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Teton Baseball Outlook

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Nursing student Tess Verlinde

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Teton Thunder Fall 2011


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Nursing Student

Student Feature

Tess Verlinde

student feat student feature student feature

the first time the focus often falls on class registration and the novelty of starting a new chapter in their lives. However, there is another very important factor that, while overlooked in priority, remains one of the most important hurdles students face in their continued education…how exactly to pay for it all? We sat down and spoke with Tess Verlinde, a student at Williston State College, who is looking to begin her third year within WSC’s nursing program. We asked her to recollect her own experiences and to offer any advice for other students looking to enter the collegiate ranks. WSC: When you first thought about going to school, did the money question come up about how were you going to pay for this? Yes and no. I was brought up to understand the value of a dollar. I had a job throughout high school and eventually, before leaving for college, bought my own car using the money I had previously earned. That being said, when you are a typical 17-year-old, living at home with your parents, who pay for things like groceries and other miscellaneous expenses, you are lulled into a false sense of how much money you actually need for things. I also had the idea that I was going to work while I went to school. Unfortunately, I had to abandon this plan for the sake of focusing on my studies and getting good grades. WSC: Looking back, would you have done anything differently when it came to financially planning for your education? In a word, definitely. While in high school, I knew there were loans and scholarships available, however I became complacent and never followed through with applying for a lot of them. Looking back I would have applied for more scholarships.


WSC: Any advice you would give to a student looking to enter WSC? Save as much as you can and only spend it on what you

need. Simply put, use your money wisely. Explore all of your options and take advantage of scholarships when they become available. Apply for financial aid. There are a number of options available for students to look into. Take the initiative because it’s your future! WSC: How have scholarships helped you? There was a time not so long ago that I thought I might have to put my nursing education on hold because of the cost. I had mentioned this to one of my instructors, who in turn, passed on my story to the financial officer on campus. They did some investigating and found a scholarship opportunity that I was qualified to apply for and this allowed me to continue with the classes I needed.

Teton Thunder Fall 2011

For many students looking to enter college for

I’m living proof that scholarships truly can and do help! WSC: What are the benefits of a scholarship? Plain and simple, it’s money for your education that you don’t have to pay back. With my school loans, I’ll have to eventually pay that back. Scholarships afford you the chance to get an education without saddling you with debt once you graduate. Don’t get me wrong, many scholarships can be difficult to get, but when you apply yourself and end up qualifying for one or more, it feels great! WSC: How happy are you to be able to finish your degree as a result of a scholarship? I’m so glad…and relieved! I can’t thank WSC enough. All I did was mention something to an instructor and that set the wheels in motion. I really feel that’s what makes this campus special. With its smaller size, a student really has easy access to the right people that can help make a difference.


Frontier Hall

Teton Baseball Outlook

baseball baseball baseball

Construction of

Frontier Hall Residence Hall

Scott Jameson Coach Shawn Cote

Teton Thunder Fall 2011

e t a n Do ! n o i Vis to the

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Mail your donation to P.O. Box 1286 Williston, ND, 58802 Welcome aboard!

$50 - $99 A contribution of $50 promises students an affordable education, keeps you in the loop on exciting developments and events and helps provide our communities a new generation of trained leaders. You will also receive a mug.

$100 - $999 Make a gift of $100 - $249 and receive two mugs and a tote bag as our thanks. For $250 - $999, we’ll send you two mugs, a tote bag and a first aid kit!

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Join the President’s Circle for a gift of $1,000 or more and enjoy a relaxing dinner with WSC President Dr. Nadolny, two mugs, a tote bag, first aid kit and a travel bag.

Summary & Outlook

The Williston State Teton baseball team enjoyed

a very rewarding season this past year, including a run in both the regional and divisional tournaments, finishing just short of the World Series. Head baseball coach Shawn Cote is pleased with the accomplishments achieved during the spring 2011 season and is also hopeful for what the upcoming year will bring for a new team. Last March the Williston State Tetons opened the season with a tournament in Arizona. There they faced some of the best in the nation including high ranked teams like Mesa and Gateway Community Colleges.

The tournament was a great way to open the season because the teams challenged the Tetons and gave them some really good competition.

They left Arizona with a record of three wins and five losses and headed home to face teams in their conference. The Tetons played great ball during the conference games finishing in second place behind Miles City. Six players made the All-Conference Team and Scott Jameson was named conference MVP. They moved on to the regional tournament with an overall conference record of twelve wins and six losses. They played through the

regional tournament undefeated and finished as Region XIII champions, qualifying the Tetons for the district tournament in Boone, Iowa. Coach Cote was honored as Head Coach of the Year at the regional tournament and ten players made the Region XIII All-Region Team.

Teton Thunder - Spring 2011 Teton Thunder Fall 2011

Baseball Teton

At the district tournament they played tremendously and made it to the final game, the qualifier for the World Series. Despite a thunderous effort, the Tetons were defeated, ending their spectacular season just shy of a World Series run. Teton player Scott Jameson was honored as the only WSC player on the All-District Team. They finished the season with an overall record of 22 wins and 19 losses. Coach Cote is hopeful for a similar outcome next year, however the team has a lot of work to do before repeating such high accomplishments. Only seven players from last season’s team will be returning, meaning over twenty will be new to the Teton roster. Cote and his staff have been busy recruiting and shaping next year’s team this summer. “You never really know how things will work out until you get the whole team together,” Cote says, anxious to see results during the fall season. The Tetons began practice in late August. In the fall season the Tetons will play 12 to 18 games, giving them a chance to build another outstanding team for the spring season. Maybe the 2011-2012 team will not only make a run in regionals and divisionals but also in the World Series!

11 7

Sudden Wealth

Once you’ve taken care of these basics, set aside some money to treat yourself to something you wouldn’t have bought or done before--it’s OK to have fun with some of your new money!

Sudden Wealth What would you do with an extra $10,000?

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Evaluate your new financial position Just how wealthy are you? You’ll want to figure that out before you make any major life decisions (e.g., to retire). Your first impulse may be to go out and buy things, but that may not be in your best interest. Even if you’re used to handling your own finances, now’s the time to watch your spending habits carefully. Sudden wealth can turn even the most cautious person into an impulse buyer. Of course, you’ll want your current wealth to last, so you’ll need to consider your future needs, not just your current desires.

Answering these questions may help you evaluate your short- and long-term needs and goals: • Do you have outstanding debt that you’d like to pay off? • Do you need more current income? • Do you plan to pay for your children’s education? • Do you need to bolster your retirement savings? • Are you planning to buy a first or second home? • Are you considering giving to loved ones or a favorite charity?


• Are there ways to minimize any upcoming income and estate taxes?

Note: Experts are available to help you with all of your planning needs. If you don’t already have a financial planner, insurance agent, accountant, or attorney, now would be a good time to find professionals to guide you through this new experience.

Impact on investing What will you do with your new assets? Consider these questions: • Do you have enough money to pay your bills and your taxes? • How might investing increase or decrease your taxes? • Do you have assets that you could quickly sell if you needed cash in an emergency? • Are your investments growing quickly enough to keep up with or beat inflation? • Will you have enough money to meet your retirement needs and other long-term goals? • How much risk can you tolerate when investing? • How diversified are your investments?

It’s sad to say, but being wealthy may make you more vulnerable to lawsuits. Although you may be able to pay for any damage (to yourself or others) that you cause, you may want to re-evaluate your current insurance policies and consider purchasing an umbrella liability policy. If you plan on buying expensive items such as jewelry or artwork, you may need more property/casualty insurance to cover these items in case of loss or theft. Finally, it may be the right time to re-examine your life insurance needs. More life insurance may be necessary to cover your estate tax bill so your beneficiaries receive more of your estate after taxes.

Is gift giving part of your overall plan? You may want to give gifts of cash or property to your loved ones or to your favorite charities. It’s a good idea to wait until you’ve come up with a financial plan before giving or lending money to anyone, even family members. If you decide to give or lend any money, put everything in writing. This will protect your rights and avoid hurt feelings down the road. In particular, keep in mind that: • If you forgive a debt owed by a family member, you may owe gift tax on the transaction. • You can make individual gifts of up to $13,000 each calendar year without incurring any gift tax liability ($26,000 if you are married, and you and your spouse can split the gift). • If you pay a school directly, you can give an unlimited amount to pay for someone’s education without having to pay gift tax (you can do the same with medical bills) If you make a gift to charity during your lifetime, you may be able to deduct the amount of the gift on your income tax return, within certain limits, based on your adjusted gross income. Note: Because the tax implications are complex, you should consult a tax professional for more information before making sizable gifts.

Impact on estate planning

Teton Thunder Fall 2011

Teton Thunder Fall 2011

Impact on insurance

Giving it all away - or maybe just some of it

Sudden Wealth

The answers to these questions may help you formulate a new investment plan. Remember, though, there’s no rush. You can put your funds in an accessible interestbearing account such as a savings account, money market account, or short-term certificate of deposit until you have time to plan and think things through. You may wish to meet with an investment advisor for help with these decisions.

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This information, developed by an independent third party, has been obtained from sources considered to be reliable, but Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. does not guarantee that the foregoing material is accurate or complete. This information is not a complete summary or statement of all available data necessary for making an investment decision and does not constitute a recommendation. The information contained in this report does not purport to be a complete description of the securities, markets, or developments referred to in this material. This information is not intended as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any security referred to herein. Investments mentioned may not be suitable for all investors. The material is general in nature. Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. does not provide advice on tax, legal or mortgage issues. These matters should be discussed with the appropriate professional.

Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC, an independent broker/dealer, and are not insured by FDIC, NCUA or any other government agency, are not deposits or obligations of the financial institution, are not guaranteed by the financial institution, and are subject to risks, including the possible loss of principal. Prepared by Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc. Copyright 2011.


Campus Beautification

Underway at WSC

Williston State College will be getting a face-lift in coming years. Recent additions to the WSC campus include the new residence facility, Frontier Hall, and a new Sitting Bull statue in front of Stevens Hall. However these new additions only mark the beginning of the campus beautification process.

