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Speckled Ivory sends Valdiron de Oliveira to the top spot with 88 points and the win

PBR’s top-ranked Oliveira wins in Arizona Proctor finishes second, two-time World Champ Shivers third


iding Speckled Ivory (Circle T Ranch & Rodeo) for 88 points in the Built Ford Tough Championship Round, top-ranked Valdiron de Oliveira of Aparecida de Goiania, Brazil, won the Professional Bull Riders

event and $38,950 on Sunday at Arena. It is the second win of the year for Oliveira, who also finished first in the season opener in New York. It is the third week in a row that a rider has posted his second win of the season. 2008 PBR World Champion Guilherme Marchi of Leme, Brazil, won two weeks ago in St.

Louis, and Robson Palermo of Rio Branco, Brazil, won last week in Chicago. Oliveira finished with 350 points, two points ahead of Shane Proctor of Mooresville, N.C. Proctor finished first in the championship round and took the event lead after a 90-point ride on After

Shane Proctor rides After Party for 90 points and 2nd place overall

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APRIL 2011

Competitorial “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” …everyone’s heard it or said it one time or another, and it’s advice well attended. It does however, by default, imply that if it is “broke,” it needs to be fixed… or at least should be. This of course applies to a lot of things going on right now… the federal budget (and its deficit), the education system, national health care, our federal social security system, Medicare, etc, etc. They’re all enormous issues to tackle. So enormous in fact, and so long past a simple mending, that for those charged with addressing these issues, the enormity of bringing about a solution is simply crushing. I can completely relate, and even sympathize to some degree. Every time I pass through my garage and consider how badly it needs a thorough muckin’, and how daunting a task it will be… Mercy! It’s a lot easier to ignore the fact that the situation needs fixin’ and try and pass the problem off to another day. But, alas, just like the broken parts of our government, my garage problem is not going to solve itself… it needs to be fixed. But what about rodeo… team roping… barrel racing, do they need to be fixed? Well, I suppose that depends on whether or not you consider them broken. What is “broken?” Is broken when your pickup begins shifting gears strangely, or when it

quits altogether and leaves you stranded along the highway with two kids and a trailer full of horses? With hindsight, whether it be a slipping transmission or an un-fundable federal entitlement program (or the state of my garage), it’s easy to see these problems could have been more easily addressed on the front side. So, with regard to rodeo, team roping, and barrel racing, where are we? Keep in mind this is not an in-depth analysis, nor does it encompass all the solutions to the problems associated with each sport. It is however a serious attempt to shed some nononsense light on the obstacles each of these unique sports face, from an objective source… me… that will hopefully get some people thinking about fixing impending problems now. First, a look at barrel racing. It’s the easiest because it has the least problems. That’s not to say that barrel racing is moving ahead at full stride at the current time, but given the economic climate, it’s positioned about as well as could be hoped for. Like team roping, barrel racing is never going to be a spectator sport. It is, and always will be, competitor driven. Furthermore, it has a huge advantage over rodeo and team roping in that its events, comparatively speaking, carry with them a very low cost of production. The importance

of this can’t be overrated. Another advantage is that today’s barrel racing structure is one that makes getting involved in the sport relatively inexpensive and easy. Got a horse, three 55-gallon drums and a little bit of space?... you can be a barrel racer (of sorts) in about five minutes. Also helping the sport is the widely accepted and established “D” system of competition. Okay, so from a pure competition perspective, it’s a socialistic approach at best, and just plumb quirky at worst, but it works… and will continue to work. It’s a system that allows for a lot of “dollar trading” among it’s competitors… which is a crucial element to the success of contestant driven sports. The “D” system also intrinsically provides an inviting atmosphere to those looking to take up the sport, and that’s a very important advantage. Of course what is an advantage can also be a disadvantage. The downside to a sport that is produced with low overhead expense and requires a relatively low investment to get involved with, makes it highly susceptible to economic conditions. When the economy is good and cash is flowing more freely, barrel racing is good. When times get hard, the sport will feel the effects and respond negatively much faster than rodeo or team roping. This makes it more volatile, for sure, but if that’s the worst of the sport’s problems… thats not too bad. Team roping is a bigger problem. The things that give barrel racing an advantage are the same things that place the sport of team roping at a disadvantage. High production costs and a substantial initial investment to become a team roper are real

PBR’s top-ranked Oliveira wins in Arizona Party (Circle T Ranch & Rodeo). It is the second runner-up finish in the last three weeks for Proctor, who has four Top 10 finishes in the last five events. Oliveira and Proctor were the only two riders who were a perfect 4-for-4 on their bulls. Two-time PBR World Champion Chris Shivers was the leader heading into Sunday. He held the top spot going into the championship round after finishing second in Round 3 with 88.75 points on Space Chimp (Circle T Ranch & Rodeo). Shivers, however, was unable to ride Pure Smoke in the championship round, and finished third with 264.75 points.

Oliveira has 5,069.25 points in the BFTS season standings, and increased his lead over No. 2 Austin Meier to 809.75 points. Marchi is third with 4,170.5 points, while 2010 PBR Rookie of the Year Silvano Alves is fourth with 4,044.75 points. Proctor moved up to fifth place with 3,495.5 points. The next stop for the BFTS is Save Mart Center in Fresno, Califrnia, for the Table Mountain Casino Invitational on Friday and Saturday. Bull riding begins at 8 p.m. on Friday, and at 7 p.m. on Saturday. Good seats are still available at or by telephone at


(800) 745-3000. Glendale was the 10th stop on the nationally-televised BFTS, which makes 28 stops in 23 states. The season began at world-famous Madison Square Garden in New York, and culminates Oct. 26-30 in Las Vegas at the richest bull riding event in the world, the PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals. The Finals is where the 2011 PBR World Champion will be crowned and awarded the $1 million Built Ford Tough bonus.

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problems for which the sport has no simple solutions. Like barrel racing, team roping is completely contestant generated and that’s not going to change. This means that as production costs continue to increase, it’s the contestants that will have to bear the burden… there’s just no way around it. It’s when that burden becomes too great to bear, that the end is near, and that’s a fact. You don’t have to look very far for proof of this. Just a few years ago, you’ll remember that team penning was all the rage. It was a sport that had many of the advantages that barrel racing has. Namely, it was easy to become a team penner… “Got a horse? Can you saddle him? Can you get on?... Congratulations, you’re a team penner.” The killer to the sport however, was the production expense relative to the participation level. It was very hard to run enough team penners through an event to offset the production costs… and there are plenty of now bankrupt, former team penning producers to prove it. Combine high production expenses with a relatively high initial investment of contestants… in both time and money… and team roping has some problems. The USTRC has done a great job in my opinion continued on page 4

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APRIL 2011 Volume 17, Number 4


APRIL 2011




APRIL 2011

Competitorial continued from page 2

of investing in the sport’s future by nurturing youth roping (which is pure expense) and being committed to providing even the most novice caliber team ropers an opportunity to compete. No question the USTRC could have taken the “money route,” and simply opted to only produce events that are profitable, but it’s a good thing they didn’t. Had they chosen that path, I’m pretty sure the sport would be in very serious trouble right now… to the extent that it may have been set back at least 20 years. Still, it’s a rough road right now for the sport of team roping, and if it’s going to survive with the continuing challenges as listed, it will most likely be the USTRC that will have to take the lead. The roping landscape will need to be viewed with a fresh perspective and everything will have

to be on the table. It’s going to require some drastic changes that will undoubtedly take some real courage and commitment to execute, but I don’t see doing nothing and hoping for the best as the answer. Rodeo, and preserving the sport for future generations, may be the biggest challenge of all. Of course it has a built-in advantage that barrel racing and team roping does not have… it IS a spectator sport. Another advantage that it has, which is often overlooked, and most certainly one of its most important (and unfortunately) disrespected assets, is its strong ties to local communities. The problem with the sport starts at the top. Unlike the USTRC that has invested a great deal in the future of the sport of team roping by being committed to promoting and encouraging the youth segment, the PRCA has never put forth any kind of real effort in that regard… and we are witnessing the result. Let’s face it, rodeo is a spectator sport dependent upon roughstock events, and those events, with few

exceptions, are young men’s games… and young men only come from one place… youth. It’s a real problem that has been creeping up on the sport for a while (and ignored) but it’s not going away. In fact, the success of the sport may very well lay with what will done about it in the future. The other serious issue with regard to rodeo is the oft taken-advantage-of, local communities that have been carrying the weight of the financial burden associated with producing their local events. Again, it’s a problem that has been steadily growing for many years, but has, as the result of tough economic conditions, really unveiled itself in recent times. The expense of producing a rodeo, whether it be at the PRCA level or amateur level seems to have been laid solely at the feet of the communities and local rodeo committees. It seems to have taken on a “wham bam, thank-you ma’am” kind of approach, with the sanctioning rodeo body and/or the stock contractor, rolling into town, taking what they can, and slipping away in the night. It’s

a problem that’s been going on for so long now, the offenders don’t even seem to think their committing an offense at all. Well, it’s time they open their eyes. With increasing frequency, all across the country, local communities are calling it quits on rodeo altogether. Sanctioning bodies, rodeo production companies, stock contractors alike best heed the warning signs. Each needs to make a comprehensive analysis of the situation and figure out a way to give more back to these communities. They have to find a way to add “value” to rodeos in ways they haven’t done before. The bottom line for these sports, particularly team roping and rodeo, is that it’s time to do something before it’s too late for something to be done. Burying our heads in the sand is not going to make the problems go away. And with that….it looks like I’ll be muckin’ out my garage this weekend.

PBR’s top-ranked Oliveira wins in Arizona continued from page 2 Glendale Invitational Final results from Arena in Glendale, Arizona 1. Valdiron de Oliveira, 85.5-89.5-87-88-350 points, $38,950; 2. Shane Proctor, 85.25-85.25-87.5-90-348 points, $21,433.33; 3. Chris Shivers, 86.5-89.5-88.75-0-264.75 points, $16,550; 4. Fabiano Vieira, 84.5-0-86.25-87.25-258 points, $8,200; 5. Pistol Robinson, 86-0-89.75-0-175.75 points, $7,850; 6. Luke Snyder, 86.75-0-87.5-0-174.25 points, $5,183.33; 7. Cody Nance, 86.75-0-86.25-0-173 points, $4,050; 8. Guilherme Marchi, 86.25-0-86.25-0-172.50 points, $2,425; 9. Dustin Elliott, 85-087-0-172 points, $1,400; 10. Robson Palermo, 83.75-0-79.250-163 points, $900; 11. Silvano Alves, 80.25-0-78.75-0-159 points, $400; 12. (tie) Ryan McConnel, 0-0-88.25-0-88.25 points, $2,400; Travis Briscoe, 88.25-0-0-0-88.25 points, $3,980; 14. J. B. Mauney, 0-0-87.75-0-87.75 points, $1,700; 15. (tie) Ben Jones, 0-0-87.5-0-87.50 points, $1,033.33; Douglas Ferreira, 87.5-0-0-0-87.50 points, $3,150; 17. Austin Meier, 0-0-87.25-0-87.25 points, $770; 18. Jordan Hupp, 0-086.75-0-86.75 points, $400; 19. Ryan Dirteater, 86.25-0-0-086.25 points, $925; 20. Ned Cross, 0-0-85.5-0-85.50 points, $400; 21. (tie) Elton Cide, 84.25-0-0-0-84.25 points, $400; Kody Lostroh, 84.25-0-0-0-84.25 points, $400; 23. Brian Canter, 0-0-83.5-0-83.50 points, $400; 24. Chance Roberts, 0-0-83.250-83.25 points, $400; 25. Mike Lee, 83-0-0-0-83 points, $400; 26. Aaron Roy, 0-0-79-0-79 points, $400; Brendon Clark, 0-0-0 points, $400; Caleb Sanderson, 0-0-0 points, $400; Chon Miranda, 0-0-0 points, $400; Cody Campbell, 0-0-0 points,

Hank rockets out of the chute with Sean Willingham aboard.

$400; Colby Yates, 0-0-0 points, $400; Cord McCoy, 0-0-0 points, $400; Douglas Duncan, 0-0-0 points, $400; L.J. Jenkins, 0-0-0 points, $400; Paulo Crimber, 0-0-0 points, $400; Paulo Lima, 0-0-0 points, $400; Pete Farley, 0-0-0 points, $400; Sean Willingham, 0-0-0 points, $400; Skeeter Kingsolver, 0-0-0 points, $400; Stormy Wing, 0-0-0 points, $400; Ty Pozzobon, 0-0-0 points, $400 2011 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series Season Standings 1. Valdiron de Oliveira, $142,212; 2. Austin Meier, $96,155; 3. Guilherme Marchi, $110,893; 4. Silvano Alves, $91,880; 5. Shane Proctor, $61,192; 6. Ben Jones, $61,479; 7. Dustin Elliott, $25,091; 8. J.B. Mauney, $44,151; 9. Robson Palermo, $103,113; 10. Ryan McConnel, $36,063; 11. L.J. Jenkins, $33,246; 12. Paulo Lima, $60,030; 13. Cody Nance, $22,495; 14. Jordan Hupp, $19,550; 15. Skeeter Kingsolver, $30,475; 16. Pistol Robinson, $17,898; 17. Chris Shivers, $30,710; 18. Aaron Roy, $31,316; 19. Sean Willingham, $14,985; 20. Ryan Dirteater, $15,353; 21. Colby Yates, $67,260; 22. Wesley Lourenço, $23,506; 23. Mike Lee, $28,407; 24. Kody Lostroh, $18,595; 25. Luke Snyder, $22,074; 26. Renato Nunes, $43,456; 27. Chance Roberts, $22,267; 28. Fabiano Vieira, $29,949; 29. Ned Cross, $11,497; 30. Brendon Clark, $10,347.23; 31. Cody Campbell, $13,938; 32. Travis Briscoe, $10,815; 33. Douglas Duncan, $13,280; 34. McKennon Wimberly, $10,396; 35. Brian Canter, $9,916; 36. Stormy Wing, $18,336; 37. Caleb Sanderson, $24,133; 38. Kasey Hayes, $3,776; 39. Cord McCoy, $16,798; 40. Beau Hill, $4,570; 41. Harve Stewart, $14,336; 42. Reese Cates, $15,179; 43. Ross Coleman, $10,350; 44. Josh Koschel, $5,230; 45. Jason O’Hearn, $3,813

Close Encounter Jesse Byrne steps in front of a bull... and yes... he got it all on film.

Frank Newsom and Shorty Gorham are deployed to save Chris Shivers.


APRIL 2011


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APRIL 2011


Ropers Get Windfall at Mike Cervi, Jr. Memorial Pro Classic



n what would prove to be a preview of their big win at the San Angelo, Texas PRCA Rodeo later in the week, Colby Lovell and Cory Petska combined to win the February 23 Mike Cervi Jr. Memorial Pro Classic team roping event in Casa Grande, Arizona. Their time of 33.18 seconds on five head was seven-tenths of a second faster than the runner-up pair of Derrick Begay and Cesar de la Cruz and paid each man $11,365. Begay and de la Cruz earned $9,405, plus another $500 for finishing second to Brady Tryan and Jake Long in the fifth and final round. Coleman Proctor and Long were


third in the average (each roper could enter with two partners) to earn $7,445, and they were followed by Trevor Brazile and Walt Woodard with $5,485. There were 155 teams taking part and $84,000 in total money. George Aros, who produced the event, said the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund will receive a $12,000 check from his organization, bringing its total contribution to the JCCF through the years to more than $123,000. This was the 30th anniversary of the competition, the 10th year it has been named for Mike Cervi Jr., who died in a plane crash in 2001, and the first year that it was held at the Casa Grande Rodeo Grounds.



2011 Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund, Mike Cervi Memorial Pro Classic Average Champoions, Colby Lovell and Corey Petska finished with a five head Average of 33.18 seconds and earned a total of $22,730

Mike Cervi Memorial Pro Classic February 23, 2011 Casa Grande, AZ Total Payout - $84,000 5 head Average Short Go 1. Brady Tryan / Jake Long, 5.02, $2,000; 2. Derrick Begay / Cesar de la Cruz, 6.11, $1,000

Second Place winners, Derrick Begay and Cesar de la Cruz roped five head in 33.88 seconds in Casa Grande, AZ and won $18,810 in cash


Average 1. Colby Lovell / Corey Petska, 33.18, $22,730; 2. Derrick Begay / Cesar de la Cruz, 33.88, $18,810; 3. Coleman Proctor / Jake Long, 35.54, $14,890; 4. Trevor Brazile / Walt Woodard, 36.97, $10,970; 5/6. Jake Barnes / Stacey Cornet, 38.39, $5,485; 5/6. Ryan Reed / Brian Reece, 38.3, $5,485


Brady Tryan and Jake Long were wicked fast in the fifth and final round of the Mike Cervi Classic. They roped their final steer in 1\2 Horizontal (10 xPro 6.6) 5.02 seconds to win the fast tine payout of $2,000.

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APRIL 2011



APRIL 2011


Lockett Wins Second TEC Title! The 2011 Timed Event Championship of The World Was Another Classic At The Lazy E Arena


n 2005, Kyle Lockett described his win of the Timed Event Championship of the World as “the best moment in my rodeo career right now.” Sunday afternoon the cowboy from Visalia, California became the seventh multi-TEC champion, winning the 2011 TEC with 308.8 seconds on 25 head for $50,000. At the TEC, each contestant is required to compete in all five timed events: tiedown roping, steer roping, heading, heeling and steer wrestling – over five rounds in three days. Each round of competition features excitement with the leaders changing after every run, with only seconds separating them.

Winning $50,000, Kyle Lockett, who also won the championship in 2005 now has a cumulative Timed Event earnings of $206,500. What was the difference in the two titles? Lockett said it was the years in between. This year, marked the third year in a row that he had led after the first go. The other two didn’t pan out for a win. This time though, he stayed steady. Lockett dropped to third on the final run of the second go, the steer roping, the 10th head of the weekend. But he never dipped below third. In fact, he regained the lead on the final run of third go, the steer roping, which is the 15th head, and he never gave it up. So the difference in the two titles, Lockett said is “It’s just good to know you can still do it.” There was also another difference in the most recent title run. In 2005, Trevor Brazile led Lockett by one-tenth of a second going into the final run of the weekend. Lockett tied his steer down in 16.6 seconds, while Brazile was 46.8 seconds. Lockett said it helped this year “having a little bit of a lead” going into the fifth round. He was actually 51.7 seconds ahead of the pack entering Sunday’s fifth round. He didn’t surrender. Actually, it was quite the opposite of 2005, as Lockett had clinched the win before he ran his last draw in the steer roping on Sunday. Jo Jo LeMond, who was second after 24 head, recorded a 51.4 in the steer roping. That left Brazile, the 14-time PRCA and six-time TEC champion, in the lead with 345.0 on 25 head. At the TEC, they give a 60-second time instead of a notime. So, since Lockett was 68 seconds ahead of Brazile, he could take a 60 and still win it. Lockett, the seventh multi-TEC champion in the event’s 27 years, has now earned $206,500 at the TEC, according to statistician Curt Robinson. Brazile of Decatur, Texas, not only earned $25,000 for second in the average, but with Sunday’s round of 48.7 on five head, posted the second fastest round of the weekend. That ran his total for the 2011 TEC to $31,000 and put him over the $600,000 mark for career TEC earnings. To earn a check in the average among the 20-man field is a prestigious accomplishment. In addition to

Lockett and Brazile, those doing just that were: Beau Franzen, Sidney, Montana, 347.3 in third; Landon McClaugherty, Tilden, Texas, 366.3 in fourth; Josh Peek, Pueblo, Colorado, 374.1, in fifth; Russell Cardoza, Terrebone, Oregon, 375.1 in sixth; LeMond of Andrews, Texas, 377.9 in seventh and Bryce Davis, Abilene, Texas, 380.4 in eighth. Besides the average, six checks are paid for the fastest round. Chance Kelton, Mayer, Arizona, worked five head Saturday night in 46.4 seconds for the fastest overall round and $10,000. Cash Myers of Athens, Texas took home the “Hottest Heeler” award by Hot Heels Roping Machines for having the fastest heeling run of the event – a 5.5 in the fifth round. The TEC was developed by the Lazy E in 1985 to determine the best all-around timed event cowboy in the world — the man who could stand out in more than his specialty event, the man who could be consistent in all five timed events. The majority of today’s professional rodeo cowboys no longer compete in multiple events, but specialize in one, possibly two. This event attracts the biggest names in the rodeo industry that correlates into 45 World Championship titles, in addition to thousands of fans representing 48 states from across the country! A portion of the proceeds from the 2011 Timed Event Championship will be donated to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. The Lazy E is proud to support this institution for western preservation!

Winning $31,000 at this years TEC event, Trevor Brazile, the 6-time champion of the event and 5-time reserve champion has accumulated a total of $610,500 in his 16 years in event attendance. The 2011 Timed Event Championship is sponsored by Priefert Ranch & Rodeo Equipment, Pendleton Whiskey, Wrangler, Cross Bar Gallery, Ram Trucks, Ariat Boots, John Vance Motors, Coca-Cola, Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, Cinderella, R.K. Black, Inc., Gist Silversmiths, Spin to Win Magazine, National Saddlery, Hot Heels, The Oklahoman, Shorty’s Caboy Hattery, CSI Saddlepads, News 9, the Best Western Edmond, and the Fairfield Inn & Suites – Edmond. The 2011 Timed Event Championship was a Lazy E Production. For more information on the Timed Event Championship or other Lazy E events, contact: Lazy E Arena, 9600 Lazy E Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044, 405/282-RIDE, 800-595-RIDE or visit

Kyle Lockett, Visalia, California – 2011 PRCA Timed Event Champion


2011 TEC Champion, Kyle Lockett competed great throughout the weekend adding himself to the list of multi-TEC champion.

Bryce Davis of Abilene, Texas, heeling in the second go-round. Davis finished eight overall.

Beau Franzen of Sidney, Montana finished in third place. Here he is heading in the fourth go-round.


APRIL 2011

Landon McClaugherty of Tilden, Texas shown here in the steer wrestling in the fourth round finished fourth overall. Always among the winners, Jo Jo LeMond of Andrews, Texas finished seventh at this year’s TEC. LeMond, a world-class roper heeled great throughout the event as seen here in the fourth go-round.

Timed Event Championship Average - 5 head 1. Kyle Lockett, Visalia, California, 308.8, $50,000; 2. Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 345.0, $25,000; 3. Beau Franzen, Sidney, Montana, 347.3, $15,000; 4. Landon McClaugherty, Tilden, Texas, 366.3, $10,000; 5. Josh Peek, Pueblo, Colorado, 374.1, $7,500; 6. Russell Cardoza, Terrebone, Oregon, 375.1, $5,000; 7. Jo Jo LeMond, Andrews, Texas, 377.9, $4,500; 8. Bryce Davis, Abilene, Texas, 380.4, $3,000. Fastest Rounds 1. Chance Kelton, Mayer, Arizona, 46.4, $10,000; 2. Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 48.7, $6,000; 3. Russell Cardoza, Terrebone, Oregon, 50.2, $5,000; 4. Daniel Green, Oakdale, Calif., 51.5, $4,000; 5. Cade Swor, Chico, Texas, 52.2, $3,000; 6. Cash Myers, Athens, Texas, 53.0, $2,000.

Russell Cardoza who hails from Terrebone, Oregon finished sixth overall at the 2011 TEC. Here is Cardoza steer roping in the second go-round

Pueblo, Colorado’s Josh Peek, past champion of the TEC finished fifth this year. Here is Peek in the second round of the tie-down roping.

Nicknamed the 4-musketeers, Daniel Green, Cody Cowden, Kyle Lockett and Trevor Brazile are all past PRCA TEC champions.

Pas multi-TEC champion and multiple PRCA All-Around and event World champion, Trevor Brazile finished second at this years event. His career total at the TEC has reached over $610,000.




APRIL 2011


World Series of Team Roping

First Title Fight a Success!

The Bonus Rotation

News, Notes and Information!

When Levi Schofield noticed that we The Heartland format is $1000/roper were granting a few “13/12 Only” events pre-enter, four steer average, three full he called and requested one. The title fights rounds, three head consolation. EVERY Buckeye Largest Qualifier! Bonus Rotation Added were really WSTR special fees #13 and #12 team placing in the average qualifies for Special Heartland Announcement! In 2010 the New Years qualifier at only, but with a slight twist. One little twist the Grand Finale in Vegas. This year we Queen Creek became the best paying was he wanted the normal qualification will be offering a Bonus Rotation in each We have developed an added or Bonus qualifier to that point. Everyone had high with $250 entry fees, and limited to 100 Heartland Finale division. Contestants Feature for those of you entering the expectations that the record would once teams. The $250 price tag has been used entered in a Heartland division may Heartland Finales. First let me describe a again be broken on January 1st, then along plenty of times, and every now and then purchase a second entry with a second potential problem that scared us away from came the historic cold front that froze the works pretty good. This must have been partner for $200/roper. You may enter ononce again holding qualifiers at Heartland. entire country. site or reserve an entry, but the trick here is one of those times. That potential was based on what happened But have no fear , Dynamite Arena still It didn’t take very long for Dynamite to that these Bonus teams will all run in Las Vegas in 2007, and in part what retained its WS record by breaking its own fill 100 teams in both divisions, but progressively in the first rotation prior to happened last year at Heartland. In 2007 we record at Buckeye February 11th. The four without pre-enter payment you know some the beginning of the $2000 teams. These held a warm-up roping in Vegas at $200 per world series divisions paid ropers $265,760 teams just won’t show up. As it turned out Bonus Rotation teams are progressive so man, and let ropers enter only once if they in winnings. The feat had old timers talking only 7 or 8 teams were AWOL in each they are not eligible for any 3 Hd were entered in our Finale. Four Hundred about the Old USTRC Desert Hills ropings division. But it had to be a record for any Consolation money. and fifty teams later we realized what we in the 90s that consistently would have roping, $63,000 paid out in two divisions in The Bonus Team is a second entry and had done, and we just didnt do that again. close to 400 teams in most of the divisions. less than five hours. Compliments were you may NOT enter a second time with the Keeping that in mind, let me describe the This roping certainly should have the same partner. The list for each division will plenty following this roping, Heartland situation last year. largest payoffs of the 2011 snowbird congratulations to the entire crew at be posted on-line one week prior to We expected Heartland team counts to be season. Dynamite Arena, Cave Creek, AZ. Heartland. There will be ample time to low last year since it was our very first year. The #10 roping came up just 14 teams locate a second partner on-site. The When entries were completed the Finale shy of the elusive 400 team mark. Still it #12 WS divisions averaged 125 teams each. Even with question we anticipate the most can I bring appears the biggest winners of a qualifier 1. JoeDan Mirabal/Ken Whyte, 31.81, $12,272; 2. a second partner that is not already entered three full rounds we felt we had plenty of at the $150 entry fee, at least for this Sid Cooley/Travis Ericcson, 34.30, $9,279; 3. Rick in the Finale? The answer is——yes, time to run the qualifiers. But when everyone season will be Brian Doner and Bob Shepard/Dale Woodard, 35.50, $6,186; 4. Madisen however that partner will pay $1000 to in the Finale entered the qualifiers twice, and Strander splitting $20,161. Seven teams Austin/Daren Austin, 35.52, $3,093 enter. It will be well understood that this mixed in the local Oklahoma ropers, nearly qualified from the #10 for the Grand Finale every qualifier was pushing 300 teams. It was will be a $1200 Bonus Rotation team #13 WS in Las Vegas. All total 21 teams qualified (progressive) vs the $400 bonus team. hard on the ropers and cattle. from the four divisions to advance to Las In conclusion, we believe this is our best 1. Shayne O’hotto/Chad Wahlert, 30.62; 2. Edward So in preparing for this years Heartland Hawley/Trent Tunke, 31.16, $9,630; 3. Wayne Vegas. option for giving you more roping, we asked ourselves what if? What if the Shaw/Brooks Dahozy, 35.39, $6,420; 4. George reducing your per entry cost, retaining Finales grow to 200 teams and more locals Aros/Stuart Bigbee, 35.80, $3,210 maximum leverage on the payout and at the show up. The potential of taking the focus same time allows us to estimate a off of our finale and turning a championship MONTH FEB 11 BUILT BY VSA IN HOUSE PROOF A CRX’D MONTH-MAR 09 BUILT BY-P/U W/CHG DP IN HOUSE PROOF CRX’D controllable team count. Entries dont event into a major marathon seemed more always rise, but just in case they do, we than a possibility. This isnt what we are will be ready. all 1\4 about. V (4.9 x 6.6)

Your horse is ready to go . . .


Is your truck ready to tow? Complete Light Duty Diesel Truck Maintenance and Diagnostics Preventative Maintenance Pre-purchase Inspections

505.299.0591 3700 Morris St. NE • Albuquerque, NM 87111 located on the NE corner of Morris & Comanche

Hours: M-F 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Little Buckaroo 10" Kid’s Saddle

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Barrel Saddle ! ! !* + $ && $% ## !

Team Roping Saddle $ ) "( $ *$ ' $ !& !& "$! & $ && $% ## !

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Finally A Saddle Anyone Can Afford! $)' , #$ $ +)*'% '( #&!'(% *#'& /& #0 1 % 1 --- '((# &* )

$ ) 1 ( )* '$$ () $$ ) 1 &*"'&/ 1 ! . $ ' '%


APRIL 2011

USTRC News and Notes A Word From the President, Kirk Bray I never cease to be amazed at how events happening on the other side of the world can affect us here at home, but the prices at the pump tell the story. While fuel prices are affecting all of us, some are more affected than others, and USTRC has taken a close look at what it can do to give its members the opportunities they are looking for close to home. That’s why USTRC revived its GrassRoots events that I told you about last month, and now USTRC is bringing a new look and location to the Regional Finals. First, ropers in California will be happy to know that the West Coast Regional Finals has moved to Salinas July 28-31. This is a favorite arena for ropers and the move will allow more time for ropers to earn Flex Earnings to qualify for those all-important Shoot-Out positions. (USTRC will still have an event in Paso Robles in June; however, it will become a Format 4 qualifier.) Second, USTRC has dropped the entry fees of the preliminary divisions at the West Coast Regional to $100/roper, enter three times. And, this year at all Regional Finals ropers can expect to see an increase in local publicity and sponsorship contributions. For the Gold Plus roper, you’ll be especially interested in the Regional Finals as a minimum of $10,000 will be added to the #12 Gold Plus roping at each event. A web site and the Keep looking to the USTRC SuperLooper for more information and thanks for your support. Kirk Bray USTRC. . .The Home of America’s Cowboy Sport

Earnings for a National Shoot Out - $3,000 per partner USTRC will allocate $2,000 in Flex You Take Control Earnings for a Regional Shoot Out - $1,000 per partner With USTRC’s Flex Earnings Program Applied Earnings – Actual cash winnings Rejoice! Take control of your earned acquired as a result of placing at approved Shoot-Out positions and decide where USTRC Sanctioned, Grassroots, and Affiliate you want to rope, with whom you want to events. Applied Earnings can be used at the rope and how you’d like to become a roper’s discretion either at the Regional Finals Shoot-Out champion. or the National Finals or with a partner of Flex Earnings, the exclusive pointchoice. Unused Applied Earnings will carry earning program of the USTRC, allows over from season to season you to utilize your earned Shoot-Out Available Earnings - The sum of Flex positions to the fullest. This new face for qualifying for a USTRC Shoot-Out is roper Earnings and Applied Earnings. Note: USTRC will track Flex Earnings and Applied Earnings friendly, allowing the roper the flexibility separately. However, the sum of the two will and freedom to conduct their team roping be totaled as Available Earnings for each roper business in a manner that fits their needs. to see on their on-line Ropers Results page Flex Earnings allow you to pair your (see Roper’s Results example opposite). earnings with partners you believe will A National Shoot-Out is valued at $6,000 make you most successful. in Flex Earnings, which means $3,000 (points) The Flex Earnings Program works just will be allocated to each partners account. like a bank account that you add to as you A Regional Shoot-Out is valued at $2,000 win, and spend as you wish. in Flex Earnings, which means $1,000 (points) In order to fully understand how the will be allocated to each partners account. program works, below are the key All Flex Earnings will be considered components of the qualification process; “generic,” which means you will have the Flex Earnings, Applied Earnings and flexibility to spend your Flex Earnings as you Available Earnings. choose (Regional Finals or National Finals), Flex Earnings – Point earnings with whom you choose and in any division of allocated as a direct result of winning or your choice. In other words, USTRC doesn’t placing at a sanctioned, grassroots or mandate that you must use your Flex Earnings affiliated USTRC event. Flex Earnings can with the partner you won with nor will you be used at the roper’s discretion at either have to use it in the division you won it in. It’s the Regional Finals or the National Finals now your choice to invest your Shootand with a partner of choice. Flex Out/Flex Earnings as PROOF you see fit. MONTH-APR BUILT BY-P/U IN HOUSE CRX’D Earnings, which2011 are more like points and W/CHNGS-DP In addition to the above Flex Earnings not actual cash, do not carry over from season to season and therefore expire at the distribution, participation at any USTRC event qualifies Gold Plus members receive $3,000 end of each season. 1\2 Horizontal (10 x to6.6) of Flex Earnings and Gold Spur members to USTRC will allocate $6,000 in Flex


," '

& !.

( )



receive $1,000 of Flex Earnings. So, if for some reason you fail to qualify for a Shoot-Out by not placing in the Average at a USTRC event, your membership Flex Earnings guarantee you a Shoot-Out position.

Here’s how you can invest your earnings: You may use a portion (increments of $100) of Available Earnings (sum of Flex Earnings and Applied Earnings) toward a Shoot-Out qualification. For example, Roper A has $1,400 in Available Earnings and Roper B has $600 in Available Earnings they can combine their $2,000 of Available Earnings to qualify for a Regional Shoot-Out entry. The same holds true for a National Shoot-Out. If Roper A has $3,500 in Available Earnings and Roper B has $2,500 in Available Earnings they can combine their $6,000 of Available Earnings to qualify for a National Shoot-Out entry. Gold Plus Shoot-Outs fall under the same guidelines. The Flex Earnings may be used to enter a Regional Shoot-Out or National ShootOut. Again, it’s your money, spend it as you see fit. Flex Earnings, not to be confused with Applied Earnings, must be used in the season they were won. Unused Applied Earnings will continue to be allowed to carry over from season to season. Applied Earnings are acquired as a result of placing at approved Sanctioned or Affiliate events whereas Shoot-Outs/Flex Earnings are not awarded. Give us your feedback. Send your comments or questions to



( )

744(06 .($5( 6+417*+ 4(0(9 ;4 ,0&4(/(065 = (9 564$0' )(0&( 9,6+ 5.,&- 612 9,4( *$6(5 )14 *11' $&&(55 = 1.$4 219(4(' ",0'/,.. 9$6(4 5614$*( '4,0-(4 6$0= ($5( $2241: $ ;($4 = 174 '4,8( )41/ &1665'$.( = (.(8$6,10 9,6+ 6(/25 ,0 6+( /,' ?5 /156 1) 6+( 57//(4

# >"14-5+12 = ((' 5614$*( = 145( 2,2( 4$,. 56$..5 ,0 &(06(4 = "$6(4 61 ($&+ = $66.( 914-,0* 2(05 537((<( &+76( %(+,0' %$40 +& (

&* . ('# ()

$ '%


! > .((6911' # = = "11' 5618( = 412$0( = .(&64,& = 4,8$6( 9(..

