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Jim was unable to provide an article this month but did send a few pics of WSSA’s entries in the Cle Elum’s ‘Christmas in Cle Elum’ event.

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2 • January 2018

Happy New Year! With a new year, 2018, now here, it is time for you to act upon your resolutions! I hope you made some resolutions that were serious and you plan to keep them. A good resolution would be to contribute more of your talents and time to the success of organized snowmobiling. You may say “I do too much now”, however, if you do a lot now you understand the desperate need. Never sell yourselves short. Help me keep this resolution this year and I will help you keep yours. The entire snowmobiling industry needs more volunteers to step up to the plate and fill the voids. If you don’t like the way things are, then ‘Be The Change’! It starts with you making a decision to contribute to the need. You can make a difference in our sport. ‘Olympia Day’, January 22nd, is quickly approaching! This is one way you can make a difference. Please come to Olympia and talk to your legislators. Talk to anyone who will listen and help our cause. Help us keep our designated funds in our accounts and not someone else’s. Dee Alred spends countless hours making appointments for YOU, the constituent! Guess what, they don’t want to see her, they want to see you. It is better that we don’t make appointments than to make an appointment and not show up. Pretty please, show up and make a difference. Thank you Dee for all your hard work. This year WSSA will be conducting elections via the internet. Make sure you have your user login and password information ready for this event. I will be seeking re-election as Vice President again this year. Please consider me as a candidate when you vote. I promise to be faithful to this position and always ready to help the President or any member of WSSA when there is a need. My goals are always to keep us stable, strong and together on task. I am currently involved for the cause of snowmobiling at a local, state, regional, national and international level. I believe any WSSA officer should get involved at all levels so they can be the very best for this organization. Go WSSA!

Things are looking up for District 1 North as Aaron Doran, Vice President of the Northwest Glacier Cruisers, has stepped up to complete the last year of Scott Taylor’s term on approval by the Board. Thanks again Scott for your continued effort in securing a Rep for District 1 North. I know this sounds like a broken record, however this is your fourth reminder: Next year the International Snowmobile Congress meeting will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We have been challenged to increase our attendance at this event. We need to have at least 20 WSSA members turn out for this 50th anniversary convention. Get registered now and reserve your room! Call me for more info. As promised, this is your third lesson concerning growth and stability in our organization and your clubs: Lesson 3: Again we find ourselves with another compound word. ‘Teamwork’ is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal. Teamwork is a crucial part of any organization, whether business or pleasure. A team constitutes a leader(s) and followers. If all were leaders, what would get done? If all were followers, what are they supposed to get done? The only way a team will achieve their goals is having leaders and followers and a plan. The work part of teamwork is the goal to achieve. No goal means no work and that means no team. So as you see, this compound word requires more than meets the eye. It does not matter whether you are a leader or a follower, what matters is that you are a team player. Sometimes our emotions get in the way of being the best team player we know we can be. When it comes to teamwork the challenge is this: Be the best player you can be and help the other team players to achieve the goals that all of you have set. Next month is on ‘Appreciation’. Thank you.

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

January 2018 • 3

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

District Reports District 2 South By Matt “Kustom” Kensrud (509) 433-2100 Things are starting to get moving in the district! I attended the Lake Wenatchee Rec Club meeting and they discussed dates of upcoming events. The Chelan County Sheriff’s safety course the club hosted had good attendance. The local Grooming Council also met and the topics included signage and when the roads would be closed to wheeled vehicles. No grooming had started yet. The Bavarian Boondockers are working on sorting out officers and board members for this year’s season. They have decided on club ride dates and this information will be published soon. I haven't contacted the Chelan club lately; I will attend their next meeting. Same with Wenatchee’s Apple County club. That’s a wrap; see you on the mountain!

District 4 North By Craig Miller (253) 612-2092 By the time you read this, Christmas will have passed and the New Year will be here. I hope everyone got in some rides and had a wonderful set of holidays. There isn’t a lot to report this month. We had great snow and I did get out for a ride up to Mud Lake with friends Jim and Jan Martinek. We had a wonderful day. We had two to three feet of nice snow. Unfortunately, the next day dawned raining buckets and had warmed up. Worse, we had a record warm day the day after that. Then we had a few mediocre snows followed by a system of high-pressure deep freeze and zero precipitation. So unfortunately, we’ve had no real snowfall in almost three weeks. My sled stands ready inside her trailer. While we were eating lunch on our sleds up at Mud Lake, we began to talk about what we would do for winter survival if we were caught out overnight. The scenario made us think of fire. So we decided to see if we could, in those perfect conditions, get our fire starters to work. It was cold but sunny and almost no wind. We finally got it going but had it been any wetter, I don’t think we would have with the fire starters we had. Just a tip, evaluate your fire starters to see how they work. Between my friends and mine, it worked, but I wasn’t impressed. Try yours out in the real conditions of the mountains in the snow if you haven’t done it. Short of that, check out YouTube for some good tips on wilderness fire and shelter making for survival. There is one clip on there for making a napalm like fire putty by mixing gasoline and Styrofoam. I’m going to make some and put it in individually snipped egg carton cups covered in paraffin, then vacuum packed for travel. They burn hot and long. We’ll see if they can get the damp winter kindling and wood going by trying them in real conditions. Ride safe, carry a first aid kit and be prepared for a night out on the mountain.

District 4 South By Mike Ainslie (360) 430-1494 Greetings everyone in District 4 South! There isn't much to report on this side as we await some fresh snow. We got a shot of snow early on an then the temperature warmed up an we have lost most of it; there is some snow to ride on right now. As I write this in mid-December, we sure could use a major dumping of snow so we can get this season started. We have not yet started our grooming programs over here as we await more snow for our base. I attended a partnership meeting the first part of December with State Parks Winter Recreation, the Forest Service, the Mount Saint Helens Institute, Skamania County Public Works road crew, the Mt. St. Helens Trac Riders, the Mt. Adams Snowmobile Club, Department of Fish and Wildlife law enforcement, and a couple of Nordic clubs. It was by far one of our best turnouts for this meeting we have had. Lots of great topics were brought up and hopefully we can get things put together and solve some of the issues around our area here. Once again I would like to encourage anyone who doesn't belong to

4 • January 2018

any snowmobile clubs to contact your local dealerships in your area (or check this Snoflyer – Ed) and find out what snowmobile clubs there are in your area. Please attend some of their meetings or events and join them. Get involved and help out; it's a real great way to meet new people and find out what's going on in your area. Go ride with new people in new places! This is just a reminder that in February, the 16th-19th, is the WSSA Winter Rendezvous in Omak. Please make your reservations now and come join in on the fun. There are a lot of great activities and lots of great rides going on for the weekend. Thanks and let's all keep doing our snow dances! Think SNOW.

