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The Official Publication of the

June 2012 • Vol. 15 #6 • $3.00



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COVER PHOTO: Joe’s Boot Shop and Justin Brands Open Tie-Down Roping Champion, Kyle Dutton of Los Lunas, New Mexico. Photo Courtesy of

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he name Kyle Dutton is probably unfamiliar to a typical rodeo fan. Even in calf roping circles, the Dutton name is probably better known for quality bits and silver work than for performance in the arena. But after winning the Joe’s Boot Shop and Justin Brands Open on April 29 at the Curry County Events Center, in Clovis, New Mexico, Kyle Dutton will no longer be traveling under the radar. In his biggest payday as a calf roper, the Los Lunas, New Mexico native put together four rock solid runs in a field of 84 that included the defending world champion, 17 pros with National Finals Rodeo experience and a host of intercollegiate and rising stars. Dutton roped four in 39.46 to earn $4,886 in the average. He also placed third in Round 2, sixth in Round 3 and third in the championship round, picking up additional winnings each time. He finished the day with $7,539 in cash. “It was very exciting to say the least,” said Dutton, who has fielded a solid stream of phone calls and text messages since the 8th annual JBS Open ended. “It’s

Ryan Jarrett in Action during the Pro Match at the JBS 2012 event 6 • JUNE 2012



Joe’s Boot Shop and Justin Brands Open Tie-Down Roping Champion, Kyle Dutton

really the first time I’ve had any luck at Joe’s roping. It was like something has always gone wrong in the past.” “This time I held everything together. I tried to make solid runs and be smart on the ground. I never drew anything exceptional, but nothing really bad. I was fortunate to be able to use them as good as I could have hoped.” It was also his biggest payday in the arena, although, making the Dodge Circuit Finals in 2009 may still rank as the top memory for the former New Mexico high school and collegiate star at Eastern New Mexico University. Dutton’s 29.12 on three left him second behind former world All-Around champion Ryan Jarrett. With the top 15 going to the championship round, Dutton would rope next to last, just ahead of Jarrett, who was fastest on three at 27.34. The short round at the JBS was nothing new for Jarrett, who won the title in 2010. Also in the short round was Jesse Clark of Portales, NM, who had won the

Jacob Walters, winner of the Pro-Youth Double Mugging with Bradley Bynum

JBS crown in 2011, as well as legendary Brent Lewis and current and former collegiate stars Reese Reimer, George Rowland, Cimarron Boardman, Quay Howard and Monty Eakin. Giovanni Davis of College Station, Texas took the early lead, posing a 8.41 from the 14th callback position for 44.47 on four. That held onto the lead through the next eight runs, which included a barrier for Chris Neal and five no times, including one from Clark, who was in the six hole. Eakin stopped the clock in 10.47 roping from the 5th callback, taking the lead with a 41.60. But Boardman moved him immediately on the next run, using a 10.03 to move to first with 41.12 on four. Reimer, the Stinnett, Texas native who is headed to the College National Finals with Tarleton State’s men’s team in June, closed with an 11.69, good enough to move him into third with an average of 41.67. Dutton rode into the box needing an 11.99 or better to take the lead. Waiting in the wings was Jarrett, whose time on three was 1.78 seconds faster than Dutton’s. Dutton made the smart play, making a solid 10.34 run on a good average calf. The time left him at 39.46, the first sub-40 time and the leader with just one six-time WNFR qualifier left to rope. Jarrett had been fast all day. In an earlier nine-head pro elimination match, the Georgia native had five consecutive runs in the sevens. His Open runs had been two eights and a 10. Only Jarrett was left. Dutton was guaranteed second, but the fact that Jarrett had more than 12 seconds to rope his final calf had to weigh on his mind. However, one of the million things that can happen in a calf roping

run happened. Jarrett’s calf was “low-headed” and moved to the left, away from the right-handed roper. Jarrett reached and as a result, his loop was a little flat. The rope settled over the calf’s eyes, but failed to go over the nose. The “top knot” popped off when Jarrett pulled his slack. When the rope hit the ground, Dutton was the winner. Dutton, who has fielded a solid stream of phone calls and text messages since the 8th annual JBS Open ended, said the win won’t change his approach to life, which includes marketing the bits and spurs he and his father Greg build for sale in major tack and western stores throughout the U.S. Kyle’s talents in the application of silver to the Dutton bits have opened up another big segment of the market. He still makes all the major retail shows and stays busy in the shop, so he ropes when he can. “No more than I go, I’m probably never going to be a household name,” said Dutton during a break at his custom shop. And he’s not offended if someone called his JBS win “an upset” with the professional talent in the field. But he also isn’t shocked he won by any means. “I don’t think anyone who put their money down on Sunday would have been shocked to win,” Dutton said. “There are a lot of good calf ropers out there who don’t rope for a living.” “I’m just glad it was my day.” The JBS & Justin Brands Open finish brought to an end yet another record year for the JBS Calf Roping, which saw more 1,026 entries – a 13% increase over the previous year. For the second-straight year, more than $300,000 in cash and prizes were awarded LOOPS MAGAZINE • 7

Reserve Champion Dave Laster of Alvarado, Texas was the reserve champion with 57.76 on five. He collected $1,764 and a Bill Hill buckle.

#12 Roping

Dusty Rhodes / Leroy Radliff – Memorial Scholarship Roping champion, Jesse Clark

over four days. Coli Hunt, the grandson of Joe’s Boot Shop founders Joe and Darla Rhodes, said he “was happy to meet so many people that made it to the roping for the first time.” “We had another record setting year,” said Hunt, who earlier this year bought out his grandparents and assumed control of Joe’s Boot Shop. “We are fortunate to get the support we do for this event, and we look forward to next year, and making it even better.” Event winners during the 8th annual Joe’s Boot Shop Calf Roping Included:

#9 Roping Champion Giovanni Davis of College Station, Twxas won the #9 roping with a 48.39 time on five. Davis collected $1,996 in the average, solidifying his win with an 8.62 run in the championship round. He also won a trophy saddle from Cactus Saddlery. Reserve Champion Brock Dearing of Belen, New Mexico, a member of the Eastern New Mexico University rodeo team, was the reserve champion with a 48.58 on five. He collected $1,736 in the Average. He also won a trophy buckle from Bill Hill Silversmiths.