80 Acres in Concho, Arizona. County Rd. 5020 Fenced, passed perk test, ready for new home. $42,000 Call for address and information.

* )*


-% ($'+


($'+ % "$ '%



APRIL 2011

National All Amateurs Team Roping Tour

Carolyn Fraser / J.T. Thomas, 36.1, $1,230; 3. Bert Croteau / J.T. Thomas, 39.14, $820; 4. Wendy Wilson / Frank Parker, 39.23, $410

Ty Yost Thursdays Litchfield Park, AZ; Dunn’s Arena 13 Roping Average Tom Christinck / Samuel Marquez, 35.44, $560, Buckles; Recent NAA Results 1 Jon Scolari Tiny / Bradford, 31.01, $2,200; 2 Macy 8. Tom Christinck / Cameron Melendrez, 35.5, $500, No Wolves Fuller Paul / Freed, 32.54, $1,500; 3 Shawn Whetten / Hamblin / Erika Leveille, 35.71,IN$400, MarchA 12; Litchfield Park, AZ Darrel Sewell, 33.96, $300 MONTH-MAR 2011 Buckles; 9. Bill BUILT BY-DP HOUSE PROOF CRX’D Buckles; 10. Tony Stahl / Jay Holeman, 37.45, $330, 8 Roping 10 Senior Buckles Average Fast Time Payoff No Wolves Allowed 1. Jesus Guerrero / Cameron Melendrez, 23.87, $1,960, George Heath / Gary Capurro, 7.05, $300; 2 Don 1\4 Horizontal (7.3 x1Hockett 3.75) Century Roping Saddles; 2. Tony Stahl / Bobby Dunn, 29.94, $1,220, / Jedd Parfrey, 7.21, $200 Round 1 Saddles; 3. Doug Gray / Isreal Fimbres, 30.16, $980, Average 1. Bert Croteau / J.T. Thomas, 8.15, $460 Saddles; 4. Doug Gray / Ellis Longfellow, 30.57, $820, 1 Jim Berry / Gary Mayfield, 24.57, $1,760; 2 Don Average Buckles; 5. Ron Morris / Trey Tanner, 31.05, $720, Buckles; Hockett / Jedd Parfrey, 26.19, $1,300; 3 George Heath / 1. Dave Rinehart / Sonny Wilcox, 33.49, $1,640; 2. 6. Tracey Walker / Joe Murdock, 34.1, $660, Buckles; 7. Aaron Semas, 26.79, $880; 4 Michael Geney / Earl

You’ve seen the rest...Now wear the BEST! RED BLUFF BUCKLES


! A





1\2 Horizontal (10 x 6.6) Hand Made in the USA! Quality Guaranteed!


Higgins, 29.96, $440 Wickenburg All Amateurs 10 True Century Round 1 1. Bill Phillips / Sonny Wilcox, 7.08, $530; 2. Mike Schmitz / Danny Eagerton, 7.73, $250 Average 1. Robyn Darvis / Sonny Wilcox, 26.25, $2,900; 2. Riley Druery / Larry Klinger, 26.36, $1,920; 3. Allen Capurro / Ray Lane, 26.87, $1,520; 4. Eddie Davis / Phil Moffitt, 27.84, $1,120; 5. Margaret Kenneally / Beaver Bird, 27.96, $560 Super 9 Round 1 1. Shayne Ohotto / Bobby Dunn, 6.71, $600; 2. GW Ross / Beaver Bird, 6.9, $450; 3. Raymond / Kerr Bobby Dunn, 7.14, $300; 4. Tony Stahl / Gary Capurro, 7.34, $150 Average 1. Ivan Lambert / Gene Surber, 24.27, $5,000; 2. Tommy Martin / Mark Bauer, 25.15, $2,920; 3. Adan Quezada Jr. / Barrett Littel, 25.44, $2,260; 4. Adan Quezada Jr. / Eduardo Aranda, 26.96, $1,590; 5. Howard Watson / Deivetss Tena, 28.49, $1,190; 6. Doug Gray / Eduardo Aranda, 30.18, $930; 7. Jack Lloyd / Marlon Draper, 31.93, $300 Super 9 Saturday, March 5, 2011 10 Roping Average 1. Bert Croteau / Blake Nelson, 24.68, $1,600; 2. Foster Cheatham / Lance Saville, 25.77, $1,200; 3. Jack Lloyd / Marlon Draper, 28.59, $800; 4. Glenn Nichols / Cody Goklish, 29.29, $400 Super 9 Roping $5,000 Winner – Ivan Wigmyer Incentive 1. Linda Teague / Rachel Mendoza, 14.91 on 2, $500, Buckles; 2. Darcy Foster / Harold Yazzie Jr, 16.52 on 2, $500, Breastcollars; 3. Wendy Wilson / Paulette OHotto, 17.89 on 2, $400, Breastcollars Average 1. Murray Suitor / Cody Goklish, 25.62, $2,000, Saddles; 2. Ivan Wigemyr / Frank Weidner, 27.73, $1,200, Breastcollars; 3. Bruce Teague / John Helland, 28.32,


World Finals 10 Century Round 1 1. Doug Lind / Sam Morgan, 6.85, $700; 2. Jim Mock / Les Jodie, 7.26, $520; 3. Sam Scott / Joe Carmin, 7.46, $340; 4. Barbara Kenney / Daniel Shehady, 7.66, $200 Average 1. Barbara Kenney / Daniel Shehady, 24.74, $4,750, Buckles; 2. Bruce Bolen / Wayne Pierce, 25.38, $3,000; 3. George Schreiner / Floyd Marshall, 25.66, $2,060; 4. George Schreiner / Ray Lane, 26.2, $1,740; 5. Ray Nebergall / Truman Harrison, 27.64, $1,420; 6. Ray Nebergall / Bobby Adair, 28.77, $1,260; 7. Mark Broughton / John Deeney, 29.57, $950; 8. Monte Alkire / Randy Jackson, 30.32, $630 All Girl Round 1 1. Sammy Jo Fernlund / Kim Williamson, 7.77, $500 Average 1. Sammy Jo Fernlund / Tammy Lewis, 24.08, $1,800, Buckles; 2. Sammy Jo Fernlund / Kim Williamson, 28.04, $1,350; 3. Tracey Walker / Paulette OHotto, 31.05, $900; 4. Janet Mickelson / Kim Williamson, 33.41, $450

10 Match of Champions Round 1 1. Raymond / Kerr Randy Jackson, 7.19, $460; 2. Shayne Ohotto / Bobby Dunn, 7.23, $360; 3. Jim Mock / Danny Eagerton, 7.29, $230; 4. David Tsosie / Clay Tsosie, 7.3, $120 Average 1. Shayne Ohotto / Jerry Christensen, 23.12, $5,000, Jackets; 2. Jack Lloyd / Blake Nelson, 24.99, $2,300, Jackets; 3. Kimble Moffitt / Bill Sherwood, 26.8, $1,800, Jackets; 4. Willy Vietor / Mike Williams, 27.16, $1,260, Jackets; 5. Kelly Quibell / Danny Eagerton, 27.6, $940, Jackets; 6. Karen Mcfarlane / Rory Phelan, 27.67, $730, Jackets; 7. Tracey Walker / Joe Battaglia, 29.61, Jackets; 8. Delvin Stuber / Kim Williamson, 30.91, Jackets; 9. John Morales / Clint Anderson, 31.41, Jackets; 10. Allen Capurro / Ray Lane, 32.38, Jackets 10 Roping Round 1 1. David Tsosie Bill Sherwood / $1,440, 6.59; 2. Sean Trodahl Scott Trodahl / $860, 6.75; 3. Sam Scott Larry Ness / $570, 6.84 Shortgo 1. Edgar Villegas JJ Butler / $500, 5.8 Average 1. Bob Shedeed / Tyler Johnson, 19.25, $10,500, Buckles; 2. Beto Lechuga / Rory Phelan, 21.81, $7,300; 3. Sherman Begay / Ray Lane, 22.91, $5,100; 4. Bob Shedeed / Shawn Roanhorse, 23.07, $4,100; 5. Rigo Carmona / Hayes Mcrae, 23.27, $3,170; 6. Ivan

Annual Horse Sale Success!


ershberger Performance Sale Company, Jason and Nikki Hershberger, held their sixth annual performance horse sale Saturday, February 19, 2011 in Queen Creek, AZ at the Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Center. Horses were previewed on Friday at 1 p.m. and again on Saturday at 9 a.m. Horses were demonstrated in the events of: roping, cutting, cow horse, reining, barrels, and mounted shooting. The sale began at 1:00. A professional staff included: Auctioneers, Joel White, announcers, John Johnson and Darren Moore, and bid spotters included Stacy Lee, Mitch Armitage, and Cas Salley, and the office was managed by Sara Vaessen Pedigrees. CSR Equine mobile clinic was available for pre-purchase exams. The High-Selling Horse, Seven S Christina, was consigned by agent, Brad

Lund for Mike O’Donnell. Seven S Christina, is a 2001 Red Dun Mare that sold for $24,500. This beautiful mare is a well broke head Horse, heel horse, and you can cow horse on her too. Other top-ten selling horses were consigned by: Cody Wensing, Jimmie Paul, Rick Chayer, Fred and Katie Stone, Les Oswald, and Ryland Edgmond. The Top-Ten Horses averaged $16,570. Jason is always excited to see good horses from the sale go on to be successful with their new owners. Jason was glad to see the quality of horses that were brought by consignors from AZ, CA, SD, OK, KS, CO, ID, WY, UT, and MT. The over-all average sale price on the horses sold was $7,409. Thanks to the consignors who brought these quality horses. This year’s lucky buyer was Steve Casterton of Queen Creek, AZ. He took

Wigemyr / Devin Wigemyr, 23.47, $2,560; 7. Doug Lind / Kim Williamson, 23.5, $2,180; 8. Edgar Villegas / J.J. Butler, 23.79, $1,760; 9. Beto Lechuga / Deivetss Tena, 23.99, $1,380; 10. Carlos Aranda / Eduardo Aranda, 24.1, $1,380; 11. JJ Bustillos / Larry Ness, 24.77, $500; 12. Sy Cluff / David Begay, 25.6, $500; 13. Todd Asquith / Shari Tincher, 25.62, $500; 14. Jerry Lilly / Randy Jackson, 25.81, $500; 15. John Morales / Shawn Roanhorse, 25.83, $500; 16. Sam Scott / Randy Jackson, 25.95, $500; 17. Bert Croteau / Randy Jackson, 25.98, $500; 18. Kerry Black / Rex Hawkins, 26.51, $500; 19. J.J. Cabrera / Scott Trodahl, 26.62, $500; 20. Jody Sappington / Paulette OHotto, 27.67, $500 8 Match of Champions Round 1 1. Jeremy Knowles / Ricardo Torres, 7.64, $550; 2. Bert Croteau / Bobby Dunn, 8.02, $330; 3. Mark Stafford / Bobby Dunn, 8.2, $220 Average 1. Bert Croteau / Bobby Dunn, 29.91, $5,000, Buckles; 2. Sam Scott / Preston Porter, 32.33, $2,180, Jackets; 3. Bert Croteau / Doug Williams, 33.37, $1,680, Jackets; 4. Luis Torres / Rex Hawkins, 33.38, $1,190, Jackets; 5. Bob Crosthwaite / Chuck Bagley, 34.63, $900, Jackets; 6. Stan Aylward / Adan Quezada Jr., 34.77, $680, Jackets; 7. Jack Lloyd / Joe Battaglia, 35.27, Jackets; 8. John Teigen / Herb Snow, 36.55, Jackets; 9. Bob Crosthwaite / Willie Couchum, 40.81, Jackets; 10. Debi Alps / Herb Snow, 41.13, Jackets

8 No Wolves Truck Roping Truck Winner – Rick Ellis Shortgo 1. Kyran Tsosie / J.W. Walma, 6.39, $400 Average 1. Doug Miller / Erick Minjarez, 25.74, $3,500, Saddles; 2. Kyran Tsosie / J.W. Walma, 25.75, $2,400, Saddles; 3. Stanley Smith / Tyler Smith, 26.55, $2,000, Saddles; 4. Rick Ellis / Tom Manson, 26.63, $1,800, Saddles; 5. Gerardo Ramos / Romeo Moreno, 27.734, $1,500, Saddles; 6. Trampus Mansker / Darren Tsosie, 28.709, $1,500, Saddles; 7. Starr Asquith / Roberto Estrada, 28.76, $1,400, Saddles; 8. Rick Ellis / Ben Wagoner, 28.8, $1,400, Saddles; 9. Mike Cullen / Butch Sahara, 29, $1,000, Saddles; 10. Humbertos / Picos Damian Soto, 29.22, $1,000, Saddles; 11. Jake Cruzan / Dickson Hosteen, 29.6, $800, Buckles; 12. Sam Sotelo / Samuel Marquez, 29.68, $800, Buckles; 13. Johnny Chambers / Marlin Stephenson, 30.07, $800, Buckles; 14. Michelle Thomas / Pace Blanchard, 30.3, $800, Buckles; 15. Sergio Rascon / Rex Hawkins, 30.34, $800, Buckles; 16. Humbertos Picos / Roberto Estrada, 30.45, $800, Buckles; 17. Kim Thomas / Franco Ben, 31.12, $800, Buckles; 18. Stefani Lyman / Willy Vietor, 32.34, $800, Buckles; 19. Chet Carl / Jim Watson, 32.55, $800, Buckles; 20. Eddie Davis / Junior Zambrano, 32.76, $800, Buckles; 21. Pablo Araujo / Carlos Aranda, 32.85, $300, Breastcollars; 22. Sergio Chavez / Tony Flores, 33.24, $300, Breastcollars; 23. Francisco Gutierrez / Preston Porter, 33.72, $300, Breastcollars; 24. Stefani Lyman / Javier Bustillos, 34.86, $300, Breastcollars; 25. Gary Robinson / Larry Klinger, 35.3, $300, Breastcollars

home the DHS trophy saddle from the raffle drawing at the end of the sale. We are excited to see the Casterton boys competing on a nice calf horse that was purchased at the sale and will be performing in the Jr. High and High School Rodeos. Good food, beautiful Arizona weather on Friday, shopping, and great horses to watch

and bid on made this years performance horse sale a success. Hershberger Performance horses would like to thank all that attended. We are grateful to all of our buyers that trust in the quality brought to the Hershberger Performance Horse Sale.

Auctioneers, Joel White and some of the 2011 Hershberger Performance Sale staff.

Tr Big Hope Badger consigned by Cody Wensing sold for $21,200 to Brad Custer from Queen Creek, AZ



$1,000, Breastcollars; 4. Ivan Wigemyr / Devin Wigemyr, 29.46, $800, Breastcollars; 5. Shayne Ohotto / Stan Barber, 30.04, $600, Jackets; 6. Joe Mcclinton / Art Gallais, 30.53, $500, Jackets; 7. Jacque / Ertz Dee Curry, 33.06, $500, Jackets; 8. Ron Morris / Deivetss Tena, 33.69, $300, Jackets; 9. Bill Campbell / Rachel Mendoza, 35.15, $300, Halters; 10. George Woods / Frank Weidner, 36.55, $300, Halters

APRIL 2011

Seven S Christina consigned by Brad Lund agent for Mike O’Donnell was the high seller $24,500


APRIL 2011



APRIL 2011



PRIZES 6 Trophy Cowboy Gold Saddles • Average winners of the #11, #10 & #9

23 Trophy Gist Buckles

USTRC Sanctioned Event Guarantee Never Less Than

• Incentive Average winners of the #12, #11, #10 & #9 • Average & Incentive Average winners of the Gold Plus • 1st through 3rd place Average winners of the #8 Pick/Draw • Average winners of the All Girl • Winners of the Jr. Looper Divisions

11 National / $6,000 USTRC Flex Earnings Awards 6 Trophy Leather Rope Bags 29 Regional / $2,000 USTRC Flex Earnings Awards • Average winners of the #15, #13 & #12 6 Gold Plus National / $6,000 USTRC Flex Flex Earnings Awards • Minimum of $160,000 at this event Earnings Awards Membership Purchase US Open Tour Points (awarded through 10th in the Average) With • Gold Spur members receive $1,000 in Flex Earnings • Gold Plus members receive $3,000 in Flex Earnings Ultimate Partner Finder Draw-in Options in Effect (for more details see the format section in The back of this issue of SuperLooper Magazine)


MAY 6-8, 2011


ACTION STARTS 9 a.m. DAILY FRIDAY, MAY 6 Open (w/ #15 Inc.) #15 Handicap #13 Handicap #12 (w/ #11 Inc.)

SATURDAY, MAY 7 Gold Plus #12 (w/ #10 Inc.) Century Bonus included #11 (w/ #10 Inc.) #10 (w/ #9 Inc.)

Saturday 12 noon Kids 6 and under, 7-9 and 10-12



Open (with #15 Incentive) $150/roper. Enter 2 times, maximum. 5-steer/Progressive after 1. Any comb. of Incentive/ Non-Incentive. Must qualify to short round to receive Tour Points. #15 Handicap $100/roper. Enter 3 times. 5-steer/Progressive after 1. • #14 team - 2 sec. off • #13 & under team - 4 sec. off

SUNDAY, MAY 8 All Girl Specialty Roping #10 (w/ #8 Inc.) 3 steer Average Pick 1, Draw 1 or Draw 2 for $120/roper #9 (w/ #8 Inc.) #8 Pick/Draw for beginner & novice ropers only #8 Pick/Draw books close at 10:30 a.m.

Location: Spanish Trails Arena Directions: 3500 S. Hwy. 191, Moab, UT 84532 Producer: Walt Eddy / Red Rock Productions

Stalls: First come, first served basis. Stall reservations accepted from Gold Plus members only. Reservations must be made no later than 7 days prior to the event. Call your Gold Plus representative, Ty Hillman. Event info: USTRC office 254.968.0002 Hotels: Red Stone Inn 800.772.1972 or 435.259.3500, 535 South Main Big Horn Lodge 800.325.6171 or 435.259.6171, 550 South Main Moab Valley Inn 800.831.6622 or 435.259.4419, 711 South Main Indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub, free continental breakfast, guest laundry, suites available. Choice Hotels: Special Rate ID #00214570

• Extended Average Pay in All Divisions • Incentive Ropings in the #12, #11, #10 & #9


#13 Handicap $100/roper. Enter 3 times. 5-steer/Progressive after 1. • #12 team - 2 sec. off • #11 team - 4 sec. off #12, #11, #10, #9 $100/roper. Enter 3 times. 4-steer/Progressive after 1. #12 (with #11 Incentive) #11 (with #10 Incentive) #10 capped at an Elite #6 (with #9 Incentive) #9 capped at an Elite #5 (with #8 Incentive) Top 20 teams to the short round. Top 30 to the short round of the #9 only.


Gold Plus #12 (with #10 Incentive) $100/roper. Enter 3 times, maximum. 4-steer/Progressive after 1. Any combination of Incentive/Non-Incentive. Gold Plus members 21 years and over only. Top 3 Average teams and Incentive Average teams receive National Shoot-Outs/Flex Earnings. Top 20 teams to the short round. #8 Pick/Draw (capped at a #4) $180/roper. Pick 1, draw 2 or draw 3. 3-steer/Progressive after 1. • #7 team - 2 sec. off • #6 & under team - 3 sec. off • No Incentive Top 30 teams to the short round.

For more information visit

2011 USTRC membership required before you rope, and may be purchased at this event. Memberships purchased at this event are good for 2011.




APRIL 2011

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Whatever your sport...whatever your pace...whatever your breed...

In Memoriam Billy Joe Mars


ormer Bayfield resident Billy Joe Mars died Friday, March 4, 2011, at his home in Aztec. He was 68. Known as “Bill,” he was born to James and Faye Mars on August 11, 1942, in Elida, New Mexico. He grew up in Bayfield and graduated from Bayfield High School in 1961. On April 30, 1966, he married Patricia Davis in Durango. The couple settled in Aztec. Mr. Mars was a truck driver for El Paso Natural Gas Co. and Meridian Oil Corp. He retired 14 years ago. “His life centered around his family and team roping,” his wife said. He was a member of the Aztec Roping Club, United States Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Team Roping and World Finals Roping Association. Mr. Mars was preceded in death by his son Clint Mars. He is survived by his wife of 45 years, Pat Mars, of Aztec; son Scott Mars of Aztec; daughter, Joede Frazzini, of Kennewick, Wash.; seven grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews. A memorial service was held from 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday, March 11, 2011, at the Aztec Civic Center, 101 S. Park Ave.

Gist Silversmiths becomes “the Official Buckle of the USTPA”

Riata Rake Does It All!

Call David at 602-300-9647 to see the Riata Rake! A to Z Equipment Rentals & Sales • Since 1960 • 4 locations in the Valley • Rentals • New & Used • Parts • Service

An industry leader in custom designed trophy buckles, Gist has added the United States Team Penning Association to its partner list for 2011. Gist Silversmiths will provide the Championship buckles to the National USTPA events and the World Championship Show in 2011. In addition, Gist will offer its extensive award buckle line to USTPA producers and affiliates at substantial discounts. “We are very excited to be involved once again with the USTPA and look forward to providing top quality award buckles to their events,” stated Jennifer Folsom, V.P. of Marketing with Gist Silversmiths. Gist’s uncompromising dedication to style and innovative design, no matter the price point, continues to provide fresh and unique award buckles in a variety of price options, each one proudly crafted in the USA! “The USTPA is thrilled to count Gist Silversmiths among our official sponsors. The quality of materials and craftsmanship in a Gist belt buckle make their awards stand out in the equine industry. It is our honor to be able to present our class winners with Gist buckles at USTPA national production shows in 2011,” stated USTPA Executive Director, Meredith van Benthuysen. Call Gist Silversmiths for more information and to discuss your award program with a sales associate or


APRIL 2011




APRIL 2011

My Cowboy Heroes

Bill Clark Story and Photos Compliments of Jim Olson


ill was a millionaire back when that actually meant something. He used to say, not in a bragging way, but in an encouraging way, “I reached my goal of becoming a millionaire when I was 37.” No small feat, as the date would have been 1961. He did not stop there however. Bill’s uncle, Fred, used to tell him, “Think big and leave the pack behind.” Bill never forgot those words and repeated them often. He used to say uncle Fred always went for it in a big way; broke, bankrupt and riches were cycles Fred knew about, but in the end, it was mostly riches. “It’s just as easy to go broke over a thousand dollars as it is over a million!” Fred would advise, “But the plan is to learn from your mistakes and not go broke at all.” Bill Edward Clark was born near Larned, Kansas in 1924. At the beginning of the Great Depression, the family headed west to the Galiuro Mountains of Arizona. Bill’s parents


were schoolteachers and his mother had entrepreneur fashion, Bill soon had deals landed a job there at a small one-room made with several area farmers and schoolhouse at a place whose name has long had to hire helpers to assist him in his since been erased from maps. He was the only burgeoning business. white student at the school where rancher and Once the fruit stand was going well, Bill miner children came to learn. Being the expanded into the roofing business. As a teachers kid didn’t make matters any better. roofer, it wasn’t uncommon to see him on top Bill would grin and shrug his shoulders when of a house in 100 plus degree heat doing the remembering those early school days, “It made work himself. Bill, always looking for me tough, I learned Spanish and some Indian opportunity, discovered there wasn’t much words as well...and to fight.” competition in the booming, mining area After a few years, the family relocated to around Globe, AZ so he went there. Upon Scottsdale, Arizona where both parents got finding the locals a tight-knit bunch, he better jobs. Bill played football for the sixwalked to every house along the main road man team, graduating in 1942. Shortly after and offered to do their roof or put new siding entering the University of Arizona, he decided on their house for the ridiculously low price of to join the Navy instead and spent World War just about what it cost him…with the II on a battleship in the North Pacific. Upon condition that no one tell the price. his return to civilian life, Bill embarked upon Bill soon had all the advertising he needed the trail of a true entrepreneur. as everyone wanted their house to look as Never one to shy away from hard physical good as the ones along main street and he labor, Bill was bragged that at one time or another his crews often referred to roofed or sided all most every house in the as “the Globe-Miami area! Energizer Back at the fruit stand (which was in the Bunny”…he just country at 48th street and Thomas in kept going and Scottsdale), Bill’s business had grown to the going… He point where he now bought a farm of his own went to work for to help keep up with demand. He also opened a farmer picking another fruit stand in the Phoenix area. fruit. Instead of As Bill’s enterprises grew, he expanded the taking his farming operation as much as possible. paycheck in Farming and ranching were close to his heart. cash, Bill soon Before long he had his own packing company MONTH APR 11 BUILT BY VSA CRX’D learned IN heHOUSE could PROOF (Clark Packers of Tempe) and owned most of make a better the citrus growing land around what is today deal if he took Queen Creek, AZ. Some of Bill’s old groves 1\4 Horizontal (7.3 x 3.75) most of it in are still there with housing subdivisions trade. This was intertwined throughout. Driving around Queen the beginning of Creek one time, he beamed with pride at the his first fruit big beautiful homes planted among his citrus stand. In true trees. He wasn’t bragging about the homes,

Books by Jim Olson & other fine Western authors Stop by or call - we have John Wayne memorabilia, Western art & numerous other items Located on part of the Ol' Red River Ranch! 40070 W. Hwy. 84, Stanfield, AZ 85172 520.424.3839

he was proud of the trees, most of which he had personally planted, still thriving there years later. Bill used to say, “There is opportunity everywhere; you just have to find it.” As his financial situation grew he was able to play bigger games, moving into real estate investments. “Buying is easy, it’s selling that’s the hard part,” he would say. “You have to make sure and have a plan for a property when you buy it. Don’t just buy something because it’s a good deal, what if you have to own it a while? Can it pay for itself?” Bill liked to buy farms and ranches because he understood agriculture and could always find something to do with the place until it sold. Later in life he also invested in prime land, building houses. In the late 1960s, Bill, always an adventurer, sold most of his holdings and bought an entire town in Alaska. Located near Yakutat, the small town consisted of a fish cannery, store, saloon, boarding house and a large fishing boat. Other than a few private residences, Bill owned it all. The only way in or out was by air, sea or sled dogs. It was a rough and tumble kind of frontier town straight out of a scene from the century before. Bill even told of once being thrown through the window of his own saloon! Getting his fill of Alaska after a few years, Bill moved once again to Arizona where he spent the rest of his life cattle ranching, farming, and developing real estate. He owned ranches in New Mexico and Arizona, developed land in pretty much every southwestern state including the California coast and even owned a motel in the resort town of Pinetop, Arizona for a while. Bill was constantly helping folks out; financial advice, a buck to the down and out, rides for hitchhikers and even a bible now and then were all ways he assisted others. Once when he gave financial advice not well received, he was told, “That’s not the way most people do it.” Bill responded in typical Bill fashion, “Well, let me tell you, about 10% of the people in this country make around 90% of the money…so it stands to reason that most of the people are wrong about finances most of the time! If you want good advice about money, get it from someone who knows how to make it, I mean really knows how to make it. I don’t mean someone with a good job, because a job is just a job, and with very few exceptions, jobs, even better paying ones, will never make you rich. If you want sound financial advice, talk to someone who has made themselves a lot of money!” Another thing Bill used to say a lot was, “Anybody in this country has the same opportunity as anyone else. It isn’t only the people born into privilege who make it big; actually it’s the opposite most of the time. People who use their background as an excuse will get no sympathy from me… shoot, I’m living proof, if I can make it, anybody can!” Bill was raised during the Great Depression, rode a horse to school, had parents who struggled financially and made every dime he ever had the old fashioned way; with his own two hands and his ingenuity! Having several different partners at one time or another on this project or that, Bill always advised against getting too deep into partnerships, especially with friends or family members. “You still have to have thanksgiving dinner with them no matter what happens, you know.” But the partner Bill disliked the most was his Uncle Sam. “I wouldn’t mind the government taking some of my money if they

ll-Around were helping people out with it, but they take more than their fair share and then go and give it to a bunch of lazy so and so’s who won’t even find a job and help themselves!” “Entitlement” was a cuss word to Bill. He often used the quote, “The Lord helps those who help themselves.” If he had any regrets, it would be that all those years spent making money and working so hard, he neglected family relations. Bill once said, “Looking back on it now, I can see where I wasn’t home nearly enough. My method of being a good husband and father was to make more money and buy them things; I know now that is not the best way. I could have sacrificed a few hours working to spend more time with my family and still made plenty. That’s how I would do it if I had it to do over again.” Bill would often smile when people would say things like, “There just isn’t enough time in the day” or “I don’t have enough time to get it all done.” He would reply, “Sleep is over rated. You’re probably wasting the hours between mid-night and 5am.” Then he would laugh, but there were years when he was struggling to make it where that thought held a lot of truth to him. “Sleep a few hours when you get tired and then get back at it. That’s what Edison did.” Bill shook his head in astonishment as he poured over the headlines proclaiming America’s consumer debt. “Don’t these people know you can never make it if you’re drowning in debt?” Then he would explain, “Having and wanting nicer things is the American way. It’s what I want too. But you A should never buy things that put you into debt. Save the money you have for a down payment on whatever it is and go invest it into something that will make you money instead.

Then, later on, you can buy whatever it is you wanted with the profits and still have money to make more money with!” The only acceptable debt to Bill was investment debt…and then you still need to be careful. “There were times in my life when I didn’t know how I was going to get it all covered. Somehow, though, I just kept working at it and believing I could do it and sure enough, it always worked out.” Bill Clark was definitely one of those 10th percentile who understood how money is made. He was an American Aentrepreneur, a true tale of “the dream.” Jim Olson © 2011

APRIL 2011






1\8 Horizontal (4.9 x 3)

Jim Olson is a ranch-raised cowboy, author, promoter and businessman. Growing up on the high plains of eastern New Mexico he learned to ride young colts, tend to cattle and drive heavy farm equipment at an early age. Jim spent a few years competing in the calf roping event at the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association level, qualifying for the circuit finals a few times. Now he is a weekend team roper. He lives on and operates his own ranch near Stanfield, Arizona, once a part of John Wayne’s Red River Ranch. These great life experiences Jim now uses in his writing career. He writes stories about interesting and extraordinary people of the west including short stories of both fiction and nonfiction. He writes a monthly column titled “My Cowboy Heroes,” published by several Southwestern and national magazines. Jim MONTH-APR 2011 BUILT BY-P/U W/CHNGS-DP IN HOUSE Bracelets comePROOF in all sizes currently has two books in print and is constantly working on several other projects as extra small to large well. Jim can be reached through his website 1\2 Horizontal (10 x 6.6) at

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CRX’D from


INS GGCompany SIHorse

Several Locations Available to Show

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“The quality and consistency is what gives us the winning edge. - Ray Siggins

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APRIL 2011

Arizona Farm Bureau Begins Informational Series on Food Prices

Paul E. Springer Digital Photography Paul Springer (cell phone) Ricci Springer (cell phone)

- 505.259.7004 - 505.250.1430

975 Monte Vista Drive Bosque Farms, NM 87068 Home: 505.869.2781 E-mail: Website:

LONG SADDLERY “For All Your Leather Needs” “Saddle and Tack Repair” “Custom Saddles, Custom Tack” 401 Reinken Ave • Belen, NM 87002

Boot and Shoe Repair! Phone: 505/864-8934 MONTH-APR 2011 Fax: 505/864-8934



Email: 1\4 V (4.9 x 6.6)


rizona families can read about stretching their “food dollar” on the organization’s web site Fill Your Plate In the midst of an estimated 3% to 5% increase in food prices across the board, Arizona Farm Bureau begins a series of informational articles for Arizona families about food prices. “To help our Arizona families with their food budgets, we’re running a series of articles about food prices and how to stretch your food dollar,” says Julie Murphree, spokesperson for the Arizona Farm Bureau. “Even before we do this year’s first food price survey, we’re feeling the increase in prices at the grocery store and farmers’ markets.” According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), food prices are estimated to rise anywhere from 3% to 5% while some regions of the country might experience even sharper increases. But there are strategies for families to still keep their food budgets at manageable expense levels. “The most important thing I’ve learned is to stick to the basics,” says Sharla Mortimer, chair of the Women’s Leadership Committee for Arizona Farm Bureau and a rancher with her husband, Gary, in Yavapai County. “Your dairy, eggs, various lean cuts CRX’Dof meat and other basic staples should be core items in your shopping cart. Don’t splurge on the nonessentials like pop and other unhealthy items.” Arizona Farm Bureau’s information

series on food prices can be found on its web site On the home page of Fill Your Plate look for the section on the bottom of the page called “Latest Food Price Trends.” “We plan to run the series for several weeks and will include articles that provide specific strategies for stretching your food dollar,” explains Murphree. “We’re drawing advice from economists, our Arizona farmers and ranchers and other informed sources including our own quarterly grocery marketbasket survey we do to determine food items that are up or down in price.” Adds Mortimer, “For a quick tip, always plan your menu before you shop and focus on healthy eating. Fruits and vegetables – along with whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lean meats, beans, eggs and nuts – are an important part of a healthy diet. Buying fresh produce when it’s in season costs less, while buying frozen fruits and vegetables when they’re not in season also is a smart way to stretch that dollar.” About the Arizona Farm Bureau and Food Check-Out Week: The Arizona Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving and improving the Agriculture industry through member involvement in education, political activities, programs and services. Go to to learn more. To obtain “Stretch Your Food Dollar” menu and nutrition information go to

Clinton Anderson Unveils Academy for Certified Clinicians


orld-renown clinician and horseman Clinton Anderson is offering an unprecedented opportunity for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a clinician certified under his name. This spring Clinton is introducing the Clinton Anderson Clinician Academy – an institute to turn out world-class clinicians and horsemen empowered to teach the Downunder Horsemanship Method. “The Academy is something I’ve been working on for several years and am extremely excited about as it provides a unique opportunity for horsemen and women who aspire to be among the finest instructors in the industry. The Academy will not only offer credibility to the clinician, but certification also comes with the support of Downunder Horsemanship,” Clinton says, and explains that the Academy was carefully designed to endorse and launch the careers of those who share his passion for horses and who possess a desire to help others learn the Downunder Horsemanship Method. The Academy will offer three levels of certification – Fundamentals, Advanced and Professional. Certified Clinicians will have passed an in-depth application process and completed a hands-on 14-week course taught at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in Stephenville, Texas for each level of certification. Academy curriculum will cover training a horse from the ground up in the Method, the theory behind the Method and an in-depth business course that will give clinicians the tools and know-how necessary to succeed in the industry. “Certified Clinicians will represent an elite group of horsemen I entrust to teach the Method and inspire horse owners while upholding my expectations and the high standards of Downunder Horsemanship,” Clinton explains. “Clinicians will have my personal stamp of approval and will not only be great horsemen, but outstanding communicators and teachers.” Interested candidates should contact Academy Coordinator, Jennie Wentworth at or 254-552-1000 x 8120 for application information. For more information about Clinton Anderson and Downunder Horsemanship, visit


APRIL 2011


town ‘n’ country Feed Fashion Show Cowgirl Tuff e and during night of danc ng event! open bull ridi e e action of th Come catch th f o hottest line newest and e th n o es Western cloth day! to et k mar

customer appreciation Weekend a p r i l 2 9 – ma y 1 , 2 0 1 1

three Days of Fun!


sales items throughout store During customer appreciation Weekend!

