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VOL 68, NO. 2, FEBRUARY 2016

Moving forward. Giving back. Our mission is to support agriculture with reliable, consistent credit. As a cooperative, our members benefit through patronage dividends and our support of rural communities. A century of helping Northwest producers has positioned us well to embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead. And we’ll continue moving forward and giving This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

back for another 100 years.

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(Left) WSNLA Leadership Awards. (from left to right). Member of the Year Everett Chu, CPH, EPC (Azusa Farm & Garden). Supplier of the Year Mary Ranahan (Cedar Grove Compost Co.). Cultivating Community Award Kirsten Lints, CPH (Gardens ALIVE Design). (Below) WSNLA Pioneer Awards. (from left to right) Bill Collins, past WSNLA Seattle Chapter and Waterwheel Landscapes - retired. Honoree Tom Charboneau’s son, Kevin, accepted the award. Turn to page 8-13 to read more about this year’s award recipients..


February 2016 VOL 68. NO. 2

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5 A Gyspy Moth Spring


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The gypsy moth is the worst forest insect pest ever brought into the United States. Learn more about WSDA’s planned activites.


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[ From the WSNLA President ]

Ingrid Wachtler, CPH WSNLA President Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery Gig Harbor Every small business person knows how important it is to meet and talk with his key customers and suppliers. A warm greeting, a handshake and a few words about the weather or business or anything builds a personal relationship. You become more important to them and them to you. When you need an order yesterday or visa versa, they are there to help. Legislative Day is similar. Washington Nursery and Landscape Association (WSNLA) and Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP) gather in Olympia for a day meeting legislators, handing out literature and a plant, and talking. It is a day to become better acquainted and to build bridges. This year there was relatively little on the legislative agenda to worry about and 4 - The B&B Magazine


a few bills to feel good about. Heather Hansen (our lobbyist who keeps abreast of all the bills that might affect us) did a great summary and explained them all to us before we started. We are so lucky to have her helping us. After Heather’s summary and a short presentation by Cindy Cooper, Dept. of Agriculture, giving us info on where our nursery fees go (and YES – everyone who sells plants needs a nursery license), we were ready to canvas the Capitol. And it was fun this year! For me at least. The previous year I was a little too shy to get into it so much. This year I went forth to visit all the Democratic Senators’ offices with Frank Byles. A great combo! Frank, in case you do not already know, is our member with probably the best knowledge of Japanese Maples around. So we tag teamed. I handed each senator or senator’s staff person, the joint magazine copy of B&B, plus some literature, and identified who

we were with. Frank talked about how we would appreciate their supporting good legislation for our industry and not supporting any bad. Then he pointed out the contact information in the front of the magazine and said how we can always supply information and/or people to testify whenever needed. Everyone was smiling! Of course they loved the Carex plant (donated by Brigg’s Nursery with Jeff Mason’s help – many thanks!!!). One senator’s aid told us how her senator actually TOOK HOME our magazine last year to read it (we got the impression that she did not take home the 100’s of other things left by people). And the plants were to be treasured – many said how their senator just loved last year’s plant and will love this year’s too. So another Legislative Day success! Thanks to all who participated. I hope you had fun, as well.

Legislative & Regulatory WSNLA Works To Protect Your Business

Gypsy Moth Spring Every summer, the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) sets out traps to detect gypsy moths. During the summer of 2015, more Asian gypsy moths than ever before were trapped in Washington State. In response, WSDA plans to spray in multiple sites across western Washington this spring. They will spray with Btk (Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki), a naturally occurring bacterial pathogen that controls moth larvae. The same product is also commonly used in organic farming.

