The Gift of Stellar Service

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“In Our Own Words” is a pictorial illustration of the adjectives that many of our Associates submitted to describe WSFS. This illustration was given to Associates in July 2011 in recognition of being named Delaware’s #1 Top Workplace three years in a row. These words represent our culture and values. We are hopeful it will give you a glimpse inside our company.

We Stand For Service®

We envision a day when all our constituents say, “I can’t imagine a world without WSFS.”

Engaged Associates delivering Stellar Service growing Customer Advocates and value for our Owners

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At WSFS we: Do the right thing Serve others Are open and candid Grow and improve

Foreword In the last year we, WSFS, have been honored by numerous awards from our Associates, Customers, Community, business partners and colleagues. They include: • 7 years in a row as a “Top Workplace” in Delaware; 3 years in a row as Number 1--as measured by the State’s largest newspaper independent survey • 4 years in a row recognized for “Top Leadership” in the same survey • 2 years in a row as the “Readers Choice” best bank as measured by the State’s largest newspaper independent survey • 6 years in a row as a world-class service organization, as measured by Gallup, Inc. In addition, over the past few years, we have received, among others, special awards for: “Human Resource Leadership”; “Gallup Great Workplace Leadership Award”; “Charter School Champion Award”; “Kent County Tourism Partner of the Year” and “Pillars of the Community Award”. We are proud to have been honored in these many ways, mostly because they exemplify the good works that are a product of our Mission and Strategy. The stories you will read, and the pictures you will see in the pages that follow are both a demonstration of our success, and the reasons for it. About a dozen years ago: with the vision of then CEO, now Chairman, Skip Schoenhals; with the help and research of the Gallup organization; and with a COO armed with fresh ideas from a Wharton MBA (and later an equally invaluable Masters in Executive Leadership from the University of Nebraska), we embarked on a new strategic be “undeniably different and un-catchably first” in the delivery of service in banking... to create an emotional bond with ALL our constituents, to create an organization where Associates love to come to work, Customers love what we do for them, our Community loves having us as a part of their fabric, and our Owners feel rewarded for their faith in us. If we do so, we can fulfill our ever-evolving Mission (our noble purpose) and Brand promise of “We Stand for Service®” and our Vision (what the world will look like when we achieve that purpose) of having all our constituents say, with conviction, “I can’t imagine a world without WSFS!”

While this journey started more than a decade ago, over the last 5 years we have reached new heights under the passionate leadership of Peggy Eddens, our Chief Human Capital Officer, and her extraordinarily fine group of Associates, especially our engagement champion, Sheila Hacker. They have teamed with literally every Associate in the Company to achieve these honors. In order to reach our goals, we adopted our current Strategy (how we achieve our Mission) of “Engaged Associates delivering Stellar

Service growing Customer Advocates and value for our Owners” and our Values (how we behave, no matter what we do), both real and aspirational, that at WSFS, we: do the right thing, serve others, are open and candid, and grow and improve, both as individuals and an organization.

The entire organization, from the Board, to Executive Management, to newly hired Associates has become committed to these goals and values. And through frequent, rigorous measuring, managing, rewarding and encouraging we have created a culture that matches our Mission, Vision, Strategy and Values...with the hope and understanding that it is a neverending journey where we can, and will, always get better at what we do. We have many ways of achieving and reinforcing our Strategy. Just one way, but a critically important and tangible way our Strategy is energized, is through what we call “Stellar Service Stories.” This book is a collection of them. It is by no means all of the stories, as we have created and received thousands of them over the last decade. This collection is, we hope, representative of them. The process is simple, we allow, and in fact encourage, all Associates to tell stories, the lifeblood of any culture, unedited (because we know that the best way to stop something good and genuine is to try to control it), through email that goes out immediately to all Associates, that exemplify what we call “Stellar Service,” or aboveand-beyond activities of Associates who are far exceeding expectations of fellow Associates, Customers and our larger community. In doing so, from the bottom up, and top down, we are recognizing Associates, we are setting ever-higher standards of action, we are creating an atmosphere of beneficial competition, we are showing Associates how what they do every day is positively affecting lives, and we are propagating our culture in a genuine, timely and organic way that creates a virtuous cycle of positive behaviors, aligned with our goals.

These are feel-good stories and images. But we are a public company, with owners who rightly expect a return from these efforts. So what have those returns been? We have an attitude that success, including financial success, is a natural byproduct of good works. Our first success is still being here. That may not sound like a big deal but in the wake of the Great Recession, seven (of about the top 10) traditional banks by market share, or top bank employers in our market, that were here a decade ago, no longer exist under the same name or ownership. We are fortunate to be one of the remaining, allowing us to continue our 180-year-old brand and record of continuous service to our markets. Second, our 10-year return to our owners as of September 30, 2012, a period widely recognized as “the lost decade” in stock performance, is over 6 times greater than a recognized broader index of similar bank stocks (the NASDAQ Bank Index). Lastly, we believe we have the momentum, and are well on our way to becoming the premier banking franchise in our markets. I’m confident that our truly different culture, as captured in this book, is the main reason for these results. One poignant lesson from the past difficult economic cycle is that it is never too long from the top to the bottom-- and the quickest path is either through arrogance or complacency. So we constantly remind ourselves that “whoever gets to the truth first wins” and “work hard, stay humble and serve.” Take to heart, and enjoy the truth, hard work, humility and service in the images and the stories you are about to read.

Mark Turner President and CEO

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Businesses often forget about the culture, and ultimately, they suffer for it because you can’t deliver good service from unhappy people. –Tony Hsieh, Founder, Inc.

Our tes a i c o Ass

Our Associates are the fabric of our organization; they bring color, texture, richness and warmth to our daily experiences. Engagement is one of the key threads of our fabric as it weaves from one Associate to another, from one work group to another, from Pennsylvania through Delaware, to Virginia and west to Nevada. It’s a powerful unifier that keeps our Associates connected, invested and informed. We value the uniqueness of our Associates and their individual strengths. They lift each other and they lift our performance. They are confident and humble; they roll up their sleeves and are most gratified when they are helping others. They arrive every day not “to do a job”, rather they show up, answering a call to serve....their work is their calling and their calling becomes their work. Our Associates stand for what’s right, they stand for what’s next, they stand tall and they relentlessly stand for service. They are each other’s best friends; as such, they work arm in arm, they journey side by side and they have each other’s back. Our Associates mean the world to us and they are indeed, the gift that keeps on giving. We would have no stories to tell, if not for our Associates.