#10 Roping Champion Brody Stallard of Fort Sumner, New Mexico won the No. 10 with a 51.32 on five. A senior at Fort Sumner High School, Stallard earned a Cactus trophy saddle and $1,835 for the average win. Reserve Champion Justin Wilson of Carlsbad, New Mexico was the reserve champion with 52.0 on five. He picked up an average check for $1,596 and a Bill Hill buckle.

#11 Roping Champion Dirt Terrell won the #11 with a 57.67 on five head. He won $2,028 and a Cactus saddle. 8 • JUNE 2012

Champion Kelsie Chace of Cherokee, Oklahoma won the #12 with a 51.37 on five. The Southwest Oklahoma State University cowgirl won a Cactus saddle and $2,060 for the average, as well as $3,352 after placing in all five rounds. Reserve Champion Ty Harris of San Angelo was the reserve champion with a 65.05. He won $1,792 and a Bill Hill buckle.

#13 Roping Champion Pryce Marez of Santa Rosa, New Mexico won the #13 with a 68.78 on five runs. Marez won $1,803 and a Cactus saddle, as well as $1,172 in the rounds. Reserve Champion Sidney Johnson as the reserve champion with a 68.96. He collected $1,568 and a Bill Hill buckle.

Open Breakaway Champion Bubba Kendrick of La Grange, Texas won the Open Breakaway roping with a 13.67 on five runs. He earned $2,093 and a Cactus saddle in the Average. He also won $2,600 in the rounds. Reserve Champion Tom Walker of Wynnewood, Oklahoma was the reserve champion in 15.92. He won $1,820, plus a Bill Hill buckle.

Handicapped Breakaway Champion Hannah Haugen of Weatherford, Oklahoma won the handicapped breakaway roping with a 15.43 on five. Haugen picked up $2,140 and a Cactus saddle. Reserve Cahmpion Nicole Espensen of Happy, Texas was the reserve champion with a 17.63. She won $1,712 and a Bill Hill buckle.

Dusty Rhodes / Leroy Radliff – Memorial Scholarship Roping Champion Jesse Clark, of Portales, New Mexico, who ropes and bulldogs for the ENMU rodeo team, was fourth in the Average in the three-round roping with a 29.39, earning $703. He then won a four-round rope off against the top six finishers in the event to claim the $4,000 scholarship. Reserve Champion Deon Atkins of Hempstead, Texas won the Reserve Championship. 3-Head Average Bryson Sechrist of Apache, Oklahoma won the Average in the three-round roping with 27.82 on three. He earned

$1,407. Kyle Hay of Lindsay, Oklahoma was second in 28.02 and won $1,173.

TCRA Open Champion Michael Otero of Lowndesboro, Alabama won the Texas Rodeo Cowboys Association Open roping with a 51.72 on five. Otero collected $1,010. Reserve Champion Cody Jordan of Hobbs, NM was the reserve champion with a 56.32 and won $757.

Champion Ryan Jarrett won the Nine-Man Pro Elimination match in a field that included Cory Soloman, Blair Burk, Tuf Cooper, Tyson Durfey, Clint Cooper, Brent Lewis, Hunter Herrin and Josh Peek. Jarrett had five consecutive runs in the seven-second range. The final two runs were head-to-head with Herrin, who was the other survivor of the three elimination rounds. Jarrett was 15.27 on his last two, while Herrin had a 15.89. Jarrett picked up $3,500 for the Average win, as well as $1,350 for winning each of the first two rounds. Reserve Champion Hunter Herrin collected $1,500 in the Average and $450 for placing second in one of the rounds.

Local Cowboy Match Champion Billy Bob Brown of Carbon, Texas, won the cowboy-style four-head match with a total time of 2:33.31. He earned $2,125. The match features 16 calves and four ropers in the arena at the same time. Each roper must rope and tie four head to stop the clock. Reserve Champion Jesse Clark was second in 3:28.25 and picked up $1,125.

Pryce Marez of Santa Rosa, New Mexico, #13 Roping Champion

the calf for the roper to get down and tie. Reserve Champion Trevor Hale, with a mug from Josh Peek, was second in 18.25. He won $320.

JBS Ariat Open Champion Kyle Dutton of Los Lunas, New Mexico won the JBS Ariat Open with an average of 39.46 seconds to earn $4,886 in the Average. He also placed third in Round 2, sixth in Round 3 and third in the championship round, picking up additional winnings each time. He finished the day with $7,539 in cash. Reserve Champion Cimarron Boardman of Stephenville, Texas claimed the reserve champion position and earned $3,909 in Average cash.

800.827.7613 Visit Our Website For All Your Calf Roping Supplies Photo by Mike Copeman

Ariat Pro-Am 9-Man Elimination Match

Pro-Youth Double Mugging Champion Jacob Walters won the Pro-Youth Double Mugging with a 14.06 on one run. He teamed with pro Bradley Bynum of Sterling City, Texas. The match featured a roper aged 9 or under. Once the calf was roped, the pro team member flanked

USED BY TOP PRCA CALF ROPERS Jake Hannum Tyson Durfey Adam Gray Cade Swore Shane Hanchey Kody Curry

NEW Syngrass Calf Rope Local Cowboy Match Champion, Billy Bob Brown

51 thread (9.0 mm) 54 thread (10.0 mm)

ey Shane Hanch NFR Qualifier This revolutionary new calf rope is made from a synthetic manila. It has very little stretch and has the look and feel of the polygrass, which most calf ropers prefer. It is not affected by weather conditions and requires minimum care. 57 thread (10.25 mm)

60 thread (10.50 mm) 63 thread (10.75 mm)


Did You Know?

2012 Membership Big Change for the “00” Division

One-Second Penalty In the EE and 00 roping it is only a onesecond penalty for not getting your calf up.