Bull riding - Dummy roping - Jr. roughstock Horse clinic - Fashion show - Horse sale Feed consulting - Free Hotdogs - and a Night of Dancing! Don’t miss out!


Buy 2 GEt 1 FrEE spEcial customer appreciation Weekend only

Friday night, Saturday & Sunday Offer good on select Cowgirl Tuff Jeans only – while supply lasts. Jeans &

open For Business!


available! open Bull riding Friday – April 29, 6 p.m. V Entries close at 5:30 p.m. V 20 head limit with Short-Go! V Long Go payout V Winner take all $300 bonus and Red Bluff trophy buckle to the Short Go Champion! V $110 Fees (Payout based on at least 18 paid entries!) Call early to claim a spot 505.259.7975

Open and Jr. Roughstock Events Sponsored by

Jr. roughstock Saturday – April 30, 11 a.m. V 20 head –

Sullivan Mini Buckers V $75 Fees – $1,000 and Prizes Payout! (Payout based on 20 entries) V Calf Riding • $30 fees – Cash and trophy prizes to winners! 7-9 years V Mutton Busting • $20 fees – Cash and trophy prizes to winners! 6 years & under V Enter all events by 10:30 a.m.

Find great Saddle Barn products at this event and always at Town ‘n’ Country Feed!

clay mac Band Saturday Night – 7 p.m. Enjoy a Night of Dancing and Fun! V Non-Alcoholic, Outdoor Dance V Featuring the Country Western dance band who has been sweeping across the Southwest, packing everything from honky-tonks to dance halls for years! Clay Mac! V Free tickets available to anyone purchasing $30 or more between April 15-30 at Town ‘n’ Country Feed! V $5/person at the gate night of the dance

BriscoE custom Hat sHop

Free Hot Dogs Feed consulting and free hotdogs Saturday, April 30 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Have a question about feed? The feed makers behind New Mexico’s best feed manufacturer, Onate Mills will be on hand to offer advice and answer any questions about feeding your horses or livestock. Stop by and visit and enjoy a free hotdog – Courtesy of Onate Mills!

Get your next cowboy hat from one of the pBr's top-talented bull riders – travis Briscoe Felt and straw hats available in april! Extra discount on select hats during town ‘n’ country Feed customer appreciation Weekend. Dummy roping

Sponsored by Town ‘n’ Country’s newest line of products – Classic and Classic Rope! Saturday – April 30, 3 p.m. V 6 & under, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, Open Classic ropes and other prizes awarded to winners! Match Dummy Trick Roping to anyone wanting to compete!

Call for information 505.259.7975

Horse sale V Silent auction style biding! V Several great foundation bred Quarter horses available! (King Ranch & Cowboy P12) and more V Yearlings to broodmares / started prospects to ready-to-ride horses available V Horses courtesy of Longview Ranch, Randall and Ellen Davis Horses can be previewed throughout Saturday and Sunday. Silent Auction Sale completed on Sunday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. and winners awarded! Call to consign your horse or for more information 505.259.7975

Free Horsemanship clinic Sunday, May 1, 12:30 p.m. V Clinic Host - Randall Davis Randall Davis specializes in gentle colt starting and performance ranch horse training. He has become a popular clinician at the New Mexico Horse Fairs, with appearances at the Four Corners Ag Expo and the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. He has provided training through programs with 4-H, PAL, Dine College, Save The Children, and Girl Scouts and has helped thousands bond with their horses for many years. A Native New Mexican, Randall Davis grew up riding and training horses at Town ‘n’ Country and now lives at Longview Ranch outside Crownpoint, NM with his best friend, partner and wife Ellen and his two reasons for being, Andrew Floyd and Callie Rose. Call for more information – 505-259-7975

New Products Hitting the Shelves in April – Classic Ropes, Rattler Ropes, Classic Equine, Martin Saddlery, Cashel and More! Come check it all out!

town ‘n’ country Feed 15600 Central SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123 • 505-296-6711 • Just one mile east of Tramway and Central on Historic “Route 66” The Easiest and Most Convenient Feed Store in Albuquerque and East Mountain Area!



APRIL 2011

Show Me The Corrientes April 8-9, 2011 • South Jordan, Utah 5 Fresh Corrientes to High Point Ropers plus Cash & Prizes! Friday Evening

Saturday Morning

Saturday Afternoon

Sign up 6:00 p.m. • Rope 7:00 p.m.

Sign up 9:00 a.m. • Rope 10:00 a.m. #12 Handicap Pick 1, draw 2 or draw all 3 $100/roper Enter 4 times

Rope For The Corrientes

#4 & under Saddle Roping Pick 1, draw 2 or draw all 3 $100/roper Enter 4 times

yoff #10 Pa at 300 teed guaran but may teams ccordingly ea increas

1st - Fancy Saddles 2nd - 6th - CASH (amount depends on # of teams) All ropings: 3 steers, top 40 to short-go Any tie will be roped off! Cash or credit card only. Plenty of stalls & RV space available. Host Motel: Sleep Inn 801/572-2020

Zane Dansie - ZD

All ropings: Current TRIAD numbers only; Cash or credit cards only; Appropriate cut-off times and handicaps TBA

Books close at 12 noon USTRC #10 Handicap for #6 and under ropers only Pick 1, draw 2 or draw all 3 for $100, enter 4 times Payoff: 5 Fresh Corrientes to High Point roper!

1st - Deluxe Fancy Saddles & $3,000 2nd - Awesome Buckles & $2,000 3rd - Jackets & $1,000 4th - Jackets & $800 5th - Jackets & $600 6th - Sweatshirts & $400

Cattle Co. 801/599-1238

7th Annual 4-Corners Big Bucks Championships

April 15 & 16, 2011 • McGee Park Arena • Farmington, NM F

resh Friday Steers 40 & Over #12 Handicap Sign up at 3 p.m. Rope at 4 p.m. Pick 1, draw 3 or draw all 4 for $100/roper Enter 2X

#11 Roping Sign up at 6:00 p.m. • Rope at 7:00 p.m. Capped at #6 & under only Pick 1, draw 2 or draw all 3 for $100/roper Enter 4X for a total of 12 partners #11 Payout guaranteed at 400 teams, but may increase accordingly.


1st Fancy Saddles and $3,000 2nd Buckles and $2,000 3rd Jackets and $1,000 4th Jackets and $800 5th Jackets and $600 6th Jackets and $400 7th through 20th Points only

TRIAD #11 Handicaps 3-steer Average #11 TEAMS - 0 SEC. OFF #10 TEAMS - 1 SEC. OFF #9 TEAMS - 3 SEC. OFF #8 TEAMS - 5 SEC. OFF

All ropings current TRIAD numbers only Must be classified prior to this event. Please call USTRC at 254-968-0002 to receive your classification number.

Cash or Credit Card Only! Plenty of stalls and RV spaces available. Call for late arrival.

Host Motel: La Quinta Inn Farmington 866/725-1661

Slower Steers

Saturday Open Drawpot

8 Saddles 6 Buckles

• Sign up at 9 a.m. Rope at 10 a.m. • 3-steers for $30 • Enter 4X • Limited to 100 teams • Sign up at 8:00 a.m. • Rope at 9:00 a.m. Immediately following Books close at 10:00 a.m.

#4 & Under Only Championship • Books close at 11 a.m. • Short Barrier • Slower Steers • Pick 1, draw 2 or draw 3 for $100 • Enter 4X for a total of 12 partners #4 & UNDER PAYOFF 1st Fancy Saddles and $2,000 2nd Fancy Saddles and $1,500 to 3rd Fancy Saddles and $1,000 High point 4th Buckles and $800 5th Buckles and $600 #4 & under 6th through 20th - Points only Average Payout guaranteed at 400 teams but may increase accordingly



APRIL 2011



APRIL 2011


Benefit Team Roping



APRIL 2011


BENEFiT TEAM ROPiNg April 30, 2011 Horsemen's Arena • Belen, New Mexico Enter at 9:00 a.m. • Rope at 10:00 a.m.


Cash and Pr i z e s Awarded in the Avera ge

#10 Handicap J Capped at a straight #5 No Elite #5s J Pick 1, draw 2 or draw all 3 for $150/roper J Enter 2 times J 3 steer average, progressive on 1 J Handicaps #10 team #9 team #8 team #7 & under team

High Money Winner of the Day Will Receive a Calico 2 Horse Slant Bumper Pull Trailer With Tack Room

J Must have current

Buckles to d in 1st and 2n e the Averag

Winner liable for TT&L and cannot print over or take logos off for one year.


ives Trophy Kn 4t h to 3rd and rage in the Ave

Belen FFA Alumni T & T Trailers Jimmy Thompson Old Mill A Lazy 6 Ranch Able and Willy’s Maynard Buckles Commanche Ranch A Lasting impression Cattlemen’s Livestock Purina Poor Boys BBQ Sierra Cleaners Power generation Service Ned's Pipe and Steel

0 sec. off 1 sec. off 2 sec. off 3 sec. off

2011 uSTRC card to collect winnings J if bad weather, roping may be rescheduled. J 1/3 Stock Charge J All proceeds from the 1/3 stock charge go to the Belen FFA

For more information: Martin Abeita • 505.917.4217




APRIL 2011

Prizes: 2 Saddles 10 Buckles

Atwood Productions presents

70% Payback for a ll ropings

Orville Moore Memorial Team Roping

April 30 - May 1, 2011 Lemitar, New Mexico Enter at 9:00 a.m. • Rope at 10:00 a.m. SHARP! Both Days

Saturday, April 30

TRIAD & World Series numbers

#15 Warm-up Pick 1, Draw 1 for $100/roper Enter 3 times Limited to 50 teams 4-steer, progressive on 1

Sunday, May 1

This roping will not count for the saddles

#10 & #9

#13, #12 & #11 Jackpots Pick1, Draw 1 for $100/roper Enter 3 times 4-steer, progressive on 1 Buckles to the Average winners of the #13, #12 & #11

Capped at #6 plus Pick 1, Draw 3 for $120/roper Enter 2 times 3-steer, progressive on 1 Hand Tooled Corriente Saddles to the High Point #6 & over and #5 & under ropers of the weekend

CASH ONLY! No Checks

Corriente Buckles to the Average winners

Saddle Sponsors: Roadrunner Travel Center F Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction F State Farm Insurance (Joe Carabajal) Mountain View Bar F Ark of Socorro Vet Clinic F Corriente Saddle Co.

Buckle Sponsors: Armijo’s Restaurant F Tumbleweed Auction F S.W. Cattle Growers Centerfire Realty (Shelly LaSueur) F Fite Ranch Bed and Breakfast F Connie Muncy Tax Service Western Mercantile F Napa Auto Parts F T&T Trailer F Security Title Abstract

For more info. contact Blaine Atwood 575.772.5175 or 575.740.1389


APRIL 2011


Trailer/Saddles & Buckles

May 8, 2011 • Santa Fe, New Mexico Javier Chavez Busted Boot Arena - Formerly Santa Fe Reiners


Behind the Downs of Santa Fe Racetrack Books open at 9:00 a.m. • Rope at 10:00 a.m. TRIAD numbers only Current USTRC membership required

Sunday, May 8

Prizes - #10 Trailer Roping

#5 and Under Saddle Roping Draw 3 for $125/roper • 3-head, progressive May enter twice Clint Mortenson Buckles to Average Winners Double S Saddle to High Point Roper Church Service #10 Handicapped Pick or Draw Trailer Roping

Pick 1, Draw 2 or Draw 3 for $150 May enter 5 times for a total of 15 partners. Books Open at 9:00 a.m. Close at 11:30 a.m. • Rope at 12:00 noon.


1st High Money Winner - 2 Horse Slant Trailer 2nd High Money Winner - Double S Saddle 3rd High Money Winner - Clint Mortenson Buckle 4th High Money Winner - Clint Mortenson Buckle Wrangler Jeans Certificates to Average Winners Capped at TRIAD #6 Headers Capped at TRIAD Elite #5 Heelers Top 20 to Short Go - Rope Slow Back $300 to Short Go Fast Time 3 head progressive 17 second cutoff in first go. Buybacks in first go only. Stalls & concession on grounds

All Prizes & Payoffs listed are Guaranteed!

Average Payoff Per Team #10 Trailer Roping USTRC Lasso Del Norte June 24-26, 2011 Santa Fe Trail Event Center Las Vegas, New Mexico

1st - $2,000 2nd - $1,500 3rd - $1,000 4th - $500

HOST HOTEL Inn at Santa Fe 8376 Cerrillos Road 505/474-9500 Make reservations early Use code CDMZRP for special rate Newly remodeled • Full breakfast Closest hotel to arena

For more information please call Kenny or Marsha Zamora at 505/425-3850; day of roping 505/469-4388 or visit




APRIL 2011

3735 E. Irvington Road Tucson, Arizona 85735

FREEDOM RV IS ARIZONA’S LARGEST LIVING QUARTERS HORSE TRAILER DEALERSHIP. OFFERING THE STATE OF ARIZONA AND THE SOUTHWEST A FULL LINE OF SOONER, EXISS AND MILEY HORSE TRAILERS AND NOW ANNOUNCING THE STATE'S NEWEST AUTHORIZED BLOOMER DEALER. 2009 Four Winds Hurricane 34B. This is a 35', 3 slide, bunk house, Class A Gas Motor Home. If you need extra storage space or sleeping for the kids this is your RV. This will sleep 8 comfortably. It has a 5.5 Onan generator with a 5,000 lb. tow rating. This has lots of interior and exterior storage. Enjoy the luxury of this while out on the road. This is a blowout special at $84,500.

2010 Four Winds XC31B. The Ultimate Class C Bunk House. This is 32' with 2 slides and has a 5,000 lb. tow rating. It has a TV in each bunk for gaming or DVD’s. There is cherry wood and it sleeps 10. This is $30,000 off MSRP and being sold for only $69,997. Take advantage of this huge sale!

2011! 3-horse w/8 ft. short wall. Stock #2615. SALE PRICE $33,985

Many other new and used trailers to choose from. Go to to look at our full inventory.

This trailer is truly one of a kind. 4-horse w/21 ft. short wall. Interior was done by Duster Conversions. It has 3 slide outs, 2 in the living room and one in the bathroom, to give you the largest bathroom in a horse trailer you have ever seen. The trailer is equipped with dual hyd. legs, stainless steel nose and all doors, triple axle w/aluminum wheels and electric over hyd. disc brakes, mangers w/manger storage, 10 ft. stainless steel hay pod, fully enclosed front end w/three doors, full width rear ramp, 2 power patio awnings (1 for patio and 1 for horses), roofmounted generator, 3 A/C units, lg. flat screen TV built into steps to bed area, TV and DVD player in bed area, satellite system, Bose surround sound, AM/FM CD stereo, private bed area, 2 full size recliners with table in between, in-door side slide, lg. couch in curb side slide, central vacuum sys., solid surface countertops throughout, hardwood throughout, elec. cooktop, micro/convection oven, stainless steel fridge, huge closet in bathroom, lots of storage throughout, screen door, and extra lighting both interior and exterior. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind custom trailer and want to save $100,000 compared to new this trailer, is for you.



If you saw this trailer in NECESSARY person you would not believe that it is a 2001. 4-horse w/21 ft. short wall. It has a huge bathroom, couch and dinette floor plan, king dome satellite, flat screen TV, 2-burner cook top, microwave, ducted A/C, central vac., big closet at rear of bath, power awning, generator, dual hydraulic legs, enclosed front end, mid and rear tack, mangers w/manger storage, air ride, hay rack, aluminum wheels, exterior faucets, exterior lights, 4 drop downs on head wall, 2 drop downs on rump, and the rubber is like brand new. IN-HOUSE FINANCING AVAILABLE ON THIS UNIT! CALL FOR DETAILS

How about a Fifth Wheel? This is the one for the whole family. This Copper Canyon Sprinter 324FWBHS by Keystone has everything a family could want. It can be towed by a 3/4 ton truck. This has 3 huge slides, and an outside, fully functional kitchen for everyone to enjoy the outdoors. “Make camping easy” in this very affordable Fifth Wheel.

1.800.782.2294 • Mario Strevay • 520/237-4325 •

Freedom RV is a full service RV dealership, offering our customers everything from financing and sales to service.


APRIL 2011

w w w. b i s h o p s t r a i l e r s a l e s . c o m Locations in Tucson and Apache Junction to help better serve our customers. With a full line of Lakota trailers, Hart aluminum horse trailers, Titan trailers and Tophat utility trailers. We want to earn your business, let us prove it!

eal on a d t a e r g a r Looking fo e6 3 v a h e W ? Living Qtr ready e r a d n a odels m t u o e s tails. o e cl d e r o m ll for to deal! Ca

Titan 2-horse slant load bumper pull. $5,995

Titan 20' stock trailer with 4' tack room, center gate & slide gate. $10,500

Titan 3-horse Gooseneck 7' tall, 6'8" wide, windows on head, open on the hip front & rear tack. $12,300

2008 4-horse Featherlite 6' s/wall. Micro, stove, fridge, shower, hay rack and drop window. This trailer is in good condition and ready to roll. $21,995

2007 used Sundowner with 8' s/wall. Trailer is nice size and priced to sell. $34,995

Tucson 5665 West Ajo Way Tucson, AZ 85736 Office: 520/883-1137 Dave 520/975-8106

Lakota Big Horn 4-horse with 17' s/wall. Has too many options to mention. Must see to appreciate. $75,995

Used 1998 Circle J 4-horse trailer. This trailer is in good shape and is perfect for running around in. $7,500

Used 2005 Hart 3-horse with 17' s/wall. This trailer has too many options to mention â&#x20AC;&#x201C; must see or call for more details!

Largest inventory of living quarters horse trailers and using trail ers in the State of Arizona

2008 Trails West 4-horse 15' s/wall, bunk bed w/slide. Trailer is in great condition and has too many options to mention. Call Jr. at Apache Junction for more info.

Lakota 4-horse LQ with 15' shortwall and slide. Trailer is loaded. $50,995

2011 Lakota Big Horn 4-horse with slide and bar floorplan. Nice roomy trailer for the family. Too many options to mention. $67,995

2001 used Hart 3-horse with 10' living quarters. This trailer is in great shape and has lots of storage. $34,995

TRADE-INS WELCOME FINANCING AVAILABLE! HOURS Monday-Friday 9-5 p.m. Saturday 9-3 p.m.

2011 Lakota Big Horn 3-horse with 12' living quarters with slide and generator $62,995

4-horse Hart Medallion with windows, front and rear tack, spare and escape door. $24,500

Used 1980 King 2-horse bumper pull with walk-in tack room. This is a clean trailer. $2,495

Apache Junction 538 E. Old West Hwy. Apache Jct., AZ 85219 Office: 480/987-7689 Jr. 520/955-4346



APRIL 2011


Cesar de la Cruz Champion Team Roper

#1 Selling Rope in America

The HeatTM, the hot new technology that blends custom fibers and intricate twists, is hotter than ever. It was the number one selling rope in the country last year. It offers a longer life, higher resiliency and more consistency. So when you want to burn a path to the pay window, bring THE HEAT. Follow TheClassicRealDeal on:


APRIL 2011



APRIL 2011









1\4 V (4.9 x 6.6) APRIL 2011


Patagonia Steel, LP

unds o r g r i a F a t Sonoi

Division of Tarpon Pipe and Supply

--)0 -.$,



,#(" .



/ 4

(") 5-2/



$/($0 -/




1- "-**$"1 4(,,(,&0 -01$# !5




11*$ ./-3(#$# !5 ,#

$ /1



-,"$00(-,0 -, &/-2,#0 ,%-/+ 1(-, A





2//($11 CRX’D


1\2 Horizontal (10 x 6.6)


FRIDAY MAY 6, PRESCOTT Rodeo grounds AN EXCITING NIGHT OF MATCH ROPINGS, DINNER, AND MUSIC 5:30 pm-7:00pm - Cocktails ~ Barbeque ~ Dinner ~ Music 6:00 pm - High School Match Team Roping~ 7:00 pm - Match Team Roping ~

Brady Payne/Lane Siggins vs. Ryan Tripp/Austin Tomaski

Rube Woolsey/Tom Bill Johnson vs. Tom Richards/Tyler Getzwiller

8:00 pm - Fun and Exciting Auction 8:30 pm - Match Calf Roping ~ Jerome Schneeberger vs. Joseph Parsons

     Tickets are $25 per person and may be purcha•‡†ƒ–ƒ›Ž•‡Ũ• ”ƒ‹–‘”‡ř   ƒ˜‘‹‹Ũ•‡•–‡”‡ƒ” or at the Gate




TH th Please& join us Saturday 57' th annual scholarship # " (& '(% + May + 7' &" Sunday (" +may +8 ' for #% the ' ""( # %& $ fund roping hosted by the Yavapai County Mounted Sheriffs Posse (" #$ " #&' +' ) $ #("'+ #("' % & #&& #% !#% " #%! ' #" #% *** ( & $$ % ! !#% #!





APRIL 2011



Lost Dutchman’s

he 2011 Lost Dutchman Days Rodeo hit another milestone, chalking up another succe4ss story for this great annual event. Apache Junction, Arizona played host to this event and It still appears the contestants like to come out and play at this rodeo, despite hard times facing many across the nation. More than 500 contestants entered and the event showed the talents of many of the great rodeo hands form across the Southwest. In addition to the great contestant turnout, Cowboys and Cowgirls competed in front of packed stands on both Friday and Saturday performances the and the spectators were treated to some great rodeo action. Although weather on Sunday kept some of the spectators at home, it was nice to see a full day-sheet in all the events, including two sections of saddle

bronc and two sections of bull riding events each day; and the bareback riding was also full each day. This provided the large audiences with action packed entertainment and plenty of rodeo thrills when you add to it the timed events and specialty entertainment acts. Lost Dutchman Days Rodeo Results February 24-27, 2011 Total Payout: $27,970 Open Roping 1/ 2., Brock Hanson/Clay O’Brien Cooper, 4.7, $798; 1/ 2. Travis Whitlow/Justin Simon, 4.7, $798; 3. Whip Lewis/T.J. Brown, 4.8, $572; 4. Wyatt Althoff/T.J. Brown, 4.9, $422; 5. Travis Whitlow/Tyler Whitlow, 5.0, $271; 6. Steve Sherwood/Byron Wilkerson, 5.2, $151 Incentive Team Roping (Payout per roper) 1/2., Kiley Reidhead/Mike Reidhead, 6.9, $520; 1/2., Logan Wescott/Meagan Stock, 6.9, $520; 3. Whip Lewis/Tammy Lewis, 7.2, $297; 4. Brady Payne/Denton Payne, 7.4, $149

Briscoe’s Arena Taking On a New Venture


ew Mexico’s PBR sensation, Travis Briscoe has become a staple among PBR marketing campaigns, commercials and amid bull riding fans across the country. His talents have taken him from coast to coast and it is apparent he continues to have a passion for the sport of rodeo and bull riding in particular. Like everyone, life’s road can take turns and for Travis, he has chosen some good roads to travel which has led to several great things that are changing in his life. To begin, he is expecting to be a dad in the near future. Briscoe and his wife Jessie are expecting to have their first child this summer. For everyone out there who has been a father, you know the anticipation and excitement this can stir in your soul and the questions. Am I ready? Is everything going to be ok? What do I need to do to be prepared? These and a million other questions streak across you mind as you think about the fact that you are going to be a father. For Briscoe, these can’t be much different and one can tell that the excitement of his future is inspiring him to take a road that may allow him to stay a little closer to home. Least to say, Briscoe has been busy investing in the future of his family. If you flip a few pages of this paper you will see he has become the NMRA bull riding Director. Briscoe has been in all aspects of the sport and his insight to the sport has already helped energize the state-wide rodeo association. He has ideas to help promote bull riding at the NMRA level and push the association toward the future. In addition, Briscoe has also taken on a new business venture. Although he has dabbled bucking bulls in the past, this new venture steps out of the rodeo arena and into custom hat sales. Briscoe’s Custom Cowboy Hats is opening up at one of the places he has deep bull riding roots. Cowboys and cowgirls can order up a custom Briscoe hat at Town ‘n’ Country Feed just east of Albuquerque. Also home of T&C Arena, Briscoe spent many hours behind and inside the bucking chutes when he was younger, and he is excited to be a

part of the facility that has recently taken on new facelift with new products. Briscoe no doubt has a lot on his plate and is in a place where he feels he can start helping others enjoy the sport as much as he does. And even though he sees no future

Bareback Friday 1. Tony Buckman,78, $360; 2.Nate Hardy, 74, $240 Saturday 1. Chauncey Kirby,74, $286; 2. John Killian, 67, $214; 3. Tony Buckman, 63, $149 Sunday 1. Tony Buckman, 74, $242; 2. John Killian, 66, $181; 3. Flint Miller, 62, $126 Average Buckle Winner: Tony Buckman - 215 pts. On 3 head Tie Down Roping 1. Wayne Warkenton, 9.5 $547; 2. Cutter Parsons, 9.8, $453; 3/4. Matt Yochum, 10.3, $311; 3/4. Dean Edge, 10.3, $311; 5. Jacob Mayfield, 10.5, $170; 6. Clay Parsons, 10.7, $94 Incentive Tie Down Roping 1. Roger Gunsch, 11.5 $426; 2. Dave Hall, 14.5, $319; 3. Hunter Reaume, 14.7, $213; 4. Bob Martin, 15.7, $106 Breakaway Roping 1. Daria Weir, 2.3 $580; 2. Tammy Lewis, 2.6, $480; 3. Heather Wright, 2.7, $380; 4. Aspyn Dent, 2.8, $280; 5. Zoey Billings, 2.9, $180; 6/7. Jessica Silva, 3.0, $50; 6/7. Jessica DePugh, 3.0, $50 Steer Wrestling 1. Tommy Cook, 4.0, $522; 2. Pepe Arballo, 4.5,

of slowing down in the arena and says he feels better than ever, he has looked ahead and began the process of broadening his horizon. He is looking forward to working with the NMRA and the bull riders of the states as well as meeting people and friends as he works up a perfect cowboy hat fit for them at his hat shop. So stop by and visit with Briscoe, He will be glad to talk bull riding, rodeo’s, cowboy hats and in no time, babies.

PRCA Tucson Courtesy of PRCA – ProRodeo

Jarrett hits $1 million plateau with win in Tucson Ryan Jarrett certainly knows how to reach a milestone in grand fashion. The Comanche, Okla., cowboy surpassed $1 million in career earnings Feb. 27 when he closed out La Fiesta de los Vaqueros with a dominating win in the tie-down roping at the Tucson Rodeo Grounds. Jarrett placed in all four rounds, and his total time of 42.4 seconds was 1.1 seconds faster than 2004 World Champion Monty Lewis in second place. Jarrett, the 2005 world champion allaround cowboy, earned $7,949 to become the 93rd PRCA member to surpass the $1 million milestone, following team roper Cory Petska, who had made it there a day earlier at the San Angelo (Texas) Rodeo. Jarrett ended the week with $1,004,980 and Petska with $1,004,686. “It’s a great accomplishment, for sure,” Jarrett said. “Some days I never thought it would come. It is very hard to compete in both events at that top level. I’ve made more in tie-down roping, but I’ve got a top bulldogging horse (Yeller) lined up for the rest of the year through Tommy Cook, so maybe I can have some success (in that event, too).” Josh Peek, who like Jarrett is a multievent hand who competes in both steer wrestling and tie-down roping, is beginning to skew a bit more toward success in bulldogging. Exhibit A would be Tucson, where

Peek, of Pueblo, Colo., placed in all-three rounds on his way to winning the threehead average in a time of 13.6 seconds. That broke the Tucson Rodeo Grounds record shared by Rod Lyman (1999) and Olin Hannum (2006) by a full second. Bareback rider Kelly Timberman was the only competitor to win every round of his event and the average. His earnings of $9,128 were a rodeo best despite what he described as being “a little rusty” from lack of competition. “I’ve been getting the kids (from Wyoming’s Casper College) ready for their season,” Timberman told the Arizona Daily Star, “and on top of that I had (an undisclosed) surgery, and I’ve been out for six weeks. I just stayed home, got in shape and got ready for the season.” The 2004 world champion from Mills, Wyo., won the first round with an 86-point ride on Bar T Rodeo’s Red Ears and the finals with an 89-pointer on Bar T’s Oakey Robin. His 185 total points left him with a six-point edge on the two runners-up, four-time and reigning World Champion Bobby Mote and Dusty LaValley. It was Mote’s first appearance since undergoing surgery for a sports hernia a month ago. The other champions at La Fiesta de los Vaqueros were team ropers Erich Rogers and Kory Koontz (19.3 seconds on three head), saddle bronc rider Tyler Corrington (166 points on two head), bull rider Jacob O’Mara (176 points on two head) and barrel racer Brittany Pozzi (52.21 seconds on three runs).

ll-Around $432; 3. Dean McIntyre, 4.6, $342; 4. Jeremy Harden, 4.7, $252; 5/6 split, Trey Nahrgang, 4.8, $126; , Chance Carlson, 4.8, $126 Saddlebronc Friday 1. Chance Barnes, 79, $440; 2. Jeremy Harden, 75, $330; 3. Kevin Cox, 71, $220; 4/5. Jason Amons, 68, $55; 4/5. Dillon Henson, 68, $55 Saturday 1. John Redig, 78, $420; 2. Kevin Cox, 73, $315; 3. Tyson Franks, 72, $210; 4. Dillon Henson, 68, $105 Sunday 1. Cooper Dewitt, 75, $380; 2. Kevin Cox, 74, $285; 3. Colby Sventek, 67, $190; 4. Cole Hatfield, 65, $95 Average Buckle Winner: Kevin Cox - 218 pts on 3 head Open Barrel Racing 1. Sammy Bird, 17.70, $599; 2. Kaylee Billingsley, 17.73, $488; 3. Casey Shirley, 17.80, $399; 4. Leigh Ann Billingsley, 18.11, $288; 5. Zale Delp, 18.12, $222; 6. Whitney Cline, 18.15, $111; 7. Jodi Sheffield, 18.17, $66; 8. Alley Hall, 18.32, $44 2D Handicapped Barrel Racing 1. Kristy White, 18.41, $342; 2/3. Maxine McKenna, 18.52, $253; 2/3. Zoey Billings, 18.52, $253; 4. Aspyn Dent, 18.59, $165; 5. Maria Butterfield, 18.64, $106; 6. Courtney Morris, 18.69, $59 Bull Riding 1. Joseph Mc Connel, 80 $904, Buckle Winner 2. Sam Dela Cruz, 78, $737; 3. Daniel Etsitty, 77, $603; 4. Shawn Rogers, 76, $435; 5/6. Tyrel Curtis, 74, $251; 5/6. Lane Kraut, 74, $251; 7/8. Abe Romero, 72, $83; 7/8. Clayton Hill, 72, $83

Lubbock Winter Rodeo January 22, 2011 Novice Bareback 1. Carsen Drennan, 67, Cabbage Patch; Saddle Bronc 1. Clay Creasey, 74, Desert Fox; 2. Dustin Roller, 73, Kitty’s Kool; Ranch Broncs-No Qualified Rides Steer Riding 1. Wyatt Wells, 3.4, 2. Tuff Arajou, 3.3; Mutton Bustin 1/2. Page Divans; 1/2. Dakoto Bardayo Chute Dogging 1. Makali Morales, 23.7 1D Barrels 1. Misty Goldstone, 15.152 2D Barrels 1. Jackie Skinner, 16.465 Open Team Roping 1. Jace Rowland / Gary Rowland, 8.2; 2. Shay Johnson / Bo Bradley, 8.8; #4 Team Roping 1. Octavio Espinosa / Leo Bardayo, 13.5; 2. Leo Bardayo Jr / Leo Bardayo, 13.7; Open Bull Riding 1. Blake Shirley, 76, Rockabilly; Novice Bull Riding 1. Jake Shannon, 71, Cowboy Up; 2. Trevor Hunall, 64, Streaker Febuary 5, 2011 Novice Bareback 1. Carson Drennen, 65, Eild On; 2. Zack Phillips, 64, Desert Flower



unny skies and warm temperatures have everyone out and about. It has been a while coming and I am happy to have the chance to get outside and get things done around the house, enjoy the longer days with my boys and get things started with them in the Jr. rodeo arena. It looks to be a fun year. Speaking of rodeos, there has been a little dirt flying around the New Mexico arenas. The NMRA has recently adopted a second source to spread the word of their association. The All-Around is the official paper of the NMRA, but they have added Rodeo News out of Colorado to their list of approved papers to run their information. Now I think this is great if you are a Colorado contestant who wants to head south to attend rodeos, and I even believe it will be good for New Mexico contestants if any of the northern cowboys and cowgirls head south to attend NMRA rodeos. More contestant’s means bigger rodeos, and makes them better in the payout area, which mean more people will enjoy the events! However, I believe in this economy, you are going to have to do more than just run your information in a second publication in hopes they will drive farther to attend your events; you are going to have to do something that really attracts their attention. What would that be? In my opinion it would be in the form of Cash! Cold-HardGreenbacks. We all need more of them. Yep. Maybe instead of every NMRA member having to ante up to see their name in another publication, the NMRA

could take that same amount of cash, add it to their Finals and see what kind of contestants they can attract from other states. I recall when I was running hard down the rodeo road, it was a big deal to make the NMRA Finals. Yeah. The bareback riding had more than 15 members and not everyone had a chance to attend the Finals. I recall my rookie year in the NMRA, I barely squeaked into the Finals, but won a pile of cash at the event. That was because there was a pile of cash to be won. At that time in NMRA history they stood out as a great amateur association because they always had a fantastic Finals event. That was because they always had lots of money added to their finals. Contestants came from Arizona, Colorado, Texas and even Utah throughout the year to compete at NMRA rodeos for a chance to make the finals and load up on cash there. Now, I hope the NMRA does well, and I could be wrong. Maybe they will draw more contestants by spreading their information around in other publications. I applaud the new board of directors for looking at new directions for the association and implementing new ideas in order to see what works outside the box. In any case, I will continue to be a strong component of the NMRA and continue to support them as they roll out the 2011 season and beyond. Until Next Time Dirt – Keep it under your feet! Ryan Davis