JLG Architects of Grand Forks has been working with Williston State for roughly three years and has designed the master plan for the college. The goal of the project is to make WSC feel more like a college campus, while creating more parking spaces. They will accomplish this by removing the large parking lot in front of Stevens Hall and the newly built Frontier Hall and replace it with green open space, recreation areas and walkways connecting the buildings. Lonnie Laffen of JLG Architects explained that when people picture college campuses they think of green walking spaces in-between buildings, and with the addition of Frontier Residence Hall this August, a beautiful walkway and the college campus feel desired will be accomplished.


To begin the project at Williston State, JLG Architects interviewed students, faculty members and community members about what they wished the WSC campus provided. They found the most common response from those interviewed was a desire for WSC to look more like a college campus. Many people even compared the

current campus to a Wal-Mart parking lot, referring to the parking lot in front of Stevens Hall. From these interviews they compiled a list of top ten things desired on the campus. “The beautification project covers six or seven of those ten issues,” said Laffen. After the beautification project is completed the first impression of the campus will no longer be that it resembles a parking lot. The campus will remind visitors more of a place of higher learning than a department store. The finished product will provide a much-needed connection between the new residence hall and Stevens Hall and an appreciated outdoor activity space for students.

Earlwin B. Bullhead Sculptor Michael Westergard


Sitting Bull

Teton Thunder - Spring 2011 Teton Thunder Fall 2011

Rave - Winter TetonReview Thunder Fall 20112010

Sitting Bull

Project Beautification

Ernie LaPointe Sitting Bull’s Great-Grandson

Work this year in the master plan includes the construction of a new science wing and an iconic statue of Lewis and Clark. They broke ground for the new addition to Stevens Hall on July 20th of this year and it will be completed by the fall of 2012. The new residence hall, Frontier Hall, opened its doors on August 25th. The beautification project provides an exciting look at the future of Williston State College. As the college grows, Williston State will continue to find ways to provide lasting education to all of its students. To find out more about the WSC Master Plan check out the JLG Architects website at


forwards; large, strong defensemen with great slap shots; and goalies with catlike agility and lightning reflexes. The final piece of a successful hockey team is the head coach who must mould the players into a team that approaches the game with a positive attitude and the will to win. On paper, any team can look great, but it is that ability to capitalize on the strengths of each player that will turn the team into a competitor on the ice. For Seamus Gregory, Head Coach of the Williston Teton Hockey Team, there was another challenge, recruiting the first team. “I was appointed in May so I’ve had a little over two months to recruit an entire hockey team because this is our first year,” shares Gregory. But Seamus (pronounced shay-mus) feels that the community and the college have a lot to offer a hockey recruit. More importantly, Coach Gregory feels that there are a lot of good hockey players that slip through the cracks every year at the high school or junior hockey levels. These players will fit in the WSC Hockey Program very well. “Every year there are a lot of high school and junior hockey players that are vying to get to the next level, which is collegiate hockey, but they may not have gotten a look or may need another year to mature on the ice and in the classroom. We here at Williston State fit the bill quite nicely for that player/ student. We will offer them a great education. Our school community is growing and we give them an opportunity to play here and maybe advance on to a higher level. That’s my selling point and ultimately my job. We have a two-year program and we want to bring them in, let them have success here, and move them out.”


Williston State will also be a great stepping-stone for local hockey talent, with a chance to mature and grow physically while playing college hockey. “At 16-17 (years old) you sometimes aren’t mature enough to make life decisions. Players are forced to make a decision to jump into some level of junior hockey, stop going to school full-time and chase a pipe dream of playing Division I. Junior hockey in the United

As Seamus Gregory looks at his calendar, opening day of camp, October 1st, is not all that far away. “We open at home against Dakota College at Bottineau on Wednesday, October 26th,” says Coach Gregory, “and we’ll compete in the National Junior College Athletic Association.” Fans will recognize regional foes like Dakota College, Minot State University and North Dakota State University. They will also get a chance to see the Tetons compete against teams from Montana, Minnesota, Arizona and Canada. They will play 28 regular season games.

States and Canada is very strong, and I’m a former junior hockey player, but academically we (Williston State) will offer them an alternative,” continues Gregory.

They play here for two years, get a great start on a four-year education or graduate with a degree in one of our programs. Then they can make a decision to move on to the next level, whatever that is.

Selling hockey players on coming to Williston State has become significantly easier with the addition of the new residence hall and other improvements made to the campus in the last three years. “Students are impressed once they tour campus,” says Coach Gregory, “it is a small school community, not overwhelming. Although it is a state school it still gives you that sense of a small private school. The new buildings, Frontier Residence Hall, Western Star and Career Center and the Science Building addition, are evidence that our college is growing. That is significant for recruits and parents to see, especially when other colleges are downsizing.” It was that excitement that drew Seamus Gregory to Williston State. Originally from Conception Bay, Newfoundland, Canada, Seamus grew up playing hockey on Newfoundland’s east coast. He played a majority of his junior hockey career in New Brunswick, Canada finishing up with the Fredericton Falcons in 2001. Before Williston State he was the Interim Head Coach at Lake Forest College (Division III MCHA). He is engaged and will be married next June. Jodi, his future wife will join him in Williston next year.

“And probably most important,” shares coach Gregory, “30-35 very talented young men will soon be students on the campus of Williston State College, and that’s important from an enrollment perspective. Our program will bring not only new life to our college, but also students

Coach Seamus Gregory from many walks of life to our college community and continue the momentum of growth that we are experiencing” History will be made when the Williston State College Men’s Hockey Program takes the ice in October, and Coach Seamus Gregory will be proud to be an integral part of building the legacy that will come after that.

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Site: nent: po Op Williston, ND Date: 10/26/11

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n’s Senior “A” Saskatchewan Me n’s Senior “A” Saskatchewan Me rsity Minot State Unive n’s Senior “A” Me n wa he tc ska Sa n’s Senior “A” Me Saskatchewan n’s Senior “A” Saskatchewan Me n’s Senior “A” Saskatchewan Me y rsit Minot State Unive eau) ttin (Bo ge Dakota Colle y rsit ive Un ch Te Montana rsity ive Un ch Te na Monta te University North Dakota Sta te University Sta North Dakota ttineau) Dakota College (Bo ttineau) Dakota College (Bo y rsit Minot State Unive kota Da uth University of So kota Da uth So of University rsit ive y Montana Tech Un iversity Montana Tech Un na izo Ar University of ttineau) (Bo ge lle Dakota Co ttineau) Dakota College (Bo y rsit Minot State Unive on kst oo Minnesota Cr on kst oo Cr a Minnesot y rsit ive Un te Sta t Mino

Williston, ND Williston, ND Williston, ND Williston, ND Williston, ND Williston, ND Williston, ND Minot, ND Williston, ND Butte, MT Butte, MT Fargo, ND Fargo, ND Bottineau, ND Bottineau, ND Williston, ND Vermillion, SD Vermillion, SD Williston, ND Williston, ND Williston, ND Williston, ND Bottineau, ND Williston, ND Moorhead, MN Moorhead, MN Minot, ND

Teton Thunder Fall 2011

Teton Thunder Fall 2011

The perfect hockey team would have fast, skilled

Seamus arrived for his first visit to Williston during the aftermath of the April snow storm, which had left the city of Williston without power for a number of days. Still, the whole community welcomed him and made him feel at home. “I like the people, college and the city. I knew that it was a unique opportunity to start a brand new hockey program and I’m very grateful I was the person they selected, it’s a dream come true.”

WSC Hockey

WSC Hockey

Hockey Program Tetons Build

7:00pm 7:00pm 2:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 2:00pm 7:00pm 2:00pm 7:30pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 1:00pm TBD TBD TBD TBD 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 2:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm TBD 7:00pm TBD TBD 7:30pm


ASB Community Pride Teton Thunder Fall 2011

American State Bank

Continuing a

of Community Pride

“We have been part of Williston State College

since day one,” shares Pat Sogard. The “we” he refers to is American State Bank, an institution founded in 1906. “The college was a Community College down at the old Central High building. We’re not sure of the exact story, but American State Bank either donated machines (business machines like typewriters and adding machines) or we donated money for them to purchase machines.” Pat and Tamara Davidson-Sogard are now the third generation of the Davidson family at American State Bank. Their commitment to the community is as strong as it was back in 1906 when W.S. Davidson Sr. founded the bank some 105 years ago. Joining the Sogards for this interview were Noel K. Hanson, Board of Directors; Ken L. Heen, President and CEO of American State Bank; and Debbie Richter, Marketing Officer. Their common theme was the commitment that American State Bank has to Williston State College and the community of Williston. “Helping out and supporting Williston State College is just something we have to do,” continues Pat, “we know


Teton Thunder Fall 2011


that the college and hospital are important to keeping our community thriving and vibrant.” It would be hard to list the many donations that American State Bank has made to Williston State College over the years. But most recently the bank has made major donations to the nursing lab, the alumni room in “The Well” and now the beautiful new scoreboard at Rabon Field, the new home of Williston State College Teton Baseball. “In the old days, there are stories about American State Bank providing funds for payroll to keep the college running,” adds in Noel Hanson, “but financial support is only a part of giving back to the community. Our people are also active, both Ken (Heen) and Tammy (Davidson-Sogard) have served on the Williston State Foundation Board.” “We recently conducted a survey and found out that over half of our employees are WSC alumni,” said Debbie Richter, “that kind of tells you how important the college is to the community.”

ASB Community Pride

Scoreboard Donation Scoreboard

“And of course the college needs the support of businesses like ours to survive,” said Ken Heen. Ken is also an alumnus of Williston State College. He was a member of the first class that occupied the first building on campus.

We are trying to set an example for other businesses, too. We all need to support the college as it is part of what makes us a major city in the state.

