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WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

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Well, the summer just flew by and it’s now time to get serious about our great sport of snowmobiling. Proof of that is it’s Expo time! Dean and his committee have another great show put together for us so make sure and you pack up and head to Puyallup on October 21st and 22nd. I’m still working on a statewide youth club, so if you have kids interested, probably in the age range from 14 to 19, head over to the WSSA booth and look me up so we can talk. I still have nothing firm but need some parental input. The WSSA Summer Meeting went well with around 35 attendees. Special thanks to Terry Kohl for taking the time to give us a detailed report on legislative issues. Also a big thank you to Bob Seelye for a nice report on the WSSA audit. WSSA is planning on a few by-law changes we are hoping to do at the November meeting, so check out the rest of the Snoflyer to make sure you are aware of the changes and the upcoming ‘special meeting’. It sounds like club meetings are getting started and I hope to attend a few of these this year if I can work it in around my grooming schedule. Club Pres-

idents, please make sure your club info is up to date with WSSA so I don’t show up on the wrong night or the wrong place. The summer SMAC (Snowmobile Advisory Committee) funding meeting went well and had an excellent turn out. I made it to the Friday evening and Saturday morning meetings. Funding is up for this season with registrations up from last season so all areas will see a few extra dollars not only in grooming but also snow removal. We all hope for another good snow season and registrations to climb again to keep inching back to where the program funds need to be. One last item I need to stress is all volunteer hours need to be reported. We all are guilty sometimes and it’s easy to forget when we have such busy lives to report these. I know we all put the time in but it only takes a few minutes to fill out a volunteer sheet. If you don’t have the correct forms, at least turn your club’s or individual hours in to your District Rep or even send me a e-mail with your list and I will make sure it gets to Charity Committee Chairman Craig Miller. Hope to see everyone at Expo!

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Vice President Dean Meakin • (509) 220-1001

So it begins! No I meant ‘snow, it begins’, real soon! Right now is when you go fire up your snow machines and see what is working and what needs help. Now, make a list, check it twice and head to your local dealer before what you are looking for is out of stock. Good news and bad news: There are still active fires in many of the snowmobile areas this season that will impact our trails. Please be patient and wait because they will go out. Be ready to do late trail clearing and brush cutting and some downed tree removal. Support your firefighters, DNR (Department of Natural Resources) workers and U.S. Forest Service employees as they do the very best to prepare the forests for you! Be the help they need and not the thorn in their side. Even if some of your areas are left closed this year, keep smiling and have a good attitude. Remember, snowmobiling is not just a one year event; it is a lifetime addiction of fun. 2018 will be my 50th anniversary of snowmobiling. Even when snow was bad it is still all good! Summer Meeting was great! Blu-Shastin RV Park was great! The fellowship was great! You had to be there to know if the food was great or just food. Don’t miss out next year. Make plans now while we still have room; campsites go quickly. Part of the responsibility of the WSSA Vice President is to plan and prepare the meals for this event. It takes more than one person to pull it off. Thank you to all that put their aprons on and pitched in and helped. Thank you

Matt Mead for the Friday night homemade chili feed! Thank you Karlene Meakin for your help with all the meals and your patience. A special big ‘thank you’ to Dee Alred, Roxanne Brittain, Katy Pitzer and Deanne Kingman for the cooking help! Thank you to anyone else I might have missed. Thank you to everyone who brought eats for the Saturday evening potluck. This was an honor and privilege for me as you Vice President. Next year the International Snowmobile Congress will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We have been challenged to increase our attendance at this event. So, here is the first challenge; we need to have at least 20 WSSA members turn out for this 50th anniversary convention. This is your second challenge, with plenty more to follow; put $300 in a special savings account each month starting right now and you will be on your way. (Helpful Hint: for a couple to go you will need about $3,000.) A third challenge for you; make sure your passport is in order now so that will not be a problem next June. April and May are the busiest times to get your passport if you are thinking of procrastinating. More challenges will follow! I will see all of you real soon at EXPO.

October 2017 • 3

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

4 • October 2017

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

October 2017 • 5

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

WSSA 2017 Swap Meet inside Expo By Jim & Sandy Sternod

Welcome to the 2017 Swap Meet inside the Puyallup Fairgrounds, October 21st and 22nd. We are excited that this is the 26th year of our event. There are spaces still available to reserve. If you are interested in spaces for sleds, parts, accessories, sled decks and trailers, go to the WSSA website at for further information or call (206) 915-3559. You can quickly download and print a reservation contract to reserve your space; or you can call us at (206) 915-3559 and give us your e-mail and we will gladly send it to you if you are unable to download our forms. The cost to reserve a space is still the same, and is listed below. A reservation includes two passes for the Expo for both days, a $40 value. Each space can accommodate two sleds, dirt bikes, ATVs or any combination, plus miscellaneous items. Trailers, sled decks and sleds can be sold together or separately. • Personal Space(s) (8’x12’ Tent or 10’x12’Arena) @ $65.00 per space. • Personal Trailer Space(s) under 20 Feet @ $65.00 per space. • Personal Trailer Space(s) over 20 Feet @ $85.00 per space. • Commercial Trailer Space(s) @ $85.00 per space. • Commercial Outdoor Exhibit Space(s) @ .45¢ per sq. ft. Please note we are open at 9am on both Saturday and Sunday to coincide with the Expo hours. The Swap Meet and Expo are one of the best and largest around in the Western States and provides an incredible opportunity for a preseason experience to kick off winter. Good luck selling or buying!

6 • October 2017

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

District Reports District 1 South By Byron Fehler (425) 396-1033 Hopefully everyone's excitement is starting to build for the upcoming snowmobile year as I know I am ready to skip the fall season and head straight into winter. As I sit and write this update I see friends from Idaho talking about high elevation snow this week; there is a first big fall storm front coming into Western Washington this weekend after what seemed like endless days of dry and hot, and we just had our first Cascade Drift Skippers meeting tonight. What great attendance for the first meeting of the year - over 60 people attended to hear about what is on schedule regarding rides for the upcoming year, projects we will work on as club to support our sport, available avalanche training and certifications, watching the new 509 video, and of course plan for supporting the upcoming official kickoff to snowmobile season - the WSSA Snow Show. I would also like to mention and thank Jeff Hambelton from NWAC (Northwest Avalanche Center) for joining us and continuing to support our club and sport. We already have scheduled club rides (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and family) and avalanche courses for this winter so we welcome anyone who wants to join us on the second Wednesday of the month at the Issaquah Rogue Brewery - membership not required but I’m pretty sure you will join once you attend. It is a great group of diverse riders in age, gender, and skill level, all sharing their love of snowmobiling. You can also check out the Cascade Drift Skippers website or Facebook page to find out more information. Also, for those that are not aware, the Cascade Drift Skippers won the ACSA (American Council Snowmobile Association) Snowmobile Club of the Year award for 2017 and are being inducted into the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame! What great honors, and if you are interested in reading more details, please check out Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing everyone at the WSSA Snow Show - let's get this season going!