District 5 North By Bill Miller (509) 899-0243 Greetings! We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As of the first day of winter, December 21st, there have been no reported road closures or trails groomed in the I-90 Corridor/Blewett Pass area. There has been some snowfall as of the 19th so we haven't been shut out. At the Crystal Springs area, the FS 41 road is blocked due to a huge stump on the road and there are trees blocking the Cole Connector/Beeler Pass. At the Taneum/Manastash, Walter Springs will be receiving very limited grooming this season due to tree and brush growth. Peaches Ridge has been funded for grooming this year so check it out. Think Snow!

District 5 South By Rudy Classen (509) 966-4283 I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas as well as a safe and sound Happy New Year. That beautiful white stuff we had several weeks ago got us all excited and fired up hoping we were looking at another season like last year. But low and behold the snow stopped. Don’t fret; it will be coming soon again. We actually have a much better chance of having a great season than do the Seahawks. Looking up in the mountains (as I write this in mid-December), I see we have gotten some new white stuff and I am seeing trailers with sleds again. Our Grooming Council has met and all is ready; all the clubs have met and everyone is ready. Many riders have already gone up several times and most found the conditions to be very good up high. The Yakima Ski-Benders have had their annual Crab Feed to start off the season; it was well attended and everyone got their fill of crab. Those who had the alternative, barbecued prime rib, came away filled up to the brim as well. After the eating there was a raffle for thousands of dollars of items. This year the Yakima Ski-Benders gave two tickets to both the American Legion and the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) clubs and each of those recipients have indicated they had a fabulous time. Hopefully the Ski-Benders will be able to make this an annual event with these two organizations. WSSA is coming to town on January 6th for their January winter meeting and there are also going to be two days of riding. Friday the ride will be guided by Roger Brittan, and the Sunday ride will be guided by our one and only WSSA Treasurer, Fred Pitzer. Both guides have indicated their rides will be outstanding.

District 6 By Gary Simmons (509) 529-0210 Hello snowmobilers! As I am writing this article, downtown Walla Walla is having its first snow of the season. That means the Blue Mountains are getting snow up there, too. If you are looking for a different place to ride from your own backyard, here are some dates to look at for the Blues: Pomeroy's Vintage Show is scheduled for January 27th and their Bucket Run will be held on February 10th. Dayton's Bucket Run is January 20th. But, remember, you are welcome anytime! Don't forget, most weekends you can have hamburgers on the hill at the Godman shelter, so bring an appetite and join us some Saturday. Well, that is all for now. Hope to see you at the WSSA Winter Rendezvous on President's Weekend 2018. Until then, have fun on the snow!

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

Club News Junco Snowmobile Club By Craig Miller, Vice President Greetings everyone! Since we have not really been able to ride in the local areas to any real degree (as I write this in mid December), I’ll just recap our upcoming event. We hope you will join us. As you may recall, Junco holds an annual charity event to benefit the MakeA-Wish Foundation. The last two years due to a washout, we held the event at Johnson Creek and Wakepish Sno-Parks respectively. But that was then and the road is fixed. We will hold the event at Orr Creek Sno-Park this year unless something else happens to the road before hand. The event will be held on January 20th-21st. A weekend of guided rides near beautiful Mt Adams. There will be plenty of free RV parking, a warm snow hut, and a Saturday night potluck dinner. Bring a dish to share and the BYOB of your choice. After dinner we will auction off the items donated. Please bring some items to add to the auction table. There are always some really great deals so bring your wallets! Club members will be on site to help out anyone who needs it, such as getting their RV parked and leveled up. We’ll have a small barbecue set up if you need to broil a steak Friday night. We’ll ride on Saturday, getting back to Orr Creek early enough to set up the auction and potluck. The auction will follow dinner. Sunday we’ll serve sausage and pancakes in the hut followed by a guided ride if people want to go. This event is age old and so far has raised over $70,000 to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Please come out and join us for one of the finest seasonal events in Washington State snowmobiling. It’s for the kids! To get to Orr Creek Sno-Park, drive to Randle. Cross the Cowlitz River on 131 and then veer left on Cispus Rd/Forest Service (FS) Road 23. Follow FS 23 for approximately 17miles and turn left onto FS 21. Turn right on FS 56 at Adams Fork and follow it to a left turn into the sno-park. There is a map on the Washington State Parks Winter Recreation website. The club will put up signs marking each turn, so you can’t get lost. Junco meets the first Monday of each month at the Hawks Prairie Sports Bar in Lacey at 8306 Quinault Dr. NE. Meeting starts at 7pm.

Apple Country Snowmobile Club By Tim Downs Happy New Year from Apple Country Snowmobile Club in Wenatchee! December found the club repairing tracks to the groomer. Thank you to the skilled individuals who gave time and blood from their knuckles; a great bunch of guys.

Christmas in Leavenworth! Icicle Outfitters was providing rides to many of the tourists who flocked to town to enjoy the holiday magic.

At the same time we were waiting for snow to fall, tens of thousands of tourists flocked to Leavenworth and spent their hard earned dollars to watch the magic of the lights. Carriage rides were a popular attraction and Icicle Outfitters had to use wheels on the horse-drawn sleighs to pull across the icy fields. On December 20th the weather changed with snow in the valley and then the sleighs became skis dashing thru the snow. There's just something about snow that invigorates the kid inside of us all, whether jingling bells on a sleigh or driving a 150 HP snowmobile through untracked snow. It's all good for the soul.

Our valley is one spectacular place to visit with your sleds. We have multiple sno-parks within a short distance of each other and they stand alone; not connected. Pamela McConkey of State Parks Winter Recreation is doing a wonderful job supporting the grooming program throughout Washington. Our trails are open and the Colockum area is beautiful. Contact us; make yourself known in the parking lot or on the trail. We trust your Christmas was merry and bright. Hope to meet you out there.