Our Associates

e imagin t ’ n a c I d a worl WSFS ithout

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I have always known that WSFS has great Associates but recently I have had the opportunity to be impacted personally by the quality of Associates I am surrounded by each and every day.

I recently returned to WSFS after having surgery which requires me to use a wheelchair temporarily. While I was extremely nervous to return to work and not be able to handle things on my own, I was more than ready to come back to work. When I returned, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did not even have to ask for help. Associates from all over the Operations Center were right there to lend a hand, open a door or just offer a genuine smile of encouragement. While this is not one grand action, it is the combined effort of my team and others across Operations and Technology that turned a very trying experience into a memorable one. WSFS is an amazing place to be and every little bit matters that each person does! Words cannot give justice to how this has impacted me, but I would like everyone to know how much I appreciate EVERYTHING that has been done for me and how much compassion they have shown to me. I have never worked anywhere that has Associates like WSFS! I can honestly say “I can’t imagine a world without WSFS”! –Lauri


Our Associates

Yesterday Kellie waited on Customers who had come from Pennsylvania to open an account for their daughter who was starting school at Delaware College of Art and Design. They were customers of another bank and went there first. They waited what se ts us there for a half hour without being acknowledged. They decided to leave and do errands and returned later to that bank again. And AGAIN they were not serviced. They left frustrated and came here. Kellie immediately took care of them and opened their daughter’s account. They were very impressed and left happy. Kellie did her job and offered caring service. This is what WSFS does on a daily basis and this is what sets us apart.


While working the teller window on Saturday Katy finished a transaction with a Customer and asked “what else can I do for you today?” The Customer vice to r e s l a chuckled and said “well you could get me a men pheno !!!! s r e better rate on my CD’s” and almost turned to m sto our Cu leave. Katy took the cue from the Customer and engaged him in conversation asking questions like “What are you currently earning and have you thought about any alternatives?” She overcame his objections and turned a simple teller transaction into a Fixed Annuity sale. Our Customer came in earning less than 1% on his money and left with a higher paying, better suited product. She even put in her calendar to touch base with him when his next CD matures - Thank you, Katy for your phenomenal service to our Customers!!!!




Our Associates

ur ifies o l p m e ex of value t er Firs m o t s u C

Mr. D. came into the office with a portion of his trust agreement that was needed for the processing of his loan. However, in order for his loan to be processed, a full copy of his trust agreement had to be reviewed by our Consumer Loan department. Being a handicapped senior experiencing difficulty moving around, Jackie followed Mr. D. to his home and obtained the original trust agreement containing over 200 pages.

Jackie did not stop there! She drove to Blue Hen and hand delivered the trust to the Consumer Loan department in order to ensure that they had all documents needed to proceed with this loan. By accommodating the Customer’s need and Consumer Loan’s request, Jackie not only exemplifies our value of Customer First, but also demonstrates what it means to provide Stellar Service. The Prices Corner Team is proud to recognize Jackie for this example, and other examples, of Stellar Service she has rendered. We are excited to know that in Jackie we have a “coworker committed to quality.” –Samantha


Our Associates

I want to recognize and thank Sharon profusely for her Stellar Service surrounding Board Meeting materials this past weekend. Several local packages above a that were supposed to be delivered by Fed Ex never nd beyo nd the call made it on Saturday am. Once we realized the packages did not make it to locals because Fed Ex missed their last pick up, she immediately went to the office, ran down the issue with building security and Fed Ex, waited for them to arrive to unlock the box and arranged for special same day Parcels service so that important, sensitive, time urgent information would be found and make its way safely and quickly to its destinations. She out fed-exed Fed Ex. To do this she disrupted her whole afternoon on a Saturday-above and beyond the call.

Sharon, Kathy and Jerry work as a team to always make sure, one way or the other, that things get done. Thank you ladies. —Mark


Our Associates

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As most, if not all of you know, yesterday afternoon was rough with the problem at our off site data center. This is particularly true in the Item Processing area, where we are very complex system with a lot of “moving parts” and an outage has a major impact on our Customers, internal and external.

I know that the IT group had their hands full, since we are not their only concern, but John made us feel like we were his only concern. Once the servers started coming back on line, John worked with us personally until we were completely back up and fully operationally. He repeatedly checked in with us, verifying that all of our systems were operating as expected. Thanks for the Stellar Service, John. –Clif

A Customer came into the West Dover branch today to redeem some bonds and shared with the personal banker that she was in such a rush that she accidently locked her keys in the car. She didn’t k being a now that asked for a ruler as she thought that she may be C of WSF ustomer able to unlock it through the cracked window. S came with so man Her attempt failed and she entered the branch y perks really upset as her spare keys were overseas with her husband. Melissa, who was on lunch, overheard the Customer and reached out to her husband who is a police officer to see if he could come over and help our Customer. Within five minutes he arrived and was able to unlock the car. The Customer was so grateful and said that she didn’t know that being a Customer of WSFS came with so many perks. This is how we create Customer Advocates who can’t imagine a world without WSFS bank!!! Thanks, Melissa!!



Our Associates

Once upon a time there was a Customer who was hearing-impaired who needed a Reverse Mortgage. An email went out to all Associates for someone to provide translation services for a consultation and Tim responded–quickly and without hesitation. To say Tim went above and beyond in the past few months is an understatement, but there are no better words for it than that.

his wil help . . . lingness to has every on touched e of us in the proc ess

We see our Customers a minimum of three times during the Reverse Mortgage process–at consultation, application and then closing. Tim came up each time to provide sign language interpretation for the Customer and his friend. The warmth, understanding, and humor that Tim displayed was inspiring. He was able to turn what could have been a very stressful experience into a comfortable, trusting one for our Customer. His patience was infinite, as each meeting took nearly twice as long as normal because of the time required to properly communicate everything between all of us. And he didn’t just meet with them three times–he met with them four times. He also acted as interpreter for their meeting with the Reverse Mortgage Counselor from the Housing Agency. She, too, was impressed with the service that Tim provided that made her job easier. On Tuesday we held closing with the attorney who also witnessed Tim’s talents and compassion. His willingness to help on all levels, every step of the way, has created not just Customer Advocates, but has touched every one of us in the process as well; the counselor, our processor, the settlement attorney and the many branch associates at Fox Run who watched numerous meetings occur in their conference room. Once upon a time there was an Associate who offered to help and his incredible contribution made for a very happy ending. Thanks, Tim. –Marybeth


Our Associates

Here’s a Little Story to Brighten a Rainy Day.

d ion an t a n i m deter ion to t dedica rs stome our Cu

Yesterday, Caroline was diligently reviewing IRA documentation from our Retail offices when she identified that a Customer had processed a transaction from another financial institution that was a potential IRS issue. Caroline contacted our Fox Run banking office to notify them of the situation and Kari stepped in.

