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September 2011 • Vol. 14 #9 • $3.00

Hill Country Championship


2011 W.E.B. Memorial Calf Roping • Spicer Gripp



Sparky has a new inexpensive way to train your horses and practice tie down roping. The new Sparky calf sled can be pulled behind a 4 wheeler or any type of pulling unit. You get the same practice as with live calves but not the livestock up-keep and cost. The Sparky calf tie down will give your horse a jerk when it is roped and releases from the sled. You can run your rope, pick up the calf and tie it. The legs are spring loaded for gathering them. The front left leg has a loose hock joint to press straight for tying. The calf body is 75 Ibs. and it comes with a bladder for more body weight. Body and legs are VSA IN HOUSE PROOF made from a plastic rubber material that is flexible and very durable.

CRX’D or 866.767.3294

“When you're buying calves that weigh under 200 pounds, you better have a feed that they want to eat and goes to work quickly. Precision Calf Feeds is the answer for me.” Lanham Mangold Owner/operator of USCRA and L&M Cattle Co.

Mannsville Mannsville Ag Ag Center Center 580.371.9588 580.371.9588 2 • SEPTEMBER 2011


8:00 AM: 12 & Under Tie Down (First 3 Rounds) 3:00 PM: All-Star Calf Roping (First 2 Rounds) LIMITED TO 81 ROPERS 8:00 PM: Opening followed by 12 and under short go followed by 3rd Go of All-Star and Shoot Out of All-Star


8:00 AM: 12 & Under Breakaway 2:00 PM: (Approx.)13-15 Tie Down


8:00 AM: 13-15 Breakaway 2:00 PM: (Approx.) 19 & Under Girls Breakaway


8:30 AM: Cowboy Church Service 9:00 AM: 16-19 Tie Down

**Cowboy Auction held prior to the start of each roping (cash only)

WHAT’S NEW FOR 2011 HOGG Trees in All Trophy Saddles built by Oxbow*


Dave & Beth Jennings Web: Email: flyingwbar@ Phone: (325)387-2194


Jody Duggan Web: Email: dugganvideo@ Phone: (325)665-4083 You Will Be Able To View Your Runs At The Roping! DVD’s Will Be Available For Purchase!

‡Entries MUST POST MARKED BY NOVEMBER 7TH, 2011 ‡Age as of day of the Roping - fee and

OXBOW Saddle to the youngest tie down roper

proof of age must accompany entry form ‡$25 Late Fee - No

Refunds - No walk up entries ‡Eight Champion Trophy Saddles

‡$GGHG3UL]HVWR Each Roping ‡5RSH&DQVIRU Fastest Time in Each Roping ‡$OO5RSLQJVZLOOEH 3 Head with the Top 12 advancing to the Finals ‡35&$&RZER\'UHVV Code in All Ropings ‡2YHU6WDOOV Available - 1st Come, First Served $20 per stall, Shavings sold on site ‡All draw outs after


deadline Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE!!!

24, 25, 26, 27

‡59·6DYDLODEOH first come, first serve!!! $20 per night




Mention Rising Stars Calf Roping When Booking


Quality Inn

1015 North Hwy 81 Duncan, OK 73533 580-252-1500 New Low Rate! $67.50/night + tax


Chisholm Suite Hotel 1204 North Hwy 81 Duncan, OK 73533 580-255-0551 Rate: $79.99/night + tax


Chris Neal: 479-462-7275 Mark Holder: 918-773-5585


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SPONSORS: Additional Sponsors Include: Smith Brothers, Stockman’s Western Wear, K-F, Crutchers Western Wear, Joplin Stockyards, Willard Rope Company.

UNITED STATES CALF ROPERS ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 690, Giddings, Texas 78942 979.542.1239 fax 979.542.0170


Hill Country Championship


W.E.B. Memorial Calf Roping


Loops and the USCRA would like to express their deepest sympathy to Joe Beaver and his family.

Spicer Gripp

DEPARTMENTS 10 News and Notes

23 Lonestar Cowboy Church

12 USCRA Insider

24 Down the Line with Stran Smith

19 In the Books

25 Out My Window

COVER PHOTO Photographer, Laura Burt of Cowgirl At Heart Photography caught the action at the USCRA Hill Country Championship in Hamilton, Texas

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Hill Country

Hill Country Championship Action


amilton, Texas and the Circle T Arena are a fun place to rope but you don’t have to rope to have fun at the Circle T. There is the arena swimming pool, the steak house, the cantina, and the first-class Best Western Hotel, and it is all on the same grounds. Oh, and then there is the arena which is also first class and has a working crew that aims to please. So, even though the weather was extremely hot, the facilities made it very tolerable.

6 • SEPTEMBER 2011



The 00 roping produced the high money roper of the weekend. Randy Stone, of Stephenville, Texas, put on a good show in the 00 roping by winning the first round, and then keeping control all the way to the finish. A third-place finish in the third round gave Randy a large cushion going into the last round. With a 42.97 on four calves, Randy won the Average by almost three seconds. His efforts were worth $1,090 and a Wild West Belt Buckle.

Randy Stone, winner of the 00 roping

Tyler Gifford, winner of the #1 roping

Brett York, winner of the EE roping

Neal Felton, winner of the #2 roping

EE Roping 1st Go 1. Kent Fisher, Anderson, TX, 11.54, $260; 2. Clayton Eggers, Mingus, TX, 11.78, $230; 3. Garrett Rose, Mckinney, TX, 12.12, $165 2nd Go 1. Mickey Nelson, Proctor, TX, 10.33, $260; 2. Sy Felton, Dublin, TX, 12.58, $230; 3. Rex Sandifer, Elgin, TX, 12.74, $165 3rd Go 1. Kenneth Black, Jacksonville, TX, 11.38, $260; 2. Brandon Wilson, Weatherford, TX, 12.3, $230; 3. Dakota Hawkins, Adkins, TX, 13.16, $165 4th Go 1. Dakota Felton, Mt Home, TX, 11.29, $260; 2. Guy Brown, Austin, TX, 11.59, $230; 3. Marvin Mills, Buffalo, TX, 12.27, $165 Average 1. Brett York, Waco, TX, 60.70/4hd., $700; 2. Guy Brown, Austin, TX, 70.61/4hd., $525; 3. Jerry Hayes, Troy, TX, 76.87/4hd., $350; 4. Billy Hoover, Bruceville, TX, 85.08/4hd., $175 00 Roping 1st Go 1. Randy Stone, Stephenville, TX, 9.75, $310; 2. Ryan Rule, Blue Ridge, TX, 10.78, $235; 3. Jamie M. Smith, Wimona, TX, 10.83, $155; 4. Bill Akins, Aubrey, TX, 11.47, $80 2nd Go 1. Riley Lambert, Merkel, TX, 9.03, $310; 2.