Cascade Drift Skippers By Jason Holmes, Shortest Term CDS Past President

The Methow Valley Snowmobile Association is excited because we are now getting more snow. Grooming started on the 20th of December. Both our warming huts are open and available! We had our annual Christmas Dinner for the community at The Red Barn in Winthrop this year and we served six hams and six turkeys with all the trimmings. At the date of this report, the total attendance and other information was not available, but it was a great success. Saturday, the 27th of January, we will be having a joint ride with the Northwest Glacier Cruisers who will come from the west side of Hwy 20 to meet with us, who will come from the east side, and meet at Bridge Creek. See you there!

Happy New Year! Well, the snow arrived, teased us a little, made us mad for a couple weeks, and now it appears it’s trying to make a resurgence. In December, the Cascade Drift Skippers (CDS) held an attendance record breaking Christmas party at The Last Resort. Over 74 people for dinner! Thank you to everyone who made this event happen. Everyone at the Last Resort does an amazing job; they take a lot upon themselves to make this event happen. Special shout outs to club president Stephanie Driskell, along with our very own CDS Santa elves Kate Roth and Linda Bowen! If I forgot any name(s), give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Another reminder to sign up for Level 1 Avalanche classes instructed by Mike Duffy with You can find out more by going to and registering for the class. It is the best onthe-snow certification and instruction you will find. Feel free to attend our monthly club meeting at the Issaquah Brew House every second Wednesday of the month. Social hour starts at 5pm’ish and the meeting starts at 7pm. It’s a great way to meet new riders and ride new areas with new friends. See you on the snow. Get educated and become a smarter rider! Cheers!

Northwest Glacier Cruisers

Spokane Winter Knights

By Julie Street Doran

By Sharon Crockett, President

The Northwest Glacier Cruisers (NWGC) hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! We all once again had a big finish to 2017 and a even bigger start to 2018 with lots more in store! Everyone has been loving all the fresh powder this winter has brought us. A little late in the season, but it never stops the Northwest Glacier Cruisers from finding fresh powder. The NWGC 2017 Christmas Party on December 8th had a big show of people and it was great seeing everyone once again. Forty-one adult members and 16 children came and enjoyed great food, props, prizes and of course a group shot! Thank you to North Cascade Sled Decks, Josh and Ramona, who won the 50/50 that was $210 and donated it back to the club. Thanks to Michael Brown, Ramona Gilstrap, Skagit Valley Polaris, Lifestyles Honda/SkiDoo, and Mt. Baker Moto-Sports for donating raffle prizes. Special thanks to all the members who came out with their families, and to our NWGC party team who helped with it by picking up prizes, and Kristina Kortlever for purchasing all the gifts for the children! We couldn't do all that we do without all of you! Always count on Tom and Tina Shields to know how to throw a holiday party. Thank you to all of our biggest supporters this holiday season. On September 24th we had a work party to put in a gate and gather firewood for the Kensington Hut, and stain Ploeg’s Place and fill it with firewood as well. We had many volunteers that came out and camped for the weekend. Just a friendly reminder that grooming has started and you are NOT to drive past the ‘NO WHEELED VEHICLE’ signs; you are tearing up our groomed routes if you do. Please tell your 4x4 friends to STAY OFF OUR ROADS! Tickets will be issued; pictures of your vehicles will be sent to the U.S. Forest Service. This costs us as snowmobilers thousands of dollars and shortens our season. PLEASE GET OUT OF YOUR TRUCKS AND ONTO YOUR SLEDS! Thank you! It’s official! Washington Fish and Game Department officers will be patrolling sno-parks this year. Get your tabs and sno-park permits. The permits must be displayed on your windshield, not on the dash or the console. Every dime for your tabs and permits goes to our grooming program, whereas every dime of your ticket for not having them goes to the state. Please do your part to help our grooming program! Thank you to all of you that already have them; we appreciate it! NWGC's meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at Coconut Kenny's at 7pm. Located at 1060 South Burlington Blvd, Burlington. Everyone is welcome! You can also find out more information about all upcoming events by finding us on Twitter at @NWGCSledders and also on Facebook at Northwest Glacier Cruisers. E-mail us at for any information. We look forward to seeing you on the mountain!

It’s snowing in the mountains around Spokane, and the Winter Knights have a full ride schedule starting with our tune-up ride at Mt. Spokane on January 6th. Our ‘trail/less aggressive off-trail rides’, ‘back country rides’, and ‘mountain rides’ are all posted on a calendar on our website and advertised on our Facebook page in case anyone would like to join us. We had a fun club Christmas party at the Ramada at the Airport with about 80 in attendance. Good food, lots of laughing, and a gift for everyone who attended. Happy New Year – see you on the trails!

Methow Valley Snowmobile Association By Don Fitzpatrick Jr., Secretary

January 2018 • 5

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

Multi-club warming hut project in Okanogan County Kicked off with a WSSA Trail Grant! By Tom Windsor

Christmas in Leavenworth! Icicle Outfitters was providing rides to many of the tourists who flocked to town to enjoy the holiday magic.

The Butte Busters Snowmobile Club has entered into a joint, multi-year project with the Association of Okanogan County Snowmobile Clubs and TriRivers Snowmobile Club to construct a warming shelter mounted on a wheeled trailer for placement at the Tiffany Spring Campground in the Okanogan National Forest. This campground is located midway between Winthrop and Conconully in Okanogan County and is centrally located for use by all five snowmobile

clubs in the county. The U.S. Forest Service (Tonasket Ranger District) has given its permission for placement of the warming shelter at Tiffany Spring with the provision the shelter will be removed at the end of the snowmobiling season and as soon as the snow melts and wheeled vehicle access to the site is possible. Thanks to WSSA Trail Grants received by the Butte Busters Snowmobile Club and Tri-Rivers Snowmobile Club, project managers have acquired a 20-foot gooseneck flatbed trailer for the shelter to be constructed on. Construction plans are being developed over this winter and construction of the shelter on the wheeled trailer will be accomplished during the summer of 2018. The goal is to have the warming shelter built and placed on site at Tiffany Spring for the 20182019 snowmobile season.