Saddle Bronc 1/2. Zack Phillips, 72, Frostbite; 1/2. Francis Marchman, 72, Black Pepper; Ranch Broncs 1. Clay Posey, 70, Prairie Hen; Mutton Bustin 1. Dakato Bardayo, 20.0; 2. Colby Jones, 11.9 Steer Riding 1. Gunner Arujo, 4.5; 2. Tuff Araujo, 1.9; Chute Dogging 1. Malaki Morales, 53; 1D Barrels 1. Misty Goldstone, 15.143; 2. JJ Owens, 15.699; 2D Barrels 1. Jackie Skinner, 17.889; 2. Savahna Renfro, 17.977; Open Team Roping 1. Linney Tucker / Levi Richardson, 6.8; 2. Jody Rowland / Jace Rowland, 7.1; #4 Team Roping 1. Mario Tarango / Ronnie Bradic, 9.9; 2. Mario Tarango / Levi Richardson, 13.0; 3. Buss Peters / Ronnie Bradic, 13.1; Open Bulls 1. Ferlando Tom, 71, Rockabilly Novice Bulls No Qualified Rides February 12, 2011 Novice Bareback 1. Zack Phillips, 64, Snooze Queen; Saddle Broncs 1. Cody Joe Bonds, 69, Miss Priss; 2. Eddie Fortenberry, 68, Rainmaker; Ranch Broncs 1. Taylor Brock, 66, Prairie Hen; Mutton Bustin 1. Mikel Kennedy, 15.0; 2. Riley Solberg, 9.2 Steer Riding 1. Wyatt Wells, 62; 2. Gunner Aruajo, 4.3; Chute Dogging 1. Malaki Morrales, 4.8; 1D Barrels 1. Misty Goldstone, 15.145; 2D Barrels 1. Megan Sherrod, 16.610; Open Team Roping 1. Ricky Stroud / Buzz Peters, 10.1 #4 Team Roping 1. Ricky Stoud / Ronnie Bradic, 8.5 Open Team Roping 1. Rafe Quest / Colby Schoenig, 12.7 Open Bull Riding 1.Pat Johnson, 71, Rockabilly; 2. Jordan Speers, 70, Hangem High; 3. Ferlando Tom, 69, #217; Novice Bulls 1. Shannon Medina, 68, Cowboy Up; 2. Jake Shannon, 67, Moonshine; Lubbock Winter Rodeo February 19, 2011 Bareback 1. Jordan Spears, 74, Night Mare; 2. Cole Jamieson, 72, Wigwam; Novice Bareback 1. Zack Phillips, 66, Hot Toddy; 2. Carsen Drennan, 63, 2 Cute Pie; Saddle Bronc 1. Wacey Hatchcock, 76, Crazy Daisey; 2. Francis Marchman, 72, Desert Fox; Ranch Broncs 1. Willy Morris, 68, Miss Holly; 2. Josh Swerigen, 63, Flower Child; Steer Riding 1. Neeko Feliz, 3.3 Chute Dogging 1. Dustin Price, 5.0 1D Barrels 1. Misty Goldstone, 15.564 2D Barrels 1. J.J. Owens, 16.624 #4 Team Roping 1. Rickey Stroud / Buzz Peters, 12.7; 2. Paul Solberg / Buzz Peters, 15.0; Open Bull Riding 1. Pat Johnson, 75, Rockabilly; 2. Billy Brachers, 74, #217; 3. Cooper Owens, 73, Rajun Cajun Novice Bull Riding 1. Jake Shannon, 71, Lil Hammered

APRIL 2011


Febuary 26, 2011 Novice Bareback 1. Carson Drennen, 60, Night Mare; Saddle Bronc 1. Shane Menneffe, 76, Indian Princess; 2 / 3. Jordan Furnish, 70, Flower Power; 2 / 3. Will Abshire, 70, Black Pepper; Ranch Broncs 1. Willy Morris, 67, Flower Child; 2. Brett Burris, 66, Buckskin Lilly; Steer Riding 1. Tuff Araujo, 2.2; 2. Gunner Araujo, 1.6; Chute Dogging No Qualified Times 1D Barrels 1. Cindy Koontz, 18.386; 2D Barrels 1. Autumn Gregware, 21.865; #4 Team Roping 1. Nick Peters / Buzz Peters, 10.2; 2. Matt Davis / Ronnie Bradic, 10.3; 3. Octavio Espinosa / Homer Espinosa, 12.6; Open Bulls 1. Chris Heck, 75, Hangem High; 2. Billy Brachers, 73, Rockabilly; Novice Bulls Shannon Medina, 69, Moonshine March 5, 2011 Novice Bareback 1. Carson Drennan, 64, Trick or Treat; Ranch Broncs 1. John Kelly Walden, 74, Frostbite; 2 / 3. Remington Smith, 70 Prairie Girl; 2 / 3. Willy Morris, 70, Desert Fox; Mutton Bustin 1. Riley Solberg, 15.0; 2. Hudson Matt, 6.7; Steer Riding 1. Gunner Araujo, 3.7; 2. Tuff Araujo, 2.0 Chute Dogging 1. Malaki Morrales, 6.3; 1D Barrels 1. Misty Goldstone, 15.391; 2D Barrels 1. Jacky Skinner, 16.543; #4 Team Roping 1. Buz Peters / Henry Peters, 9.7; 2. Octavio Espinosa / Omer Espinosa, 15.1; Open Bull Riding No Qualified Rides Novice Bulls No Qualified Rides March 12, 2011 Saddle Bronc 1. Clay Creasey, 72, Bunny Ranch; 2. Ryan Montroy, 71, Too Spicey; Ranch Broncs 1. John Kelly Walden, 70, Wound Up; Chute Dogging No Qualified Times Mutton Bustin 1. Dustin Baird, 12.0; 2. Riley Solberg, 3.3; 1D Barrels 1. Jackie Skinner, 16.304; 2D Barrels 1. Cindy Koontz, 17.443; #4 Team Roping 1. Henry Peters / Buzz Peters, 10.7; 2. Brad Reynolds / Dave Koontz, 15.9 TCRA Team Roping 1. Lee Walker / Jerod Jewkes, 4.8; 2. Lee Walker / Trent McDonald, 5.7 Open Bull Riding 1. Adrian Carrasco, 68, Rajun Cajun; Novice Bull Riding 1. Eric Lee, 68, Bugsy; World Oldest Bull Riding 38th Annual Mid Winter Championship Bull Riding Lubbock, Texas January 27-29, 2011 1. Zogen Helton, 87.5, Terrell #636-$5000 & Buckle; 2. Joseph McConnell, 87, Terrell #676-$3000; 3/4. Wrangler Dunda, 85.5, Hurst #333-$1250; 3/ 4. Austin Wolf, 85.5, Lundegreen #516-$1250; 5/7. Colt Clevenger, 85, Hurst #711-$433; 5/7. Obie Hawkes, 85 Terrell #8100-$433; 5/7. Clayton Baethge, 85, Terrell #531-$433; 8. Chandler Bounds, 84.5, Terrell #73-$200



APRIL 2011


xperience the old West as Prescott Frontier Days®, Inc. presents the 124th annual World’s Oldest Rodeo® (WOR) at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds. Since 1888, this traditional event has occurred annually over the 4th of July (June 28-July 4) with 8 breath-taking performances. Sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), this rodeo consists of both roughstock, or judged events (bareback, saddle bronc and bull riding) and timed events (steer wrestling, tie-down and team roping, and barrel racing) during each performance. Each cowboy and cowgirl competes for either the best time or the highest score to ultimately win cash prizes and buckles. In addition, there are entertainment events

for the entire family. The WOR is ranked among the top 40 best rodeos in America and traditionally attracts the top names in the sport of rodeo from all over the U.S. Not only does the WOR draw top names in rodeo, it also has consistently been Prescott’s most anticipated event of the year, bringing thousands (over 30,000+) spectators from all over Arizona, the U.S. and even international guests. The majority of international tourists typically come from Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia and Spain. In 2010, the WOR received a very prestigious and deserving award from Governor Jan Brewer during the annual Governor’s Tourism Conference, special recognition honoring the impact the WOR has on Arizona’s tourism industry. In addition to the large crowds drawn to the WOR, Prescott Frontier Days®, Inc. produces Arizona’s second largest parade over the 4th of July weekend with crowds estimated over 40,000 who jam


World’s Oldest Rodeo® Celebrates 124th Year in Prescott

the streets of downtown Prescott. 2010 was a strong year for the WOR, with record-breaking attendance that goes down as another major accomplishment for this small non-profit organization. The extreme sport of rodeo offers a unique and modern competition unlike any other among frontier towns all over the West and becomes the most anticipated event of the year in each respective community. Although rodeo is fascinating for many, it too has many notable historical factsrodeo comes directly from a working lifestyle-a way of life for many-that started as the everyday chores of working ranches on the great plains of the American West and the original source of beef for the growing mining community of Prescott; chores that would eventually evolve into the unique rodeo events that many enjoy today. The early beginnings of rodeo have been traced back to the ranches of the early

CBR Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge Bull Riding Nineteen years ago, Tuff Hedeman produced the first high paying bull riding event, then at Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas. From those humble beginnings, bull riding is now big business, with 3 major bull riding tours and millions of dollars paid out annually. The Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge, now at Fort Worth’s Will Rogers Coliseum has the world’s best bull riders and the rankest bucking bulls. 4-time World Champion Bull Rider, Tuff Hedeman, knows what it takes to produce a World Class event. He is willing to increase the degree of difficulty each year, bringing bulls from over 20 stock contractors. The Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge has been voted the best bull riding in the world 9-times, the Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge has the world’s best bull riders and the rankest bucking bulls. On March 5, top Bull Riders, like World Champions JW Harris, Wesley Silcox, Bonner Bolton and Luke Kelly will ride for the title at the Will Rogers Coliseum in Fort Worth. Also be on the lookout for some of your favorite riders, like Clayton Williams, Cooper Kanngiesser and Steve Woolsey. The next generation of bull riders will also have an opportunity to ride in the same arena as the world’s best in the Cripple Creek Jr. Bull Riding Championship. Six young champions from North Texas Jr. Bull

Riding associations will compete. Cody Canada and The Departed will entertain in the arena following the bull riding. They share a friendship with Tuff and love of the bone-jarring sport of bull riding. The Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge Bull Riding is a stop on the CINCH CBR Tour Presented by Mahindra Tractors. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased thru Billy Bob’s Texas Box Office - 817-624-7117, and at Ticketmaster

CBR World Champ Luke Kelley Wins RodeoHouston™ BP Super Series I CBR World Champion Luke Kelley made the most of his invitational opportunity to compete in the RodeoHouston™ BP Super Series on Thursday night, by scoring 87 points aboard Sammy Andrews’s Top Gear and winning the Championship Round of the first Super Series. Thursday’s win, coupled with the fact that Luke was the only one to ride all three of his bulls – put Luke in the driver’s seat to win the average title and an additional $4,000 - bringing his RodeoHouston™ earnings total to $8,500. “Believe it or not, the first time I entered the Bull Riding at RodeoHouston™, it was

in the Astrodome”, said Kelley. “Although, I never have been able to put it all together here - like I was able to do this week, I got on some good bulls and everything worked out pretty good. It’s great to do well at a place like this.” Luke now advances to the BP Super Series Semi-Finals which will take place later this month. All of the CBR Riders entered in this first BP Super Series did well. Clint Craig took home second place in the series average and third place went to Ardie Maier – which means they will all advance to the Semi-Finals as well. Stay tuned to for all the latest on CBR Riders at RodeoHouston™ CBR fans can keep tabs on the CBR Riders, as well as all of the other action at RodeoHouston™ BP Super Series by logging on to and watching the entire rodeo as it streams live on the web! RodeoHouston™ BP Super Series I Bull Riding Results (3/3/11): 1.Luke Kelley; Mt Vernon, IL; 87 points Top Gun, Andrews Rodeo $2,000 2.Neil Homes Houston, TX; 76.5 points Twisted Fate, Do or Die Pro Rodeo $1,000 (No other qualified rides) RodeoHouston™ BP Super Series I Bull Riding Final Results: 1.Luke Kelley; Mt Vernon, IL; $8,500 2.Clint Craig; Mena, AR; $4,250 3.Ardie Maier; Timberlake, SD; $2,000 4.Reese Cates; Arkansas; $1,500

1700’s when the Spanish ruled the West. Spanish cattleman, know as Vaqueros, influenced the American Cowboy with their clothing, language, traditions and equipment. Duties on the early Ranches included roping, horse breaking, riding, herding, branding…an integral part of cattle-ranching in areas of Spanish influence. The word “rodeo” comes from the Spanish word rodear (to surround). Today it’s a competitive sport in which riders display their skills in activities related to livestock raising, such as riding and roping cattle and horses. Now for the Prescott dates and info… 2011 Rodeo Performances begin at 7:30 p.m. (unless noted with a *, which begin at 1:30 p.m.) • Tuesday, June 28 • Wednesday, June 29 • Thursday, June 30 • Friday, July 1 • Saturday, July 2 * (1:30 & 7:30 Performances) • Sunday, July 3 • Monday, July 4 * (1:30 Performance Only) • Family Day Discount - June 29, 30 performances only Includes grandstand seats for $12-$14 Two adults and up to 4 children Package price $50.00 Other Notable Special Events Include: • Happy Hearts Rodeo for Exceptional Children – June 28 at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds • Rodeo Dance – June 30, July 1 & 2; 8:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m.; M&I Bank and Albertson’s Parking Lot • Kiwanis Kiddie Parade – July 1 at 8:30 a.m.; Cortez and Goodwin • Prescott Frontier Days®, Inc. Parade – July 2 at 9:00 a.m.; Courthouse Plaza • Rodeo Days Fine Arts & Crafts Show – July 2, 3 & 4; Courthouse Plaza ( • Cowboy Church – July 3 at 8:30 a.m.; Prescott Rodeo Grounds • Cowboy Capital Bull Riding – August 13 at 7:30 p.m. For more information, for a list of the specialty acts, details about any of the listed events, recommended hotel and lodging accommodations please visit the WOR website at Tickets are now available by phone (866-407-6336) and on the website, or at the gate. Purchasing tickets in advance is encouraged as sell outs are possible. Note dates for 2012 (AZ Centennial Event) are June 28-July 4; 2013-July 1-July 6.


APRIL 2010

. E P O R E SAM . E C A F W NE Kollin VonAhn 2009 World Champion

Rich Skelton

Randon Adams

2003 and 2004 World Champion

2008 World Champion

Walt Woodard 2007 World Champion

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APRIL 2011

PRCA Rodeo - Yuma, Arizona

Chauncey Kirby AFEC Certified

Yuma Jaycees Silver Spur Rodeo $1,042 each; 2. Michael Calmelat/Brent Tryon, 6.3, February 11-13, 2011 $782; 3. Seth Hall/Brooks Dahozy, 6.4, $521; 4. Tom All-Around Cowboy Richards/Tyler Getzwiller, 6.6, $261. Seth Hall, $2,940, team roping and tie-down roping. Average Bareback riding 1. Seth Hall/Brooks Dahozy, 12.5 seconds on two First Round head, $1,563 each; 2. Denton Payne/Lane Siggins, 1. Guy Murphy, 79 points on Honeycutt Rodeo’s 13.1, $1,173; 3. Brian Arave/Scott Selland, 14.4, Ragged Edge, $304; 2. Jared Green, 78, $228; 3. $782; 4. Tim Baker/Shawn Hastings, 16.9, 391. Zack Brown, 74, $152; 4. (tie) J2 Bridges and Saddle Bronc Riding Delvecchio Kaye, 71, $38 each. 1. Jess Jones, 83 points on Honeycutt Rodeo’s No. Second Round 506, $1,094; 2. Bradee Hughes, 80, $821; 3. Max 1. Tyler Staker, 77 points on Honeycutt Rodeo’s Knock Filippini, 75, $547; 4. (tie) Branden Mayberry, Ryan Out, $304; 2. Jared Green, 76, $228; 3. Jon Luse, Montroy and Matt Marvel, 74, $91 each. 72, $152; 4. J2 Bridges, 68, $76. Tie-down Roping Average First Round 1. Jared Green, 154 points on two head, $304; 2. 1. Seth Hall, 7.9 seconds, $595; 2. Mason Malone, (tie) Zack Brown and J2 Bridges, 139, $190 each; 4. 8.0, $447; 3. Wes Lockard, 8.5, $298; 4. Lane Cassidy Keeton, 122, $76. Siggins, 8.8, $149. Steer Wrestling Second Round First Round 1. Blake Hirdes, 7.9 seconds, $595; 2. Korii Ochoa, 1. Brock Butterfield, 4.5 seconds, $608; 2. Bo Bleil, 8.5, $447; 3. Wes Lockard, 9.5, $298; 4. (tie) 4.6, $456; 3. Brandon Bates, 4.7, $304; 4. (tie) Anthony Estep and Cutter Parsons, 9.6, $74 each. Derek Worthen and Josh Garner, 4.8, $76 each. Average Second Round 1. Wes Lockard, 18.0 seconds on two head, $595; 2. 1. Bo Bleil, 4.4 seconds, $608; 2. Jeremy Harden, Mason Malone, 18.3, $447; 3. Cutter Parsons, 19.1, 4.6, $456; 3. Michael Bates Jr., 4.7, $304; 4. (tie) $298; 4. Ivan Stuart, 21.5, $149. Josh Garner and Pepe Arballo, 4.9, $76 each. Barrel Racing Average 1. Linda Vick, 17.45 seconds, $1,182; 2. Christina 1. Bo Bleil, 9.0 seconds on two head, $608; 2. Josh Richman, 17.52, $1,013; 3. (tie) Rachael Myllymaki Garner, 9.7, $456; 3. Clayton Tuchscherer, 10.3, and Megan Lewis, 17.82, $788 each; 5. (tie) Pat $304; 4. Jeff Richardson, 10.4, $152. Spratt and Karlie Boles, 17.83, $507 each; 7. Team Roping Kathleen Shelton, 17.87, $338; 8. Julie Martindale, First Round 17.92, $225; 9. Dolli Lautaret, 17.94, $169; 10. 1. Gabriel Santa Maria/Cody Pearson, 5.5 seconds, Sandy Arave, 17.98, $113. $1,042 each; 2. Denton Payne/Lane Siggins, 5.8, CRX’D Bull Riding BUILT BY-P/U W/CHNGS-VSA IN HOUSE PROOF $782; 3. Ed Necochea/Dennis Watkins, 6.0, $521; 4. 1. Bryce Brown, 87 points on Honeycutt Rodeo’s Lock Seth Hall/Brooks Dahozy, 6.1, $261. & Load, $1,155; 2. Rankin Lindsey, 86, $866; 3. (tie) Second Round Guytin Tsosie and Champion Daye, 82, $433 each. 1\2 Horizontal (10 xCalmelat, 6.6)5.6 seconds, 1. Jake Barnes/Anthony Total payoff - $41,608

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Smith’s Rodeo Photos P. O. Box 1368 Crownpoint, NM 87313

505.786.7191 On-Site Printing MONTH-APR 11 A

Horses For Sale Brushy Creek Ranch – Cochise, Arizona Quarter Blue Roan Gelding. Will is 3 yrs. 15H. Hancock/Driftwood. No papers. Real gentle, shoes, clips and rides great. Excellent prospect for barrels, roping or trail. Really nice and likes people. Has roped lead steer and ridden in mountains. Cheap at $1,950

AQHA Sharp Looking Bay Gelding. Greg is 4 yrs. 14.3H. This horse has been used hard in the rocks and mountains around Globe, AZ. Knows cattle and rope. We have been roping lead steer. He does really good. Excellent prospect. Gentle and easy to handle. $2,800 Quarter Bay Gelding. Dobber is a 11 yr. 14.3H. excellent heel horse prospect. Used on ranch. Knows cattle and rope. Been roping lead steer and is real cowey. Easy to handle. Excellent prospect. Started out of box. $1,850

Quarter Sorrel Gelding. Jim is a big, fancy, stand-up 10 yrs. 15.3H. head or heel horse. Two socks and a light mane and tail. Used for ranch, trail, ranch round-up and ranch rodeo. Ridden in mountains and rocks. Gentle and easy to handle. Excellent neck rein, stop, back, sidepass. Does it all. You will be proud to ride this gelding. A steal at $3,000 Flashy Brown Gelding. Socks is 6 yrs. 14.3H. Used on trail. Started on barrels and poles. Easy to handle. Started roping. Excellent prospect. $1,650 Call Deak at 602/377-0492 (cell) 520/826-0112 (home)

AQHA Gray Gelding. Strawberry is 4 yrs. 14.2H. pretty and stout. Well started. Gentle and easy to handle. Been out on trail and mountains. Started on cattle and rope. Been roping lead steer. Nice prospect. Likes people. $2,250



2011 PRCA World Standings

APRIL 2011

Scott Kormos, Teague, TX, $12,674 Steer Roping 1. Trevor Brazile, Decatur, TX, $33,156; 2. Cody Lee, Gatesville, TX, $18,584; 3. Walter Priestly, Robstown, TX, $16,852; 4. Kim Ziegelgruber, Edmond, OK, $13,966; 5. J. Tom Fisher, Andrews, TX, $13,413; 6. Will Gasperson, Decatur, TX, $10,922; 7. Scott Snedecor, Uvalde, TX, $10,488; 8. Vin Fisher Jr., Andrews, TX, $9,018; 9. Rocky Patterson, Pratt, KS, $8,940; 10. Lawson Plemons, Axtell, TX, $6,640; 11. Guy Allen, Santa Anna, TX, $6,235; 12. Cody Garnett, Barnsdall, OK, $6,084; 13. Bryce Davis, Abilene, TX, $5,811; 14. Chris Glover, Keenesburg, CO, $5,185; 15. Roy Cooper, Decatur, TX, $5,116


Bull Riding 1. Shane Proctor, Grand Coulee, WA, $48,672; 2. J.W. Harris, Mullin, TX, $32,438; 3. Jacob O Mara, Prairieville, LA, $31,990; 4. Cody Whitney, Asher, OK, $31,820; 5. Kanin Asay, Powell, WY, $28,775; 6. Ardie Maier, Timber Lake, SD, $25,677; 7. Clayton Foltyn, El Campo, TX, $23,664; 8. Trevor Kastner, Ardmore, OK, $23,193; 9. Clayton Williams, Carthage, TX, $21,757; 10. Chance Smart, Philadelphia, MS, $21,531; 11. Douglas Duncan, Alvin, TX, $21,527; 12. Clayton Savage, Casper, WY, $21,454; 13. Seth Glause, Rock Springs, WY, $20,077; 14. Shawn Hogg, Odessa, TX, $17,892; 15. Howdy Cloud, Kountze, TX, $17,431

All-Around Cooper, Monument, NM, $13,274; 12. Ty Blasingame, 1. Trevor Brazile, Decatur, TX, $67,000; 2. Cody Ohl, Ramah, CO, $12,766; 13. Luke Brown, Stephenville, TX, Hico, TX, $30,924; 3. Paul David Tierney, Oral, SD, $12,297; 14. Caleb Mitchell, Pollok, TX, $11,050; 15. $18,545; 4. Landon McClaugherty, Tilden, TX, $18,435; Kelsey Parchman, Cumberland City, TN, $10,940 5. Josh Peek, Pueblo, CO, $13,209; 6. Jesse Sheffield, Team Roping (Heelers) Austin, CO, $13,074; 7. Stan Branco, Chowchilla, CA, 1. Jade Corkill, Fallon, NV, $32,162; 2. Travis Graves, Jay, $11,234; 8. Rhett Kennedy, Chowchilla, CA, $10,546; OK, $23,013; 3. Kory Koontz, Sudan, TX, $19,616; 4. 9. Clayton Hass, Terrell, TX, $7,703 Broc Cresta, Santa Rosa, CA, $18,895; 5. Russell Bareback Riding Cardoza, Terrebonne OR , $18,629; 6. Allen Bach, 1. Will Lowe, Canyon, TX, $33,620; 2. Tilden Hooper, Weatherford, TX, $17,916; 7. Patrick Smith, MidlandTX , Carthage, TX, $31,618; 3. Kaycee Feild, Payson, UT, $17,770; 8. Kollin VonAhn, Durant, OK, $17,555; 9. $30,828; 4. Bo Casper, Fort Scott, KS, $23,686; 5. Joe Britt Bockius, Claremore, OK, $13,295; 10. Martin Gunderson, Agar, SD, $20,435; 6. Clint Cannon, Waller, Lucero, Stephenville, TX, $12,297; 11. Cory Petska, TX, $19,268; 7. Steven Dent, Mullen, NE, $18,069; 8. Marana, AZ, $11,395; 12. Cody Hintz, Spring Creek, NV, J.R. Vezain, Cowley, WY, $17,993; 9. Wes Stevenson, $11,061; 13. Michael Jones, Stephenville, TX, $10,940; Lubbock, TX, $16,624; 10. Chris Harris, Itasca, TX, 14. Jhett Johnson, Casper, WY, $10,725; 15. Paul David AZ, $2,213; 5. Willy Gould, Wickenburg, AZ, $1,448; 6. All-Around $16,234; 11. Steven Peebles, Redmond, OR, $16,208; Tierney, Oral, SD, $9,887 Victor Aros, Tucson, AZ, $720; 7. Bobby Baize, Anthony, 1. Rick Kieckhefer, Prescott, AZ, $1,181; 2. Ivan Stuart, 12. Jake Vold, Ponoka, AB, $13,731; 13. Zach Dishman, Saddle Bronc NM, $678; 8. Tyler Getzwiller, Scottsdale, AZ, $543; 9. TJ Scottsdale, AZ, $573 Beaumont, TX, $10,702; 14. Heath Ford, Slocum, TX, 1. Cody Wright, Milford, UT, $39,781; 2. Heith DeMoss, Brown, Marana, AZ, $399; 10. Ivan Stuart, Scottsdale, Bareback Riding $10,176; 15. Kelly Timberman, Mills, WY, $10,042 Heflin, LA, $34,413; 3. Jesse Bail, Camp Crook, SD, AZ, $299; 11. Estevan Castillo, Veguita, NM, $242; 12. 1. Tyler Staker, Taylor, AZ, $725; 2. Wyatt Hancock, Taylor Steer Wrestling $20,227; 4. Sam Spreadborough, Snyder, TX, $19,357; Coy Burruel, Tucson, AZ, $200 AZ , $354.00 1. Luke Branquinho, Los Alamos, CA, $33,547; 2. Billy 5. Cody DeMoss, Heflin, LA, $19,263; 6. Tyler Saddle Bronc Steer Wrestling Bugenig, Ferndale, CA, $23,939; 3. Casey Martin, Corrington, Hastings, MN, $18,335; 7. Cort Scheer, 1. Cody Taton, Mud Butte, SD, $2,972; 2. Darrell Triplett, Sulphur, LA, $22,894; 4. Darrell Petry, Beaumont, TX, Elsmere, NE, $16,933; 8. Bradley Harter, Weatherford TX 1. Kurt Stallings, Clovis, NM, $1,498; 2. Pepe Arballo, Waterflow, NM, $844; 3. Dean Daly, Belen, NM, $247; Wittman, AZ, $964; 3. Rusty Hamilton, Capitan, NM, $21,461; 5. Stockton Graves, Newkirk, OK, $17,855; 6. , $16,076; 9. Taos Muncy, Corona, NM, $14,686; 10. 4. Casey Sisk, Corona, NM, $227; 5. Garrison DeWitt, $614; 4. TJ Bohlender, Canyon, TX, $488; 5. Tim Todd Suhn, Hermosa, SD, $17,247; 7. Seth Brockman, Jeff Willert, Belvidere, SD, $14,256; 11. Jesse Kruse, Robertson, Marana, AZ, $266; 6. Randy Ternan, Phoenix, Rio Rico, AZ, $185; 6. Cooper DeWitt, Rio Rico, AZ, Wheatland, WY, $16,568; 8. Dru Melvin, Ponca City OK , Great Falls, MT, $13,239; 12. Mert Bradshaw, Eagle $124 AZ, $200 $14,712; 9. Tommy Cook, McAlester, OK, $13,227; 10. Point, OR, $12,514; 13. Jake Wright, Hurricane, UT, Tie-Down Team Roping (Heading) Sean Mulligan, Coleman, OK, $13,093; 11. Dane $10,044; 14. Curtis Garton, New Zealand, NZ, $9,914; 1. Joseph Parsons, Marana, AZ, $3,430; 2. Seth Hall, 1. Michael Calmelat, Tucson, AZ, $5,073; 2. Derrick Hanna, Berthold, ND, $12,652; 12. Jake Rinehart, 15. Tyrell Smith, Great Falls, MT, $9,906 Albuquerque NM , $3,161; 3. Kyle Dutton, Mesilla Park, Begay, Seba Dalkai, AZ, $2,969; 3. Erich Rogers, Round Highmore, SD, $12,369; 13. Justin Davis, Bartonville, Tie-Down NM, $1,447; 4. Rick Kieckhefer, Prescott, AZ, $882; 5. Rock, AZ, $2,213; 4. Shain Sproul, Las Cruces, NM, TX, $12,028; 14. Wade Sumpter, Fowler, CO, $11,343; 1. Clint Cooper, Decatur, TX , $38,491; 2. Cody Ohl, Casey Wilson, t or c, NM, $479; 6. Buddy Robinson, $1,235; 5. Brooks Dahozy, Window Rock, AZ, $978; 6. 15. Casey McMillen, Redmond, OR, $11,271 Hico, TX, $27,200; 3. Tuf Cooper, Decatur, TX, $24,888; Mesilla Park, NM, $359; 7. Ivan Stuart, Scottsdale, AZ, Hal Earnhardt III, Queen Creek, AZ, $720; 7. Tom Team Roping (Headers) 4. Cory Solomon, Prairie View, TX, $22,073; 5. Hunter Richards, Humboldt, AZ, $543; 8. Wyatt Althoff, Anthony, $274; 8. Royce Lynch, Deming, NM, $239; 9. J.D. 1. Chad Masters, Clarksville, TN, $32,162; 2. Charly Herrin, Apache, OK, $20,188; 6. EJ Roberts, Kibbe, Portales, NM, $171 NM, $399; 9. Rick Kieckhefer, Prescott, AZ, $299; 10. Crawford, Prineville, OR, $23,472; 3. Clay Tryan, Stephenville, TX, $19,637; 7. Ryan Jarrett, Summerville, Steer Roping, Joe Burk Higgins, Whitmann, AZ, $242; 11. Sherrick Billings, MT, $23,013; 4. Spencer Mitchell, Colusa, CA, GA, $18,094; 8. Matt Shiozawa, Chubbuck, ID, 1. Chance Kelton, Mayer, AZ, $303 Grantham, Congress, AZ, $200 $18,895; 5. Joel Bach, Millsap, TX, $17,916; 6. Trevor $16,472; 9. Justin Macha, Needville, TX, $16,372; 10. 11 BUILT BY-VSA IN HOUSE PROOF CRX’D BUILT BY-DP INTX, HOUSE PROOF Bull Riding (Heelers) Brazile, Decatur,MONTH-FEB TX, $17,770;2011 7. Erich Rogers, Round Trevor Brazile, Decatur, $16,073; 11. Jud Nowotny, CRX’DTeam Roping MONTH-APRIL 1. Michael Allison, Marana, AZ, $2,781; 2. Wacey Barta, 1. Cory Petska, Marana, AZ, $5,610; 2. Anthony Rock, AZ, $17,746; 8. Nick Sartain, Yukon, OK, LaVernia, TX, $14,953; 12. Monty Lewis, Hereford, TX, Phoenix, AZ, $1,054; 3. Scottie Knapp, Albuquerque, Calmelat, Tucson, AZ, $5,073; 3. Cesar de la Cruz, $17,555; 9. Colby Lovell, Madisonville, TX, $15,400; $14,181; 13. Landon McClaugherty, Tilden, TX, V (4.9 x Tsosie, 6.6)Farmington, NM, $669;. VGray, (4.9 x 6.6) NM, $967; 4. Guytin Tucson, AZ, $2,969; 4. Dallas Reidhead, Queen Creek, 1\4 10. Coleman Proctor, Pryor, OK, $14,934; 11. Jake $12,882; 1\4 14. Adam Seymour, TX, $12,689; 15.

2011 Turquoise Circuit Standings

Dollar Center Trading & Pawn, INC. PAWN — BUY — SELL

We Pawn Cars, Trucks, Tools, Jewelry, Native American Items, Electronics, Trailers, RV’s, Off Road Toys, Boats, Ranch Equipment, Tractors, and Much More.


Located at Exit 257 North of Interstate I-40 2 miles East of Winslow, Arizona Auto Sales: 928/289-1993 Pawn Shop: 928/289-1995



APRIL 2011

PRCA Shorts Courtesy of PRCA - ProRodeo

Allegiant Air Becomes Official Airline Of PRCA The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association has entered into a partnership with Las Vegas-based Allegiant Travel Company and its subsidiary, Allegiant Air. The partnership recognizes the low-cost, high efficiency, all-jet passenger airline as the Official Airline of the PRCA and the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and includes a number of promotional opportunities for members and fans alike. “Given that the majority of our membership and fan base reside in rural America, this partnership is a perfect fit as an affordable travel option,” said PRCA Commissioner Karl Stressman. “Allegiant’s commitment to ProRodeo will have a substantial impact from our top-tier rodeos to the circuit rodeos, which truly shows the marketing efficacy of this sport.” Allegiant’s focus is to connect travelers from America’s favorite small to mid-level cities with non-stop service to world-class destinations like Las Vegas. Allegiant provides a great travel experience with great value and without all the hassle. “We are honored to partner with and support the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association,” said Allegiant CEO and Chairman Maurice J. Gallagher. “This partnership will be very popular with our customers, as many of them are big ProRodeo fans.” Allegiant Air will also serve as the Official Airline of the Seminole Hard Rock

Xtreme Bulls Tour, presented by B&W Trailer Hitches, and the Dodge circuit system. It will partner individually with a number of select rodeos. Throughout the year, ProRodeo fans will have opportunities to win round-trip tickets on Allegiant in a variety of sweepstakes and promotions.

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo to have first matinee performance since 2005 The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, scheduled for Dec. 1-10 at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, will have its first matinee performance since 2005. The Sunday, Dec. 4, performance will start at 12:45 p.m. (PT) to accommodate the running of the Rock ’n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon and Half Marathon at night under the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. All other performances of the rodeo will start at 6:45 p.m. Following the Dec. 4 performance, Las Vegas Events will work closely with city and county officials and the hotel properties to ensure that NFR attendees have access to the resort corridor. The NFR will continue to offer complimentary shuttle bus service, with exclusive access to Las Vegas Boulevard immediately after the rodeo. Full shuttle bus routes and comprehensive travel guides will be announced at a later date. Each year, the NFR features the top 15 contestants in bareback riding, steer

wrestling, team roping, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, bull riding and barrel racing. Known as the richest and most prestigious rodeo in the world, the Wrangler NFR will celebrate its 27th year in Las Vegas. Additional information about the NFR can be found at

after the rodeo in Odessa, Texas. Brother was taken to Texas A&M University, where doctors put in a plate and six screws to stabilize the leg. Feild’s ride overshadowed a world-record rematch between Tilden Hooper and Classic Pro Rodeo’s Big Tex. After combining for 94 points last summer in Silver City, N.M., Hooper went for 89 points and second place.