” “

And what do they think of the recent developments on campus? “WOW!” says Pat Sogard. “In the past three-four years they have been doing things right. They now have a vision for what the campus can be. It really looks like a college campus.” And the improvements have helped in recruiting efforts at Williston High School, as 40% of the class of 2011 will attend Williston State College. “The new

plan for the college makes people sit up and take notice. They ask themselves, why would I not want to be a part of that?” says Noel Hanson. “From our perspective,” adds Pat Sorgard, “we need to support the college and the community. Our bank exists and grows because of the community and we continue to donate and contribute. That’s an important part of what we are at American State Bank.”


Fun Bus

Ryan Ogaard keeps passengers entertained with magic.

FunBus Teton Thunder Fall 2011

From Williston State College to Target Field

Hunter Berg is getting a chuckle out of Terry Olson falling victim to a magic trick.

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Great view from the Sky Bar Suite.

fun bus fun bus fun bus


TETON STORM HITS To learn more about Knapheide Truck Bodies and how they can work for you, stop in to Select Ford today.



202 1st Ave E, Williston, ND • 701-577-2142 or 1-800-594-9454

Behind The Scenes

With about 20 years of teaching experience,


Williston State College Assistant Professor of Math Melanie Herman teaches with a deep passion for math and for her students. She makes it her goal to share with students her excitement for math and desire for learning.

Andrea Heller WSC Bookstore Manager & Director of Student Auxiliary Services

In this edition of the Teton Thunder, we would


I was born in Germany as my father was an American diplomat abroad. My mother is French so I grew up speaking two languages. Due to my father’s work, we also lived in Iran, North Africa and the United States. When my father retired from the CIA we moved back to Europe and settled in Switzerland. I spent many happy years growing up in a small ski resort, going to school and working for the local tourist office. While in Switzerland, I met my future husband, Jon, who is from Williston. I remember asking my dad where North Dakota was and him wondering why in the world I needed to know. After graduating from high school I went to college in the South of France at the University of Aix-Marseille where I received a degree in French language and literature. Immediately after graduation, my family and I moved back to the states where we lived in Washington, D.C. However, that city did not suit me! I still felt very European and wanted to move back to Switzerland. Jon, however, had a different idea. He convinced me that I would love living out west in Telluride, Colorado where he spent his winters. He said it was more like Switzerland, and he was right. After we got married, we moved to Williston, where we’ve been for the last 35 years. Jon and I settled on his family’s farm where we raised our two children, Jay and Sara. I was fortunate to be a stay at home mom while they were growing up and loved living on the farm. However, we went through some very difficult years in the 1980’s. Realizing I needed to go back to work, and knowing there was not much demand for a French degree in Williston, I decided to go back to school. I remember being scared as I walked through the front doors at Williston State College because I was already in my late 30’s and wondered who goes back to school at that age! I enrolled in the Information Processing Specialist program and got to work! My fears were quickly erased because I had the best teachers who encouraged me to push myself. I quickly completed some

Saying that Williston State College is a huge part of my life is an understatement. I am so grateful this college provided me with an education and a job.

I have been the Bookstore Manager for 22 years, and as of July 1st, I am the new Director of Student Auxiliary Services. Along with the bookstore I will be overseeing our cafeteria. With the new residence hall, WSC anticipates an increase in enrollment, so food service will be an important part of my new duties. Without the support of the fantastic employees in both areas, my job would be difficult! We work well together and I am so thankful they are all a part of our WSC family! President Nadolny supports our efforts so it makes it easy for us to succeed. In my opinion, Williston State has the best faculty and staff! I can’t imagine waking up in the morning and not coming to work. I have already told Foundation Director Terry Olson that after I retire I would like to be on the Foundation Board. Williston State College will always be my home!

Melanie first realized that math and science were her strong suits when she was in high school. In her first summer after graduating from college she did some computer programming work. Although interested in computing, she did not find it particularly fulfilling as her job consisted of sitting at a desk, alone. She missed interacting with people, which is one reason she chose to pursue teaching. Melanie’s first teaching job was in Columbus, North Dakota, where she taught seventh through twelth grade math and tenth grade computer classes. She then moved to Sidney, Montana, where she taught high school math. While living in Sidney she met her future husband, whom she married in 2007. Today they have a three-year-old son. After living in Sidney for nine years she found she missed North Dakota and her family so she began to look for positions in the state. In 2001 the opportunity Melanie was looking for presented itself when Williston State College was looking for a new computer and mathematics instructor. Melanie got the job and has been a resident of Williston ever since.

It is so super when a student can grasp a concept and realize it applies to them.

Each semester she teaches around five to six math courses. WSC only has two or three math majors so many of her classes are filled with students who are completing requirements for other majors or are math minors. “I have taught just about every math class there is,” comments Melanie, who has taught everything from Beginning Algebra to Differential Equations.

Teton Thunder Fall 2011

Teton Thunder Fall 2011

like to turn the spotlight on Andrea Heller, WSC Bookstore Manager and Director of Student Auxiliary Services.

of my classes and started helping Ken Quamme teach some of his. I was his first student worker. As time went by, I was convinced that I did not want to leave WSC, and that I wanted a permanent job at the college. Then, as a student worker one summer, I was assigned to do inventory in the bookstore by myself as the current manager was ill and was unable to come back to her position. As the fall semester was about to resume, there was some panic because nobody had ordered textbooks. I told my supervisor, Lester Olson, that I could do the job. Luckily, he was not aware I was totally clueless as to what to do! Books miraculously appeared on the shelves by the time classes started and I eventually got the job as the bookstore manager.

Herman was born on a family farm 25 miles north of Kenmare, North Dakota. After graduating from Kenmare High School, she decided to continue her education at Minot State University where she received a bachelor of the arts degree in computer science and mathematics and a bachelor of science in education. In 1997, she also received a master’s degree of mathematics from Minot State University.

When teaching math, one of the most difficult challenges Melanie faces are students who have had poor experiences with the subject. “It’s difficult to get students excited about math,” Melanie says, “but I’m up to the challenge!” She loves the interaction she gets to have with students on a daily basis, for example those light bulb moments that come when students finally understand a concept they have been struggling with.

Faculty Spotlight

Scenes Behind the

Over the last ten years Williston State has become Melanie’s home. She has fallen in love with the community of Williston and the college alike. The math and science departments at WSC are top notch, in her opinion, and she feels blessed to have the opportunity to work with the other faculty members.

Melanie Herman WSC Assistant Professor of Math

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Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Community College


fine arts fine arts

Music To Your Ears

fine arts

Concert Choir

Teton Thunder Fall 2011

Williston High School, Herb Parker Jr. retired from his high school teaching career, but stood on the threshold of what would be a second career teaching and directing music at Williston State College. His first year was parttime, and in his office he has a photo of his first college choir. “They were the ones who started it all,” Herb shares with pride. For many in northwest North Dakota Herb Parker is a familiar name. The football stadium at Minot State University is named after his father, Herb Parker Sr. But the music career of Herb Parker Jr. can be traced back to a band called “The Embermen Five.” The band was started in Minot around 1965 with Herb Parker Jr. as lead singer and songwriter. The Embermen Five recorded several singles, but arguably their best was “Fire In My Heart.” One of the reasons the band broke up is that Herb was a senior music student at Minot State University. Leading the MSU music department in those years were John Strohm and James Jurens. One highlight of his college career was marching in the Rosebowl (Tournament of Roses) parade in California. After college Herb Parker Jr. taught music at Minot High School for five years. He then left and went to Oklahoma City where he performed in nightclubs for four years, returning to Minot to teach music at Bishop Ryan High School before moving to Williston in 1981. In 2008 Williston State College was ready to expand their Fine Arts program and the availability of Herb Parker Jr., along with the WSC Foundation’s support for an expanded fine arts curriculum made the goal a reality. But unique to the program is the combination of the Williston community based fine arts groups with the WSC groups to create larger choirs, bands and orchestras. This unique partnership is one that benefits the college and the community.


Teton Thunder Fall 2011

After 27 years as vocal music instructor at

Herb Parker Jr. The first combined group is the WSC Concert Chorale, a group that combines singers from the community with WSC choir members who audition for the Chorale. This group meets on Mondays from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. Williston State also has a Concert Choir that meets twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, from 3:00 to 3:50 P.M. This group normally has between 25 and 30 performers and “changes every semester,” said Herb. The Select Singers round out the chorale offerings at Williston State. This group of 12-16 college students auditioned for a spot in the group and will perform a wide variety of music including swing, popular songs from musicals, pop and lighter music. This group meets immediately after concert choir, practicing from 4:00 to 4:50 P.M. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The WSC Concert Band consists of all college students and meets from 3:00 to 3:50 P.M. on Mondays and Wednesdays during the first semester. This band is also the “pep band” that performs at college athletic events. “The community and college wanted a pep band because it makes a big difference at the games. I started with 18 students and had the right instrumentation to field a pep band,” explains Parker, “but the band, like the choir, is always changing. We adjust to the instrumentation that we have.” During the second semester the WSC Concert Band combines with the Williston City Band to form the WSC Community/City Band. The combination results in a band of 35-plus performers that meets on Thursday

Jazz Combo

nights from 7:00 to 8:45 P.M. “The students get to learn from some very experienced musicians,” said Parker. “They also see that music continues on beyond their college years and is still fun.” Students can continue to play during summer semester too, as students are encouraged to continue to play with the Williston City Band. The band has several concerts outdoors in the Virgil Syverson band shell, as well as other scheduled performances in venues like nursing homes. To round out the Fine Arts program, the college and community have combined to form the Williston Orchestra. This group consists of about 35-40 performers, as well as the Williston Strings, a smaller group of about 15-20 strings. The Williston Orchestra practices on Tuesday nights. “Both the community and college benefit from the Fine Arts partnership,” says Parker. “The college offers free tuition to those community members who participate in the combined groups. And from a college standpoint, the WSC Foundation has really helped out a lot by providing scholarships to students who play in the groups even if they aren’t music majors.” Students can declare themselves music majors and about five have taken this route and gone on to a degree program at another college.