Heather Hansen WSNLA Lobbyist Olympia

Asian gypsy moths were captured last summer in Kent, the Port of Tacoma, Northeast Tacoma, Fife, Milton, Gig Harbor, Nisqually, Lacey and Vancouver. In addition, 22 European gypsy moths were trapped on Capitol Hill in Seattle. The gypsy moth is the worst forest insect pest ever brought into the United States. Gypsy moths have defoliated millions of acres in the eastern United States. The moths feed on over 500 different species of trees and plants. Their preferred hosts include larch, hemlock, spruce, oak, apple, alder, aspen, filbert, willow, birch, madrone, cottonwood and plum. The moths feed on leaves and needles, defoliating the tree and often killing it. In 2008 in New Jersey, 30,900 acres of trees died because of repeated gypsy moth defoliation. An established population of gypsy moths would devastate nursery production in Washington. In addition to loss of trees and shrubs, it would also result in quarantines. Gypsy moths reproduce rapidly. A single female moth can produce up to 500 females the following spring. Asian gypsy moths are of greatest concern because the female moths can fly. European female moths cannot. This allows Asian infestations to spread much more quickly than European infestations. Asian caterpillars feed on evergreen trees in addition to deciduous trees. The spraying will be done by helicopter. Naturally, some people will be concerned when they see and hear the helicopters. Others will be concerned over any type of spraying even though Btk is not harmful to humans, animals, birds or fish. In order to protect the Evergreen State, everyone who cares about trees needs to help spread the word. Tell your customers the spray project is not harmful and is absolutely essential to protect Washington’s trees. Not only nurseries would be affected, gypsy moths would also kill trees around homes and in parks, even our national parks. The gypsy moth was first detected in Washington State in 1974. Since then, isolated moths have been detected almost every year, but a permanent population of gypsy moths has never been established thanks to the fast response by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. We need to ensure that this year’s response is just as effective.

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WSNLA Leadership Awards highlight individuals and businesses for their industry involvement, leadership & support.

Please Support Member to Member Business. Have you

had a chance to flip through the new WSNLA Member Directory & Buyer’s Guide yet? This is a handy business resource to locate plants, products, and services. I encourage you to support your fellow members who are working in collaboration with you, through annual dues, to support WSNLA initiatives to protect and advocate on behalf of our industry.

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Be sure to log into your online WSNLA member account to receive your special member rate. (Rates are based on a sliding scale determined by your membership category, but range from $0 - $25 a listing.) Visit WSNLA.ORG to get started! 6 - The B&B Magazine

Breanne Chavez WSNLA Executive Director The WSNLA Leadership Awards Program highlights individuals and businesses for their industry involvement, leadership, and support. For those of you that may not be familiar with this program, recipients of the WSNLA Leadership Awards are nominated by their peers throughout the year for various activities, projects, passions and volunteerism. The nominations are reviewed and awarded in November by the WSNLA Executive Committee. Honorees are awarded amongst their colleagues at the Northwest Green Industry Conference in January. With eight unique categories, a wide array of passions and projects, personalities, and perspectives are honored each year. This year’s slate of recipients is no different. It is an impressive scope of activites and leadership that is on display. I encourage you to take a few minutes to learn more about the great work these industry leaders are doing in an effort to advance our industry, better the environment, and support our WSNLA community and mission. In addition, our Pioneer Awards enhance these awards by honoring those that have laid the groundwork for the industry we enjoy today. Annually the Pioneer Committee, comprised of WSNLA Past Presidents Jerry Rosso - 1968, Linda Malland - 1990, and Steve Crick - 1985) selects these recipients for their enduring efforts. Thes work of these honorees is a important reminder of the importance of continuous industry leadership working to enhance and improve our industry. Leadership comes in various shapes and styles. I encourage you to submit nominations this year by sharing the great work your colleagues, employees, friends and you are doing in an effort to support our industry or WSNLA Community.

WSNLA is currently seeking interested members for leadership positions on the Board of Directors. The WSNLA Board of Directors serves as the Association’s leaders for the advancement and betterment of the nursery and landscape industry. The Board meets four-times a year. They are responsible for setting policy, providing strategic direction to and fiscal soundness of WSNLA. The Board of Directors is made of the Executive Committee, Chapter Presidents & Caucus Representatives. WSNLA Board Members lend their expertise and commit time to ensure a vibrant industry for current and future businesses, by: - Providing objective representation of our members’ interests in every sector of the horticulture industry - Determine WSNLA’s mission, vision and strategic initiatives and objectives. - Provide on-going support and guidance to WSNLA’s Executive staff - Ensure effective organizational planning - Monitor defined programs and services to ensure effective, high quality delivery - Ensure adequate resources are WORKING TOGETHER TO ENSURE A VIBRANT available and used effectively INDUSTRY FOR CURRENT & FUTURE BUSINESSES. - Raise industry awareness about WSNLA and the services provided to members There are several positions on the Board of Directors currently open. They include: Openings: Wholesale Nursery Representative, Greenhouse Grower Representative, and Out of State Representative. - Representatives bring industry specific elements to the board table and are required to hold 1 meeting per year. - Must own or work for a WSNLA member that represents their specific industry segment. - Nominations are approved by an online vote by their caucus membership.