Kari dedicated herself to resolving this issue by working with Caroline, making phone calls to the Customer and the other financial institution. After numerous attempts with the other institution and numerous “there’s nothing we can do” she remained determined. And what was the end result due to her determination? The other financial institution accepted responsibility that they had given the Customer the wrong instructions on how to handle the movement of his IRA funds. Thank you Kari for your determination and dedication to our Customers and to Caroline for your ability to identify the issue and communicate it so timely to our Retail partner! Because of these two Associates, our Customer will not face up to thousands of dollars in unnecessary penalties from the IRS. If anything would make a Customer Advocate, I would think this situation would! We identified and resolved an issue that was processed by another financial institution. –Luz


Our Associates

I would like to recognize David and Phil for all of their hard work yesterday. Sunday morning, our site experienced a power outage and the building’s generator did not start. As a result, all of our computer systems shutdown hard.

zero Cu stomer impact

Dave and Phil worked from about 6:45 am until around 9:30 pm to ensure all of our systems were back online before Monday morning. These two did an exceptional job to ensure our Customers and Associates would have business as usual on Monday morning. This includes Phil having a 3 hour conference call with a vendor and Dave giving up Eagles tickets...

Dave and Phil’s devotion to customer service, strong communication skills, and vast knowledge of our systems resulted in ZERO CUSTOMER IMPACT. Thanks Dave and Phil for all of your work yesterday and also for everything you and your team do behind the scenes to keep our systems up and running!! –Allan


Our Associates

I just wanted to pass along a recent experience with the Solution Center. I called the Solution Center Thursday morning because I could not access my BI through Citrix. the it was When I called, David mentioned that there were ings il ttle th several issues going on at the same time and was not sure of an approximate resolution time. He said once he had more information he would follow up to assist me with my issue. About an hour later, he sent me an email asking if I was able to login in and to see if I was functioning normally. I responded, mentioning that I was able to login in but afterwards BI froze up on me. He called me a minute later, helped me get BI back up and stayed on the phone until he made sure that I could access the Customer’s information.

It was the little things that David did like following up with me and staying on the phone to make sure that I did not have any other issues that made a big impression on me. It is so often forgotten how important follow-up can be! –Bernadette


Our Associates

A few weeks ago when Lauren was here at the Dover Mart branch a Customer came in to do a signature guarantee. The paperwork she had wasn’t quite right so Lauren had to do some calling to get everything straightened out. Apparently the Customer was the beneficiary of her mother’s IRA account that was held at a financial services company.

was abl e to hel p her save so much

She had been trying to get the funds for years and finally had given up. She was then contacted by one of those companies that are hired out to find people. They told her that they would help her get these funds and would charge her 30% of the IRA balance as a fee. She was fine paying the fee because she did not think the balance was all that much and she just wanted to get it over with. Lauren was appalled and explained to the Customer that she did NOT have to pay this company to get her money for her. She could go directly through the company that held the funds. After more calling around Lauren got this woman out of the contract she had signed to pay 30% of her balance. She had the financial company e-mail her all the appropriate documents that she needed to close out the account and the Customer left with everything filled out and ready to mail off. She left happy that she finally had the right paperwork and that we cared enough to take so much time with her. Today she was on our Large Balance Report and her ACH came through. Lauren saved this woman the 30% fee. Way to create a Customer Advocate! She was very surprised to hear how much money she was receiving and very thankful that Lauren was able to help her save so much! –Laurie


Our Associates

rks and she wo ork amw lives te

Some could say that teamwork amongst peers is a given...others may say teamwork is due to the interdependency within a group, for a common goal. Well I say teamwork is a way of working and living each is noticing what others on the team need, and supporting them by providing guidance and your talents and your skills to achieve success. You know... rollin’ up your sleeves...

You might see teamwork in a corporate-wide initiative with a tight deadline, or by lending a hand when there is an unexpected event that transpires, and all rally together to get the job done. Or simply, as it relates to me, I wasn’t able to retrieve my voicemail. I noticed the message was from a business Customer and I asked Bernadette if she minded if I forwarded the voicemail to her to let me know what our Customer wanted. Not only did she listen to the voicemail, she researched his question and provided me with the documentation and detail that I would need to respond to him. Bernadette went above and beyond; she could have just relayed the message. I mean, we are all busy, it’s budget season! But no, not matter how full her plate is, she ‘works and lives’ teamwork. When I returned our business Customer’s call, I gave him the information that he was requesting, and explained to him how Bernadette had helped me. He stated, “That is what I like to hear, teamwork at its finest!” You know what, I agree! Yes, Bernadette...that was Stellar! –Cheryl


Our Associates

Over the weekend the Ops Center had the hard surface floors cleaned and polished. The people who did this did a wonderful job but in the process they to somehow disconnected the water cooler. While ok the m i n atter t o their some Associates were attempting to correct own ha nds the problem they solved the electric issue but were unable to correct the water issue. Several members of the Solution Center were in the break room and they took the matter into their own hands. They tracked down the key to the closet that holds the water source and were successful in restoring the flow of water to the cooler. Not only are they there to reset passwords, fix printer issues and a multitude of other things, they stand ready to assist in the restoration of water coolers; saving a service call and saving money too. Job well done!


Hi everyone, I wanted to recognize Heidi for going above and beyond for one of our Customers. Heidi has such a ch a has su e caring nature and it shows in what she did for one ur t a n g of our elderly Customers the other day. One of our carin regular Customers stopped in saying how he had been without phone service for 10 days. Heidi went out of her way to inquire as to what steps he had taken to resolve this issue with the phone company. She noticed on his statement he was calling the wrong number for service. She took it upon herself to call the phone company and make sure he had someone scheduled to come out and fix his service. He stopped in today to say the phone company came to his home within an hour of him leaving the branch. Thank you Heidi for making sure him and his wife had the necessary phone service they needed.



Our Associates

Success stories are always good news but when it includes three different groups in the Bank working together it’s great news. Late last week we in the work m a e Pennsylvania Lending Group were informed by a t s that e fi i r e v prospect we had been working with that they had works really chosen us over eight other institutions to be their bank. The relationship will include substantial loan amounts and deposit accounts. Additionally the non-profit which provides services to citizens with Downs Syndrome maintains an endowment. They have agreed to meet with a rep from Christiana Trust.