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Starting at the first roping of the 2012 season in Ft. Worth, the “00” division will be split into two ropings. The top end of the “00” ropers will become “00 Select”. This is being done to create a more competitive atmosphere for the lower end of the 00 ropers. Ropers will be evaluated through the Finals and after October 10 will be able to call and check on “00” or “00 Select” status.

00 Select Challenge and #1 Challenge Firecracker 5 Header in July will be held in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Royce Kitchens Memorial Roping. USCRA has listed all ropings on this website. This website also includes other association calf ropings along with independent calf ropings.

Cirlce T Arena

• Top 25 money earners of the 00 Select and the #1 ropings for the 2012 season will be invited to the Challenge roping at the Finals in September. • The Challenge roping will be two-head with short round for $200 with $2,500 added and a 100% Payback (NO MONEY COMES OUT OF THE POT) 1st place in the average will pay $2,500 and a buckle. PAYOFF AVERAGE 1st $2,500 2nd $,1800 3rd $1,350 4th $900 5th $450 GO ROUND WINNERS Winner 1st round $250 Winner 2nd round $250

Circle T Arena in Hamilton has reopened and there will be a roping there August 4.

USCRA Finals USCRA Finals Schedule will be in the July issue.

• Ropers 21 or under (as of the day of the roping) are not eligible to enter the 00 Select Challenge. • Must be 00 Select card holder to be eligible for the 00 Select Challenge. • Must be a #1 card holder to compete in the #1 Challenge.

2012 Schedule June 9 - 10, 2012 North Texas Championships Denton, TX June 30 - July 1, 2012 Firecracker 5 Header Stephenville, TX

10 • JUNE 2012

July 21 - 22, 2012 Denton, TX August 4, 2012 Hamilton, TX

August 25 - 26, 2012 Calf Ropers Reunion Bryan, TX



1/2 horizontal

Saturday, June 9, 2012 Diamond T Arena Denton, Texas 9:00 a.m. 00 10:00 a.m. 00-S 12:00 p.m. #1 2:00 p.m. EE followed by #2

• L

( !!' #

$$ )%' * !


$& "$& # $&" ( $# $" $&

All ropings are 3-head for $160 Optional side pot for $50 GPS Directions: #($#

&" #


1/2 horizontal

June 29 - July 1, 2012 " Upon Completion of USCRA Ropings Each Day Friday, June 29 00 - 2 head for $100 00-S 2 head for $100 GPS Directions: Saturday, June 30 %& EE - 2 head for $100 # ! $ #1 - 2 head for $100 Stalls & Hookups available #2 - 2 head for $100 254.965.7981 Sunday, July 1 12 & Under Double Mugging 13-15 Tiedown - 2 head for $100 16-19 Tiedown - 2 head for $100 Buckles to Average Winners FMI: Terry Kitchens 325.647.8085 12 • JUNE 2012

Lone Star Arena • Stephenville, TX Held in Conjunction with the 3rd Annual Royce Kitchens Memorial Friday, June 29 9:00 a.m. Rounds 1-3 00 12:00 p.m. Rounds 1-3 00-S Saturday, June 30 8:00 a.m. Rounds 4-5 00 followed by Rounds 4-5 00-S EE & #2 - Alternate rounds back & forth Sat. & Sun. 12:00 p.m. Rounds 1-2 EE & Rounds 1-2 #2 2:00 p.m. Rounds 1-2 #1 Sunday, July 1 8:00 a.m. Rounds 3-5 EE & Rounds 3-5 #2 12:00 p.m. Rounds 3-5 #1 All ropings are 5-head for $300 Optional side pot for $100 Buckles to Average Winners FMI: or 979.540.7755


1/2 horizontal

Saturday, July 21, 2012 Diamond T Arena Denton, Texas 9:00 a.m. 00 10:00 a.m. 00-S 12:00 p.m. #1 2:00 p.m. EE followed by #2

• L


% !


"" '#% ( "$


! "$ "$

& "!

All ropings are 3-head for $160 Optional side pot for $50 GPS Directions: !&"!




1/2 horizontal

Saturday, August 4, 2012 Circle T Arena Hamilton, Texas 9:00 a.m. 00 10:00 a.m. 00-S 12:00 p.m. #1 1:00 p.m. EE followed by #2


& "

## ($& )

#% !#% " #%! ' #" #! #%


All ropings are 3-head for $160 Optional side pot for $50 GPS Directions: ! '#" + &



14 • JUNE 2012




16 • JUNE 2012


Good Times Calf Roping Association 2012 Schedule

Good Times Calf Roping Membership Roping Information Each roping will begin at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday Saturday Schedule EE - 3 rounds - $125 #00 - 3 & short go - $160 Breakaway - 3 rounds - $100 #1 - 3 & short go - $160 #2 - 3 & short go - $160 Ropings begin at 10 a.m. Sunday Schedule (Same order of events) Practice runs Saturday at 11:00 a.m. - $10 per run

$100 per year Members may pay $10 each entry or get a $200 sponsor and pay no membership fee. Finals Fund 100% of membership dues goes towards Good Time Roping Finals (One half of membership goes to finals added money!) (One half of membership goes towards prizes or money to year-end high point ropers!) Must compete 4 days throughout season to qualify for finals!