Washington State Nursery & Landscape Association

2016 WSNLA Officers Ingrid Wachtler, CPH, President Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery 253-265-6271 | woodbrk@harbornet.com Duane Job, President Elect Job’s Nursery 509-547-4843 | duanejob@gmail.com Lucinda McMahan, CPH | Vice President Lucinda’s Landscapes 425-773-4237 | lucinda31@comcast.net Bill Raynolds, My Garden, Treasurer 206-406-3487 | mygardennursery@gmail.com Tim Gray, Past President Pacific Stone Company 425-258-1911 | timg@pacificstoneco.com

WSNLA Board of directors Peter Van Well, III, Van Well Nursery 509-886-8189 | pete2@vanwell.net North Central Chapter President Scott Pringle, CPH, Paradise Lake Nursery 206-930-4132 | paradiselakenursery@gmail.com Northwest Chapter President Megan Pulkkinen, CPH | Megan Pulkkinen Landscape Design 360-698-1865 | megancph@hotmail.com Olympic Chapter President Kirsten Lints, CPH, Gardens ALIVE Design 425-318-2971 | kirsten@gardensALIVEdesign.com Seattle Chapter President Toni Cross, CPH, Toni Cross Seasonal Color Pots 206-781-1060 | toni@seasonalcolorpots.com Design Caucus Chair Chris Smith | Lake Washington Institute of Technology 425-739-8424 | chris.smith@lwtech.edu Horticulture Educator Caucus Chair

Openings: Mt. Rainier Chapter (Pierce, Thurston, Lewis Counties), Southwest Washington Chapter President (Cowlitz, Clark, Skamania Counties), North Olympic Chapter President (Clallam & Northern Jefferson Counties) - Chapter Board Members facilitate monthly, quarterly, or annual meetings with support from chapter officers and WSNLA staff. - Must own or work for a WSNLA member located in Pierce or Thurston County. - Representatives serve a one-year term. - Nominations are approved by an online vote by their caucus membership.

Mary Ranahan, Cedar Grove Composting 206-963-0428 | mary.ranahan@cgcompost.com Horticultural Supplier Caucus Chair

If you are interested in learning more, attending an upcoming Board of Directors meeting, or serving please contact Ingrid Wachtler, WSNLA President at (253) 8576808, woodbrk@harbornet.com or Breanne Chavez, WSNLA Executive Director, at (800) 672-7711 or breanne@wsnla.org.

Shannon Grina, CPH, Grina Landscape Design (425) 736-5170 | shannon99@comcast.net CPH Caucus Chair

A complete list of WSNLA Board of Director positions can be found to in the right column. It is important to always be cultivating new leadership, therefore, if you are interested in serving in one of these currently filled roles please contact Breanne Chavez at (800) 672-7711 or breanne@wsnla.org.

Gregory Smaus, CPH, Native Root Designs 206-227-4458 | gregory@nativerootdesigns.com Landscape Caucus Chair Ben DeGoede, CPH, Windmill Gardens 253-863-5843 | info@windmillgardens.com Retail Caucus Chair

Open Positions: -

Mt Rainier Chapter President Greenhouse Grower Caucus Chair Wholesale Grower Caucus Chair Out of State Caucus Chair Southwest Chapter President