Tyler Anderson, Gatesville, TX, 10.25, $235; 3. Ben Dale, Weatherford, TX, 10.56, $155; 4. Ruben Wood, Cameron, TX, 10.68, $80 3rd Go 1. Don Sims, Dublin, TX, 9.19, $310; 2. Richard Agan, Trenton, TX, 9.61, $235; 3. Randy Stone, Stephenville, TX, 9.67, $155; 4. Ty Iselt, Lincoln, TX, 9.74, $80 4th Go 1. Ty Iselt, Lincoln, TX, 10.13, $310; 2. Cole Gifford, Lenorah, TX, 10.46, $235; 3. Ty Heath, Dublin, TX, 10.75, $155; 4. Greg Modesette, Mc Dade, TX, 10.96, $80 Average 1. Randy Stone, Stephenville, TX, 42.97/4hd., $625; 2. Ryan Rule, Blue Ridge, TX, 45.89/4hd., $520; 3. David Martin, Bixby, OK, 46.40/4hd., $415; 4. Austin Elliott, Arp, TX, 48.97/4hd., $310; 5. Ruben Wood, Cameron, TX, 49.07/4hd., $210 1 Roping 1st Go 1. Westyn Hughes, Caldwell, TX, 10.86, $455; 2. Bill Shoaf, Gatesville, TX, 10.93, $300 2nd Go 1. Brad Mcreynolds, Groesbeck, TX, 10.15, $455; 2. Scott Smith, Wills Point, TX, 10.21, $300 3rd Go 1. Ross Tucker, Archer City, TX, 9.73, $455; 2. Ras Cade, Brownsboro, TX, 10.18, $300

4th Go 1. Russell Ilse, Hondo, TX, 8.98, $455; 2. Tyler Milligan, Pawhuska, OK, 9.25, $300 Average 1. Tyler Gifford, Lenorah, TX, 43.81/4hd., $805; 2. Rick Mclemore, Gracemont, OK, 47.23/4hd., $705; 3. Ty Baker, Van Horn, TX, 47.34/4hd., $505 2 Roping 1st Go 1. Neal Felton, Mt Home, TX. , 11. 135; 2. Guy Yarbrough, Palmer, TX. , 12.01. 90 2nd Go 1. Kody Mahaffey, Sweetwater, TX. , 8.82. 135; 2. Neal Felton, Mt Home, TX. , 10.53. 90 3rd Go 1. Shawn Felton, Dublin, TX. , 9.03. 135; 2. Kody Mahaffey, Sweetwater, TX. , 9.14. 90 4th Go 1. Seth Cooke, Weatherford, TX. , 8.85. 135; 2. Chad Kolbe, College Station, TX. , 9.44. 90 2 Roping Average 1. Neal Felton, Mt Home, TX. , 43.51/4hd.. 365; 2. Seth Cooke, Weatherford, TX. , 44.84/4hd. 240 BA Roping Average 1. Samantha Chick, Salado, TX, 31.60/4hd. $240 LOOPS MAGAZINE • 7

Calf Roping T

he Diamond T Arena, in Denton, Texas, was the host of this year’s W.E.B. Memorial Calf Roping. The W.E.B. roping is held each year in memory of Wesley Baker. This year the roping was put together through a partnership with Danny Baker and the USCRA. Together they were able to round up six buckles, one saddle, and $3,250 in added money. One of the highlights of the roping was watching Danny Baker (father of Wesley) almost come up with the win in the EE roping. For as emotional as this day was for Danny, the effort had to come from deep within.

Blake Deckard, W.E.B. Memorial Calf Roping Open winner

Dakota Felton, W.E.B. Memorial Calf Roping EE winner

EE Roping 1st Go 1. Rick Davis, Pollok, TX, 11.38, $390; 2. Doug Scott, Early, TX, 11.46, $295; 3. Brett York, Waco, TX, 12.02, $195; 4. Mickey Nelson, Proctor, TX, 12.42, $95 2nd Go 1. Trevor Hedeman, Morgan Mill, TX, 10.65, $390; 2. Rick Davis, Pollok, TX, 11.35, $295; 3. Mickey Nelson, Proctor, TX, 11.46, $195; 4. Dakota Felton, Mt Home, TX, 12.14, $95 3rd Go 1. Colton Williams, Waco, TX, 11.64, $390; 2. Dakota Felton, Mt Home, TX, 11.7, $295; 3. Jerome Klawinsky, Richards, TX, 12.68, $195; 4. Johnny Hudson, Pilot Point, TX, 13.24, $95

8 • SEPTEMBER 2011

Hats off to Danny for his efforts in the production and competing in the W.E.B. Memorial. There was a beautiful trophy saddle, donated by the Diamond T Arena, given away to the high money winner of the weekend. Rick McLemore, of Gracemont, Oklahoma took advantage of the #1 roping being the largest roping of the weekend. With a 45.37 on four calves, Rick won the Average and $1,730. He also won one round along the way which contributed greatly to his total money won and ultimately the win of the W.E.B. Memorial Saddle.

Kyle Hay, W.E.B. Memorial Calf Roping #2 winner

Morgan Breaux, W.E.B. Memorial Calf Roping Breakaway winner

4th Go 1. Garrett Rose, Mckinney, TX, 10.75, $390; 2. Charles King Pickett I I I, Terry, MS, 11.58, $295; 3. Royce Hodges, Willis, TX, 11.63, $195; 4. Chase Lybbert, Lantana, TX, 11.65, $95 Average 1. Dakota Felton, Mt Home, TX, 51.85/4hd., $785; 2. Danny Baker, Quitman, TX, 57.76/4hd., $655; 3. Sy Felton, Dublin, TX, 63.90/4hd., $520 4. Charles King Pickett I I I, Terry, MS, 68.98/4hd., $390; 5. Jerry Hayes, Troy, TX, 69.23/4hd., $260 00 Roping 1st Go 1. Tom Walker, Norman, OK, 9.79, $310; 2. Cody Dunn, Mustang, OK, 10.25, $255; 3. Chance Jones,

2nd Go 1. Justin Murphy, Anson, TX, 10.62, $470; 2. Randy Hay, Lindsay, OK, 10.66, $415; 3. Robert Collins I I, Anson, TX, 10.68, $150; 4. Doc Hobbs, Gainsville, TX, 10.68, $150 3rd Go 1. Rick Mclemore, Gracemont, OK, 9.36, $470; 2. Dave Laster, Alvarado, TX, 9.57, $415; 3. Colton Turbeville, Scurry, TX, 9.83, $295 4th Go 1. Lonnie Jordan, Hawley, TX, 8.92, $470; 2. Donnie Mcqueen, Mansfield, TX, 9, $415; 3. Westyn Hughes, Caldwell, TX, 9.59, $295 Average 1. Rick Mclemore, Gracemont, OK, 45.37/4hd., $1,260; 2. Cooper Ratliff, Ft Worth, TX, 46.73/4hd., $945; 3. Kirk Kirkes, Carlsbad, NM, 48.52/4hd., $630; 4. Lonnie Jordan, Hawley, TX, 49.75/4hd., $315

Rick McLemore, W.E.B. Memorial Calf Roping #1 and winner of the trophy saddle

Riley Williams, W.E.B. Memorial Calf Roping 00 winner

College Station, TX, 10.42, $205; 4. Riley Williams, Springtown, TX, 10.95, $155; 5. Freddy Vest, Pilot Point, TX, 11.07, $100 2nd Go 1. Riley Williams, Springtown, TX, 10.39, $310; 2. Richard Agan, Trenton, TX, 10.95, $255; 3. Chase Lybbert, Lantana, TX, 11.02, $205; 4. Cody Dunn, Mustang, OK, 11.04, $155; 5. Randy Weaver, Montgomery, TX, 11.06, $100 3rd Go 1. Logan Loiselle, Ponder, TX, 9.44, $310; 2. Bill Akins, Aubrey, TX, 9.78, $255; 3. Joby Rickman, Azle, TX, 9.85, $205; 4. Freddy Vest, Pilot Point, TX, 10.34, $155; 5. Austin Elliott, Arp, TX, 10.5, $100 4th Go 1. Freddy Vest, Pilot Point, TX, 9.59, $310; 2. Randy Stone, Stephenville, TX, 10.08, $255; 3. Ruben Wood, Cameron, TX, 10.24, $205; 4. David Martin, Bixby, OK, 10.41, $155; 5. Randy Weaver, Montgomery, TX, 10.43, $100 Average 1. Riley Williams, Springtown, TX, 47.27/4hd., $1,085; 2. Lane Livingston, Seymour, TX, 47.43/4hd., $900; 3. Jackie Hobbs, Abilene, TX, 47.82/4hd., $715; 4. Austin Elliott, Arp, TX, 50.19/4hd., $525; 5. Bill Akins, Aubrey, TX, 50.36/4hd., $335; 6. Dewayne Helms, Eufaula, OK, 52.53/4hd., $190 1 Roping 1st Go 1. Chase Graf, Vernon, TX, 10.4, $470; 2. Cooper Ratliff, Ft Worth, TX, 10.77, $415; 3. Trinity Haggard, Throckmorton, TX, 10.98, $295

