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Contract Management Support

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HSE @ Kuwait University

The “Seat belt saves lives” Campaign

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Jan. 2012

WSG Quality Goals

Increase the Quality awareness level for all WSG members. page 11

ALMS the New Management system launch

The Requirements And The Aspirations

2012 New Branding New Perspective

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Artificial Lift Team




IT Support Group

Manager’s Message

7 HSE 8

PCP, SRP, Heavy Oil Services Unit


Training & Development Unit

10 Business Development Unit (BDU) 11 WSG Quality Goals 12 Re branding WSG Logo 13 Miscellaneous

Editors: • WSG Team Production Coordinator: • Thamer S. Abul “Chief PR & Marketing BD Unit” Art Direction & Design: • Hussein Naser “Cheif Multimedia Officer” © 2012 WSG. All rights reserved. (Reproduction in part or whole without permission is prohibited.)


Saeed Al Shaheen

Manager Well Surveillance Well Surveillance Group

I am pleased to re-launch the WSG-Panorama (formally e-Magazine) which reflects the successful work this group has accomplished. WSG-Panorama purpose is to introduce and update KOC assets and their business partners to the WSG activities and achievements. Together they all form a wonderful team with innovative ideas, which will finally be recognized through this magazine. Our goal is to motivate our employees looking at a brighter future and knowing that their work is appreciated. I sincerely send my regards to all the members who worked on making this idea happen, and wish them all the best. Kind regards, twitter: @MWSKOC T. 00965-23986278

Artificial Lift Team Welcome to the artificial lift team which came into existence in October 2008 when, the Well surveillance Group was created. This team directly contributes to company’s production target and hence its Importance needs no emphasis. The activity level of this team is increasing rapidly. For example, at the time of team’s birth, there were a total of around 280 artificial lift installations and this number now is well over 660. Artificial lift installations are projected to touch close to 2300 mark by the year 2015/16 which is more than threefold increase from the current level, a quantum jump.

Falah Al-Omair

Team Leader

Goals & Objectives: To provide the three assets with highest quality and innovative artificial lift solutions, using state-of the-art technologies which optimize well productivity and result in higher ultimate recovery.

Core Business: Artificial Lift team essentially provides Artificial Lift services, both conventional and unconventional such as, • • • • • • • • 3

Electrical Submersible Pumping (ESPs) Gas lift (GL) Progressing cavity pumps (PCPs) & ESPCP Twin screw pumps Sucker rod pumps (SRPs) Dyna pumps Hydraulic jet pumping and Plunger lift

» All Daily Activities for ESP Wells » The Latest Status of ESP. (# of ESP Running, Shut Down, ESP Trips, Reason of Trips...) » The Daily Production (Potential) from ESP, (Oil, Water, Water Cut %) » The Latest PGOR Tests for All ESP

Artificial Lift Team Significant achievements 25% of the company’s oil production is being contributed by artificial lift systems with close to 660 wells on different AL modes as under: • • • •

550 wells on ESPs 91 strings (72 wells) on Gas lift 12 wells on PCPs and 6 wells on SRPs/Dyna pumps

In the next 5 years (by year 2015/16), total well count on artificial lift systems is projected to grow to around 2300 wells and AL is likely to contribute well over 50% of the company’s production target.

New Technologies


Service Companies (Contracts)

The team manages/will manage the following contracts:


Dual concentric ESP successfully tried and its large scale applicability is under review.


6 ESP lease contracts (two running and 4 new contract under signatures)


Metal to metal PCP lined up for trial on a steamed Ratqa lower fars well.


2 PCP lease contracts (one running and one at tender stage)


Wire line retrievable ESP (Zeitecs ESP shuttle) is planned to be tried on two wells.


1 SRP lease contract at tender stage


Twin screw pump and hydraulic jet pump trials are planned to be conducted in the next one year.


1 gas lift contract (due to expire by November 2011 and being replaced with a new contract)

WST-1 We are glad in WST-I to keep all our operations and workflow as per KOC management plan, and proudly mentioned, that we are one of the first few teams who really started to implement the Lean Six Sigma in our business due to its dramatic positive impacts such as time saving, cost saving, productivity increment, profit growth and improving the quality and performance of the organization in general.