$1,000 STRAD Energy bonus winner: Erin Johnson


Canon City, Colorado Saturday May 5, 2012 #EE Round 1 1. Erin Johnson, 17.46 Round 2 1. Donene Taylor, 15.06 Round 3 1. Vernon Dillon, 14.41 Average 1. Erin Johnson, 34.90/2 Breakaway Round 1 1. Carrie Veatch, 2.81; 2. Brandy Balliett, 2.97 Round 2 1. Brandy Balliett, 3.03; 2. Erin Johnson, 3.09 Round 3 1. Erin Johnson, 3.21; 2. Brandy Balliett, 3.32 Average 1. Erin Johnson, 9.30/3; 2. Brandy Balliett, 9.32/3

#1 Round 1 1. Joe Grant, 11.22 Round 2 1. Zeke Griffith, 10.63 Round 3 1. Zeke Griffith, 12.68 Average 1. Zeke Griffith, 43.41/3 Open Round 1 1. Darnell Johnson, 8.97; 2. Jeremiah Peek, 9.88 Round 2 1. Dean Geesen, 9.54; 2. Trevor Thiel, 9.78 Round 3 1. Trevor Thiel, 8.94; 2. Ben McAdow, 9.06 Round 4 1. Chase Johnston, 8.62; 2. Dean Geesen, 8.85 Average 1. Trevor Thiel, 38.44/4; 2. Darnell Johnson, 39.15/4

Pueblo, Colorado Cactus Creek Ranch June 2-3 July 7-8 August 4-5 September 8-9 Directions - Exit 119 & I-25 Kiowa, Colorado Sundowner Arena June 16-17 July 21-22 August 18-19 September 22-23 Directions - 2 miles west on Hwy 86 and 1/2 mile north on CR 37

The GTCRA ropings at Cactus Creek in Fountain, Colorado will return to the $1,000 STRAD Energy Bonus being awarded to the Bonus Calf Fast Time. The winner of each numbered roping will compete on a bonus calf and the best bonus time of the weekend will be awarded the $1,000 STRAD dollars.

Sunday May 6, 2012 #EE Round 1 1. Erin Johnson, 15.66 Round 2 1. Donene Taylor, 13.40 Round 3 1. Erin Johnson, 12.13 Average 1. Erin Johnson, 47.13/3 Breakaway Round 1 1. Erin Johnson, 3.34 Round 2 1. L.W. Kenline, 2.62 Round 3 1. Raquel Fazzino, 3.10 Average 1. Erin Johnson, 6.59/2

Round 3 1. Glenn Stuckey, 11.38 Average 1. Glenn Stuckey, 51.04/4 #2 Round 1 1. Zeke Griffith, 8.91 Round 2 1. Darnell Johnson, 9.94 Round 3 1. Jeremiah Peek, 10.31 Round 4 1. Zeke Griffith, 8.19 Average 1. Jeremiah Peek, 41.72/4 $1,000 STRAD Energy bonus winner: Erin Johnson

#1 Round 1 1. Glenn Stuckey, 12.66 Round 2 1. Zeke Griffith, 12.28




Freak Accident Puts Veteran Tie-Down Roper On Sidelines Courtesy of PRCA – ProRodeo

Mike Johnson, a 23-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo tie-down roper, had the end of his left thumb severed in a most unlikely manner April 21, in Red Bluff, Calif. Johnson had finished competing at the Red Bluff Round-Up the previous night, tying his calf in 8.3 seconds to finish second in the final round, and was stepping out of the door of his trailer when a gust of wind blew the door shut. “It was just a freak accident,” said the 48-year-old roper who serves as the tie-down roping representative on the PRCA Executive Council. “I just happened to be stepping out of the trailer, and I had my hand in the crack by the door there, when a gust of wind blew it shut. It happened just that quick. The edges on those doors are sharp, I can tell you. It caught me right between the joint and the thumbnail.” That was just the start of a “long morning” for the Henryetta, Oklahoma cowboy. “My wife (four-time WNFR barrel racer, Sherrylynn) was taking a shower in the trailer when it happened, so I hollered to her,” he said. “She got dressed and we got in the truck headed for the emergency room, but we had to stop and get directions. And it was Saturday morning, so of course the parade was going on downtown, and we got stuck in that for a while. “Then we got to the emergency room, and they were busy and understaffed. It was a long morning, and I’m just glad that’s all over with. They set the bones and sewed it back together there. We were able to e-mail the X-rays to Dr. Tandy Freeman in Dallas. He was really great about getting in on a weekend to look them over, and he referred me to a hand specialist in Dallas. I flew down there and they checked it out, but they felt 18 • JUNE 2012

everything was in place and it looked they had done a good job putting it all back together.” Johnson was just beginning to feel he was getting back to form after recovering from knee surgery in February 2011. “I just got to feeling good about my knee the last couple months, where I could rope without thinking about it,” Johnson said. “It took a full year before I could rope without pain, and stop worrying about it. I was looking forward to getting back in the swing of things and rodeoing full-time, but now I’ll have to sit out and wait another 6-8 weeks I guess. Unlike the knee, there’s not a lot of rehab or anything I can do now but wait for the bones to heal back together.”

Farnam Introduces Centaura™ Insect Repellent for Horse and Rider The First and Only Spray of Its Kind – Formulated With Picaridin Have you been waiting for an insect repellent that you can use with confidence on your horse . . . and your entire family? The wait is over! Farnam introduces Centaura™ Insect Repellent for Horse and Rider – the first and only insect repellent for both horse and rider that is registered in the United States by the EPA, and the only one with Picaridin as the active ingredient. Farnam® Centaura™ Insect Repellent for Horse and Rider provides horses with effective protection from flies and mosquitoes for 12 hours. Since your horse is not the only one bugged by these flying, biting pests, this long-lasting spray also provides effective 12-hour protection for the entire family from mosquitoes, including mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus, and ticks. It also repels biting flies, stable flies,