USCRA National Classic Equine The Official Tack of the USCRA 1301 Weatherford Hwy. Granbury, TX 76048 800.654.7864;

2 Roping 1st Go 1. Miles Thompson, Hobbs, NM, 8.88, $270; 2. Neal Felton, Mt Home, TX, 9.47, $180 2nd Go 1. Christian Dewbre, Blanchard, OK, 8.14, $270; 2. Cheyenne Harper, Stephenville, TX, 9.02, $90; 3. Kyle Hay, Lindsay, OK, 9.02, $90 3rd Go 1. Drue Knight, Kermit, TX, 8.93, $270; 2. Shawn Felton, Dublin, TX, 9.09, $180 4th Go 1. Regan Holcomb, Montgomery, TX, 8.95, $270; 2. Shawn Felton, Dublin, TX, 9.11, $180 Average 1. Kyle Hay, Lindsay, OK, 41.01/4hd., $975; 2. Neal Felton, Mt Home, TX, 42.51/4hd., $480 Open Roping Average 1. Blake Deckardb, Wagoner, OK, 43.69/4hd., 505 BA Roping 1st Go 1. Morgan Breaux, Tomball, TX, 3.12, $105 2nd Go 1. Heather Humphries, Buffalo, TX, 2.96, $105 3rd Go 1. Angie Green, Huntsville, TX, 3.45, $105 4th Go 1. Morgan Breaux, Tomball, TX, 3.53, $105 Average 1. Morgan Breaux, Tomball, TX, 06.65/2hd., $280

Sponsors Stephenville, Texas Chamber of Commerce The Home of the USCRA Finals P.O. Box 306, Stephenville, TX 76401 800.658.6490

Rattler Ropes The Official Rope of the USCRA 1301 Weatherford Hwy., Granbury, TX 76048 800.654.7864;

M.A.C. Precision Calf Feeds Martin Saddlery The Official Saddle of the USCRA 1301 Weatherford Hwy. Granbury, TX 76048 800.654.7864;

The Official Feed of the USCRA “For Maximum Performance” Made by: Mannsville Ag Center 580-371-9588


A New Team Rope from Fast Back - Redline Fast Back Ropes is excited to announce an addition to their arsenal of premiere ropes. The new Redline will be available for purchase in stores October 1, 2011. Fast Back has enjoyed an overwhelming response to their last rope released in 2010, the Natural. The Natural was built with a slightly deader feel than other Fast Back ropes, and an accented tip feel. All feedback indicates that ropers love the Natural. There are some who crave a lighter, snappier version of this best seller, so master ropemaker, Al Benson, started development on a new rope based on these requests. After months of testing, the Redline was born. The Redline is a nylon-poly blend that is red in color. The Redline is slightly smaller and lighter than the Natural with some of the same desirable characteristics that make the Natural so popular. “We anticipate the Redline will appeal to both headers and heelers,” explains Al Benson. “This rope is made with a unique poly fiber developed specifically for the Redline.”

that,” said Whitfield when reached by phone the following morning. “I knew at the beginning of the year I was about $18,000 away. But, to be honest, that was the last time I even thought about it. I don’t focus on those type numbers. I never dreamed this would happen to me, but it is a good deal.” Whitfield, of Hockley, Texas, surpassed the mark after finishing second in the first round at the 115th edition of the Cheyenne (WY) Frontier Days Rodeo with a time of 11.2 seconds and collecting $6,088. Prior to this weekend’s rodeos the ProRodeo Hall of Fame cowboy was $3,825 short of the $3 million. In addition to his first-round check in Cheyenne, he also earned $3,701 for finishing second at the Deadwood (SD) Days of ‘76 Rodeo, $1,095 for winning at Burlington, CO, and $1,220 for a second-place tie in Rock Springs, WY. It all added up to $12,104 for the weekend and a jump from outside the top 50 in the world standings to 34th. He is looking for his 20th trip to the National Finals Rodeo.

Johnson Is Back! Whitfield Becomes Third Man to Surpass $3 Million In Career Earnings Courtesy of PRCA – ProRodeo Fred Whitfield celebrated an early birthday present to himself on July 29 when the eight-time world champion became just the third cowboy in PRCA history to cross the $3 million mark in career earnings. Only Trevor Brazile and Billy Etbauer had previously achieved this milestone. “I had no clue I had done 10 • SEPTEMBER 2011

Courtesy of PRCA – ProRodeo It would be hard to tell which spouse was the happier in the Johnson rig that rolled through Colorado over the weekend. Sure, wife Sherrylynn Johnson won the barrel racing titles at the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo in Eagle and the San Luis Valley Ski-Hi Stampede in Monte Vista. That was a good thing. But husband Mike Johnson, a 23-time Wrangler NFR qualifier, won his first check since coming back from what was supposed to be season-ending surgery on both knees, at Eagle,

and then won the tie-down roping at Steamboat Springs. He was timed in 10.9 seconds both places.

Top Rodeos Announced For 2012 Cinch RodeoHouston™ Super Shootout: North America’s Champions After the successful debut of the Cinch RodeoHouston Super Shootout: North America’s Champions in 2011, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo announced the 10 championship rodeos invited to the 2012 Show. “We are excited to bring the Super Shootout back for a second year after a great reaction from rodeo athletes and spectators,” said Joe Bruce Hancock, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo general manager. “It was everything our fans wanted to see — the best athletes, big money, and wild action.” The winning contestant in each of the four Super Shootout events – bareback riding, barrel racing, bull riding, and saddle bronc riding – from the following top 10 U.S. and Canadian rodeos, will be invited to the 2012 Super Shootout: Calgary Stampede – Calgary, Alberta Cheyenne Frontier Days – Cheyenne, WY. Cloverdale Rodeo & County Fair – Surrey, British Columbia Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo – Fort Worth, Texas National Western Stock Show – Denver San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo – San Angelo, Texas San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo – San Antonio Reno Rodeo – Reno, NV. Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

RodeoHouston – Houston If the 2011 published World Champions in each event are not champions from the above rodeos, they also will be invited to compete. The 2012 RodeoHouston BP Super Series will run Feb. 28 – March 17. The Cinch RodeoHouston Super Shootout will close the 2012 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Sunday, March 18. For tickets and more information, visit

West Nile Virus a Threat to Equine Health — Vaccination is Key to Prevention With confirmed cases of West Nile virus (WNV) already recorded in mosquitoes, birds and humans in 28 states from coast to coast this year, and the first equine cases reported in Nevada and California, horse owners should be proactive in managing their horses’ health care. The most effective way to help protect against WNV and other life-threatening diseases is to vaccinate. Merial’s RECOMBITEK®rWNVEWT vaccine is fast-acting, helping provide immunity against WNV in just 26 days after the initial dose with full protection provided 14 days after the primary two-dose series. The vaccine also helps protect against Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), Western Equine Encephalitis (WEE) and tetanus and is safe for horses as young as four months of age. “Some horse owners have gotten complacent because they believe that West Nile virus is no longer a threat,” says April Knudson, DVM, equine specialist for Merial’s Large Animal Veterinary Services. “We know

