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Cool Like Jim was at a roping recently and I got the opportunity to meet Tony Lang, President of Cashel horse products. He was telling me about their new feed bag he had designed. I have never personally used a feed bag, so I had no prejudice for or against. When I was younger I thought that horses might breathe too much dust off the grain. But with the Purina feeds I use now, there is no dust. The old type of feedbags were usually canvas with a small piece of leather sewn in with holes punched in it for air circulation, and I didn’t think that the air flow was sufficient. I probably wouldn’t have tried these feed bags if I hadn’t met Tony. He was so excited about the results, and the feedback he was getting about how much horse’s actually liked the bags. I know that sounds strong, but it’s true. Horses will relax and chew their

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food and settle down when fed. Another reason I tried these feed bags was a friend named Jim York. He was a real cowboy and had a lot of wisdom on anything that pertained to horses and cattle. He used a feed bag on the road, and I always thought that it was cool that he gave his horse a little grain when he got to a roping. I also thought it was cool that his horses stood calmly at the trailer eating their grain instead of pawing the bucket or banging it on the trailer. I wish I’d had these bags this winter. I had a mare in foal, and the people at Purina told me to double up on the mare’s feed one month out before she had her colt. Well, I also had a gelding in

with her – he would eat his feed and then run her off so he was the one getting double grain. So you might say, “Why don’t you just put him in another pen?” Well, because all my pens were filled with horses, and every time I build another pen it seems like I get another horse to fill it. I guess I’m a horse addict. What I ended up doing was doubling up on the gelding’s feed also, so he and the mare would finish at the same time. You know the rest of the story – now the gelding is double fat and the mare looks great. These new bags on top are made of vinyl screening so the horses get lots of air, and the bottoms are closed in to

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SuperLooper-Aug 2011  

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