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“ The world is a book, and those who do not “

travel read only one page.

- Saint Augustine

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica | Photo by Sandra Olson

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has the courage to lose sight of the shore.


“ Man cannot discover new oceans unless he - Andre Gide

Chicama, Peru | Photo by Tia Calvo

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“ Wherever you go, go there with all your heart. - Confucius

Sandra Olson, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico | Photo: Benjamin Chateauvert / @_thegreencastle_

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Letter from the Publishers there would be another issue. But I knew I wasn’t finished! The WSSM story wasn’t fully written- our book still had blank pages to fill. So on May of 2017, after a glorious and fulfilling one year off, I once again sat down, opened up my laptop, and the magic began to happen. However, as life goes, you can plan and scheme and work your hardest at something, but if the timing isn’t right, it just isn’t going to happen. After months of hard work getting this issue together, we left Puerto Rico on September 2nd for a WSSM Surf Retreat in El Salvador, with the plan to return home a month later, and finish up this issue. God had other plans for us!

Heading out on another adventure!

“Do More Of What Makes You Happy”

The hand-painted wooden sign hanging on the colorful wall in my friend’s B&B, backdropped by the Caribbean Sea and swaying palm trees in the distance spoke volumes to me. It reinforced that my mission and goal for the past 16 months had been right -- for me. Having lived an almost frantic day-to-day life for 14 years, always planning and plotting the creation of the next issue, what advertisers would fund it, how I could best support them in return, stories that needed to be written or cut, had all added up to a hectic lifestyle. Our 15 years in Hawaii had slowly faded into one long (but blessed) road of always looking ahead and planning. Here-in-the-moment opportunities became engulfed by the ever-present and looming tomorrow. In 2014, we moved unexpectedly from Hawaii to Puerto Rico where we opened our first WSSM Surf House. We published our 2015 issue in the heart of the Caribbean, when our lives were shaken by the abrupt passing of my beloved father-in-law. As it often does, tragedy woke me from my robotic publishing slumber. I knew my soul needed a break. I needed to focus on life and family. I needed to do more of what made me happy, in order to then give back more passionately to those around me. Doing more of what makes you happy means different things to different people, but to me it meant surfing as much as my body would allow, beachcombing, stretching, practicing yoga, learning more Spanish, painting, cooking, watching sunsets, and spending that precious first year with the newest addition to our family, our sweet Boricua mini dachshund, Limousina. Life would march on whether I was present or not. I needed to spend more time “doing what makes me happy” and less time worrying. So that’s what I did. With the success of the WSSM Surf House allowing for more financial freedom, I took a year off from publishing, with the focused intention of mentally letting GO, breathing in the life-giving soulfood of a slower lifestyle, and soaking up every possible minute along the way. After all, you never know how many more sunsets you have left to share with those you love. Many asked if we had stopped publishing, and some probably didn’t believe us when we promised 20 | womenssurfstyle.com | wSSm

One week into our trip, hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico, followed by Maria, devastating our island home with the biggest storm to hit in 90 years. We had planned our surf trip 10 months in advance, so there was no way we could predict the storms. We had also, for the very first time, taken Limousina with us to Central America, so our family was together. It’s a strange feeling to know, REALLY KNOW in your heart, that for whatever reason, you’ve been protected, spared by God’s grace, held in the safety of His hands- that He has placed you exactly where you were supposed to be at that moment in time. We watched from El Salvador as the giant storm trekked towards Puerto Rico, indicating a direct hit, and all we could do was wait, pray for those still on the island, and hope for the best. Unbeknownst to us, we were headed for the longest blackout in US history, and that meant not only complete lack of basic infrastructure, but also no access to medical supplies, with very limited food and water for months on end. Daily life as we knew it, had once again drastically changed. Unable to return home due to the devastation, we bought a vehicle in Florida and took off on a two month long road trip around the US. Sleeping in our car along the way, we got a Planet Fitness gym membership for showers (and awesome massage chairs), we visited friends and family we hadn’t seen in years, and tried to keep our expenditures to an absolute minimum. Loved ones, friends, and readers of WSSM came forward- blessing us with donations that allowed us to do so (God bless you all!) and we awoke each morning looking forward to what that day would bring us. Nights were spent under the stars, and long empty stretches of road allowed for imaginations to run free. We surfed our way from Florida to Texas, and up the California coast to San Francisco. We learned to be patient, and to trust that everything would be ok once we got back home- even if it wasn’t. “En los manos de Dios” was our mantra. It was all in God’s hands. Why am I sharing all of this with you? Because I want to encourage you to roll with what life brings. To try to find the silver lining in the storm, even if it gets really dark. This life is all you have here on Earth, and good or bad, it’s YOUR life, and how you spend or view it, is entirely up to you. For me, traveling is the spice of life. I’ve traded the safety of a 9-5 job and salary, for a lifestyle built around travel. It’s fragile. It could break at any moment, but I’ve learned to trust that “en los manos de Dios” and that He directs my path. That path has led me, like many others, to incredible surf destinations around the world, and inspiring the many stories contained in this special travel issue. Where is your current path leading you? Are you doing what makes you happy?


& Dan Olson


Sandra & Dan Olson

EDITOR: Debbie Olson

CFO: John Dotson Thank you for being the BEST Navigator!

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Renee Williams, Sandra Olson WRITERS: Sandra Olson, Dan Olson, Tia Calvo, Michelle Olson, Carolyn Palma, Zofia Karubin, Kelly Kingston, Beka Shane Denter, Tiffany Manchester, Claudia Aragon, Mary Osborne, Michelle Sheptak, Emily Ballard, Grace Chinn, Michelle Winstead WSSM STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS: Dan Olson, Tia Calvo, Daniel Kawasaki- Daniel K. Fine Arts, John Olson, Dave Gregerson- 20foot.com, Dale Basye HologramVision.com, Gabriel Fernandez, Carolyn Palma, Michelle Olson CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ben Kottke, Ale Romo, Greg Chapman, Madre Del Mar Photo/Buffy Archer, Ted Albritton, Benjamin Chateauvert, Tia Calvo, Jeff Beige, Kaoru Matsui, Sonia Bocale, Pichón Duarte, Shane Cohn, Nick Sopczak, Rudy Ortiz, James Walker, Debbie Walker, Chris Stewart, L. Stewart, Gordon May, Damian Davila, Manny Vargas FASHION DIRECTOR: Sandra Olson HAIR & MAKEUP: Buffy Archer MODELS: Kaydi Archer, Odalys C. Ramos Ruiz, CJ Palma, Dan Olson, Josh Serra, Cait Lawson SEO DIRECTOR: John Palma EDITORIAL & PHOTO SUBMISSION: (regular mail) WOMENS SURF STYLE MAGAZINE 102 Calle Los Cipreses, Aguadilla, PR 006003 or ONLINE: www.womenssurfstyle.com Publisher reserves the right to edit all submissions for content/ space purposes at their sole discretion. Upon receiving, all submitted materials become the property of WSSM with full reprint rights regardless of whether a release form is submitted with the materials, and will not be returned. Please send copies of your originals. WSSM is published annually. Distributor and advertising information can be obtained by visiting www.womenssurfstyle.com or by calling 808.383.8323 / Email: info@womenssurfstyle.com No portion of WSSM may be copied or reproduced in any way without written permission/consent of WSSM editor/ publisher. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. All surf photos submitted to, and seen in WSSM, are for content purposes only and remain the sole property of the individual photographers. Reproduction in any way is strictly forbidden. Contact info for photographers may be obtained by visiting their websites. Copyright 2018, WSSM Women’s Surf Style Magazine All rights reserved. Printed in Hong Kong.