Feild’s Record Ride Highlights Finals In San Antonio

RodeoLegend Passes

Bareback rider Kaycee Feild knew he had the potential for something special on JK Rodeo’s Multi-Chem Brother in the short round at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, a Gold rodeo on the Wrangler Million Dollar Tour presented by Justin Boots. The result was nothing short of spectacular. Feild set an arena record with 93 points – one shy of the PRCA world record – to win the round and the San Antonio title. Feild consulted Jessy Davis (the previous San Antonio record holder) about the horse and was excited to hear that Davis had already put up two scores in the 90s on him. “(Davis) told me that all I needed to worry about was being 90,” Feild said. “So, I was going to bear down and go for the win, and it turned out pretty well.” As Feild took a victory lap around the arena, each section of the AT&T Center stood and applauded him for his efforts, an experience that put a big smile on the 23year-old’s face. “Man, that’s pretty awesome,” Feild said. “I don’t like being in front of an audience, but I’d like to do that again. That was pretty neat.” The ride also marked a return to prominence for Brother, who was making his fourth trip out after missing a year of action due to a right front pastern joint injury (located above the hoof) sustained

Phil Stadtler, a former PRCA timedevent cowboy and a legendary California cattle rancher, died March 10 at his home in Hilmar, California. He was 90. Stadtler was a top steer wrestler and team roper before retiring from rodeo competition to concentrate on his multiple business interests, including his 410-acre ranch. He once drove 261,000 head of cattle out of Mexico in a single year. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum presented Stadtler with the Chester A. Reynolds Award in 2004, recognizing him as an individual whose lifestyle and traditions epitomize that of the American cowboy. Stadtler was a founding member of the Oakdale Cowboy Museum … In keeping with its tradition of environmentally friendly initiatives, Rodeo Austin unveiled a largescale lighting renovation March 12 which will provide four times the illumination to Luedecke Arena while reducing energy consumption by as much as 40 percent … An 80-acre parcel of land owned by Black Hills Power has been proposed as the site for a new arena for the Gillette (Wyo.) College rodeo teams, and the Gillette city council has agreed to assist in negotiations between the school and power company … San Angelo, Texas, city officials are estimating that last month’s San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo had an economic impact on the community of $30 million.


See the

ALL-AROUND CALENDAR on pages 70 & 71

of this issue for listings of events in your area, every day of the week.

PBR opens new restaurant/bar in Baltimore on Friday Charm City is third location, joining Kansas City, Las Vegas The Professional Bull Riders, in association with Power Plant Live! and The Cordish Companies, is excited to announce the grand opening of the newest PBR-themed restaurant and bar in Baltimore on Friday, March 5. PBR Baltimore will serve as the cornerstone tenant of a series of renovations and expansions of the restaurant and entertainment district just north of the Inner Harbor. Baltimore becomes the third themed location for PBR. The PBR Sky Bar opened in Kansas City in 2009, and the PBR Rock Bar in Las Vegas celebrated its opening in conjunction with the 2010 Built Ford Tough World Finals. “PBR is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing sports, selling out arenas from Madison Square Garden to Las Vegas. We love giving our fans the opportunity to interact with our brand in a fun and engaging way that stays in our markets 365 days a year,” said PBR President and COO Sean Gleason. “Our goal with the PBR club is to create a concept that captures not only the PBR’s electricity, but also the camaraderie that exists at our events. We can’t wait to bring the excitement and popularity of the PBR to Baltimore.” Located on the second floor of Power Plant

Live!, the Baltimore location is 10,000 square feet with a “cool country” design by Knauer Design of Chicago. It will have an outdoor deck, overlooking the district’s main outdoor stage, two bars with over 150 feet of service space, and a large dance floor with state-ofthe-art sound and lights. The PBR Built Ford Tough Series features the Top 40 bull riders in the world competing each week against the best bucking bulls. The BFTS crisscrosses the United States, making 28 stops in 23 states. The season began at world-famous Madison Square Garden in New York on Jan. 7-9. It all culminates Oct. 26-30 in Las Vegas at the PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals, where the 2011 PBR World Champion will be crowned and awarded the $1 million Built Ford Tough bonus. The PBR is the world’s premier bull riding organization, awarding more than $100 million in prize money since it began in 1992. More than 20 riders have reached $1 million in career earnings led by Justin McBride with $5.5 million − the most of any western-sports athlete in history. Each of the last six years the PBR has had 20 or more riders earn $100,000. The BFTS is televised in HD each week on VERSUS with select events broadcast on NBC and CBS. The telecasts are produced for the PBR by David Neal Productions, a Los Angelesbased production company led by 30-time Emmy® Award winner and Peabody Award winner David Neal, who serves as executive producer and creative lead.


APRIL 2011




APRIL 2011



Keaveney who also won the calf roping. The bull riding champion was Lane Stock and Devon Burris was the Chute Dogging winner. Brittnee Hemingway was the barrel racing winner while Kelsey Lutjen won the goat tying and pole bending. Caden Kerby and Cassie Whittle were the Ribbon Roping average winners. Colton Clem was named the All Around Cowboy in the 13-15 group while Savana Egge was the All Around Cowgirl. Colton also won the calf roping for the weekend and Rio Lee took home the Chute Dogging average win. Lacey Garside won the average in both the breakaway and pole bending while

Madyson Paul won the barrel racing and Aspyn Dent won the goat tying. Heath Johnson and Tannis Penrod dominated the ribbon roping and Heather Mackenzie teamed up with her Dad to win the team roping. Kelton Little earned the title of 9-12 All Around Cowgirl for the weekend and Britt Parker was named All Around Cowboy. Britt also won the steer riding as well as the ribbon roping with partner Makena Burris. Blythe Beshears won the goat tying average, Tatum Schaefer won the pole bending and Brylee Hall won the barrel racing. The breakaway average winner was Madison Bates and the Double Mugging winner was Logan Bates. Bryce


he AJRA continues to have a great 2010-11 season. In February, the AJRA was excited to be back at the Apache Gold facility in San Carlos. A very big thanks to them for inviting us back and providing our cowboys and cowgirls with another great place to rodeo! A big welcome to the new families that have recently joined our association! The weekend was a lot of fun for everyone and we are looking forward to Florence in March, Wilcox in April and Prescott in May! In the 16-18 age group, Sierra Egge was the All Around Cowgirl for the weekend as well as the average winner in the team roping and breakaway. All Around Cowboy honors went to Brent

Stodghill and his Dad were the average winners in the team roping. The competition in the 5-8 year old group was very tough. Both Zane Reinert and Bridger Sanborn tied for All Around Cowboy honors and Jaycie Cundall was the All Around Cowgirl. Bridger also won the barrel racing average and Zane won the team roping with his Dad. Jaycie won the pole bending, Cache Kerby was the goat tying winner and Jax Mortenson won the calf riding. The AJRA is very grateful to all of our families for their support this year as well as the many communities that continue to support our association. We are looking forward to our last three rodeos of the season before the finals in June. A very big thanks to our board of directors and to the committees in Wilcox and Prescott for making such great events for our cowboys and cowgirls to rodeo! Jackpot fundraisers are being planned to help with year end awards; barrel races at both Florence and Willcox, team roping at Willcox and a steak fry and auction at Prescott! For more information on the AJRA please go to our website at

Brent Keaveney Jaycie Cundall

Gavin Reinert

Savana Egge

Bridger Sanborn

Colton Clem

Sierra Egge

Britt Parker

Kelton Little


APRIL 2011


ARIZONA HIGH SCHOOL RODEO ASSOCIATION Go to for more AHSRA information And Sun April 17th check in 3:30. (2go’s) Hosted by AZCHA.

Schedule Buckeye, Arizona EC - April 8, 2011

April 23-24 May 14-15

Prescott, Arizona EC - April 29, 2011

June 9-11

State Finals EC - May 25, 2011

Chino Valley Sale Barn - May Date change only- (posted tentative per approval NACHA) May 21-22 Hosted by NACHA Inc.

Important Announcements:

Finals Information

REMINDER from the Rodeo Secretary! Parents and Students, you must send in a Waiver of Liability that is notarized, as well as a Certificate of Eligibilty signed by school for every rodeo!

State Finals Wednesday, June 8, 2011 2011 Queen Contest 9:00 AM – Horsemanship main arena Payson Event Center 6:00 PM – Queen Contestants give their speeches, model and answer questions, on stage at the Payson High School Auditorium 514 West Wade Lane. Friday, June 10, 2011 PROM @ Mazatzal Casino Banquet Hall 8-11:00 PM – The theme you chose for prom is “Old Wild West”. Prom will be held in the banquet hall of the Mazatzal Hotel, across the highway from Event Center. A, DJ, drinks and snacks are provided and admission is free; NO PROM TICKETS this year; therefore your MUST wear/bring your back number. You must check in your back number and upon

Board Nominations We will be taking nominations for our Adult and Student Executive Board and Directors at the Globe Rodeo. Voting will then take place at the Buckeye Rodeo.

Rodeo Queen Applications Queen Applications are due by the Prescott rodeo. This year there will also be a princess contest for the Jr. High girls. Download Application at

Cutting Please Note the Changes!! Queen Creek - April Fri April 15th check in 2:30. (2go’s)

leaving pick up your back number at the door. Once you leave prom you may not reenter. No admittance through main Casino lobby. There is a private entrance at the northwest side for Prom. No loitering in parking lot, main entrance or lobby of Casino. Saturday, June 12, 2011 Dinner Banquet & Awards Presentation TBA Stall Reservations (Deadline is May 20, 2011) Stalls will be available for your horses. You will need to reserve stalls by Tuesday, May 31, 2011. The stalls are $10 per night. Once you reserve stalls you are responsible for payment. There are NO REFUNDS. You are responsible for keeping your area clean during finals and clean up after use. For a reservation you MUST mail in request on attached form with payment. No email, phone or fax reservations accepted. Your name will be on the stalls you paid for, do not put horses in a stall if you did not pay for one or does not have your name on it. Mandatory!! You must have a stall! No tying horses! You may rent or bring you own. Park/Camp in designated parking/camping areas only. There will be an $8.00 per rig per night dry camp fee regardless if you camp or not. If you do not pay the dry camp fees your organization will be billed and held responsible for charges. You must keep your camp/parking area clean. Poop happens!

When it does clean it up.

Souvenir T-Shirts (Deadline for pre-ordering is May 20) AHSRA finals t-shirts will be available for $12 on pre paid shirts. To be assured of receiving a shirt, you need to order in advance. There will be a limited supply of nonreserved shirts. The order (with payment) must be received by May 20, 2011.

Water & Refuse Disposal Clean drinking water for you and your horses will be under the treed area just north of the horse pens. Please don’t block this area. There are 3 faucets for your use.

Fire Restrictions June is our driest month. Campfires and charcoal are not allowed, you may bring a gas grill if you choose.

Adult Beverages & Glass Containers The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited at the facility. Additionally, please do not bring any type of beverage in a glass bottle. Download forms at


Spring Schedule April 16-17 - Las Cruces, NM April 30-May 1 - Clovis Outdoor Arena, NM May 7-8 - Gallup, NM May 14-15 - Roswell, NM June 9-12 - Clovis, NM - State Finals

Congratulations to the winners of the NFR raffle ticket selling contest. First Place - Jordan Noe Second / Third Place - Payton Cowdrey & Sheradan Jacquez

The timers schedule for the spring season is posted. Farmington Pauline Henson, Roxanne Henry, Cathy Martinez, Connie Dunn, Jenny Sweazea Las Vegas Kalin Fish, Connie Dunn, Denise Meeks, Roxanne Henry, Pam Simpson, Yolanda Begay Las Cruces Shelley Lindsay, Johnna Smith, Gretchen Lindsay, Pam Simpson, Christine Hendrix, Shirley Muncy Clovis Kristi Howe, Creta Kirkes, Patty James, Pat Gray, Twyla Cisneros, Diedra Glass, Gallup Yolanda Begay, Jenny Sweazea, Dee Dee Henderson, Gretchen Lindsay, Christine Hendrix, Patty James Roswell Renee Danley, Lee Ann Foster, Twyla Cisneros, Patty Silva, Angie Silva, Shelley Lindsay State Finals Kalin Fish, Pauline Henson, Renee Danley, Sherrie Montoya, Creta Kirkes, Kristi Howe

Please check which rodeos you are scheduled to time. If you have any questions please contact Pam Simpson at 575/649-4963.

Finals information Queen contestants and cutting contestants must check in on Wednesday before you compete with D’Aun. NMHSRA check-in for all other contestants with D’Aun will be held in the Event Center Thursday 8:00 AM - 2:00PM. You must be checked in by 2PM on Thursday or you will not be allowed to compete. Contestants must be present at check in; someone else can not check you in. Check in with the Clovis Committee will be held in the Event Center for stalls and rv places will be Wednesday 8AM-6PM and Thursday 8AM-3PM. Be sure to check in both places, with D’Aun and the Clovis Committee.

The host hotel for State Finals: Fairfield Inn 4305 North Prince, Clovis, NM Call 575/762-1411 for reservations. Please ask for the NMSRA rate of $70 per night. Check Out for all of this years Finals Forms and additional information. $2,500 Sponsorships Liftn’ and Reachn’ Cowboy Ministries Tilt James; 505/330-3190 $2,000 Sponsorships Joe’s Boot Shop 2600 Mabry Drive, Clovis, NM 88101 575/763-3763; Pump & Services 603 S. Carlton Ave., Farmington, NM 87401 $1,500 Sponsorships Double R Pipe & Supply Box 26, Lovington, NM 88260

$1,200 Sponsorships Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino 200 Futurity Dr., Sunland Park, NM 88063 Lawrence E Suazo D.D.S. 575 Rivergate Lane, Suit 98 Durango, CO 81301 $1,000 Sponsorships NMSU Dept. of Agriculture MSC 3169, Box 30003, Las Cruces ,NM 8003 $750 Sponsorships Helena Chemical Company Box 629, Mesquite, NM 88048 Tinley-Tee Tire Co. 2020 Columbus Rd., Deming, NM 88030 $500 Sponsorships Smithco Construction Co. Box 2, Caballo, NM 87931 John Hart & Associaties PA 2815 Candelaria RD NW Albuquerque, NM 87107-2914 Pettigrew Ranches Mike Pettigrew HC 64 Box 90, Ft. Sumner, NM 88119 Win Place & Show 2516 Sudderth Dri., Ruidoso, NM 88345 Shannon Kizer Box 56, Pep, NM 88126 Bunk’s Feed Barn 3128 South Eunice Hwy, Hobbs, NM 88240 Terry & Hope Anthony HC 60 Box 803, Lovington, NM 88260 $250 Sponsorships FAST*LANE*RODEO 401301 W 100 Rd, Wann, OK 74083 John Theiler 03 La Grima De Oro, Los Lunas,NM 87031 Old Mill Mercantile 19763 Highway 314, Belen, NM 87002 Double J Animal Hospital 2804 S. Eunice Highway, Hobbs, NM 88240

Circle S Feed Store 2907 S Canal, Carlsbad, NM 88220 Constructors Inc. 3003 S. Boyd Dr., Carlsbad, NM 88220 Eagle Creek Ranch Box 1831, Las Cruces, NM 88004 Carlsbad Insurance Agency Box 490, Carlsbad, NM 88220 $100 Sponsorships Hall Machine & Welding 102-108 West Mermod St. Carlsbad,NM 88220 Kirk & Kitten Kirkes Forrest Tire Company 414 South Canal St., Carlsbad, NM 88220 New Mexico Gas Company Box 97500, Albuquerque, NM 87199 Mitchell Chiropractic Life Center 816 Spruce, Box 2764 Las Cruces, NM 88004 Quien Sabe Trading The Cowboy Pro-Shop 3650 N 1st St., Bloomfield, NM 87413 Hungry Critters Feed & Supply LLC 3726 N Grimes, Hobbs, NM 88240 Tilt & Patty James 8 CR 2928, Aztec, NM 87410 El Comedor De Anayas Box 10, Moriarty,NM 87035 Baca Valley Telephone Co. Box 67, Des Moines, NM 88418 C.Y. Brasmer, DVM Albuquerque, NM 87120 Western Mercantile, Inc 111 Rio Bravo Blvd SW Albuquerque, NM 87105 American Recovery Inc, 7717 Broadway Blvd. SE Albuquerque, NM 87105 D & R Tank Company 1210 Prosperity Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105



APRIL 2011

y G m y k t h n a u n o a C R a l o d o e b i Series 2011 o C Grants Rodeo Arena, Exit 81 Highway 53 South, Grants, New Mexico

For more information or to pre-enter contact Cody McDaugale or Melissa McDaugale 505/287-2662 • 505/290-7390


At the end of the 2011 Series

(9:00 a.m. each day)

Running P Saddles

March 19-20 April 16 & 17 May 21 & 22

Pre-Enter by March 10, 2011 Books will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. the day of the rodeo

will be awarded to All-Around Cowgirl and All-Around Cowboy in each age division.

CIBOLA COUNTY GYMKHANA RODEO 2011 SERIES ENTRY FORM Please write legibly and complete each line below. Contestant's Name: Address: City: Phone No.

Fill out one entry form per contestant per rodeo

Zip: Gender M / F (Circle One)

Alternate Phone.

Date of Rodeo. Is contestant sharing a horse with another contestant? Sharing with: Age as March 1, 2011 *If you DID NOT participate in the CCGR 2010 Series, you must present your birth certificate to the rodeo secretary before the start of the first rodeo * Enter a minimum of three (3) events and a maximum of five (5)

Events Leadline Dummy Roping Sheep Riding (Leadliner's may enter) Calf Riding Steer Riding Barrels Flags Poles Goat Tying (around neck) Goat Tying (Girls) Goat Tying (Boys With Pigging String) Steer Stopping Steer Breakaway Breakaway Roping Step Down Roping Ribbon Roping Team Roping Administration Membership Fee Awards Fee for All-Around Only Awards Fee for All-Around & Rough Stock Awards Fee for Rough Stock Only Late Entry Fee Day Run Fee Team Roping Partner's Name If you need a partner please note here. RODEO DATES March 19 & 20, 2011 April 16 & 17, 2011 May 21 & 22, 2011 *Make up date - TBA

6 & Under


7-9 -------------

10 - 13 -------------

14 - 18 ----------------

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

------------------------------------------Due each Rodeo One fee per contestant and due by the first One fee per contestant and due by the first One fee per contestant and due by the first One fee per contestant and due by the first Contestant will not receive points until paid Non-series member not paying awards fee

Fee 25.00 10.00 10.00 20.00 20.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00

Stock Fee ------$ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 ---------$ 5.00 $ 5.00 $ 5.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00

rodeo rodeo rodeo rodeo

Heading / Heeling Please circle one ENTRY FEE DUE DATES March 9, 2011 April 6, 2011 May 11, 2011



** I have read and understand all rules of the Cibola County Gymkhana Rodeo (4H & Amended) X

Total Entry $ 25.00 $ 10.00 $ 20.00 $ 30.00 $ 30.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 15.00 $ 15.00 $ 15.00 $ 20.00 $ 20.00 $ 20.00 $ 20.00 $ 20.00 $ 20.00 $ 5.00 $ 30.00 $ 35.00 $ 50.00 $ 35.00 $ 25.00 $ 20.00 TOTAL


TEAM ROPING April 15 & May 20, 2011 Grants Rodeo Arena Enter at 5:30 p.m Rope at 6:30 p.m. #12 Handicap Pick or Draw $25/roper • Enter Up #12 team - 0 sec. off • #11 team - 1 sec. off #10 team - 2 sec. off • #9 team - 3 sec. off #8 & under team - 4 sec. off 3 steer Average, progressive on 1 CASH ONLY! Information: John English 505.239.7617 or Cody McDaugale 505.290.7138

Parent / Guardian Signature


Bosque Farms Jr. Rodeo 11 JR BF

/20 0 01 2 e tte i mm o C

Russell Sullivan Co-Chairman 505/720-0999 Curtis Winner Co-Chairman/Treasurer 505/269-8181 Jana Muncy Secretary 505/238-9415 Amber Gillreath Secretary 505/235-9216

2010/2011 BFJRA Sponsors

L.J. Braught Judge 505/264-3824 Darci Winner Awards 505/803-1898 Barrels Open Danny Orris Poles 505/463-7692 Martin Sandoval Flags 505/908-7147 Rick Adcock Goats John English Roping 505/239-7617 Tony Sanchez Roping 505/238-1762 Daniel Mueller Rough Stock 505/553-8200 Ryan Davis Leadline 505/259-7975

Big News! New Dates for the 2011 BFJRA! Bosque Farms Junior Rodeo 2011 September 16-18 or 9-11, October 7-9 or 14-16 and November 18-20 Rodeo starts at 8:30 a.m. each day Please read all material carefully so you know what you can expect:

All-Around Magazine New Mexcio Gas Company Farm Credit of New Mexico RJ Auto LLC Sopa’s Restaurant Benny’s Restaurant Village Veterinary Chical Paradise Donuts of Bosque Farms Sam’s Butcher Block Cross County New Mexico Propane Joe’s Pharmacy Jerry & Theresa Montano Craig Tire Volvo Rents Weck’s Cowboy Cleaners Old Mill Farm & Ranch Supply Cosper TREVO My Bank Ray or Valerie Hatch T & T Trailer Sales Charlie Myers Orris Farms Town and Country Feed Valencia Family Medical YDI Inc.

Entries • Books will close at 7:30am the day of the rodeo. • Secretary will be on the grounds an hour and a half before the start of the rodeo. • A $25 late fee will be charges on all entries not postmarked 15 days prior to each rodeo. Late fee must be paid before rodeo starts. • If money does not accompany entry forms postmarked 15 days prior to rodeo the late fee will be charged. • Late entries will be added to the bottom of the list in: barrels, poles & flags; and to the top in all other events. • Please make your own copies of the entry form. • Insufficient funds checks will result in a $50 fine and contestants will be on a cash only basis for the rest of the series. All fees and fines must be taken care of before any future entries will be accepted or awards received. If not taken care of by awards banquet, awards will automatically be given in the next place contestant. • No refunds for turnouts or draw-outs will be given unless accompanied by a doctor or vet release. Awards fees and administrative fees are not refundable. Secretary must be notified by 7:30am the day of the rodeo. • Age is determined as of the day of the first rodeo. • Please include a copy of your birth certificate if you did not participate in the 2010-2011 series. • Entries for the next rodeo will be accepted at each rodeo. • Checks will be deposited 10 days before each rodeo. Any checks that have not cleared will have to be taken care of before the rodeo begins. All late entries will be cash only. • Stock charge will be the following: goats $5, roping $10, sheep riding $10, calf riding $10, steer riding $20, junior and senior bulls $35.

Awards • Contestants must compete in a minimum of 3 events at 5 rodeos and pay the awards fee to qualify for prizes. • Awards fee will be $60 if paid before the first rodeo and $100 if paid before the third rodeo. The fee will not be excepted after the third rodeo begins. • Each contestant/family that pays an awards fee will receive a one year subscription to the All-Around Magazine. Schedule, results, rules, etc. will be printed in the publication. • Rough stock events are considered separate and do not count for the all-around. • Contestants may enter 5 events; each event counts for the all around. Contestants may change events entered at each rodeo. • Boys and girls will compete against each other for points and payback in all events except those that are designated boy or girl on entry blank. • Saddles will be awarded to the high point boy and girl in each age group. • Event buckles will be awarded in rough stock events. • All Leadline contestants competing in 5 rodeos and paying all fees will receive a buckle. No time or points will be awarded. • Ties will be broken by money won. • Awards will be presented immediately following the last rodeo. College scholarship • College scholarship(s) will be awarded to contestant(s) that graduate high school in the spring of 2011. • If you would like a scholarship application please contact Shacey Sullivan 505-239-5288. • Applications are due the Monday following the November rodeo. Schedule • Friday 7pm: Sheep Riding, Calf Riding, Steer Riding, Junior Bulls and Senior Bulls. • Saturday and Sunday 8:30am Main Arena - 8:30 a.m. Pole Bending- 6 & Under Barrels- 6 & Under Team Roping- 14-18, 10-13, Steer Stopping- 14-18, 10-13 Steer Breakaway- 7-9 Leadline- begins at noon Boys Tie Down- 14-18, 10-13 Step Down- 7-9 Ribbon Roping- 14-18, 10-13, 7-9 Breakaway- 14-18, 10-13, 7-9 Pole Bending- 7-9, 10-13, 14-18 Barrels- 7-9, 10-13, 14-18 Saturday only: Sheep Riding- 6 & Under Calf Riding- 7-9 Steer Riding- 10-13 Bull Riding- (junior, senior) Secondary Arena - 8:30 a.m. Goats- 14-18, 10-13, 7-9, 6 & Under Flags- 7-9, 6 & Under 7-9 Dummy Roping- 6 & Under Events • Drag will be after 7 runs with no regard to age group changes. There will be no drag in the 6 & Under events. • Contestants will run in reverse order on the second day. • Each event must have at least two contestants for the event to take place. If an event does not have enough contestants those entered will have the option of changing events. • Contestant numbers at the first rodeo dictate the entire series. • Contestants in the same age group, boy or girl, cannot share a horse in any speed event (barrels, poles & flags). If this occurs the second contestant will be disqualified.

APRIL 2011


• Parent/child team roping only the contestant pays entry. Parent/grandparent of any contestant may be partner. 7 -9 and 10 13 will compete against each other for payback but points will be separate. • 7-9 Ribbon Ropers do not have to dismount their horses and can have a runner from any age group. • If there is no qualified times or scores then the money will roll over to the next rodeo. If there are no qualifications for the series that money will be put toward awards. • The Leadline will begin at noon. • No parents will be allowed in the arena during the goat tying. • Dummy roping will be on a three wire bale of hay and a calf head. A line 2 feet behind the bale will be indicated, contestants must stay behind it. Contestants will have 60 seconds to catch the dummy as many times as they can. A helper may take the rope off the dummy and rebuild the loop. The helper may not swing the rope. Contestant with the most catches in 60 seconds wins. Points will be split in the event of ties. Payback • 80% of the entry fee will go to payback, 20% to awards. 1 place will be paid for every 5 entries with a max of 4 places paid. Breakdown of places paid: 1-100%, 260%/40%, 3-50%/30%/20%, 440%/30%/20%/10% • Payback checks will not be mailed and are void 90 days after issuance date. • Payback checks will not be written for less than $5. In the interest of time • A one minute time limit will be enforced. When time elapse contestants must exit the arena. • If a contestant breaks the pattern they will not be allowed to start over. • Only one loop will be allowed in all roping events. One loop per end in the team roping. • Contestants may not enter any extra events. Family help • Family names will be drawn at every rodeo to help. • If your family name is drawn and you are not able to help, you must find someone to work in your place. • Not helping will result in a $50 fine. Fine must be paid before competing or any awards received. • If families choose they may pay a onetime family fee of $25 to have help provided in their place. • Money will be used to hire arena help. Any extra will go toward awards. • You must check in with the event director and sign the sheet. If you do not sign the sheet the $50 will be assessed. General • Cowboy hats are optional. No ball caps or visors allowed. If weather warrants beanies maybe worn. • Updates will be posted on the website please check it. • If rule is not clarified in the document the 4-H rule book will be used, then PRCA rules. • Unaudited points and payback will be posted the Wednesday after each rodeo to the website. • In the interest of having a well ran rodeo, professional rodeo secretaries have been hired. A $4 per contestant fee for each rodeo will go to the secretaries. • All discrepancies must be brought before event director and judge before the end of the age group in event.



APRIL 2011

NEW MEXICO RODEO ASSOCIATION APPROVED STOCK CONTRACTORS 2011 W/A Rodeo Company Buster Webb PO Box 383 Bloomfield, NM 87413 505.632.2350 Bucking H Rodeo Company Richard Hodgson Rt. 1 Box 212 Blanco, NM 87412 505.486.2137 6 X 6 Rodeo Company Carl Bradley PO Box 110 Tres Piedras, NM 87577 505.758.3459 Casper Baca Rodeo Company Casper Baca PO Box 1715 Grants, NM 87020 505.287.9534 Tsosie Brothers Harrison and Tommy Tsosie PO Box 1950 Shiprock, NM 87420 505.368.4315 Crossroads Rodeo Co. Mark Sanchez P.O. Box 3072 Durango, CO 81302 970.739.3851

Letter to the members of the New Mexico Rodeo Association from John Adams, NMRA President. NMRA Members: Well…. March is here which brings about calving season so I have been sticking pretty close to home these days. The NMRA board has been very active in trying to put the finishing touches on our two new programs for this year and once again they have done a great job. I am very happy to announce that Ranch Bronc Riding is now a standard event in the NMRA. Jeb Loney is the director over this event so if you have any questions it would be a good idea to call him. I will be happy to talk with you about this new event however Jeb is vastly more knowledgeable than I am. In fact, I just this week learned that there are actually people out there that have attempted to put sticky substances on their butts in order to help them stay on; I know this because we had to make a rule to address that issue! That struck me as being really funny, but as I said I am calving so I’m not getting a lot of sleep these days. Ranch Bronc Riding is an optional event for rodeo committees as is the added money; however I encourage all committees to give this idea a chance. This event is gaining

2011 NMRA Standings Bareback: 1. Jon Luse, Albuquerque, NM, $305; 2. Kory Hart, Pagosa Spgs. CO, $138 Saddle Bronc: 1. Chance Barnes, Flora Vista, NM, $458 Bull Riding: 1. Joseph McConnel, Bloomfield, $763 Breakaway Roping: 1. Jana Baker, Aztec, NM, $549;

2. Jori Flom, Roswell, NM, $411; 3. Nicole Sweazea, Mountainair, NM $287 Open Barrel Race: 1. Caren Lamb, Ft. Sumner, NM, $372; 2. Kelly Waide, Winston, NM, $291; 3. Nicole Sweazea, Mountainair, NM $287; 4. Amanda Clawson, Gallup, NM, $139; 5. Rachael Maestas, Belen, NM, $93; 6. Lisa Girdner, Bos. Farms, NM, $58 Incentive Barrel Race: 1. Jasarra Baca, Albuq. NM, $219; 2. Annie Chroninger, Jemez Springs, $164; 3. Casey Dove, Belen, NM, $114

popularity nation wide and the fans really like it. Ranch Bronc Riders can now qualify for the NMRA finals and we will, crown a year end champion. The other significant move made by the NMRA board is the adoption of the “NMRA Rookie Program”. “Bulls, Bares and Broncs”, all for the younger or less polished contestants. Those of you interested now have a chance to earn a trip to the NMRA finals and carry the title of “NMRA Champion”. The Rookie Program is also optional for rodeo committees but here again I encourage each and every rodeo committee to evaluate your youth events at your rodeo and give these young people an opportunity to learn and compete right alongside the open guys. Your fans will love it and you can feel good about the fact that you are being proactive in preserving and enhancing young people and the sport of rodeo in New Mexico. Now I know that some of you are saying “well that’s great but what are they doing for those of us that have been around awhile”. The answer is “plenty”. Unfortunately I am running out of space so you will have to wait until next month to hear about some of those things. I will give you a hint though. Enter twice?? Happy Trails John Adams NMRA President

Open Calf Roping: 1. Lane Siggins, Ruidoso, NM, $575; 2. JoDan Mirabal, Grants, NM, $367; 3. Greg Dutton, Los Lunas, NM, $275; 4. Chance Barnes, Flora Vista, NM, $192 Incentive Calf Roping: 1. Greg Dutton, Los Lunas, NM, $211; 2. Shane Goemmer, Estancia, NM, $141 Steer Wrestling: 1. Bill Claunch, Monte Vista, CO, $389; 2. Cody Kenny, Belen, NM, $291; 3. Kyle Francis, Alamosa, CO, $203 Open Team Roping, Heading:

1. Sal Gomez, Belen, NM, $475; 2. Bill Claunch, Monte Vista, CO, $356; 3. Cody Mirabal, Grants, NM, $248 Open Team Roping, Heeling: 1. JoDan Mirabal, Grants, NM, $724; 2. Lane Siggins, Ruidoso, NM, $635; 3. Albert Claunch, Monte Vista, CO, $356 Incentive Team Roping, Heading: 1. Sal Gomez, Belen, NM, $560; 2. Bill Claunch, Monte Vista, CO, $373 Incentive Team Roping, Heeling: 1. JoDan Mirabal, Grants, NM, $560; 2. Albert Claunch, Monte Vista, CO, $373


(2nd Year) Lucky 7 Rodeo Co. Ty Hawkins 232 CR 325 Ignacio, CO 81137 970.749.9790

NMRA-Approved Field Secretaries - 2011 Janice Aragon 505.289.9428 Susi Kaufman 928.587.3478 Jana Muncy 505.238.9415 Amber Gillreath 505.235.9216

E-MAIL ADDRESS CELL PHONE (for text) CARRIER $90 $75 $75 $60 $140

Membership Working Membership High School Membership Family Membership (Includes Spouse/dependant(s) 18 years or less living in houshold)

Send application to: NMRA 143 Maestas Rd Belen, NM 87002 NMRA phone: 505-864-9428



APRIL 2011


President - John Adams - 575/779-3105 • Vice President - Todd Burns - 505/250-1282 • Bareback Director - Open Open Calf Roping Director - Christian Sanchez - 505/801-6854 • Incentive Calf Roping Director - Dave Aragon - 505/366-4931 Breakaway Director - Bellamie Mason - 505/486-2080 • Saddle Bronc Director - Jeb Loney - 406/207-2922 • Steer Wrestling Director - Scott McCloud - 505/864-6701 Bull Riding Director - Travis Briscoe - 505/980-5675 • Open Team Roping Director - Brian Sullivan - 575/644-9243 • Inc. Team Roping Director - Jim Knopp - 505/514-8752 Barrel Racing Director - Jessie Briscoe - 505/504-6900 • Inc. Barrel Racing Director - Carrie Richardson - 575/937-0851 • Judges Coordinator - Stoney Neufang - 520/241-0414 State Secretary - Janice Aragon - 505/864-9428 • Central Entry Secretary - Donna Tolbert - 505/864-9426 • NMRA fax - 505/861-5907

Attention calf ropers! All calf ropers wanting to rope incentive need to fill out application and submit to NMRA office via mail, fax, or email. All incentive ropers must be approved one week prior to entering a rodeo. Application can be found on NMRA web site:

UPCOMING RODEOS CASH ONLY in 2011! (Money orders and Cashier Checks accepted) Entries in our rodeos are taken seriously. All NMRA members and co-sanctioned associations that guarantee entry fees may fax/email entries into the NMRA office up to one week prior to the opening of phone entries. All non-members or associations that do not guarantee entry fees must call in entries and be prepared with a credit card that will be run that night for entry fees. Entry numbers: Rough Stock: 505-864-9427; Team Roping: 505-864-7200; Timed Events: 505864-9426. Call the Turnout line (505-864-9426) if you must turnout of a rodeo for any reason including medical, emergency or vet release. You may not enter for 10 days if you vet or medical out and a release is due in the office within 7 days or entry fee and fine will be assessed. Contestants may draw out up to the closing of entries – After entries close you will be turning out and expected to pay fees. Rodeos having first sanction with New Mexico will have a $13 CES/Finals Fund deducted from advertised fees and have a $20 Stock Charge also deducted from fees. Bull riders have $10 day money added to fees as well!

