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Guided by our mission “To embrace volunteerism as a lifelong experience with a focus on helping the Deaf realise their potential”, RSP Deaf Community has always been dedicated to serving the Deaf community through our weekly tuition programme and regular empowerment activities, such as sports and fine arts courses. We hope that through these programmes, we can improve the accessibility of the Deaf in learning and enjoying such activities. In addition, we organise annual events such as Hi!Singapore and Christmas Song Sign, which aims to reach out to more service users and to heighten the awareness about the Deaf community. Such activities also aim to promote volunteerism among the NTU community and dispel the misconceptions that others have of the Deaf. Above all, the members of RSP (DC) aspire to connect with those we serve and bridge the gap between them and the society at large. Join us if you have a heart that appreciates the silence full of sound.

RSP Elders was set up in July 1992 to meet the increasing demand for volunteers to interact with the senior citizens in our society. RSP (Elders) operates on the conviction that a meaningful way in which the volunteers can help is by being a constant source of care and companionship for the elders on a long-term basis. We actively seek to understand the biopsychosocial needs of the elderly and aim to alleviate their loneliness and boredom by befriending and organising activities for them. Regular sessions are conducted every Saturday at our centres located at Ang Mo Kio (AWWA Home), Novena (Ren Ci Community Hospital), and Sembawang (SWAMI Home). Be part of our Elders family and join us in bridging the generation gap between the young and the old!

Established in 1985, Regular Service Project for the Intellectually Disabled (RSPID) was the first RSP of NTU Welfare Services Club. RSPID currently works together with WestEnd, one of the project groups under MINDS Youth Group (MYG), to conduct weekly sessions for our service users with intellectual disability. In 2017, RSPID expanded its operations to the West by opening a new centre at MINDS Clementi Training and Development Centre on top of its existing sessions at MINDS Woodlands Gardens School. Sessions are held every Saturday, from 2.30pm to 6.00pm at Woodlands Gardens School, and from 9.30am to 1.00pm at Clementi Training and Development Centre. Sessions at both centres comprise of Pre-Sing-along, Sing-along, Curricular Development Training (CDT), Physical and Recreational Training (PRT) and Tea Break. Each segment is personalised according to RSPID’s quarterly themes, planned, and executed by our dedicated volunteers. Occasionally, outdoor activities such as Swimming Therapy and visits to various places of interest around Singapore are arranged to expose our service users to the ever-changing environment. RSPID’s ultimate goals are to help our service users integrate into our society, gain open employment and create a strong sense of belonging for both our beneficiaries as well as our volunteers. RSPID aims to impart useful social skills and proper ethics to our service users by organising enriching programmes and outings to develop their potential to the fullest. RSPID also acts an avenue for undergraduates from Nanyang Technological University to give direct service to and forge bonds with persons with intellectual disability (PWIDs). So, STAND OUT – Dare to commit to RSP(ID) now!

RSP (PC) hosts alternate sessions every Saturday between the Singapore Cheshire Home and Friends of the Disabled Society (FDS). Through interactive activities, we hope to empower our physically challenged beneficiaries and assist their integration into society. In addition to our weekly sessions, RSP (PC) also organises events and outings to bring our service users around Singapore, allowing them to step out of their comfort zones. We hope to be able to ultimately increase the public's understanding towards the physically challenged community in Singapore.

Apart from the weekly mentoring, RSP (FoC) also organises semi-annual events that can hone and impart life skills to our service users. There are two main events organised annually, namely the June and December events. These events are organised to encourage interaction between the service users and volunteers from all centres as we believe that it will be a wonderful learning experience for both our service users and volunteers. Currently, we have 14 regular service programmes under seven family service centres and students care centres, namely: Whispering Hearts FSC, Clementi CC, Tasek Jurong Limited, Students Care Service (Yishun Centre), Students Care Service (Hougang Centre), Nanyang Community Club and Yuhua Community Club. Although there are many programs that the club is involved in across Singapore; nevertheless, it is always the vision of the club to expand and reach out to more children in need of academic mentoring and psychological growth.

Being the latest addition to NTU WSC in 2017, Regular Service Project (Mental Health) aims to create greater awareness of mental health and to help students understand people with mental illnesses better. Through weekly Saturday sessions at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), RSP MH volunteers befriend service users with mental illnesses through recreational activities like arts and crafts, games, and sports. We also plan parties for our service users during festive occasions like Chinese New Year and bring them out on excursions to special places around Singapore. It is hoped that these interactions will allow our service users to feel closer to and reconnect with society. These activities are also targeted to help keep them active mentally and physically, better supporting them in their rehabilitation. In NTU, RSP MH also organises 'Mind Matters' Mental Health Week on an annual basis. This involves planning a week-long series of events to improve mental health literacy, and to teach students about how they can maintain positive mental health and better support their loved ones in need. Come join us to fight the stigma against mental illness and to create a more inclusive society!

Established in 2011, Regular Service Project for the Physically Challenged (RSP PC) envisions a society without discrimination towards the physically challenged. Our mission is to bridge the existing gap between the society and the physically challenged community, allowing them to be A PART of the society and not APART from the society.