Even though his schedule is fairly full, Herb is able to offer private lessons through the college to those who are interested. “Anyone can enroll at Williston State and take private lessons. We added private lessons in voice, piano, brass, woodwinds, strings and with the addition of Chad Askim, percussion.” Chad also teaches class guitar and jazz combo. With a very full plate and several goals still ahead, how long will Herb Parker Jr. be able to keep up the pace and stay with the program? “I’ll stay here as long as I’m in good health,” says Parker.

I’m doing what I want and having a lot of fun.

For Williston State College and the entire Williston community, the growth of the Fine Arts program at WSC is certainly music to their ears.


International Students

Williston State College’s

Perspective Williston State College Provides Global Experience

Williston State College gives students the chance

to experience cultures from around the world, on campus in North Dakota. Every year they educate anywhere from 16 to 30 international students who come from a diverse set of cultures and countries from around the world. They are also finding new and exciting ways to bring international culture to North Dakota students and residents. For Williston State, it is exciting to host international students because it brings a piece of the diverse world to the students of WSC. The opportunity to have international students enrolled at WSC really enriches the campus. Vice President of Student Services, Jan Solem, explains that international students make the campus more global. “Many of our students who have grown up in small town communities have never been exposed to other cultures,” she explains. “International students add a more global experience to WSC. They also give the Williston community an opportunity to see a culture different from their own.” This past year WSC has enjoyed having 16 international students from five different countries. The number of students varies each year. Some years fewer than 16 international students have attended, while in other years there have been almost 30 enrolled. A diverse spectrum of countries has been represented at WSC including: Australia, Cameroon, Greece, Ghana, Germany, Norway, Bahamas, France and more. Williston State College does not currently recruit international students, so many of those who attend have found WSC on their own through the internet, or coaching connections. Solem emphasized that the international students that attend WSC have just as diverse

of backgrounds and life stories as they do cultures. Some of WSC’s international students have attended high school in the U.S., while others are from impoverished countries with little opportunity at home. At Williston State, international students have the chance to receive the same quality education WSC offers to every one of its students. They also offer English language courses so international students having difficulties with the language can learn along with others experiencing similar troubles. New programs and developments in bringing international students to WSC have many, like Solem, excited about the future. For example, this year marks the beginning of a partnership between a community college in Japan and WSC. As a result of this partnership three Japanese students will be attending Williston State in the fall. It also makes Solem hopeful about what this will mean for the future of international studies. “This partnership opens many doors for WSC students.” Solem also described a mentorship program between American students and international students that is in the works. A program like this will allow a U.S. student to mentor an international student and help ease them into the culture of the campus, community and country. International students provide a great cultural opportunity to the students of Williston State College. They not only add to the diversity of the campus, but also give American students a chance to be exposed to a more global perspective. With the continuing development of international programs at WSC the college is growing more global, providing more chances for students, international and American alike.

A New Era of Learning

As the Western Star Career and Technology

Education Center, or “CTE” building opened it’s doors on Williston State’s campus, a new era of educational learning in the region began. “The growth of the oil industry in western North Dakota has generated an incredibly high demand for workers with specialized skills,” states Patrick Hatlestad, Director of the Career and Technical Education Center. “It is our goal with this new facility to provide the educated students to meet the demands of employers in the region.” Hatlestad broke down the various programs currently offered through the CTE building, briefly touching on each program’s individual curriculum. Welding Technology: Hatlestad explains, “here students will learn the basics of welding. Instructors will have them study and master over eight welding styles. Upon completion of the program, students will walk away with their certification and become immediately employable. We are also offering a high school course that is a basic introduction to welding, and is available to select area high schools,” Hatlestad states. “Students can take classes online from their respective high schools and a representative from WSC will visit each school to administer tests in person.” Residential Carpentry Technology: “What is great about this program is that the Williston State College Foundation goes out and purchases an area home. Students then go to the residence and receive hands-on training as they work to remodel and eventually resell the house for a profit. This then allows for the purchase of yet another home for students to work on as the process continues,” explains Hatlestad. “We are also currently looking to expand at some point and hope to one day offer both a plumbing and electrical program to students.” Automotive Technology: “Students receive hands-on training and in class theory in their college courses, and upon completion of the program, are awarded basic certification stating that they are proficient in brakes, transmissions and other automotive specialties,” says Hatlestad. “Again with this program we also offer an introductory course for high school students, which runs two hours a day, five days a week, for two

semesters. Our hope is to gain the attention of younger students and get them thinking about possibly taking their training further at the junior college level.” Electronics: “Currently this is strictly a high school course,” explains Hatlestad. “We have a cooperative agreement with Ebel Integrators where students get a basic overview of real world scenarios, from basic home installation and electronic networking to office networking. At this time we are also working towards establishing a two-year curriculum for a junior college level course for students looking to gain the marketable skills to enter this field.” Computer (Basic Fundamentals): Hatlestad states, “here students are exposed to some of the basic fundamentals of the computer. They learn how the computer works and participate in troubleshooting simulations. They also learn the basic hardware configurations of today’s machines and gain a better understanding of each individual component’s purpose.”

With the programs we are able to offer through the CTE building at Williston State College, we look to enhance the curriculum of the area’s surrounding high schools.

Teton Thunder Fall 2011

Teton Thunder Fall 2011



CTE Building

international international CTE Building international

“Many times students are not set up for a four-year program,” he states. “What we’ve been encouraging is what we call a “Two plus Two” program, where students enroll and complete their original two-year degree. They then go work in their related field for a time, gaining much needed experience. Then later on, should an employee feel they need more training and education, move to finish their final two years and complete a fouryear degree.” “Many smaller schools lack the materials to diversify their curriculum,” he says. “But through Williston State College’s CTE programs we can offer that to them online. We provide the theory and demonstration and can work with them to enrich the lives of area students as they transition towards the working world. For us it’s a win-win situation. We get a great state of the art facility here on campus and local schools get the curriculum they need. Most importantly the students get the education they need to succeed.”


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Bomback, Patricia Bombard, Pamela Boom, Len Bordynuik, Don Borrud, Debra Borseth, Chantell Borseth, Peter Boschee, Tamie Bosek, Louis Bosserman, Michael Bostylan, Richard Bouchard, Heidy Boughton, Sandra Boulds, Barrie Bower, LeRoy Bowker, Amber Bowman, Kristi Boxer, Lisa Braaten, Jaylene Braaten, Tammy Bracken, Justin Brackey, Angela Braden, Steven Bradshaw, Ranson Brady, Diana Brakey, Kessa Brandt, Carol Brandt, Jeremy Brandt, Michelle Branker, Marissa Brannon, Alex Bratcher, Debra Braun, Brandon Braun, Brock Braun, Carissa Braun, Joan Breding, Kathy Bredwick, Jon Brekke, Danny Brekke, Matthew Brendel, Pat Brenna, Taryn Bresciani, Jennifer Brevik, Carol Brevik, Tom Brew, Jason Brew, Lindsey Brewer, Trish Brigham, Brenda Brisson, Marc Britton, Marla Broadway, Gerlinde Brodersen, Richelle Broe, Colette Broe, Delona Brookshire, Adam Brophy, Jamie Broschat, Benjamin Brostuen, Jenna Brostuen, Nancy Brown, Brittany Brown, Cody Brown, Kathleen Brown, Rosemarie Brown, Lori Browning, Barrett Brunelle, Jayne Bruner, Stacy Bryant, Beverly Bryson, Marla Buck, James Buck, Patricia Buckley, Lisa Budiao, Patrice Buen, Brian Buen, Brian Buerkle, Cheri Buhk, Patricia Bullhead, Tanya Burau, Darin Burau, Debra Burchett, Vernida Burckhard, Larry Burgess, Steven Burkhard, Larry BurnsvJoan Burns, Karley Burns, Reachell Burton, Nycole Busch, Beth Ann Busch, Brittany Busch, Kathryn Bussard, Terry Buttler, Cory Buxbaum, Susan Buxbaum, Trish Byron, Nancy Cable, Melissa Cain, Mandy Jo Campbell, Anthony Campbell, Matt Campbell, Michelle Cancade, Jamie Candela, Alison Cardinal, Angela Carl, Erin Carl, Laura CarlsonvDerek Carlson, Megan Carlson, Tamara Carnes, Wendy Carns, Carolee

Carns, Ronald Carns, Sara Carpenter, Deborah Carr, Randal Carrier, Donna Carrier, Hattie Carrington, Travis Carscallen, Susan Carson, Laurel Carter, Beryl Carter, Bryan Carter, Jason Carter, Wendell Cartwright, Clint Cast, Patty Casteel, Brenda Casterline, Carolyn Castro, Timothy Cayko, Ethan Cecil, Joseph Celley, Karen Ceynar, Kyle Chapin, Cindy Cherniwchan, Nolan Cherry, Rachel Chester, Katherine Chittum, Eva Chrest, Brad Christensen, Steve Christenson, Marcus Christian, Teri Christianson, Teresa Christopherson, Charissa Christopherson, Donald Christopherson, Lynnette Ciebiera, Suzanne Cinnamon, Michael Cipolla, Beatrice Clark, Amy Clark, Carroll Clark, Janelle Clark, Jesse Clark, Kayla Clark, Lisa Clark, Rayann Clark, Todd Clary, Raymond III Clave, Chris Clave, William Cleary, Cyndy Clemens, Carmelita Clemes, Allyson Clifford, Susan Clifton, Clara Clifton, Laura Close, Dawn Coates, Shanon Coffin, Ashley Cole, Christine Cole, Erik Collings, Curt Collings, Darcy Collings, Kendra Combs, Annel Conroy, Katie Conway, Drew Cook, Brittney Coonrod, Kelly Coonts, Brian Corbally, Darlene Corpron, Jon Costas, Olivia Cote, Cherie Cote, Cheryl Cote, Dorothy Cote, Trisha Counts, Lew Cournoyer, Cale Cousins, Craig Cowley, Melodee Cox, Anna Cox, Celeste Cox, Nancy Cox, Tracey Craig, Jahi Cranna, Connie Crawford, Melvin Crews, Jeremy Crighton, Diane Crilly, Krista Crooks, Nichole Crossland, Janet Crow, Laura Culbertson, Robin Culp, Shallun Cummings, Kathy Cummings, Kristi Cunningham, Jacqueline Curtis, Brenda Dahl, Brenda Dahl, Carmen Dahlberg, Darrell Dahlberg, Darren Dahlin, Connie Dahlman, Trevor Dalton-Brown, Niall Damm, Jacob Dancing Bull, Cedar Daniel, Nancy Daniels, Derek Danielson, Lisa Datta, Arron