Cover Photo: Ted Albritton www.havecannonwilltravel.photography Surfer: Andrea P. Garcia Ogando Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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Beauty Bag Beauty Essentials for Travelers Health Staying Healthy on the Road Travel Gear Essentials Fitness

Yoga: Laughing with the Crow

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Kelly Kingston


Christian Surfer Girls Living Life to the Fullest

Kaoru Matsui

Share the Stoke Foundation

From Surfer to Swimwear Designer

Secret Society Surfboards POETRY

Get Your Own Fish

Ocean Speaks- A Surfer’s Memoir, Once More

Chicas de Puerto Rico

Nydia del Mar Rafols (84), Rosangela Santiago (85), Odalys C. Ramos Ruiz (86), Sheryl Irizarry (87), Gabriela (88), Idalia Suarez (88), María Cartagena (89), Idelis “Lilac” Alvarado (90), Anabella Lopez (92), Carolina Aragonés Fred (93), Andrea P. Garcia Ogando (94)



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Destined to Travel Surfing the Silver Dragon Living on Namotu Through the Eyes of a Surfer Canada’s

Emily Ballard

Surfing Wales

In Search of Fresh Water Waves

San Sebastian

A Surf City Gem of the Basque Country


In Lobitos


is Calling

Take Me Away Exploring


Southern Baja

BAJA Weekenders My Not-To-Distant

Surf Trip Surf Trip

Surfer’s Guide to Swimwear

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The Surfer’s Guide to Swimwear


Sun Protection for Surfers FASHION


Comfy Clothes for the Journey

WSSM Essentials 24 218

Tradeshow Spotlight

Chicas de


Photos: Gabeto Fernandez


Life Guidance

“5) If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. 6) But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.” James 1:5-6 (NIV)

116 Road Trippin’

Comfy Clothes for the Journey

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Surf Expo 2018

See You Next Issue Sunset Photo Farewell

Advertisers 40 Ahki Retreats 42 Athlete Advantage 208 Casa Mariposa 184 Casa Sunzal 140 Cascade Ranch 74 Chica Brava 224 ChickSticks Surfboards 77 Chik Wax 98 Christian Surfers 29 Dune Jewelry 95 Exceed Wetsuits 83 Fins Unlimited 23 Gregerson Photo 12 Honeygirl Swimwear 6, 34, 81 Just Bones Boardwear 169 Las Olas Condominiums 33 LuxeLife Barbados 220 Mi Ola 4, 25, 27, 228 Ocean Addict 195 Ocean Spray Apartments 83 OnIt Pro 8 Peppers Eyeware 96 Secret Society Surfboards 2 Sikk Shades by Eddie Bauer Jr. 226 Sirensong Wetsuits 72 SlipINS 31 Solid Surf Adventure 159 Ted Albritton Photography 10 Wave Riding Vehicles 222 WSSM Surf House 102 WTF Apparel

Trade Show Spotlight

Trade shows are essential to a growing business, for a multitude of reasons, but with the most important being, brand exposure to buyers worldwide, feedback as to what your most popular products and why, and of course, order writing!


SURF EXPO is one of two trade shows WSSM attends annually that helps us stay in touch with emerging trends from brand leaders, as well as meet new faces on the scene that are poised to make their entrance, and really gauge the overall industry health.

By Sandra Olson | Photos: Gabriel “Gabeto” Fernandez & Dan Olson


Dan & Sandra Olson

SURF EXPO continues to bring together the who’s who of brand builders within the surfing industry, the professional athletes representing these brands, as well as emerging companies that have recently joined the surf industry and are eager to present their offerings to a global audience. As a business owner, SURF EXPO is unparalleled in its outreach to buyers from around the world, showcasing over 2,500+ booths, representing over 9,500+ storefronts, and boasting a whopping 28,600+ attendees! It’s the mega-event of the year that brands look forward to as they reconnect with previous buyers and loyal customers, maximizing the opportunity to present their newest collections in a business-first environment. It’s the testing ground for new ideas and innovations, a unique tool to gain valuable insight into emerging trends and what buyers find the most pleasing and popular for their customers, and allows an unforgettable snapshot into an industry that has shaped action sports for generations, and will continue to do so.

CJ Shapes

Photo: Surf Expo


But SURF isn’t their only focus, other relevant categories include SKATE, BOUTIQUE, RESORT, SUP, and SWIM, just to name a few, making it a one-stop-shop for buyers that are looking for fresh inventory for the upcoming seasons. So if you’re a business owner looking to increase not only revenue, but brand awareness as well, make SURF EXPO a priority this year, and attend their September ‘18 show in Orlando, Florida, and see for yourself why SURF EXPO continues to be the #1 action sports trade show to exhibit at and attend. Be a part of the magic! Learn more by visiting www.surfexpo.com





Here’s just a few of the stars we fell in love with at this year’s show, many of whom you’ll see featured in this issue’s Travel Fashion Guide

athletic women. We love their choice of fabrics and innovative cuts. Check them out in our fashion guide on pages 114 and 131. www.jivaactive.com

A) RINSE KIT: A pressurized shower capable of storing up to

E) SOULSTAR: Urban inspired- we love this brand for their

3 minutes of warm or cold water. Portable, strong, and makes rinsing off at the beach a snap! www.rinsekit.com

B) LUV SURF APPAREL: How can you not love the freedomloving spirit exhibited through this line of apparel for women... Carefree, and ready for the beach! www.luvsurfapparel.com

C) INDOBOARD: Hunter Joslyn, founder of the INDOBOARD, showing us how easy it is to practice for surfing- on land. www.indoboard.com

D) JIVA: A fantastic and visually empowering new brand for 24 | womenssurfstyle.com | wSSm


amazing choice of fabrics in their unique and comfortable mens apparel. Check them out in our fashion guide on page 120. www.soulstarclothing.com

F) PEPPERS EYEWARE: Founder, Steve Pepper, happily hooks us girls up with his newest frames. Quality, polarized glasses that fit an active lifestyle. www.peppersusa.com

G) ZINKA: You know all the neon-colored sunscreen you see

in ads and on the ROXY girls that just ooze summer fun? This gal, Lisa, is the one making the magic happen behind the scenes. www.zinka.com

LIFESTYLE . . . Living Beautiful

BEAUTY Basics Paraben-Free

. Natural . Soothing . Effective . Affordable

Essential surf & travel beauty products we never leave home without CoTZ FACE SHEA MOISTURE

SuperFruit Complex Bubble Bath & Body Wash Key Ingredients: Green Coffee Bean Extract, Mango Butter, Superfruit Complex Hours in the harsh sun and saltwater causes your skin to dry out, often becoming irritated and rashy. While washing your body after being in the ocean is necessary, using your usual soap multiple times a day often makes it worse, which is why we love this body wash by Shea Moisture. Boasting a fresh and fruity fragrance, this organic, paraben-free ultra-bubbly body wash is gentle enough to use several times daily as it cleanses while adding essential moisture, leaving your skin refreshed and incredibly soft. $10 (16oz) | $4 (3.2oz) www.sheamoisture.com