District 2 South By Matt “Kustom” Kensrud (509) 433-2100 Hello from District 2 South! The smoke is starting to clear, harvest in the valley is in full swing, and all I can think about are snow shows and riding! As the clubs get geared up, here’s what’s happing. Wenatchee’s Apple Country Snowmobile Club is hosting their first meeting at Wenatchee Powersports on October 10th; meeting starts at 6:30pm and the potluck at 7pm. They will be starting snowcat maintenance soon. Talking with the Lake Wenatchee Recreation Club, they ask everyone to keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming events. The Bavarian Boondockers have reached out to all club members for upcoming elections and appointments. Positions and committees include president, secretary, voting board, and Snowfest planning committee. The elections/appointments will be held after SNOWFEST. Construction of their warming hut is underway. The club is working hard on the plans for SNOWFEST 6; watch for more new things to come! The date is November 18th from 10am to 5pm. The club will also be working with the Alpine Institute on this year's AIARE 1 avalanche courses. The courses have a one-day classroom instruction and then two days in the field which will be held on the club’s new leased property. Get signed up at the Alpine Institute booth at SNOWFEST. The Lake Chelan Snowmobile Club is still out on the lake boating (LOL)! I will be attending their meeting in the future. Thanks and think SNOW!

District 3 By Greg Figg (509) 534-3417 Well, sledding season has begun for some of us as it was the 51st Sno Baron's Hay Days in North Branch, Minnesota. For those that have not heard of this event, it is the kickoff event of the snowmobiling season. It is the grand-

daddy of all snowmobile shows, covers 300 acres, and has around 60,000 people in attendance. The show features hundreds of vendors from both the U.S. and Canada, a swap meet that is too big to walk in one day, grass drag races, aerial exhibitions, and a mud bog to name just a few of the events. If you have not attended this extravaganza it is A pic from Hay Days, the biggest, badworth putting on your bucket list for sure! dest snow show in the world! While back in Minnesota this year we toured the Polaris factory in Roseau, Minnesota. While we were not allowed to take any pictures of the assembly line in action, I have a new appreciation of the men and women who put our snow machines together. These people work very hard to assemble every component on the snowmobile and get it right. From the welding and tube bending of the frame, powder coating metal, to the lady carefully hand placing the decals on the panels. This was quite an operation that made the trip across the state worth it! Now it will be the WSSA Expo in October and the Winter Knights Snow Show in November and club activities in between. Have a wonderful fall!

District 4 North

far it appears there will be no impact on our snowmobiling areas or and trails. I will keep everyone up to date if there are any changes. Let's hope we have a winter like we had last year with more snow than we know what to do with!

District 5 North By Bill Miller (509) 899-0243 Great news for the Taneum/Manastash grooming area! A team effort by the Kittitas County Grooming Council and Reecer Creek Riders resulted in increased funding for the trails. The Summer SMAC (Snowmobile Advisory Committee) budget meeting approved funding of $19,320 to groom six miles of Shadow Creek, twelve miles of Peaches Ridge and five miles of Tucker Creek this season. These trails received grooming approval in 2006 however no funding was provided. Thank you Wayne Mohler and Jason Goldstein for your assistance in preparing the funding proposal. See you all at the WSSA Expo October 21st and 22nd. Think snow!

By Craig Miller (253) 612-2092 Greetings snowmobilers! It’s been a wonderful long warm summer. I personally rode close to 4,000 miles on my Indian Chieftain motorcycle during the nice sunny weather. I discovered several nice small Washington towns I had never heard of, such as Bickelton out of Yakima. It was established in 1878 and is known as the bluebird capitol of the United States. They also have a fully restored 1906 carrousel housed in a building on the main street. Have a cold beer in the friendly Blue Bird Saloon, across the street from the carrousel. So while I was riding the bike out of Yakima, I attended the Summer SMAC (Snowmobile Advisory Committee) and Grooming Contractor’s meetings. This is where your snowmobile monies from gas tax and sled registrations are planned for spending on the upcoming season’s program of plowing, grooming and sno-park expenses such as law enforcement, and sanitation. The groomer’s meeting gives all the grooming contractors a chance to talk about the program and deal with any issues they have. I’m happy to report I secured our second funding request to continue the grooming of the Wakepish Sno-Park trail system at the foot of Mt. St Helens. This funding must be requested three years running. If it is granted, it falls into the permanent funding category as money permits from that point forward. So, we can all plan on enjoying the heavy snowfall this area is famous for during the upcoming season. The hut was remodeled last October. It is now enclosed and a wood stove was installed thanks to our friends in the Junco Snowmobile Club. The firewood stock seems to get plundered by the hunters so if you plan to have a function in the sno-park, bring firewood in case it’s been taken. Also, if you bring a small generator, you can plug in the internal electric lighting. The sanitation consists of his and hers permanent composting restrooms. You can get to this gem of a sno-park by driving to Randle, crossing over the Cowlitz River on FS 25, and follow it up to FS 99. Turn right, and the sno-park is on your right.

District 4 South

District 5 South By Rudy Classen (509) 966-4283 The end of a long hot summer is coming and none too soon. It has been hot and dry the past few months and as a result, new snowmobiling areas are being created naturally. Such a shame to see all those trees destroyed. Remember this, had logging been allowed to continue there would have been far less undergrowth to burn if all those billions of beetle-killed trees had been harvested. Everyone is excited about the coming season and many clubs are preparing for their first meeting. The Ski-Benders had their first meeting and actually had their first fundraising event shortly after. The club dispenses adult beverages during a three-day music festival just a few miles west of Naches. Much of the revenue received from this event goes to the annual operating budget of the Jim Spreck Community Park. That which is left is used by the Yakima Ski-Benders to hold over-the-snow events for the public and for donations to a number of charities. They put in over 400 hours of volunteer labor to help make this event a success for the Nile Valley community. At the summer WSSA meeting, a considerable amount of discussion concerned the lack of recorded volunteer hours being submitted for the various activities we all participate in which are an investment into the communities. It was determined that as an organization, we need to do everything we can to capture and record those volunteer hours. Since I am the District 5 South rep, I will be doing that for the clubs in my area. Also at the summer meeting, we had a good discussion about the importance of working with your local Forest Service when they work on the OVER THE SNOW Travel Management Plan. We all know the radicals we be trying to use this effort to highly restrict us and if we don’t show the Forest Service all the trails/roads we use, and the areas we play in, we won’t have those areas available. Thus, each and every club needs to encourage their members to work with the Forest Service. There is strength in numbers.

By Mike Ainslie (360) 430-1494 Greetings to everyone in my district! It's hard to believe summer is almost over and we're already starting to think about winter and snow. The only real thing happening in my district right now is the Mount Saint Helens Trac Riders are still working very hard with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) to get something done in regards to building a replacement warming hut at the Marble Sno-Park on Mt. St. Helens. This has been an ongoing battle and the USFS has constantly changed the plans and how they want to do things; we had every intention of having a warming hut for this upcoming season but the way it stands right now we will not even have a new foundation on the ground to work with. This is very sad to say after all the hard work the club has put into this project. The Trac Riders just held their first club meeting at the beginning of September and we had some talk of getting up there in the next few weeks and getting some trail cleaning done and brushing around the sno-park area. As I write this, there is a forest fire burning over in the Mt. Adams area in the Indian Heavens Wilderness. I just talked with the Forest Service over there and so

District 6 By Gary Simmons (509) 529-0210 Hello all snowmobilers! The weather outside is in the 90's, but by the time you are reading this, the temperature has to be lower. Remember the WSSA Expo and Swap Meet in Puyallup on October 21st and 22nd. Before the snow starts, you better go in the trailer and check your machines. Last spring I reported the Pomeroy groomer was down. It is now back together and ready for the snow to fly. The warming huts in the district will be full of wood and ready for the season, too. Around the last of October, start doing your snow dance! That’s all for now.