125 equine cases were reported last year, and based on confirmed reports this year, there are already a significant number of WNV cases in mosquito and bird populations. “Horse owners who have not yet vaccinated for WNV should not wait until the disease is seen in horses. They need to vaccinate now and should ask their veterinarians about choosing a vaccine such as RECOMBITEK, which provides rapid onset of immunity, since the season has already started.” Although it’s best to vaccinate horses before disease threats emerge, it isn’t too late for horses that are behind on their vaccinations. “To help ensure the health of their horses, owners should consult with their veterinarians about how to safely and effectively get their horse back on a preventive care program,” says Dr. Knudson. Another prevention tool now available to horse owners is Merial’s “Outbreak Alert” program, used to notify horse owners about reports of equine disease throughout the country and build a greater awareness of disease and the importance of prevention. Along with confirmed reports of WNV, the program also monitors rabies, equine influenza, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), Western Equine Encephalitis (WEE), Potomac horse fever (PHF) and Equine herpesvirus (EHV). Horse owners and veterinarians can sign up to receive free alerts via the program’s website, Then, once a disease report is confirmed, those who live within a 250-mile radius will receive a text or e-mail message to alert them of the potential threat in their area. Owners who travel with their horses and want to stay abreast of disease threats in other parts of

the country can enter multiple ZIP codes. To sign up, go to and click on the “Register” button in the top right corner. “Owners want the best for their horses,” says Dr. Knudson. “Veterinarians are the best source for quality vaccines and vaccine information. Horse owners that have yet to vaccinate or are behind in their vaccination schedule should consult with their veterinarians as soon as possible to evaluate potential disease threats, assess the level of disease risk and discuss potential travel plans. Communicating about these issues will help a horse owner and veterinarian develop a vaccination program that addresses the specific needs of a horse.” To sign up for the free Outbreak Alert program or for more information about equine diseases, visit About RECOMBITEK RECOMBITEK Equine WNV vaccines are made with a technology that allows the vaccine to stimulate a fast, strong immune response in your horse. RECOMBITEK rWNV-EWT is the only combination vaccine that uses advanced technology to help provide convenient protection against West Nile virus, while also helping to protect against Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), Western Equine Encephalitis (WEE) and tetanus. About Merial Merial is a world-leading, innovation-driven animal health company, providing a comprehensive range of products to enhance the health, well-being and performance of a wide range of animals. Merial employs approximately 5,600 people and operates in more than 150 countries worldwide. Its 2010 sales were more than $2.6 billion. Merial is a Sanofi company. For more information, please see LOOPS MAGAZINE • 11

Did You Know? K In the EE and 00 roping it is only a one-second penalty for not getting your calf up. K USCRA Finals in Stephenville, Texas will be September 15-18, 2011. K If you did not mail in your entry form for the 2011 USCRA Finals, remember to call in September 8-9 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. There will be a $10 late fee.

K All ropers and family are invited to the party at the Hard 8 BBQ during the Finals in Stephenville, Texas on Thursday night at 6:00 p.m. K The first roping for the 2012 season will be the Roland Reid Memorial November 6, 2012 at the Cowtown Coliseum in Ft. Worth, Texas.

K Please make sure to check the website to see if you received a Showdown position. At some of the ropings, the winners already had a Showdown position, so we moved down to the next roper in the Average.

2011 Membership Types Tiedown and Women’s Open Breakaway Membership $100 (Members from states other than Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico are $75) A USCRA membership allows ropers to compete at all regular USCRA ropings and gives ropers the opportunity to compete at the year end Semi-Finals and Showdown Finals. A roper that wins first or second in the Average at a USCRA roping earns a showdown position to rope at the 2011 Showdown Finals. The Showdown Finals will host ropings in the EE, 00 #1, #2, Open, and Women’s Open Breakaway divisions. Added money will be collected from entry fees at all USCRA produced ropings for the Showdown Finals.

12 • SEPTEMBER 2011

Attention Open Ropers and Open Breakaway Ropers Open Tiedown - One dollar per roper from the stock contractor and one dollar per roper from the USCRA producer will be collected for every roper in the EE, 00, #1 and #2 throughout the season This money will be added to the Open Showdown Finals. The added money collected does not come from the EE, 00, #1, and #2 pot. This money is coming out of he stock contractor and producer’s pocket. Women’s Open Breakaway - One dollar per roper from the stock contractor and one dollar per roper from the USCRA producer will be collected for every roper in the breakaway roping throughout the season. This money will be added to the Women’s Open Breakaway Showdown Finals.

Attention #2 Ropers Changes for the 2011 Season Ropers 40 years of age and older that have not been in the top 50 final standings of the PRCA for the last 4 years, are eligible to rope in the #2 roping. Age is as of December 31, 2011.

2011 Membership Application

Membership Dues: $100

Members from states other than Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico are $75 Tiedown (Classes EE, 00, #1, #2, Open) and Women's Open Breakaway 2011 Memberships are good from August 1, 2010 – September 19, 2011 USCRA Membership includes a one-year subscription to Loops magazine. United States Calf Ropers Assn PO Box 690, Giddings, Texas 78942 979-542-1239

To join, fill out the application & mail to the USCRA office or you can join on-line at our website at Please print all information completely and legibly; please fill out a separate form for additional members.








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DISCLAIMER: The USCRA reserves the right to re-classify or change classification numbers at any given time. I will not hold USCRA and all those associated with the arena performed in liable for injuries. I understand I am roping at my own risk. Photographs taken at USCRA events may be used for advertising and promotional purposes. All entry fees are to be paid in cash. Pay-outs will be in cash. Please Sign Here: X_________________________________________________

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Stephenville, Texas September 15-17, 2011 Entries The Semi-Finals Qualifying Roping and Showdown Finalsare pre-entry events. The USCRA will be taking mail-in entries for the 2011 National Finals. Those members who have qualified for the Semi-Finals and Showdown Finals will be able to mail in their entries starting in July. As a member earns a Showdown position or wants to enter the Semi-Finals by mail they may up until August 26, 2011. Any positions earned after this date will be considered as an exempt entry. Exempt entries will be taken as call-in entries on September 8-9, 2011 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. without penalty. If a roper misses the deadline to enter by mail and does not qualify as an exempt entry, he may also call in and enter on September 8-9 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m with a $10 late fee. Mail-in entries and exempt entries will rope AFTER ALL LATE ENTRIES! On-site entries will be taken and will include a $20 late fee. Call-In Entries

Dress Code


Due to photographic and sponsorship endorsements, Western attire is

Thursday, Sept. 8 - 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 9 - 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

required of all participants in Finals events. Long-sleeved shirts, boots

You must call in and receive a confirmation number. Please do not leave a message

and hat are required in the arena. Girls do not have to wear a hat.

Stalls & RV

on voice mail–you must receive a confirmation number

The Lone Star Arena handles all stall and hook-up reservations.

to be entered!

Reservations will only be taken on-line. Go to

Fees, Formats & Prizes Semi-Finals: Open to all EE, 00, #1 and #2 2011 members who have

to make your reservations. Stalls will be $20/night, plus $7/bag of shavings. No unstalled horses will be allowed to spend the night at

competed at one or more USCRA ropings in 2011 season • $160 fee

the Lone Star Arena. At the conclusion of the event or after

• Two full go-rounds with short-go • Custom buckles to Average winners

11:30 p.m. each day, horses will be stalled at owner’s expense.

with additional prizes to placings • Top 10 in the Average will receive a

Check-in time is 1 p.m. Check-out time is 11 a.m.