The opportunity was sourced by the manager of the West Chester branch. She had been their contact previously at another bank. As the request required commercial lending, Ralph, our manager of the West Chester LPO was introduced. As we went thru the courtship process I became aware thru our commercial pipeline meetings that Andy and Glen had an existing relationship with them. Glen, who was the RM on the relationship, was kind enough to reach out to his contact who in turn reached out to her counterpart in Pennsylvania. I’m sure this had an impact on putting our Pennsylvania eprospect at ease about dealing with a bank new to the market. Kudos to Paige, Ralph, Andy and Glen, just verifies that teamwork really works. –Byrne


Our Associates

One rainy day not too long ago our girl Jamie was running the UP drive thru when she noticed a little brown beagle running through the parking lot alone. we’v I don’t know if you have ever driven through the advocat e created an e of her UP parking lot but it’s next to a busy highway and . puppy t ..and her it’s not the safest place to walk, drive, or be a dog. oo Jamie watched the dog for a moment to see if there was a owner anywhere in sight. Suddenly, a car sped past and almost hit the beagle! This is when Jamie sprang into action. She had me cover the drive thru, borrowed a leash from a Customer, and ran out into the parking lot after the dog.

As you can imagine it was quite a show from the drive thru. Once inside, Jamie got some water and dog biscuits for our new friend, dried him off and started making calls to see if anyone might know who he belonged to. It started to get late and we were getting a little concerned about what to do with our new friend. We called the SPCA and let them know that we had found a dog. We began drawing straws over who got to take him home. Then a completely soaked, frantic-looking, woman walked in asking if we had seen a beagle. She had been asking around UP and had heard through the grapevine that “they had a dog at the bank.” I have to say we were a little bummed not to have a puppy for the branch, but the reunion between that woman and her dog made it all worth while. The woman was so amazed at what Jamie had done that she asked if there was anything she could do for us. We jokingly said “you could open an account” and it turned out she already had some! Needless to say we’ve created an advocate out of her...and her puppy too. –Leah


Our Associates

ng r maki o f , s k than nd asier a e b o j my e me tim g n i v sa

I would like to thank Charlie of the Mailroom for helping me with sending a package to Tajikistan (that’s in Central Asia, north of Afghanistan, in case you are wondering). He took the time to make sure the postage was correct, readdressed the envelope for me since I had addressed it incorrectly, obtained shipping information, etc. Thanks, Charlie, for making my job easier and saving me time!!! –Arlene

This past weekend a team of Associates performed a major upgrade to Banker and Teller Insight. The fun began Friday evening with smells of Chili (thanks Christine for feeding the troops) and a job w ell done visions of a smooth upgrade. Led by the mighty Phil and Christine, with their fantastic team (Rob, Dan, Peter, Pinak, Dave, Bill, Dave, Josh, Ray, Chris, Jamal, Marvin, Bernadette and Branch Associates), the group worked throughout the weekend to make sure all systems were go for the next business day. The results were great, with only one issue in a single branch. So thanks to the “weekend warriors” a job well done.



Our Associates

When Paula first met with Ella to discuss a Reverse Mortgage, she knew that her situation was difficult. Ella revealed that she had breast cancer and was falling behind in her mortgage payment everyon e went the extr while trying to pay her medical bills. It was so a mile tight, that some weeks she had to cut down on her grocery purchases. As Paula and the department went right to work getting her loan processed, many obstacles arose. Her loan payoff was higher than she thought. The appraisal came in lower than anticipated. The rates went up. Everything that could go wrong, did. But throughout, everyone in Reverse Mortgage went the extra mile. Chrissy talked the attorney into a reduced settlement cost and Paula volunteered to waive her incentive. The total result was the ability to close the loan and reduce Ella’s monthly expenses. She can now stay in her home and afford to take care of her health! What a great feeling for everyone!



Our Associates

I just wanted to let you know that Glenn saved the day for a Customer yesterday. Joshua came in to wire money to someone in Portugal. He brought in a printout of a true t a h car he won on eBay for $4,200. In talking to him more w d showe s i e we found out the car was supposedly worth $45,000 servic stellar and that it belongs to a soldier who brought it over to Portugal. Josh was told that the tax and tags and legalizing the car in Portugal was going to cost a fortune so the owner decided to sell it on eBay in a one hour auction. Josh was also told that the money would go to an “eBay Agent” who would hold the money until the deal went through. He was told he would receive the car within 12 days with free shipping and have 15 days to try it out and be able to send it back to Portugal free of charge if he was dissatisfied. All of this sounded too good to be true to Glenn. After Josh left, Glenn decided to look more into this. He started to research and contacted an eBay rep online and found out that eBay does not have agents who hold money and they told him that this was a scam. If Glenn had not pursued this Josh would be out $4,200 right now. Glenn definitely went above and beyond for this Customer and showed what true Stellar Service is.



Our Associates


is the

Stephanie was rate shopped by a manager from our neighboring competitor bank. At the end of the encounter he confessed to Stephanie who he was and his purpose for visiting us. A few days later best another associate from the same bank came in to the branch with Stephanie’s full name on a piece of paper. She was interested in talking to Stephanie because her manager had been so impressed with Stephanie’s Stellar Service and product knowledge and wanted his customer service representatives to emulate her behavior.

What a wonderful compliment to Stephanie and the consistent Stellar Service she provides to all of our Customers! Thank you, Stephanie for proving again that WSFS is the best and even our competition acknowledges this! –Nancy


Our Associates

Good Morning, WSFS Associates.

gh s throu succes ork teamw

This morning Deposit Services was notified that the Federal Reserve processed a duplicate posting of 78 checks to WSFS accounts. As you can imagine, this causes a major inconvenience to Customers due to unavailable funds and for some, causes overdraft fees. The teamwork of numerous WSFS Associates made it possible that all the duplicate transactions were reversed and reviewed for overdraft fees prior to 11:00 am.