October 2017 • 7

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

Club News Methow Valley Snowmobile Association By Don Fitzpatrick, Jr., Secretary I guess everyone is saying “wow, where did summer go!” Well, it just burned up! We are so tired of smoke in our area and around the whole state, that we are doubly anxious to have rain, snow, or whatever it takes to make it stop, and, of course, build a good snow base. The fires near us have mostly been in the Pasayten Wilderness Area, which is a darn shame. However, it did sneak out a bit into the Eight Mile Creek drainage. Maybe that will open up a few new riding areas. But for now, we are madly trying to get our summer chores finished to be ready for winter. Our warming hut for Sweetgrass Butte has received a second coat of stain by Betty and Julie, some interior improvements are done and some remain to do, and the permit has been renewed. We need to tow it back up and get it set in place. We also need to finish the roof extension for the Black Pine Basin warming hut to protect our firewood. We are very excited about our membership with the new Methow Valley Trails Collaborative. This group of members and interested parties is made up of all kinds of trail users in the Valley. It is amazing how many there are and the overlapping interests of the various groups. Consider the trail users: Hikers, bikers, campers, backcountry horsemen, backcountry guides, backcountry skiers, snowmobilers, groomer groups, downhill skiers, cross-country skiers, fat bikes and mountain bikes, four-wheel-drive vehicles, dirt bikes, dog mushers, and more. One highlight was a very successful volunteer effort by over 50 people who made improvements to the Burch Mountain Trail this summer. A direct benefit to our snowmobile association and other trail users is a project that we are working on for Hwy 20 parking. The existing parking at Early Winters is no longer big enough. It will be improved with a vault toilet and changes by the state DOT (Department of Transportation) of their access to the ‘salt shed’. We will be adding a sno-park at the Silver Star Creek area where the pass is first closed in the winter. This will involve removing vegetation, widening and putting in fill, putting in a snow plow turn-around and a snow storage area, signs, and probably Sani-Cans. The result will be a significant increase in parking for recreational use, much closer to the areas that are used on Hwy 20. This is being accomplished by the combined cooperation of the WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) snow removal crews, WSDOT highway authorities, the Forest Service, Mountain Trails Grooming, Methow Valley Snowmobile Association, North Cascade Mountain Guides, North Cascade Heli Skiing, and Methow Trails, (all coordinated by the Methow Valley Trails Collaborative). Not an easy project in a ‘Scenic Corridor’ requiring so many interested parties’ cooperation! There may be sometimes when it does not get immediately plowed due to priorities for the state highway crews, but they will do their best. We did no trail maintenance directly by our Association this year because the Forest Service did not have time to analyze our request and determine what fuel removal obligations we may have. Unfortunately, our plans would have been a big benefit to others in keeping the trail loop open from Black Pine Basin through the White Face area, and back to the Goat Creek Sno-Park. We ride on top of it, so it is less significant to snowmobilers, but it is still important to us and other users. Maybe next year.

Junco Snowmobile Club By Craig Miller, Vice President Hello everyone! The Junco Snowmobile Club is a smaller group of dedicated snowmobilers, which is based out of Lacey. We ride mostly in the Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens areas. We also manage the North Mt. Adams Grooming Council, which has responsibility for the plowing and grooming programs of Johnson Creek, Orr Creek, Skate Creek and Wakepish trail systems and sno-parks. If you would like to have a fun group of people to ride with in the Mt. Adams areas, we encourage you to come out and meet us. Annual family membership dues are $15. We meet on the first Monday of every snowmobile season month beginning with October. Our meetings are held at the Hawks’ Prairie Sports Bar and Restaurant off Marvin Road in Lacey. We start with a no host cocktail hour beginning at 6pm and we start the snowmobile club meeting at 7pm. Please consider coming out. The Junco Snowmobile Club so far has a couple events we are planning for. First, we will be at the WSSA Snowmobile and Power Sports Expo and Swap Meet managing the activities in the Blue Lot. That’s the swap meet lot outside the gate in the Blue Gate Parking Lot. We will have a Junco pop up tent set up and members will be staffing it, so please stop by and say “hi”.

8 • October 2017

The other event we will be planning is the annual Junco Charity on the Snow. That will happen sometime in late January. This is an annual weekendlong event with guided rides and a charity auction to raise money for the MakeA-Wish Foundation. So far, Junco has raised over $70,000 for the foundation. We hope the FS 23 road will be open so we can again have the event at the Orr Creek Sno-Park on the FS 21 road. We will update everyone with dates and location in future issues of Snoflyer. Think snow!

Cascade Drift Skippers By Jason Holmes, Past President Hello Snoflyers! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! It started out a little slow but once again we had an amazing, (smoky?) summer. The Cascade Drift Skippers (CDS) would like to extend our deepest thanks to all of the people keeping our friends and family safe. Whether it's from the hurricanes in the South, to the forest fires in the Northwest, we thank each and every one of you. As CDS ramps up for another season, it's been a busy summer planning for the 2017/2018 winter. CDS had three of its members assisting Back Country Access at Hay Days this year. CDS appreciates Chris Mayer, Tim Penelerick and Jason Holmes training over 60 people on transceiver skills. It was a tremendous success and well received by all that participated. A bit of excitement for CDS after many years of hard work. CDS will be the seventh club inducted into the ISHOF (International Snowmobile Hall of Fame). The list is long and distinguished of those to thank, but thank you to each and every member who has helped this club achieve this well deserved recognition! CDS will be well represented at the ISHOF induction banquet; it shall be a great time CDS style... get your party shoes on Kay Lloyd! CDS made a board member change over the summer. I would personally like to thank Stephanie Driskell for stepping into my role as Club President. I have accepted a new position in Virginia and have since relocated. Thank you Stephanie. (Next time do not answer your phone.) We asked Stephanie because she has the energy, leadership and training (Avy Level 1 Certification) to be a leader for all in the snowmobiling industry. For the record, I will be riding a long track on the east coast and did bring my truck/sled deck along with me! It appears as ‘Tug-Hill’ New York will be added to my list of riding areas so the ‘short track’ jokes can stop Byron, Stan, Jack, Chris, Brian, Tim and on and on and on and on... Have a great season! Stay safe! Get educated! See you on the snow!

Bavarian Boondockers By Ian Adams, President The club is happy to report that after several years of working out the details, we’re finally making progress on our warming hut, and if all goes well, will be on the hill this coming riding season. The hut will be placed on property the club leases from Weyerhaeuser. The property is located along Sugarloaf Peak’s very extensive groomed trail system, which is accessible within minutes from downtown Leavenworth. We’re also working hard on the last minute details for SnowFest 6, which will take place this year on November 18th at the Festhalle in Leavenworth. If you haven’t been to Leavenworth in awhile, consider coming into town for this vendor event; it’s a great kickoff to the local riding season as we frequently get snow in the hills around that weekend. It only costs a buck to get into the show and we have a huge raffle with swag provided by some awesome vendors, including our local snowmobile dealers and other regional club supporters within the industry. The proceeds from the show go to support the club’s property lease, member events, and projects. Hope to see you there!

Snomads Snowmobile Clubockers By BJ Oswold, President With new leadership, we have been a very busy club. We participated in the Easton Days Parade, then followed that with sponsoring the Easton Fishing Derby at the Easton Ponds. We have adopted the West Sparks Road, west of the overpass, and had our first clean up. We continue to contribute to our local community with donations to both Easton and Cle Elum Fire Departments, Silver Ridge Ranch and the Easton Archery team. Our biggest focus coming up will be trail maintenance when we are able to.