Daum, Brad Dauterman, Valerie D’Autremont, Amie David, Deon Davidson, Bonnie Davis, Chad Davis, Donovan Davis, Ramona Davis, Sara Jo Daws, Cresta Dawson, Dennis Day, Tracie Debris, Thomas Decker, June Defoe, Peggy Degenstein, Amanda Degenstein, Brian Deibert, Denise Deichert, Pam Del Grande, Joel-Anthony Delorme, Alecia Delorme, Scott Demoe, Kassie Dennis, Lauri Desjarlis, Laurel Detienne, Glenn Detienne, Kathryn Deubner, Benjamin Deutsch, Latisha Dhuyvetter, Sarah Dickerson, Keli Diegel, Brent Diehl, Jody Diekgrager, Laurel Dietz, Angie Dietz, Jerome Difonzo, Jennifer Digerness, Robert Dighans, Scott Dillon, Robert Dishon, Jen Dishon, Lori Ditsworth, Kelly Dobson, Robert Dockter, Renae Dodge, James Dokken, Donna Dolan, Michael Dolezal, Victoria Donamaria, Aaron Donis, Alicia Donis, Larry Donis, Sandy Donovan, Terry Dore, Janet Dore, Sheila Dosch, Michael Douts, Rachel Dowling, Reta Downey, Christine Downing, Afton Downing, Patti Doyle, Carmen Doyle, Jamie Dozier, Renae Drake, Jeanette Drakes, Marlon Drange, Debra Drange, Larry Drangsholt, Lois Dreher, Kay Dschaak, Eldon Dubinko, Naomi Duchscher, Jarrett Duchscherer Pat Duchsherer, Shane Duffy, Shawn Dufner, Susan Duhamel, Ashlee Dullum, Cynthia Dumas, Sarah Duncan, Kemba Dundas, Taffee Dunn, Kasie Duran, Michael Durell, Ryan Durward, Darrol Dutke, Keely Dvirnek, Rhonda Dwyer, Jamie Ebel, Kara Eberling, Michael Eberts, Jessica Edenloff, Melody Eder, Benjamin Edwards, Alicia Edwards, Ronald Edwards, Trenity EgemovDaniel Egemo, Jeffrey Ehlis, Ryan Eide, Caleb Eide, Gladys Eide, Kim Eide, Kyle Eide, Pamela Eide, Tawnya Eikom, Roxane Ekblad, Mike Ekren, Judy Eldridge, Erin Eliason, Angie

Ell, Ronald Ellestad, Fern Ellingson, Charell Ellingson, James Ellingson, Patricia Ellis, Sara Ellison, Gregory Elsbernd, Bernard Emerson, Roy Engebert, Dennis Engebretson, Dale Engelbrecht, David Enger, Victoria Enget, Marsha Engh, Ann Engin, Alvin Engstrom, Gregory Engstrom, Katrina Enno, Bryan Enno, Steve Ensrud, Elaine Entzel, Jennifer Entzi, Alissa Enyart, Amanda Erhardt, Janet Eric, Ladonna Erickson, Aaron Erickson, Diann Erickson, Georgina Erickson, Joel Erickson, Mark Erickson, Pam Erickson, Susan Erickson, Wes Erie, Keshia Erker, Corrine Erstad, Lori Ertelt, Jennifer Erz, Maria EslingervAllan Espeseth, Drew Esterby, Tracy Etzel, Kathi Evans, Angie Evans, Robert Evanson, Alex Evanson, Carmella Evanson, Jeffrey Evanson, Josh J Evanson, Mickayla Evanson, Valerie Evanson, Joel Jr Evenson, Christopher Evenson, Jade Evenson, Jerome Everett, Tasha Everson, Cumi Everson, Jason Ewanyshyn, Carisa Faiman, David Fain, John Fain, Kathleen Falcon, Albert Falcon, Candace Falcon, Dale Falcon, Dustin Falcon, Franceilia Falcon, Linda Falcon, Patricia Falcon, Tashena Farber, Melissa Farber, Shane Farmer, Brian Farnsworth, Richard Farrenkopf, James Farrow, Sarah Farstad, Cary Farstveet, Theresa Fassett, Tim Faulkner, Catherine Faulkner, Sara Fay, Vicki Feigitsch, Sara Feiring, Heidi Feiring, Linda Feland, Terri Felch, Roxie Felchle-Root, Kirsten Feldhouse, Ronald Feldman, Emily Fenster, Jill Ferrell, Deana Fettig, Abigail Fettig, Antoine Fettig, David Fickert, Jody Field, Tara Filipi, Rachell Fink, Joseph Fink, Michael Finneman, Michelle Finneman, Steve Finnicum, Ladonna Fischer, Janet Fischer, Justin Fischer, Lisa Fischer, Patricia Fischer, Roger Fisher, Jeffrey Fisher, Roger Fitzpatrick, Tracy Fixen, Bonita

If you, or someone you know is on our Missing Alumni List, please contact the WSC Foundation office so we can keep you updated with everything that is happening around WSC.

Fixen, Brittany Fixen, Tyler Fjeldahl, Tim Fladeland, Casey Flakne, Kayla Flexhaug, Andrew Flexhaug, Patricia Flexhaug, Robyn Flexhaug, Stacy Floer, Bryce Flory, Kory Fluhrer, Tesha Flynn, Mandy Folvag, Jason Folvag, Margaret Forbes, Justin Forland, Debra Forsberg, John Forster, Lance Forthun, Darrell Fortier, Terri Foss, Naomi Foss, Rachell Foster, Blair Foster, David Foster, Jamie Foster, Rebecca Foust, Josh Fowler, Harrison Fowler, Susan Fox, Jeanette Fox, Justin Fox , Terry Fox , Travis Frafford, Danielle France-Labar, Jennifer Frank, Roger Frank, Terri Frank, Terry Fraser, Kristin Frederick, Jason Frederick, Jeffery Frederick, Sara Fredericksen, Richard Fredricksen, Ted Fredrickson, Susan Freeman, Diana French, Julie Fretland, Deborah Fretland, Deidre Froelich, Tammy Froemke, Debra Froseth, Farah Frost, Rebecca Fry, Anton Fugere, Alexis Fugleberg, Stephanie Fuller, Erin Fuller, Jenny Fulton, Christine Funk, Ginger Funk, Sandra Furlong, Lauren Fuson, Kelli Gable, Debbie Gable, Tracy Gabrick, Daniel Gafkjen, Jody Gannaway, Teryl Garaas, Amanda Garaas, Rebecca Garcia, Kristen Garman, Gabriel Garza, Ramon Gasner, Lorne Gaudreau, Todd Gauthier, Debra Gebeke, Karen Geller, Elizabeth George, Janel Germann, Corwin Germundson, Misti Gerwien, Kristen Gessele, Mark Getchell, Alysia Getchell, Valeri Geyer, Vicky Gibbins, Jean Giddens, Kaycee Gilbert, Daniel Gilbertson, Kay Gilbertson, Wade Gilchrest, Erin Giron, Anna Gjerde, Steve Gjorven, Patrick Gjovig, Geralyn Gleason, Leo Glenn, John Glover, Regina Goddard, Jeffrey Godejohn, Laurie Goedhart, Crystal Goettle, Sarah Gohl, Larae Gold, Clayton Gold, Jennifer Golden, Brittany Gonzalez De Tor, Melissa Goodale, Dave GordonvBecki Gorseth, Eleanor

Goss, Lyle Grad, Janet Graf, Amanda Granrud, Teri Graupe, Bob Grave, Mitchell Green, Andrea Green, Anthony Green, Lacie Greenup, Dawn Greenwood, Scott Gregory, Troy Grenz, Marian Gress, Lyn Griffin, Brenda Grindy, Brittany Groethe, Karina Gross, Carla Gross, Roland Groth, Carmen Grove, Betty Grummett, Karise Guenther, Craig Guerdett, Joann Guider, Corey Guidry, Greg Guldborg, Kevin Gullickson, Ginger Gumbert, Coralie Gundermann, Tony Gunderson, Lindsay Gunderson, Mitchell Gunlikson, Casey Gustafson, Monika Gustavson, Amy Guttromson, Marlene Guzman, Loretta Gwin, Terri Haagenson, Ryan Haagenson, Tess Haakenson, Amber Haakenson, Kirk Haase, Amy Haaven, Andy Haber, Josh Hackbarth, Russ Haddix, Jennifer Hadley, Michele Hagen, Arlen Hagen, Betty Hagen, Holli Hagen, John Hagen, Taylor Hager, Mark Hagerott, Dawna Haggenson, Dana Hall, Elizabeth Halone, Gregory Halseth, Shane Halvorson, Karla Halvorson, Paulette Halvorson, Tyler Haman, Donna Hamling, Anthony Hammar, Michelle Hammond, Levi Hancock, Dane Hanks, Jodee Hanley, Kelly Hansen, Eric Hansen, Gregory Hansen, Jennifer Hansen, Kari Hansen, Kayla Hansen, Natalie Hansen, Stephanie Hansen, Warren Hanson, Aaron Hanson, Anne Hanson, Autumn Hanson, Barbara Hanson, Diane Hanson, Dorinda Hanson, Gerard Hanson, Jamie Hanson, Kim Hanson, Klayton Hanson, Kristy Hanson, Kyle Hanson, Laurel Hanson, Lori Hanson, Mathias Hanson, Nina Hanson, Tyler Hardy, Amanda Hardy, Keely Hardy, Megan Hardy, Ray Hardy, Tiffany Hardy, Vanessa Harlow Ii, Gary Harmon, Bette Harmon, Royce Harnisch, Rudolph Haro, Julie Harper, Craig Harpster, Diana Harris, Allison Harris, Brenda Harstad, Amy Harstad, Rodney Harstad, Steven