Washington State Nursery & Landscape Association - 7

Everett “plunged” into the nursery and landscape industry rather unceremoniously, but not by any accident. It was right before the stock market meltdown in 2008 that he somehow decided it would be the perfect time to open a brand-new garden center. His 30-years of experience working for two Fortune-200 corporations as an engineer and program manager was really irrelevant, considering what it takes to succeed in this industry. And, his MBA degree probably only made him more dangerously over-confident. With that being said, his childhood dream of owning a garden store, plus his longtime hobby of plant collection and propagation, finally got the better of him. So, on Mother’s Day in 2009, he opened the door of his 4,000 square-foot retail nursery store on 10-acres of land in Skagit Valley. The following year Azusa Farm & Garden joined WSNLA as a member. Since taking the leap into the industry in 2009, Everett Chu has become a Certified Professional Horticulturist (in 2013), and ecoPRO Certified (in 2014). His love of nature and belief in best conservation practices earned him a role in 2015 to serve on the ecoPRO Steering Committee. Today, Everett has expanded his garden center to offer landscape design/build, where he describes his specialties as creating natural, inviting, useful, and therapeutic gardens. In 2015, Everett was a co-creator of WSNLA’s Wine Garden at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, and continues as a member of the Design Team in 2016 by providing technical expertise. His involvement has provided calm and thoughtful execution of consecutive show wine gardens that work to showcase WSNLA and its members.


This award is given to a member who has rendered outstanding service to the WSNLA and the industry during the year just past.

Everett is active with the Skagit County Master Gardener program, including helping to update the Rain Garden Handbook from WSU/Ecology in 2013, and working in a trainer role with the program. Since 2014, he has partnered with Anacortes High School’s Green Club of the Environmental Science class working to add new rain gardens in the community and served on the board of Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Everett believes in life-long learning, persistent pursuit of self improvements, and exemplifies contributions to the community. Everett, we are so thankful you took the ‘plunge’ into the industry.

8 - The B&B Magazine

WSNLA Annual Awards


This award is given to a supplier who has shown an above average support of the Association, the industry and the members. The award is to the person, not the company. Mary currently serves as the Horticulture Supplier Caucus Chair on the WSNLA Board of Directors where she ensures WSNLA supplier members’ voices are heard and represented. In addition, last year, Mary stepped into the role of WSNLA Membership Committee chair and has been proactive communicating the value of WSNLA membership to the industry. Mary believes it is important and valuable to give back to the industry because these are the same members that show their support by buying Cedar Grove products. Because of this, she consistently supports WSNLA activities, publications, and marketing objectives through sponsorship dollars, sharing knowledge and volunteer time. Thank you Mary for your long term work and commitment to the industry.


This award is given for meritorious service in any “education” function serving the industry. This year’s recipient is Chris SextonSmith, Horticulture Instructor at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Chris has been a horticulture instructor for over a decade and enjoys communicating using practical, hands-on instruction. He is a strong believer in a holistic and organic approach, applying his degree in Ecology from University of California at Santa Cruz to the garden ecosystem. Through his organic landscaping business, Walden Garden Services, LLC, he employs these practices in the field. In addition to being a Certified Professional Horticulturist, Chris is the instructor for the 3-day WSNLA Plant Identification study course, member of the ecoPRO Technical Committee and Lynnwood High School Program Advisory Committee, and is the current serving on the WSNLA Board of Directors as the Educator Caucus Chair. Because of his commitment and excellence in education, Chris is honored as the WSNLA Educator of the Year.  

Robert Andre’ JERRY ROSSO INVOLVEMENT AWARD This award is given in the tradition of Jerry Rosso, and given to a member who has demonstrated consistent commitment and involvement over the long term.

Bob Andre’ of Ogden Murphy Wallace, has been a longtime member, supplier, and friend to WSNLA. For nearly 30 years, Bob has been WSNLA’s consulting attorney; serving our members as WSNLA’s contracting attorney, as well as providing in-kind service to the Association and industry. Bob has shared his legal expertise by contributing articles in the B&B Magazine, WSNLA seminars and Conventions. In 2004 he was honored with WSNLA Lifetime Membership. And, while he is always supportive of helping and protecting our industry, Bob also enjoys a good time! The WSNLA South Central Chapter in Wenatchee and the WSNLA Board of Directors is always excited and thankful to Bob and his firm, Ogden Murphy Wallace, for hosting a wine reception at C&O Nursery. For his consistent commitment and involvement over the long term, Bob Andre is honored with the Jerry Rosso Involvement Award.