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Matchups Set for 2012 BFI The roster is complete for the 35th edition of the world’s richest one-day Open roping in Reno, Nev., and if you’re planning to hit the ever-popular dinner and calcutta at the Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino on the evening of June 17, you’ll want to keep an eye on a few of these matchups. The illustrious “Jake and Clay” are back, although with different partners (Jake Barnes is heading for Jhett Johnson and Clay O’Brien Cooper is heeling for Chad


with Dugan Kelly behind him, Masters), but a new “Jake and could be the man to beat. And Clay” will be roping alongside their namesake heroes for the first watch for the bay horse that Turtle time at this year’s Bob Feist rode to his gold buckle in 2011 – Invitational on June 18. also named last year’s Head Horse Young Jake and Clay Smith of of the BFI, “Jim” will return with Oklahoma showed Jay Leno how to owner Richard Eiguren (who’s rope on TV nearly 15 years ago, roping with Kyle Lockett). and as teenagers, raked in $141,000 It’ll pay to keep an eye on T.J. at the 2009 USTRC McCauley, 18, and Quinn Kesler, Championships. The Smith boys 20, who were runner-up champs will also compete alongside David last year, and new world-record Motes, 58, and Denny Watkins, 56, holders Brock Hanson and Ryan who won the BFI in 1981 – roughly Motes. Many more legends are in a decade before they were born. the mix, gunning for well over a Motes and Watkins own 44 NFR half-million dollars in cash qualifications and six NFR average and prizes. titles between them. In fact, The roping founded by Bob Feist in 1977 is “Open to the World,” and Watkins – along with previous BFI held in conjunction with the millionchamps Allen Bach and Mike Beers dollar Reno Rodeo (performances – will extend his streak of this year run June 14-23). Tickets are competing at every BFI for 35 straight years. available at the Silver Legacy starting June 16 and at the door of the Reno Here are someVSA other pairings to IN HOUSE PROOF CRX’D Livestock Events Center. Please visit watch: defending world champion or Turtle Powell holds the record for call 303-870-6489 for heading six steers at the BFI faster more information. than anyone else (in 2004), and

“I have been dealing with and feeding roping calves for 40 years and I have never seen a feed work as effectively and quickly as Precision Calf Feeds. No other feed compares. It keeps calves healthy. ”I train horses for a living, specializing in calf roping horses. . . so I keep lots of calves to work these horses on. I give roping lessons as well, so I need to keep my calves well in order to do my work. Precision Feed does it for me. Ernie Theriot Double E Farms Owner/Horse Trainer

Mannsville Mannsville Ag Ag Center Center 580.371.9588 580.371.9588


Recent Results #2 David Barnes Saddle Roping

#2 Saddle Winner champion, Clint McCaffety from Forney, Texas

Giddings USCRA Roping May 5, 2012 Giddings, TX EE Roping 20 Entries Round 1 1. Jack Crow (EE), Runge, TX, 12.4, $155; 2. Jerome Klawinsky (EE), Richards, TX, 13.75, $135; 3. Mike Clarke (EE), Huntsville, TX, 14.86, $100 Round 2 1. Whit Kitchens (EE), Mullin, TX, 12.22, $155; 2. Randy Roberts (EE), Humble, TX, 13.21, $135; 3. Rex Sandifer (EE), Elgin, TX, 13.97, $100 Round 3 1. Rick Davis (EE), Pollok, TX, 10.61, $155; 2. Rudy Kramer (EE), La Vernia, TX, 12.02, $135; 3. Jack Crow (EE), Runge, TX, 12.07, $100 Average 1. Jack Crow (EE), Runge, TX, 39.27/3hd., $310; 2. Rick Davis (EE), Pollok, TX, 40.09/3hd., $275; 3. Jerome Klawinsky (EE), Richards, TX, 47.80/3hd., $195 00 Roping 37 Entries Round 1 1. Russell Moore (00), New Braunsfels, TX, 11.12, $165; 2. Doug Hough (00), Giddings, TX, 11.62, $140; 3. Eddy Smith (00), Fruitvale, TX, 12.14, $100 20 • JUNE 2012

Round 1 1. Ricky Canton (2), Navasota, TX, 9.12, $520; 2. Neal Felton (2), Mt Home, TX, 9.3, $390; 3. Aaron Jackson (2), Victoria, TX, 9.33, $260; 4. James Zant (2), Shiner, TX, 9.4, $130 Round 2 1. Don Coffell (2), Iredell, TX, 8.39, $520; 2. Shane Cooper (2), Wimberley, TX, 8.43, $390; 3. Clint Mccaffety (2), Forney, TX, 8.63, $260; 4. Neal Felton (2), Mt. Home, TX, 8.71, $130 Round 3 1. Juan Flores (2), Iraan, TX, 8.16, $520; 2. Jeffery Hayes (2), Wharton, TX, 8.8, $390;

Round 2 1. Sy Felton (00), Dublin, TX, 9.9, $165; 2. Clay Klawinsky (00), Richards, TX, 10.58, $140; 3. Eddy Smith (00), Fruitvale, TX, 10.94, $100 Round 3 1. Devante Millet (00), San Antonio, TX, 10.09, $165; 2. Clay Klawinsky (00), Richards, TX, 10.32, $140; 3. Sy Felton (00), Dublin, TX, 10.56, $100 Average 1. Sy Felton (00), Dublin, TX, 33.46/3hd., $330; 2. Eddy Smith (00), Fruitvale, TX, 34.80/3hd., $285; 3. Clay Klawinsky (00), Richards, TX, 36.33/3hd., $205

00-S Roping 16 Entries Round 1 1. C. J. Wolf (00-S), Giddings, TX, 10.94, $125; 2. Doug Hough (00), Giddings, TX, 11.11, $110; 3. Norman Roberts (00-S), Huntville, TX, 11.31, $75 Round 2 1. Greg Modesette (00-S), Mc Dade, TX, 11.17, $125; 2. Norman Roberts (00-S), Huntville, TX, 12.46, $110; 3. Gerry Achille (00-S), Huntsville, TX, 13.2, $75 Round 3 1. Danny Stephens (00-S), Bay City, TX, 9.56, $125; 2. Roger Pack (00-S), Rockdale, TX, 11.19, $110; 3. Mareo Lasker (00-S), Brookshire, TX, 11.39, $75

3. Joe Bob Pirie (2), Thompsons, TX, 8.9, $260; 4. Westyn Hughes (2), Caldwell, TX, 8.96, $130 Round 4 1. Neal Felton (2), Mt Home, TX, 9.54, $365; 2. Clint McCaffety (2), Forney, TX, 9.79, $245 Round 5 1. Reno Gonzales (2), Magnolia, TX, 8.69, $365; 2. Jim Bob Crow (2), Floresville, TX, 9.61, $245 Average 1. Clint McCaffety, Forney, TX, 48.97/5hd, $1395; 2. Jim Bob Crow, Floresville, TX, 50.61/5hd, $1045; 3. Don Coffell, Iredell, TX, 50.80/5hd, $700; 4. Chip Brandes, Buffalo, TX, 52.64/5hd, $350