Drew from our Fairfax office called the Transaction Services Hotline to contact Exceptions Processing regarding duplicate entries. In speaking with Julia, it was found that numerous accounts were impacted. Julia then forwarded him to Debbie of Research and Adjustments who then identified the 78 impacted accounts. She quickly provided Luz with a report so that all accounts could be reviewed for overdrafts. She also provided the list to Norman and myself to begin correcting accounts. All accounts were corrected and all fees waived within an hours time, allowing exceptions to close the day at 11:00 am as scheduled. This is truly an example of Success Through Teamwork and it makes me very proud to be part of such a great team who stands for Customer First! Thanks to all those involved! –Bernadette


Our Associates

I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize Connie in Consumer Credit. Many times our internal Team Members can go unrecognized for their dedicated impress service to both us as Internal Customers and to ed t h e expedie with our outside Customers as well. On late Friday ncy and direct a due to various reasons I had a loan closing that ction would have been the third attempt to complete. The Customer was due back in for the third time at 4:30 to sign revised paperwork. Of all times a power outage occurred and I was unable to reach anyone to assist. After making the Customers comfortable I reached out to Syed who then quickly got in touch with Connie who immediately called me even though it was around 5:30 on a Friday she was more than willing to assist me. As the Customers were waiting to sign, Connie and her team quickly provided and walked me through getting all the necessary documents. I kept them updated every step of the way and that we were experiencing a power outage but was all was in control.

Before six in the evening all documents were signed for their loan and the Customers left very satisfied and impressed with the expediency and direct action in making them feel the WSFS service we promise to provide. Thanks to Connie, the Team at Rehoboth and all those involved in making this Customer’s experience a priority and living up to our expectations. –Jeff


Our Associates

ct ding a n a t s t u truly o kindness and of love

As a new Associate here at WSFS, I have worked at several branches. This week I had the opportunity to witness a truly outstanding act of love and kindness by Helen.

On Wednesday, one of the coldest days of the year, an elderly lady came into the branch late in the afternoon. She had walked as fast as she could all the way from Sycamore Street. She only had the top button done on her coat, her face was red as were her hands. Actually, her hands were beet red and as cold as ice. She came to my window to cash a check so she could catch the bus and go to Prices Corner. As I am trying to wait on this sweet woman, Helen comes out of nowhere with a pair of gloves and puts them on the woman. Another woman in line, who had been talking with Helen, offers to take our Customer to Prices Corner. Helen made sure the woman was warmed up before she left. The moral to this story is...this is Helen on a daily basis. At least, the five days I have been here. She is always a step ahead in outstanding service. Jeff, thank you for letting me train this week at your branch. You have a great staff here. –Marianne


Our Associates

Hi Bill, The Prices Corner team wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the help that was given to us by you and your team of Rich, Rick, what a great te and Ron. There were so many people involved am you hav e in this move and we are grateful to them too but your team gave us so much support for the past few weeks. As soon as we knew when we were moving, boxes were provided for us to start packing. Your team made themselves available to us whenever we needed something to be moved to the temp site. We would not have been as prepared as we were without their help. This is the first time I have been through something like this and did not know what to expect. I know now that it would not have gone as smooth as it did without their help. Rich was even around for us on our first day here to make sure we were good to go. I am sure you know this but I wanted to tell you what a great team you have and we thank them for their help.



The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing. –John Russell, President, Harley Davidson


Our ers m o t s Cu

When it comes to financial institutions, Customers have many choices and we are very grateful to those who choose WSFS as their banking provider. We humbly recognize that it’s our Customers who drive us to do what we do; with open hearts and open minds, we’ve opened our doors to serve them since 1832. The stories in this chapter echo the voices of our Customers. They often tell us how much they “love WSFS” and how much they value “doing business with a local bank.” Our Customers are our neighbors. They are our friends. They live, work and “play” in our backyard and we do the same in theirs. Our Customers inspire others to bank with us. They are our Advocates and our story tellers; they make sure others know how we help them and how much we care about them. By earning their trust and serving them better than any other financial services provider, we are given the opportunity to deliver on our mission and to remain the only community bank (of size) open for business in our market footprint. And we approach each new day with every intention to earn trust and business for generations to come. One of our Customers recently said, “I have a company crush on WSFS Bank.” Likewise, we at WSFS have a Customer crush on her...and many, many others too.


Our Customers

I would just like to tell you how glad I am to have switched to WSFS. Every time I come in to do banking, everyone is ALWAYS very friendly. I mean every time e I come in...there is a greeting and a smile and I feel to hav m a I like the employees really care about me. Please pass lad how g to WSFS this on to the bank manager at this branch, as ed switch well as your main office. I was so scared to switch since I had been at my bank (very uncaring bank) for so many years. I made a great decision based on your help and employees of this branch. My brother and my sister transferred also and encouraged decision. this make to me

–Sherry I want to share compliments I received today from a Customer during a loan closing regarding Stellar Service he received from Adam. The Customer could n came to Fairfax last Friday at 11:00 am to submit ot industry think of any an application for a Home Equity Line of Credit. received where he We contacted the loan hotline and Adam took su custome ch great all the Customer’s information very accurately r service and quickly. Adam answered questions and explained the details of the product clearly. The Customer went home feeling very satisfied. As if that wasn’t enough, Adam called the Customer before 5:00pm that same afternoon to confirm the loan approval. Best of all, this all happened on a was New Years Eve! The Customer raved about how impressed he was with Adam’s fast, efficient and thorough customer service. He stated that he could not think of any industry where he received such great customer service anytime recently. He mentioned that he had banked with WSFS years ago, but for some reason he could not remember, he had drifted away for a while... but now he is back and he is here to stay. Adam, this is no surprise to all of us here, you set the bar high for the rest of us. Keep up the great work in creating Customer Advocates!



Our Customers

Dear Mark, Last week while doing my weekly shopping at ShopRite in Stanton, I tried to access money from the ATM. I was using my new credit card but didn’t we have realize the problem at first. Two helpful employees never b een disappo took the time to explain my predicament. When inted the new card came in I assumed it was my new debit card so I destroyed my old one. I now realize that it was the MasterCard that was supposed to be replaced. Elizabeth assisted me with a counter check and Stephanie went to the Prices Corner branch to get me new debit cards while I continued to about GOING THE EXTRA MILES. Our family has been banking with WSFS since we moved here in 1990 and we have never been disappointed. These employees are wonderful assets to your company. I hope they can be recognized in some manner.

-Anne Mr. D., a Customer of 39 years, stopped by the Stanton branch to praise Tiffany and WSFS Bank as a whole. Mr. D. is legally blind and during the Holiday season his partner drove him to the University Plaza branch h t i ealt w d r e v to conduct some transactions involving savings has ne eople p bonds and other transactions in preparation for r e kind the Holidays. Unfortunately, Mr. D. did not have the paperwork with him in order to complete the transaction. He went on to explain that Tiffany went above and beyond expectations to take the completed transactions to his house. Both he and his partner continued to explain that they were extremely impressed and have “never heard of another bank doing the same.” Mr. D. began to rave about WSFS stating that in 39 years he has never once had a complaint and has never dealt with kinder people.