Raw Shea Butter Moisturizing Detangler

Key Ingredients: Argan Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Sea Kelp Our #1 beauty product that goes EVERYWHERE with us! Perfect for dry, damaged or transitioning hair- aka SURF hair- you’ll love how this instantly detangles and soothes your surfstressed hair. A lightweight, moisturizing detangler that provides dramatic “slip”, it instantly releases any knots or tangles, helping to minimize breakage. Apply it to wet hair directly after surfing, and again after your shower and you’ll be amazed with how soft and workable your hair becomes. You won’t leave home without it! $14 | www.sheamoisture.com


Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner

Key Ingredients: African Rock Fig, Manuka Honey, Mafura Oil Deep condition your hair and give it the nutrients it craves, while eliminating tangles with this intensely hydrating conditioner. Use it consistently and you’ll notice your hair becoming soft and silky once again. Follow with the Raw Shea Butter Moisturizing Leave-In Detangler for maximum softness and manageability. $12 | www.sheamoisture.com

Natural Tinted Sunscreen SPF 40

We are absolutely in LOVE with this natural skin tones sunscreen, a silky smooth, non-shiny and NON-GREASY weightless formula that creates a water-repelling, matte-like finish out in the water, and can also layer invisibly under makeup. A natural mineral complex that contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and is formulated for fair, medium and dark skin tones. It offers superior protection against sun-accelerated fine-lines, wrinkles and dark spots, and is 100% free of oils, chemical sunscreens, preservatives, fragrances, parabens, PABA, gluten, or phthalates. Perfect for those prone to breakouts or acne caused or irritated by “other” pore clogging sunscreens. Gentle enough for all skin types and OH-SO effective in the water! $20 | www.iherb.com

BURTS BEES Beeswax Lip Balm

With a quick dab, keep your lips fully protected with this 100% natural lip balm that nourishes dry lips, keeping them soft and supple. Containing no parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS, it’s infused with beeswax to gently and naturally condition your lips, and Vitamin E to moisturize them. A hint of peppermint oil gives it an ever-so-subtle refreshing tingle. $3 | www.burtsbees.com

SHEA MOISTURE Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Key Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Neem Oil, Silk Protein This non-greasy hair styling paste gently infuses your hair with moisturizing nourishment, completely eliminating frizz, while infusing your curls with incredible shine! Adding texture and separation to wavy and curly hair, it nourishes your hair from root to end, leaving you with naturally healthy, silky, bouncy curls. Natural ingredients such as coconut oil, neem oil, shea butter and Hibiscus flower extract will leave your scalp soothed while promoting hair growth, and make your curls feel soft and silky. We love this for surf trips where using a blow dryer or styling tool isn’t an option. It’s perfect for braids, twist-outs, and wash-and-go styles. $8 | www.sheamoisture.com

26 | womenssurfstyle.com | wSSm


Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo

Key Ingredients: Argan Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Sea Kelp Gently cleanse dry, damaged or color treated hair with this rich, sulfate-free shampoo. It’s thick lather will infuse your hair with the essential moisture it craves, and this shampoo is perfect for transitioning chemically treated or severely surf-damaged hair back to its natural state. $12 | www.sheamoisture.com

LIFESTYLE . . . Living Healthy

H Traveling to exotic destinations will offer you experiences unlike any other, creating memories that last a lifetime. But it also exposes your body to foreign bacteria, not only in the air and surfaces you come into contact with, but also in the water with which you’re brushing your teeth, showering in, and of course-surfing in. These added risks can jeopardize your immune system often creating imbalances that weaken it, allowing for unnecessary illnesses to potentially become a serious threat. Over the years, we’ve developed a list of travel staples we never leave home without, and that we feel help combat these risks effectively and naturally. By giving your body the nutrients and defenses it needs to operate at optimum levels, you’ll allow it to surf harder, longer, and happier!

ULTIMATE 10 PROBIOTIC (13 BILLION) by Vitamin Shoppe vitaminshoppe.com

The food (and bad bacteria) you come in contact with while traveling can cause travelers diarrhea, upset stomach, and more. Taking probiotics daily can help your body to regulate itself more effectively by giving it the tools it needs to maintain a healthy level of “good” bacteria in your gut, thus making you feel less bloated, easing stomach discomfort, and overall, helping boost your body’s immune defense.

“Probiotics are beneficial or “good bacteria” that normally inhabit the large and small intestines. A healthy balance of probiotics can help inhibit the overgrowth of harmful bacteria. This balance may help support good digestion and regularity. Ultimate 10 can help re-colonize good bacteria, strengthening the body’s own defenses.” - Vitamin Shoppe ACTIVATED CHARCOAL by Soloray or Natures Way amazon.com

Often taken to combat food poisoning and travelers diarrhea, activated charcoal can be used as an antidote because it absorbs most organic toxins, chemicals and poisons before they can harm the body. Often used to treat drug overdoses and accidental poisonings, surfers will find it especially helpful after swallowing dirty water while out surfing, or ingesting foreign foods that contain water born bacteria. It works as a binding agent, helping the body to rid itself of toxins and chemicals and should not be taken within 2 hours of vitamins or medications because it will inhibit the absorption of them. Unlike charcoal from a grill that IS toxic, activated charcoal is an ultra-fine powder that supports total body cleansing, and is often derived from non-GMO, food-grade coconut shell. Keep it readily available, and only use as needed.

D-MANNOSE by NOW | amazon.com

Ward off urinary tract infections, bladder infections and more BEFORE they start with D-Mannose. This naturally occurring simple

ealth on the Go

sugar is metabolized only in small amounts by the body, with the remainder being rapidly excreted with the urine. Helping cleanse the urinary tract (by interfering with harmful particle attachment In the urinary tract), it allows harmful bacteria to be flushed out in the urine stream. While it is recommended to take D-Mannose regularly to maintain a healthy urinary tract, at minimum- when taken at the first signs of discomfort or infection, symptoms can often be quickly alleviated- giving relief within hours of ingestion, and eliminating the need for additional antibiotic treatment. We never fly without it!

hunger, manage weight and feel great!” - Garden of Life

CHIA SEED by Genesis Pure | amazon.com

Chia-- an ancient superfood of the Aztecs that is a complete food, meaning your body could live off of it if needed. It fuels your body with Omega-3’s and 6’s that are essential in fighting inflammation- is gluten, trans-fat and sugar free, and is an excellent source of protein and fiber. Helping boost your immune system, it provides anti-aging benefits, improves mental clarity and gastrointestinal health, while helping maintain healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels, improves heart health and increases energy. We prefer Chia seed by Genesis PURE™ Mila®, because they combine crops from different world regions, giving it the highest level of nutritional components of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Absolutely flavorless- mix it with water, juice, in yogurts, cereals, breads and smoothies for a nutritional boost your body will crave. While cheaper Chia is available online and at your local grocer, the micro-slicing process that Genesis PURE™ Mila® utilizes makes it 97% absorbable by the body versus the standard 35-55% absorption rate of regular shelf brands. So if you’re one that can’t stomach the thought of a meal before surfing, mix 1-3 teaspoons of Mila with a 16oz glass of water and fuel your body from the inside out with some of the best nutrition on the planet. NOTE: Chia absorbs 12x its weight when mixed with fluids which makes you feel full, so always drink an ample amount of water when using Mila to avoid the effects of constipation.