Average 1. C. J. Wolf (00-S), Giddings, TX, 36.21/3hd., $250; 2. Roger Pack (00-S), Rockdale, TX, 36.28/3hd., $220; 3. Wayne Clemons (00-S), Seguin, TX, 52.29/3hd., $150 #1 Roping 12 Entries Round 1 1. Seth Dylla (1), Lexington, TX, 14.34, $140; 2. Dalton Dewinne (1), Helotes, TX, 14.68, $95 Round 2 1. Wyatt Shoaf (1), Bynum, TX, 10.97, $140; 2. Kyle Parrish (1), Dale, TX, 11.88, $95 Round 3 1. Kyle Parrish (1), Dale, TX, 8.92, $140; 2. Seth Dylla (1), Lexington, TX, 11.17, $95 Average 1. Carl Kolbe (00-S), College Station, TX, 43.76/3hd., $280; 2. Wyatt Shoaf (1), Bynum, TX, 46.67/3hd., $190 #2 Roping 7 Entries Round 1 1. Shawn Felton (2), Dublin, TX, 10.1, $135 Round 2 1. Michael Perry (2), Bandera, TX, 8.68, $135 Round 3 1. Josh Erickson (2). 9.32, $135 Average 1. Michael Perry (2), Bandera, TX, 33.16/3hd., $270

CHALLENGE STANDINGS he top 25 money-earners of the 00 Select and #1 Divisions for the current season will be invited to the Challenge Roping at the National Showdown Finals in September. Challenge Roping: 00 Select Challenge and #1 Challenge; The Top 25 money earners of the 00 Select and the #1 for the current season will be invited to the Challenge Roping at the National Showdown Finals in September. The Challenge Roping will be two head with a short round for, $200 with, $2500 added and a 100% Payback. No Money Comes Out Of The Pot.

Round 1 Payout: 1st ~ $250

Round 2 Payout: 1st ~ $250

Average Payout: 1st ~ $2,500 and a Trophy Buckle 2nd ~ $1,800 3rd ~ $350 4th ~ $900 5th ~ $450 Ropers 21 or under (as of the day of the roping) are not eligible to enter the 00 Select Challenge. Must be 00 Select card holder to be eligible for the 00 Select Challenge. Must be a #1 card holder to compete in the #1 Challenge.

EE Jack Crow Rick Davis 00 Eddy Smith Clay Klawinsky 00-S Roger Pack Wayne Clemons #1 Carl Kolbe Wyatt Shoaf #2 Michael Perry Dalton Dewinne Clint McCaffety Jim Bob Crow

Runge, TX Pollok, TX Fruitvale, TX Richards, TX Rockdale, TX Seguin, TX College Station, TX Bynm, TX Bandera, TX Helotes, TX Forney, TX Floresville, TX

CURRENT RESULTS 00 Select 1. C. J. Wolf, Giddings, TX, $3,011; 2. Dave Laster, Alvarado, TX, $1,850; 3. David Martin, Bixby, OK, $1,787; 4. Ruben Wood, Cameron, TX, $1,495; 5. Roger Pack, Rockdale, TX, $1,360; 6. Ricky Harris Jr, Bryan, TX, $1,022; 7. Danny Stephens, Bay City, TX, $1,000; 8. Richard Agan, Trenton, TX, $950; 9. Sauneric Mason, Anderson, TX, $905; 10. Randy Jones, Aubrey, TX, $784; 11. Sid Miller, Stephenville, TX, $640; 12. Bodie Read, Aubrey, TX, $635; 13. Gary Wagoner, Abilene, TX, $635; 14. Freddy Vest, Pilot Point, TX, $630; 15. Bobby Ralls, Weatherford, TX, $610; 16. Bill Akins, Aubrey, TX, $607; 17. Kenneth Mcnary, Victoria, TX, $465; 18. Riley Lambert, Bowie, TX, $445; 19. Gary Dean, Hammon, OK, $395; 20. Eddie Mills, Katy, TX, $310; 21. Kevin Peck, Trenton, MI, $280; 22. Cody Dunn, Mustang, OK, $265; 23. Dennis Mckinley, San Angelo, TX, $265; 24. Brett York, Waco, TX, $255; 25. John Guest, Brownwood, TX, $255; 26. Carl Cox, Cameron, TX, $232; 27. Norman Roberts, Huntville, TX, $185; 28. Rex Bland, Hawley, TX, $165; 29. Trinton Downing, Troy, TX, $155; 30. Landon Lambert, Ovalo, TX, $145; 31. Randy Stone, Stephenville, TX, $145; 32. David Gaston, Saint Jo, TX, $140; 33. Mickey Belew, Dublin, TX, $140; 34. Greg Modesette, Mc Dade, TX, $125; 35. Dan Davis, Azle, TX, $90

Each month, Loops will print a list of ropers who have won Showdown positions in the past month. This report reflects the ropers who have won a Showdown position so far in 2012. For a complete listing of all Showdown positions, please go to Find the USCRA Season Showdown Positions at You can also find event information, event schedule, entry information, results and much more. Login Today!

