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Women In Science and Health (W.I.S.H.) is designed to enrich the knowledge base, interest, awareness, and attitudes of women with respect to science, technology, and health-based career paths. Goals of this program are to: • Combine challenging academics with a residential structure that encourages students to work together and support each other in academic pursuits

• Celebrating women’s accomplishments in science and health • Create career and networking opportunities

• Promote sustainable strategies to enhance a climate of equity and opportunity at the institution

• Develop a relationship with students and professionals throughout the science pipeline

• Provide enrichment opportunities for students to explore science outside of the classroom, to see their residence halls as a place for continued intellectual engagement, and development

Benefits and Programs offered: • Develop a community based project idea • Interact and meet with faculty and graduate students

Go to the housing website and click on Apply Here for P.E.A.C.E. and W.I.S.H. Theme Housing Options and follow directions. You will be asked a few simple questions. Please indicate your preferred roommate’s name. Both you and your roommate will be expected to participate fully in the WISH community. Selected students will participate in an expedited housing selection process. Applications must be received by March 21st. Space is limited!

• Social Events – special outings and events

• Extra Advising / Tutoring on classes as needed

• WISH will create a community of support • Opportunities to explore careers

• Learn what it takes in the field and in graduate school to be successful • Explore school, work, life balance

• Other options exist based on student input working closely with a faculty in residence in FDH

LOCATION: This year WISH will be moving to Foundation Heights and will be working with Dr. Joanne Banks, our Faculty in Residence.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Any rising Sophomore, Junior, and Senior woman who is currently studying or plans to study a health or science related field. SPECIAL OFFER: Please note that if accepted your $135 housing fee will be waived to offset the cost of FDH in comparison to other locations. This value added program WISH will engage and enrich your experience. You are encouraged to find other interested students as potential roommates.

THEME HOUSING: What it’s all about • Blending the residential and academic experience • Trying new things, making new friends, and challenging yourself • Getting a good education, but also growing as a person

• Connecting with peers, mentors, and campus resources

• Interacting with professors and university staff members outside the classroom • Attending events on and off campus Why Participate?


Research s hows stude nts who get in theme ho involved using option s are more likely to: • Stay in co llege • Earn a hig her GPA • Experien ce a greate r degree of satisfaction with their ove rall college experience

In your theme housing community, you will be surrounded by students who are passionate about your shared interests, creating a natural support system. You will gain valuable experience and preparation to be a student leader on campus.

WOMEN IN SCIENCE AND HEALTH HOUSING AND RESIDENCE LIFE Thompson Student Center-Suite 300 Winston-Salem, NC 27110 (O) 336-750-3471 • (F) 336-750-3377 Email:


Women In Science and Health (W.I.S.H.) Brochure