Washington State Nursery & Landscape Association - 9

WSNLA Annual Awards


This award is given to a WSNLA member for involvement that has provided notable service in cultivating the WSNLA community, and supporting our organizational mission. If ever an award was tailored made for someone, this one is for Kirsten Lints. She is passionate about all her endeavors and gives thoughtful consideration to all of them ensuring her belief and commitment before launching in. As Seattle Chapter President, Kirsten continuously works to cultivate community throughout the year by coordinating gatherings for industry professionals to meet, network and have fun. As the joint garden lead for the award-winning WSNLA & WALP garden at the 2014 NW Flower & Garden Show, she led an impressive volunteer effort that spanned two organizations. She has continued this work on the 2015 and 2016 WSNLA Wine Garden Design Team. As the WSNLA representative on the Urban & Community Forestry Council, her involvement has provided an opportunity for aligning with the Forestry industry to learn more about our industry, WSNLA achievements and activities – and vice versa. Whether it’s speaking at a local school career day, outreach and support of FFA programs, or engaging horticulture students, she is passionate about cultivating new professionals for our industry. As a Board Member, she remains focused on our organizational mission and is always weaving it through all her volunteer efforts. 10 - The B&B Magazine

This award goes to a WSNLA member who has provided outstanding ‘above and beyond’ service to the nursery industry over many years. Jerry Rosso, CPH, now retired, has been affiliated with his family nursery, Julius Rosso Wholesale Nursery (currently known as Rosso Gardens) throughout his career that has spanned six-decades. Along the way he has given back to the industry through his service within WSNLA. He has served on numerous WSNLA commitees, volunteered in support and leadership roles for the Seattle Chapter, held chapter and caucus positions on the WSNLA Board of Directors, and moved up the chairs of the Executive Committee to serve as WSNA President in 1968. After his Presidential service, his involvement has not waned. He has continued to serve on planning committees and on the state Board of Directors where his work has advocated and promoted the Washington nursery and landscape industry. Jerry has been honored with every WSNLA award, including being the first ever recipient of this award in 1978 (then known as the Pacific Coast Nurseryman’s Magazine Outstanding Service Award.) Currently, Jerry serves on the WSNLA Scholarship & Research Charitable Fund Board of Directors and Pioneer Award Nominating Committee where he continues to be a driving force for new ideas to serve the WSNLA membership and our industry. Jerry is a longtime advocate for professional development and certification, and actively volunteers to promote CPH and our industry at events. In fact, he mentioned he has only missed three WSNLA conventions ever. He is well known for her handwritten thank you notes, birthday cards and thoughtful notes to members, friends and WSNLA Staff. With a long view of the industry and the association, he opening shares with fellow members in a persistently positive way and has worked to document it for historical purposes. Jerry has gift for bringing people together to support each other and the industry as a whole. When asked about what he has enjoyed most along the way, Jerry said, ‘It’s the people. All the numerous people that have been gracious, nice and helpful.” A strong believer and supporter of community, for the past 4o years Jerry has also served on the advisory committees for South Seattle Community College Horticulture Program, their Arboretum, as well as the Seattle Parks Department of Specialized Programs supporting the special needs community.

WSNLA Annual Awards

Megan Pulkkinen, Megan Pulkkinen Landscape Design Kirsten Cook, Okanogan Conservation District Sarah Brooks, The Methow Conservancy Bob Buzzo, Lawyer Nursery Kirsten Lints, Gardens ALIVE Design Abbie Eisenhart, Arbor Day Foundation ENVIRONMENTAL EXCELLENCE AWARD This award goes to a person or company that “significantly improved, protected or repaired the environment through the use of plants and proper horticultural practices.” The award can be given to a person or firm within or outside of the nursery and landscape industry.