Harstad, Terry Harstad, Virgil Hart, Randi Hartsoch, Christopher Harvey, Craig Harvey, Doreen Hastner, Timothy Hatter, Mary Hauge, Steven Hauge, Terrance Haugen, Pamela Haugen, Tabitha Haugjorde, Cheri Haukaas, Michelle Hause, Debbie Haustveit, Kay Havelka, Gerald Haverluk, Angela Hawbaker, Annette Hayden, Dale Hayden, Dale Hayden, Jodi Haywood, Chris Hazel, Katy Heck, Brian Hecker, Nicole Hecker, Sarah Heen, Dena Heen, Mark Heggen, Jessica Hegland, Alicia Hegney, Dorene Hegseth, Mary Heid, Branden Heier, Matthew Heinle, Sarah Heintz, Julie Heiser, Courtney Helberg, Karen Helfrich, Pamela Helgeson, Beth Heller, Candy Heller, Karen Heller, Ramona Helling, Shae Helm, Molly Helseth, Lindsay Helstad, Valli Hendershot, Amy Henderson, Brad Henderson, Shelly Henke, Curtis Henley, Roy Henning, Michael Henricksen, Rebecca Henry, Ashley Henry, Justin Hensen, Sharron Hergranson, Wanda Hering, Kyle Heringer, Sarah Herk, Trista Herman, Gayle Herman, Melanie Hermanson, Louis Hermanson, Zachary Herreid, Trudy Herrell, Kathryn Herriot, Sarah Hersel, Kristine Herzog, Heidi Hewitt, Kyle Hewson, Angela Hicks, Sadie Highbe, David Hilkemann, Joel Hill , Kerry Hilleren, Jamie Hillerud, Jill Hilton, Susan Hilyard, Sheri Hinkle, Benjamin Hinkle, Jared Hirning, Bernell Hirsch, Karen Hlibichuk, Lisa Hodenfield, Kimberly Hofer, Matthew Hoff, Carmen Hoff, Cheryl Hoff, Sarah Hoff, Servil Hoff, Suzanne Hoff, Tammy Hoffelt, Patricia Hoffman, John Hoffmann, Jana Hohbein, Kim Hoheisel, Branden Holden, Loren Holden, Loren Holgerson, Jason Holinaty, Donald Hollen, Cassandra Hollen, Kristina Hollingsworth, Teresa Holly, Ronica Holm, Casey Holm, Jerry Holm, Michele Holt, Andrew Holt, Carter

Holt, Kimberlie Holter, Jacob Homung, Tammy Hooper, Laura Hoose, Elizabeth Hoover, Pamela Hopson, Sharon Horab, Carol Horab, Dean Horab, Nyla Horaska, Kelly Horob, Amanda Horob, Kristina Horst, Betty Hosmer, Dawana Hough, Jodell Hought, Nancy Houser, Ann Houser, Michael Houston, Steven Hovde, Michelle Hove, Lyle Hove, Shawn Hoveskeland, Carol Hovet, Rita Hovland, Cory Howard, Duane Howard, James Howard, James Huck, David Hudson, Brenna Huff, Tracey Hugelen, Adeline Hughes, David Hughes, Jerin Hughes, Sheila Hunt, Shaunna Huovin, Charles Huravitch, Cynthia Huravitch, Valerie Hurley, Travis Huson, Michael HutchinsvCary Hutchins, Chad Hutchins, Janet Huttanus, Lisa Hval, Natalie Hysjulien, Brent Hysjulien, Lynnette Ike, Debra Imsland, Teresa Ingraham, Tami Inman, Charles Ireland, Lynette Irgens, Allison Irgens, Linda Isaacson, Andrea Isaacson, Brian Isakson, Karren Iverson, Ashley Iverson, Dixie Iverson, Eleanor Iverson, Jeannie Iverson, Joanne Iverson, Michael Ivey, Ashley Iwen, Briana Jackson, Curtis Jacobsen, Brittany Jacobson, Judy Jacobson, Kathy Jacobson, Terrille Jacobson, Todd Jaman, Pearl James, Huey James, Nicolle Janke, Celeste Jantz, Caitlin Jantzen, Jameson Janz, Gary Jarland, Sharlene Jaster, Arthur Jastrzebski, John Jeannote, Dianna Jeffrey, Aaron Jeffrey, Barbara Jegdic, Jovan Jelicic, Stipe Jensen, Annette Jensen, Matt Jensen, Rhonda Jensen, Sharron Jensen, Steven Jenson, Larry Jenson, Robin Jepsen, Garrett Jerde, Dana Jiemitalo, Donelle Johansen, Jennifer Johansen, Joshua Johansen, Rodney Johnson, Amanda Johnson, Andrea Johnson, Bradley Johnson, Cameron Johnson, Cody Johnson, Debbie Johnson, Elaine Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Gene Johnson, Gordon Johnson, Heather

Johnson, Heidi Johnson, Hugh Johnson, Jon Johnson, Keely Johnson, Kim Johnson, Kristian Johnson, Leroy Johnson, Mark Johnson, Mary Lou Johnson, Michael Johnson, Michelle Johnson, Nanette Johnson, Pamella Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Paul Johnson, Randy Johnson, Renee Johnson, Ryan Johnson, Stacey Johnson, Steven Johnson, Troy Johnsrud, Yong Suk Johnston, D’Wayne Johnston, Lana Johnston, Rebecca Johnston, Vickie Jones, Anitta Jones, Billy Jones, Cathy Jones, Larry Jones, Sarah Jones, Treni Jonsson, Amie Joppa, Clement Jordan, Tony Jordre, James Jorgensen, Ann Jorgensen, Elgene Jorgensen, Jeffrey Jorgensen, Jill Jorgenson, Andrea Jorgenson, Charissa Jorgenson, Christopher Jorgenson, Elroy Jorgenson, Jennifer Jorstad, Zachary Joyce, Dawn Judge, Patricia Just , Wayne Juve, Jonathan Kachur, Logan Kainz, Kristina Kaldahl, Heather Kalenze, Barbra Kallberg, Chelsea Kanikkeberg, Yvonne Kastner, Dawn Kastner, Korey Kastner, Susan Kastner, Tim Katchmar, Jeffrey Kazagic, Aida Kealiher, Johnna Keehn, Joann Keen, Dan Keenan, Jerry Keever, Courtney Keever, Jory Keever, Sandy Keffeler, Troy Keller, Mary Kelley, Dianna Kelly, Latricia Kelly, Shirley Kelsch, Bruce Kelsch, Karen Kemmis, Carla Kemp, Joe Kessel, Joshua Kessel, Lisa Kessler, Barbara Kessler, Diane Keyes, Ann Kidd, Mike Kien, Shaunya Kingfisher, Alissa Kinsey, Christobel Kinsey, Kimberly Kirby, Diane Kirkland, Jeri Kirschmann, Leslie Kitzan, Tim Kitzman, Nicole Kizima, Jesse Kjensmo, Farrah Kjornaa, Robert Kjorstad, Diane Kjorstad, Jean Kjosen, Donelle Klabunde, Paul Klassen, Scott Klatt, Leslie Klayson, Nicole Klein, Dean Klein, Diane Klein, Janelle Klein, Ryan Klein, Troy Kleppen, Travis Klevenberg, Rhonda Kleyer, Nathan Kline, Elizabeth • (701)572-9275

Kluck, Danelle Klym, Jonathan Knapkewicz, Cami Knodel, Vivian Knodle, Tanya Knopfle, Danny Knoshaug, Teryl Knox, April Knox, Chad Knox, Katie Knudsen, Joel Knudsen, Lois Knudson, Alicia Knudsvig, Aaron Knudsvig, Amy Knudsvig, Darnell Knutson, Bruce Knutson, Carrissa Knutson, Lynda Koaut, Danielle Koch, Jill Koch, Tana Kochel, Robert Koepp, Amy Koepp, Kristi Kohut, Danielle Kok, Debbie Kolden, Michael Kolle, Ryan Kolling, Holly Kollman, Jeannie Konickson, Juanita Koon, Richard Koppinger, Pat Kost, Jeanette Kostad, Leann Kovaloff, Keith Krabseth, Kayla Kraehenbuehl, John Kraehenbuehl, Julie Kraehenbuehl, Karl Kraft, Dave Kram, Katie Kram, Vicki Kremer, Mandy Krmarzick, Thomas Krogen, Ardean Krogen, Fern Krueger, Greg Krueger, Huck Howard Kruse, Jessica Kubischta, Jolene Kulstad, Kristy Kummer, Cassie Kuo, Shih Meei Kupper, Jana Kurtz, Joe Kuster, Ann Kuster, Travis Kvamme, John Labatte, Lynlee Laber, Dustin Lacher, Delane Lacina, Rebecca Lacounte, Tasheena Ladue, Darryl Ladue, Trisha Lagerquist, Barbara Lake, Yvette Lambert, Adam Landro, Casey Lang, Brittany Lang, Crystal Lange, Becky Langer, Michael Langseth, Crystal Lannen, Henry Lantz, Dustan Lapica, Gayle Larachek, Patrick LaRoque, Ray Larsen, Bryan Larsen, Jennifer Larsen, Lane Larsen, Maren Larsen, Richard Larsen, Sherri Larson, Arthur Larson, David Larson, Edith Larson, Jessica Larson, Malinda Larson, Margerey Larson, Mathew Larson, Tiffany Larvick, Amber Lassey, Rodney Laumeyer, Susan LauridsenvDania Lautenschlager, Peggy Law, Kathleen Lawler, Hope Lawrence, Christina Leach, Krysta Leahy-Halwa, Rose Lebsock, Nancy Ledahl, Amber Ledahl, Daniel Ledahl, Holly Ledahl, Jason Ledene, Mindy Lee, Debra