Our Customers

Dear Adam, During the last two weeks I have had the pleasure of working with a member of your staff, Joyce. sant a e l p She has been an absolute delight to work with t igh downr throughout this process. I was first connected to her via Paul from the Hockessin branch when I told him I was interested in re-financing but was completely turned off by the “settlement fees” and was looking for someone who could help me explore other options; options beyond what was evident on your website. Joyce gathered some information from me and then laid out a couple of options, including the home equity loan that we ultimately settled upon. Throughout this, Joyce was consistently very knowledgeable, helpful without being pushy, and just downright pleasant. As we proceeded through the process she advised me of the upcoming steps, what I needed to do, while doing as much as possible from her end (like insurance numbers). All in all, the process went through without a hitch, was completed in two weeks (unheard of) and there was not one instant when I was thinking “gee, I wish I’d never started this.”

This is particularly important to WSFS because when I started this re-fi process I visited “” with the idea that if we got a better deal than WSFS and moved the home mortgage, I would then also look for an alternative bank for our other accounts. So not only did she write a new loan, she actually kept us with WSFS. This level of service is exactly why we have been customers of WSFS for decades. AND, thank you WSFS for creating a loan, the home equity loan, that doesn’t try to price gouge and is actually helpful to the consumer. WOW, settlement costs of only $65.00; we were impressed. Please convey our appreciation to Joyce for all her help; she did a great job and was a terrific representative for WSFS. –Sarah


Our Customers

I had switched to WSFS about a year ago after my purse was stolen, and I wanted you to know that I love the bank, just really love your bank, and Fox Run. I just found out today that I had charges in Florida and Ohio when I spoke with Stephanie just rea lly love (TCS). I was so distraught about it but Stephanie your ba nk was able to calm me down, and explain what had happened. Stephanie advised me exactly what to do. I wanted to compliment Stephanie and tell you that I have not come across any bad employees at WSFS yet and I just love you all. Stephanie was so kind to me on the phone and absolutely wonderful. I am sure you are honored to have her as your employee.



t es tha d i v o r p ice ed serv n o i h s d-fa

I would just like to commend Drew for his work at the Fairfax Branch. I have come to that branch for years, and have always found him to be pleasant and ready to assist with each customer’s banking needs.

Recently, he went out of his way to get some specific information for me...he really went beyond what one would expect of the typical banker! I just wanted to pass along this note so you will also know what an asset you have in him! He provides that old-fashioned service that is found in small towns and communities, where you are not just a number, you are a valued customer! –Christine


Our Customers

in erence as f f i d e th ice w er serv e m o t s cu abl emark r e t i u q

My name is Stephen. About a month ago, I opened a checking account at another bank in Greenville, DE. On my second visit to the bank, I received very poor customer service. So poor that I decided to go a hundred yards down Rt. 52, and open an account at the WSFS branch in Greenville.

The difference in customer service was quite remarkable. Diane, who opened the checking account for me, was a model of exemplary customer service. It was very refreshing to be treated in such a respectful and courteous manner. Since then, I have experienced the same great service from all of your employees at the Greenville branch every time that I have walked in. I am 52 years old and have never e-mailed any company before concerning service (good or bad). I just felt that I should send a quick note to say thank you. Believe me, I have told numerous fellow employees and friends about my experience at WSFS. Thanks again –Stephen

Hello Rodger. I hope this finds you doing well. When we get busy at work we sometimes don’t stop to say something that should be said, so I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a pleasure it is dealing with the WSFS people that help me in my business. I know you know Ron does a great job for us, but I also wanted to commend Ray and his people as they make it very easy to get done what I need to do when investing money from our accounts.

there ev ery step of the w ay

Most especially I would like you to know what a gem Nancy is–she is there every step of the way, getting done whatever needs to get done, all the while being pleasant and very helpful–a true asset to the bank. Take care and I hope to see you again sometime. –Thomas


Our Customers

Recently I had the good fortune to deal with Paula, Assistant Branch Manager at the Hockessin Office.. I have a friend who is physically disabled and in a nursing home. He needed to have a document bank is doing notarized so that we could open a trust account someth i ng right with your Bank. The nursing home did not have a notary and a colleague of mine suggested that I call the Bank and ask if the Bank’s notary would go to the nursing home. I called the Hockessin Branch and spoke with Paula. She immediately agreed to go to the nursing home and provide this service for my friend. I believe that she even modified her own schedule to do so.

What Paula may have thought was a small act of kindness meant much to my friend and to me. My friend is not a significant customer of the bank and the trust account will never be large, but Paula did not hesitate to assist. Since people are generally quick to criticize, but slow to praise, I am sure you get your share of complaint mail. In this instance however, I wanted to acknowledge the Bank’s assistance, through Paula, with more than just my thanks to her at the time. If Paula’s response is consistent with the type of customer service the Bank encourages, the Bank is doing something right. –Laurie


Our Customers

Dear Mr. Turner, As a satisfied WSFS Customer for 20 years, I am writing to share the exceptional service I recently is with h d e t received. I had just paid off my WSFS home loan h delig ss to go e n and was looking for a new loan to finance home willing beyond d improvements. After a local competitor approved an above me for a low interest, no fee loan, they advised me that WSFS needed to be removed as the lien holder. With the help of Lauren and Jackie at WSFS Prices Corner, a letter of no interest was faxed to the other bank. Thereafter however, the other bank told me that the WSFS letter was not sufficient, and that I would need to obtain the original satisfaction note from WSFS and take it to the Recorder of Deeds to get a receipt to show them. While your associates found this to be a highly unusual request, Adam from the Loan Department took it upon himself to make the necessary phone calls and to take the satisfaction note to the Recorder of Deeds himself. I was delighted with his willingness to go above and beyond to help me secure a favorable loan from a competitor. It was there and then that I began to inquire about available loans with WSFS!

–Angela I am not trying to take up your time but when I got my account with WSFS the account person that I dealt with kept saying that she loved the customer service that your bank provides. At the time I you are thought that she was just doing her job, but I a breath of have to admit that you guys are great. I have fresh ai r been treated with respect in your facility, on the phone and online. This is a nice thing to have happen, I know that I don’t have a lot of money but you guys treat me good and make me feel good anyway. After dealing with my previous bank you are a breath of fresh air. Thanks for caring.