This year’s recipients are a collection of individuals that gave leadership and support to the Washington Community Tree Recovery Campaign: a partnership between WSNLA, the Arbor Day Foundation, Okanogan Conservation District, and the Methow Conservancy. Last year marked the beginning of a multi-year campaign, spearheaded by WSNLA Past President Megan Pulkkinen’s desire to do something to help, which provided 6,800 trees and shrubs to Washington residents free of charge to replace trees damaged and destroyed by the Carlton Complex Fire on private land. In her efforts to find a responsible recipient for funds raised or plant material donated Pulkkinen spent hours searching online to identify organizations already operating in the area who WSNLA could partner with. Megan finally connected with Kirsten Cook at the Okanogan Conservation District and Sara Brooks at Methow Conservancy, both already making a difference with their organizations educational programs, volunteers, and land owner focused activities and services -however they had no plant material available to donate.

program for the National Arbor Day Foundation soon became aware of the work being done by OCD, MC and WSNLA. She reached out to the group with interested corporate sponsor Fed Ex. Abbie coordinates tree recovery efforts nationwide and says finding the groups with, “boots on the ground locally”, is the key to any successful distribution program for them. The Arbor Day Foundation donated 5,000 trees to the spring campaign and is planning a multi-year effort to continue in Washington State. Once this framework was in place, Megan reached out to Bob Buzzo at Lawyer Nursery about being a supplier. Lawyer Nursery also generously donated 700 plants and trees to the effort. In total $1,200 was raised. This made it possible to purchase and ship 1,100 plants and shrubs in addition to the Lawyer Nursery donation. On April 11, after six months of planning, the Washington Community Tree Recovery partners distributed donated trees and plants free of charge to fire affected landowners who had preordered appropriate tree and shrub mixes for their land through the Okanogan Conservation District. WSNLA Past President Megan Pulkkinen and WSNLA Seattle Chapter President Kirsten Lints participated in this event. We all know that trees are valuable assets to a community. They help to improve the visual appeal of a neighborhood, increase property values, reduce home cooling costs, remove air pollutants, and provide wildlife habitat, among many other benefits. WSNLA’s partnership in helping to replant areas impacted by wildfires will benefit the environment, people and wildlife for generations to come.

Abbie Eisenhart the Program Manager of the Community Tree Recovery Washington State Nursery & Landscape Association - 11

WSNLA Awards

* Bruce Briggs, 1999

* Jerry Monro, 2006

Doris Briggs, 1999

Bob Snyder, 2007

*J.A. “Bert” Snyder, 1999

* Betty Alkema, 2007

*John Holmason Sr., 1999

* L.M. ‘Bud’ McGuire, 2007

* Peter Van Well Sr., 1999

Honore’ Hocansen, 2008

* Marland Edwards, 2000

* Windsor Bond, 2008

* John Strander, 2000

* Ray Holmberg, 2008

* Stan & Lenora Walters, 2000

* LaDon Henson, 2009

* William Griswold, 2001

* Emil deWilde, 2009

* Herbert & Marion Frost, 2001

Egon Molbak, 2010

* Leonard & Frances

* Julius Rosso, 2010

Roberson, 2001

Johnnie Holmason, 2010

* Leno Bassett, 2002

*Jack McConkey, 2011

* Glen & Oleah Greseth, 2002

5 Corner Nurseries, 2011

* Wayne Cockburn, 2002

Peter J. Van Well, 2011

* Bob & Marge Tindall, 2003

Dr. Ray Maleike, 2012

* Adolf Krause, 2003

* William “Heather” Steward, 2012

* Larry Krause, 2003

* Paul Vernon Adams, 2012

* Frank Staneck, 2003

* R.W. Williams, 2013

Jack & Jean Doty, 2004

* W.L. Fulmer, 2013

* Harold Hopkins, 2004

John E. “Jack” Van Well, 2013

* Harold Wells, 2004

Sharon Collman, 2013

Ed Hume, CPH, 2005

Gie & * Carl Perleberg, 2014

John J. Snyder, Sr., 2005

Dr. Harold Tukey, Jr, 2014

* Ranville ‘Randy’ Hart, 2005

Debra & * George Gillett, 2014

* Dirk Oosterwyck, 2006

* deceased

* Ed Heath, 2006

Pioneer Award Nominating Committee R. Jerry Rosso, WSNLA Past President - 1968 Linda Malland, WSNLA Past President - 1990 Steve Crick, WSNLA Past President - 1985