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Schedule is subject to change as more rodeos are added and co-sanctions are approved. *Denotes pending April 29-30, 2011 Verde Valley Rodeo Cottonwood, AZ GCPRA with NMRA co-sanction April 30 - May 1 Rodeo de Indios, AI Host Bernalillo, NM May 7-8, 2011 Socorro Cinco De Mayo Socorro, NM Co-Sanctions pending May 28-29, 2011 Ralph Johnson Memorial Ganado, AZ AIRCA with NMRA co-sanction *June 9-10-11, 2011 Old Fort Days Ft. Sumner, NM co-sanctions pending *June 17-18, 2011 Showdown in Old Abiquiu Abiquiu, NM co-sanctions pending *June 15-19, 2011 Gallup Lion’s Club 63rd Annual Rodeo Red Rock Park - Gallup, NM co-sanctions pending Socorro Cinco De Mayo Rodeo Socorro, NM May 7-8, 2011 Co-Sanction: PAFRA, others pending Performances: Sat. May 7th @ 1 p.m.; Sun. May 8th @ 1 p.m. Slack: Sunday @ 8 a.m.

Added: $300 per event Stock Contractor: Crossroads Rodeo Co. Stock Charge $20 Entry Fees: $100 SW/CR/ICR/BKW/BR/BB/SB; TR $100/man; BRL $75; Ranch Bronc Riding $80; All Inc. Calf Ropers must be approved 1 week prior to entries. TR enter 3 times/ once in open, twice in incentive or vise versa Added Events: Rookie SB, BB, & BR $TBA; Mutton Bustin $20; 12 and under barrels, $35; Entries: Monday, May 2, 2011, TE: 505-864-9426; RS: 505-864-9427; TR: 505-864-7200 6-10 p.m. NMRA, and all co-sanctioning associations that guarantee fees can fax/e-mail entries- check entry site on the NMRA website: Call Backs: Tuesday, May 3, 2011, 6-9 p.m. Or check website for day sheets Turnouts: 505-864-9426 no later than 3 hrs before performance. Directions: Socorro Co Fair Grounds, S of Socorro Note: Youth and rookie events will be used to fill the performances Verde Valley Fair & Rodeo Cottonwood, AZ April 29 & 30, 2011 GCPRA with NMRA co-sanction Stock Contractor: Slash M Rodeo, Scott McDaniels Performances: Friday & Saturday, April 29 & 30 @ 7 p.m. Slack: Saturday April 30th @ 8 a.m. (if necessary) Added: $200 per event, $100 to incentive events Entries: April 25th, 2011 Roughstock: 5-6 p.m. (623) 455-8339 Timed Events: 6-10 p.m. (623) 455-8339 Team Roping & Buddies: 6-10 p.m. (623) 455-8385 Combined Buddies must be team ropers entering team roping as well as other events. Entry Fees: BR/$85; BRLS/$65; TR/$75 per man; All other events $75-Bareback, Saddle Bronc & Bull Riding can enter both performances **1 family member per rider only will be admitted free** **Access to non-public area(s) will be limited to riders, event officials, production staff, and individuals directly assisting a rider. **Non-public areas will be cleared no less than one hour after the conclusion of final event for the evening. **No possession of or consumption of alcohol will be permitted within the non-public area(s). 44th Annual Ralph Johnson Memorial Rodeo Ganado, AZ May 28-29, 2011 AIRCA with NMRA co-sanction NO NMRA INCENTIVE EVENTS Performances: Sat, May 28 @ 7 p.m.; Sun, May 29 @ 1 p.m. Slack: Sat, May 28 @ 11 a.m. if performances are filled Theme: “Rodeo. Live Healthy. Be a Champion”. Added: $500/Event; $400/Sr BKW; $150/JR BRL & JR BULLS Stock Contractor: Tsosie Brothers/Bedonie Cattle BB – 10/perf; SB – 10/perf; Bull Riding – 60/20 performance CR, SW, BKW, BRL, Jr BRL, SR BKW, OTR, #10 TR Entry Fees: $80/event; $160 TR and #10 TR; (#10 TR is capped at a #5 USTRC – does not count for NMRA incentive TR standings) (No Incentive BRLS, No incentive Calf Roping) $75 Sr. BKW; $65 JR BRL & BULLS Entries: May 23 & 24 505-733-2020 AIRCA CES BK Bates Call Backs: Wed. 6-10 p.m. AIRCA Web site:

Thanks to the 2010 Sponsors NMRA New Mexico Rodeo Council, Gov. Bill Richardson Belen Chamber of Commerce, Belen, NM Maynard Buckles, Thoreau, NM Belen News Bulletin, Belen, NM The Old Mill, Los Lunas, NM Graphic Arts Station, Belen, NM Valencia Co. Sheriff’s Posse, Belen, NM Sheriff’s Posse Café, Belen, NM Charlies Paint and Body Shop, Belen, NM NBHA New Mexico Dist. #2

Bareback Wild Horse Movie Rentals, Santa Fe, NM Moving Solutions, Los Lunas, NM Southwest Livestock, Los Lunas, NM Roswell Livestock, Roswell, NM Casper Baca Rodeo Co., Grants, NM Movin On Livestock, NM, Corrales, NM Joseph Zazula, Jr., Rio Rancho, NM Western Livestock LLC, San Acacia, NM (2011 – Spurs for Rookie!)

Barrels Roswell Livestock, Roswell, NM William A. Chroninger, Jemez Springs, NM Envirotech, Inc. Farmington, NM Sierra Blanca Motors, Ruidoso, NM H & O Tires & Feed, T or C, NM SW Equine Insurance, Albuq. NM Cherrill’s Western Apparel, T or C, NM Socorro Republican Party Clint & Jan Wellborn, Socorro, NM Sid & Charlsie Savage, Caballo, NM Sierra Cleaners, Belen, NM Winton Appraisal, Socorro, NM Hicks Paint & Body Shop, Socorro, NM Tripp’s Inc. Socorro, NM Lobo Trucking, Albuq. NM Automated Control Systems, Albuquerque, NM Cornerstone Accounting, Elephant Butte, NM Albuquerque Equine Clinic, Albuquerque, NM JM Abstract & Title Co., Socorro, NM Los Lunas Animal Clinic, Los Lunas, NM Farm Credit, Albuq, NM Paul’s Veterinary Supply, Roswell, NM Salazar Trucking, Socorro, NM Bar J Plumbing, Socorro, NM John R. Gerbracht, Socorro, NM Van & Barbara Romero, Socorro, NM Sofia’s Kitchen, Socorro, NM All Around Auto, Socorro, NM Before & After Salon, Ruidoso, NM Becker’s Mountain Laundry, Ruidoso, NM Michal & Kathy Arrington, Ruidoso, NM Diamond Heart Plumbing & Heating, Capitan, NM

Double R Quarter Horses, Capitan, NM Marie Hamilton The barrel racers would like to acknowledge and give special thanks to Marie Hamilton for donations of her special talents to the barrel racers at the finals. It is contributions such as Marie's that make the awards special and really unique. Thank you Marie Hamilton!

Breakaway Roping Mosley Taxidermy & Wildlife Studio, Bloomfield, NM High Ridge Electric, Albuq. NM J – J Meat Packing, Bloomfield, NM Rocking DM Horsemanship, Bloomfield, NM Panda Garden, Bloomfield, NM

Saddle Bronc Hooves & Stalls Racing, Helena, Montana Casper Baca Rodeo, Co., Grants, NM Sheriff’s Posse Café, Belen, NM Jeb Loney, Tularosa, NM Forrie Smith, Capitan, NM

Steer Wrestling T & T Trailer Sales, Belen, NM Ned’s Pipe and Steel, Belen, NM Desert Green Equipment, Belen, NM Charlie’s Paint & Body, Belen, NM Horsin’ Around Therapeutic Riding Center, Belen, NM D. A. Williams Saddle Shop, Los Chavez, NM Shod Right, Scott McCloud, Belen, NM Sharon and Gary Tolbert, Los Lunas, NM

Bull Riding The Old Mill, Los Lunas, NM Graphic Arts Station, Belen, NM Fat Sats, Belen, NM Bull Fighter, Jason Knott, Durango, CO

Incentive Calf Roping The Old Mill, Los Lunas, NM Aragon Arena, Belen, NM Charlies Paint and Body Shop, Belen, NM Cameron Equip, Aztec, NM

Calf Roping Clayton Homes, Bloomfield, NM Cody Kenny/MAC Roping Productions, Belen, NM Lobo Trucking, Albuq, NM The Old Mill, Belen, NM Cameron Equip, Aztec, NM Pioneer Equipment Co., Albuq, NM Dutton Bits, Los Lunas, NM Rich Ford, Albuquerque, NM

Bull Fighters MD Construction, Ignacio, CO

Pickup Men Bucking H Rodeo Co., Blanco, NM GRS Services, Tome, NM

Membership Has It’s Priviledges In 2011 the NMRA entry system will be a preference draw. Contestants will no longer be tied to their phones on entry night trying to enter into the performance of their choice. NMRA members and members of co-sanctioning associations that guarantee their entry fees will be able to fax or email entries in one week prior to the phone entry night. Check out the entry page on the NMRA web site: NMRA members and members of co-sanctioning associations will also receive a text message and/or email after the closing of entries that informs them what performance or slack they drew up in and what position in that performance or slack. Non-members or members of associations that do not guarantee their fees will have to phone in on entry night and pay with a credit card. Their credit card will be processed that night. Nonmembers will not receive a text/email that informs them when they have drawn up. They will need to check the day sheets posted on the NMRA web site. The NMRA is looking forward to the 2011 rodeo season and anticipates that this entry process will make entering easier and more efficient.



APRIL 2011

ALL INDIAN RODEO The All Indian Rodeo Cowboys Association, Inc. • P.O. Box 723, St. Michaels, Arizona 86511

COWBOYS ASSOCIATION Phone: 928/871-3000 • Fax: 928/871-3000 • Website:

ALL INDIAN RODEO COWBOY ASSOCIATION OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS Officers President Harrison Charley Vice President Casey Begay Public Relations Officer Beverly Coho Administrative Secretary Lenita Lee

2011 Rodeo Schedule April 30 - May 1 Rodeo de Indios, AI Host Bernalillo, NM May 7-8 Dahozy Stampede, AI Host (Tentative) Ft. Defiance, AZ May 14-15 31st Keith J. Boyd Memorial Rodeo, AI Host Greasewood Springs, AZ May 21-22 8th Eagle Ridge Rodeo, AI Host Cornfields, AZ May 28-29 44th Ralph Johnson Memorial Rodeo, AI Host Ganado, AZ June 11-12 Beshbetoh Stampede Rodeo, AI Host Beshbetoh, AZ July 1-2 Black Mesa Rodeo, CNRA HOST Chinle, AZ July 15-16 53rd Little Beaver Rodeo, AI Host Dulce, NM July 30-31 Eastern Navajo Agency Fair Rodeo, AI Host Crownpoint, NM August 13-14 Pavinyama Rodeo Daze, AI Host, (Tentative) Hopi Country August 19-21 Central Navajo Fair Rodeo, CNRA Host Chinle, AZ September 17-18 Utah Navajo Fair Rodeo, AI Host Bluff, Utah September 23-25 AIRCA 2011 Championship Finals Rodeo, AI Host TBD October 20-23 7th Indian International Finals Rodeo Farmington, NM October 28-30 Annual Arizona State Fair Rodeo, Tentative (Counts toward 2012 season) Phoenix, AZ November 14-15 AIRCA 2012 Membership Drive Rodeo, AI Host Cortez, CO November 14 AIRCA 2011 Awards Celebration Banquet and Dance, AI Host Cortez, CO

Treasurer Jolene Russell

Board of Directors Rodeo Sponsors Representative Tom Boyd Bareback Riding Jeff Biakeddy Saddle Bronc Riding Rodger Dahozy Bull Riding Charley Herbert, Sr. AIRCA Membership Drive Rodeo 2 Sunday April 3, 2011 Special - $75 Membership Cards sold at the event! Puerco Valley Rodeo Arena Nahata Dzill, (Sanders) Arizona Sanctioned: AIRCA Performances: 1 p.m. Slack – 9 a.m. Major Events - $75 Entries Added Money - $150 per event / $300 TR and #10 TR BR, SW, BB, TD, SB, Ladies BKW, OTP, Ladies BRLS, #10 TR Minor Events - $65 Entries Added Money - $150 Sr. BKW, Jr. BR, Jr. BRLS Entry - All Events - 3/28 and 3/29 - AIRCA Sec - 5405-733-2020 - 7 - 10 p.m. Call Backs - Wed 3/30 Rodeo de Indios Saturday April 30 - Sunday May 1, 2011 Sandoval County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo Grounds, Bernalillo, NM Directions: 20 mins. North of ABQ on I-25, Exit 240, West on US 550, 1 mile to Sheriff’s Posse Rd. Sanction: AIRCA (Co-Sanction Pending w/NMRA & CNRA) 3 Performancess: Sat. Apr 30 @ 1 p.m., 7 p.m. & Sun. May 1 @ 1 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m. Slack only if necessary (Slack Order: LBAR, Jr.BAR, LBAW, Sr.BAW, SW, TD, OTR and #10TR) Added Money: $300(min./+) Major Events; $200(min./+) Minor Events. Stock Contractor: Pending Bids Entry Fees: $85 Major events & $65 Minor Events; TR & #10TR $170 (Enter 3x / 2+1) EO: All Events, Mon & Tue, Apr 25 & 26, 2011 from 7-10pm only at (505) 733-2020. CALL-BACKS: Wed, Apr. 27, 7-10pm only. Non-Members Welcome: $20 additional Fee. Daysheets Post: Thur Apr 28 at Notes: Specify Header / Heeler when entering; 2011 USTRC Cards required for entry/pay-outs for #10TR/Capped @ #5 Elite; No card/rope in the Open TR. Partner Change at check-in Fee $10, Turn-out Fee $20; Priority to members, 1st to enter, last to perform. Due to large turn-outs, serious entries only. Correct change if possible. Jr. Events Age limits 15 yrs. Sr.BAW age is 50+. Admission: $10 per person; $5 Age 6&under.

Staff Timer/Central Entry Secretary BK Bates 505/733-2020 Timers Coordinator BK Bates Judges Coordinator Al Slivers Queen Coordinator Phoebe Hardy

Steer Wrestling Ben Bates, Jr. Tie Down Roping John Boyd, Jr. Open Team Roping & #12 Team Roping Leonard Williams, Sr. Ladies’ Breakaway Roping Wilson Stewart, Jr. Senior Breakaway Ropinng B.J. Coho Junior Barrel Racing Ray Russell Junior Bull Riding Harry Tso, Jr.

Ambassadors Miss Rodeo AIRCA 2010 Apryl Largo Miss Rodeo IIFR Hannah Yazzie

Entry order & performance limits: Sat. 1 p.m. Sat. 7 p.m. Sun. 1 p.m. Bull Riding 1st .....................10 ..........................10........................10 SteerWrestling......................10 ..........................10........................10 Bareback.................................5 ............................5..........................5 Jr. Bull Riding ........................5 ............................5..........................5 Tie Down..............................10 ..........................10........................10 Saddle Bronc ........................10 ..........................10........................10 Ladies Breakaway ................10 ..........................10........................10 Sr. Breakaway.......................10 ..........................10........................10 Open Team Roping...............10 ..........................10........................10 Ladies Barrel Racing ...........10 ..........................10........................10 Jr. Barrel Racing ..................10 ..........................10........................10 #10 Team Roping .................10 ..........................10........................10 Bull Riding 2nd....................10 ..........................10........................10 The All Indian Rodeo Cowboys Association P.O. Box 723 St. Michaels, Arizona 86511 2011 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION 1st Year Member (Rookie)? Yes _____ No _____

Date ___________

Name: _____________________________________________________

AIRCA Card No: 11-___________ Male ________ Female _______

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Slow Mail Address City State Zip Code _______________________________________________________ ____________________________________ E-Mail Address Telephone Number ______________________ ____________________ ________________________ _______________________ Tribal Affiliation Census No. Agency Enrollment Office Social Security No. (optional) Type of Application/Fees (Check off all that apply) Contestant: $95.00 Major Events Bareback _____ Saddle Bronc _____

Bull Riding _____

Tie Down Roping _____

Steer Wrestling ______

Ladies Barrel Racing ____ Ladies Breakaway Roping ____ Open Team Roping ____ #10 Team Roping # ___/____ USTRC#______________ Contestant: $95.00 Minor Events Jr. Bull Riding _________ Jr. Co-ed Barrel Racing _________ Sr. 50+ Breakaway Roping __________ Official: $95.00 Judge _____ Timer _____

Contractor: $250.00 Announcer _______

Gold Card Member: ___ Year Inducted ____________

Total number of Years with AIRCA ___________

Stock Contractor _________

Previous AIRCA Officer and/or Board of Director: Yes ___ No ___ Yr & Position ______________________ OATH By signatory completion below, I apply for membership with the All Indian Rodeo Cowboys Association (AIRCA). I hereby swear and affirm the information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I release and waive any and all claims for personal injury or any other claims against the AIRCA during the period of membership. I further agree to abide by all the Articles of Incorporation contained in the most current AIRCA Approved Association Rule Book and any other provisions the AIRCA Board may insert or impose. Contestant members shall participate in 40% of all AIRCA hosted rodeos in order to qualify for any post season finals rodeo(s). I will represent the AIRCA to the best of my ability and comply with all the rules and by-laws. Date: _______________________

Signature: _______________________________________

If Applicant is under the Age of 18 (Minor) Parent/Guardian of Applicant must sign the following signatory and hereby comply with the above OATH as well. Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________________ SUBSCRIBED and SWORN to this on the _____day of___________, 2011 My Commission Expires ____________________ Notary Public _____________________________

FOR AIRCA USE ONLY Sold By ____________________ Date Sold ___________________ Receipt # ___________________ Form of Payment: _______ Cash ______ MO ____Cashier’s Check Amount Received_____________ Note _______________________ ___________________________


APRIL 2011



2011 GCPRA Board of Directors President: Paul Carmen Vice President: Clay Parsons Director at Large: Arnold Burrell Str. Wrestling: Randy Ternan Open Calf Roping: Joe Moody Inc. Calf Roping: Willard Moody Open Team Roping: Whip Lewis Inc. Team Roping: Todd Zipprich

(602) 980-0766 (520) 444-7650 (520) 631-2121 (602) 460-2669 (520) 431-1335 (520) 431-3316 (480) 363-0838

Breakaway: Mandy Sproul Barrel Racing: Juli Miller Bareback: Tanner Ramirez Saddle Bronc: Logan Wescott Bull Riding: Samuel De La Cruz Judging Coordinator: Gordie Kesler State Secretary: Andi Tedder

(520) 226-5058 (520) 241-2240 (928) 369-6738 (928) 243-8583 (520) 508-6275 (480) 883-9171 (623) 249-9506

(623) 694-1867

The GCPRA has a new website -

Upcoming Events April 1 & 2, 2011 35th Colorado River Round-Up Needles, CA CCPRA Co-Sanctioned April 2, 2011 Laton Lions Club Rodeo Laton, CA CCPRA Rodeo - GCPRA Co-Sanction (Riding Events Only) April 3, 2011 LaGrange Rodeo LaGrange, CA CCPRA Rodeo - GCPRA Co-Sanction (Riding Events Only) April 15, 16 & 17, 2011 Norco Horseweek Rodeo Moreno Arena, Norco, CA CCPRA Rodeo - GCPRA Co-SanctionedVerde April 29 & 30, 2011 Valley Fair & Rodeo (GCPRA Lead Sanction) Cottonwood, AZ NMRA Co-Sanctioned May 6-8, 2011 Mike & Sherrylynn Johnson Barrel Racing, Breakaway & Tie-Down Roping Clinic Mormon Lake Roping Arena, Mormon Lake, AZ Benefiting: NAU Rodeo Association May 14 & 15, 2011 Copper Dust Stampede (GCPRA Lead Sanction) Globe, AZ NMRA Co-Sanction

2011 Rodeo Schedule & Entry Info Colorado River Round-Up April 1 - 2, 2011 Needles, CA GCPRA Rodeo - CCPRA Co-Sanctioned WPRA Breakaway Co-Approved Perfs: 6 p.m. each day California Time Slack: April 2nd at 9 a.m. California Time (If Necessary) Added Money: $500 each event - $200 each Inc. Event Entry Fees: BR-$85, BRLS-$65, TR-$75 per man; All other events $75 - Bareback, Saddle Bronc, Bull Riding Can enter both performances Stock Contractor: Slash M Rodeo (Scott McDaniels) Entries: March 28, 2011 Roughtstock: 5-6 p.m. (623)455-8339 Timed Events: 6-10 p.m. (623) 455-8339 Team Roping & Combined Buddies: 6-10 p.m. (623) 455-8385 Combined buddies must be team ropers entering team roping as well as other events.

Laton Lions Club Rodeo April 2, 2011 Laton, CA CCPRA Rodeo GCPRA Co-Sanctioned (Riding Events Only) Performance: 1 @ 1:30 p.m. Slack: 8 a.m. Friday April 2 Events: 7 Events @ $400, TR $800 Contractor: Spur Productions Limit: Limited Entries - TR: Go Once EO: March 22nd 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. CB: March 24th 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Entry # 530-347-9186 TO# 530-347-9186 LaGrange Rodeo April 3, 2011 La Grange, CA CCPRA Rodeo GCPRA Co-Sanctioned (Riding Events Only) Performance: 1 @ 1 p.m. Slack: April 3rd-8 a.m. all events Except April 2 / 3 p.m. for wbr & bk Events: CR, SW, WBR, BB $650, BR $750, SB $1,000, BK $400, TR $1,300 Contractor: Rockin M Rodeo & West Coast Rodeo

W/A Rodeo Company Slash M Rodeo Company T5 - Manuel Murrietta V Heart Rodeo Company â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Cody Resor Please be sure to check out our website at for the latest updates and rodeo information GCPRA: PO Box 50476 Parks, AZ 86018 State Secretary - Shelly Howell - (623) 249-9506

GCPRA CES Phone Number: Rough Stock & Timed Events: (623) 455-8339 Team Roping: (623) 455-8385 Turnouts: (623) 455-8339 Limit: Limited entries - TR: Go Once EO: March 22, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. CB: March 24, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Entry #530-347-9186 to #530-347-9186 Entry Fees: CR,TR,SW,WBR,BB,BK $60, SB & BR $75, $14 Office Norco Horseweek Rodeo April 15 - 17, 2011 Moreno Arena - Norco, CA CCPRA Rodeo GCPRA Co-Sanctioned Performances: 1st Performance @ 7:30 pm, April 15 2nd Performance @ 7 pm, April 16 3rd Performance @ 2 pm, April 17 Slack: Sat. April 16 @ 9:30 a.m. Events: 7 @ $800 TR @ $1,600 Limit: Limitied Entries TR: Go Once Contractor: West Coast Rodeo EO: April 5th, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. CB: April 7th, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Entry & Turn Out # (530) 347-9186 Entry Fees: $90 plus $14 office Contestant Tent Available

Verde Valley Fair & Rodeo April 29 - 30, 2011 Cottonwood, AZ GCPRA Rodeo - NMRA Co-Sanctioned Stock Contractor: Slash M Rodeo, Scott McDaniels Performances: Fri. & Sat., April 29 & 30 @ 7 p.m. Slack: Sat. April 30 @ 8 a.m. (if necessary) Added: $200 per event, $100 to incentive events Entries: April 25, 2011 Roughstock: 5-6 p.m. (623) 455-8339 Timed Events: 6-10 p.m. (623) 455-8339 Team Roping & Buddies: 6-10 p.m. (623) 455-8385 Combined Buddies must be team ropers entering team roping as well as other events. Entry Fees: BR/$85; BRLS/$65; TR/$75 per man; All other events $75-Bareback, Saddle Bronc & Bull Riding can enter both performances **1 family member per rider only will be admitted free** **Access to non-public area(s) will be limited to riders, event officials, production staff, and individuals directly assisting a rider. **Non-public areas will be cleared no less than one hour after the conclusion of final event for the evening. **No possession of or consumption of alcohol will be permitted within the non-public area(s).



APRIL 2011

NEW MEXICO JUNIOR RODEO ASSOCIATION President - John English 505/239-7617 • Vice President - Shane Thompson 505/710-9074 Secretary/Treasurer - Lisa Wade 505/363-8198 • Ex-Officio - Red Kingston 505/847-2708

2011 NMJRA Board of Directors Barrels/Flag/Poles Dawn Ross 505/934-0296 Chute Dogging Open Breakaway Roping/Goat Tying Billy King 575/430-0661

2011 Upcoming Events

Team Roping/Steer Breakaway John English 505/239-7617 Steer Stopping/Calf Touching Shane Thompson 575/799-0082 Rough Stock Jerry Hawkes 575/640-5616

The New Mexico Junior Rodeo Association is open to boys and girls up to 19 years of age, as of January 1 of the current year.

Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply 575/622-9164 Paul’s Veterinary Supply 505/341-9401 RDF Enterprises, Inc. 575/626-4026 Western Bank 575/748-1345 DD’s Animal Nutrition and Supply 575/302-9280 Sierra Cleaners 505/864-5934 Old Mill Farm and Ranch 505/865-5432 Randy Lewis and Jimmy Thompson 505/459-6851

Grants, NM July 9-10, 2011

Quemado, NM August 6-7, 2011

Mountainair, NM June 18-19, 2011

Bosque Farms, NM July 23-24, 2011

2011 Finals Rodeo Bosque Farms, NM August 20-21, 2011

You are invited to the

Ribbon Roping/Calf Roping Darin Hise 505/702-2774


Belen, NM June 4-5, 2011

2011 Membership Drive Rodeo Belen, NM June 4-5, 2011 Valencia County Sherrif’s Posse Arena We will have Calf Roping, Breakaway and Team Roping Jackpots at Every Rodeo

NMJRA Benefit Team Roping


Valencia County Sherrif’s Posse Arena Belen, NM

U-Haul New Mexico

Friday, June 3, 2011

Grants Rodeo Association PNM

Ahern Rentals 505/247-4300

Books open 6:00 p.m., Rope 7:00 p.m.

Bruckner’s Truck Sales 800-288-7703

#12 & #9

New Mexico Tractor Sales 505/861-1500

$20/roper, Enter up Both ropings run at the same time

Hendren Buckles 505/883-0301 Maynard Buckles 505/862-7253 Champion’s Choice Buckles 1-888-779-0823

Info: John English 505/239-7617 Hilario Baca 505/379-5036

For more information concerning the NMJRA or to find membership and entry forms, go to the NMJRA website at You can also contact Lisa Wade 505/363-8198


2011 NMJRA

APRIL 2011


Welcome to the New Mex ico Junior R Board share odeo Associa a common go tion! The 20 al, which is to New Mexico. 11 rodeo seas provide a safe This associat on is , competitive io n has shadow order to prep and profession quickly approaching. The ed the guidel are our youn NMJRA Pre al atmospher g in co es mpetitors to of the Wrang The NMJRA sident and e for our yout advance to th rule book ha h rodeo com e next level of ler Junior High Rodeo an s been revise clarif ications pe ti tors in d their rodeo ca High School d and can be in the roping Rodeo Assoc reers. downloaded events. This help option an iations in fr le om tt er touches on d Finals info our website. rmation. important ch Please pay at NMJRA wel an te nt ge ion to rule ch s in roping ev comes unmar anges and/or ried cowgirls ents, rodeo sc encouraged to and cowboys hedule, roug join. This is h stock even 19 years of ag a family orie weekend is on t, family nted summer e and younge e rodeo with series consis r to compete 2 rounds. Ent our members ting of 10 re . C om er each roun improve in th pe ti to gular rodeos rs of all leve d with a sepa eir rodeo even Saturday even ls are and a Finals rate entry fo ts, NMJRA D ing barbecue (6 weekends rm as you w irectors will /potlucks, da to try to carry th ta ou l). FINALS ld du co nc ri ntinue to hold ng the season es and jackpo at on this seas . In an effort “clinic type” t ropings allo on. Cowboy NMJRA is kn to help w pr ch ed ac urch will be tices and jack own for givi held on Sunda members and their famil pots. Last se ng high qual $150 sponso ies to get to ason the y mornings to ity awards. In r, unless a fa know one an o. mily has mor order to cont each addition other. We wil e than one ch inue this trad al child (imm l ild competing ition, each m ediate family Grants, NM. . In that case ember will st only). Spons By having sp , il it l be is or $1 re sh on quired to brin 50 sponsor fo ips are due no sorships in ea Due to rising g in a r the first ch rly, it enable later than Ju fuel costs, N ild and $100 s us to order ly 9, 2011, w at rodeo aren MJRA has el sponsor for aw hich is the th ards early an as that will be iminated 1 ro ird rodeo of d have them deo weekend charging min will be allow the season in ready to give this season. R imal possible ed to enter up out at finals. odeos have be facility costs. to 6 events to around points en In w scheduled ce an attempt to ards all arou for the season ntrally in New nd points. Con compensate , although, th A contestant contestants fo testants may Mexico ey do not ha may not alte r lost rodeos de ve to compe si gn r their design must list it at at e 1 to 6 events th , contestants te in all 6 de ated events af the first rode ey will use to signated even ter the first ro o. No except Rough stock wards all ts at every ro ions. deo. If you pl points will be de o. an to enter an ev events but po se pa ra te and will NO ent and coun ints will be se T count towar t it for the al parate towar made pair of ds the all-arou l-around you ds the all-arou chaps instead nd. A contes nd. The HIG of a saddle. C Calf rider. ta nt H m P ay enter both OINT Rough hampion buck rough stock Stock contes les will be aw If NMJRA ca and timed tant for the se arded to the n work it into as to on p S will receive en Roping will io ou r r budget a fl bu ll ri a custom de be “rope wit r, Junior bull ri ag man will h your own pa der, Steer ride be hired to ju parents who rent” or if yo r and have a child dg e all roping ev u do not have entered in th ents this year Ribbon rope a parent that is eve . 11 rs in the 9-11 & Under Par ropes, “a pare , 12-14 & 15 Roper must ent/Child Team nt will be dr have a hand -19 age group aw n for you ou on s th m rodeo at the e ay ca t of the pool ha lf ve be a fore the ribb runner from bottom of yo of on is removed their age gro ur entry form with the even up or . it or Ribbon runn is lo t winners at a w N er o an T ime. Designa d be of the op ers who have year end. Due to the lo te your runn posite sex. ran consistent w number or er for the seas ly w it h a en on by the firs pa tr At Finals, th rt ie ne s in r w 15 il l -1 be eligible to 9 Chute Dog t e two loop ru ging, that ev win an event le has been el At the FINA ent has been buckle iminated for LS money an re placed with roping events d points will be figured on Calf Touch. . be awarded in the fastest on the 1st and 2n 2 head, if ther first round(ex d rounds and e are not enou cluding the co points only fo gh times on nt will go to th 2 head to fill r the e fastest times estants who already have th e a 10 places then average. Average points in ti m the 2nd roun e on 2), if th In the 9-11 an will it goes back d(excluding er e d 15-19 calf st il l are not enou the fastest in places alread touch you do 12-14 and 15 gh times to fi y paid on 2 an the not have to ha -19 Team Rop ll th e 10 places th d from the 1s ve your hand in the rodeo. ing contestant en it t round). on the rope w s may rope w hen touching ith a partner Steer Stoppin th fr e om ca lf. g 12-14 and their age gro 15-19 there is feet and stee up or lower. r and horse m Partner must no pe na lt y fo ust me facing be entered r steer being If a contesta each other w jerked down nt is three ca ith rope dallie or brought ov lled by the an chute run, th er d and tight in or backwards. S nouncer the e calf or stee teer must be der to receiv calf or steer r will remain There must be e a flag. on his will be turned in th e ch at ut e for the next least three bo ou t if th winner. A hi e an ys co im nt or al es th w ta ree girls com as drawn for. gh point buck nt. peting in an If the cattle ar le would be once they go age group in awarded in pl e up they cann or ac der for a sadd e of a saddle ot go back do Contestant nu le in w to th n be is fo case. A contes awarded to th r the year. mbers at the e high point tant may adva first rodeo di Pay a one-tim ctate the enti nc e to the next e fee of $25 re series. help work th per family by age group bu e gates, set ba t the first rode rrel o to be draw are drawn an n out of Fam d do not show s, poles, back up time an ily Help for d hold goats, up to work th ineligible to the season. Fo family names ere will be a participate fu r those of yo will be draw $2 rt 5 he fi r ne. Fine mus until the fee Entries that ar u wil n each rodeo t be paid or co is paid. e NOT postm weekend to he ling to nt be done the es ar ked ten days tant of parent day before th prior to the ro being fined w lp. If you e computer dr speed events deo will not ill be aw which is . Early entrie be in the compu always five da s are encourag rodeo, use a te r dr aw and will ys before the ed. Remembe separate entr be write-ins. rodeo. Write r that checks y form with Draw outs m Parents are al -ins for draw are not depo a separate ch ust ways needed n events will go si ec te k d at un ta ti ch members in to l on ed ba first and last e . ck da y before the up time and advance to le for relieve the an rodeo. When t us know wha members this nouncer duri pre-entering t you can do year. Be safe ng a the rodeos. P to help. We lo and may this Returned chec lease contact ok forward to se as on ks L be is ar a your best. e 1 chance on seeing our re Wade or one from NMJRA turning mem ly. The Valen is unsuccessf bers and hope of the board cia County D ul. A register receiving the fully lots of istrict Attorne ed/return rece letter. After 1 new y will be used ipt letter wil returned chec is paid. Then to collect boun l be sent to th k, a contesta the contestant ce d e ch ch ec nt eck writer an ks if after 1 will be fined may only en checks from atte d they have 10 ter by paying $50 and will previous year not be eligib cash, money days to respon npt s will have to returned chec le order or cert to d upon pay their bala en ks from prev te r an other rodeo un if ied check. nce due befo ious years w Any returnin til the balanc re they are el ill be required g e co ntestants wit igible to ente to pay with ca h outstandin r a rodeo. Con sh, money or g te st der or certif ie ants with a hi d check. story of GOD BLESS & GOOD LU NMJRA BO CK!! ARD OF DIR ECTORS



APRIL 2011



APRIL 2011

Puts a whole new spin on web technology.

The 5-strand weave of SPYDR packs more material in a smaller diameter, for a feel like nothing else. Jo Jo Lemond Follow TheClassicRealDeal on:




APRIL 2011

BOARD OF DIRECTORS President .........................................................Jody Jackson Secretary/Treasurer...............................Larissa Jackson Sponsorships.................Leslie Willis, Brook Deerman, Joley Deerman, Pam Herring, Jimmy Herring

2011 Rodeo Schedule January 29 & 30 February 19 & 20 March 12 & 13 April 2 & 3 May 21 & 22




• Contestants are offered 7 events to choose from • Contestants may enter all 7 events • Only the top 5 will count toward the All-Around • You do not have to designate your top 5 events • Team ropers enter as an individual and do not have to designate a partner • Boys Goat Tying 9-12, 13-15 and 16-19 must tie with piggin string


ALL-AROUND SADDLES! (Trailer winners cannot win saddles)

With a minimum of 45 members, 3 trailers will be awarded this year. There will be 1 trailer for the 8 & under. The other 3 age groups will be awarded 2 trailers; 1 to the overall boy, and 1 to the over all girl between the 3 age groups. However if we fail to have 45 members we will go back to the 2 trailers; 1 for overall 12 & under and 1 for overall 13 & up. Trailers awarded will be like the ones pictured. Contestants are required to wear full Western attire (cowboy hat, long sleeve shirt, pants, and boots). We would like all contestants to participate in the grand entry. Fundraisers will be held after Saturday performances (breakaway roping, team ropings, parents rodeo, ect.)