6 • January 2018

REMINDER - 2018 WSSA Elections Will Be Conducted On-line! By Wayne Mohler, WSSA Membership Co-Chairs

Offices up for election in 2018 are: President (one-year term), Vice President (one-year term), Publicity Secretary (two-year term) and Membership Secretary (two-year term). Candidates need to indicate their interest in running for a position to the nominating committee by January 22nd, 2018. The nominating committee is chaired by Sandy Sternod, Immediate Past President, and the nominating committee members are the District Chairpersons. Candidates may indicate their interest and willingness to serve in an officer position by contacting any of the members of the nominating committee. The contact information for the District Chairpersons is listed in the Snoflyer and on the WSSA website at On-line voting will commence approximately January 25th and will close on February 16th or 17th. Results will be announced at the Winter Rendezvous banquet on Saturday evening, February 17th. How do you vote? You must be a current paid-up member to vote. Log onto the WSSA website – – using your username and password. On the home page, click on the ‘Surveys’ tab on the left. (We may also add an election button at a prominent location on the home page.) The ballot with the slate of officers will come up. Make your selections and save. That’s it – you’re done! On the family/individual memberships, both the primary and secondary member may vote. If the secondary member doesn’t have a username and password, the primary member can add the secondary member by updating their profile. The member’s profile is in the log-in dialogue box at the upper right of the screen. If the primary member has saved their log-in information in their browser, the secondary member will have to log in using a different browser, or the primary member will have to reset their password and not save it in the browser. By not saving your log in information, another person (the secondary member) can log in with their username and password on the same computer. Updated information will be posted on the WSSA website. If you have specific questions and/or need help logging in, contact WSSA membership at or (509) 674-4401.

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

2018 WSSA Scholarship By Kay Lloyd, WSSA Scholarship Chair

The Washington State Snowmobile Association will again be offering a scholarship to either a graduating high school senior or a person currently enrolled in college. This will be a $2,000 grant and will be given to the winner regardless of other grants or scholarships the student may also receive. Requirements are as follows: 1. The applicant must be a member of the Washington State Snowmobile Association. 2. The applicant must submit the completed application form. (The form can be downloaded from the WSSA website at; click on the Scholarship menu item.) 3. The applicant must submit a resume detailing his/her involvement in snowmobiling as well as extra-curricular activities. 4. The applicant must include an essay (see subject below). The essay should be a minimum of two pages double-space and typed. Keep in mind a well-researched, comprehensive essay will undoubtedly be significantly longer and we certainly encourage that. 5. The application must be received by WSSA by March 31, 2018. Please mail or e-mail application to: Kay Lloyd, WSSA Scholarship Chair 231 Lone Fir Lane Cle Elum, WA 98922 WSSA will the send the winner to the Western Chapter Scholarship Chair no later than April 30th. The winner of the Western Chapter Scholarship will be announced at the International Snowmobile Congress in June, 2018. The winner of the WSSA Scholarship will also have the opportunity to compete for the $1,000 C.J. Ramstad Scholarship offered by the International Snowmobile Media Council. An alternate will be picked if the winner should decide not to enroll in a college, technical or vocational program. Essay topic: With so much new technology in the snowmobile/snow bike/winter motorized industry, we are going places we never imagined 50 years ago. Consequently, some are going places they are not supposed to go. We have a trespassing problem, i.e. into Wilderness, wildlife winter range, private and non-motorized areas. Although these are ‘rogue events’, it affects everyone. The end result is ‘trail and area closures’. That said, even though we were not the offender, we need to come up with and incorporate solutions to the problem at hand. Essay Challenge: Below is a list of traditional methods that have been used in the past to attempt to solve the problem. Please expound on each one by sharing your thoughts, both the pros and cons. Now, share with us some brand new ideas that will help minimize these incursions and keep our trails and areas open for the next generations to come. 1. Through law enforcement. 2. Through self-policing. 3. Through education. 4. Through advertisement.

January 2018 • 7

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

NWGC install gate at Anderson Watson - funded by WSSA Trail Grant By Julie Street Doran The Northwest Glacier Cruisers (NWGC) are happy to announce we were able to do this project due to a WSSA Trail Grant for $862.58. When we placed the Kensington Hut at the end of the road leading to the Anderson Watson riding area, we had to have a backhoe to get the hut in and we needed one every time we went up to do maintenance and fill the hut with fire wood. The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) put deep tank traps and big rocks in the road to prevent 4x4 vehicles from driving up the road as it is only open to snowmobiles; not other motorized vehicles. This became a big expense for our members and volunteers every time we needed to get to the warming hut as someone would need to get a backhoe or a machine to move rocks and fill tank traps. We approached the USFS to see if we could possibly put a gate up at the trailhead so we would have quick access to our hut and the groomer could easily get in and out. They agreed to this and we started the process of making a plan to put the gate in. The USFS gave us the specifications and we began to look at cost. We heard WSSA gave clubs grants for trail improvement projects, so we decided to apply. We were granted the amount needed to complete the gate and our Vice President, Aaron Doran (Doran Fence Company), began the process of putting the gate together according to the specification given by the USFS. On September 24th we had a work party to put the gate in. We had many volunteers who came and camped all weekend. Our President, Tom Shields (Farmers Equipment Company), donated a backhoe mini to fix the road and dig holes for the gate install. Past President Dana Gerdes operated the backhoe. Thank you to WSSA for giving clubs like ours the opportunity to get grants for projects like this; it will be so nice to not have the rocks and tank traps to deal with in the early and late season for the sleds and the groomer.

8 • January 2018

Rocks and a tank trap prevented easy access to the to the warming hut in low or no snow conditions. (They had to be removed and then reinstalled using a backhoe every time.)

The new gate, built to USFS specs, is being laid out before installation.

The finished project. This will save the club both time and money in the future and still keep the area closed to motorized wheeled vehicles.

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

Membership Matters By Wayne and Florence Mohler, WSSA Membership Co-Chairs

Since the majority of the membership renewals and new member sign-ups have been received it’s a great opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for supporting WSSA. Although our membership numbers have varied over the years, we have 10 members who have held their membership for at least 40 years. There are also 10 clubs that have been around for 40 years, or more. Yes, the Yakima Ski-Benders is the club with the most seniority! And no, we aren’t disclosing the name of the member who just passed 45 years! At least two of the long standing members are still actively snowmobiling. The 10 clubs that started operations prior to 1978 constitute approximately 25% of the total active clubs in the state. While individual members of clubs come and go, it’s clear the continued existence of the clubs is the key to maintaining the presence of organized snowmobiling to represent our sport. Clubs are the social fabric of snowmobiling - whether it’s organizing rides, potluck dinners, working with search and rescue, performing needed trail work, sponsoring a grooming program, doing charity or other volunteer work, visiting with legislators, etc. Join a club; support the club. By doing this you will be supporting snowmobiling for future generations. And you’ll have a lot of great memories when you decide to ‘hang it up’ or go to Arizona for the winter. Please use the membership application in the Snoflyer, or go to our website under membership to renew or sign up as a new member. If you have any questions about membership, please e-mail us at or call us at (509) 674-4401. We hope everyone had a great holiday season and we have several months of great snow to make a memorable snowmobile season. Remember – Your Membership Matters!