Showdown position, however fees will not be guaranteed as in the

RV Hook-up Rental: $20/night.

past. You will be responsible for your fees in the Showdown Finals. If a roper enters the Semis that has already received a Showdown position, they will not be able to win another. The roper will be roping for money only. If a roper places in the Average that already has a Showdown position, we will drop down until we

Rattler Kids Dummy Roping Friday, September 16 at 12:00 p.m. Age divisions: 5 & Under, 6-8 years old, 9-11 years old.

have ten to receive a Showdown position.

Age is as of day of roping. No entry fees.

Showdown Finals: Winners of Showdown positions are eligible to compete

All contestants receive USCRA and Equibrand products.

• $260 fee • Three full go-rounds and short-go • Added money to jackpot • Custom buckles and Martin saddles awarded to Average winners of EE, 00, #1, #2, Open and Breakaway ropings. • Additional prizes to placings

Produced By USCRA 979/542-1239 • w w 14 • SEPTEMBER 2011


Lonestar Arena Semi-Finals Qualifying Roping Showdown FinALS

2011 USCRA NATIONAL CALF ROPING FINALS SCHEDULE Using Two Arena System Thursday, September 15 10:00 a.m.

Arena 1

Saturday, September 17 9:00 a.m.

Arena 1

00 Semi-Finals Ropng - Round 1 #2 Semi-Finals Roping - Round 1 Round 2 of the 00 and #2 will be in Arena 2 with the Short-Rounds of both ropings in Arena 1

#1 Showdown Finals - Round 1 EE Showdown Finals - Round 1 Round 2 of the #1 and EE will be in Arena 2 with Round 3 and Short-Rounds of both ropings in Arena 1

6:00 p.m.

3:00 p.m.

Hard 8 Pit Bar-b-que Party

Friday, September 16 9:00 a.m.

Arena 1

00 Showdown Finals - Round 1 #2 Showdown Finals - Round 1 Round 2 of the 00 and #2 will be in Arena 2 with Round 3 and Short-Rounds of both ropings in Arena 1

12 p.m. 3:00 p.m.

Arena 1

Open and Breakaway Showdown Finals Round 1 of the Open will be run, then Round 1 of the Breakaway, alternating back and forth. All 4 Rounds of each roping will be run in Arena 1.

Dummy Roping at the Front Entrance Arena 1

#1 Semi-Finals Ropng - Round 1 EE Semi-Finals Roping - Round 1 Round 2 of the #1 and EE will be in Arena 2 with the Short-Rounds of both ropings in Arena 1

Arena 1 – Main arena with concession stand and skyboxes. Arena 2 – Second arena, located behind the skyboxes.

Directions: Located on Hwy 377 north of Stephenville CALF ROPINGS & ROPING SCHOOLS



2011 FINALS • The Semi-Finals Qualifying Roping and Showdown Finals are pre-entry events. The USCRA will be taking mail-in entries for the 2011 National Finals. Those members that have qualified for the Semi-Finals and Showdown Finals will be able to mail in their entries starting in July. As a member earns a Showdown position or wants to enter the Semi-Finals by mail they may up until August 26, 2011. Any positions earned after this date will be considered as an exempt entry. Exempt entries will be taken as call-in entries on September 8-9, 2011 from 5p.m- 8p.m. without penalty. If a roper misses the deadline to enter by mail and does not qualify as an exempt entry, a roper may also call in and enter on September 8-9 from 5 p.m.- 8 p.m. with a $10 late fee. Mail-in entries and exempt entries will rope AFTER ALL LATE ENTRIES! On-site entries will be taken and will include a $20 late fee. • A roper may draw out and receive a full refund up to ONE hour before the roping starts. To draw out call 254-965-7989 • You will receive an email when your entry form is received.


NAME___________________________________________________________________ ID# ______________________ ADDRESS__________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY____________________________________________________________STATE/ZIP __________________________ PHONE NUMBER____________________________________CELL PHONE NUMBER_____________________________________

Breakaway - B Showdown-Finals $260 _______ EE Roping Semi-Finals $160 _______ Showdown-Finals $260 _______ 00 Roping Semi-Finals $160 _______ Showdown-Finals $260 _______ Make entry fees payable and mail to: USCRA P.O. Box 690 Giddings, TX 78942

#1 Roping Semi-Finals $160 _______ Showdown-Finals $260 _______ #2 Roping Semi-Finals $160 _______ Showdown-Finals $260 _______ Open Roping Showdown-Finals $260 _______ Late Fee ( $10)


TOTAL MONEY ENCLOSED $___________ Please fill out the information below for credit card payments - VISA or M/C account number


_______________ __________________________________ Exp. Date Card Holder Signature

DISCLAIMER: The USCRA reserves the right to re-classify or change classification numbers at any given time. I will not hold USCRA and all those associated with the arena performed in liable for injuries. I understand I am roping at my own risk. Photographs taken at USCRA events may be used for advertising and promotional purposes. Please sign here: __________________________________________________________________________

ENTRY OFFICE USE ONLY: Date Received: ______________ Date Entered: ______________ PAID BY: Check # __________ Cashier’s Ck or M/O __________ Credit Card __________

The 58th Annual Cinch Roping Fiesta Presented by the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Association October 28-30, 2011 H San Angelo, TX

Friday, October 28th 1st Community Federal Credit Union Spur Arena Cinch Calf Roping Preliminary Preliminary Roping Books Close October 21 at 5:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m.

Buckle to Average Winner Top 5 in Average Earn an Invite to Cinch Saturday Calf Roping Enter Ultimate Calf Roping Events On-Site Prior to Start of Roping

Young Guns Championship Match Roping Following Preliminary Roping Champion to Saturday Cinch Fiesta Calf Roping Ultimate Calf Roping Association #10 Begins at 9:30 a.m. Open Girls Breakaway at 5:00 p.m.

Sunday October 30th

Saturday, October 29th Cowboy Collectibles Show 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

San Angelo Coliseum & Association Cattle Barn Ultimate Calf Roping #9 & Ultimate Calf Roping Girls Breakaway “B” Roping 8:00 a.m.

1st Community Federal Credit Union Spur Arena Ultimate Calf Roping #13 5:00 p.m.

1st Community Federal Credit Union Spur Arena

Cinch Calf Roping Events Cody Ohl vs. Tuff Cooper Match Roping Invitational Roping of the World’s Top 40 Calf Ropers 1:00 p.m.

Outdoor Roping Fiesta Arena Introduction of Ropers at 10:00 a.m. in the Wells Fargo Pavilion

Jake Hooker & The Outsiders Dance Starts at 9:00 p.m. in the Wells Fargo Pavilion BYOB

Cowboy Collectibles Show 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

San Angelo Coliseum & Association Cattle Barn Ultimate Calf Roping #11 and #12 9:00 a.m.