RAW MEAL by Garden of Life | iherb.com

“A delicious, organic meal-on-the-go, packed with incredible nutrition to help you satisfy

That pretty much sums it up, but what makes this nutritional shake different from others is it’s phenomenal lineup of organic properties, RAW probiotic and enzyme blends, over 20 RAW sprouted protein blends, organic RAW greens, 21 whole food vitamins & minerals, and 44 superfoods! Offering 20 grams of protein, it contains less than 1 gram of sugar, is non-GMO project verified, easy to digest, vegan, kosher, non-dairy, gluten and soy free... and it tastes FANTASTIC! With too many amazing properties and natural ingredients to list here-- you gotta check it out for yourself. Blend 1 scoop first thing each morning with a banana and 16oz or more of water, and you’ll be ready to charge out in the surf! Our favorite flavors include chocolate, vanilla, and cappuccino.

HONEST BUG SPRAY by Honest | honest.com

Repel and eliminate pests, mosquitoes and more with this natural and EFFECTIVE bug repellent that is formulated from a blend of certified organic Citronella, Rosemary and Wintergreen oils. Gentle on the skin, it contains NO DEET or synthetic pesticides making it an excellent choice for children and adults alike. It is hypoallergenic, free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, alcohol, formaldehyde donors and petrochemicals. We also love that it is not tested on animals, contains no animal by-products, and most importantly, IT WORKS!

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Always consult your doctor before taking these or any other supplements, vitamins or medications, and do your own research so that you fully understand the benefits and risks of what you’re taking.

28 | womenssurfstyle.com | wSSm


LIFESTYLE . . . Travel Smart

T Add a little romance, relaxation or necessary lighting on your next surf trip, by tossing the new floral infused Tatiana Weston-Webb signature “Ohana” or Tati” candles by Sticky Bumps into your travel bag, and enjoy their intoxicating scents wherever your travels take you. Other tantalizing scents include Tropical Fruit, Orange Mango, Kiwi Fruit, and the decadentPina Colada, or opt for an original scent such as their wildly popular Blueberry, Tour Series Banana, or Hawaiian Coconut. These 7oz, 100% All-Natural Soy/Meadowfoam wax candles boast a full 42 hours of burn time, they’re non-GMO, and come with a secure screw-on lid, making them perfect for traveling!

ravel Gear

MINI TERRAIN SOUND Portable Bluetooth Speaker $25 | FRESHeTECH | freshetech.com

Mini Terrain is portable, lightweight, and perfect for traveling! The Mini-Terrain Sound is a WSSM favorite because it’s not only cute, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, but it packs a pretty powerful and quality sound for such a little guy. It’s portable, and the mini carabiner clip on the speaker allows you to clip-n-go anywhere, while also doubling as a kickstand. This mini speaker streams at Bluetooth 3.0, and offers continuous play for 5 straight hours, taking only 90 minutes to recharge.

ALL TERRAIN SOUND Portable Bluetooth Speaker $40 | FRESHeTECH | freshetech.com

The best all-around speaker for traveling, the ALL-Terrain Sound® is the more rugged, waterproof, older brother Bluetooth speaker to the MINI Terrain, that’s perfect to grab-n-go. Built to withstand tough elements, the ATS easily holds up to sand, rain, mud, AND your clumsy friends. Test dropped from 10’ onto concrete (and easily surviving), this tough little speaker is lightweight and features an oversized, industrial strength “Carabiner” style hook that attaches to just about anything! Control buttons include: Skip, Back, Pause/Play, Answer/End Calls, and volume. It also offers 14 hours of continuous play on one (rechargeable) battery charge, and loud- 3 watts sound.

(BIG WAVE) LEASH $28 | Sticky Bumps | stickybumps.com

Paddling out into an unknown break, a coastline that must be entered / exited in specific areas, or any area you absolutely, must not get separated from your board in, trusting your gear fully is paramount, giving you one less thing to worry about in the lineup. A strong (and preferably new) leash should be at the top of your travel gear list, as it possibly might just save your life one day. We love the Day Glo leashes from Sticky Bumps; they’re strong, the ankle bands are soft and comfortable, and they’re offered in an array of bright, beautiful colors to express your personal30 | womenssurfstyle.com | wSSm

Essentials ity through. Stay safe, and get a new leash for each years surf season!

CHIK WAX $2.50 Chik Wax chikwax.com

Surf wax is something you should never leave your home country without, especially if it’s your favorite wax that your skin is already used to, and therefore won’t be irritated by any additional hours in the lineup. Chik Wax is particularly unique, not only in that it’s made specifically for “Chiks” (which we love), but also in the refreshing scents they offer. Fun names such as “Watermelon Lemonade for Hot Chiks” (tropical water), “Orange Creamsikle for warm chicks” (warm water), and “Honeydew” and “Lavender Chamomile” for cool and cold chicks (colder water climates), are enhanced with incredible and unique scents that will simply make you smile. Using Chik Wax on your next surf trip is

sure to conjure up amazing memories next time you’re back home and break it out, with it’s familiar scent transporting you back to your last surf adventure.


$39 | Sticky Bumps | stickybumps.com

An epic session can be ruined by your traction pad falling apart and coming off, or if you pick up a new shortboard (after breaking a board like I did) that doesn’t have one at all. You’re then stuck paying outrageous tourist prices somewhere for a new one, or going withoutand missing that familiar traction you’re used to. Such was the lesson I learned all-to-well in Nicaragua when my 3yr old traction pad decided to completely come apart, in a matter of only 20 minutes. We were a half hour drive from the nearest small town and the swell was pumping, so I had no other option but to rip the remaining pieces off, and keep on surfing- lacking that trust and “stick” I’d previously enjoyed. I later found a pad at the local shop, but ended up paying almost double what I would have back home. Now, I never go on a trip without a spare pad, and Sticky Bumps offers some of the best on the market! Female-inspired signature pads by Tatiana Weston-Webb and Bethany Hamilton offer colors that will excite, they last forever it seems, and they’re affordably priced, too!

CHIRA BEACH HAT j $24 | Peter Grimm | petergrimm.com Sun protection is even more important when you’re on the road, where you’re likely to encounter endless hours under the sun. Stay cool and protected from the elements in the new Chira beach hat from Peter Grimm. Lightweight, we love the fringed-out, broad brim that offers an additional layer of filtered protection for your shoulders, while keeping your face shaded. The handy, adjustable drawstring under the chin adds extra security on windy days, and the 1 inch elastic band in the crown keeps it fitting snugly on your head.

LIFESTYLE . . . Daily Fitness


BENEFITS: F Stretches the toes, feet, thighs, hips, shoulders, neck, and arms. F Strengthens your core, especially the abdomen muscles. F Improves focus, concentration, balance, and endurance.

Laughing with the Crow

Check with your doctor before doing this or any other exercise program.

By Zofia Karubin | Certified Yoga Instructor


Spinal Twist: Ground yourself in standing pose, relax your arms out, inhale and roll your shoulders up and down, exhale and bring your shoulder blades together, then turn your torso and head to the left and look left, then to the right and look right, as your arms swing gently back and forth, while breathing in and out.

