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District Reports District 1 South By Byron Fehler (425) 396-1033 Hopefully everyone's excitement is starting to build for the upcoming snowmobile year as I know I am ready to skip the fall season and head straight into winter. As I sit and write this update I see friends from Idaho talking about high elevation snow this week; there is a first big fall storm front coming into Western Washington this weekend after what seemed like endless days of dry and hot, and we just had our first Cascade Drift Skippers meeting tonight. What great attendance for the first meeting of the year - over 60 people attended to hear about what is on schedule regarding rides for the upcoming year, projects we will work on as club to support our sport, available avalanche training and certifications, watching the new 509 video, and of course plan for supporting the upcoming official kickoff to snowmobile season - the WSSA Snow Show. I would also like to mention and thank Jeff Hambelton from NWAC (Northwest Avalanche Center) for joining us and continuing to support our club and sport. We already have scheduled club rides (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and family) and avalanche courses for this winter so we welcome anyone who wants to join us on the second Wednesday of the month at the Issaquah Rogue Brewery - membership not required but I’m pretty sure you will join once you attend. It is a great group of diverse riders in age, gender, and skill level, all sharing their love of snowmobiling. You can also check out the Cascade Drift Skippers website or Facebook page to find out more information. Also, for those that are not aware, the Cascade Drift Skippers won the ACSA (American Council Snowmobile Association) Snowmobile Club of the Year award for 2017 and are being inducted into the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame! What great honors, and if you are interested in reading more details, please check out Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing everyone at the WSSA Snow Show - let's get this season going!

District 2 South By Matt “Kustom” Kensrud (509) 433-2100 Hello from District 2 South! The smoke is starting to clear, harvest in the valley is in full swing, and all I can think about are snow shows and riding! As the clubs get geared up, here’s what’s happing. Wenatchee’s Apple Country Snowmobile Club is hosting their first meeting at Wenatchee Powersports on October 10th; meeting starts at 6:30pm and the potluck at 7pm. They will be starting snowcat maintenance soon. Talking with the Lake Wenatchee Recreation Club, they ask everyone to keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming events. The Bavarian Boondockers have reached out to all club members for upcoming elections and appointments. Positions and committees include president, secretary, voting board, and Snowfest planning committee. The elections/appointments will be held after SNOWFEST. Construction of their warming hut is underway. The club is working hard on the plans for SNOWFEST 6; watch for more new things to come! The date is November 18th from 10am to 5pm. The club will also be working with the Alpine Institute on this year's AIARE 1 avalanche courses. The courses have a one-day classroom instruction and then two days in the field which will be held on the club’s new leased property. Get signed up at the Alpine Institute booth at SNOWFEST. The Lake Chelan Snowmobile Club is still out on the lake boating (LOL)! I will be attending their meeting in the future. Thanks and think SNOW!

District 3 By Greg Figg (509) 534-3417 Well, sledding season has begun for some of us as it was the 51st Sno Baron's Hay Days in North Branch, Minnesota. For those that have not heard of this event, it is the kickoff event of the snowmobiling season. It is the grand-

daddy of all snowmobile shows, covers 300 acres, and has around 60,000 people in attendance. The show features hundreds of vendors from both the U.S. and Canada, a swap meet that is too big to walk in one day, grass drag races, aerial exhibitions, and a mud bog to name just a few of the events. If you have not attended this extravaganza it is A pic from Hay Days, the biggest, badworth putting on your bucket list for sure! dest snow show in the world! While back in Minnesota this year we toured the Polaris factory in Roseau, Minnesota. While we were not allowed to take any pictures of the assembly line in action, I have a new appreciation of the men and women who put our snow machines together. These people work very hard to assemble every component on the snowmobile and get it right. From the welding and tube bending of the frame, powder coating metal, to the lady carefully hand placing the decals on the panels. This was quite an operation that made the trip across the state worth it! Now it will be the WSSA Expo in October and the Winter Knights Snow Show in November and club activities in between. Have a wonderful fall!

District 4 North

far it appears there will be no impact on our snowmobiling areas or and trails. I will keep everyone up to date if there are any changes. Let's hope we have a winter like we had last year with more snow than we know what to do with!

District 5 North By Bill Miller (509) 899-0243 Great news for the Taneum/Manastash grooming area! A team effort by the Kittitas County Grooming Council and Reecer Creek Riders resulted in increased funding for the trails. The Summer SMAC (Snowmobile Advisory Committee) budget meeting approved funding of $19,320 to groom six miles of Shadow Creek, twelve miles of Peaches Ridge and five miles of Tucker Creek this season. These trails received grooming approval in 2006 however no funding was provided. Thank you Wayne Mohler and Jason Goldstein for your assistance in preparing the funding proposal. See you all at the WSSA Expo October 21st and 22nd. Think snow!