Our Customers

I received a letter from a local senator and his wife praising Don and Debbie on their stellar customer service while processing a mortgage refinance. The senator writes, “Your employees displayed a professional, courteous, knowledgeable and pleasant demeanor throughout the process from initial application to settlement. Although we were not surprised, the process reaffirmed to us why we selected WSFS as ‘our bank’.”

professi on knowled al, courteous, geable a pleasan t demea nd nor

There is no higher praise than this, and I thank Don and Debbie for their outstanding service to these Customers and also everyone involved in the processing of this application. Way to go, team! –Mark

I have been a customer of WSFS for over 25 years but rarely have had the need to physically enter a branch for any assistance. In the past month, however, ce I have on two occasions stopped by the College r servi e m o t Square Branch. Both Jeff and Brian were friendly cus WSFS h c t and quite accommodating. I was greeted promptly, no is topand I left both times a very satisfied Customer. I have considered changing banks once or twice over the years, but it is experiences like these that reinforce my opinion that WSFS customer service is top-notch. Jeff and Brian are employees who are to be commended for their excellent service with a smile!



Our Customers

Good morning,

for eren’t ldn’t w t i f I ou , we w ls in k n a B WSFS arter schoo h have c are today. Delaw

Last Thursday evening, the Delaware Charter School Network held their recognition and awards dinner. This year, for the first time, they introduced the Champion Award, and WSFS was the named recipient of that award. As you will read, our Bank was recognized along with Skip, Buck and our dearly departed, Andy. It is a very touching tribute to our Bank and speaks to the true value of what we do.

You could hear a pin drop as the presenter said, “If it weren’t for WSFS Bank, we wouldn’t have charter schools in Delaware today.” As you read the attached excerpt from the program, you can’t help but feel proud of the impact we have had on our community and still have today. Between the lines, you will see our mission, our vision, our strategy and our values; this story is a testament to what we stand for and how we do business. Being the sole community bank of size remaining, our call to serve is far reaching and the trail we blaze will remain for years to come, as evidenced by the charter schools of Delaware. —Peggy CHARTER SCHOOL CHAMPION AWARD A Tribute to the Late Andy Yatzus There seems to be general consensus that partnerships with community organizations and businesses are critical to the success of both traditional and charter public schools. There are many such partnerships to celebrate. However, one partner in particular has had profound impact on the success of the charter school movement. This nomination pays tribute to WSFS and the work of the late Andy Yatzus. While charter school financing is still an obstacle, the path was made much easier thanks to the foresight and courage of two bankers at WSFS. At a time when no other commercial banks would provide a direct continued


Our Customers

loan to a charter school, WSFS did just that and paved the way for other banks – charter schools today have it easier thanks to their efforts and perseverance. On December 5, 2001 WSFS issued its loan commitment letter to MOT Charter School for the construction of its new school. While this may seem unremarkable now, the vision, insight and courage demonstrated by WSFS in 2001 was remarkable indeed. In 2001 banks in Delaware were simply not interested in loaning money to build new charter schools. It was unchartered territory. MOT Charter’s situation was typical. We approached several banks for construction financing and few were willing to engage in a conversation about it, much less offer terms. Until, that is, MOT turned to WSFS. With an open mind and pure business acumen – unfettered from political pressure – Skip asked his commercial lending team, led by Andy and Buck to review the application. They listened, researched and ultimately determined that investing in MOT Charter School was not only good for the community, it was good for the bank. Andy and Buck spent hours and hours developing an understanding of the nature of charter schools and became experts in the charter approval process, student recruitment and enrollment, the state pupil accounting and funding system, and the risks inherent in opening a charter school. In the end, they were convinced that well-managed and high performing charter schools are indeed a great investment and ended up providing the financing we needed. Beyond extending credit, Andy and Buck partnered with us to help us better understand our financial health and the risks we faced. Through our partnership with them, we became wise and effective financial stewards. Andy later became a valuable member of the Charter School of Wilmington’s board of directors. Simply put – without their leadership and willingness to take a chance on MOT, it is no overstatement to say we would have fewer charter schools and the movement would not be as strong as it is today. WSFS continues to this day to be a valued partner of MOT Charter School. With thanks to Buck, we pay tribute to Andy’s memory.


Our Customers

Dear Ms. Ziegler,


o an act s a w this s indnes k n a hum

Last evening, November 16, 2009, I went to the bank at 500 Delaware Street, arriving at 5:20 PM, much later than my usual time, because of a series of unforeseeable events. Shawn waited on me, commenting that he knew I was seldom out after dark. I explained that I live only a block away, and I had been unavoidably detained.

Shawn asked me to take a seat and please wait for him to close and he would walk me home. Wanting to be independent, I first declined, but as he was rather insistent, I acquiesced and decided that he was sincere, and this was in my best interest. After closing, Shawn and his co-worker, Rob, walked me to my door, making sure I was safely inside. I was most appreciative of their kindness, caring, and concern. Many times today, young people are seemingly oblivious of the needs of senior citizens. I know that WSFS prides itself on good customer relations. But this act surely far exceeds the training in customer relations that these young men have been given. Simply put, this was an act of human kindness. You should know that these young men went out of their way to ensure the safety of an ordinary customer at WSFS. It is my privilege to inform you of this, and to express my gratitude, not only to them, but to you. –Pat


Our Customers

Growing up and living in Kent County for a majority of my life, the County has struggled to succeed in promoting events like WSFS has so enthusiastically supported and helped to become successful and ... an o grow. When I first became associated with WSFS, truly he rganization th a lps to m it was through Andy, from the minute I met ake whe t we live r e a better him and we spoke, I knew that the people of place WSFS were special. WSFS does not just talk the talk, but walk a walk that is uplifting and sincere, it shows in everyone that you meet and are involved with. Our County has a long way to go, and we here in Kent County are working hard every day to make our County a better place to work and live. When I have been asked about my relationship with WSFS, it is with complete confidence that I can speak to the true sincerity and partner that WSFS has been to me and my family and helping us to succeed and survive the economic hardships we have all endured. I have been fortunate to have met with so many of your associates and be a part of an organization that truly helps to make where we live a better place.


