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6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Canoga Park, CA And 1 additional location in San Diego, CA

WHY TO SEE Walmart’s battle for share of the digital selling space is heating up. It’s aggressively pushing Walmart. com this holiday season, along with its site-to-store program and increasing its online “social” presence on Facebook and with its recent acquisition of Kosmix (a social media company). Now it’s using “bricks” to drive “clicks.” It opened a bricks-and-mortar store in an LA-area mall to steer shoppers to its e-commerce site. The purpose of the store is to encourage mall shoppers to buy their holiday gifts on At only 1,000 square feet, the store features 8 laptop stations where shoppers can browse and purchase over 1 million products at Three delivery options allow shoppers to get what they need and when: home delivery, site-to-store or same day pick up at this store. In-store there is a small selection of products for shoppers to test and try: 5 TVs, 2 game systems, video games, laptops, tablets, toys, and small accessories. Although there is in-stock inventory of many of these items, shoppers who want to buy on the spot are encouraged to purchase online (and can select “same day pick up”). Although the buzz says the stores will close in December, the sales associate assured us the store would be open for other holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Easter (and update the inventory accordingly). What Works: • Even with a Walmart just 2 miles away, a visible storefront in a busy mall is a smart way to capture a new shopper base. • Multi-channel touchpoints are essential to engaging today’s shoppers. • It’s a great way to give shoppers the opportunity to try products before they order online. What Doesn’t Work: • There’s no easy way to buy a product off the floor -- even if you have cash. The sales associate would only sell us a gift card to purchase the item online. So why have product for sale in the store at all? Better to tell shoppers they can only buy online. (We were so frustrated we bought the product at Best Buy.) is located near macy’s and gamestop in a popular LA-area mall.


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When “Call of duty” sold out at the nearby gamestop, shoppers flooded this store to purchase it online.

At the entrance, instructions for “how to shop at”

Inside is a small selection of TVs and accessories.

8 Computer stations let shoppers test a variety of laptops and tablets while they shop on

There’s a backroom of “Seasonal” items. Right now there are toys for the holidays.