Upcoming Events: • November 25th – Easton Saloon Annual Snowmobile Kickoff Party • December 1st – Annual Christmas Party following our meeting • January 26th – Annual Ride to Whistlin’ Jacks • February 24th – Annual Golf Tournament There are multiple rides coming up, including our first ‘bucket run’. Dates will be confirmed as the snow comes. Our Annual Golf Tournament will be at the Silver Ridge Ranch off exit 70 in Easton. The entry fee is $25 per person and includes 18 holes of golf and a Snomads T-shirt. There will be raffle tickets for $1 each to be entered in a drawing for some amazing gifts. This event is open to all ages and abilities. You will need to bring three clubs and a tennis ball per person. There are four players per team. Registration begins at 9am and the tournament begins at 10am. Shotgun start. There are many sponsorship/advertisement opportunities. We would like to invite everyone, including children, to our monthly meetings which are held on the first Friday of each month at 7pm in the banquet room at the Easton Saloon. For more information, contact the club at, or e-mail me at

Yakima Ski-Benders By Seth Ahlbrecht, President Hello again to all the sledders out there who are desperately wishing it was winter and those clouds in the sky would be filled with snow, rather than smoke. It's been a long hot summer and I know the Yakima Ski-Benders and I are definitely ready to hit the slopes as soon as the snow starts to fly! This year we once again have a couple of our favorite events returning to the schedule including our annual Crab feed on December 9th, and our Chinook Pass Snowfest Poker Ride on January 28th. Last year we debuted a brand new on-the-snow event and it was well received by those who participated. We will be hosting our second annual Scavenger Hunt ride this season on the first Saturday after New Years (January 6th). Of course I couldn't mention club rides without talking about our fastest growing event yet, our 4th Annual Little Sledders Ride! We were fortunate to have some great support last year from many well-known professional riders and the turnout was huge; we literally packed an entire large snopark with just our participants who came out to learn how to ride smart, learn about avalanche safety, and also get some tips and tricks from the pros on ways to improve their riding skills and push their ability levels just a bit! It was all capped off at the end of the day with great food for all and of course prizes for all the little sledders! We're looking forward to another great year on the east side of the Cascades, and as soon as the smoke clears (literally) and the snow starts to fall, you can bet you'll find many members of the Yakima Ski-Benders loading up to head to the hills! Until then, swing by our booth at the Puyallup Snow Show and say “hi”; we're always happy to talk about the snow!

Spokane Winter Knights By Sharon Crockett, President As I write this article, the weather service is saying it’s going to get down to 42 degrees Saturday morning. Hopefully, that means the snow is on the way soon in the mountains which is where we want it to be to help put out all the fires! It has certainly been a smoky summer in Spokane. The Winter Knights postponed their summer picnic due to the smoke and heat, and the new date turned out to be a beautiful day with some fun golfing, good company, and yummy picnic food! Our first club meeting was on September 21st at the NewTech Skill Center, and our annual Snow Show will be held November 11th at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center. This show is put on by volunteer Winter Knights club members and includes great vendors and parts and sled sales! Hopefully we’ll have a great sledding year!


WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

Club News, cont. Apple Country Snowmobile Club

This year we are giving out raffle tickets to those members who attend meetings, host rides and volunteer their time throughout the season. We will have a raffle drawing at the end of the season at the April meeting. We will be giving away at least three very nice prizes: $200 cash, $200 gift card to Clem’s Enumclaw Power Sports, and a $100 Amazon gift card from McCallum Licensing in Puyallup. The more club events you attend and more time you volunteer, the more raffle tickets you will acquire for the end of the season raffle drawing, and the greater chance you have to win! Check out our website for details and rules at Please come and visit our club booth at the WSSA Snowmobile Expo where you can see more things we do throughout the year and you can even join our club on the spot.

By Tim Downs Hello snowmobilers! The season came to a close in March and we are assessing our necessary groomer repairs for the upcoming season. Conclusion: Repairs scheduled during the summer heat can easily be postponed 'til cooler weather. Others might say we're doing what we do best... procrastinate. Ha! But it's been fun.

Northwest Glacier Cruisers By Julie Street Doran

This Ski Daddler drew a lot of looks at the WAAAM show in Hood River.

help with this project, feel free to contact us and we'll include you in the work party organization. Until then, think snow!

Sno-Jammers By Glenn Markovits, President Summer picture on Entiat Ridge near Sugarloaf Mountain looking towards Stevens Pass.

Some club members have been camping together, some have had dinner together, and those events always include good memories and good stories. This winter we would like you to include Apple Country Snowmobile Club (ACSC)Wenatchee into your stories by coming and visiting us in the Colockum. Included could be Blewett Pass-Hwy 97 and Sugarloaf Mountain in Leavenworth. The town of Leavenworth would love to relieve you of any change($) found in the folds of your couch. Lake Wenatchee is also a good place to ride. Some of us ACSC geezers are retired and could even meet you at the trailhead during the week. So start you plans! Sometimes planning is almost as fun as being there.

Pacific Northwest Vintage Snowmobile Club By Stephen Phillips, Vice President It's been a busy summer for the Pacific Northwest Vintage Snowmobile Club (PNWVSC). We held our usual summer shows at Cool Desert Nights in Richland and WAAAM (Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum) in Hood River, Oregon. With new members and fresh restorations being completed this year, competition for the crowd's favorite sled has heated up!

Arctic Cat 170D on display at the Cool Desert Nights Show in Richland.

Of course the WSSA Expo is always on our calendar, so make sure you stop by during the event to see some sleds of yesteryear. The PNWVSC has also been awarded a WSSA Trail Grant to improve trail signage along one of our favorite routes. Check our website for more details, but the goal of the project is to provide clear directions and distance indications between Taneum Sno-Park and the Whistlin' Jack Lodge. If you'd like to

Greetings to all fellow snowmobilers! As this long, hot and dry summer finally comes to an end, I am so glad to feel the cool fall air settling in. We had our annual club officer elections last April and the new officers officially took over at the May meeting, although September is when we start the new season and the real work begins. Congratulations to our newly elected club officers for the 2017-2018 season; Glenn Markovits (me), President; Brian Schindler, Vice President; Rene’e Bennett, Secretary; and James Britain, Treasurer. At the time of this writing, (mid-September), the Jolly Mountain Fire north of I90 in the Teanaway and Salmon La Sac areas, and the Norse Peak Wilderness Fire north of SR 410, have been burning for over a month now and have consumed thousands of acres of forest lands. Our hearts go out to those who had to evacuate their homes and to those who suffered losses due to these wild fires. The cabin at Government Meadows near Greenwater was threatened by the fires, but appears to be safe for now. Crystal Mountain Ski Resort was also very closely threatened by the fires and had a ‘level three’ evacuation order issued in that area in early September. The Pacific Crest Trail is still currently closed as is SR-410 east of Cayuse Pass. Let’s hope some rain and cool temperatures arrive soon to help put these fires to rest. We normally host an annual FS 70 Road litter cleanup every September, however due to the nature of the wild fires and road closures, we had to indefinitely postpone this year’s litter pick-up. Maybe we will have an opportunity later in October. Please check out our website for updates for this event. We had our annual river float trip on the Yakima River in August. This event was led by Rick Hein and he did a great job hosting it! (Thanks Rick!) Most of us camped out at the Ellensburg KOA for the weekend, and others just came over for the day, nevertheless we ALL had a fantastic time. Saturday morning we launched our boats, rafts, and tubes just south of Ellensburg and took out for a lunch break at the Umtanum recreation area. We finished our float trip approximately 15 miles downstream at the Roza Dam Recreation Area before heading back to our campsites for a club barbecue. The Sno-Jammers host our annul ‘Fun Run’ the second Saturday in February from the cabin at Government Meadows. This season it will be on February 10th and there will be awesome prizes and a ton of fun! Check our website for details; I plan on hosting a ride to Stanley, Idaho, between Christmas and New Years, so stay tuned into our Facebook page or website for additional details and other club sponsored snowmobile rides. The Sno-Jammers Snowmobile Club is based in Puyallup and we meet the first Wednesday of the month, from September thru May. Our monthly meetings are held at the Roundtable Pizza on 160th and Meridian in South hill Puyallup. Our social hour begins at 6pm and the official meeting starts at 7pm. We are a diverse snowmobile club with all ages and experience levels of riders. We always welcome everyone to join our club, and I encourage you and your family to do so; not only to support the sport of snowmobiling, but to enjoy great times with new friends. It’s always nice to see new faces, hear new ideas and have new energy to lead our club and host events. Individual or family memberships are only $20 per year, and you can sign up online at