All Trails to Olympia Day January 22nd, 2018! By Delia Alred, Olympia Day Chair

Join us at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Olympia at 8am on January 22nd! Call me at (509) 965-8305 or e-mail in advance and I will contact your legislators and make appointments for you to visit with them. We’ll meet in the hotel’s Capitol Room for orientation. On the table there will be maps of the Capitol campus, Dash (the free shuttle bus to the campus) schedules, our issue(s) sheets, Snoflyers, Hostess Snowballs, and ‘How to talk with your Legislator’ tip sheets. Please read the ‘How to talk with your legislators’. This will help you in starting a conversation with them. Please read and understand our issue(s) statement. If you have any questions concerning the issue(s), please ask. This is the reason we are here visiting legislators. After talking with your Senator and/or House Representatives, please leave a copy of our issue(s) statement, a pack of Snowballs, and a Snoflyer. If this is your first time to Olympia, please let me know so I can arrange for someone to go with you to your appointments. This is supposed to be a fun day, not a stressful one! All attendees will have appointment cards already made out ahead of time. There will be 3x5 cards made out with the times of your appointments. This year those cards have GREEN highlights. The district numbers are on these cards. If your district number is not on a green highlighted card, please do not take it as it is meant for someone else. The cards that have a YELLOW highlight on them are ‘drop-in’ cards. These are the legislators we do not have appointments with. I would ask all attendees who have a few spare moments to take a yellow highlighted card and stop in to those offices to deliver our issue sheet and answer any questions the aides may have. Our goal on this day is to deliver our ‘issues(s)’ sheets to every single legislator’s office in Olympia. If, at the end of the day, all the 3x5 cards are gone then we will have delivered our issue sheets to all 149 offices! Lunch will be from 12pm to 2pm at the hotel, but if you get back late, we will still feed you! If you are coming in from out of town and would like to stay the night at the DoubleTree, you can reach them by phone at (360) 570-0555 or fax at (360) 570-1200. The address is 415 Capitol Way N. in Olympia. Please let us know how things go as we will always strive to do better.

January 2018 • 9

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

10 • January 2018

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

Go Snowmobiling

Photo courtesy of

Contact: Ed Klim • Phone: (517) 339-7788

HASLETT, MI, December 22, 2017: The Go Snowmobiling campaign has been a great success over the years. Clubs, Groups, and Associations across North America have taken Military Personnel snowmobiling, Enlightenment rides with land managers, and often just have fun sponsoring snowmobile rides with friends and family. Winter is starting strong, and it feels like this will be a great winter for snowmobiling. The trails and riding areas in many parts of North America are in great shape. The Go Snowmobiling rides that I have participated in

underscores for me the “wow-factor” and the pure enjoyment that people have when they first ride a snowmobile. I have ridden a number of times with first-time snowmobilers and they couldn’t quit talking about how much fun it was and how they couldn’t wait to do it again. Thankfully I was well prepared for the ride and made sure that my guests were well dressed and comfortable. I have been fortunate enough to also snowmobile with many individuals who have much more experience than myself. I have learned that with a little prior planning, we can guarantee our friends’ experience in snowmobiling will be a great one. When you take a friend snowmobiling, remember this may very well be their first time on a snowmobile. Keep the ride slow, short, and simple. Chances are that your normal ride would seem like a marathon to an uninitiated friend. Don’t show off or push the envelope or challenge your friends to ride beyond their capabilities or their comfort zone. Remember, you are the one that snowmobiles a lot and understands your machine. Let your friend enjoy that first day of snowmobiling. Again, go slow, make it short, make it simple, and remember that it is always a good idea to feed them well. The Go Snowmobiling campaign is also joined with the Safe Riders! Campaign. Remember that we have a 22 minute safety video that can be found on our website at: or h t t p : / / w w w. g o s n o w m o b i l i n g . o r g / s n o w m o b i l i n g resources.html The video is a great tool when introducing a friend to snowmobiling and will help make the ride more enjoyable for everyone. You should also visit and “Like” our Facebook page be-

fore participating in a Go Snowmobiling campaign. Our Facebook page is When looking at the page you will notice that many snowmobilers are posting pictures and their experiences on the page. We now have close to 10,000 Friends who visit regularly and it is common for snowmobilers to send out informative posts that are forwarded to hundreds and thousands of snowmobile enthusiasts worldwide. There is also a short general survey on our Facebook page, so when you visit the page, consider answering a few simple survey questions. We are constantly surveying snowmobile customers to see how we can better serve you and how we can help you enjoy your snowmobiling activity. When you consider putting together a Go Snowmobiling ride, just remember that individuals who don’t own a snowmobile have a high interest in going snowmobiling. People that you know, who don’t snowmobile, want to snowmobile. They also want to go snowmobiling for the same reasons you do: a. To enjoy the scenery. b. To get outdoors to have fun with family and friends. c. To go to unique places that they can’t reach any other way to see amazing sights. d. To have fun in the winter outdoors and be able to go home tired and be ready for a good night’s sleep. So please, go out and have fun, take a friend snowmobiling, and enjoy this wonderful winter.

January 2018 • 11

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

A challenging but successful year for the WSSA Expo & Swap By Matt Mead, Publicity Secretary (Publisher’s Note: An ‘Expo wrap’ article typically runs in the November issue but since we didn’t really have one, and the combined November/December issue was full, it has been bumped to this January issue.) Ask Dean Meakin, WSSA’s Vice President and Expo Chair, if it was a long year leading up to the annual snow show. He’ll tell you it was. Why? A conflict. A show conflict with SnoWest’s Utah event. While our show weekend has been set for years and years, (always the third weekend of October), the SnoWest show, not so much. For whatever reason, their show ended up scheduled on the same weekend as ours and this forced exhibitors to choose between shows. It was really a no-win for vendors. Even if one show made them more money than the other, in the end, they lost out completely on an annual show. It was tough for exhibitors to choose, but they based it on their perceived bottom line. This basically meant if they were located closer to the Utah show, they picked it. For this reason, many of our usual exhibitors weren’t at the show this year. But the Showplex was full, right?! Why? Because Dean was busy. All year. Recruiting new exhibitors and sweet-talking local exhibitors to take larger spots. It worked! Attendance was up! By a few hundred I understand. Awesome! And sales were up according to most exhibitors; this is important since happy exhibitors are more likely to come back for the next show, which makes for a better event for all of us!