Steer Roping & World Champion Double Mugging 1:00 p.m. Outdoor Roping Fiesta Arena Introduction of Ropers at 10:00 a.m. in the Wells Fargo Pavilion

Saddles To ALL Average Winners At Ultimate Calf Roping Events All Ultimate Calf Ropings Are 4 Head For $180 With An Optional $100 Side Pot

Roping Tickets $10 each day H On Sale September 1 H Call 877-727-6336 for more information. Cowboy Collectible Show 9:00 a.m. each day with free admission in the San Angelo Coliseum. For more information please visit: and follow the links to Roping Fiesta. CALF ROPINGS & ROPING SCHOOLS


Stephenville, Texas 254/977-9133

2011 PRCA Tie-Down World Standings

Sid Miller Calf Roping Horses

8+ 334*5 0.27 334*5 5*935 5&=.0* 827*5 *55.2 <632 85+*< .1'*5 335* 35< 303132 )&1 5&< 3)< -0 -&2* &2(-*< &77 -.3=&:& 0.+ 334*5 <&2 &55*77 (377 35136 .1&5532 3&5)1&2 5*27 5*&,*5 386732 8773 &/* &2281 327< *:.6 867.2 &(-& *531* (-2**'*5,*5 3'*576 &/* 5&77 366 *&60*< 8) 3:372< .(-&*0 7*53 *55&) 3+67*77*5 <&2 #&7/.26 36- **/ 0.27 3'.2632 5*) #-.7+.*0) *5*1.&- **/ 3,*5 32*00& *++ -&41&2 867.2 &&66 0&< *52< -&2/ ):&5)6 &7* &0):.2 -*2 .(-&5) 36*4- &56326 3,&2 3+*5 &2)32 ( 0&8,-*57< (* 032* 0&.5 85/ &)* :35 7*50.2, 1.7*7- -.0)*56 855&< 30* 3)< :*26 *7- 344*5

*(&785 $ *(&785 $ *(&785 $ 4&(-* 30'*57 # 8'5*< $ 5&.5.* ".*: $ *<1385 $ .(3 $ 804-85 -8''8(/ *(&785 $ 31&2(-* *&,8* $ 7*4-*29.00* $ 7.00:&7*5 31'&00 $ 0&.2 .7< ! *5*+35) $ **)9.00* $ 32(& .7< 7*4-*29.00* $ 00*26'85, # 804-85 & "*52.& $ 3:2)*6'353 357&0*6 8'0.2 $ 8*'03 4&2.6- 35/ ! 3(/0*< $ 8*'03 0&1&7- &006 7-*26 *;&6 .)).2,6 $ 5&=35.& $ &781 0&(/+337 336*9*07 ! &5&2& % &,5&7.0)*2 $ 8*53 $ 85&27 #.22.* $ 7*4-*29.00* $ &1*532 $ 56/.2* &2/.2 $ 7&2+.*0)


1 -#80 2,103'**#

/#, #5 0

$-/ '# "-4, 7 $-/ /# ) 4 6 "#.-0'1 6 -3#+ #/ 1- -# # 3#/ -5 2,103'**# #5 0

Private lessons available by request at your place or Joe’s

--)',% $-/ 1&# &-/0# 1& 1 $'10 6-2 '3# -# ! ** 1 #+ '* ',$- (-# # 3#/ !-+ 7 4# 0'1# 444 (-# # 3#/ !-+

become one of the many state, national, jr. high and high school champs and nfr qualifiers who have attended my schools.

18 • SEPTEMBER 2011


DUB GRANT LARIAT ROPES 9486 Dub Grant Rd. Benton, AR 72015 501/794-1612 1-800-223-8478

Each month, Loops will print a list of ropers who have won Showdown positions in the past month. This report reflects the ropers who have won a Showdown position so far in 2011. For a complete listing of all Showdown positions, please go to 00 Mike S. Green Richard Agan Rex Bland Norman Roberts Rody Ballard Dewayne Helms Randy Stone Doug Hough Kenneth McNary Dale Corley Garrett Rose Tiny Bertsch Rex Bland Billy Flint Jackie Hobbs #1 Case Jones Bruno Chuortuci Lane Livingston Riley Williams Coley Salge Terry Zapalac Chad Boggs Alan Johnson Colton Turbeville Kirk Kirkes Cooper Ratliff Brad McReynolds James Tennyson David Porter Ty Baker Tyler Gifford Rick McLemore Ryan Rule Dave Laster Don Coffell Caz Copeland-Glass Rick McLemore Marshall Green Robert Johnson Tyler Milligan Chad Boggs Justin Claiborne Austin Elliott Marshall Green Lonnie Jordan Dennis Mills

#2 Jim Bob Crow Martin Hinojosa Mateus Bovo Cody Brazzel Shane Cooper Martin Poindexter Kyle Hay Kody Mahaffey Chad Houck Kelly Wampler Cody Brazzel Ryan Brockenbush Martin Poindexter Seth Cooke Chad Kolbe Neil Dove Reno Gonzales Travis Hill Landyn Duncan Neal Felton Justin Locock Ty Massey Lex Christie Neal Felton Shawn Felton Casey Furgeson Jacob Smith BA Joni Gabriel Tina Grote Sarah King Morgan Breaux Angie Green Cassidy Boggs Bailie Smith Samantha Chick Kelli Modesette Lauren Bane Kayla Emmons Deven Riggins Katelyn Lide Brooks Pannell Cassidy Boggs Tiada Gray Jaymee Roach Wyn D’Lee Roberts Bailie Smith

EE C.B. Lewis Johnnie Mellman Danny Baker Don Mullins Ronnie Williams Sy Felton Charles (King) Pickett, III Cleo Hearn Mickey Nelson Hondo Harris Randy Roberts Guy Brown Brett York Eddie Armstrong Calvin Steen Ronnie Williams Ty Heflin Harris Marvin Mills Scott Collins Russell Allen Tony Allen Jack Crow Dakota Felton



C O.

ALL NYLON ROPE White Winner NYLON BLEND ROPES Green Machine, Super Silver, Blue Ribbon, Orange Crush, Yellow Jacket, All American 4-STRAND NYLON Available GRANT TIED Classic Gold, Money Maker, Greenbacks POLY ROPES 9.5, 10.0, 10.2, 10.5, 11.0, 11.4 NEW ENGLAND AGED 1 year or more POLY GRASS 60 strand 10.7; 63 strand 11.0 4-STRAND POLY Available NYLON OR POLY RANCH ROPES (Any Length CALF & STEER STRINGS, KID ROPES, GRANT CLASSIC, CLASSIC NYLONS (Grant Tied), & OTHER ROPING SUPPLIES

Open Blane Cox Nathan Steinberg Blake Deckard Cody Mullens Clif Cooper Jerome Schneeberger John Catfish Brown Cody Lawrence Cody Quaney Hunter Herrin Justin Maass Cody Quaney Shank Edwards Kelsey Garrison Hunter Herrin Ryan Jarrett Clay Long

H&H Trailer Sales Lubbock, Texas

1(800) 223-9384 LOOPS MAGAZINE • 19

The Gripp!

Average and a check for $1,165 went to Mike Thompson for his total time of 66.88 seconds. C.A. Lauer, who also competed in the Open Steer Roping, was second in the Average. C.A. tied four steers in 72.52 seconds and put a check for $874 in his pocket. Scott Welch placed third in the Average. A check in the amount of $582 was presented to Scott for tying

Story Courtesy of Stephanie Wolf Photos Courtesy of Lone Wolf Photography


ever doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead wrote those words many moons ago, but they are still true now – if not more so. Seventeen years ago several people channeled their determination and began producing an annual roping in honor of their friend and mentor, Spicer Gripp. The proceeds from the roping are donated in the form of scholarship money to West Texas A&M University in nearby Canyon, Texas. Seventy-two scholarships have been provided to young men and women since 1994. This year the Spicer Gripp Foundation contributed another $25,000 to the university. The Spicer Gripp Memorial Youth Foundation steps up to the plate and “continues to provide when the state legislature does not.” Spicer Gripp’s legacy lives on through the efforts of his dedicated friends and the young people who receive the funds to further their education. Three of those friends were recognized at the Sponsor’s Reception and Dinner Thursday evening prior to the start of the roping. These people go above and beyond the typical donation of time and effort during the organization and promotion of the Spicer Gripp Memorial Roping. None of them do so seeking an award. The “Top Hand” award went to Delbert Davis. A man of few words, Delbert merely said, “We done all this for my buddy.” The Hereford Chamber of Commerce presented Bob Schulte with the “Bull Chip” award. Finally,