Friends of Children (FoC) is a Regular Service Project under NTU Welfare Services Club, which mainly provides free academic coaching, mentoring and life-skills teaching to children from low-income families on a weekly basis.

Established in 2002, RSP(VH) seeks to reach out to the Visually Handicapped community through our collaboration with the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped and IC2 Prephouse. We focus on giving aid and befriending the Visually Handicapped service users of all ages, as well as to motivate our service users to excel in their pursuits. RSP (VH) hosts weekly tuition sessions for these service users. Our aim is to assist the students in adapting to our mainstream education system, and to boost their morale and self-confidence in their own abilities. We also provide befriending programmes for elderly service users in English and Chinese for those interested in picking up the languages. During these sessions, we provide a listening ear and share the service users’ joys and sorrows. With the desire to make a difference, our volunteers also organise special events for our service users events specially designed to encourage interaction and build their confidence. Service users often look forward to our Christmas event and annual Eye Am Aware event, wherein we strive to learn from one another through the strong bonds we share, and create wonderful and lasting memories as one family. All these efforts are geared towards enabling the Visually Handicapped to lead a more fulfilling life, and to foster their sense of belonging to our society. As RSP (VH) volunteers, we hope to bridge the gap and empower the service users for a brighter future. Be part of our VH family to make a difference in the lives of the Visually Handicapped, and to be their vision of hope!

Regular Service Project Operation Hope, RSP (OH) was formerly known as Operation Hope where it was co-opted by WSC under Special Projects (SP). The key objectives of this portfolio is to (1) reach out and connect with children and youths suffering from chronic and potentially life-threatening diseases and (2) raise awareness on the plight that these service users endure. From a portfolio which focuses on conducting one-off events for the service users, OH decided to rebrand and transit into a RSP in 2017 in order to make greater and longer-lasting impacts in the service users' lives. RSP (OH) currently works with various organisations to engage their volunteers in weekly volunteering sessions which requires the volunteers to be patient and tactful with the youthful service users and at the same time, involve them in fun-filling and meaningful activities. These organizations include KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH), Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF) and Club Rainbow (Singapore). On top of that, RSP (OH) also holds annual events with Club Rainbow (Singapore) and Viriya Community Services (VCS) which involve outdoor engagement and performances for the service users to enjoy a day-off outside their designated centres.

RSP (Youth) was set up in 1996 to provide an avenue through which NTU students can befriend and interact with youths from complicated backgrounds. Collaborating with various social service organisations, we aim to inspire troubled teenagers to reach their fullest potential via academic support and various sports. We strive to be "A Friend, A Mentor, A Teacher" to the youths by providing them with holistic support during weekly sessions of our seven centres. We provide academic help or simply engage in conversations with them about their hobbies, interests and their aspirations for the future. We also embark on themed sessions, such as character-building, goal-setting and team-building through water sports. These befriending sessions act as a form of engagement for these youths, some of whom have committed prior offences, or may have come from unstable home environments. Through volunteering, volunteers also gain valuable insights into the lives of these service users and come to learn more about themselves too. RSP (Youth) is committed and dedicated to lending a listening ear to youths just like ourselves, who may have taken paths less-travelled by others. We hope that we are able to instil a positive mindset into these youths and motivate them to engage in self-development.

Established in 2011, Growth & Opportunities! (GO!) is a supporting committee under WSC. Tracing its roots from the merger of the Growth and Development Unit (GDU) and the widely acclaimed patchworks project of WSC, the committee's acronym "GO!" inspires zeal which aptly represents its vibrancy and dynamism. GO! prides itself in organizing annual events for the entire NTU WSC that includes Social Impact Week and WSC Exam Welfare Pack. As the exploratory arm of WSC, besides actively seeking sponsorship to support our volunteering activities, GO! also explores new avenues of growth by spearheading new social initiatives every year to further raise WSC's profile. The three key objectives of GO! are: 1. Spread awareness of social causes and promote spirit of volunteerism to NTU student population. 2. Explore new opportunities for WSC to grow / Support new causes outside the current boundaries of WSC. 3. Facilitate collaborations with other organisations and clubs within and outside of NTU. Join GO! to GO! the distance now!

The Finance Committee manages the allocated budget from the Finance Office across all portfolios within WSC. Our support in the financial aspect of each portfolio’s operations enables them to focus on and achieve their respective objectives and goals. To facilitate efficient coordination between NTU and WSC, our role is paramount in ensuring that all portfolios remain financially healthy at all times by monitoring expenditures, incomes and reporting any variances. In addition, we facilitate financial procedures on claims, donations and remunerations through active liaison with all portfolios and the Finance Office.

As an IR member, you will be involved in organizing large scale volunteering and bonding events for the entire WSC. The portfolio organises 3 flagship events yearly, namely WSC Bonding Day, WSC Community Service Day as well as the Annual Appreciation Dinner. Across these 3 events, we aim to provide an excellent avenue for members from the various portfolios in WSC to know each other better and develop friendships while having great fun. IR’s biggest event is Community Service Day (CSD), which presents IR members opportunities to interact not only with the club’s members but also families in need. Prospective members will be able to try their hand in a multitude of event planning roles and will gain invaluable experience in tackling future demands. Members will also be able to pick up and develop better leadership skills as they gain greater insight in event planning and management. To build camaraderie within the IR family, members will be exposed to different ad hoc volunteering opportunities as well as retreats. If you are keen to be part of a fun-loving and enthusiastic team, then come on in and join our WSC Internal Relations family!

