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LIFESTYLE . . . Daily Fitness Powerful Pose

Variation (Utkatasana) By Zofia Karubin Certified Yoga Instructor

This powerful pose is also known as the Chair Pose because it’s like sitting back into a chair that isn’t there.

It’s really fun to do either with your feet flat on the ground or with the heels up and balancing on the balls of your feet. The use of a surfboard helps to stay balanced, and at home you can use the back of a chair or a wall or simply bring your arms in front of you for stability. This pose will help you get warmed up for your next surfing session. Yoga is all about getting in touch with your inner peace and inner power, just like in surfing it allows us to practice reconnecting with nature and with our inner bliss. Enjoying something that benefits us in so many ways brings us to higher levels of life and consciousness. BEFORE AND AFTER DOING THIS POSE, do a gentle warm up and cool down. Twist the body gently from side to side, stretch the neck around and to the left and right, rolling the shoulders up and back, move your body with the breath. A gentle forward bend will be very relaxing especially after doing this pose to release any tension in your muscles. Inhale and reach the arms out holding the surfboard in front of you, then exhale as you relax the head, neck and torso down, and keep breathing deeply for several breaths. When you’re ready, inhale and gently roll up to a standing position.

REMEMBER: F Breathe deeply and stay relaxed.

F Be very gentle and loving with your body.

F Don’t force or strain in any way.

(Check with your health care provider before doing this or any exercise program)

Surfrider YOGA 1

From standing position, take a deep breath and connect to the Earth. Hold the surfboard with the fins facing away from your body. Shoulders relaxed down and arms parallel to the ground. Extend the spine and stretch your neck up while keeping your chin horizontal. Bend the knees and lift the heels up, while balancing on the balls of your feet, staying focused on one point in front of you. Keep the weight of your body evenly balanced and held up by your powerful legs. Hold this pose for three deep breaths or as long as comfortable.


F Strengthens back, thighs, and calf muscles and tones your whole body.

F Stretches and strengthens toes, feet, knees, buttocks, hips, and spine.

F Improves balance and concentration, and brings vitality and life force into your body.

F Increases circulation and cleanses your system with every breath.


Enjoying the sunset at the famous Surfrider Beach in Malibu, California


Exhale and bring the hips down so your thighs are parallel to the ground. Arms are reaching out in front of for you for stability. Bring the knees and feet together, and feel the energy coming up through your feet, up through your legs, up through the spine, and up through the top of your head. Keep breathing deeply and hold this pose for three deep breaths or as long as comfortable.

Exhale and bring the hips down to the heels. Keep the arms stretched out in front of you and stabilize yourself with the surfboard. Hold this pose for as long as comfortable while breathing deeply and focusing on one point in front of you. Next, inhale and slowly lift your body up and back to step 2, then gently straighten your legs and knees, stretch up, extend the spine up and shoulders down, bring the pelvis forward. Finally, release the heels down when you are ready. Close your eyes, with the feet grounded on the Earth, feel your inner power and inner peace. Repeat this sequence three times. F

Zofia Karubin is a certified yoga instructor who resides in Los Angeles, CA where she’s been teaching yoga for over a decade, and practicing yoga since she was a child with her mother who is also a yoga teacher. Learn at your own pace how to incorporate yoga into your busy lifestyle through the online collage of yoga routines by Zofia from previous issues of the WSSM. ( Outfit by Sweet Waterwear ( | Surfboard by Roberts ( | Photos by: OnIt Pro - High Performance Surf Products (

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