Menwer Al-Shammari

Team Leader

Objectives • • • •

Complete all FD requested jobs Improve the quality in KOC and service companies Meet all KOC management plans A future plan to mark the Lean Six Sigma as WST-I culture and therefore to finish all our work on time, completed with no complain

New Technologies • • • •

Acid Tunneling Inflatable Packer CT Drilling Surgi-Frac

Significant Achievements Cleaning – CTU job was done on DA-0002 followed by a GOR to indicate how successful the job was. An increment by 7 mmscf/d approximately was indicated in gas production rate. Major modifications were done on the job design by WST-I engineer Mohammad Al-Othman that resulted in the savings of $ 119,865.95 from only one tubing cleaning job. Two times Breaking new number in SEK (completed jobs per month), May, 2011 (66 jobs) and June, 2011 (79 jobs). Oil Gain achievement in SEK Q1. 5

IT Support Unit


New Technologies

To be the industry leader in providing the highest quality electronic services to well Surveillance group, and mapping most of the work procedures and Job’s data into one centralized, real time system which achieves the whole group targets and Plans

Mobile/Tablets applications development

Core of Business

Using the latest technologies in getting the data on mobiles and Tables PCs in order to ensure reliable environment for decision making.

Design & development: the design functions and operations are collected in details, including screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams and other documentation. The output of this stage will be a collection of modules or subsystems. The design stage takes as its initial input the requirements identified in the approved requirements document. For each requirement, a set of one or more design elements will be produced as a result of interviews, workshops, and/or prototype efforts. Then it is designed, developed ,and integrated into the current WSMS System.



We are using the latest technologies to make the information reach in real time ,and as accurate as much it can be, from the far field, to Ahmad main office.

Are directly useful any time you are working with information which is geographic in nature. Since we are working with wells/fields and trying to describe some characteristics about them. These technologies give you the ability to relate information you have and easily display database information on an electronically generated map.

HSE Unit HSE is every one responsibility is the corner stone culture element in our well surveillance group which reflected in all our operations, crew members’ behaviors, business partners activities and even in our offices making our group one of the most important HSE leader in the company, in which most of the new innovative HSE tools starting in then move to corporate level

You as WS group member need to join the HSE lead vehicle and to be always proactive and cooperative

Ibrahim El-Mahdy


Objectives Unlocking the potential of WSG to satisfy all of our clients by providing high quality, safely and environmental friendly services with zero harm effect to the employees, business partners, visitors and surrounding community

Core Business Supporting WS Group core business Oil field in targets and objectives while keeping all WS employees, Business Partner, other KOC colleges and community safely and saving their health and keeping surrounding environmental

New Technologies • • • • 7

Rollover simulator Seat belt convincer The smart board Driving simulator

The “Seat belt saves lives” campaign made a stop at Kuwait University college of engineering, in association with SPE – Student chapter and Shell Kuwait.

Significant achievements WSG started HSE live system in 2005 for daily reporting about incidents, hazardous and near miss that employees faced in the company, after the successful of this system it has been published in all KOC. Every person can see their yearly objectives in HSE as assigned in HSE live to be sure that they are reporting and attending courses. WSG HSE Unite members providing the employees with the minimum HSE training courses We shared our knowledge with the community by Campaigns at GUST on 6/May2011, in souq sharq on 26-27 of May 2011 and in Kuwait University on 19/Oct/2011, and the main part on this campaign to convince the community that seat belt saves life. WSG has been awarded KOC Chairman HSE award twice as well as international award from petroleum economist for the HSElive project and driving management program in the group

PCP, SRP, Heavey Oil Services Unit Objective Providing Tenders for the group with the most recent and new technology and to improve the overall performance and efficiency of KOC.

Core Business • The Contract Unit is the mastermind of the group • Where many of the important processes and competent to prepare and amend the contracts range • follow-up corrective commands and procedures for operations and subsequent rehabilitation contractors • Signed with the finest international companies to perform the service necessary for the efficient operations of well surveillance and competitive prices • The work of software systems to serve the different teams within and outside the group • One of the fundamentals of contract preparation contracted to do the request (CR) and provide the required documents to the contract taking into account the amendment palaces located in the previous decades • One of the most important responsibilities is to ensure the integrity of the processing and approval of the corrective commands are requested to ensure the change in quality of service and apply the latest technologies.

New Technologies • ESP/PCP/SRP • SCADA System • Steam Generator for steam injection well 8

Significant Achievements Steam Injection Tracking System

Created a new system for the KOC “Steam Injection Tracking System” that to be used for the KOC thermal project (Ratqa Filed). This model will support the KOC in better understanding of the well performance which will affect in optimizing the injected steam to increase the production rate.

General Condition of the Contracts

Modified the new GCC which will be implemented for all the KOC services contracts for the next coming years.  