For more information please call Larissa Jackson at (575) 365-5733 or email

2011 Entry Form - 100% Payback 8 & UNDER BOY / GIRL 1 2 Event Entry Fee Stock Charge Award Fee __ __ Barrels $12 0 $8 __ __ Poles $12 0 $8 __ __ Flags $12 0 $8 __ __ Goat Tying $12 $6 $8 __ __ Breakaway $12 $12 $8 __ __ Str Breakaway $12 $12 $8 __ __ Calf Riding $12 $12 $8 9-12 GIRLS 1 2 Event Entry Fee Stock Charge Award Fee __ __ Barrels $12 0 $8 __ __ Poles $12 0 $8 __ __ Step Down $12 $12 $8 __ __ Goat Tying $12 $6 $8 __ __ Breakaway $12 $12 $8 __ __ Str Breakaway $12 $12 $8 __ __ Ribbon Roping $12 $12 $8

9-12 BOYS 1 2 Event Entry Fee Stock Charge Award Fee __ __ Calf Touch $12 $12 $8 __ __ Ribbon Roping $12 $12 $8 __ __ Step Down $12 $12 $8 __ __ Goat Tying $12 $6 $8 __ __ Breakaway $12 $12 $8 __ __ Str Breakaway $12 $12 $8 __ __ Steer Riding $12 $12 $8 13-15 GIRLS 1 2 Event Entry Fee Stock Charge Award Fee __ __ Barrels $12 0 $8 __ __ Poles $12 0 $8 __ __ Goat Tying $12 $6 $8 __ __ Calf Touch $12 $12 $8 __ __ Breakaway $12 $12 $8 __ __ Ribbon Roping $12 $12 $8 __ __ Team Roping $12 $12 $8

Contestants Name:________________________

Rodeo 1

Address: _______________________________

Total Entry Fees: _________________________ Total Stock Charge: _______________________

Phone #: ______________________________ Total Awards Fee: ________________________ E-Mail: ________________________________ Office Charge: $3.00 Date of Rodeos:__________________________ Total Rodeo 1: ___________________________


Rodeo 2 Total Entry Fees: _________________________ Total Stock Charge: _______________________ Total Awards Fee: ________________________ Office Charge: $3.00 Total Rodeo 2:___________________________ Total 1 & 2 Rodeo’s:_______________________

13-15 BOYS 1 2 Event __ __ Tie-Down __ __ Goat Tying __ __ Calf Touch __ __ Ribbon Roping __ __ Breakaway __ __ Team Roping __ __ Jr. Bull Riding 16-19 BOYS 1 2 Event __ __ Tie-Down __ __ Ribbon Roping __ __ Calf Touch __ __ Goat Tying __ __ Breakaway __ __ Team Roping __ __ Sr. Bull Riding 16-19 GIRLS 1 2 Event __ __ Barrels __ __ Poles __ __ Ribbon Roping __ __ Goat Tying __ __ Breakaway __ __ Calf Touch __ __ Team Roping OPEN 1 2 Event __ __ Barrels __ __ Poles __ __ Ribbon Roping __ __ Team Roping __ __ Breakaway __ __ Tie-Down __ __ Bull Riding

Entry Fee Stock Charge Award Fee $12 $12 $8 $12 $6 $8 $12 $12 $8 $12 $12 $8 $12 $12 $8 $12 $12 $8 $12 $20 $8 Entry Fee Stock Charge Award Fee $12 $12 $8 $12 $12 $8 $12 $12 $8 $12 $6 $8 $12 $12 $8 $12 $12 $8 $12 $20 $8 Entry Fee Stock Charge Award Fee $12 0 $8 $12 0 $8 $12 $12 $8 $12 $6 $8 $12 $12 $8 $12 $12 $8 $12 $12 $8 Entry Fee Stock Charge Award Fee $20 0 $8 $20 0 $8 $20 $12 $8 $20 $12 $8 $20 $12 $8 $20 $12 $8 $20 $20 $8


Rodeo Results Trailer Standings 8 & UNDER 1. Sterlin English, 166 2. Baili Herring, 160 3. Jade Jackson, 152 4. Kenna Wilbanks, 40 5. Daryn Shepard, 32 6. Tye Martinez, 9-1/2 7. Kadyn Bratcher, 9-1/2 9-19 GIRLS 1. Maddy Deerman, 172 2. Brittany Herring, 143 3. Leann Herring, 133 4. Sandra Creamer, 102 5. Nicole Sweazea, 89 6. A’lia Derrick, 76 7. Brieze Shepard, 62 8. Jacelyn JOhnson, 47 9. Mackaly Mcrae, 40 10. Nicole Henderson, 18 11. Phylli Black, 18 12. Sabra Barnett, 15 9-19 BOYS 1. Kyler bell, 159 2. Landon Williams, 151 3. Ty Anderson, 123 4. Ryan Davidson, 107 5. Casey Favor, 100 6. Conager Derrick, 87 7. Quincey Wills, 40 8. Tanner Mcrae, 18 9. Gearen Hale, 10 10. Micheal Mauldin, 10 11. Jesse Johnston, 9

Gold Sponsors Devon Energy Corporation Holly Energy Partners

Silver Sponsors Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply In Memory Of Kurt A Berry (19822000) Donated By Jim & Lori Berry Johnson Farms Quality Alfalfa 575-365-8709 Double D Animal Nutrition Supply 575-746-2370

Buckle Sponsors Allsup’s Java Dave’s Coffee Paul’s Vet Supply LaFonda Timberline Pump and Lease LLC

APRIL 2011


Breakaway 1. Kyler Bell, 20; 2. Conager Derrick, 10

Ribbons 1. Maddy Deerman, 30

Steer Breakaway 1. Conager Derrick, 39 2. Kyler Bell, 28

Barrels 1. Brieze Shepard, 28; 2. Jacelyn Johnson, 19; 3. Maddy Deerman, 16; 4. Mackayla Mcrae, 9

Steer Riding No Qualified Rides

Poles 1. Maddy deerman, 27; 2. Brieze Shepard, 18; 3. Jacelyn Johnson, 10

Event Leaders 8 &under Barrels 1. Jade jackson, 37; 2. Baili Herring, 27; 3. Sterlin English, 26; 4. Kenna Wilbanks, 8 Poles 1. Baili Herring, 39; 2. Sterlin English, 36; 3. Jade Jackson, 30; 4. Kenna Wilbanks, 17 Goats 1. Sterlin English, 40; 2. Jade Jackson, 34; 3. Baili Herring, 34 Flags 1. Baili Herring, 40; 2. Jade JAckson, 34; 3. Sterlin English, 34; 4. Daryn Shepard, 22; 5. Kenna Wilbanks, 15; 6. Tye Martinez, 6 Calf Breakaway 1. Sterlin English, 20; 2. Baili Herring, 9; 3. Jade Jackson Steer Breakaway 1. Baili Herring, 30; 2. Sterlin English, 19; 3. Jade Jackson, 9 Calf Riding 1. Daryn Shepard, 10; 2. Tye Martinez, 9.5; 3. Kadyn Bratcher, 9.5; 4. Jade Jackson, 8 9 - 12 Boys Goats 1. Kyler Bell, 30 Ribbons 1. Kyler Bell, 20; 2. Conager Derrick, 10 Calf Touch 1. Kyler Bell, 30; 2. Conager Derrick, 9; 3. Tanner McRae, 9 Step Down 1. Kyler Bell, 40; 2. Conager Derrick, 19; 3. Tanner McRae, 9

16 - 19 Boys Breakaway 1. Landon Williams, 37; 2. Ty Anderson, 20; 3. Ryan Davidson, 17; 4. Quincey Wills, 9

13 - 15 Girls Barrels 1. A’lia Derrick, 38; 2. Mackayla McRae, 20

Calf Touch 1. Ty Anderson, 37; 2. Landon Williams, 19; 3. Ryan Davidson, 19; 4. Quincey Wills, 16

Poles 1. A’lia Derrick, 38; 2. Mackayla Mcrae, 20

Ribbons 1. Landon Williams, 38; 2. Ryan Davidson, 25; 3. Ty Anderson, 20; 4. Quincey Wills, 9

16 - 19 Girls Barrels 1. Brittany Herring, 39; 2. Leann Herring, 34; 3. Sandra Creamer, 33

Team Roping 1. Landon Williams, 29; 2. Ty Anderson, 19; 3. Ryan Davidson, 10 Tie Down 1. Ryan Davidson, 36; 2. Landon Williams, 28; 3. Ty Anderson, 27; 4. Quincey WIlls, 14 Bull Riding 1. Gearen Hale, 10; 2. Micheal Mauldin, 10; 3. Jesse Johnston, 9; 4. Colton Chatham, 9 9 - 12 Girls Breakaway 1. Maddy Deerman, 30 Goats 1. Maddy Deerman, 40; 2. Brieze Shepard, 26; 3. Jacelyn Johnson, 18

Breakaway 1. Brittany Herring, 19; 2. Leann Herring, 18; 3. Nicole Sweazea, 10 Poles 1. Sandra Creamer, 37; 2. Nicole Sweazea, 20; 3. Leann Herring, 17 Goats 1. Sandra Creamer, 32; 2. Leann Herring, 26; 3. Nicole Sweazea, 20; 4. Brittany Herring, 18; 5. Sabra Barnett, 13; 6. Nicole Henderson, 9 Calf Touch 1. Nicole Sweazea, 20; 2. Leann Herring, 19; 3. Brittany Herring, 19; 4. Phylli Black, 9

Steer Breakaway No Qualified times

Ribbons 1. Brittany Herring, 27; 2. Leann Herring, 19; 3. Phylli Black, 9

Step Down 1. Maddy Deerman, 29

Team Roping 1. Brittany Herring, 20; 2. Nicole Sweazea, 19





1\4 V (4.9 x 6.6)





1\4 V (4.9 x 6.6) APRIL 2011


$#,$1# 61



. + 2.+ . + 2.+

-" 2(-,

-6-2$ #

3$$, 0$$)


0 "2("$ $$1 0-,"1 3**1

-0 0$1 2$$01







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T imed Event Series Sheriff'S Posse Arena Belen, New Mexico #$

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APRIL 2011



APRIL 2011



1\4 V (4.9 x 6.6)






7th Annual Heez Yours Boys! Pasture Roping & Willcox Ranch Rodeo

May 7, 2011 Pasture Roping 2 steer, enter twice, $100/team. 50 ft. score, 3 loops, once steer is headed and heeled, header must tie hind legs. Header cannot tie on! Entries must be phoned in between April 29 and May 1.

Call 520.384.3772, talk to Jack or Jan or leave a message. Teams register at 9:00 a.m. Roping at 10:00 a.m. at the Kortsen’s Hook Open A Ranch. Exit 340 off I-10 west on Fort Grant Rd. Right on Virginia Ave. to Circle I Rd. 5 miles north on Circle I Rd. to Kortsen Ranch Rd. 4 miles north to headquarters.

Willcox Ranch Rodeo and kids Ranch Rodeo 3:00 p.m. Quail Park Arena, Willcox $320/team - 4 person teams Calcutta will be right before rodeo Contestants must work in the cattle or horse industry to compete in Ranch Rodeo.




Events Team Doctoring, Calf Branding, Trailer Loading & IN HOUSE PROOF CRX’D Wild Cow Milking

For information and entry packet Contact Jack or Jan Kortsen at 520.678-5399 1\2 Horizontal (10 x 6.6)

CINCO DE MAYO Socorro, NM • May 7-8, 2011

Note: Youth and rookie events will be used to fill the performances

Junior Bull Riding Sponsor Sofia's Kitchen 105 Bullock Ave., Socorro Junior Barrel Racing Sponsor Brownbilt Shoes and Western Wear Socorro Little Miss Rodeo New Mexico




Mutton Busting Sponsor Ark of Socorro Veterinary Clinic Breakaway Roping Sponsor Cervantes Restaurant & Lounge 5801 Gibson Blvd., Albuquerque 505/262-2253 Saddle Bronc Sponsor Little Miss Rodeo Teaghann Gonzales Steer Wrestling Sponsor Dr. James M. Travers, DVM “Performance Horse Medicine” Datil, NM

Stock Contractor: Crossroads Rodeo Company


Barrel Racing Sponsor Today's DKI Restoration Albuquerque 505/323-2324 Team Roping Sponsor Horses In Texas “Horses are our Passion” Jim & Kathie Murphree Bull Riding Sponsor Cooney's Package Liquor Store 318 S. California St., Socorro 575/835-2774 “We serve the COLDEST beer in town”

NMRA, and all co-sanctioning associations that guarantee fees can fax/e-mail entries - check entry site on the NMRA website: Call Backs: Tuesday, May 3, 2011 6-9 p.m. Or check website for day sheets




Entry Fees: Steer Wrestling, Calf Roping, Inc. Calf Roping, Breakaway, Bull Riding, Bareback, Saddle Bronc - $100 Team Roping $100/roper, enter 2x Open 1x Inc. or vice versa Barrels $75 • Ranch Bronc Riding $80 Added Events Fees: Rookie Saddle Bronc, Bareback, & Bull Riding $TBA • Mutton Bustin $20 • 12 and Under Barrels $35 Entries: Monday, May 2, 2011, TE: 505-864-9426; RS: 505-864-9427; TR: 505-864-7200 6-10 p.m.

Added: $300 per event


Local Team Roping $60/roper Enter 2x All local team roping will be run in performances

Saturday May 7 • 1:00 p.m. & Sunday May 8 • 1:00 p.m. Slack run on Sunday • 8:00 a.m. (All NMRA Team Roping will run in slack)

Co-Sanction: PAFRA, others pending











1\4 V (4.9 x 6.6)






1\4 V (4.9 x 6.6) APRIL 2011






1\2 Horizontal (10 x 6.6)

 Your Arena and Pipe Specialist

Travis Tryan

Bobby Harris

Bradley Harter

RECEIVE 50% OFF MINI ARENA GROOMERS Often d, e t WITH ORDER OF A imita er nev ted! COMPLETE ARENA PACKAGE! a c i l p u d Roping Arena $5,995*

All-Galvanized Arena $6,295*

150’ x 240’ 150’ x 240’ with return alley, all galvanized arena stripping chute, back panels, with return alley, holding pen, catch pen, boxes & gates. stripping chute, Free Upgrade to Remote Chute chute & gates Visit us on Facebook.

The Original 3 Vertical Panel *Prices subject to change without notice

Todd Suhns

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 8 a.m. -1

0 p.m.

Call 877-455-8757 toll-free or 580-276-4864 Check our website for all our arena packages, prices and monthly specials at email:




APRIL 2011


CROSSROADS RODeO COMPANY AND the SANDOvAl COuNtY SheRRIFS POSSe’S 2011 SPRING RODeO SeRIeS SCSP Arena • Bernalillo, New Mexico Open and Youth Rodeo • April 8 ~ 7 p.m. and April 9 ~ 1 p.m. ~ Bernalillo, NM & Immaculate Conception School Fundraiser Rodeo • May 7, 2011 ~ 7 p.m. ~ Cuba, NM Please note - Both rodeo's points will count toward the 2011 Fall Series Championships Events

Events H Ages 6 and under: Barrels, Poles, Flag Race - $15/event H Mutton Busting: 50 lbs. and under - $20 H Ages 7-9: Barrels, Poles, Flag Race - $20 • Calf Riding $30 H Ages 10-14: Barrels, Poles - $25 Boys/Girls Breakaway, Steer Riding - $35 H Ages 15-19: Barrels, Poles - $40 • Girls Breakaway - $45 Boys Tie Down - $45 • Saddle Bronc - $55 Chute Doggin - $45 Series Buckles awarded for 6 & under All Around and Runner-Up, 7-9 All Around and Runner-Up 10-14 Boys and Girls All Around 15-19 Boys and Girls All Around

H Open Events: Bull Riding - $70 • Saddle Bronc - $70 Bareback - $70 • Novice Bulls - $65 • Barrels - $55 Ladies Breakaway - $55 • Tie down - $55


Entry fees must be paid one hour prior to performance. Entries are limited. Cowboy dress code. No achohol or drugs-immediate disqualification possible if caught.

May 14-16 • National Senior Pro Rodeo Come see hall of fame cowboys and cowgirls F Enjoy watching some of the best animal athletes in the world F If you love to watch great horses, don’t miss seeing the great ones that will be in competition in Bernalillo at the NSPR. All NSPRA events featured plus other special attractions F For entry info - 928.684.9576 or Added events: Mutton Busting $20 F Calf Riding $35 F Steer Riding $40 F Open/Novice Bull Riding $65 Rookie Saddle Bronc Riding and Rookie Bareback Riding $60 To enter added events call Charlie 970.769.3248

Jr. Rodeo, Open events and Sr. Pro Rodeo are enter each day Admission to all events: Adults $5 F 12 and under free We ask that everyone pay admission-even contestants, so we can continue to grow these events. (All NMRA and NSPRA contestants on the final central entry sheets received will not be charged ) Fun fo r all the family ~ free po ny rides, fishing pool for 4 yrs. and under, shoe scramble, barn yard petting zoo ~ lot s o f prize s. Co me enjoy Americas Original Greatest Show on Dirt! Crossroads Ranch and Rodeo Company is bidding events for 2011 and 2012. To bring our award winning company to your area (2010 National Senior Pro Rodeo Association “RODEO OF THE YEAR” Wheatland, Wyoming 2010 NMRA “MOST IMPROVED RODEO” Cuba, New Mexico F 2010 “RISING STARS OF RODEO AWARD” SCSP Bernalillo, New Mexico) Please Contact Mark at 970.739.3851 or Charity at 970.749.4984 or email: F website: For further info. on all events: Henry 505.681.4354 = Ray 505.238.1499 = Charlie 970.769.3248

hAll OF FAMe RODeO SChOOl He’s back! GARY leFFew ~ world Champion Bull Rider Regarded by most to be the best bull riding instructor ever Don’t miss the Bull Riding Guru's return to Albuquerque, New Mexico April 23-24, 2011! Bull Riding $375 F Jr. Bulls (14 & under) $350 F Steer Riding (13 & under) $325 F Calf Riding (9 & under) $325 Deposit (to guarantee your spot) $150 due by April 15, 2011 Info: Charlie 970.769.3248 = Mark 970.739.3851 =

plus Rob Smets and Miles hare Bull Fighting School Tuition $400, $150 deposit. For bull fighters school contact Rob Smets ~ 325.370.8020 3 Hall of Fame Instructors ~ 8 World Championships ~ The Best Group Ever Put Together!

plus hall of Fame Rodeo School Jackpot Bull Riding

3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday ~ Held in conjunction with the Hall of Fame Rodeo School ~ Open to Anyone Fees: $100 Novice Bull Riding F $65 Steer Riding F $45 Calf Riding F $35 Jackpot

Other Coming events ~ NSPRA F Cuba, NM F Dates Pending COwBOY ChuRCh At All eveNtS F PSAlMS 3: 3


APRIL 2011







Finals Spring Weekend! Sunshine and smiles were out in force at New Mexico District One’s super spring district finals weekend in Farmington, NM. One of the reasons for the good spirits came from over $65,000 in cash and prizes handout out over the three-day event. Friday night was filled with fun and laughter with a pole bending jackpot, Senior’s First Go, Aged Horse barrels, boot race and our popular dog races. Saturday morning saw 105 members in the finals open, 34 youth and 18 seniors with Falena Dale defending her win last year and running the fastest time of the weekend with a 17.0. She was the big money winner over the weekend taking home nearly $2300! Other finals buckle winners were Geneva Tsoukalarkis, Terri Taylor and Renee Baird. Youth winners were Baillie Wiseman, Alice Pack, Kayla Whisenhunt and Meygan McMillian.. Senior winners were Freda Johnson, Sherri Trujillo, Shaun Woods, and Sherri Trujillo again! Team 5 walked away with $111 each regardless of their time and this is a fun tradition that gets everyone rooting for each other. Year-end open winners got custom handmade saddles built especially for NM-1 by Sonny’s Saddlery in Aztec, NM and youth winners drew for a handmade saddle or 32” flat screen TV. A huge thanks goes to Williams Company, Sonny Peevey and David and Leanne Wolfe who sponsored youth saddles. Custom art work, luggage sets, breast collar and headstall sets, headstalls, blankets, video cameras, halters, leg boots, tack and other prizes were awarded to 7th in the open and 4th in the youth. Sherri Trujillo won the Senior Saddle by running only 0.001 off her first time. Taking home open saddles were Falena Dale, Kora Lepich, Terri Taylor and Renee Baird in the open and year end youth winners were Amanda Clawson, Kayla Whisenhunt,

Naelyn Doyle, all winning for the second straight year in the same division, and Delaney Gonzales. Probably the most excited member winning a saddle was Alissa Burson, who won the incentive saddle. The year-end Senior winners were Jeannie Roberts, Kathy Price, Noreen Canada and Trudy Dean whom all got beautiful breastcollars. Charmaine Talbot was named Rookie of the Year and we recognized the many helpers throughout the year that makes our district a great place to be. This was the last year the Cibola racers were with us and they will be missed and we

wish them the best of luck as they change districts to save on gas! Saturday night’s $2500 added 4D race saw 136 open, 38 youth and 20 senior entries with Falena Dale winning the 1D with a 17.0 and Tamy Jaramillo, Arianna Sanchez and Renee Baird winning the other open divisions. Josh Carpenter gave away a free breeding to his great stud Magnum Effort and Willy Jim was the lucky winner. On Sunday the time change spurred coffee sales and we had 140 open, 45 youth and 18 senior entries come and run for $2500 added money. Alecia Sandoval ran the

NM1 Year End Saddle Winners

Senior Saddle winner - Sherri Trujillo and winners

NM-1 2010 Directors: Bobbie Clawson, Trudy Dean, Christine Lewis, Noreen Canada and Kathy Price.

Delancy Gonzales and other Youth 4D winners

2D Year End winner Kora Lepich and other winners

Naclyn Doyle and other Youth 3D winners


APRIL 2011

2011 WPRA World Pro rodeo standings Top 25 Current as of 3/17/11 Standings are unofficial and subject to audit


Amanda Clawson and other Youth 1D winners Williams Saddle winner Kayla Whisenhunt and other Youth 2D winners

Terri Taylor and other 3D Year End winners

1. Brittany Pozzi, Victoria, TX, $67,552 2. Brenda Mays, Terrebonne, OR, $36,453 3. Jill Moody, Letcher, Sd, $33,166 4. Britany Fleck, Mandan, ND, $23,200 5. Jane Melby, Backus, MN, $22,802 6. Tana Renick, Kingston, OK, $21,049 7. Kay Blandford (G), Sutherland Springs, TX, $19,976 MONTH-JUNE 2010 BUILT BY-DP 8. Kenna Squires, Fredonia, TX, $19,706 9. Jana Bean, Ft Hancock, TX, $18,053 10. Susan Kay Smith, Hodgen, OK, $17,134 11. Sherry Cervi, Marana, AZ, $17,089 12. Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, SD, $17,023 13. Lindsay Sears, Nanton, AB, $15,058 14. Sue Smith, Blackfoot, ID, $14,509

fastest time with a 17.1 and other open members are great at volunteering to help winners were Cookie Pickens, Christine things run smoothly, knowing that 100% of Lewis and Brittany Power. By the time the our profits go back to our members in added last barrel was turned on Sunday all the money and prizes. We are truly a group with volunteers helped pack up in record time and more commonalities than differences and weELIZABETH MONTH APRIL 11 BUILT BY P/U W CH VSA IN HOUSE PROOF CRX’D by 2:00 pm almost everyone was on their are lucky to be barrel racing in San Juan way home. We want to thank everyone who County! Complete results can be found at pitched in to make this a great weekend. Our


For entry form or more information or or 505/861-2249

Pozzi Dominates the Weekend with San Angelo and Tucson Titles IN HOUSE PROOF

by Ann Bleiker Courtesy of WPRA


1\8 Horizontal 3) ear to ear Brittany Pozzi is (4.9 smilingxfrom after a double-dip weekend winning the average title at the San Angelo (Texas) Stock Show and Rodeo and La Fiesta de los

219CBYLagunitas BUILT VSA

SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105 CRX’D IN HOUSE PROOF



$5,000+ Added District Finals and Open Races April 15-17, 2011 Expo NM Horse Arena, Albuquerque, NM

Exhibitions sold on site in one minute time slots.

15. Sherrylynn Johnson, Henryetta, OK, $14,374 16. Michelle West, Henryetta, OK, $12,545 17. Kelli Tolbert, Hooper, UT, $12,300 18. Tammy Fischer, Ledbetter, TX, $11,910 19. Sabrina Ketcham, Yeso, NM, $11,399 20. Annesa Self, Sanger, TX, $11,173 21. Kassie Mowry, Dublin, TX, $11,137 22. Savanah Reeves, Cross Plains, TX, $10,716 23. Sabra O’quinn (G), Ocala, FL, $10,311 24. Mattie Little-Jackson, Ardmore, OK, $10,276 25. Shelley Morgan, Eustace, TX, $9,688

Customize and repair Western saddles, tack, gun leather and leather goods.

NM District 2 NBHA 4-D Barrel Race

Non-m Friday, April 15 emb Welco ers 2 - 5 p.m. Exhibitions me 6 p.m. $500 added Open 4-D followed by Senior 3D and Youth 3D Saturday, April 16 8 - 9:30 a.m. Exhibitions 10 a.m. District 2 members only finals race $2,000 added Open followed by Youth. $10,000 in prizes for year-end and finals. District 2 members that run in the finals will be allowed to carry over time to Saturday night race. 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. Exhibitions if time permits (pay at gate) 6 p.m. $1,500 added Open followed by Senior 3D and Youth 3D to follow. Sunday, April 17 10 a.m.- 11 a.m. Exhibitions 12 noon $1,000 added open followed by senior and youth Pre entries postmarked by April 6, 2011 to avoid late fee.



2011 AWPRA Schedule April 16-17 Apache Gold Casino & Resort San Carlos, AZ May 7 West World May 21-22 Cottonwood July 2-3 Cottonwood




APRIL 2011

Vaqueros in Tucson, Ariz. All totaled the Victoria, Texas, cowgirl cashed checks worth $19,359 to extend her lead in the WPRA NFR standings. She leads the way with $62,543 in 2011 earnings. “Anytime you can have over $61,000 won before Houston, it’s pretty incredible,” said Pozzi about her 2011 season thus far. Pozzi aboard her palomino gelding Yeah Hes Firen, by WPRA PESI stallion Alive N Firen out of Splendid Discovery, were definitely a force to be reckoned with in February. Pozzi and Duke got things started with a seventh place finish in the first round of the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo in a time of 15.04 seconds. Three-time and reigning world champion Sherry Cervi won the first round in a time of 14.83 seconds. Unlike most rodeos where there is one venue, in San Angelo the first round competition is held at Spur Arena with the second round and finals taking place at the San Angelo Coliseum. Therefore after a venue change, Pozzi and Duke turned in a lightning fast time of 14.28 seconds to lead all barrel races in the second round. With a spot secured in the finals in San Angelo the duo headed west for the Tucson Rodeo. They picked up where they left off winning the first and second rounds in Tucson with times of 17.46 and 17.35 seconds, respectively putting them in the driver’s seat for the average title. With things looking bright in Tucson, Pozzi and Duke headed back to San Angelo for the final round onA Saturday night. They left the crowd talking after stopping the clock in a rodeo best 14.10 seconds. Their closest competitor in the

final round was Callie Chamberlain with a 14.31. With the final round win, Pozzi picked up her second straight average title in San Angelo with a total time of 43.42 seconds, to outdistance Brenda Mays with a 43.80. It was then time to get back in the truck for the all-night drive back to Tucson for the final round on Sunday afternoon. As they drove into town they were welcomed with flakes of snow, which quickly gave way to sunshine prior to the start of the final round. Pozzi stopped the clock in 17.40 seconds, which was good for third in the round which was won by California’s Christina Richman with a 17.30-second run. However, for Richman it was too little too late with Pozzi finishing atop the leaderboard with a three run total of 52.21 seconds to complete her whirlwind weekend. Richman and Utah’s Tracee Young finished in a tie for second with times of 53.06 seconds.

2010 when Cervi set a new arena record with a 14.59-second run. Jane Melby, who competed in the first Super Series, has the fastest time of the 2011 competition with a 14.03-second run, which she made on opening night. Two-time Wrangler NFR average champion Jill Moody finished second to Cervi in the first round of Super Series II in a time of 14.57 seconds. Cervi and Stingray - a product of PESI stallion PC Frenchmans Hayday “Dinero” owned by Cervi’s father Mel Potter and out of Miss Meter Jet, sister to Hawk - sped things up in the second round finishing in a time of 14.30 seconds. 2009 WPRA Rookie of the Year Kelli Tolbert was second in the round with a time of 14.44 seconds. On Sunday afternoon (March 6) Cervi went three for three stopping the clock in a time of 14.45 seconds to win the third round followed by Moody with a 14.57-second run. Cervi would easily win the average in a time of 43.06 seconds with Moody second in 43.83 seconds. All totaled Cervi added Cervi Dominates Super Series II $10,000 to her 2011 earnings and will be at RodeoHouston looking to add more when she returns to Reliant Stadium on March 16 for the first by Ann Bleiker semifinal round. Courtesy of WPRA The other three ladies advancing to the semifinals from Super Series II include Three-time and reigning world champion Moody with $4,250, Jana Sherry Cervi has her eyes set on back-toKent-Isaac with $1,500 and Tolbert with back RodeoHouston titles. $1,000. They join the following four from Cervi of Marana, Ariz., dominated Super Super Series I - Melby Series II winning all three rounds and the with $7,000, Kassie Mowry with $2,750, average to bank $10,000 in earnings and Brittany Pozzi with $2,500 and Kenna easily advance to the semifinal round. Squires with $2,000 in earnings thus far. Cervi, aboard her standout mare BY P/U W/CHGSVSA IN HOUSE PROOF CRX’D Super Series III begins on March 7 and Stingray,MONTH-APR picked up where she left BUILT off last year in Houston winning the first round in a runs through March 9. To watch live streaming video each night visit time of 14.31 seconds. The pattern in (10 x 6.6) Houston is a shorter pattern 1\2 than itHorizontal was in

RodeoHouston - March 1-19 Super Series I First round 1. Jane Melby, 14.03 seconds, $2,000; 2. Brittany Pozzi, 14.04, $1,000; 3. Sabrina Ketcham, 14.71, $500. Second round 1. Kenna Squires, 14.30 seconds, $2,000; 2. Brittany Pozzi, 14.42, $1,000; 3. Sabrina Ketcham, 14.49, $500. Third round 1. Tammy Whyte, 14.66 seconds, $2,000; 2. Jane Melby, 14.76, $1,000; 3. Kassie Mowry, 14.83, $500. Average 1. Jane Melby, 43.92 seconds on three runs, $4,000; 2. Kassie Mowry, 45.71, $2,250; 3. Brittany Pozzi, 48.01, $500 Total earnings and semifinalists 1. Jane Melby, $7,000; 2. Kassie Mowry, $2,750; 3. Brittany Pozzi, $2,500; 4. Kenna Squires, $2,000. Super Series II First round 1. Sherry Cervi, 14.31 seconds, $2,000; 2. Jill Moody, 14.57 seconds, $1,000; 3. Jean Winters, 14.59, $500. Second round 1. Sherry Cervi, 14.30 seconds, $2,000; 2. Kelli Tolbert, 14.44, $1,000; 3. Jana Kent-Isaac, 14.47, $500. Third round 1. Sherry Cervi, 14.45 seconds, $2,000; 2. Jill Moody, 14.57, $1,000; 3. Trula Churchill, 14.59, $500. Average 1. Sherry Cervi, 43.06 seconds on three runs, $4,000; 2. Jill Moody, 43.83, $2,250; 3. Jana Kent-Isaac, 44.10, $1,000. Total earnings and semifinalists 1.Sherry Cervi, $10,000; 2. Jill Moody, $4,250; 3. Jana Kent-Isaac, $1,500; 4. Kelli Tolbert, $1,000.

“Where Real Cowboys Shop”

Come visit us at our temporary location in Moriarty (formerly Broomes Feed) Look for our NEW STORE opening in Edgewood soon!

Stall Mats 4' x 6' $49.99

• Western Tack • Hats • Unique Western Gifts • Round Pens • Saddles • Clothing

Economy Round Pens $499

Economy 10' Panels only $44.99

• Farming/Ranch Supplies • Hay/Grain • Horseshoeing Supplies • Ropes

Horse Health Ivermectrin Horse Wormer 3 tubes $12

19763 Highway 314 (85) • Belen, New Mexico • 505/865-5432 • Fax: 505/865-8426


APRIL 2011


New Mexico NBHA State Championships held in conjunction with Rockinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Horse Ranch monthly race Morairty, New Mexico Big Money! ! s e c Big Ra May 20-22, 2011

NM NBHA Championship, One Day race, May 21, with over $3,500 added money & prizes!! RHR race, May 20 & 22 with $500 added each day, American West & WPRA sanctioned All New Mexico NBHA Members welcome for State Championships! No membership required for RHR races SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re changing the format for the annual championships â&#x20AC;&#x201C; making it a Friday, May 20 Exhibitions start 4:00 p.m. ~ sold on-site Race starts 7:00 p.m. ~ Open, Youth & Senior

Saturday, May 21 New Mexico NBHA State Championships ~ Exhibitions 8:30-10:00 a.m. ~ sold on-site by time slots morning of race Open race starts 11:00 a.m. followed by Senior & Youth Open Poles jackpot ~ $20 entry fee ~ 3D format (depending on # of entries) Awards & photos of all winners to follow Poles!!

worthwhile trip to come and run at 3 chances to win some money! The Championship is a one run race with Open, Youth and Senior, with added money of at least $2,000. RHR races will include a Friday night race and a Pee-Wee race Sunday before the Open, followed by Youth and Senior with $500 added each race. See our website at for further details and entry forms. Plenty of stalls available, rented on a first-come first-served basis. Plenty of parking available â&#x20AC;&#x201C; no charge for day trippers and dry campers.

Sunday, May 22

2011 New Mexico NBHA State Championships

Exhibitions start 9:00 a.m. ~ sold on-site PeeWee race before Open Open race starts 11:00 followed by Youth & Senior

NMNBHA RULES: All district point race. No minimum # of races needed to enter!! Membership must be current as of 5/1/11 - Membership cards must be presented for all late entries - NO EXCEPTIONS! Entry deadline May 9, 2011. Late entries taken until 1st horse runs. No Rider substitutions - Horse substitutions allowed with $10 change fee. No Buy-Ins. Must be current member of NBHA. Dress Code enforced, all other NBHA rules apply, see official rules.