Crow Pose | Variation (Prapadasana) The crow pose makes me laugh every time I practice it, and it’s a very healing pose for your spine, all the way down to your tail bone because it invigorates the abs and back muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Balancing yoga poses work on a mental level by clearing the mind and boosting the power of concentration. Yoga poses also stimulate the glands that balance hormone levels which makes us much happier. It’s always good to practice yoga before and after going surfing or doing any kind of strenuous activity, even mental activity, because it prepares and restores your body, mind, and spirit, and helps you stay focused, balanced and calm. The crow pose has many variations, once we learn one, it’s so much fun trying all the others, and the key is to breathe and stay centered on all levels.

Side Stretch: Inhale, reach up slowly with your arms up over your head and hands together, now gently stretch the arms and torso sideways to the left as you exhale, inhale and lift up to center, then exhale and stretch sideways to the right, and come back to center as you inhale again, then continue to the forward bend.


Begin by exhaling as you get into a squatting position with the feet far apart, and the arms between the knees. Make sure to practice on a soft surface, such as a yoga mat, on the beach, or on the grass, before attempting to perch on a rock. Place your hands on the ground below your shoulders. Fingers are spread apart, palms turned in slightly, with finger tips pressing into the ground.

Forward Bend: From a standing position, first inhale and stretch the arms up and over your head. Slowly breathe out and bend forward, reaching the arms forward, then reach the arms down, and relax your head, neck and shoulders down, while keeping the knees slightly bent, and listening to the breath. When you’re ready, lift up and roll up slowly as you inhale and ground yourself in standing pose.


Exhale, bend your elbows out and place your knees on the upper part of your arms, as close as possible to the armpits. As you inhale, gently and slowly shift your body forward while balancing on your hands until your feet come off the ground, one foot at a time may be easier at first.

REMEMBER: F Breathe deeply, stay relaxed and focused on one point in front of you. F Be very gentle with yourself and listen to your body. Don’t force or strain in any way. F Just one or two poses practiced daily will give you great benefits.


Keep your head lifted up and focus your gaze on one point in front of you. Continue breathing gently, bring the big toes together and point the toes back. Hold the pose as long as comfortable, gradually increasing the number of breaths as you practice and are able to balance longer. Finally, exhale while releasing your feet down slowly to the ground, and repeat three times. A good counter pose is the forward bend as described in the warm up and cool down section. Namaste: My inner light bows to your inner light. F

Location: Malibu, California

Zofia is a certified yoga instructor who resides in Los Angeles, California where she’s been teaching yoga for more than 15 years and practicing yoga since childhood with her mother who is also a yoga teacher. Learn at your own pace how to incorporate yoga into your busy lifestyle through the online collage of Zofia’s yoga routines from previous issues of WSSM. Go to www.womenssurfstyle.com/zof ia.html | Outfit by Graced By Grit | Photos by: OnIt Pro LLC (OnItPro.com)

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photo: Gregerson | 20foot.com 36 | womenssurfstyle.com | wSSm



I’m writing this article on a plane to Japan. I’ve got 8 hours to kill, so why not pull out my net book and put my past few years down on paper.

I’m on the way to visit my mum and sister who I haven’t seen in 2 years. Three years ago, I was a college student living in Perth, Western Australia. Back then I couldn’t even imagine a life like this was possible. But before I get carried away, I’ll take it back to the beginning and explain how this all began. Then I can share a few of my favorite stories and impart some crucial advice. I believe I was destined to travel. My parents met hitchhiking and I grew up on their crazy travel stories. I hold three passports and my friends always joke I should work for the CIA. However, in my late teens independence was not one of my strengths and travel was not really on my mind. The first major turning point in my life was surfing. Although I’m from West OZ, I didn’t grow up surfing. It became part of my life when I turned 18 and owned my first set of wheels. I drove myself to the beach almost every day and taught myself to surf with all the coordination of a drowning giraffe. It was tough at first, but before I knew it, hitting the water became my sanity and the most important thing in my life. I ran a little wild in my angry teen years and surfing got me back on track. I was 19 and half-way through college when I got the travel bug. What set me on my way was unhappiness in school and a miserable break-up. Nothing like putting an ocean between you and an ex to mend a broken heart! Being a surfer, trying to run away from my everyday life, Hawaii seemed like the perfect option. I began busting my butt to save for a surf trip. Contrary to my wants, my mother thought I should go to New Zealand instead. It’s only a quick hop away from Australia and much safer in her opinion. She made a persuasive argument by promising me financial aid. After I booked my ticket, she then pretended to “forget” her promises and I ended up heading off on a one-way ticket with only $3000 in the bank. I planned to spend a month in New Zealand and 9 days in Western Samoa, a small Pacific island nation known only to me through the surfer grapevine. Little did I know this was the beginning

of a life changing journey of adventure, discovery, and a whole load of epic waves. The art of travel was not something that came naturally to me. I learned my lessons hard and fast. Pack appropriately for your intended destination. I had no hat, no sunscreen, no wax, no surfboard repair gear, no first-aid equipment and I hadn’t even looked at a map. This resulted in some serious sunburn and one very slippery surfboard. I didn’t even research accommodations. I’ll never forget stepping off the plane and being consumed with the warm, thick, flower-scented blanket of air which was quickly followed by the realization I was all alone and didn’t know where to go. That night an interesting meal lead me to Always carry food poisoning medication; otherwise, you can’t catch the local bus. It was tough. And the waves were even tougher. I had envisioned myself pulling into perfect Polynesian barrels, but in reality I was a newbie and out of my league. I couldn’t even duck dive. I paddled out almost every day for what felt like weeks without catching anything. The waves were sucking up and pitching over beautiful shallow coral reef, racing like clear blue freight-trains down the line. I was getting cleaned up. I was angry and humiliated at my surfing attempts, however my determination overcame my fears and I left a much improved surfer. I stayed a few months longer than planned, was taken in by a village and grew to understand a non-western lifestyle. In Samoa, they still live the traditional village way. In my time there, I never met another tourist traveling by local bus with their surfboard. The Samoan busses are one of the liveliest aspects of the country. Old, wooden, and brightly colored, they bounce along packed to the brim with people, while blasting very loud Samoan rap music. Everything imaginable is brought on the

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Samoan Church

2017 UPDATE: Since publishing this article, Tia has continued on her travels. Her recent adventures include cycling through Thailand, reporting on the women surfers of Cuba and racing cars in the jungles of Malaysia. In between travels she has been based in Australia, Hawaii and Peru, and has also completed her degree in media and film. You can follow her latest stories at www.tiacalvo.com and @tiacalvo on instagram.