The Publicity and Publications (PnP) Supporting Committee is a dedicated spirit behind WSC whose primary objectives is to experience volunteering while providing technical support such as media coverage, dissemination of information about volunteering to the NTU population through publications. Apart from our annual StandOUT newsletters available in online and print versions, PnP manages the club's digital media presence on various platforms, namely WSC's official website, social media accounts, e-Banner, Campus Buzz and campus notice board updates. The force that supports this spirit are the project teams under various divisions within PnP: Design, Digital Imaging, Journalism and Media Development. In addition, PnP also maintains a media library which includes media archives of the club and provides annual workshops for Adobe Software for like-minded new and existing members to gain and share valuable knowledge.

Camp OutReach (COR), one of WSC's Special Projects, works closely with the Deaf community in Singapore. COR's core belief is that Deafness does not limit one’s capabilities or potential, and thus, our aim is to empower the Deaf by providing them with opportunities to contribute back to society. We strive to achieve this through local volunteering sessions and an annual Overseas Community Involvement Program (OCIP), where COR members and Deaf volunteers work together to serve an overseas community in need. COR also aims to bridge the communication gap between the Deaf and the hearing, and to enable interaction and integration beyond spoken languages.

Challenge ur Limits (CurL) is a special project which organises events to create opportunities for service users with various special needs, student volunteers and members of the public to interact through unconventional volunteerism by participating in exciting activities together that will challenge their mental and physical limits. The committe organises an unique annual event for both our service users and volunteers to ameliorate andstep outside their comfort zones. Through our main event, we hope to exhibit the manifest capabilities of our service users to the public to prove that people with disabilities are also able to do their part for the society. The project aims to reach beyond the boundaries of NTU, in a bid to encourage the community at large to look beyond our service users’ disabilities and to focus on their spirit,

Be it communicating through Sign Language, spoken English or a foreign mother tongue, we want to unite people together through empathy and volunteerism, even in spite of our differences.

Furthermore, we aim to reach out to students interested in volunteering regardless of prior experience, in the hopes of sparking their interests in serving the community both in the present and the future. CurL also organises centre visits to celebrate occasions such as Christmas and Chinese New Year, which enable service users and CurL members to interact, build rapport and understand one another better. This is to bring the festive joy to our service users through fun and interactive activities. Our centre visits and main event provide a platform for CurL members to organize events and enable them to embark on a meaningful volunteering experience. We hope that our events can lay the seeds of a more inclusive community in which people will have a better understanding of the disabled. In short, CurL hopes to bring across the message that “Disability should never be equated to Disqualification".

Ignite Change (IGC) is an exciting Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP) held yearly that aims to foster bonds amongst the participants, as well as to ignite the spirit of volunteerism within potential volunteers. Throughout the duration of the orientation programme, aside from enjoying the fun and games planned by our main committee, participants will get to visit various Regular Service Projects (RSPs) such as RSPID or RSPVH to experience volunteering. Joining the main committee of IGC is akin to joining that of a family, in that you will always have someone to laugh with, and a shoulder to cry on. The year will be busy, but nothing is more fulfilling than planning a big event for a year and seeing it come to fruition. You can expect exhilarating bonding sessions, heart-warming RSP visits, and that sense of purpose which accompanies meaningful work. Work that inspires benevolent change to the surroundings, the people, and most importantly, in you.

Overseas Volunteering Expedition (OVE) aims to provide a suitable platform for individuals with the passion for volunteering to benefit less-privileged communities beyond geographical boundaries. Other than striving to achieve sustainability through projects that would empower communities in the long run, OVE hopes to promote the spirit of volunteerism by inspiring volunteers to continuously collaborate with both local and international communities to effect greater change. Through establishing a close-knitted group of individuals with the common goal of serving those in need, OVE aims to nurture future leaders who can think critically about prevalent social issues and creatively design solutions to alleviate the situation. To date, OVE has extended its overseas outreach to several countries such as Cambodia, China, Laos, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, one of which is a four-year long partnership with Operation Hope Foundation, making our projects sustainable. OVE has also collaborated with Metta Home for the Disabled and Beyond Social Services for our local volunteering outreach. Come join OVE and get ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

Volunteer Movement (VM) aims to spread the spirit of volunteerism among students of NTU mainly non-WSC members, through organising various interactive events with the service users. By providing a readily available platform for meaningful interaction between the service users and the student volunteers, VM hopes to ignite the passion for volunteerism amongst the students and create a ripple effect encouraging more students to share the joy of giving. In addition, VM hopes to raise awareness and understanding of different service users to the NTU population. Annual signature events includes: Kids’ World & Golden Generation Come join us in planning events, and gaining new experiences by interacting with different service users and student volunteers!

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