Hope everyone has had a great summer but the Northwest Glacier Cruisers (NWGC) are all eagerly awaiting the first sight of snow! Our first club meeting of 2017 was September 7th and had a large agenda of things to go over to prepare for a fun-filled winter ahead. First on the agenda is the largest event of the year for Northwest Glacier Cruisers, the 2017 WSSA Snow Show on October 21st and 22nd. Stop by our booth and say hello. We will have raffle tickets, shirts, hoodies, koozies and much much more available. Several club members will be camping and staying local for the weekend event. We look forward to seeing everyone there! NWGC would like to send a big THANK YOU to PSE (Puget Sound Energy) for a $10,000 PSE Grant. A special thank you to Lynn Murphy with PSE on all your hard work to help us with this. This Safety Grant will be going towards our ‘Are You Beeping’, an avalanche beacon checkpoint, which will be located at Mount Baker this year. More info to come! We are all very excited to move forward with this. You are responsible for your own safety; please make sure you have all of the proper gear before you ride! As always, NWGC has many events planned to prepare for the season ahead. WSSA has made a generous grant to our club and we would also like to say thank you! This grant of $862.58 is helping install a gate on the Anderson/Watson side to help protect the area. Thank you Aaron Doran, owner of Doran Fence Co., for donating your time and materials for this project. Everyone who participated and donated their time and equipment; we couldn't have done it without you! The work party and gathering of fire-

The NWGC proudly show off their grant check; the funds are being used to purchase and install an avalanche beacon checkpoint on Mt. Baker.

wood was on September 23rd - 25th at Koma-Kulshan Campground. Thank you everyone who came! Our club has been working hard on getting the warming huts ready for the hopefully big snow season. Stocking the firewood and cleaning them up to keep everyone warm this riding season! Donation boxes have been installed and any donation is greatly appreciated and will go directly to the club. Let's work together and keep the huts ready for the next person. Pack it in, pack it out; keep our second home clean! Thank you in advance. NWGC's meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at This sign will either show green or Coconut Kenny's at 7pm. Located red as you pass by… at 1060 South Burlington Blvd. in Burlington. Everyone is welcome! You can also find out more information about all upcoming events by finding us on Twitter at @NWGCSledders, and also on Facebook at Northwest Glacier Cruisers. E-mail us at for any information. Look forward to seeing you on the mountain!

October 2017 • 9

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

WSSA Scholarship

By Kay Lloyd, Scholarship Chair

The Washington State Snowmobile Association will again be offering a scholarship to either a graduating high school senior or a person currently enrolled in college. This will be a $2,000 grant and will be given to the winner regardless of other grants or scholarships that the student may also receive. Requirements are as follows: • The applicant must be a member of the Washington State Snowmobile Association. • The applicant must submit the completed application form. (Applications can be found on the WSSA website,, under ‘Scholarships’.) • The applicant must submit a resume detailing his/her involvement in snowmobiling as well as extra-curricular activities. • The applicant must include an essay (see subject below). The essay should be a minimum of two pages double-space and typed. Keep in mind that a well-researched, comprehensive essay will undoubtedly be significantly longer and we certainly encourage that. • The application must be received by WSSA by March 31st, 2018. Please mail or e-mail application to: Kay Lloyd, WSSA Scholarship Chair 231 Lone Fir Lane Cle Elum, WA 98922 WSSA will the send the winner to the Western Chapter Scholarship Chair no later than April 30th. The winner of the Western Chapter Scholarship will be announced at the International Snowmobile Congress in June, 2018. The winner of the WSSA Scholarship will also have the opportunity to compete for the $1,000 C.J. Ramstad Scholarship offered by the International Snowmobile Media Council. An alternate will be picked if the winner should decide not to enroll in a college, technical or vocational program. Essay topic: With so much new technology in the Snowmobile/Snow Bike/Winter Motorized industry, we are going places we never imagined 50 years ago. Consequently, some are going places they are not supposed to go. We have a trespassing problem i.e. Wilderness, wildlife winter range, private and nonmotorized areas. Although these are ‘rogue events’, it affects everyone. The end result is ‘trail and area closures’. That said, even though we were not the offender, we need to come up with and incorporate solutions to the problem at hand. Essay Challenge: Below is a list of traditional methods that have been used in the past to attempt to solve the problem. Please expound on each one by sharing your thoughts, both the Pros and Cons. Now, share with us some brand new ideas that will help minimize these incursions and keep our trails and areas open for the next generations to come. 1. Through Law Enforcement. 2. Through Self-Policing. 3. Through Education. 4. Through Advertisement.

10 • October 2017

It’s Time to Renew Your WSSA Membership! By Wayne & Florence Mohler, Membership Co-Chairs

It is time to renew your WSSA membership for the 2017 - 2018 membership year (and also your snowmobile registration). The WSSA membership year is September 1st through August 31st of the following year. You should have received your renewal notice by now, either by e-mail or through the U.S. Postal Service, but if not, please use the membership application in the Snoflyer, or go to our website under membership and do the renewal (or join as a new member). So don’t let the lack of a renewal notice stop you from renewing or joining. Dues are $25 for Individual/Families and for Clubs. The dues for Associates (Dealers and Businesses) are $50. For clubs that collect WSSA dues from their members, please forward the WSSA dues by November, if possible. Also, let us know who your contact is for membership. We don’t want your members to miss out on getting the Snoflyer or other information from the Association. You can also stop by the WSSA booth at the upcoming Washington Snowmobile and Power Sports Expo and Swap Meet in Puyallup, October 21st and 22nd, and join or renew your WSSA membership. We look forward to seeing you there! And if you have already renewed – thank you! You may recall your membership previously included an Accidental Death and Dismemberment (ADD) Policy in the amount of $4,000. The carrier, American Income Life Insurance, notified us earlier in the summer they would no longer provide the coverage at no cost; however, they will provide the same coverage on an individual basis for $4 per year. To sign up, the form is on the WSSA website, If you have any questions about membership, please e-mail us at or call us at (509) 674-4401.

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

October 2017 • 11

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

12 • October 2017

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

8th Annual Military Appreciation Ride – A great day celebrating a few of our local warriors By Matt Mead, Ride Leader(?) I’ve got a great group of volunteers who help me with this event each season. I’d like to say we are a well-oiled machine at this point; effortlessly pulling off this ride each year. Well, it was almost that way this year… The prep work began just after the first of the year when I contacted the Yakima Training Center and suggested a date for the adventure. I let my contact know how many riders we could support and left it up to her to get the soldiers signed up and provide me with their gear sizes. We exchanged several e-mails leading up to the ride date in early March.

The day starts as a trail ride and then mixes in off-trail adventure as the day progresses.