DESTINED TO bus, from whole dead pigs in woven baskets to chickens and even petrol drums. Sit or be sat on. I discovered that everyone sits on each other. One day a larger lady happily seated herself on me for an entire bus trip! No one seemed to understand that a surfboard was not a seat either and I became known island wide for being that angry looking palangi (white person) defending the stick in a bag. By the time I reached Central America, I was a more experienced traveler (plus the busses were easier). Then came Things will happen out of one’s control. I discovered this lesson while I was surfing a break near Playa Hermosa, just south of Jaco in Costa Rica. It was a fun day with small playful waves. I paddled for a nice left, but couldn’t quite drop in. As I went to turn around and paddle back out, I noticed something floating in the water. It looked like a big log, but it had eyes and a snout and was CRUISING TOWARD ME. I quickly paddled over to the other surfers. I didn’t want to be lunch. Everyone paddled for the next wave and headed for the beach – except for me. I was in such a hurry I nose dived. Face first, toes in the air, board flying, I nose dived. By the time I had surfaced and hopped on my board, everyone else had their feet safely on solid ground, not dangling around in crocodile infested wa38 | womenssurfstyle.com | wSSm

ters. I gingerly paddled in, trying to submerge as few limbs as possible. When I finally reached the shore, we had a good nervous laugh. Crocodiles can be a common sight in the line-ups in Central America. During my 4 months living there, I surfed with everything from evil masses of little stinging brown jellyfish to sea snakes. Hungry sea creatures and dangerous waves are one thing, but a question I am often asked is how do I stay safe? No, I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about traveling through dangerous countries like Panama and the Dominican Republic. is about protection; use common sense and trust your intuition. No night time arrivals, no night time solo outings. Stick to crowded areas in cities and when on the move tell someone of your plans and expected arrival date. Don’t carry your valuables all in one place. When I’m crossing borders and going on long bus rides I stuff extra money in my bra so if I get everything stolen I’ll still have enough for a hotel and a phone call. When surfing new areas always check with the locals about where to paddle out and for any hazards like submerged rocks and rip currents. Once, trying to surf Raglan in New Zealand on a big day, I almost got swept onto the rocks from being ignorant. I got lucky, the Canadian guy I was surfing with got

photo: Gregerson | 20foot.com

washed all the way around to the next bay and it took him half an hour to jog back! Caution is necessary, paranoia is not. This means keeping yourself safe, but being open for new experiences. I had my 21st birthday on the Caribbean islands of Bocas Del Torro off the coast of Panama. My birthday would have been a lonely one if not for some great-hearted Australian travelers who took me out to dinner. The only other people in the restaurant were the crew of a 130 ft. mega-yacht owned by an eccentric Icelandic businessman. I was invited to visit the yacht and was offered a job as a stewardess. If I had not taken a chance on boarding the boat, I would not have had such an amazing opportunity. Before I knew it (and after 7 horrendous days at sea behind a hurricane), I was in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The global financial crisis meant the end of my job, so I jumped ship and spent the next 7 months island-hopping and scoring amazing, perfect, peeling, island breaks. I could fill up the next 10 pages with stories about waves, hitching rides on private planes and exploring the Dominican Republic with local surfers, but that would take up this whole magazine! Now, more than 3 years after plotting my original travel plans, I have

finally made it to Hawaii. I was living in California, but it was becoming uncomfortably cold. One day as I struggled into my wetsuit, I knew it was time to head to warmer waters. I booked a one-way ticket to Kauai, where I am now living. I do regular trips over to Oahu for surfing and work and am putting my time into writing and other projects. It was on my first trip to Oahu while watching the Pipeline Masters that I stumbled upon WSSM photographer, Dave Gregerson. Dave has been encouraging me to share my experiences and help inspire other young women to travel. When he and I catch up on Oahu, we always have a blast longboarding Waikiki together. He is one example of how the people I meet can change the course of my life and my view of the world. The independence and self growth that comes from solo travel is one of the best things a young person can experience. As frustrated as I was in the beginning with the lack of funds from my family, it turned out to be a great thing they did for me. The satisfaction I get from doing this myself is priceless. I’m not sure what my next step will be. For the moment, I enjoy exploring the Hawaiian Islands, but I hope to get down to South America and across to Cuba, so watch this space! Expect the unexpected, and have fun! F wSSm | womenssurfstyle.com | 39


What do these top athletes do for health and life insurance? How do they manage to support themselves and their families when they are seriously injured or worse? Too many athletes have no safety net to support them in the event of a serious incident. We believe all athletes need a life plan that includes health coverage, long-term disability coverage, and life insurance. In spite of the huge and growing popularity of extreme sports (and its profitability), athletes are basically left on their own if they can no longer perform. AthleteAdvantage.org fills this need.


AthleteAdvantage.org raises funds through corporate sponsorships, athlete sponsorship programs, fund raising events, and memberships. These funds are then used to pay for MedEvac services, medical reimbursement coverage, life insurance and other services for our athletes when needed. We are striving to operate at a 90/10 ratio which means 90% of every dollar goes to the cause.

HELPING MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF ALL ATHLETES. While many non-profits are there to help after you get injured, AthleteAdvantage.org wants to provide the safety net of services you hope you never have to use, but feel safe in knowing they are there.

US Registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit

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the surfer’s guide to

swimwear Model: Kaydi Archer Photo: Gabeto Fernandez

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SHOP THIS LOOK Shades of Grey

Model: Kaydi (& Limousina)

BIKINI: (top) ”Claire in Storm”, (bottoms) “Bella in Bali Bound” by Sensi Graves (sensigraves.com) HAT: “Christi” in brown by Peter Grimm (petergrimm.com)

NECKLACE & HAND CHAIN: “Casbah Pendant Necklace in Sodalite, paired with the matching “Gypsy Soul Hand Chain” with Sodalite natural stone focal, both shown in antiqued silver plated finish. By criscara (criscara.com)

WRAP BRACELET: Ocean hues triple wrap bracelet by Charming Shark Surf Jewelry. (charmingshark.com) Photo: Gabeto Fernandez

the surfer’s guide to

BELLY CHAIN: Silver plated “Wanderlust Coin” belly chain and belt. By criscara (criscara.com)

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the surfer’s guide to

SHOP THIS LOOK Southern Mermaid Model: Odalys

BIKINI: Solid in the surf, and smokin’ hot on the beach, the “Nikki Sport Top” in monarch olive/ reverses to olive, with matching “Traci Brazil Bottom” featuring a comfortable hidden waist drawstring for the ultimate security in the waves. By Honeygirl Waterwear (honeygirlwaterwear.com) HAT: Your perfect summer accessory “Ariel” in natural, by Peter Grimm (petergrimm.com) JEWELRY: ”DESERT DANCER Belly Chain + Belt” in antiqued 14 karat gold plated, and accented with criscara’s signature paisley charm. By criscara (criscara.com) BRACELETS: Trendy Jewels by World End Imports (trendyjewels.com) | 1-800-722-2309 Photo: Gabeto Fernandez

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the surfer’s guide to

SHOP THIS LOOK Ocean Lovin’ Model: Odalys

BIKINI: Just Bones Boardwear’ Bikini Party ”Big Sur” top and bottom, bursts with Caribbean color. (justbonesboardwear.com) SURFBOARD: 8’2” custom funshape for Sandra Olson by Keoki Surfboards (keokisurfboards.com) Photo: Gabeto Fernandez

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the surfer’s guide to


Summer Stripes | Model: Kaydi (above)

Beach Days | Model: Odalys (bottom right)

Just Bones Boardwear | Model: Dan

BIKINI BOTTOMS: “Striped Boyshort” and “Tira Halter Top”, both in cobalt by Mi Ola (mi-ola.com)

BIKINI: A lingerie-inspired, incredibly flattering “Pin UP Top” in cobalt by Mi Ola (mi-ola.com)

LEASH / TRACTION PAD: (leash) “Day Glo Regular Leash” in pink - by Sticky Bumps (stickybumps.com)

SUNGLASSES: “Sunset Blvd” in crystal pink, the #1 selling style from Peppers Eyeware (peppersusa.com)

BOARDSHORTS: “Bermuda” boardshorts by Just Bones Boardwear, featuring their patented adjustable waist, and made from quick-dry material with a comfortable stretch. (justbonesboardwear.com)