Attendance was up, but Saturday morning didn’t feel as crowded as usual.

Need a safe? A new exhibitor this year.

Avalanche safety gear was plentiful.

12 • January 2018

We had new management for the Blue Lot this year and we hope buyers and sellers could see positive change. We are certainly impressed with the amount of donations raised through parking; over $6,000 for the Legal Action Fund! Inside the Showplex was a gearhead’s dream as usual. New sled, parts, accessories, trailers, a vintage display, info on destinations, seminars and a lot more. One booth that was always busy was an aluminum jet boat builder – too cool! The weather… not our best friend this year. Rain off and on all weekend. Oh, I’ve seen it worse; but it wasn’t a cool, crisp sunny weekend like we have occasionally. On the other hand, it wasn’t the forecast of the 2016 show where we were expecting near-hurricane conditions. Bottom line this year is people got wet in the Blue Lot and sometimes while walking between buildings. We are looking forward to next year for sure! Why? SnoWest understands it isn’t a good idea to share the weekend and are moving their show to another date. This means it is likely the exhibitors that didn’t make the trip to Puyallup in 2017, will in 2018. And we are hopeful many of the new exhibitors Dean brought in for 2017 will be back in 2018 too! Mark your calendar now. October 20th and 21st, 2018. Remember, the WSSA Snowmobile and Power Sports Expo and Swap Meet is the OFFICIAL kick-off to snowmobile season in the Pacific Northwest; don’t miss it!

What do you do if you win a sled deck but don’t need a sled deck? This year’s winner sold it within 10 minutes of claiming it!

Always something for the ladies.

Plenty of bikes on display including this blacked-out Indian.


A helmet to fit any head.

Need an accessory? Most anything to make a snowmobile faster or perform better was available.

A smoking deal on a Honda generator.

Snowbikes are gaining popularity on the snow and at Expo.

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

Pink for the lady? Or guy… we don’t judge.

There seems to be a competition between the manufacturers to see which brand can stand out the most on the snow. (Cat’s been in the game for many years.)

While not currently legal on our snowmobile trails, there are places in Washington to use a tracked ATV.

Ryan Mead is a wee bit too big for the new ZR 200. (But how cool for your 10-yr-old?)

Plenty of new sleds and servicing dealers to keep any buyer happy.

Another great vintage display by the Pacific Northwest Vintage Snowmobile Club.

Ready for the Baja 1000.

There were some REALLY nice trailers available for sale.

New this year was RSRacecraft out of Hayden, ID, displaying a couple of aluminum hot rod river boats. WANT!

January 2018 • 13

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

State Parks Update By Pamela McConkey, State Parks Winter Recreation Program Manager

Winter SMAC meeting moved The annual winter meeting for the Snowmobile Advisory Committee (SMAC) has been moved from the Leavenworth/Wenatchee area to Lake Chelan. Unfortunately, staff was unable to find a hotel in Leavenworth that met the per diem rates under the State Travel Manual. We appreciate the assistance and hospitality of the Wenatchee Rec Club and hope to work with them again. The winter meeting will now be held at Campbell’s Resort in Lake Chelan on January 20th. We will work with the local club and groomer (Fatty Ks) to set up a ride on Friday, January 19th. There is a block of rooms available at the resort if you would like to join the committee and staff on the ride or at the meeting. New partnerships in education and enforcement The program has made some new partnerships with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) in both the South Cascades and Mount Baker areas. These areas will receive much needed education and enforcement from WDFW. If you see them on the trails or in the sno-park, please say hello. Website update Staff has been working to update maps and information on the State Parks website. There are now mobile-friendly maps with GPS information embedded available. Look for the ‘mobile friendly map’ link to access them. Not all sno-parks have a mobile-friendly map yet but we hope to have them for all sno-parks soon. Snow finally falling The snow is finally falling. We had an early snowfall in November but a lot of it washed away in the rain. Forecasts are calling for increased snow in all areas; with that, our season can really get going. Be sure you are ready for the season by registering your snowmobiles if you have not already, and please check our website for grooming updates.

14 • January 2018

Charity and Volunteer Reporting time begins anew for 2017/2018! By Craig Miller, WSSA Volunteer and Charity Chair The time has arrived! As of last April 1st, it is time start tabulating and reporting all your hard work in the way of club activities, hours volunteered and any money you raised for charitable organizations. All clubs: Please appoint a member to track your activities during this past summer and through the upcoming season. The information is reported to the International Snowmobile Council, which uses it for public relations activities showcasing all the good things snowmobilers do for the greater good of the community. Over the past couple of years we have lagged in our reporting of all the hard work and service you do. When we are talking to lawmakers or forest managers, this information is a so-called ‘feather in our cap’ to show them how valuable snowmobilers are to the common good. It is most important each club sit down as soon as possible, and selects a person to report your activities as related to volunteering for trail cleanups, maintenance of warming huts, firewood cutting, bridge construction, sno-park improvements, charitable money raising club events and the like. Tabulate the hours donated by each member, the total miles driven for all members to the event and back home, what you did, club dollars expended, the amount of charity dollars you raise and what charity you donated to. It’s easy and fast! Then, report it to me in a short e-mail so I can report it to the International Snowmobile Council as well as maintain the WSSA Volunteer/Charity database for our own public relations and legislative lobbying use such as ‘All Trails to Olympia Day’. Please report each activity to me directly after it happens if possible. That makes my job easier and that way we don’t forget any events. WSSA members, last year we had only one club report their activities out of 43 registered WSSA member clubs. That club was Junco and I filed the report. Pitiful. Can’t we do better? Can you help me better our reporting numbers this season? Reporting ends April 15th of 2018. You can e-mail me with any questions at Please REPORT early and often for each event you do! You have my sincere thanks!