The day arrived and we all met up at a local parking lot at 8am; this included our guest riders, most of the support crew which included members from the Yakima Ski-Benders and Drift-A-Way club, and a TV reporter from KAPP 35 Tri-Cities/Yakima. After introductions, we created our own little convoy and headed up Chinook Pass. The first hour in the sno-park was a busy one! Unloading machines, gearing up (and making sure the gear for our guests was a good fit), and then providing the group with a familiarization/safety briefing. It’s always amazing how helpful our military riders want to be; always jumping in where they see a need without having to ask.

Smiling faces! Our military riders with a couple of (older) chaperones mixed in.

We always hope for a perfect weather day; moderate temps and crystal clear bright skies. It started out promising with the temperature in the 20s and brilliant blue sky as we rode out of the sno-park. We headed a couple of miles up the smooth trail (thanks to Roger Brittain and High Country Grooming) and then stopped to check on everyone. We want to make sure everyone is comfortable and the machines are running like they should. With everyone flashing a thumbs up and a smile, we continued on. We typically stay on the groomed trail with just a touch of un-groomed logging roads and easy off trail in the morning part of the ride. This year we took a slightly different route and dropped steeply off the main trail, down through the trees, and then met up with a seldom-used logging road. We took it slow and had no problems; everyone was doing great! I have two destinations for early in the day. One I call ‘the big *ss tree’, because, well, there is a big pine tree that has evaded a chainsaw in likely more than a 100 years, located at the end of a twisting, descending spur road. After taking a short break and a few pictures, we headed to a craggy overlook nearby for more Polaroids and conversation. A quick squint at my watch (phone) and it was decided we should probably start working our way up the mountain to our lunch stop. This was pure trail ride to the top and could have been uneventful. But it wasn’t. We had a couple of slow riders in our group and when I reached the last intersection about a half a mile from our destination, I stopped to wait a bit for everyone


October 2017 • 13

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington to arrive. The new riders who were right there saw lots of open spaces and fresh snow and wanted to go play. “Sure, go ahead.” As additional riders showed up, I pointed toward the trail we needed to take and some headed that way while others wanted to stay and play. The experienced tail of our Trying to get everyone lined up for a group shot was kind of like herding cats… but group arrived so I told him we mostly succeeded… to keep an eye on those who were here playing, and I rode on to the Little Bald warming hut to check in with the Chinook Pass Snowmobile Club members who were keeping the woodstove stoked and had lunch simmering. Within about 10 minutes it appeared our entire group was present. A quick count of heads and sleds came up with the right number. Except they weren’t; three were missing! After going outside and checking sleds more closely, I found some of the sleds weren’t part of our group… which meant all the riders inside weren’t either. Argh! About that time four more machines arrived and two of them were ours! Two guys who had been pointed towards the warming hut trail took the wrong one; luckily they came across a couple out riding who brought them to us. Thank you! But now I was starting to be concerned. I’d much rather be missing two or more instead of just one. One missing guy could be stuck off the trail nearly anywhere! Well, I was 100% sure everyone had arrived at the last intersection area where we stopped. So the guess was the missing rider was one who had gone off and played in the meadow and lightly treed area and gotten stuck. A search party was sent off and it didn’t take them long to find him. He had managed to bury his machine out of sight of everyone and was busy trying to get unstuck when help finally arrived. Whew! (I’m not sure how I would have explained to the Yakima Training Center Commander I lost one of the their GIs…) After gorging on chili, hot dogs and other snacks, we walked up on the ridge to take in the spectacular view of Mt. Rainier… which there wasn’t… as a low cloud layer had built up. I pointed to where it should be and they did enjoy the view looking down into the William O. Douglas Wilderness. After lunch the Chinook Pass club members like to take the lead and show off some of their ‘secret’ trails. This ends up being a bit more technical, but with lots of helpers, we always get our group through and unscathed. (Or mostly unscathed, depending on the year!) The afternoon portion of the ride is usually enjoyed the most because these guys/gals are chomping at the bit to get off the trail more. We wandered through tight tree sections, open meadows, and along abandoned roads, eventually popping back out on the snowmobile trail. When we landed on the groomed route, the Chinook Pass group said goodbye and headed back to the hut to clean it up and pack it out. I took the lead again and we rode for about another hour with a combination of trail and off-trail play, finally working our way down the mountain to the sno-park. The goal is to reach the trucks around 4:30-5pm. We had reservations at Gold Creek Station for 5:30pm-ish. While the riding was done, the fun was not! We always treat our group to dinner and pass out a small bag of swag including a T-shirt and other trinkets. Besides, how can we end the day without giving everyone a chance to tell lies about their snowmobile prowess… as all of us veteran riders do all the time! We wrapped up around 7pm and said our goodbyes. Everyone had a great time; they always do! As the military riders drove off in their government-provided vehicle, I touched base with my helpers. I asked if everyone wanted to be included again next year. The answer was a resounding yes! So the planning begins… Editor’s note: If you want to check out the video from KAPP TV, you can find it here:

14 • October 2017

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

State Parks Update By Pamela McConkey, State Parks Winter Recreation Program Manager

Let it snow – we are just about ready!


This ‘off’ season has been very busy! We had a number of trail grooming, snow removal and U.S. Forest Service (USFS) partnership contracts expire this past spring. Staff has been busy sending out Request for Proposals for these contracts and holding bid openings and bid reviews and awarding these contracts. We are nearing the finish line with our USFS partners and our private contractors and will have everything signed and ready by December 1st. The Snowmobile Advisory Committee (SMAC) met in July in Yakima and worked through and recommended a budget for the 2017/2018 winter season. In their budget discussions they also approved the purchase of a new snow cat for the Okanogan area. We are working hard to get that request for proposal out the door and hope to have a new machine on the snow this winter.

The Winter Recreation Program is fortunate to have great partnerships with clubs, grooming councils and many federal and state government agencies. Our program has also entered into a partnership with the Manufactured Homes and Recreation Vehicles Association (MHRV) and the Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU). During the annual Winter RV Show, we are comped a booth to showcase winter recreation. A local dealer, Pierre’s Polaris of Kenmore, provides us with a brand new snowmobile to set in our booth space and draw folks in. MHRV and WSECU also donate $1 per visitor gate ticket to Washington State Parks. Although we don’t receive this donation solely for winter recreation, our Director and Assistant Director have deemed it a priority to use some of those donations to purchase two new snowmobiles for the program for staff to conduct trail inspections, ride along with law enforcement and invite others to ride along and learn about the program and the sport.

Continuing work on the Strategic Plan Update

MHRV and WSECU have partnered with State Parks and donate $1 per visitor from the Winter RV Show.

Staff is well into the process of updating the Winter Recreation Program Strategic Plan that was adopted by the State Parks Commission in 2008. This ten year plan will expire in January 2018, however, the update will most likely be completed this fall (a few months ahead of schedule). We believe it is important to keep this living document up to date for guidance and goals for the statewide program. Proposals for additions to and modifications of the Strategic Plan have been presented to a Steering Committee comprised of the officers of both the Snowmobile Advisory Committee and the Winter Recreation Advisory Committee (non-motorized users). A link to this document was e-mailed out to all WSSA membership, WSSA Facebook followers and over 5,000 Twitter followers for their comment and input. Final work on this update will take place over the course of the next couple months and the Committee’s final recommendations will be presented to the Assistant Director of Operations for the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission for adoption.

Snowmobile Registrations Washington’s Department of Licensing introduced a new computer program in December to track ALL vehicle registrations; unfortunately, the bugs are still being worked out and so our snowmobile registration numbers are not what I would call reliable. With that said, our revenue is looking good and appears to be up over the previous year; this could mean snowmobile registrations were up or it is just due to the increase in the fuel tax rebate. Snowmobile renewals were sent out this summer by the DOL with an error on where the funding for registering snowmobiles goes. Don’t panic, this was an ERROR and the snowmobile account is still in place and doing fine. When you register your snowmobile, the revenue goes into the dedicated Snowmobile Account for use on the snow; trail grooming, snow removal, sanitation, education, enforcement and equipment replacement and repair.