SURFBOARD: Custom shaped 5’7” surfboard with custom artwork. (Generously) gifted to Sandra Olson by Cindy Stokes during our Baja, Mexico- WSSM Surf Retreat in 2016. Hand shaped by legendary east coast shaper, Tim Nolte (timnoltesurfboards.com)

JEWELRY: Trendy Jewels by World End Imports (trendyjewels.com) | 1-800-722-2309

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Wrap Bracelet: Muted hues triple wrap bracelet by Charming Shark Surf Jewelry. (charmingshark.com)

SURFBOARD: 6’7” handshaped fish, by Keoki Surfboards (keokisurfboards.com)

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the surfer’s guide to

SHOP THIS LOOK Soak up the Sun Model: Odalys

BIKINI: “Shy Sport Top” in monarch navy/reverses to navy with matching “Tabbi Bottoms” by Honeygirl Waterwear (honeygirlwaterwear.com) SUNGLASSES “Alpine” polarized, lightweight frames designed for maximum comfort by Nectar (nectarsunglasses.com) BODY CHAIN: “WANDERLUST Coin Body Chain” with silver plated finish, by criscara (criscara.com) BRACELET: “Seahorse Clasp Bracelet” | Trendy Jewels by World End Imports (trendyjewels.com) | 1-800-722-2309 Photo: Gabeto Fernandez

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the surfer’s guide to


SHOP THIS LOOK Pily Q Swimwear Model: Kaydi

BIKINI: Reversible and seamless, and oh-so-soft to the touch. Shown in Wave- by Pily Q (pilyq.com) BODY CHAIN: A bohemian luxe “WANDERLUST Coin Body Chain” that is silver plated and features 8 filigree puffed coins with a tree of life motif that hangs from a delicate chain in a long cascading pattern. Just the right blend of dainty and dramatic, by criscara (criscara.com) NECKLACE: “Wave” stationary pendant in sterling silver, and customizable with your choice of sand or elements layered to a gem-like finish. Capture your travel memories & adventures for eternity with your favorite necklace, bracelet, rings and more by Dune Jewelry (dunejewelry.com) Photo: Gabeto Fernandez

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COVER UP sun protection for surfers Photos: Gabeto Fernandez

SHOP THIS LOOK Seea Surf Model: Odalys

SURF SUIT: “Gaviotas Surf Suit” in Maidu, by Seea. Ample fabric in the shoulders makes this one of the most comfortable surf suits we’ve ever tested here at WSSM. Offering more protection than swimwear fabric, but not as thick as neoprene, Seea’s C-Skin fabric feels like an ultralight 0.5 mm neoprene. Featuring a special 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex blend that is a multi-layered knit. It breathes, moves and feels BUTTERY soft on your body, just like a second skin. (theseea.com) SURFBOARD “The BOSS” a 6’3” custom shortboard for Kaydi Archer in her signature fluorescent colors. Hand shaped by her sponsor and 40yr east coast shaping legend, Tom Neilson (tomneilsonshapes.com)

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COVER UP sun protection for surfers

SHOP THIS LOOK SlipIn to Comfort (above) Model: Renee

SURF SUIT: “Tribal Zippered Mini Surf Skin” by SlipIns. Like a second skin, you’ll find keeping everything IN on big days AND looking fantastic has never been so easy and comfortable. By SlipIns (slipins.com)

Lycra Leopard (left) Model: Kaydi SURF SUIT: “Cheeky Cut Snow Leopard Stretcheyz: Sleeveless Surf Suit” by Stretcheyz. Look fabulous in complete comfort, while staying protected from the sun in this beautiful one-piece by Stretcheyz. (stretcheyz.com) JEWELRY: “Sand Jewel Starfish Necklace” by Dune Jewelry, layered with one of their bestselling “Sandbar” pendants that is inlaid with your choice of sand in a sterling silver bezel, then hand-sanded and polished to the final, flat matte finish. Bracelet: “Triple Sand Globe” in sterling silver and customized with your favorite beach sand, paired with their “Bayview Ring”... both statement pieces. (dunejewelry.com) Photo: Buffy Archer | #Madre_Del_Mar_Photography

80’s Throwback (right) Model: Kaydi

SURF SUIT: Stand out and make a statement in the “Jagger Noir Zippered Mini Surf Skin” by SlipIns. A short, tight fitting, long sleeve (featuring comfortable thumbholes that keep the sleeves perfectly in place at all times), figure flattering, upper body rashguard surfsuit providing excellent sun protection with 60+ UPF! (slipins.com) JEWELRY: Keep your favorite beach close to your heart every day with the “Charm Holder Necklace” by Dune Jewelry, featuring diamond, round, and starburst pendants that are handcrafted with your choice of sand and layered to a domed, gem-like finish. (dunejewelry.com) Photo: Buffy Archer | #Madre_Del_Mar_Photography

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SHOP THIS LOOK Surf Check Model: Kaydi

RASHGUARD: “Established” by Exceed. This long sleeve, loose fitting, ultra-light rashguard is comfortable both under a wetsuit or on it’s own, and provides UV protection of 50+. (exceedwetsuits.com) BOTTOMS: “SuperCheeky” in magenta by Mi Ola, featuring a drawstring for security and ruching to make your bum look amazing (mi-ola.com)

Strength in Pink Model: Kaydi

BIKINI BOTTOMS: Cheeky and chic, the “Natalia Brazil Bottom” in monarch pink that reverses to black, with just the right amount of ruching, by Honeygirl Waterwear (honeygirlwaterwear.com) RASHGUARD: “Ease Fuschia” by Exceed. This long sleeve, vibrant, fuschia and tribal colored rashguard offers UV protection of 60, while fitting snugly and offering a slightly longer fit beyond the hip. Designed with sublimation, so there is no restriction in movement. By Exceed. (exceedwetsuits.com) LEASH: “Day Glo Regular Leash” in pink, by Sticky Bumps (stickbumps.com)

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sun protection for surfers



SURFBOARD: “6’3” The BOSS” hand shaped by 40yr east coast shaping legend, Tom Neilson (tomneilsonshapes.com)


SHOP THIS LOOK Beach Dreamin’ Model: Kaydi

BIKINI: Lingerie-inspired, incredibly flattering “Pin UP Top” in magenta by Mi Ola. Large busted women can also enjoy this lovely style in Mi Ola’s “BB Pin UP Top”. (mi-ola.com) SUNGLASSES: “Howzit” in light charcoal by Maui Jim. Featuring Maui HT™ lenses that offer extra contrast and color, and lightweight super thin glass that offers the absolute crispest optics available. 20% thinner and lighter than standard glass. (mauijim.com) JEWELRY: “Wave” stationary pendant necklace in sterling silver, layered with Dune Jewelry’s “Port O’ Call Charm Necklace” featuring 3 petite round pendants, and accented with the ultimate ring for surfers, the “Wave Bypass” ring and 3 silver “Stacker” rings. All pieces are customizable with your favorite sand, so adorn your body with your favorite original beach sand jewelry, by Dune Jewelry (dunejewelry.com)

wSSm | womenssurfstyle.com | 63

SHOP THIS LOOK SirenSong (right) Model: Kaydi SPRINGSUIT: 2.5mm ultra-soft, premium Yamamoto neoprene from Japan, in “Bella Sleeveless Booty-Cut Springsuit” by Sirensong Wetsuits. Firmly establishing femininity, strength, and sexy in the lineup, Sirensong allows your wetsuit style to be as individual as your wave riding. Cinch tight or loosen the tie-sides to customize the fit to your bum. (sirensongwetsuits.com) BRACELETS: Ocean inspired string bracelets from Trendy Jewels by World End Imports (trendyjewels.com) | 1-800-722-2309 SURFBOARD: “6’3” The BOSS” by Tom Neilson (tomneilsonshapes.com) LEASH: “Day Glo Regular Leash” in pink, by Sticky Bumps (stickbumps.com)