Teton Thunder Fall 2011

Bartels, Myrna Bartenhagen, Shelly Bartlette, Gregory Bartnes, Justin Basta, Bridget Batke, Greg Bauchner, Rolaunda Baudain, Dave Bauer, Kelly Bauer, Kimberly Baumann, Corey Baxter, Laurine Beahm, Justin Bean, Chelsey Bearce, Derek Beard, Marilyn Beaudry, Bruce Beaudry, Jamie Becker, Jacqueline Becker, Laurie Becker, Tammy Beggar, Corey Begger, Alex Bekkedahl, Lana Belakjon, Kari Belgarde, Chelsey Belgarde, Rae Bell , Helen (Toni) Bell, Jennie Bell , Tyler Bellen, Michael Bendickson, Lapaige Benjamin, Wilfred Benson, Jason Benson, Michelle Benth, Dawn Benth, Dawn Benth, Dean Benth, Margaret Bercier, Kevin Berg, Rowdy Berger, Elaine Berger, Neil Berger, Tami Bergh, Lyle Bergman, Anna Bergquist, Ted Bergstrom, Jan Bergstrom, Kent Bergstrom, Lorraine Bernard, Marlon Bernard, Steve Bernstein, Holly Bernston, Kathy Berschiminksi Derek Bertsch, Dustin Berwick, Daniel Berwick, Mandy Besiada, Catherine Betker, Kirsten Beyer, Linda Beyer, Nichol Bhopale, Vishwas Bibelheimer, Kathryn Bice, Jennie Bieber, Matt Bierman, Robert Bilges, Tina Billings, Nolan Binde, Boyd Binstock, Nicholas Biondich, Erin Birch, Debbie Birch, Matthew Bird, Faye Birkeland, Mary Beth Birr , Scott Bjelkevig, Lane Bjerde, Conley Bjerke, Jann Bjerke, Nichole Bjorge, Eric Bjorgen, Ryan Black, Brandy Black, Jennifer Black, Laverne Black, Shirley Black, Stu Black Hawk, Jo Ann Blackman, Dana Blake, Jaden Blanchard, Roger Blegen, Bradley Blekestad, Christy Blomberg, Paul Bloms, Shawna Bloom, Danita Bloom, Emily Bloom, Kristin Bloomquist, Kristine Blue, Pauline Bock, Ron Boe Arvid Boehm, Danielle Boehm, Kelsi Bolinske, Bailey Bolke, Mark Bolken, Kurt Bolman, Iva Bolstad, Joel Bolte, Rachael Bombach, Sally

Missing Alumni A – L


Aafedt, Jens Aasen, Charles Aaseth, Donald Abbott, Shanna Abdilnour, George Abraham, Lacy Ackerson, Liza Adams, Amber Adams, Lisa Adams, Michelle Adams, Sharon Adolf, Sandra Ahrens, Bernabe Aiken, Cherri Aikens, Karen Aikens, Tamara Alber, Pauletta Albertson, Jill Albright, Debra Alexander, Ashley Alexander, Michael Alexander, Thomas Alford, Gerald Alfson, David Alfson, Linda Alisch, Paul Allard, Denver Allard, Lillian Allard, Teresa Allen, Bryan Allen, Lisa Allen, William Altizer, Megan Alvstad, Lisa Ames, Jasmine Amos, Bob Amos, Robert Jr. Amundson, Brian Amundson-mcpherson, Sheila Anderson, April Anderson, Arthur Anderson, Bruce Anderson, Dawn Anderson, Deborah Anderson, Dianne Anderson, Elizabeth Anderson, Jana Anderson, Jennie Anderson, Kirby Anderson, Lacey Anderson, Lisa Anderson, Melodee Anderson, Nicholas Anderson, Paige Anderson, Ryan Andres, Kristine Andring, Julie Anseth, Lori Anseth, Lynne Anvik, Jennie Arcand, Jennifer Arcand, Nicole Archambeault, Sherri Arman, John Arndt, Grace Arneson, Terry Arnold, Jed Arnold, Lester Arnson, Tierra Arnstad, Carol Arnstad, Janet Arnston, Shelley Arntson, Mark Asleson, Kay Ator, Thomas Atwood, Sara Aune, Janelle Austreim, Jaden Axelson, Lori Axelson, Margery Axtman, Mary Azure, Brittany Bachmeier, Joseph Bachmeier, Mike Backes, Alesha Backes, Mariesa Backhaus, Jeffrey Bair, Daniel Baisch, Linda Baker, Christopher Baker, Jordan Baker, Lori Baker, Theresa Bakken, Deanna Bakken, Joanne Bakken, Rory Banderob, Kathy Banta, Andrew Banta, Christopher Baranko, Leann Barbier, John Barbot, Dawn Barenthsen, Aleah Barenthsen, Cynthia Barker, Garnetta Barnes, Katherine Barret, Don Barrett, Andrew Barrett, Callie Barstad, Kim Barstad, Linda Bartels, Lori

Missing Alumni

23 25

Missing Alumni L – Z Teton Thunder Fall 2011

Minette, Todd Mischke, Audrey Mischke, Laurie Moberg, Alecia Moberg, Amanda Moberg, Amanda Moberg, John Moe, Eileen Moe, Janae Moen, Corey Moen, Eric Moerike, Scott Moffatt, Christopher Mohl, Charity Molander, Shane Molgard, Janel Moline, Conrad Monger, Kurt Monk, Hilary Monson, Jeff Monson, Kathleen Montgomery, Nan Moody, Alan Moor, Robert Moore, Ashley Moore, Randell Moore, Travis Moran, Jody Moran, Misty Moran, Shannon Morey, Michelle Morgan, Pamela Moriarty, Lori Morlock, Deeann Morris, Richard Morrison, Diann Morrissette, Carlee Morrow, Carolyn Mortenson, Jow Mortenson, Lindsey Mosser, Louanne Mugg, Shenea Muggli, John Mulic, Marin Muller, Kelsey Munyer, Donna Murphy, Colleen Murray, Margaret Muscha, Amanda Myaer, Terri Myers, Donald Myers, Jeanne Myhra, Nancy Myrvik, Denise Nash, Lisa Natrasony, Jenna Nawrot, Piotr Nedberg, Angie Neft, Mary Neft, Sarah Nehring, Emil Neil, Justin Nelson, David Nelson, Deborah Nelson, Diane Nelson, Donovan Nelson, Gail Nelson, Janelle Nelson, Janelle Nelson, Kami Nelson, Lalynda Nelson, Laura Nelson, Leta Nelson, Lola Nelson, Marissa Nelson, Mary Nelson, Pamela Nelson, Paula Nelson, Robert Nelson, Ryan Nelson, Shawn Nelson, Tasheena Nelson, Terry Nelson, Zachary Nerby, Connie Nesheim, David Ness, Coralie Ness, Robert Neubauer, Chantel Neubauer, Daniel Neuenfeld, Derrick Newman, Arvella Newman, Kelly Newman, Orlando Newman, Sandra Newman, Valerie Nice, Carleen Nichols, Jocelyn Nickerson, Michelle Nickoloff, Candice Nickoloff, Darin Nielsen, Eric Nielsen, Travis Nielson, Randy Nieraeth, Suzette Nixey, Chad Njos, Kalvin Noel, Joseph Norby, Cameron Norby, Marilyn Nordwick, Aaron Noriega, Olivia

Norquay, Chris Nunziato, Kara Nybakken, Jana Nygaard, Curt Nygard, Stuart Oakland, Trevor Oas, Josh Oas, Myndi Obergfell, Kristy Obergfell, Mary Obergfell, Shelly Ochoa, Carla O’Connor, Paul Odegard, Casey Odermann, Nancy Ohlsen, Tessa Oie, Ryan Okland, Melinda Olinger, Melissa Oller, Mary Olsen, David Olsen, Levi Olson, Amanda Olson, Benjamin Olson, Bonnie Olson, Brenda Olson, Carol Olson, Dennis Olson, Greg Olson, Holli Olson, Jacques Olson, Jay Olson, Jen Olson, Katherine Olson, Kerri Olson, Kim Olson, Laverne Olson, Lynda Olson, Melinda Olson, Miriam Olson, Ramona Olson, Rita Olson, Shelly Omar, Abdimalik Omsberg, Nathan Oneil, Casey Onken, John Onstad, Denise Onufray, Frank Opland, Nancy Opsal, Jodi Opsal, Peter Opsal, Sara Osborn, Christi Osborn, Shelly Oschner, Leann Ostby, Chantel Ostgulen, Mary Otis, Sean Ott, Bernadette Ottmar, Adam Ough, Gregory Ouradnik, Timothy Ouse, David Ouse, Wally Overbo, Brian Overbo, Michelle Overland, Jason Overland, Tanner Owens, Tracy Oxendahl, Taylor Oyen, Jayme Oyen, Lapaige Oyloe, Ryan Packineau, Neil Pahl, Jeffrey Palaniuk, Joelene Palmer, Randy Palmer, Tessa Palmer, Vanessa Panasuk, Sasha Pandolfo, Whitney Pantin, Michael Papineau, Jerome Papp, Nancy Park, Frances Park, Ronald Parker, Cheryl Parks, Sharel Parrish, Nicole Parry, Fred Parson, Aimee Parton, Mary Partridge, Brandi Patterson, Gerald Paulsen, Terri Pavlish, Kelly Pawlowski, Lana Pederson, Allan Pederson, Levi Pederson, Pamela Pederson, Randy Pell , Georgia Peltier, Leonard Pelton, Aaron Penner, Heather Peter, Clarence Peters, Adam Peters, Karen Peters, Kim Peters, Nicole Petersen, Chris

