perspectives and informed interpretations.

MUSIC DATA JOURNALIST Educate music industry professionals on the value of data and create a narrative around music and artist data. Liv Buli, is a resident data journalist with music analytics company, Next Big Sound (NBS). Part of her job is to write content for the NBS blog. Buli spends a lot of time in Excel and uses mySQL and query in R. In addition to the technical software, a music data journalist needs to have a basic understanding of the do's and don’ts of chart and graph design, in addition to being very familiar with current events in the music industry. SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL WRITERS Environmental science is not the only discipline that requires objective minds, clear voices and accurate interpretation. Other disciplines continue to require candidates educated for STEM fields with other finely honed skills. Public and private concerns in a variety of fields continue to search for candidates who combine strong bases of knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with versatile written communications skills. Just as important as those who do STEM research, engineering, and design are those who can help present those ideas to a wider audience. Whether composing articles for a popular journal, interpreting findings for practical applications in instructions and manuals, or collaborating with researchers to clarify written presentation of results, skilled1. scientific writers combine technical expertise with a way with words to stunning effect. ESPN STATISTICIAN Yes, you can make a living by knowing every detail about RBIs, third-down conversions and triple-doubles. That's right, if you've ever wondered how announcers come up with those totally obscure stats right after a play, the answer is that it's someone's job to research that data. It's also someone's job to figure out how to optimize plays by studying the numbers — should we go for the two-point conversion? Should we switch up the pitcher now? ADAPTIVE REUSE ARCHITECTS Building new LEED-compliant buildings costeffectively is a challenging task. Balancing environmental concerns with architectural and historical priorities can be even more difficult. Adaptive reuse and retrofitting, however, are growing fields in architecture and engineering. Architects, designers, and engineers apply contemporary principles of energy efficiency and environmental standards to fragile and historically valuable buildings. This is quite a demanding balancing act, and one that draws from all STEM disciplines as well as the arts, history, and the humanities. However,

successful adaptive reuse projects garner welldeserved praise and acclaim for their dedicated architects. Demand for their services continues to increase as both architectural preservation and sustainability become more prominent in national discourse. COMPUTER SECURITY David Parker is the Director of R&D at Novacoast, where he works in computer security. Penetration testing, which is also known as ethical hacking or white hat hacking, is the term used to describe what Parker does when anyone from banks to hospitals to educational institutions and government hires him to break into their systems as a malicious hacker or as an unhappy employee would. After breaking in, Parker and his team present a detailed report that "usually shocks the executives," and then he helps them remediate their security vulnerabilities and develop custom software to make their systems safer yet easy to use. "The job takes a good deal of curiosity, persistence, creativity, a strong technical background, understanding of the languages that computers and networks use to communicate with each other, and a bit of competitive spirit," says Parker, who has a degree in computer science. Sources: Lauren Dell (Feb. 5, 2013). General format. Retrieved from Sara Fowler (Feb. 3, 2014). General format. Retrieved from

SPECIAL THANKS TRIO DAY was held at Wichita State University on February 13, 2014 with our special guest, Dr. Linda Byrd-Johnson. The student attendance and leadership shown in asking questions was commendable. Thank you for stepping up. The day ended with a dinner and awards banquet. A special thanks to our students and families that were able to join us.

Dr. Linda Bryd-Johnson addresses the Town Hall held at Wichita State University, February 13, 2014.

Vy Lam received the UBMS Student Achiever Award at the TRIO Banquet on February 13, 2014. Congratulations to Vy Lam, senior at Wichita West High School.



Volume 22, Issue 7



POPS Session nd Brennan Hall, 2 Floor Commons 8:30am to 12:30pmreminders

March 17 to Mar 19

UBMS Spring Break Campus Tour – Colorado Colorado State University University of Colorado United States Air Force Academy

Mar 26

“LOVE Wichita” is coming to UBMS! For local students looking for community service, please keep your eye out for information on how you can participate.


UBMS Family Night Ahlberg Hall, Room 201 6:00pm to 8:00pm

UBMS REMINDERS FAFSA Completion FAFSA’s should be complete! If you haven’t submitted a copy of your Student Aid Report to the UBMS office yet, please do so immediately. Students who don’t submit their forms to the UBMS office may not be allowed to participate in summer programming. ACADEMIC SCHEDULE 2014-2015 It’s time to plan your academic schedule for 2014-2015. If you have questions about classes or an educational path, please consult with Ms. Rogers. Pull out your Academic Audit from fall and see what courses you have yet to take to meet the Kansas Honors Scholar Curriculum. It is important (ADVOCACY) that you make the case with your counselor that you need to take the right curriculum to be ready for what lies ahead.

Soon it will be time to select summer courses. Please watch your email for instructions on how and when to register for classes. Ms. Bruce will assist you with these efforts. If you have received your WSU id and you have already set up your passwords, please let us know.

Once the cooking was complete the clean-up had to be done. The UBMS students stepped up and did their part which included dishes, wiping counter tops and sweeping.

SUMMER READING The summer 2014 UBMS Book Selection is in and will be mailed under separate cover. Students should begin reading the text, A Choice of Weapons by Gordon Parks, in order to participate in Tuesday Leadership Lessons over the summer.

Thank you to our students and UBMS staff, Ms. Karen Rogers and Mrs. Kelly Banks for assisting students in giving of their time and talent. #TRIOWORKS

This is at least one of the biographies that will be highlighted during the summer program.



Acceptance packets have been mailed to all students who returned an “Intent to Continue” Application, even those students who plan to be “Academic Year” only. The deadline for returning your Acceptance Packet is April 7, 2014. Students who fail to submit their packet on time may risk losing their summer spot.

Serving their community

UBMS – Hutchinson, KS

Pictured above are the UBMS students, staff Mrs. Kelly Banks and Mrs. Stanley Murdock of the Christian Soup Ministry. KEEPING IN TOUCH VIA SOCIAL MEDIA


Students & Parents - if you’re not receiving UBMS REMINDERS via text, change that TODAY.


LOCAL WICHITA & HUTCHINSON FAMILIES Grab Your Phone and follow the steps below to sign up for your UBMS messages. Text phone number - 785-831-4536 and Text the message - @a7f6



Spring Break Campus Tour – March 17 – 19 to Colorado. Please watch Facebook and other news streams for more information. Contact Ms. Bruce with questions.

On February 21, 2014 the UBMS students from Hutchinson High School participated at the Christian Soup Ministry with Mrs. Stanley Murdock in Hutchinson, Kansas. The students helped with prep, cutting vegetables, adding spices, sauce to the meat and preparing desserts.

KANSAS CITY & GARDEN CITY FAMILIES Text phone number 785-831-4536 and Text the message @a1b2c3



Volume 22, Issue 7

Or receive notices via email by sending an email to No subject necessary. Once that message is received you are added to the REMIND 101 list. You will

receive reminders and updates on our upcoming events and important dates.

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Wichita Star is a monthly publication of the TRIO Upward Bound Math Science Center at Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas. The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and a College Access Challenge Grant from the Kansas Board of Regents. TRIO Upward Bound Math Science is hosted by Wichita State University. The Center has been fully funded since 1992. Wichita State University does not discriminate in its programs and activities on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, and political affiliation, status as a veteran or disability. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies: Director, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity.

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2014 march student newsletter  

March 2014 Wichita Star - UBMS student newsletter

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