Mermaid Addiction (opposite page) Model: Kaydi RASHGUARD: “Serena Zip Rashguard” in shimmery mermaid-inspired Pescadito by Mi Ola. Featuring a flirtatious front zip that allows you to control attraction level and practical back pocket to keep your essentials handy. It’s both sexy AND mermaid-y! (mi-ola.com) BIKINI: “Namastay Tie-back” in coast, with matching “budhi bottom” from JIVA by MONQ. Can be used in the water or for working out. Features full support and a fun adjustable back that can be switched from cross-back for more support or straight back (shown in photo) for less support. Matching bottoms show just enough cheek with double strap sides and it’s reversible, giving you a two-in-one bottom that can be mixed with several different tops. (jivaactive.com)

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sun protection for surfers

66 | womenssurfstyle.com | wSSm

SHOP THIS LOOK Seea by the Sea Model: Odalys SURF SUIT: “Avila Surf Suit” in Ebon, by Seea. Contrasting hourglass lines visually slim and accentuate in all the right places, and long-sleeved UPF protection keeps your back and shoulders covered no matter how long you surf. (theseea.com) SURFBOARD FINS: By Fins Unlimited. www.finsunlimited.com

sun protection for surfers


wSSm | womenssurfstyle.com | 67

COVER UP sun protection for surfers


Nothing but Ocean

The Walk Home

Last Look

(above) Model: Josh

(right) Model: Kaydi

(top right) Model: Josh

RASHGUARD: “Eternity Sleeveless” by Exceed. Offering UV protection of 60, while remaining extremely lightweight, and form fitting, allowing for powerful movement. (exceedwetsuits.com)

SPRINGSUIT: “Vibrant Stripes” 0.5mm spring suit with a front zipper, by Glidesoul. Silicone detailing in the inner wrists areas prevent sliding and soft flatlock seams prevent rubbing, while the corset inspired silhouette ideally shapes and flatters a womans figure. (glidesoul.com)

WETSUIT JACKET: Stay warm and easily regulate body temperature in this soft and durable 2.5 mil thick “Rockaway Wetsuit Jacket” by Epic wetsuits. Shown in their exclusive Mat Black Sandy Beach color, this tough Neoprene is perfect for waterman who want to keep core temperature warm, but don’t want the added weight or hassle of a full body wetsuit. By Epic Wetsuits (epicsandiego.com)

SUNGLASSES: Polarized “Dividend” in shiny black with fade to blue, featuring lightweight frames specifically designed for medium sized faces. By Peppers Polarized Eyeware (peppersusa.com) SURFBOARD: 6’7” hand shaped fish by Keoki Surfboards (keokisurfboards.com)

SURFBOARD: 5’7” with custom artwork and hand shaped by legendary east coast shaper, Tim Nolte. (timnoltesurfboards.com)

BOARDSHORTS “Multitone Combo Board Shorts” in mint, by Surf Mentality. (lagaci.com) NECKLACE: “Sandbar” pendant inlaid with your choice of sand in a sterling silver bezel. By Dune Jewelry (dunejewelry.com) LEASH: “Day Glo Regular Leash” in yellow, by Sticky Bumps (stickybumps.com)

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wSSm | womenssurfstyle.com | 69

COVER UP sun protection for surfers

SHOP THIS LOOK Exceed Model: Josh RASHGUARD: “Eminence Short Sleeve” by Exceed not only photographs beautifully in the surf, but will also help you keep better track of your friends out there, it’s so vibrant! Offering UV protection of 60, while remaining extremely lightweight, and form fitting- allowing for powerful movement. (exceedwetsuits.com) SUNGLASSES: Polarized, “Revert” features lightweight frames specifically designed for maximum comfort, and scratch resistant lenses with glare reduction. By Nectar. (nectarsunglasses.com)

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SHOP THIS LOOK Core Warmth Models: Dan & Odalys Dan | WETSUIT: “EPIC GoPro Mounted 3/2 Wetsuit” features a unique GoPro shoulder mount, allowing you a hands-free surf session while still capturing your favorite waves at eye-level view! This hands-free design is unique to Epic Wetsuits, and with more warmth due to the thicker chest area material used along with extra stretchy neoprene in the arms for easier paddling, this suit will quickly become your favorite. A longer-than-usual zipper allows for easy on and off, and the GoPro mount is also compatible with the 360fly Camera. We love that it’s affordably priced, too! By Epic Wetsuits (epicsandiego.com) Odalys |WETSUIT: “Hermosa Ladies 3/2 Full Body Wetsuit”. This specially-designed-for-the-ladies wetsuit features a soft thermal interior that is warmer than standard wetsuits to keep us cozy and comfortable, with stretchy and durable neoprene to account for any changes in weight or body size. It’s contoured to accentuate a woman’s curves comfortably, and the size chart correlates to common female dress sizes. Comes complete with a velcro attachment over the zipper so your hair won’t get tangled in it, and the seams are hypoalergentic for women that are allergic to interior glued stitching. By Epic Wetsuits (epicsandiego.com)

SHOP THIS LOOK Glidesoul Separates Model: Odalys WETSUIT JACKET: “Vibrant Stripes Collection 0.5mm Wetsuit Jacket” is thick enough to add warmth, without sacrificing precious mobility. A front zip provides easy body temperature regulation, and the longer body and arms cut provides extra comfort in movements. By Glidesoul (glidesoul.com) SHORTS: “Vibrant Stripes Collection 0.5mm Bikini Shorts”. Incredibly soft and stretchy, these neoprene bikini shorts by Glidesoul allow for maximum movement in the water. Featuring a comfortable wide waistband, silicone lines in the crotch to prevent sliding, and durable flatlock seams. (glidesoul.com) BIKINI TOP: #1 bikini top for surfers and a WSSM favorite “Waimea Sport Top” in solid bright purple/reverse to white, by Honeygirl Waterwear. Featuring a comfortable crossback design that keeps it securely in place... There’s no better bikini top out there for surfing big waves than the Waimea Sport Top by Honeygirl Waterwear. (honeygirlwaterwear.com) SURFBOARD: 7’3” funshape hand shaped by Keoki Surfboards. (keokisurfboards.com)

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pt 1) WSSM WOMENS SURF STYLE MAGAZINE | Travel Issue 2018 / '19  

PAGES 1-75: Enjoy PART 1 of this 230 page, special TRAVEL ISSUE from WSSM Womens Surf Style Magazine, the #1 surf mag for women in the USA....

pt 1) WSSM WOMENS SURF STYLE MAGAZINE | Travel Issue 2018 / '19  

PAGES 1-75: Enjoy PART 1 of this 230 page, special TRAVEL ISSUE from WSSM Womens Surf Style Magazine, the #1 surf mag for women in the USA....

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