New face in the Winter Recreation Program As previously mentioned, the Winter Recreation Program is proud to announce Jason Goldstein, formerly of the Department of Natural Resources, has joined the State Parks Winter Recreation Program. Jason is an expert in GIS/GPS and mapping. He has been shadowing the recently re-retired Wayne McLaughlin, our Operations Manager through the 2016/2017 winter season, learning the key elements of the position, i.e., contracts, grants, maps, accounting processes and much more, before Wayne left to resume his retirement at the end of May. I appreciate the foresight of both our Program Advisory Committees and State Parks leadership in allowing us the opportunity to double fill this vital position for the Program. I believe this opportunity has provided Jason and the program the most effective, efficient and transparent transition possible, providing the public, contractors and our partners with a seamless transition.

New Snowmobile Program mascots Working with Washington State Parks’ Communications Team, the Winter Recreation Program has developed two new program mascots you may have seen last season; Matilda and Blake, both snowshoe hares; for use in its outreach and educational program. Staff has developed materials (such as coloring and activity books, lapel pins and stickers) to help teach young riders about snowmobile safety.

Matilda and Blake are ready to help promote snowmobile safety to young riders in our state.

October 2017 • 15

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

Charity and volunteer reporting time begins anew for 2017/2018! By Craig Miller, Volunteer and Charity Chair

The time has arrived! As of last April 1st, it is time start tabulating and reporting all your hard work in the way of club activities, hours volunteered and any money you raised for charitable organizations. All clubs: Please appoint a member to track your activities during this past summer and through the upcoming season. The information is reported to the International Snowmobile Council, which uses it for public relations activities that showcases all the good things snowmobilers do for the greater good of the community. Over the past couple of years, we have lagged in our reporting of all the hard work and service you do. When we are talking to lawmakers or forest managers, this information is a so-called ‘feather in our cap’ to show them how valuable snowmobilers are to the common good. It is most important for each club to sit down as soon as possible and select a person to report your activities as related to volunteering for trail cleanups, maintenance of warming huts, firewood cutting, bridge construction, sno-park improvements, charitable money raising club events and the like. Tabulate the hours donated by each member, the total miles driven for all members to the event and back home, what you did, club dollars expended, the amount of charity dollars you raise and what charity you donated to. It’s easy and fast! Then, report it to me in a short e-mail so I can report it to the International Snowmobile Council as well as maintain the WSSA Volunteer/Charity database for our own public relations and legislative lobbying use during events like All Trails to Olympia Day. Please report each activity to me directly after it happens if possible. That makes my job easier and that way we don’t forget any events. WSSA members, last year we had only one club report their activities out of 43 registered WSSA member clubs. Can’t we do better? Can you help me better our reporting numbers this season? Reporting ends April 15th of 2018. You can e-mail me with any questions at Please REPORT early and often for each event you do! You have my sincere thanks!

WSSA Trail Grants Update By Roxanne Brittain, Trail Grant Chair

I would like to thank all the snowmobile clubs that applied for grants this year. I had 12 in all and unfortunately not everyone received a grant or they received only part of it. Trail Grants Awarded for 2017 are as follows: Butte Busters Snowmobile Club Tri-River Snowmobile Club Lake Wenatchee Rec. Club Hi-Country Beelers Chinook Pass Snowmobile Club Pacific Northwest Vintage Snowmobile Club Northwest Glacier Cruisers Methow Valley Snowmobile Association Watch upcoming Snoflyers for the project details and completion articles.

16 • October 2017

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WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

Safety By Jon Ferrian •

Plan your Safety Events Calendar for this season! Hello fellow Washington snowmobilers! I am excited to be able to present to you a number of avalanche educational opportunities and events for this season. In this article I have pulled together a list of over 20 unique training opportunities designed specifically for snowmobilers. I have listed these events in order of when they are being held so you can drop them all into your calendars for this season! Make Every Trip a Round Trip Seminar and Pro Riders Panel – Free event! Location: WSSA’s Puyallup Snow Show Instructor: NWAC Snowmobile Education Coordinator Date: October 21st & 22nd Free seminar: Walk in and attend at the presentation room at the snow show and learn about what it takes to have a safe and successful day in the backcountry. BRP Avalanche Rescue Skills Class – Free event! Location: Pro Caliber, Vancouver, WA Instructor: Mike Duffy, American Avalanche Association certified instructor Date & Time: October 30th, 6pm Sign up: or (360) 892-3030

Instructor: NWAC Snowmobile Education Coordinator Date: December 28th Sign up: Basic Avalanche Skills Course (BASC) – New! Location: The Last Resort, Ronald, WA Instructor: NWAC Snowmobile Education Coordinator Date: December 29th Sign up: Level 1 AIARE Snowmobile Course Location: Privately owned mountain property near Leavenworth, WA Instructor: Tom Curtis Dates: January 5th-7th Sign up: Basic Avalanche Skills Course (BASC) – New! Location: The Last Resort, Ronald, WA Instructor: NWAC Snowmobile Education Coordinator Date: January 6th Sign up:

Basic Avalanche Skills Course (BASC) – New! Location: The Last Resort, Ronald, WA Instructor: NWAC Snowmobile Education Coordinator Date: February 10th Sign up: Basic Avalanche Skills Course (BASC) – New! Location: The Last Resort, Ronald, WA Instructor: NWAC Snowmobile Education Coordinator Date: February 11th Sign up: Level 1 AIARE Snowmobile Course Location: Privately owned mountain property near Leavenworth, WA Instructor: Tom Curtis Dates: February 23rd-25th Sign up: Level I Snowmobile Avalanche Class Location: The Last Resort. Ronald, WA Instructor: Mike Duffy, American Avalanche Association certified instructor Date: March 2nd-4th Sign up:

BRP Avalanche Rescue Skills Class – Free event! Location: Wenatchee Honda BRP, Wenatchee, WA Instructor: Mike Duffy, American Avalanche Association certified instructor Date & Time: November 1st, 5:30pm Sign up: (509) 663-0075

Basic Avalanche Skills Course (BASC) – New! Location: The Last Resort, Ronald, WA Instructor: NWAC Snowmobile Education Coordinator Date: January 7th Sign up:

BRP Avalanche Rescue Skills Class – Free event! Location: I-90 Motorsports, Issaquah, WA Instructor: Mike Duffy, American Avalanche Association certified instructor Date & Time: November 2nd, 6pm Sign up: or (425) 391-4490

Level 1 AIARE Snowmobile Course Location: Privately owned mountain property near Leavenworth, WA Instructor: Tom Curtis Dates: January 19th-21st Sign up:

BRP Avalanche Rescue Skills Class – Free event! Location: Specialty Recreation, Coeur d’Alene, ID, 6pm Instructor: Mike Duffy, American Avalanche Association certified instructor Date & Time: November 3rd, 6pm Sign up: or (208) 667-3571

Level I Snowmobile Avalanche Class Location: The Last Resort. Ronald, WA Instructor: Mike Duffy, American Avalanche Association certified instructor Date: February 2nd-4th Sign up:

Basic Avalanche Skills Course (BASC) – New! Location: The Last Resort, Ronald, WA Instructor: NWAC Snowmobile Education Coordinator Date: March 18th Sign up:

NWAC Sled BASH and Thunderstruck Video Premier 2017 Fundraiser Location: The Beardslee Public House, Bothell, WA Organizer: NWAC Date & Time: November 11th, 2-5pm Sign up: Sled NWAC Facebook page under events (@SledNWACus)

Level 1 AIARE Snowmobile Course Location: Privately owned mountain property near Leavenworth, WA Instructor: Tom Curtis Dates: February 9th-11th Sign up:

Be sure to stop by the WSSA Safety and NWAC (Northwest Avalanche Center) booths at the WSSA Snow Show on October 21st and 22nd and say hi to the team who is working hard to keep you and your riding partners safe every time you go out. We will have all of this information available to you and much more. Sharing my passion!