FEES: NM-NBHA Race Open $75 ~ Youth & Senior $50 $25 process fee with each entry form $20 Late fee $10 change fee $4 exhibitions ~ sold on-site (morning of race) by TIME SLOT See NMNBHA.COM for complete set of rules, information and entry forms. Mail all NM-NBHA entries to Francie LeBow, State Director. Call 505/281-7772 or email to

ROCKIN HORSE RANCH RACES Open $60 ~ Youth & Senior $30 $5 office fee ~ $10 late fee ~ Exhibitions $4 Stalls $15/night See for entry forms and further information. Mail all entry forms for RHR races to Patty Wright.

May 21, 2011

0 $350 Over ed Ad d y e Mon es riz P d an

Rockin Horse Ranch Moriarty, NM Held in conjunction with RHR Monthly Race



? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Friday, May 20 RHR Race Â&#x201A;Â&#x201A; Exhibitions 4pm - Race 7pm - $500 Added

All district point race - no minimum # of races needed Dress Code will be enforced Membership must be current as of May 1, 2011 Membership cards REQUIRED for all late entries No buy-ins - must be current member of NM NBHA Entry deadline May 9, 2011 Late entries taken until first horse runs All other NBHA rules apply No rider substitutions - horse substitutions $10 change fee

FEES State Championship - Open / Youth / Senior Processing Fee Late Fee Exhibitions

$75 / $50 / $50 $25 $20 / entry $4

Saturday, May 21 New Mexico NBHA State Championships /LPLWHG([KLELWLRQVÂ&#x201A;DP- 10am Open 11am - Followed by Senior and Youth Open Poles Jackpot - 3D format depending on entries Awards & Photos to follow Poles Jackpot Sunday, May 22 RHR Race Â&#x201A;Â&#x201A; Exhibitions 9am - Race 11am - $500 Added Â&#x201A;([KLELWLRQWLFNHWVVROGRQ-site by time-slot! Â&#x201A;Â&#x201A;6HHURFNLQKRUVHUDQFKRUJIRU5+5HQWU\IRUPV


NBHA District / Membership #


Home Phone Work/Cell Phone Email

City. State. Zip

Contestant or Parent/Guardian Signature




State Finals Open

State Finals Senior

State Finals Youth

Open Poles Jackpot
















Mail entries to: New Mexico NBHA c/o Francie LeBow 244D Frost Rd Edgewood, NM 87015-0755

For more information:

Total entry fees Processing fee Late fee ($20/entry) Total Fees






APRIL 2011

sold because they had to survive a 30-day participate in a practice auction which escrow where the whole thing could fall turned out to be very much like the real apart. By now, the cowboys in attendance auction. Then we had the actual sale. The were really shaking their heads and auction consisted of two neighboring wondering, “Is this any way to run an ranches and first he sold “choice” in which auction?” the winning bidder could take his pick of Can you imagine if we sold cattle this the two. Then he “sold” the other ranch by way? the acre, and then he “sold” the two A cow and her calf would enter the sale ranches as one. I used quotation marks ring and the “buyers” could take their pick because even though real bidders bid a lot of the cow or the calf. Then the other of real money nothing had actually “sold” would be sold. And yet for the auctioneer then the two of then announced that them resold as a there would be a ten pair. There’d be a minute recess while The auctioneer was witty, ve helped sell at auction a $10,000 that of a huge real estate auction firm that ten minute recess the piano player personable and had the chant as classical music bottle of wine, a million dollar house, has sold buildings and land in every state played more pretty a $350,000 cow and a four dollar sheep. At of the Union and six foreign countries. But music. After the of a student after his first day would reverberate auctions I’ve worked we’ve sold everything before the firm would even consider selling in the auction barn time-out anyone from a tractor that didn’t run to a race horse the ranches my pals had to pay them of auction school. But he was and the cow buyers could then reopen the that did. We sold a llama that spit all over $180,000 which was not refundable. They’d would dine on free auction by bidding as persuasive as a pair of my tuxedo and an ostrich that pecked on me get another $420,000 when the deal was finger food. Then 5% more than the because the dumb birds like bright and done. That’s mighty good work if you can the whole auction earlier “winning” Chihuahua spurs with shiny objects. I’ve helped sell modern art get it! would be repeated. bids. that you couldn’t tell which way was up and On sale day we all gathered at a four inch rowels. But the pair of This guy was a VW hippie bus that you didn’t know if it beautiful resort where a piano player cattle still wouldn’t more creative than was coming or going. In other words, when serenaded everyone with Brahms and be sold because my accountant! it comes to auctions I thought I’d seen about Beethoven and a banquet room was full of there’d be a 30-day Sure enough, after everything there was to see. But that was 17 millionaires and a big bunch of cowboys escrow in which the cow, the calf, or both, further consideration someone wanted to before my curiosity compelled me to attend dining on finger food. The auctioneer was could die. And who would pay the feed pay too much for an unprofitable cow a ranch real estate auction conducted by a witty, personable and had the chant of a bill during that period? And there’s no way ranch, so the whole process was repeated. I big city auction firm. student after his first day of auction school. the consignor would pay the 10% swear, we’ve sold 100 head bull sales in My rancher friends had been trying for a But he was as persuasive as a pair of commission the real estate firm charged. I less time that it took to sell those two few years to sell a couple ranches that didn’t Chihuahua spurs with four inch rowels. He guarantee there’d be a fist fight between parcels! One person then “bought” one bring in enough net proceeds to pay the announced that at the end of the cow buyers, pretty music or not, and just ranch, another bidder “bought” the other property taxes. So my friend came up with proceedings the two ranches would have likeW/CHNGS the realDP estate the cowboys in CRX’D of them lost their new BUILT BY-P/U MONTH-MAR 2011 IN auction, HOUSE PROOF MONTH MAR 10 BUILT BY VSA IN HOUSE PROOF A CRX’Dand then both the idea of exposing the picturesque ranches new owners and that it was an “absolute the crowd would be wondering what the ranches when yet another person “bought” by offering them for sale on Ebay. Sure auction.” Sort of! heck had just happened? both ranches. I put quotations around 1\4 V (4.9 x 6.6) enough, they got a lot of attention, First the auctioneer had everyone 1\4 including V (4.9 x 6.6) “bought” because the ranches still weren’t

by Lee Pitts

Sold! Sorta


Gosney Ranches This newly remodeled home includes: Viking appliances Concrete countertops Mesquite and cherry cabinets 2 beehive fireplaces Saltillo tile Saguaro rib ceilings Hand hewn corbels and beams throughout Stained glass windows Jacuzzi bath tub New heat pump and central air conditioning Custom interior doors Hand carved solid teak entranceway 1,200 sq. st. custom built barn loaded with amenities and attached to extended horse facilities 150' x 275' lighted roping arena Steer holding pens and pasture 50' round pen Half-acre automatically watered Bermuda grass horse pasture

Largo Canyon Ranch Rio Arriba County, New Mexico Approximately 453 deeded acres with ranch house, outbuildings, corrals and other improvements – everything required for a working cattle ranch.

Located in one of the most secluded and lush areas in Tucson, this ranch estate has been in the same family for more than 30 years and has just now become available. Professionally landscaped grounds surround the home with mature trees, rose gardens, extensive lighting, automatic irrigation and fruit orchards. Proximity to shopping conveniences but extreme seclusion makes this home a unique opportunity. There are endless horse trails to be explored but one doesn’t have to leave the house to watch the deer, javelina, hawks, owls, quail, fox and bobcats as this ranch provides water and refuge for these and many other native animals.

For more information please contact

34 sections of BLM lands under grazing permit “Superior Mesa Allotment #5115”, 3,148 permitted AUM’s/1,260 active AUM’s from November 15 to June 15. Current cost is $1.35/AUM. Three sections of State of NM lands under Ag Lease. Current rent approximately $1,000 per year. $680,000 firm. Owner may carry, including assignment of BLM permit and state lease. Includes water rights and free propane.

Kirk Purvis 520.247.9326 For additional pictures go to:

For more information on this property contact

Gosney Ranches 970.884.9533


APRIL 2011


Find The All-Around at These Locations by Glenda Price



y father left his parents’ Texas home at age 14 with thirty-six cents in his pocket. He became a cowboy, one of the best in the business, and he never moved back in with his parents and eight siblings. Actually, he never went back for a visit, either, until he was 32 years old. My brother and I both moved out of our parents’ home upon high school graduation. They didn’t throw us out, we just left. That was the expected action Nowadays I see children moving out, then back in, then back out of their parents’ homes. The excuses are: “We can’t afford the rent on a place of our own,” or “We need help with our girlfriend/boyfriend expenses.” Really!! My parents/grandparents never would have allowed such behavior. Psychologist Jeffrey Arnett of Clark University in Massachusetts was quoted in this week’s “Sage magazine” in the Albuquerque Journal as arguing for a new developmental phase on the way to adulthood called “emerging adulthood.” When I was growing up the “emerging adulthood” phase began with puberty – or sooner. By then children had been taught at least to recognize adult behavior. The only problem I see is those children haven’t learned to lie, so they tell the truth – no matter what the fallout. The old adage says, “If you want a truthful answer ask a child,” — and that’s why. I have another: “If you want a truthful answer, ask a cowboy.” He has no reason to lie, and he has given whatever the subject is

a great deal of thought while out among the animals and living in solitude, probably at a line camp on one of the big ranch outfits. Solitude, I’ve noticed, is valued most by those who never have lived that way. English teachers/professors are fond of Henry David Thoreau. (July 12, 1817 – May 6, 1862). He was not a cowboy, but he chose to live in solitude — for a little more than two years. He built a one-room house on land owned by his friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and began his sojourn July 4, 1845. The story goes that he spent less than thirty dollars to build the cabin, using borrowed tools, and he lived on twentyseven cents a week. A small lake called Walden Pond was nearby, and the pond was surrounded by one of the few surviving woodlands in that heavily farmed area. As I checked further, I learned he had friends who brought things like food to him, though he did eat squirrel now and then. We have a friend, Bob, who ended up in one of those English literature classes that brags on Thoreau. Bob was not impressed with Thoreau’s degree from Harvard, and when he finished reading “Walden” and the professor asked for comments, he had a couple. He stood and said, “I think this guy is a lazy bum. He figured out a way to get by without working a lick, and to have his friends take care of him.” The professor, of course, was scandalized. How dare this cowboy put down that famous philosopher!

e h T ALL-AROUND Classified Ads CATTLE Fresh – Ready to rope, steers for sale! Call Kim at 480/206-1500

Classified Rates 15 cents a word, with a $5 minimum. All submissions must be sent to The AllAround in writing. We cannot accept classified advertising by phone. Mail with payment, to be received by the 10th of the month to: 2340 Menaul NE, Suite 400 Albuquerque, NM 87107 phone: 505/890-1504 fax: 505/792-5678 e-mail:

Andersen and Hammock Cattle Co, LLC – Corriente cattle for Sale or lease. For more information, call 520-251-0650 or 520-251-1497 For Sale – Corriente Cattle. Shepley Ranch LLC has the best to rope or wrestle. Call Evan Tripp today for pricing at 520-251-0530 MISCELLANEOUS KM Grooming and Saddles - Support my 4-H endeavors. Call Karina McCarty at 505-877-1275 or email me at For Sale - 2004 Featherlite 4-horse trailer. 14 ft. short wall, fully loaded and in excellent condition. Call Kim for more details at 480/206-1500.

2 Bar O Country Store .............................Tucson, AZ 7-11 Food Store.......................................Chinle, AZ A & L Feeds ......................................Silver City, NM Animal Health Express .............................Tucson, AZ Bennie’s Western Store ...........................Artesia, NM Bostons Feed & Fence.................................Page, AZ Broom’s Feed & Supply ........................Moriarty, NM Brown Cow Saddle Blanket Co. ............Santa Fe, NM Buckeye Feed & Supply Patch ................Buckeye, AZ Camp Verde Feeds ............................Camp Verde, AZ Casper Baca Rodeo Co............................Grants, NM Cherrill’s Western Apparel........................T Or C, NM Chical Haystack ...........................Bosque Farms, NM Chitwood Family Feed & Sup. ...............Maricopa, AZ Corner Feed & Tack ................................Winslow, AZ Cross Country Feed & Supply .......Bosque Farms, NM Cww Feed Store & More ....................San Ysidro, NM Dale’s Town & Country ...........................Surprise, AZ Dan’s Boots & Saddles...................Albuquerque, NM Dan’s Western Store ................................Tijeras, NM David’s Western Store ...........................Chandler, AZ Double D Western World....................Wickenburg, AZ Fancher 5 Feed & Tack ..........................Kingman, AZ Flagstaff Hay & Grain............................Flagstaff, AZ Four Shoes.......................................Chino Valley, AZ Gene’s Shoe Hospital.............................Flagstaff, AZ Glenwood Trading Company................Glenwood, NM Globe Stockyards ......................................Globe, AZ H & S Pipe Fence Feed ..........................Thatcher, AZ High Lonesome Trading Co........................Elfrida, AZ High Noon Feed & Tack ...........................Sonoita, AZ Holbrook Feed & Seed ..........................Holbrook, AZ Horsemen’s Feed and Supply ..........Albuquerque, NM Landmark Mercantile ..........................Mesquite, NM Long Saddlery .........................................Belen, NM Marana Feed and Supply..........................Tucson, AZ Mountain Market & Feed..........................Tucson, AZ Navajo Feed Store...................................Gallup, NM Newsland ......................................Albuquerque, NM NMRA...................................................Veguita, NM North Arizona Feed Country......................Tucson, AZ Old Mill Western Mercantile ......................Belen, NM Old Town Feeds........................................Tucson, AZ

Olsen’s Feed .........................................Flagstaff, AZ Olsen’s Feed.....................................Chino Valley, AZ Olsen’s Feeds, .....................................Clarkdale, AZ Pic-N-Run ...............................................Chinle, AZ Post’s Feed & Supply ..............................Marana, AZ Quien Sabe Trading...........................Bloomfield, NM Rocking R Mercantile ..............................Benson, AZ RRR Traders .......................................Waterflow, NM Saba’s Western Store # 5 ................Queen Creek, AZ Saba’s Western Store #11 .........................Peoria, AZ Saba’s Western Store #7....................Cave Creek, AZ Saba’s Western Wear #8 ............................Mesa, AZ Saba’s Western Wear # 4 .....................Scottsdale, AZ Saba’s Western Wear # 9 ......................Avondale, AZ Safford Feed & Pet Supplies.....................Safford, AZ San Pedro Feed & Hardware..................Hereford, AZ San Tan Feed & Supply....................Queen Creek, AZ Santa Maria Co-Op................................Phoenix, AZ Savoini’s Western Wear & Tack.................Prescott, AZ Serenity Farms Feed & Tack ...............Wickenburg, AZ Sonoita Feeds.........................................Sonoita, AZ South Arizona Feed Country......................Tucson, AZ South Valley Feed...........................Albuquerque, NM Southwest Feed.....................................Socorro, NM Spur Feeds......................................Springerville, AZ Spur Feeds .........................................Show Low, AZ Stock Up Feed And Tack ............................, Taylor, AZ T Bar B Feed Store, ...............................Salome, AZ T&R Marketing, Inc., ..............................Gallup, NM Tempe Feed & Tack...................................Tempe, AZ The Feed Store ................................Santa Rosa, NM The Stock Shop ....................................Glendale, AZ The Tack Shop.....................................Show Low, AZ The Western Ranchman’s Store ...............Phoenix, AZ Totsoh Trading Post............................Lukachukai, AZ Town And Country Feed..................Albuquerque, NM Triple D Feed.........................................Buckeye, AZ Turquoise Bit Roping & Horse Supply ....Goodyear, AZ Valencia Western Mercantile ...............Los Lunas, NM Western Mercantile ...........................Las Cruces, Nm Westerners...........................................Tuba City, AZ Yuma Feed & Livestock Supply, .................Yuma, AZ

Need a barn, metal building, arena, pipe fence, remodel/addition, or new home construction? Call OutWest Builders – Darin Price at 505-238-0696

Park and Yellowstone. More information and pictures available. Call Darren at 307-413-5768 or email –

Host your next event at the Bernalillo County Sheriff Posse Arena - Complete facility includes 120 X 275 ft. covered arena, 40 stalls, 36 RV hookups, electric/water, dump stations, bathrooms, concessions and plenty of parking. - Contact JC Stevens – 505-292-6515 For Sale - Alpine, Wyoming Horse Lovers Dream Home. Sits on 4.69 acres with lake views - $475,000. Homes includes cedar siding, finished walk-out basement, 2010 sq. ft., 4-BR, 3 bath, 2-car garage. Unique touches throughout home include granite countertops, hickory hardwood flooring, tile, carpet, alder cabinets, log rails, stone propane fireplace, vaulted ceilings with huge windows to view forest and lake and oversized deck with beautiful mountain views. Also includes fenced pasture, three large corrals, two run-in sheds and heated waterers. Huge public indoor and outdoor arena borders property with easy access to year-round riding and indoor boarding opportunities. National forest and Elk refuge five minute ride away. Forty-five minute drive to Jackson Hole summer rodeos, two days a week. Also close to Snake River, Grand Teton National

Horse boarding. Just east of Albuquerque. Open Space nearby for trail riding, arena and round pen available. Call 505-296-6711 Horse Hay - $6 or Cow Hay - $4. Comanche Ranch, Isleta, NM. Call Martin Abeita, Ranch Manager at 505/917-4217 or email – For Sale - Eagle Ranch West Point, MS 210 acres fenced and crossed fenced for cattle. 160' x 400' covered show arena with concession, lounge, office, and restrooms. 118 stall show barn, RV hookups, 24 stall trainer barn, and cabin. Ready for ropings, cuttings, or any type equine event. Call 662-494-9091

The All-Around Classified Ads Reach thousands of potential buyers at almost no cost at all! Got a house, horse, cattle, trailer, truck or anything for sale? Mail, email or call The AllAround and for as little as $5, get a listing in the Classified section, one of the most read sections of the entire paper.



APRIL 2011

Event Classified To place your event listing here call or email John English 505.890.1504 •




BR Bull Riding BRLS Barrels BKWY Breakaway CR Calf Roping HS Horse Sale

PRAC Practice ROD Rodeo RS Rough Stock SE Special Event SCH School

TE Timed Event TP Team Penning TR Team Roping

Laton Lions Club Rodeo

NMSU Match Bronc Riding & Calf Roping

April 2, 2011 Laton Fairgrounds, Laton, CA Andi Tedder 623-249-9506 See Advertisement on page 49

April 15, 2011 Southern NM State Fairgrounds, Las Cruces, NM Jim Dewey Brown 575-646-3659 See Advertisement on page 57

ROD Rawhide Bull Riding Every Wednesday and Saturday, 2011 Rawhide Arena, Chandler, AZ Shalene McGuckin 520-840-2996 See Advertisement on page 56

Way Out West Arena

#12 Handicap Team Roping

April 2, May 7 & June 4, 2011 Way Out West Arena, Hillsboro, NM Pat Jones 575-895-5386

April 15, 2011 Grants Rodeo Arena, Grants, NM Cody McDaugale 505-290-7138 See Advertisement on page 44


BR C-T Rodeo Every Saturday Night C-T Rodeo Arena, Lubbock, TX Charlie Thompson 806-794-2317

April 2011 Flying M, Queen Creek, AZ Robin Mayberry 480-987-0354 See Advertisement on page 56

4 Corners Big Bucks Championships

April 2-3, 2011 Artesia Horse Council Arena, Artesia, NM Larissa Jackson 575-365-5733 See Advertisement on page 54-55

April 15-16, 2011 McGee Park, Farmington, NM Zane Dansie 801-599-1238 See Advertisement on page 22


April 2011 Horsemans Arena, Belen, NM Jimmy Thompson 505-459-6851

Norco Horseweek Rodeo

April 2-3, 2011 Moriarty Heritage Arena, Moriarty, NM Lisa Bottini 505-604-6302

April 15-16, 2011 Moreno Arena, Norco, CA Andi Tedder 623-249-9506 See Advertisement on page 49


April 2011 Sandoval County Sheriff’s Posse Arena, Bernalillo, NM Mark Sanchez 970-739-3851 See Advertisement on page 60


April 2-3, 2011 Apache Gold Casino, San Carlos, AZ 520-205-0062 See Advertisement on page 43

April 15-17, 2011 State Fairgrounds Horseman's Arena, Albuquerque, NM Sharon George 505-975-8107 See Advertisement on page 63


April through July 2011 Sheriff's Posse Arena, Belen, NM Amanda Kenney 505-409-5928 See Advertisement on page 56

LaGrange Rodeo

Arizona Junior Rodeo Association April 16-17, 2011 Wilcox Fairgrounds, Wilcox, AZ Jodi Ivy 520-568-7457


April 1-2, 2011 Needles Fairgrounds, Needles, CA Andi Tedder 623-249-9506 See Advertisement on page 49

Show Me The Corrientes

NMHSRA Rodeo April 16-17 Las Cruces Fairgrounds, Las Cruces, NM Myra Skinner 575-760-8169 See Advertisement on page 43


April 1-3, 2011 Curry County Events Center, Clovis, NM 254-968-0002

Cibola County Rodeo Series

April 9-10, 2011 Everett Bowman Rodeo Arena, Wickenburg, AZ Tonya Forbrook 928-684-5451 x514

April 16-17, 2011 Grants Rodeo Arena, Grants, NM Melissa McDougale 505-287-2662 See Advertisement on page 44


April 2, 2011 Wickenburg, AZ Scott McDaniel 520-403-3309



M & R Roping Productions


April 10 & 24 & May 7, 2011 M & R Arena, Cubero, NM Mathew Sanchez 505-238-4595 See Advertisement on page 31

April 16-17, May 7, 21 & 22, 2011 See Advertisement on page 63 Joanie Cowden 520-220-1230 See Advertisement on page 63


TR Wickenburg Rodeo


Arizona Cowpunchers

ROD USTRC New Mexico Championships


April 8-9, 2011 South Jordan Fairgrounds, South Jordan, UT Zane Dansie 801-599-1238 See Advertisement on page 22

TE Colorado River Round Up


April 3, 2011 LaGrange Fairgrounds, LaGrange, CA Andi Tedder 623-249-9506 See Advertisement on page 49

ROD Mac Productions



TR Cross Roads Ranch & Rodeo Co.


Land of Enchantment Little Britches Rodeo

BR Jimmy Thompson Team Ropings


Smokin' Spurs Jr. Rodeo Association

ROD Flying M Roughstock Practice



Southwest Livestock Bucking Stock Sale

Invitational Team Ropers Association

April 12-13, 2011 Southwest Event Center, Los Lunas, NM Dennis Chavez 505-865-4600 See Advertisement on page 32

April 16-17, 2011 Bernalillo Co. Sheriffs Posse, Albuquerque, NM Gerry Tully 575-937-2298 See Advertisement on page 23




APRIL 2011


To place your event listing here call or email John English 505.890.1504 • Deadline for May Event Classified submissions is April 8

Mathews Land & Cattle Company

Spanish Trail Classic

Cowboy Church Ministries Team Roping

April 23-24, 2011 Southern NM State Fairgrounds, Las Cruces, NM Oren Mathews 505-425-6051 See Advertisement on page 24

May 6-8, 2011 Spanish Trails Arena, Moab, UT USTRC Office 254-968-0002 See Advertisement on page 15

May 12, 2011 Sonoita Fairgrounds, Sonoita, AZ Mike Hughes 520-255-3144 See Advertisement on page 33, 59





Mike & Sherri lynn Johnson School


April 23-24, 2011 Buckeye, AZ 520-205-0062 See Advertisement on page 43

May 6-8, 2011 Mormon Lake Arena, Mormon Lake, AZ Ty Jones 928-523-1326 See Advertisement on page 61

May 14-15, 2011 Roswell Fairgrounds, Roswell, NM Myra Skinner 575-760-8169 See Advertisement on page 43





Pine River Valley Spring Classic

Copper Dust Stampede

April 29-30, 2011 Cottonwood Fairgrounds, Cottonwood, AZ GCPRA 623-455-8339 See Advertisement on page 47 & 49

May 7, 2011 Sky Ute Downs Indoor Arena, Ignacio, CO Ken Beck 970-883-5595 See Advertisement on page 58

May 14-15, 2011 Globe, AZ Andi Tedder 623-249-9506 See Advertisement on page 49




Belen FFA Benefit Team Roping

Newberry Mesa Arena


April 30, 2011 Horsemen’s Arena, Belen, NM Martin Abeita 505-917-4217 See Advertisement on page 25

May 7, 2011 Newberry Mesa Arena, Tolani Lake, AZ Gary Monroe 928-349-2417

May 14-15, 2011 Greasewood Springs Fairgrounds, Greasewood Springs, AZ Jeff Biakeddy See Advertisement on page 48





Pasture Roping & Wilcox Ranch Rodeo


April 30-May 1, 2011 Clovis Outdoor Arena, Clovis, NM Myra Skinner 575-760-8169 See Advertisement on page 43

May 7, 2011 Hook Open A Ranch, Willcox, AZ Jack & Jan Kortsen 520-384-3772 See Advertisement on page 58

May 14-15, 2011 Prescott Fairgrounds, Prescott, AZ 520-205-0062 See Advertisement on page 43





Kinishba Buckout

2011 NM NBHA State Championships

April 30-May 1, 2011 Sandoval County Sheriff’s Posse Arena, Bernalillo, NM Jeff Biakeddy 928-871-7810 See Advertisement on page47-48

May 7, 2011 Canyon Day Rodeo Arena, White River, AZ Spencer DeClay 928-205-3288

May 20-22, 2011 Rocking Horse Ranch Indoor Arena, Moriarty, NM Francie LeBow 505-281-7772 See Advertisement on page 65




Blaine Atwood Team Roping

NMRA Rodeo

Arizona Junior Rodeo Association

April 30-May 1, 2011 Southwest Cattle Growers Arena, Lemitar, NM Blaine Atwood 575-772-5175 See Advertisement on page 26

May 7-8, 2011 Socorro Fairgrounds, Socorro, NM Janice Aragon 505-864-9428 See Advertisement on page 47

May 21-22, 2011 Prescott Fairgrounds, Prescott, AZ Jodi Ivy 520-568-7457





Smokin' Spurs Jr. Rodeo Association

May 7-8, 2011 Red Rock State Park, Gallup, NM Myra Skinner 575-760-8169 See Advertisement on page 43

May 21-22, 2011 Artesia Horse Council Arena, Artesia, NM Larissa Jackson 575-365-5733 See Advertisement on page 54-55


ROD Chuck Sheppard Memorial Team Roping


Cibola County Rodeo Series

May 6, 2011 Prescott Fairgrounds, Prescott, AZ 520-360-9524 See Advertisement on page 33

May 7-8, 2011 Ft. Defiance, AZ Jeff Biakeddy 928-871-7810 See Advertisement on page 48

May 21-22, 2011 Grants Rodeo Arena, Grants, NM Melissa McDougale 505-287-2662 See Advertisement on page 44




The Roping Company

Cinco De Mayo Championships

M & R Roping Productions

May 6-8, 2011 Apache Gold Casino, San Carlos, AZ Jack Goodman 480-215-3180 See Advertisement on page 3

May 8, 2011 Javier Chavez Busted Boot Arena, Santa Fe, NM Kenny Zamora 505-469-4388 See Advertisement on page 27

May 21-22, 2011 Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Posse Arena, Albuquerque, NM Mathew Sanchez 505-238-4595 See Advertisement on page 31





A A to Z Equipment Rentals & Sales . . . . . . . . . . 16 AWPRA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 Action Plus Photography. . . . . . 19 American Diesel Service . . . . . . 10 Arizona Ranch Real Estate . . . . 18 Blaine Atwood Team Roping . . . 26 B Ken Beck & Associates . . . . . . . 58 Belen FFA Benefit Team Roping. . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Bishop Trailer Sales . . . . . . . . . 29 Brushy Creek Ranch. . . . . . . . . 38 C Chical Haystack . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 City Wide Real Estate . . . . . . . . 11 Classic Ropes. . . . . . . . . . . 30, 53 Corriente Saddle Company . . . . 10 Corriente Buckles. . . . . . . . . . . 39 Cowboy Church Ministries of Arizona . . . . 33, 59 Crossroads Ranch & Rodeo Co. . . . . . . . 60

M M & R Roping Productions . . . . 31 Mac Productions . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Mathews Land & Cattle Co. . . . 24 Clint Mortenson Silver & Saddles . . . . . . . . . . 20 N NBHA NM 02 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 NMRA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 New Mexico NBHA State Championships . . . . . . 65 New Mexico State University Rodeo . . . . . . . . . 57





BR/ PRAC - Chandler, AZ, 56 RS PRAC - Queen Creek, AZ, 56





BR/ PRAC - Chandler, AZ, 56 RS PRAC - Queen Creek, AZ, 56

SE - El Paso, NM, 915-858-0590

P Patagonia Steel LP. . . . . . . . . . 33 Power Balance Bracelets . . . . . 19 Kirk Purvis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66

Memorial Roping . . . . . . . . . . . 33 G Siggins Horse Co.. . . . . . . . . . . 19 Gosney Ranches. . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Smith’s Rodeo Photos . . . . . . . 38 Paul Springer H Digital Photography . . . . . . . 20 Heel-O-Matic. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Southwest Equine . . . . . . . . . . 59 Hook Open A Ranch. . . . . . . . . 58 Southwest Livestock. . . . . . . . . 32 Hubbard Trailer Sales . . . . . . . . 41

J Ty Jones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61


O Old Mill. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 On The Move Wireless. . . . . . . . 16

D R Dollar Center Trading & Pawn. . . . . . . . . . . 39 Ranchero Saddlery. . . . . . . . . . 63 Rattler Ropes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 E Rawhide Bull Riding . . . . . . . . 56 Empire Agriculture . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Red Bluff Buckles. . . . . . . . . . . 12 Ropers Sports News . . . . . . . . . 59 F Running P Saddlery . . . . . . . . . 12 Flying M Roughstock Practice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 S Freedom RV. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Chuck Shepard

I Imperial Trailer Sales . . . . . . . . . 5 International Finals Youth Rodeo . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Invitational Team Ropers Association . . . . . . . . 23

April 2011

L Long Saddlery . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

T T & T Trailer Sales. . . . . . . . . . . . 6 The Roping Company . . . . . . . . . 3 Town & Country Feed . . . . . . . . 21





BR/ PRAC - Chandler, AZ, 56 RS PRAC - Queen Creek, AZ, 56

May Issue Ad / Text Deadline 11




SE - Los Lunas, NM, 32

SE - Los Lunas, NM, 32 BR/ PRAC - Chandler, AZ, 56 RS PRAC - Queen Creek, AZ, 56





BR/ PRAC - Chandler, AZ, 56 RS PRAC - Queen Creek, AZ, 56

U USTRC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 USTRC Spanish Trail Classic . . . 15

Z K ZD Roping. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Kirby Farrier. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Zamora Roping Productions . . . 27 25


27 BR/ PRAC - Chandler, AZ, 56 RS PRAC - Queen Creek, AZ, 56

Mailing Date for May Issue


EVENT CALENDAR KEY: BR=Bull Riding; BRLS=Barrel Racing; BKWY=Breakaway; CR=Calf Roping; HS=Horse Sale; PRAC=Practice; ROD=Rodeo; RS=Rough Stock; SE=Special Event; SCH=School; TE=Timed Event; TP=Team Penning; TR=Team Roping. The number following the entry references the page number of advertising when applicable.







PBR BR - Albuquerque, NM

BR/ PRAC - Chandler, AZ, 56 ROD - Lubbock, TX, C1 PBR BR - Albuquerque, NM

PBR BR - Albuquerque, NM




ROD - Needles, CA, 49 USTRC TR - Clovis, NM, C1

ROD - Needles, CA, 49 ROD - Laton, CA, 40 ROD - Artesia, NM, 54 BR/ PRAC - Chandler, AZ, 56 ROD - Lubbock, TX, C1 TR - Hillsboro, NM, C1 ROD - Moriarty, NM, C1 ROD - San Carlos, AZ, 43 USTRC TR - Clovis, NM, C1

ROD - LaGrange, CA, 49 ROD - Artesia, NM, 54 ROD - Moriarty, NM, C1 ROD - San Carlos, AZ, 43 USTRC TR - Clovis, NM, C1




TR - South Jordan, UT, 22 ROD - Bernalillo, NM, 60

TR - South Jordan, UT, 22 BR/ PRAC - Chandler, AZ, 56 ROD - Bernalillo, NM, 60 ROD - Lubbock, TX, C1 SE - Wickenburg, AZ, C2

TR - Cubero, NM, 31 SE - Wickenburg, AZ, C2




TR - Farmington, NM, 22 ROD - Norco, CA, 49 ROD - Las Cruces, NM, 57 TR - Grants, NM, 44 BRLS - Albuquerque, NM, 63

TR - Farmington, NM, 22 TR - Albuquerque, NM, 23 ROD - Grants, NM, 44 ROD - Norco, CA, 49 BR/ PRAC - Chandler, AZ, 56 ROD - Lubbock, TX, C1 BRLS - Albuquerque, NM, 63

TR - Albuquerque, NM, 23 ROD - Grants, NM, 44 ROD - Norco, CA, 49 BRLS - Albuquerque, NM, 63 ROD - Las Cruces, NM, 43



TR - Las Cruces, NM, 24 BR/ PRAC - Chandler, AZ, 56 SCH - Bernalillo, NM, 60 ROD - Lubbock, TX, C1 ROD - Buckeye, AZ, 43

TR - Las Cruces, NM, 24 TR - Cubero, NM, 31 CR - Belen, NM, 56 SCH - Bernalillo, NM, 60 ROD - Buckeye, AZ, 43


Good Friday





ROD - Cottonwood, AZ, 47 & 49 SE - Albuquerque, NM, 21

TR - Belen NM, 25 TR - Lemitar, NM, 26 ROD - Cottonwood, AZ, 47 & 49 ROD - Bernalillo, NM, 47 & 48 BR/ PRAC - Chandler, AZ, 56 SE - Albuquerque, NM, 21 ROD - Lubbock, TX, C1 ROD - Clovis, NM, 43

TR - Lemitar, NM, 26 ROD - Bernalillo, NM, 47 & 48 SE - Albuquerque, NM, 21 ROD - Clovis, NM, 43



APRIL 2011

We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just stack hay anymore!

We Carry Them All Af f lic t io n C lo t h ing

C in ch

Wome n s Me n s L o n gh o r n s n a Je a n s e J S in f u l C lo t h ing L o n gh o r n

M is s Me C a p r is & Be r mu d a Sh o rt s

G y p s y S o u le Je we lr y

Ame r ic a n H a t C o. & Re s is t o l

Twe n t y X Fa sh io n Je a n s

Adik td Je a n s

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Chical HaystacK, Inc. 3507 Hwy. 47, Bosque Farms, NM 505.869.3500

Sou the r n Th re ad

The All Around-Apr 2011  
The All Around-Apr 2011  

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