If you would like to nominate somone for a WSNLA Pioneer Award, please submit your nominations to Jerry Rosso at rjerryrosso@gmail.com or breanne@wsnla.org. 12 - The B&B Magazine

William ‘Bill’ Collins Bill Collins joined WSNLA in 1978 as a casual entrepreneur in the landscape industry after creating a part-time business called Waterwheel Landscapes. His contribution at the chapter level was evident with the development of monthly meetings with timely topics at unique venues. More people started attending the chapter meetings because of access to speakers, subject matter, and business sites that made the events costbeneficial. His prowess at planning events reached a peak with the 1990 WSNLA Annual Convention at the brand new Resort at Semiahmoo in Blaine, Washington. The English garden with real plants that was created inside the Grand Ballroom was such a hit that the chef pleaded with Bill to have the guests be seated before the main course got cold. Bill has served the Association in many capacities through the years including Seattle Chapter officer, member of the WSNLA Board of Directors, and WSNLA Strategic Planning facilitator. In addition, he has received the WSNLA Member of the Year in 1990, Jerry Rosso Involvement Award in 2009, WSNLA Supplier of the Year in 2010, and WSNLA Honorary Lifetime Membership in 2014. His service through the years has been infused with his generous personality and spirit to lead, mentor, and give back to the industry. In his own words, Bill said “My price for playing in this environment was the minor task of planning a few meetings.”Today, because of his enduring service to the Green Industry that spans over two decades, we honor Bill with the WSNLA Pioneer Award.  

WSNLA Pioneer Awards

Murit ‘Ike’ Aichele

Tom Charboneau

Beginning his career as a Plant Pathologist with the Washington State Department of Agriculture in 1955, Murit ‘Ike’ Aichele has been recognized by scientist and regulatory officials around the world as the chief architect of the Washington Fruit Tree Nursery Stock Certification Program, which has served as the model for new and revised certification programs nationwide and internationally. In 1987 Aichele received the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture National Honor Award for Service. The Honor Award for service is one of two national awards presented annually. Recipients are nominated by their state department of agriculture and selected by an independent panel of judges familiar with the work of state agricultural agencies. At that time, C. Alan Pettibone, Washington State Director of Agriculture said, “Murit Aichele is considered one of the leading experts in nursery stock certification programs in the United States. The success of the Washington Nursery Certification Program in keeping harmful diseases and other problems from being spread throughout the fruit industry by contaminated stock is a major reason Washington remains a leading producer of apples and stone fruit.”

After serving 4-years in the Navy, Tom went on to work for Sears & Roebucks in their Farm & Garden Store, at their flag ship store on First Ave in Seattle. It was at this time that Tom first got involved in WSNA attending and helping plan Seattle Chapter meetings. In 1967, Tom was hired by Chevron Chemical Ortho Division where he called on retail garden stores throughout the Northwest. He would provide support in setting up retail displays that pushed his products and coordinated seminars for consumer education.

Throughout his distinguished career at WSDA, Murit worked with Washington State nurseries that produced fruit trees and fruit tree seed, and rootstock. He supervised the statewide fruit tree nursery stock certification program, as well as certification programs for grape nursery stock, hop and mint planting stock. His work has been published in various industry publications, including Balls and Burlap – now know as The B&B Magazine.

During his career, Tom attended numerous WSNLA chapter meetings, helped plan and coordinate chapter events and industry seminars, served as convention chairman numerous times, and helped fundraise for the WSNLA Scholarship & Research Charitable Fund.

In 1972, Tom went to work for Jack McConkey at McConkey Company where he worked with wholesale nurseries, greenhouse growers, and landscape companies. Over the next several years, Tom relocated his family to California and back to Washington in an effort to help McConkey Company expand their business to California and the Hawaiian Islands. From 1977 to 1981, Tom was employed at Harry Sharp & Sons where he served the greenhouse industry in Washington, Oregon and BC. From 1981 to his retirement, Tom served as the Northwest representative for Pac Unlimited.

Washington State Nursery & Landscape Association - 13

2016 WSNLA Chapter Activities Mt Rainier Chapter

For more information or to be added to the email list to receive chapter meeting notice announcements, contact Ingrid Wachtler, Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery at woodbrk@harbornet.com.

