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World Council of Churches Central Committee Meeting Orthodox Academy of Crete 29 August 2012 Intervention delivered by WSCF General Secretary during the discussion following The Report of the General Secretary of the WCC: God of Life: Lead us to Justice and Peace

Thank you Madame Moderator. My name is Christine Housel. I am the General Secretary of the World Student Christian Federation. I would like to affirm, General Secretary, that you have included as one of your 10 strategic reflections (point 90 j) the need to strategically include young people into the deliberations and work of the WCC and to partner with the other ecumenical youth movements with a shared vision for justice and peace. The World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) shares this vision of partnership and in our Executive Committee Meeting (ExCo) in Berlin in May of this year have made a strong commitment to this goal of strengthening partnership by planning to hold our ExCo meeting prior to the WCC Assembly and strategically participating in the Assembly, as we did in Porte Alegre. WSCF has participated in many of the ecumenical processes in the past couple of years—including: the consultation in the Middle East, Alternative Globalization Addressing Peoples and Earth (AGAPE) forums in the regions and in Indonesia, the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC), Global Christian Forum, the Council for World Mission and Evangelism (CWME) in Manilla, and the Council for World Mission Assembly—and have at once worked hard to contribute perspectives from our location as an ecumenical student movement and have also gained much in the leadership development of our students. WSCF agrees that we are stronger together and that partnerships of all kinds are not only desirable today in this time of challenge but needed. We have to acknowledge that often we as a community talk about the importance of investing in young people’s participation and formation but often do not actually prioritize this work and approach it strategically. We must be deliberate about inspiring, including, learning from, and forming our young people. I challenge this Central Committee in its assembly planning to take as a serious topic the substantive integration of young people, so that they are 1. present and 2. prepared to share from the depth of their experience and knowledge. WSCF is ready to play a strong role in contributing to this goal- all to the end of finding some creative, and new, ways forward toward justice and peace for all. Christine Housel General Secretary World Student Christian Federation

GS Intervention at WCC Crete  
GS Intervention at WCC Crete  

WSCF General Secretary Christine Housel's intervention at the WCC Central Committee meeting in Crete.