Free Beacon Rally at the annual Mt Baker Shoot out Location: Schreiber’s Meadows, Mt Baker, WA Instructor: NWAC Snowmobile Education Coordinator Date: March 3rd Sign up: Basic Avalanche Skills Course (BASC) – New! Location: The Last Resort, Ronald, WA Instructor: NWAC Snowmobile Education Coordinator Date: March 17th Sign up:

BRP Avalanche Rescue Skills Class – Free event! Location: Clem’s Enumclaw Powersports, Enumclaw, WA Instructor: Mike Duffy, American Avalanche Association certified instructor Date & Time: November 13th, 6pm Sign up: (360) 825-4502 New American Avalanche Association Avalanche Rescue Class – New! Location: The Last Resort, Ronald, WA Instructor: Mike Duffy, American Avalanche Association certified instructor Date: December 9th Sign up: New American Avalanche Association Avalanche Rescue Class – New! Location: The Last Resort, Ronald, WA Instructor: Mike Duffy, American Avalanche Association certified instructor Date: December 10th Sign up: Basic Avalanche Skills Course (BASC) – New! Location: The Last Resort, Ronald, WA

October 2017 • 17

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

18 • October 2017

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

Matt’s Misc. By Matt Mead • WSSA Historian • (509) 697-6062 Jackson Hole voted against holding major snowmobile race. This is what I read, and at first I thought they were talking about the famed Jackson Hole Hillclimb. Turns out this vote was for another event scheduled for early December. The promoters expected a draw of 5,000 and had secured national TV coverage. They estimated the event would generate $2 million. The Mayor and two other Councilors voted it down; the Mayor stated “I think the public cost of producing a loud and disruptive event like this outweighs any public benefit that I see”. Wow, I’m thinking a lot of locations would kill for a chance to host something like this. Or maybe not. A few websites to check out. Every month in the Snoflyer, a number of snowmobile organizations are mentioned. While I always make sure to spell out the acronyms, I rarely share their websites. Let me list a few of them here: • Western Chapter Snowmobile Associations • American Council of Snowmobile Associations – • International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association – • Snowmobile Safety and Access Information Center – • BlueRibbon Coalition/ShareTrails – Yamaha triple powered Mazda Miata! One never knows what they will find on the internet! More specifically, YouTube. I found a series of videos showing ‘Balto’, a Miata with a 700cc Mountain Max engine under the hood. The car was built for the LeMons racing series, which encourages ingenuity and hilarity on a low budget. The car actually started with a Polaris 600cc engine, but it wasn’t reliable, so Yamaha was the upgrade. To start the car, someone needs to pull the rope! The engine transfers power through the stock Yamaha clutches. One of the videos shows the car racing and it actually does quite well; it’s down a bit on power, but the snowmobile drivetrain in the gutted Mazda makes it competitive. Visit b9_7A to get started and from there you can find related videos. AWB Legislator of the Year. Sen. Judy Warnick, RMoses Lake, a small business owner and member of the AWB (Association of Washington Business) Board, will be the 2017 AWB Legislator of the Year. She’s being recognized “for her enduring and effective support of the business community, as well as her focus on water issues, including strong advocacy for a permanent solution to the Hirst water rights ruling”. Snowmobilers appreciate Sen. Warnick for her support of our issues and legislation we have pushed through the Legislature. Senator Warnick served as a State House Representative from 2007 to 2014, and has been in the State Senate since 2014. Last year's Legislator of the Year was Senator Linda Evans Parlette, R-Wenatchee, also a friend of snowmobilers in Washington. Congratulations to my friend Dan Gould! I met Dan several years ago through the International Snowmobile Media Council where he was the editor of SledMass magazine, the official publication of the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts (SAM). Dan worked in the newspaper business for the past 35 years and was also the president of SAM for 14 years. Dan was just recently hired as the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association. He will be doing a lot of what he did in Massachusetts, but now he’ll collect a paycheck for it. Way to go Dan! Speaking of Dan and snowmobiling… Dan had the

opportunity to go to Russia and go on a snowmobile expedition in the Ural Mountains last year. He wrote a great story about it and you can find it here: Floating snowmobile bridge? One is under consideration in Central New Hampshire over the Weirs Channel in Laconia. A local public works director says this is the best way to solve a dispute between snowmobilers and pedestrians who currently have to share a sidewalk on a local bridge. The pedestrians want the sidewalk clear of snow, while the snowmobilers want a packed base. While a novel idea, it won’t be the first snowmobile floating bridge as one currently exists in Canada. It’s far from a done deal as the bridge needs environmental approval, funding, and blessing from the city. I like ‘out of the box’ ideas! A win in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals! This is actually pretty big; the 9th Circuit is a pretty liberal bunch of Judges and they typically side with the extreme environmentalists. At issue? The Kapka Butte Sno-Park in Oregon. It was built a few years back and the environmentalists cried foul, claiming the Forest Service didn’t follow proper environmental analysis protocol or address supposed user conflicts. Winter Wildlands Alliance, Wild Wilderness, and Bend Backcountry Alliance wanted nothing more than the sno-park closed and/or snowmobilers banned. They didn’t make their case, and in fact, the Court ruled the Forest Service followed all proper guidelines. More than likely this case will go no farther; if they couldn’t win at the 9th Circuit, they should assume they can’t win it overall. New Forest Service Chief. Tony Tooke took the reins back in August; Tooke has worked for the Forest Service since age 18. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue stated “The Forest Service will be in good hands with the U.S. Forest Service’s own Tony Tooke whose knowledge of forestry is unmatched. Tony has been preparing for this role for his whole professional life, and at a time when we face active and growing fires, his transition into leadership will be seamless. He will oversee efforts to get our forests working again, to make them more productive, and to create more jobs. His focus will be on ensuring we are good neighbors and are managing our forests effectively, efficiently, and responsibly, as well as working with states and local governments to ensure the utmost collaboration. No doubt, the stewardship of our forests is an awesome and sacred responsibility, and no one knows that better than Tony who has dedicated his career to this noble cause.” I guess it will take some time to see how Mr. Tooke really performs, but it sounds promising. Funds transfer averted! You should be aware we have been lobbying hard to stop the legislature from taking $25,000 a year for the next two years from our dedicated snowmobile account to partially fund the Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC). WSSA fully supports funding NWAC, but through the General Fund and not our dedicated account. This transfer did occur last year, in the dark of the night and we didn’t know it until it was too late. That was a bad precedent to set and it is a real victory to have it removed from the new budget. A big thanks to our Legislative Chair, Dan Fallstrom; our lobbyists, Terry Kohl and Mark Gjurasic; as well as the snowmobiling constituents who contacted the key legislators; we couldn’t have done it without you! Facebook and Twitter? Facebook ‘likes’ are over 2,050! We are on Twitter at @wssaus too. Snoflyer or website comments? Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a concern or question with the Snoflyer, WSSA website or our Facebook site. Send an email to or call (509) 969-6799.

Matt Mead

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WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

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WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington


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WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington


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WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington


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