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In August 2005, Pennsylvania State University President Graham Spanier, Athletic Director Tim Curley, Assistant Athletic Director Fran Ganter, Vicky Triponey, the university's standards and conduct officer, and Joe Puzycki, Dr. Triponey's personal assistant, held a meeting in which Mr. Paterno loudly criticized Dr. Triponey, according to two people knowledgeable about the meeting. The following day, Dr. Triponey sent an email to Messrs. Spanier, Curley and Puzycki summarizing the meeting and sharing her thoughts and concerns. Her email, and a subsequent exchange with Dr. Curley, follow, in reverse chronological order. Mr. Paterno's lawyer, Wick Sollers, said through a spokesman that "the allegations that have been described are out of context, misleading and filled with inaccuracies‌.Penn State's record of producing successful student athletes under coach Paterno's guidance is unquestioned."

Emails in the Penn State-Paterno Case - November 22, 2011