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

January 2018 • 15

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

Safety By Jon Ferrian •

Hello Washington State sledders! Hopefully you have already been out on the snow and are experiencing a great and safe 2017/2018 season! As usual, there is always a lot to chat about, so here we go. NWAC Sled Ambassador Program The WSSA Safety Program has sponsored a new Northwest Avalanche Center, Sled Ambassador Program for the 2017/2018 Season. This program launched in December of 2017 and will consist of two WSSA member snowmobilers who will be out all season interacting with sledders across Washington State. The interactions will take place in snoparks, on the mountains, at special events and on social media like Facebook and Instagram. (@SledNWACus – Facebook and slednwac – Instagram) The goal of this program is to help expose sledders to the basics of avalanche safety equipment, checking the forecast, and training/awareness opportunities. If you see either of these riders out on the snow, feel free to say hi and ask them a few questions about avalanche safety equipment, how to access the winter weather and avalanche forecast through, or how to get signed up for an avalanche awareness or training class this season! Brandon Bell, NWAC Sled Ambassador Brandon currently lives near Rainier and has been sledding since he was 12 years old. Most winter weekends you’ll find him in the mountains on the hunt for untracked snow with his riding buddies or skiing with his family. Brandon is particularly passionate about avalanche safety after having narrowly escaped an avalanche himself eight years ago, and after hearing too many sad stories of talented riders losing their lives to avalanches every year. His personal mission is to increase awareness and knowledge of avalanche safety in his beloved snowmobiling community. Kyle Engberg, NWAC Sled Ambassador Kyle is 22 years old and originally from Bellevue and has been sledding for 19 years. He graduated from Washington State University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and is an avid backcountry enthusiast. If Kyle is not out riding his sled, you can catch him night skiing throughout the week in the Cascades. You will most likely see him riding in the Gold Creek, Stampede Pass and Mount Baker areas. Kyle has completed his Level 1 Avalanche Training and safety is his top priority. He hopes to help educate younger riders in the snowmobile community. You can follow these two riders at @SledNWACus on Facebook or slednwac on Instagram this season!

park instead of on the highway at speed. This situation got me thinking that it may not hurt to do a friendly reminder for everyone to do a double-check of your trucks and trailers to ensure we all get to and from the snow safely! Here is a great checklist from The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers: Before driving, make sure your vehicle maintenance and trailer maintenance are current. This is very important because towing puts additional stress on the tow vehicle. • Check and correct tire pressure on the tow vehicle and trailer, including the spare tire. • Make sure the wheel lug nuts/bolts on the tow vehicle and trailer are tightened to the correct torque. • Be sure the hitch, coupler, draw bar and other equipment that connect the trailer and the tow vehicle are properly secured and adjusted. • Make sure the safety chains are properly criss-crossed and connected, not touching the road but with enough slack to make turns. • Check that the wiring is properly connected; not touching the road, but loose enough to make turns without disconnecting or damaging the wires. • Make sure all running lights, brake lights, turn signals and hazard lights are working. • Verify that the brakes on the tow vehicle and trailer are operating correctly. • Ensure the breakaway system lanyard is connected to the tow vehicle but not to the safety chains or ball mount. • Check that all items are securely fastened on and in the trailer. • Be sure the trailer jack, tongue support and any attached stabilizers are raised and locked in place. • Check load distribution to make sure the tow vehicle and trailer are properly balanced front to back and side to side. • Check side- and rear-view mirrors to make sure you have good visibility. • Check routes and restrictions on bridges and tunnels. • Make sure you have wheel chocks and jack stands. Thanks for taking the time to read through my safety notes this month and I hope I get to see all of you out on the snow this season! Sharing my passion!

BASC – Basic Avalanche Skills Course This season you can take an on-the-snow avalanche training class at The Last Resort in Ronald, sponsored by NWAC. The classes are conveniently located in the central Cascade Mountains, only 17 miles north of I-90’s Exit 80 near Suncadia. Just keep driving north up Salmon La Sac Road (903) north of Roslyn and Ronald and watch the right side of the road. The $50 courses are based on two sections of the AAA snowmobile education guidelines including the three-hour awareness component, and the four-hour companion rescue component, totaling seven hours of course time. Student/instructor ratio per the guidelines is 8:1, with a maximum course size of 16 students. You can register for this class at The following 2018 dates are available: • Saturday, January 6th • Sunday, January 7th • Saturday, February 10th • Sunday, February 11th • Saturday, March 17th • Sunday, March 18th A Close Call! On a recent sled ride with other riders, I witnessed the rear axel of a dual-axel trailer come unbolted at the leaf spring and start dragging under the trailer. The driver was lucky that this happened in the sno-

16 • January 2018

Luckily this disconnected leaf spring was discovered in the sno-park and not while whistling down the interstate at speed.