2012 PRCA Tie-Down World Standings


#1 Division 1. Rick Mclemore, Gracemont, OK, $2,975; 2. Tom Epperson, Cherokee, TX, $2,510; 3. Dalton Dewinne, Helotes, TX, $1,960; 4. Brad Mcreynolds, Groesbeck, TX, $1,840; 5. Sy Felton, Dublin, TX, $1,655; 6. Marshall Green, Abilene, TX, $1,230; 7. Chad Boggs, Cyril, OK, $1,030; 8. Bill Sharber, Konawa, OK, $900; 9. Bailey Thurston, El Reno, OK, $875; 10. Garrett Rose, Mckinney, TX, $607; 11. Mark Law, Lavon, TX, $525; 12. Ronnie Haecker, New Braunfels, TX, $365; 13. Shane Sluyter, Siloam Springs, AR, $360; 14. Joby Rickman, Azle, TX, $340; 15. Coy Leach, Yoakum, TX, $340; 16. Wyatt Shoaf, Bynum, TX, $330; 17. Steve Dorsett, Bastrop, TX, $325; 18. Lane Livingston, Seymour, TX, $295; 19. Carl Kolbe, College Station, TX, $280; 20. Jace Fry, Johnson City, TX, $270; 21. Todd Parks, Axtell, TX, $260; 22. Ryan Harper, Bluff Dale, TX, $260; 23. Kyle Parrish, Dale, TX, $235; 24. Seth Dylla, Lexington, TX, $235; 25. Colton Turbeville, Scurry, TX, $225; 26. Cory Jordan, Hawley, TX, $215; 27. Justin Stuckey, Kiowa, CO, $190; 28. Clay Klawinsky, Richards, TX, $180; 29. Kelly Wampler, Magnolia, TX, $130; 30. Mark Ivy, Mt. Home, TX, $130; 31. Dave P. Laster, Gatesville, TX, $65

867.2 &&66 827*5 *55.2 35< 303132 386732 8773 8+ 334*5 )&1 5&< 5*) #-.7+.*0) (* 032* 3'*576 7*50.2, 1.7-&2* &2(-*< -&2/ ):&5)6 &/* &2281 3,&2 3+*5 327< *:.6 .0*< 58.77 *5*1.&- **/ 0&.5 85/ &/* 5&77 0.27 334*5 5*935 5&=.0* &5*) *14/*5 -&2* 0&(/ 0.27 3'.2632 .1&5532 3&5)1&2 36*4- &56326 <&2 &55*77 (377 35136 867.2 &(-& 5*27 *:.6 <632 85+*< 0.+ 334*5 36- **/ &2)32 ( 0&8,-*57< <0* 1.7*55&) 3+67*77*5 5*27 5*&,*5 3).* 3* 3)< :*26 &77 -.3=&:& 867.2 -.,4*2 5&)0*< <281 <&2 -.'3)*&8; 366 *&60*< 0&/* 8(/&'** 0.27 .2)5*) ./* 3-2632 *7- -.0)*56 *531* (-2**'*5,*5 75&2 1.7-

.)).2,6 $ 4&(-* 5&.5.* ".*: $ 31'&00 $ *(&785 $ *<1385 $ 3(/0*< $ 8*53 $ 7*4-*29.00* $ 7*4-*29.00* $ 804-85 &781 0&.2 .7< ! &,5&7*5*+35) $ *5.2, 8*'03 85&27 00*26'85, # *(&785 $ *(&785 $ 8,*2* )&'*0 4&2.6- 35/ ! 7*4-*29.00* $ &5&2& % 31&2(-* *&,8* $ **)9.00* $ .232 30'*57 # *(&785 $ 8*'03 .0)*2 $ &/)&0* 357&0*6 7.00:&7*5 &51*59.00* &2/.2 $ -8''8(/ #&<(5366 7*50.2, .7< $ 7*4-*29.00* $ 804-85 *27*5 $ 5&0 *25<*77& &1*532 $ 32(& .7< -.0)5*66 $







his month I was struggling with writer’s block and asked for ideas on my Facebook page. The response was overwhelming and one of the suggestions was to write about my heroes. One of my biggest heroes growing up was my grandfather. Most of us love John Wayne, the cowboy. Well my grandfather was that cowboy in real life. When I was young and out of school during the summers, I got to spend a lot of time with him on the ranch. I would ask him to tell me stories and he would tell me about some wild bull roping or doctoring a yearling with screwworms. He always had a story about a wild wreck they got into. That was great entertainment for me because the stories were true and my grandfather was larger than life. Poppa died two days before I qualified for my first NFR in 1995. That was very hard for me, but even harder for my dad. My dad had been in the pasture with him since he was a little boy. They were best friends and so in tune with each other they would finish each other’s sentences. They were like an extension of each other. I was looking at a photo of my grandfather yesterday and it brought back to me what a great man he was. He didn’t try to be cool, he didn’t have to try, he just was. He was soft spoken, but there was never any doubt

22 • JUNE 2012

that he could put any situation right, if necessary. All his dealings were done by handshake. My grandfather, and our life on the ranch, inspired my latest venture. Jennifer and I have partnered with Carroll Original Wear and designed a line of jackets, vests, chaps and other functional clothing for ranch

work. STS Ranch Wear will be available in retail stores by September 1st and we’re finding that major farm and western stores are excited to carry it. The biggest life lesson I learned from my grandfather is to be real and true to yourself. Be who you are and proud of that. That’s what I want to teach my children. You don’t

Our Example


ver the years I have heard the expression, “You don’t need to take it personally.” When we talk about personal relationships and personal situations, there always seems to be ears that are ready to listen. Sometimes those words can be classified as gossip. Just because it is true, that doesn’t always mean that it is proper to talk about it. The two greatest commandments the Lord gave us were to “Love your God with all of heart” and to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If we could adhere to those commandments our world would literally be heaven on earth. When I was a young boy we would go to an arena to practice roping calves. There was a man there that mistreated his horse almost every time. I remember feeling sorry for that horse because of that man’s unruly conduct. One day the man ran a calf down the arena and missed it. As the man stepped off of his horse, he accidentally stepped into the rope loop. The horse was scared and began to run off dragging the man behind him. To my surprise, no one jumped in to stop the horse. Finally, my dad ran out there and literally saved that man’s life. An old horse trader

have to be a cowboy in my family, but whatever they choose to do, I want them to have those traits. That’s what was passed down to me. Until next time, God Bless, and I’ll see you down the line. If there’s something you would like me to write about, drop me an email at

standing nearby came up to my dad to ask why he stopped that horse. Telling my dad, “that was the first chance that horse ever had to get even with that man and you messed it up!” God gave us dominion over the animals and over this world. However, He did not intend for us to rule over one another. We made that part up. Just because we have been given dominion over this world, there is no place in the Kingdom of God for individuals who abuse the God-given authority that He placed in them. In fact, He went to the next level in the area of relationships and said, “Whoever is the greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.” If you want to be the greatest, the example that Christ gave us was that He laid down His life for us. That is the example that is our pattern. That is the goal that I am shooting for as a follower of Christ. I challenge you to follow Christ by the example that He laid down for us. “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.” Mark 9:35 Pastor Randy Weaver Lone Star Cowboy Church 21627 Eva St. Montgomery, TX 77356 (936) 597-5742 Service Times: Sundays 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30am Mondays 7:00pm Livestream: Join our Sunday and first Wednesday services live at or go to the Lone Star Cowboy Church Facebook page and click on the Livestream link.