20 • SEPTEMBER 2011

Jerome Schneeberger was the Average winner of the Open Calf Roping that earned him $11,000

the first annual Give your Soule award was presented to Vicki Wilson. Choked with emotion, Vicki humbly stated, “Spicer was the love of my life.” Not a lot of people, but they are changing the world one scholarship at a time. Hopefully, those scholarship recipients will invest their own hearts and minds in their own communities with the same passion as those dedicated individuals involved in the Spicer Gripp Memorial Roping. Friday morning started bright and early with the Senior Steer Roping. Someone somewhere once told me that you won’t grow old if you never stop saddling your own horse. I am thinking these guys are still saddling their own horses. This year there were twenty-seven contestants privileged enough to have the life experience allowing them to compete in the Senior Steer Roping. Four places were paid in each of the three rounds and again in the short go. The short go was the very last event held on Sunday afternoon. Something comes to mind about saving the best for last. When the dust settled, first in the

his four steers in 74.16 seconds. Finally, with a total time of 74.25 seconds, Cecil Wilson earned fourth in the Average and $291. The Ladies Open Team Roping event was added to the Memorial Roping line up in 2009. Since then it has tripled in size and attracts several of the top female ropers in the country. This year’s ladies roping paid out a record $22,750. Riding the same horse that Trevor Brazile rode at the 2010 National Finals Rodeo, Lari Dee Guy took first in the Average with Annette Hinkle. The two split $4,778 for first in the Average, $910 for fast time in the short go, and $456 for third in the second round. Annette had a phenomenal day. In addition to the cash collected while roping with Lari Dee, she split $2,388 for third in the Average with Jackie Hobbs. Jackie and Annette also split $342 for third in the first round and $910 for first in the second round. Jackie Hobbs was another multi team winner. Besides Annette, Jackie paired up with Barrie Smith. Jackie and Barrie split $1,562 for fifth in the Average, $342 for

amount of $6,544 for second in the Average. Chance tied four steers in 56.59 seconds. J.P. Wickitt didn’t safety up much in the short go. He was awarded $546 for his very decent time of 13.93 seconds, but his total time of 54.23 seconds on four head put the big smile on Wickett’s face and the $8,726 check in his pocket. Moss Grain & Cattle Co. sponsored the calf roping with Quality Distillers Grain. Forty-one calf ropers vied for a piece of the $45,750 payout this year, and spectators were given the finest show next to the National Finals. As in the steer roping, about half of the calf ropers were among the PRCA’s the top 50. Again four places were paid in each of the three rounds as well as the short go. Jerome Schneeberger was the big winner of the day. Jerome earned four checks in the calf roping totaling over $11,000. Jerome tied his first calf in 10.20 seconds for second in the round only .03 seconds behind Adam Gray. That earned Jerome his first check for $2,495. Schneeberger was left out of the second round placings, but his time of 9.94 seconds earned him fourth in the third round and another $832. Jerome again came in second to Adam’s first in the short round with at time of 10.54 seconds, but Schneeberger overcame Gray in the Average, winning first with a total time of 42.33 seconds. First in the Average paid Schneeberger $6,656 and second in the short round paid him $1,248. Adam Gray won both the first round with a time of 10.17 seconds and the short round with a time of 10.39 seconds. His consistency also earned him second in the Average. Adam’s total time on four calves was 43.8 seconds. He earned $3,327 for first in the first round, $1,663 for first in the short round and $4,990 for second in the Average. That is almost $10,000 for less than one minute of work. Charley Russell was a dark horse in the calf roping. He tied

s s

fourth in the first round, and $682 for seconds. Although Rocky placed a second in the second round. Although very respectable third in the second the team of Crickett Lemon and Patti round, he just didn’t feel that it was Scott did not snag any of the round the best he had to offer. So with one money, their consistent times earned check in his pocket, Rocky came back them second in the Average and a in the third round and tied his steer in check for $3,980 which they split. 10.10 seconds, equal to Trevor’s Amber Carter and Shay Dee Langston smoking first round run. The flag split $2,388 for third in the Average as dropped at 11.11 seconds for J.P. well as $228 for fourth in the short go. Wickitt, placing him second in the There is now a waiting list of round. Chance Kelton moved up a contestants for the Open Calf Roping, notch in round three. His time of Steer Roping, and Team Roping at the 12.88 was good enough for a solid Spicer Gripp Memorial Roping. It is just that good. The roster of contestants this Mike Thompson year was a who’s who of the earned first in the Average of the Senior roping world. The BJM Steer Roping with a Invitational Steer Roping had four head total of 60 contestants, half of which 66.88 seconds are among the PRCA’s top 50 in the standings including thirteen of the top fifteen. The show started at 7 a.m. Those smart enough to get there that early beat the heat and got a great show. Reigning world champion, Trevor Brazile was second to last to rope in the first round. Until then the lead had changed hands a couple of times. third in the round. J.D. Yates As Trevor backed into the box it completed the placings with a time of seemed as if he was saying, 13.66 seconds. The top twelve came “Remember me – I am The World back on Sunday for the short go Champion.” Then he proceeded to where ropers had the opportunity to show the crowd why he was The not only earn Average checks but one World Champion by tying his first of four checks for fast time in the steer in 10.10 seconds and collecting short round. Shandon Stalls waited the first of many checks for the until the very last round to step into weekend worth $4,364. Each round of the winner’s circle. Shandon earned the Open Steer Roping paid $4,364 for $2,182 for his short round time of first, $3,273 for second, $2,182 for 11.61 seconds and another $4,363 for third, and $1,091 for fourth. J.P. tying four steers in 57.53 seconds and Wickett’s time of 12.15 seconds was placing third in the Average. Cody Lee enough to win second in the first was another roper that waited until round of the Open Steer Roping. JoJo the short round to collect a check. His Lemond was third in the first round time of 12.97 seconds earned Cody with a time of 12.38, and J. Paul Lee second in the short round and Williams was fourth. His time was $1,637. Cody Garnett collected two 12.50 seconds. Scott Snedecor and more checks after the short go as well. Cody Garnett split first and second in The first $1,091 was for his time of the second round of the Open Steer 13.28 seconds and third in the round. Roping. They both tied a steer in The second was a check in the 12.11 seconds. Rocky Patterson roped amount of $2,181 for fourth in the and tied his second round steer in Average and a cumulative time of 12.34 seconds earning him the third 58.49 seconds. Chance Kelton did not place check. Chance Kelton was a place in the short go, but he was close fourth with a time of 12.49 satisfied with his Average check in the


all his calves but didn’t earn a check until the short round. His 10.83 second run in the short round was good enough for third in the round and third in the Average. Charley’s total time on four calves was 45.44 seconds. Russell earned $832 for third in the round and $3,327 for third in the Average. Stetson Vest was the final calf roper earning a check in the Average. Stetson’s total time of 46.84 seconds earned him an Average check in the amount of $1,664. Stetson also placed fourth in the first round and received a check for $832 for that time of 10.35 seconds. Prior to taking the stage Saturday night with his band, Jake Hooker participated in the Pro-Am Team Roping along with seventy-four other amateur headers and heelers. Although the winning Pros collect a small amount of money for their efforts, this roping is primarily held to raise scholarship money for West Texas A&M and the amateurs come out in force for that. Well, that and the beautiful saddles, buckles, watches, rope bags, hats and numerous other trinkets provided by corporate sponsors. There are so many winners in this roping that I will only mention the top two. Wayne Shaw has been a long time supporter of the Spicer Gripp Memorial Roping and he finally earned the coveted saddle for winning first in the Average heading for Caleb Twisselman. The top amateur heeler was Scott Venable. Scott’s incredible yellow horse put him in just the right spot to catch two

J.P. Wickitt was awarded the Average title in the Open Steer Roping with a four head total of 54.23 seconds.

