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Free Online Logo Makers

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I am Chidi Lindiwe I love blogging and share the passion by giving free presentations. You can find me @chidilindi 3

1) Online Logo Maker ● One of my personal favorites – or used to. ● Easy to use, just select and click. ● Free version only allows low resolution download. ● Bugs people to buy.


2) Canva ● Another of my personal favorite. ● Can produce other graphics such as Facebook post covers and infographics. ● Has a lot of designs to choose from.


3) Mark Maker ● Is actually a watermark maker. ● But very interesting. Generates random emblems. ● You select the ones you like, and they will generate more similar looking ones. ● Totally free downloads – Do support them.


4) Hipster Logo Maker ● Another interesting logo maker. ● Very different from the rest. ● Creates logos that look vintage, or designer brands. ● Free low resolution downloads.


5) Free Logo Design ● Similar site like online logo maker. ● Simply pick from a template or start from scratch. ● Free low resolution download. ● Bugs people to buy “full sized download”…



For the complete list, please visit Red Dot Geek –


Credits Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: â—? Presentation template by SlidesCarnival â—? Photographs by Unsplash


Free Online Logo Makers  
Free Online Logo Makers  

Is it not annoying when online logo makers ask you to pay to download a logo? Here is a list of sites that I have visited, screened, and off...