Northwest Chapter

For more information or to be added to the email list to receive chapter meeting notice announcements, contact Toni Cross, CPH at toni@seasonalcolorpots. com.

Olympic Chapter

For more information or to be added to the email list to receive chapter meeting notice announcements, contact Gayle Larson, CPH at dancingravendesign@ gmail.com


Find more industry events at WSNLA.ORG! MARCH 2, 2016. CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL HORTICULTURIST PREVIEW EXAM. Location: Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Kirkland. WSNLA Members: $45. Non Members: $65. For more information or to register visit WSNLA.ORG. MARCH 4, 11, 18, 25, 2016 (every Friday ). eco PRO TRAINING & EXAM. Location: Kennydell Lodge in Kennydell Park, Black Lake (Olympia). Registration options available: Full trianing & exam: $350. Full training only: $350. 1-day: $125. Exam only: $150. For more information visit www.ecoPROcertified.org. Or, contact JeanneMcNeil, WSNLA ecoPRO Administrator, at (206) 387-6727, (800) 672-7711, jmcneil@wsnla.org. This

training is sponsored by Thurston County Public Health! CPH, LIC/CLT, ecoPRO credit available. MARCH 11-12, 2016, 9am - 4pm. Cultivating Ownership Through Community-Based Design. Location: The 2100 Building, 2100 24th Ave S, Seattle. This workshop is presented by Pomegranate Center Training with Milenko Matanovic. Cost is $450 per person. MARCH 16, 2016. CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL HORTICULTURIST EXAM. Location: South Seattle Community College, Seattle. WSNLA Members: $90. Non Members: $160. For more information or to register visit WSNLA.ORG.

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For more information or to be added to the email list to receive chapter meeting notice announcements, contact Bill Collins at wjcollins@comcast.net.

Host or Sponsor a Chapter Meeting Hosting a chapter meeting at your business is a great way to introduce your plant availability, products and services to potential clients and customers. By inviting nursery and landscape professionals to your business site, it provides an opportunity to share your expertise and build valuable relationships to grow your business.

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Check out the wSNLA ONLINE CAREER CENTER at WSNLA.ORG for current openings.

PLANTS & TREES AVAILABLE HOLLAND-AMERICA NURSERY. Now Available: Van den Akker weeping Alaska cedar 6’ thru 10’. Snowberry 1 gal. & 2 gal. Thuja plicata zebrina 5 gal. Red twig dogwood 1gal. Mahonia aquifolium 1 gal & 2 gal. Mahonia repens 1 gal & 2 gal. Mahonia aquifolium 5 gal. Rosa nutkana 1 gal. Rosa Rugosa 1 gal. English laurel 2 gal. & 5 gal. b&b. List available. (360) 794-6549, or akker4@gmail.com. Specimen Street and landscape Trees in large Root Control Bags. Year around availability, easier shipping, handling and establishment. Mount Vernon. (800) 827-4067. Fax (360) 4281822. www.urbanforestnursery.com. WSNLA MEMBER.

Let WSNLA help promote your job openings, plants and trees for sale, and other classified listings! To begin your classified listing, email your copy to breanne@wsnla.org.

MUKILTEO CEDAR PRODUCTS Wholesale to the Trade 425-353-1382


“CEDAR-TIQUE COLLECTION” Mukilteocedar@aol.com


advertisersIndex Biringer Nursery.............................. 15 NW Farm Credit Services................... 2 Motz & Sons.................................... 16 Mukilteo Cedar Products................. 15 Oregon Valley Greenhouse.............. 16 Ogden Murphy Wallace................... 15 Plant Something!............................... 6 Stueber Distributing........................ 15 Wetlands & Woodlands................... 14 WSNLA would like to thank our B&B advertisers and encourages our readers to learn more about the products and services they offer. Be sure to visit ouradvertiser websites to find out more.


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B&B Online - February 2016  

WSNLA Leadership Awards: Industry leaders honored by their peers. Plus, Pioneer Awards announced.

B&B Online - February 2016  

WSNLA Leadership Awards: Industry leaders honored by their peers. Plus, Pioneer Awards announced.

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