Thank you for your e-mail concerning our property damage. I must say, that was the most polite and concerned correspondence I have ever received from anyone in business. Thank you so much for your understanding and quick response. I have received your check. I just knew that we would not have any trouble with WSFS in this situation, because you have always shown very special customer service to us over the many years that we have been banking with you. I congratulate WSFS and you as well as all the employees for being a great neighbor and a great bank.

nd hbor a g i e n t a grea bank t a grea

–Harvey and Diana


Our Customers

ys rock you gu

You guys rock. You have the best customer service anywhere. I sincerely mean that. I was a long time customer of WSFS but sadly moved out of Delaware and had to seek out another bank locally. Thanks for your help over the years. –Lucinda

Greetings and hope you are doing well. I am a loyal member of WSFS since my arrival to Newark in 2005. I am currently in Brazil and learned that there was an attempt to use my debit card and as a result the bank cancelled my card. I would like to thank you very much for this system. Even though I am now tight with money and waiting to receive my card, I believe your approach is absolutely right.

persona l and inte care rest

I also would like to take the time to let you know that I was truly truly impressed with the way Rhonda and Pamela handled my case. They took personal care and interest in assisting me, understanding that it was very difficult for me to contact them and to be in another country without any funds. They made the entire requesting process for a new card smooth and painless. I was certain they were personally committed to assisting me, and I am truly thankful for that. I congratulate you for having such well-trained, personable, and competent personnel. Please extend my congratulations to Rhonda and Pamela on my behalf. –Carla


Our Customers

Good Morning! While it only takes one bad experience to be repeated several times, it’s the positive experiences that tend to get overlooked and never shared. NOT THIS TIME!!!!

what a wonder ful outfit y ou run

I have been going through a really challenging period in my life and had to make some changes. While personal circumstances get overlooked because of policies and procedures, which I completely understand, I have been treated like another “number” because I’m not a weath management candidate, not of a certain status quo, and just a normal everyday average “Joe”. When I interacted with Tara, I was a person again! WOW!!!!

It is important to me that you know, I am so impressed with my experience with Tara, that I would like to not only extend my gratitude, but am hopeful she will be recognized for the class act she portrays. Tara was knowledgeable, responsive and so pleasant to work with. WSFS is fortunate to have her as part of their team. Not only was I an employee for 12 1/2 years at another local bank, but a customer to them since 1990. For who? For what? I can’t even get a returned phone call. Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired these days. I have every intention of changing all of my future banking to WSFS and telling everyone I know what a wonderful outfit you run. The interaction I have had with Tara introduced me to WSFS and has made me a believer that exemplary customer satisfaction still exists. Someone should know what an asset she is! I appreciate her!!! Please Thank her again for me. —Caprice


Our Customers

like r bank e h t o no ere anywh . . . S F WS

Last evening I attended an annual board member dinner for the Little Sisters of the Poor. At my table we were talking about “the world around us” and of course, the conversation migrated to the financial industry and the economy. I spoke about our bank and how we are doing our best to weather this cycle. And that is when the table began to sing the praises of WSFS Bank.

One board member admitted that for many years he banked with a competitor and when he married his wife, she “converted him” to WSFS. She said she had been a Customer since she was 2 years old when her grandmother set up her first savings account. In her words, ”There is no other bank like WSFS...anywhere!” and her husband chimed in, “Until I came to WSFS, I had no idea how well customers were treated; I never had that kind of experience at my previous bank.” Another member spoke up and said he had been with another bank and got fed up “several years ago and decided to try WSFS”, particularly the Fox Run branch. He said he always feels so good going to the branch. Everyone there is so “engaging” (he used that exact word) and “the people there really care about me”. He also mentioned that he has done business with Helen too and that she has been “very helpful and great to work with”. And then the wife spoke up and said, “My family and I just can’t imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have WSFS Bank in this community.” I wish I had been filming a commercial! :) All this and we didn’t even have dessert yet! I tell this story because it happens so often when I am “out and about” and although I’ll share the comments I hear with specific individuals, I haven’t done a stellar story to tell everyone. Being out in the public, representing WSFS, it is always so uplifting to hear the many wonderful things people say to me about our Bank. I proudly wear my name badge and this is why. -Peggy


Our Customers

I have been banking with WSFS for approximately 38 years and I would like to give you an example of why I have never left WSFS. To make a long story short- we paid off our mortgage 1 month early she was on 6/5/2012. We knew at that point that we absolut ely would be responsible for paying our school and wonder ful property taxes ourselves which was no problem. When we got home from vacation on Saturday we had a bill from New Castle County for our taxes with a $56.48 penalty added because the bill was late. Because this was the first bill we had received and it said it was due on 10/31, I called the county to find out why there was a penalty. They told me our tax bill was due in July but we had until 10/1/12 to pay it. I explained that this was the first bill we received and they essentially told me to contact my mortgage lender and that it was our problem. So I called WSFS and got Allison. She was absolutely wonderful! She listened to my dilemma and then went above and beyond to help me resolve the problem. I felt like she truly cared about me which was so nice after the “I don’t care” response that I received from the New Castle County Office. She returned my calls promptly and kept me aware of what was going on. In the end she resolved my problem by calling the county office herself. I had been so frustrated and she so kindly worked everything out. Employees like Allison are the reason that customers will stay loyal to WSFS. I really appreciated her help today.



We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. –Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister


Our ity n u m Com

At WSFS Bank we believe we have a corporate and social responsibility to strengthen the communities that we serve. We embrace this commitment: it is one of our core values and we live it every day. We work, support and volunteer in our neighborhoods and have done so for over 180 years. Our Associates truly feel that being deeply rooted means extending their reach beyond the boundaries of our primary business. This philosophy guides our pervasive philanthropic efforts; a tradition that began in 1832 and remains alive today. It is our legacy. Hundreds of WSFS Associates eagerly volunteer at any given opportunity and give of themselves frequently from delivering Meals On Wheels daily, to biking hundreds of miles, to raising money for the less fortunate. Over 10,000 volunteer hours are donated annually to numerous organizations throughout the WSFS footprint. When our Associates receive a call to serve, they are ready, willing and able to step up to the plate to make a difference. We hope you enjoy reading some of the enclosed letters from our non-profit partners. They are a modest sample, a small collection of the meaningful correspondence that we are blessed to receive. These acknowledgements are deeply appreciated and we are humbled by these kind expressions of gratitude.


Our Community


Our Community


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Founded in Fe

bruary 1832, WSFS is Delaw and largest in are’s oldest dependent ba nk and trust company. Our mission is a simple on e: We S

ta and strengt nd For Ser vice hening our c ommunit Nearly 180 ®

years later, ou ies. r roots are de is broader an ep er , ou r reach d our commit ment to the co even greater. mmunity As such, we fe el a heighten of responsibi ed sense lity to our man y friends and neighbors in “our hometow n” of Delawar e. We are very ho nored that M arvin N. “Skip” was chosen to Schoenhals be this year’s keynote spea legacy of hum ker. Skip’s ble leadership and service to carries on to WSFS still day as Chairm an of the WSF Directors. His S Board of dedication to the commun for education ity, his passio and his relent n less pursuit of Delaware mak excellence fo es us proud to r call Skip “one of our own”.

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