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington

Matt’s Misc. By Matt Mead • WSSA Publicity Secretary • (509) 697-6062 Ugh! I realize we all have our political views and I also realize we don’t all agree with each other on them. That’s fine. I also know Olympia is full of politicians from both parties and WSSA works with both sides to promote snowmobiling and protect our sport. What shouldn’t be political are the land management agencies in the state. Yes, they take direction from the politicians and party in charge, but the agencies themselves should show no bias. Imagine my disappointment with the first ‘This week with Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary S. Franz’ e-mail the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) sent out. The leading paragraph contained this quote: “You may notice that this note from me is the first of its kind. I'm sending it an effort to better connect with you and your neighbors across the state (nice to meet you!).” A great sentiment for sure, but the very next paragraph titled ‘Standing up for public land’, threw me for a loop and caused me to question the sincerity. The paragraph led with the sentence “This week, I spoke out against President Trump's unlawful and misguided decision to cut more than 2 million acres from the Bear Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments.” At this point she has just turned off every supporter of the President of the United States who recreates outdoors. If she had just used the word ‘misguided’, it may have slid by. By using the word ‘illegal’, she has become partisan. (A quick Google shows it isn’t illegal for a President to amend or rescind a previous President’s Executive Order.) And for me, just bringing up an issue in Utah smells of political bias; with all the opportunities to speak on Washington’s great outdoors, why waste space on Utah in the first-of-its-kind e-mail to Washington outdoorsmen(women)? Let me end this by saying there are a whole lot of trail maintenance volunteers who already feel unappreciated by land use agencies and offending them with political bias isn’t in the best interest of our public lands. State Parks communication’s team is offering to help! A recent e-mail from State Parks is asking for winter recreationists to let them know about upcoming events planned. If the Winter Recreation team has the opportunity, they will include them in radio and TV spots, other traditional media outlets, and Facebook and Twitter. You can easily contact State Parks via e-mail at or phone at (360) 902-8684. Let’s get the word out! Forest Service pulls some Idaho and Wyoming snowmobile maps after lawsuit filed. I’ve mentioned this topic before; the upcoming process of creating Over-Snow Vehicle Use Maps for all National Forests. These maps will show where we can and can’t ride, both trail and off-trail. I’ve also mentioned extreme environmental groups may use this process to limit our access. It’s happening. In this case, newly created maps for the Payette National Forest and Boise National Forest in Idaho, and the Teton Division of the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming were challenged by the Winter Wildlands Alliance, Wildearth Guardians, and The Wilderness Society. The claim is the maps violate the agency’s regulations and environmental laws. The groups say the maps are based on outdated information, violate environmental laws, aren't restrictive enough for snowmobiles, can harm wildlife (the Canada lynx and ground squirrels specifically), and also create conflicts with skiers and snowshoers. It’s hard to say where this goes, but the Forest Service assures there will be no changes in riding areas this season until new maps are released. (Projected date for new maps is no sooner than April 1, 2018.) Texas billionaires let Idaho snowmobilers groom trails. That’s an approximation of the headline. I talked about this issue last season where there was a threat of losing access to riding areas as the trails crossed private land that had been sold to rich out-of-staters. It was just reported the Idaho State Snowmobile Association (ISSA) has made a deal with the owners to groom three trails this season on part of the

land in Adams and Valley counties to allow access to the public lands beyond. ISSA is asking all snowmobilers to be courteous and stay on the trail in this area; there is plenty of open riding on the surrounding public lands. Utah snowmobilers declining despite the state’s rising population. This according to an economic impact study produced by Utah State University for the Utah Snowmobile Association. Snowmobile ownership declined 15% from 13,000 in 1998 to 11,000 today. Jordan Smith, director for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, says this is not a trend unique to Utah. It’s noted snowmobiling has challenges such as costs (for a snowmobile, trailer, tow vehicle, trip expenses and etc.), a short season, and the dependence on abundant snowfall. On the plus side, snowmobiling accounts for over 1,300 jobs and contributes $138.2 million in local industry sales and $88.4 million in value added to Utah’s economy.

Matt Mead Karma! A little girl of five years named Sunshine Oelfke in Ishpeming, MI, wanted a snowmobile. She had been saving for one by stuffing money into her piggy bank. But when she discovered a classmate couldn’t afford to buy milk at school, she donated her money to help. This gained a lot of attention, pulling at the heartstrings of thousands, and a Go-Fund me page was started which resulted in raising over $13,000 to buy milk for her entire class. (Actually, about 16 times over.) Then Arctic Cat got wind of the story. You can probably figure out the rest; Sunshine was presented with a brand-new ZR 120, her dream sled, during a school-wide gathering. Of course Arctic Cat wasn’t finished; they also donated snow gear to the school for those who didn’t have winter clothes. The girl’s mom was quoted as saying “Sunshine is a snowmobile fanatic. We rode over 800

Sunshine Oelfke will be riding in style this snowmobile season!

And from the East Coast… A snowmobile trail lawsuit in New York’s Adirondacks was recently tossed by the state supreme court. Protect the Adirondack, a local environmental group, had sued over the construction of connector trails through the park in 2013, claiming the trails were being built too wide and too many large trees were being cut and was counter to Article 14 of the state constitution which declares the area “shall be forever kept as wild forest lands.” The court disagreed as the trails are designed for year-round, multi-use recreation to include opportunities for hiking, biking, horseback riding and snowmobile use. It’s good to see a win for snowmobilers. And more from the East Coast… In Maine, snowmobilers are breathing a little easier after Interior Secretary Ryan Zinkle said he wants to ensure the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument allows for traditional activities including logging, hunting and snowmobiling and will be prioritized in a new management plan; he’s calling it a ‘made in Maine’ solution. Of course this doesn’t please everyone; Maine’s Governor, Paul LePage, was opposed to the Monument from the start, and environmental groups are concerned the 87,500 acre property located next to Baxter State Park and Mt. Katahdin won’t be protected to the level they think it deserves. If you recall the history on this, originally the land was owned by Roxanne Quimby, founder of Burt’s Bees, an environmentally-friendly personal care products company. Ms. Quimby isn’t a fan of motorized recreation and used her profits to buy up thousands of acres in Maine, (much to the chagrin of many locals), and was hoping for a National Park to be created.

miles together just last year, and she never touched her Arctic Cat piggy bank prior to this mission because she had her heart set on that snowmobile." Snowmobile club president accused of embezzling. Luckily it wasn’t here in Washington! Matthew Cote from Vermont was charged with writing at least 50 checks to himself and to other businesses for personal use totaling over $20,000 during a three-year period. When confronted, the accused claimed he had a drug problem and was supporting his habit with the club’s funds. Hope he gets the help he needs and a proper sentence is given if proven guilty. But we should take this as a cautionary tale; when the club/association treasurer is going over the finances, pay attention and make sure the numbers add up. It’s our responsibility as members. Raffle for an antique snowmobile! The Antique Snowmobile Club of America is raffling off a restored 1969 Allied Rustler. Never heard of one? Me either. Who cares though; how cool would it be to own it?! Tickets are $5 or three for $10. Restoring the machine was a club project; in the summer of 2016 the sled was disassembled at one of their gatherings and the parts scattered in 14 directions. Members cleaned, repaired, repainted and etc., and then put it all back together in the summer of 2017. Raffle details can be found at Facebook and Twitter? Facebook ‘likes’ are over 2,140! We are on Twitter at @wssaus too! Snoflyer or website comments? Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a concern or question with the Snoflyer, WSSA website or our Facebook site. Send an e-mail to or call (509) 969-6799.

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WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington


18 • January 2018

WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington


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WSSA - The Voice of Snowmobiling in Washington


20 • January 2018

January 2018 snoflyer  

The official publication of the Washington State Snowmobile Association.

January 2018 snoflyer  

The official publication of the Washington State Snowmobile Association.