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WSI Master Franchise Opportunities in Hungary “Unlimited Potential In An Unlimited Industry�



Industry Online Digital Marketing • Capitalize on the fastest growing industry in the world. • Every business both large and small are in need of professional Digital Marketing services if they want to survive. • Own the rights in your country to offer the services of the Number 1 provider in the world. Contact Us Now to qualify for a FREE Multimedia Package –

WSI • WSI has been in the Digital Marketing industry since 1995 and has always been the leader. • WSI has offices in over 80 countries and has serviced tens of thousands of companies globally. • We service both small and medium sized companies but work with many of the largest companies and associations in the world. Contact Us Now to qualify for a FREE Multimedia Package –

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Why Internet Marketing Consulting in Hungary?

• 10% of Internet users are Online Buyers – Eurostat, Dec 2010 (double from 2005) • 18% of online buyers are in between 25-34 group age • In 2016, there is an estimated 7% increase in Ad Spending compared with 2011 - MagnaGlobal • 58% of Social Media users posted an message on social media sites - Eurostat, Q1 2010 (Top 4 in Eastern Europe) • 55% of Social Media users created content to be shared - Eurostat, Q1 2010 (2nd in Eastern Europe) Contact Us Now to qualify for a • … for more info … FREE Multimedia Package –

TESTIMONIAL • I jumped at the chance of becoming one of the first Master Franchisees in the WSI family and have absolutely no regrets. Helping the company broaden its market and develop an immense city such as Sao Paulo has been an amazing experience. After only a couple of months I can now see the unbelievable potential this place has and, with the help, training and support of WSI I look forward to realizing it for the years to come. Not mentioning that I brought 2 Internet Marketing Consultants, in the WSI system, in 2 weeks. Master in Brazil

Contact Us Now to qualify for a FREE Multimedia Package –

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WSI Master Franchise Opportunities for Hungary