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A Sua Rรกdio Brasileira no Exterior

Be part of WSRO 650 AM’s exciting lineup! Radio 650-WSRO is committed to identifying our customers’ needs and desires. This is why during our shows, we make sure that our hosts are enthusiastic and energetic while bringing news about your company or business to our listeners. We are a trusted source of news and talk and advertising in our community, and can help you get your business into the spotlight. Radio 650’s shows are the perfect mix of information, music and culture. They provide an interactive way for our listeners to hear about important and current matters that impact them every day, at a time where it’s most convenient , such as drive times to and from work. This ensures that our listeners will be informed and educated about your company through on-air live reads, testimonials and recorded spots.

Shows Options: Interação – 8:00am – 9:00am Host: Leandrinho Mix Brasil – 10:00am – 11:00am Host: Frilei Bras & Jehozadak Pereira Mix Brasil em Foco – 11:00am – 12:00pm Host: Frilei Bras & Patricia Buneker Voz do Brasil – 3:00pm – 4:00pm Host: Leandrinho

Shows Descriptions: Interação - In this show Leandro Alves take the classifieds from the listerners every morning from Monday to Friday - 8:00am to 9:00am. Interação is an hour of interaction and networking, where listeners can help each other regarding needs with which they call into the show. Lines are open for listeners to have conversations with each other, and with Leandro himself, and the audience can hear their favorite music, while“classifieds” are discussed. It'syour morning destination for talk, music and information about local goods, jobs, services and people. Start your morning right with Interação.

Mix Brazil - Mix Brazil is produced and presented every day from Monday to Friday by Frilei Bras, with the participation of Jehozadak Pereira with the daily news . This show stands out as it is where the listener keeps track of the latest news, while getting to hear their favorite music. This show has undergone an overhaul of content in 2012 and as a result, fell into favor and preference of the Brazilian community . Following the first hour, comes the Mix Brazil in Focus that includes the participation of journalist Patricia Buneker .

Voz Do Brazil - Hosted by Leandro Alves, Voz Do Brazil, a fan favorite, offers entertainment, information, news and fun for everyone in the afternoon. This upbeat show is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Leandro is a master of impressions and has many voice characters that he has created over the years, as well as plenty of listener and guest interaction, which add multiple dimensions to this overwhelmingly popular and entertaining weekday show.

Package Bronze Includes:

(16 weeks of advertising)

§ 1 mention :15/Monday - Friday § 1 testimonial :60s /Monday - Friday § 1 spot :30s/Monday - Friday

For 4 payments of $800.00 every four weeks

Package Silver Includes:

(16 weeks of advertising)

§ 1 interview :5min/Per Term § 1 testimonial :60s /Monday - Friday § 1 spot :30s/Monday - Friday

For 4 payments of $900.00 every four weeks

Package Gold Includes:

(16 weeks of advertising)

§ 2 interview :5min/Per Term § 1 Mention :15s/Monday - Friday § 1 testimonial :60s/Monday - Friday § 1 spot :30s/Monday - Friday

For 4 payments of $1,200.00 every four weeks

Package Diamond Includes:

(16 weeks of advertising)

§ 4 interview :5min/Per Term § 1 Mention :15s/Monday - Friday § 1 testimonial :60s/Monday - Friday § 1 spot :30s/Monday - Friday

For 4 payments of $1,600.00 every four weeks

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