Pilot Steam Injection Project

This is the first implementation of the Cyclic Steam Injection Technique in Ratqa field in Lower Fars Formation after a gap 25 years. The main objective of this project is to establish viability of the CSS technology in Lower Fars Formation, and to see the effect of multiple CSS cycle on well performance. The Cyclic Steam Stimulation is divided into three phases: Injection, Soaking and Production.

Training & Development Unit Unit Leader Welcome Note It is essential to take into account the rapid growth in the economy and the increasing no. of jobs and responsibilities within the KOC and therefore WSG. Therefore there is a dire need for fast development of the newcomer’s (UDs & UTs) and we as the TDU aim to equip them to become net contributors in record time. TDU aims to be innovative and create a customized training plan that targets the needs of our staff rather than simply being the middle man between FD and the contractors. The TDU is committed to provide all Staff with the most recent and important technical and soft skills through innovative and interactive programs to improve the overall performance and efficiency of KOC.

Objective Develop and train WSG staff to meet & support KOC business strategies by providing a customized, innovative learning experience that fully leverages the individual strengths and capabilities for the benefit of both the organization and individual.


Core of Business • Overall competency assessment to assign each employee in the right course • Creating a 3 year training and development plan customized for each employee • Developing Task Sheets for each On Job Task(s) • Assigning each engineer in the right soft skill courses • Building and maintaining the all new Training & Development Management System • Organizing the e-learning materials on the TDMS system • Establish and maintain a proper & professional learning environment • Utilize industry leading learning vehicles • Create a culture of learning and knowledge sharing • Empower individuals through training to accept ownership of each operation (technical, HSE, efficiency and value) • Provide the environment and tools to create Industry Distinguished staff and expertise

Business Development Unit (BDU)



Lead and support the Group in our (4) four areas

Prepare and keep track of the Group’s fund requirements and experience and a line with the group plans and performance.

• • • •

Planning Budget Public Relation Quality

Planning Coordinate and consolidate a line consumer requirements and Well Surveillance capability and monitor the Group’s performance using Performance management tools such as KPI and Balance Score card.


Quality Increase the Quality awareness level for all WSG members, create & follow up on the satisfaction measuring system to exceed the expectations of our customer and services provider.

Public Relation To set up and implement a Public Relation/Marketing Plan, to promote the WSG achievements in internal (inside WSG & KOC) and External (Local & international) Media/events.

WSG Quality Goals Objective

Before »

WSG Growth & Excellence

Ticket cycle time (30 Days) is 90% deficts out of limitations

Core of business • • • •

Increase the Quality awareness level for all WSG members. Create & update the Six Sigma library in KOC-WSG portal. Execute a Six Sigma Project Marathon for WSG Improvement. Assure that WSG has Standard Operation Procedures matching with our Quality Policy and ISO 9001-2008 standard. • WSG to be an active member in International Quality organization. • Create & follow up on the Satisfaction Measuring System to exceed the expectations of our customer and services provider.

« After

88% Reduction in Cycle Time Delay (New Cycle time 3 days)

Significant achievements



Things Done / Achievements

Ticket Process (Six Sigma)

Significant statistical improvements in the capability analysis shows 98% and 88% reduction defects for wireline and well services respectively, and successfully reduced the average ticket processing cycle time from 30 days to 3 days.

1st KOC Green Belt

The first two certified green belts in the first wave of Six Sigma in KOC were from WSG. (Zakaria Al-Bahar & Khulood Saeed).

1st Six Sigma conference in Kuwait

The WSG ticket processing Six Sigma project was selected to be presented by Zakaria Al-Bahar & Khulood Saeed in the first six sigma conference in Kuwait in Crown Plaza (29th-30th, May 2011).

Wireline field user guide

A wireline standard operation field user guide was documented to assure the quality delivery of all members in `WST-I operations. writen by Zakaria Al-Bahar & Mohammed Al-Othman.

Six Sigma Library

WSG has created the first Six Sigma library in KOC-WSG portal to become the Six Sigma center/referance in KOC.

Rebranding WSG Logo Case Study In order to keep pace with development and communicate a new message for the group; WS re-branded its logo design, and entire Look, as an upgrade to establish (new) brand with the intention of developing a differentiated position in the mind of it staff, sister companies, contractors, and KOC.

The new logo is now more web friendly due to less detail, more modern, cleaner and more unique look, and the most important is applicable for press house work with all printing methods. 12

Âť Sample of re-branded international logos


WS Manager at QURAISH 2011

One of the winners of QURAISH 2011

Best dish competition “QURAISH 2011”

HSE @ Kuwait University

HSE Training Course

HSE Training Course

Ramadan Event 2011

Ramadan Event 2011

Ramadan Event 2011

WSG Newsletter  

2nd. Issue

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