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PRO TIP NO. 3: GETTING YOUR HORSE READY FOR COMPETITION The first thing to do when you’re getting your horse ready for competition is to start with breakaway roping a few calves to make sure your horse is giving you a shot by getting in that correct position and making sure that you’re roping is sharp. On a lot of horses, it helps to free them up on the first calf, so that your horse doesn’t short your throw, allowing you to get that good shot. After

that, you can shorten your horse up again on the runs immediately following. This will make your horse more honest and listen to your cues you give him, so you will have the best chance to win at the rodeo. Next, you want to make sure that your horse is working the rope properly. The “Tuf Kaf” is an outstanding tool for this. You can simply hook up your “Tuf Kaf” to an ATV or other means of transportation, lope up to it and rope it off the sled; making sure your horse is punching out of his stop and getting back without worrying about choking out your expensive calves while you’re correcting a problem. On another run, you can rope the “Tuf Kaf” off the sled again and run down the rope and let your horse drag the “Tuf Kaf” across your leg to make sure he is working the rope properly. Then flank and sit on the calf to cue your horse to

stop pulling. This is a very easy and effective way to tune your calf horse. Another very important part of getting yourself prepared for a run in competitions is making sure your horse scores properly. The best way to accomplish this is to score live calves until your horse relies solely on your cue for them to leave the box. The start is key; it sets the bar for the rest of your run. A good start is important at any level of roping competition. If you don’t have live calves you can put your Tuf Kaf in the chute and score with it. PRCA tie-down roper, Josh Peek always says, “It’s as important your PROOF horse P/Ujust W CH VSA INfor HOUSE to be ready for competition as it is for your mind and body”. Practice to Win, Colter Sellers SS Roping, LLC Tuf Kaf

Sid Miller Calf Roping Horses

Stephenville, Texas 254/977-9133 24 • JUNE 2012

57, 60 and 4-strand 60 thread Poly Grass NOW AVAILABLE. We also supply all sizes of Syngrass and Poly ropes (3- and 4-strand), strings and skid boots. A complete tack store for all phases of the sport of roping.


" !!" ! "


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& %

# ! " "



by Ryan Davis


he past couple of months have been filled with lots of news across the country. Maybe it is not the hottest or the most interesting news, but there is a lot going on. For this issue, I feel like hitting some taglines of what is going on and give a little bit of rant and raves about it all.

#1 I am pretty much sick of all of the T.V. reality shows. I really don’t think anyone can really pick the love of their life by dating 25 different people in a matter of a few months, and if they truly can, I don’t want to watch it. I was into dancing for a while, but seen it once, seen it a million times. Bring back a cowboy like Ty Murray again and maybe I’ll tune back in. I still catch some of the singing competition shows because I enjoy music, but since there are so many of them, I just can’t seem to get engaged. Finally, this is not news, so get them off the early morning news channels and do some real reporting and bring us some real news. I say bring back more America’s Funniest Home Videos, good T.V. programs like M.A.S.H., Three’s Company, maybe even Friends and I will start enjoying my evening without clicking through channels.

#2 Oil Prices – Bet you don’t hear this one. Price of oil fell below $90 per barrel today in mid May. This is the first time since November 1, 2011. This is great news but somewhat silent over the news lines. Shouldn’t prices at the pump follow? I bet they don’t.

#3 Facebook going on the stock exchange. Well, I really don’t care as long as I can get on my page every once in a while, catch up with old friends and see what kind of stupid things are posted. Oh yeah, they said someone cheated and made millions on future knowledge of Facebook openings. Gee – imagine that, someone in Wall Street cheated. Isn’t that an everyday occurrence? Didn’t you ever watch that Eddie Murphy movie – Trading Places? That is how things work there as far as I know.

and aren’t you the sitting president of a county that was founded on Christian values? Cannot wait until January 20, 2013. And what is with all of the polls on gay marriage? They seem way too inconsistent.

#5 Colorado Rockies Pitcher - Jamie Moyer. Wow, what a story. At age 49, he is still pitching in the major league. He won his first game at this age on April 20th against the San Diego Padres breaking a record for oldest pitcher to win a game since 1932. He has been a Major League pitcher for 26 years and has 6 players on his team who were not even born when he began his Major League career in 1986. Least to say - Records can always be broken.

#6 Tanning Mom – Wow! Too much is too much. I don’t really care if she took her daughter inside the tanning booth or not, we all do some dumb things. What really scares me is that people take things way too far. I know alcohol and nicotine are addicting, but tanning? Come on, get a real habit.

#7 Talking about dumb things – How about playing peeka-boo with your child and stuffing him or her in a washing machine. Not much to say here – pretty self explanatory – Really dumb!

#8 George Zimmerman and Tayvom VSA IN HOUSEMartin PROOF – Talk about CRX’D flip-flop on this one. The News leaned one way and then finally came back to center, as did most of the country. I believe we should let the law do their job before we pick sides. I think it was a good excuse for many to get some more T.V. time by making this incident into a prejudice or political scene.

#4 Obama - Agreeing with gay marriage? What? Didn’t you say you are a man with Christian values? Have you read the bible LOOPS MAGAZINE • 25


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