By Craig Miller (253) 612-2092 Greetings snowmobilers! It’s been a wonderful long warm summer. I personally rode close to 4,000 miles on my Indian Chieftain motorcycle during the nice sunny weather. I discovered several nice small Washington towns I had never heard of, such as Bickelton out of Yakima. It was established in 1878 and is known as the bluebird capitol of the United States. They also have a fully restored 1906 carrousel housed in a building on the main street. Have a cold beer in the friendly Blue Bird Saloon, across the street from the carrousel. So while I was riding the bike out of Yakima, I attended the Summer SMAC (Snowmobile Advisory Committee) and Grooming Contractor’s meetings. This is where your snowmobile monies from gas tax and sled registrations are planned for spending on the upcoming season’s program of plowing, grooming and sno-park expenses such as law enforcement, and sanitation. The groomer’s meeting gives all the grooming contractors a chance to talk about the program and deal with any issues they have. I’m happy to report I secured our second funding request to continue the grooming of the Wakepish Sno-Park trail system at the foot of Mt. St Helens. This funding must be requested three years running. If it is granted, it falls into the permanent funding category as money permits from that point forward. So, we can all plan on enjoying the heavy snowfall this area is famous for during the upcoming season. The hut was remodeled last October. It is now enclosed and a wood stove was installed thanks to our friends in the Junco Snowmobile Club. The firewood stock seems to get plundered by the hunters so if you plan to have a function in the sno-park, bring firewood in case it’s been taken. Also, if you bring a small generator, you can plug in the internal electric lighting. The sanitation consists of his and hers permanent composting restrooms. You can get to this gem of a sno-park by driving to Randle, crossing over the Cowlitz River on FS 25, and follow it up to FS 99. Turn right, and the sno-park is on your right.

District 4 South

District 5 South By Rudy Classen (509) 966-4283 The end of a long hot summer is coming and none too soon. It has been hot and dry the past few months and as a result, new snowmobiling areas are being created naturally. Such a shame to see all those trees destroyed. Remember this, had logging been allowed to continue there would have been far less undergrowth to burn if all those billions of beetle-killed trees had been harvested. Everyone is excited about the coming season and many clubs are preparing for their first meeting. The Ski-Benders had their first meeting and actually had their first fundraising event shortly after. The club dispenses adult beverages during a three-day music festival just a few miles west of Naches. Much of the revenue received from this event goes to the annual operating budget of the Jim Spreck Community Park. That which is left is used by the Yakima Ski-Benders to hold over-the-snow events for the public and for donations to a number of charities. They put in over 400 hours of volunteer labor to help make this event a success for the Nile Valley community. At the summer WSSA meeting, a considerable amount of discussion concerned the lack of recorded volunteer hours being submitted for the various activities we all participate in which are an investment into the communities. It was determined that as an organization, we need to do everything we can to capture and record those volunteer hours. Since I am the District 5 South rep, I will be doing that for the clubs in my area. Also at the summer meeting, we had a good discussion about the importance of working with your local Forest Service when they work on the OVER THE SNOW Travel Management Plan. We all know the radicals we be trying to use this effort to highly restrict us and if we don’t show the Forest Service all the trails/roads we use, and the areas we play in, we won’t have those areas available. Thus, each and every club needs to encourage their members to work with the Forest Service. There is strength in numbers.

By Mike Ainslie (360) 430-1494 Greetings to everyone in my district! It's hard to believe summer is almost over and we're already starting to think about winter and snow. The only real thing happening in my district right now is the Mount Saint Helens Trac Riders are still working very hard with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) to get something done in regards to building a replacement warming hut at the Marble Sno-Park on Mt. St. Helens. This has been an ongoing battle and the USFS has constantly changed the plans and how they want to do things; we had every intention of having a warming hut for this upcoming season but the way it stands right now we will not even have a new foundation on the ground to work with. This is very sad to say after all the hard work the club has put into this project. The Trac Riders just held their first club meeting at the beginning of September and we had some talk of getting up there in the next few weeks and getting some trail cleaning done and brushing around the sno-park area. As I write this, there is a forest fire burning over in the Mt. Adams area in the Indian Heavens Wilderness. I just talked with the Forest Service over there and so

District 6 By Gary Simmons (509) 529-0210 Hello all snowmobilers! The weather outside is in the 90's, but by the time you are reading this, the temperature has to be lower. Remember the WSSA Expo and Swap Meet in Puyallup on October 21st and 22nd. Before the snow starts, you better go in the trailer and check your machines. Last spring I reported the Pomeroy groomer was down. It is now back together and ready for the snow to fly. The warming huts in the district will be full of wood and ready for the season, too. Around the last of October, start doing your snow dance! That’s all for now.

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