22 • SEPTEMBER 2011

feet for pro header Charley Crawford in just about every round allowing him to win the other fabulous saddle. The house was packed again Sunday morning. First on the agenda was open team roping. The total payout in the Open Team Roping was huge and fifty-five teams each wanted a piece of it. After six grueling rounds somewhat local boys Josh Morris and Jody Pinkert had a cumulative time of 47.89 seconds. Josh and Jody ended up first in the Average, splitting $30,150. It was a hard day’s work especially with Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith nipping at your heels. Trevor and Patrick’s total time on six head was 49.07 seconds and they split $25,130 for second in the Average. Right behind them was the team of Kevin Stewart and Travis Woodard. Kevin and Travis roped well all day and ended up with a time of 49.52 seconds on six steers. They were each awarded a check in the amount of $10,050 for third in the Average. Turtle Powell needed to pick up a little cash before hustling home to Stephenville, Texas. If you haven’t heard Turtle and his wife, Molly, had their first baby just a day or so after the Spicer Gripp. Turtle’s partner was Jhett Johnson. They finished fourth in the Average with a total time of 51.66 seconds and each took home $7,535. $10,050 was split by Tyler Magnus and Shawn Brown for fifth in the Average and their total time of 52.08 seconds. A lot of money was paid out in the Average, but not all of it. Fast time over all went to Brandon Beers

and Jim Ross Cooper for their 5.64 second run in the short round. Brandon and Jim Ross pocketed not only $750 each for fast time over all, but another $750 each for fast time in the short round. Two places were also paid in the first two rounds. Erich Rodgers and Kory Koontz stopped the clock in 6.29 seconds on their first steer and split $3,000. Blake Hughes and Steve Orth claimed the $1,500 paid for second in the first round with a time of 7.16 seconds. In the second round it was Clay Tryan and Travis Graves who were quick enough to grab the $3,000 in that round. Clay and Travis’ time was 5.93 seconds. Kaleb Driggers and Brad Culpepper each earned $750 for their work of 6.51 seconds in the second round. Add it all up and there was $112,500 paid out in the Open Team Roping this year at the Gripp. No one ever forgets a great horse. Many a man has been remembered by the caliber of horse he rode. The American Quarter Horse Association once again recognized the top horses ridden in the Open Steer Roping, Calf Roping, and the best heading and heel horses of the Open Team Roping. Shay Goad’s grey gelding was selected as the top steer roping horse. Jerome Schneeberger’s horse was chosen as the best of the best in this year’s Open Calf Roping. In the Open Team Roping, Patrick Smith once again rode the top heel horse and Kevin Stewart’s dark horse was selected as top head horse. All of these men were only as good as the horse they rode in on. Finally, the best thing about the Spicer Gripp Memorial Roping this year was the rain. It rained every evening! Not enough to disrupt the roping itself or any of the activities surrounding it, but beneficial rains came down none the less. In my humble opinion it just goes to show that you must give in order to receive. Participants, volunteers, corporations, spectators, family and friends gave and then they received, but not just rain. The investment in the education of our young people will continue to pay dividends in the decades ahead. An education is something that can never be taken away. L

Treasure Hunting


n 3 John 1:2 the message that God has given us is that, “I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” One of the things that is popular in our world today is prosperity. Everyone is interested in having a lot of stuff. I hear people from time to time making statements that, “if I just had a new roping horse” or, “if I just had a new boat” or, “if I could just win the lottery, all of my troubles would be over.” The message God has given us is that if we will put the prosperity of our soul in front of the prosperity of things and stuff, that in His time He will give us the things that we need because our desires will line up with His desires. God’s desire is for faithful people to prosper, people who are faithful to Him, faithful in their marriage and faithful in parenting. God gives us things that bring pleasure to us but also for His glory. The temporal things that He has blessed us with are to be used for the purpose of building a relationship with Him and with others. God’s greatest treasure is people. Our greatest treasure should be God first and then people second. I maintain that we will never know how to be a blessed people until we learn how to be a blessing. God’s greatest gift to us is not things and stuff but our relationship with Him and with others. Happiness does not come from stuff we own, it comes from a personal, intimate relationship with our Creator. The greatest challenge that we have is being faithful with our treasure. The treasure that God has blessed us with is the gift of being able to have a relationship with Him and His creation. He summed up His desire in Matthew 22:37-39, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your

soul, and with all your mind.” This My word to you this month is to is the first and greatest take your treasure to reach God’s commandment. And the second is treasure and God will replace that like it: “You shall love your treasure with more of His treasure. neighbor as yourself.” Romans 13:30 says, “Love does no harm to a neighbor,” in other words it never Pastor Randy Weaver hurts anybody. It is real easy to Lone Star Cowboy Church love people who love us; the 21627 Eva St. challenge is to love people that are Montgomery, TX 77356 unlovable. Jesus did that on the (936) 597-5742 CR VSA IN HOUSE PROOF CRX’D cross when He said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what Service Times: Sundays 8:30, they do.” Matthew 6:21 says, “For 10:00 and 11:30 a.m. where your treasure is, there your Mondays 7:00 p.m. heart will be also.”



oday was the beginning of a new era for our family. Jennifer has homeschooled our boys and they both started public school today. Stone started the second grade and Scout started kindergarten. Things are going to be very different for us. In the past if I needed to be gone for two weeks, we all loaded up and off we went. I’ve had the luxury of always having them with me. Now it’s a different ball game and we’ll have

to see where it leads us. Last week some dear friends of ours, Cody and Stacy Custer, lost their son Aaron in an accident on his first day at college. We went and stayed with them and then returned for the funeral. It was truly a celebration of Aaron’s life. Three boys were together in the accident and one survived. That boy was on my mind during the service and afterwards I sought him out. When I found him, I wrapped my arms around

him and told him that God loved him and had plans for him. I told him this was no accident and that it was all in God’s plans. There would be life to live and things for him to do. I told him not to blame himself for surviving. In 1996, I was in an accident and lost my best friend, Shawn McMullin. Being strong in faith helped me battle the guilt that tried to take hold. Because I did survive, I have tried to live a life that mattered. I have tried to




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make a difference, where and when I could and I’d like to think Shawn would be proud of that. Now, fifteen years later, here I am with three kids and watching my boys go off to school. I’m beyond grateful for what God has

given me. I have a wonderful wife and a beautiful family. I’ve had success doing something that I absolutely love. Don’t think for one minute I take any second of any day for granted. God has a purpose for every one

of us and I pray that I’m fulfilling his for me. Till next time, God Bless and I’ll see you down the line. If there’s something you’d like me to write about, please send me an email at

by Ryan Davis


eptember is here and for most of us, it is a time to reflect on a tragedy that our country faced ten years ago. September 11, 2001 was a day that I am sure all of us remember. If you are like me you can remember where you were when we heard the news, how you felt at that time and what we did on the day, as well as the days and months that followed. That single day was a turning point for our country and all of us as a nation. With ten years in reflection, and despite our current problems, I can say that we united as a country and it felt good. Side by side, most of us stood in honor of our country after 9/11 and stood behind the decisions that our government took to stop that kind of disaster from ever happening again. Despite the bickering that goes on today in Congress, the Senate and even the White House, there is still that determination to never let the kind of action that

took place in Washington, in New York and over the skies of Pennsylvania ten years ago to ever happen again. It is and probably always will be a battle, a war against those who want to do evil to our nation. We are still a nation made up of many different people from many different walks of life and backgrounds. But reflecting back ten years ago, as a nation we are one, and even though the tragedy that took place that day will never be forgotten, we as a people stood up and stood together because as a United Nation we could see past the evil and continue to push forward and support each other and our country – The United States of America! I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all! God Bless America Ryan Davis



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