Petersen, Jason Petersen, Kellie Petersen, Leah Petersen, Richard Petersen, Susan Peterson, Angela Peterson, Cara Peterson, Derek Peterson, Diana Peterson, Dirk Peterson, Gary Peterson, Janet Peterson, Jeffrey Peterson, Jennifer Peterson, Jessica Peterson, Keri Peterson, Kristin Peterson, Linda Peterson, Mark Peterson, Matthew Peterson, Neil Peterson, Pamela Peterson, Stacey Peterson, Steve Peterson, Wayne Petre, Bryan Petrik, Kallie Petty, Susan Petty, Vera Pfau, Gwendolyn Pfau, Michele Pfau, Patricia Pfau, Tana Pfeifer, Don Pfeifer, Dorothy Pflug, Rick Pharr, Carol Philion, Melodee Pitman, Lisa Pitts, Kathleen Plann, Anita Platfers, Scott Pockett, Sheena Poeckes, Andrew Poeckes, Kim Poeckes, Kimberly Poland, Jodeen Poleschook, Joann Polson, Dorvan Pontoriero, Ruth Poole, Tonya Pornish, Voldemar Port, Jessica Portra, Wesley Powell, Karen Powell, Levi Powell, Tracy Powers, Thomas Pozarnsky, Dorothy Prawdzik, Kristen Prawdzik, Kristi Praytor, Laurie Preibe, Lori Pretzer, Julie Priebe, Cari Prochaska, Sharon Przybycien, Kevin Pudwill, Delores Pudwill, Diane Puhlman, Ray Putman, Gary Qualley, Carinne Qualley, Eva Quick, Warren Quinnell, April Quintero, Sergio Raaum, Dustin Raaum, Laurel Rabbithead, Delvin Rachels, Tammy Rademacher, Suzanne Radke, Pam Rainbolt, James Rainwater, Christina Ralph, Carla Ralston, Jeanni Rambur, Leah Ramsdell, Kasey Ramsey Chance, Tiffany Rasmusan, Terry Rassier, Dylan Rau, Tammy Rauser, Linda Ravdales, Leda Read, Alexis Rebsom, Jeanne Redding, Steve Redka, Kristopher Rehak, Elaine Rehak, Jimmie Rehak, Richard Reich, Anita Reichelt, Earl Reidle, David Reinholdt, Andrew Reinholdt, Lavonne Reitan, Nathan Remsburg, Kayleen Renbarger, Margaret Renner, Erika Renville, Ann Ressler, Amy

Rettig, Heidi Rettig, Pam Reuter, Cheri Rhodes, Jeri Rice, Ben Rice, Dominica Rice, Howard Richards, Alecia Richardson, Jessica Rider, Jed Rieder, Connie Rieder, Roberta Rieger, Nikki Riely, Beth Rime, Darren Rinehart, Robert Rings, Pamela Riveland, Gary Riveland, Lanis Rivers, Coleman Rivers, Lori Rixen, Michelle Roberts, Cynthia Roberts, Jacklin Robertsdahl, Michelle Rock, Kyleen Rockney, Dustin Rodakowski, Yvonne Rodgers, Kathleen Rodriguez, Marissa Roen, Jill Rogers, Cameron Rogers, Jere Rogers, Randy Rogers, Sam Rolfson, Matthew Rolfson, Nathan Roll, Ashlea Rolla, Marcie Romo, Denise Roness, Shawn Ronholdt, Liza Rooks, Dianna Rooks, Kim Rosales, Lori Rosin, Daryl Ross, Liz Roth, Katherine Routledge, Harley Routledge, Maureen Rowland, Lisa Rubino, Lana Rudie, Jonathon Ruffatto, James Ruggles, Amelia Ruggles, Wendy Ruland, Matthew Ruland, Phillip Ruland, William Russell, Mary Rust, Gene Rust, Paul Rustard, Joseph Rutledge, John Rutten, Jason Ryen, Eddy Sabo, Angela Safely, Marcia Safty, Dave Sagaser, Luke Sagness, Hans Salveson, Debbie Salveson, Jack Samuels, Brad Samuelson, Cheryl Samuelson, Patricia Sandstrom, Jay Sandstrom, Kyra Sandstrom, Tim Sandvik, Leslie Sandvik, Mark Sanford, Jay Sanford, Melissa Santanen, Heather Sapp, Stephanie Savedra, Tristan Schaan, Stacy Schaefer, Janelle Schaefer, Lorele Schafer, Nancy Schafer, Sr M Jean Schaff, Connie Schaff, Monte Schaff, Patricia Scharnatta, Tyler Schatz, Marion Schell, Julie Schempp, Naomi Schenfisch, Bryon Schildberger, Brandon Schilling, Cara Schilling, Trent Schladweiler, Susan Schlag, Allen Schmidt, Derek Schmidt, Kelly Schmidt, Laura Schmidt, Lorelei Schmidt, Rhonda Schmidt, Stacy Schmidt, Travis Schmidt, Whitney

If you, or someone you know is on our Missing Alumni List, please contact the WSC Foundation office so we can keep you updated with everything that is happening around WSC.

Schmierer, Justin Schmitt, Danielle Schmitz, Jason Schmitz, Jeremy Schmitz, Pamela Schoenwald, Lance Schoepp, Trista Schoepper, Jesse Schow, Debby Schreiber, Jason Schroeder, Christopher Schroeder, Jacinda Schroeder, Susette Schuette, Denise Schultz, Lana Schultz, Murray Schulz, Phaedra Schumacher, Janette Schumacher, Kara Schumacher, Les Schumacher, Leslie Schumacher, Ronald Schumake, Craig Schwartz, Chelsea Schwede, Chuck Scofield, Angie Scott, Gordon Seabrook, Ryan Seaton, Bridget Sebastian, Dawn Seder, Molly Seeman, Tyneal Seeve, Christopher Seeve, Craig Seidel, Craig Selby, Michael Selle, Jerome Seng, Clifford Senne, Ernest Servais, Seth Severson, Cory Sexton, Joanne Shafer, Cassandra Shafer, Geraldine Sharbono, Terry Shaw, Keith Sheehan, Jere Shefstad, Joy Shepherd, Michael Sherman, Clarence Sherven, Randy Shipman, Justin Shultz, Pamela Sieben, Michael Sieg, Becky Sieglock, Lacey Siever, Ryan Silbergnal, Susan Silva, Maria Silverstein, Nicole Simard, Ronda Simer, Keremius Simmons, Chase Simonsen, Amanda Simonson, Matt Simpson, Chris Simpson, Rachael Singer, Cynthia Singh, Cecilia Singpiel, Judy Sinness, Jason Sinness, Loye Sinness, Stephanie Siverson, Steven Sivertson, Terry Sjue, Kiel Skaare, Linda Skaggs, Torrie Skalicky, Jessica Skarphol, Lori Skean, Diane Skelton, Glen

Skelton, Leona Skistad, Kory Skjerpen, Trevor Skoglund, Amanda Skor, Debra Skor, Lance Skov, Sharon Skurdal, Debbie Skurupey, Brian Slagle, Lacey Slais, David Slater, Lori Slater, Stacey Sleeper, Leola Slind, Rodney Sloan, Nancy Smaaladen, Brenda Smith, Anne Smith, Candyce Smith, Darcy Smith, Gayla Smith, Heidi Smith, Holly Smith, Jake Smith, Jess Smith, Kristina Smith, Kyle Smith, Perry Smith, Quinton Smith, Robert Smith, Trichele Smith, Wayne Smith, Yancy Smith, Francis Jr. Smithberg, David Smoker, Jr Snyder, Amber Snyder, Deborah Snyder, Jo Snyder, Lisa Sobolik, Karen Sokolowski, Matt Solar, Chris Solem, Jon Solem, Todd Solheim, Lorilee Sommerfeld, Mark Sondrol, James Sondrol, Tiffany Sonnenberg Scott Soper, James Soper, Jim Sorenson, Breeann Sorenson, Candice Sorenson, Leroy Sorenson, Naomi Sorenson, Nevin Sowitch, Leslie Spelhaug, Bonnie Spelhaug, Vicki Spence, Kathy Spencer, William Spickler, Emily Spidel, Rhonda Spooner, Allison Spooner, Kevin Sprague, Dennis Stahl, Corey Stair, Connie Stakelin, Ii Stangeland, Nathan Stankovic, Tamara Stanley, Bo Stebleton, Chantry Steckler, Cynthia Steen, Dean Steffan, Kimberly Stefonowicz, Laurie Stein, Jennifer Steinberg, Melissa Stelter, Chanda Stenhjem, Peter

Stensaker, Leah Stenseth, Warren Stepanek, Cavett Stevens, Jeffrey Stevenson, Torrie Stewart, Missy Stieg, Sally Stires, Christine Stires, Vernon Jr. Stockdill, Tim Stokke, Nicole Stone, Allison Stone, Autumn Stone, Barbara Stoner, Brenda Storbakken, Naomi Storseth, Ardie Stott, Kristen Stout, Germel Stovnes, , Diane Stracener, Kristi Strand, Brenda Strand, Marilyn Stratten, Judith Stroh, Patrick Stromme, Leroy Strong, Rickie Strube, Natalie Strueby, Ray Stundahl, Joe Stundal, Brooke Stundal, Jesse Sturgis, Connie Suelzle, Christopher Suhr, Brenda Sukut, Nadine Sullivan, Margo Sullivan, Michael Sullivan, Rollie Sullivan, Sharon Sully, James Sundberg, Shawn Sundblad, Jodi Sundby, Lacey Sundheim, Tracy Sundheim, Whitney Sundsbak, Danielle Sunwall, Dennis Sveet, Stephen Svihl, Curtis Svihovec, Tiffany Svihovec, Tyler Swanson, Chad Swanson, David Swanson, Joanna Swenson, Erin Swenson, Gerry Swenson, Mary Swenson, Michael Swenson, Vicki Synan, Terry Szeman, Blake Taber, Dustin Taberna, James Taberna, Tyler Tagestad, Daryl Tales, Mattie Tande, Emilee Tank, Mrachek Tanner, Charles Tanner, Melissa Tarang, Sandy Tarvestad, Breanna Taylor, Donnette Taylor, Julie Taylor, Timothy Teskey, Lavonne Tetrault, Shelly Theige, Chirsty Theige, Sarrah Theilen, Jessica Thiele, Curtis

Thiele, Kerrilee Thingvold, Debra Thomas, Ben Thomas, Dorothy Thomas, Kayla Thomas, Leland Thomas, Ronald Thomas, Shelle Thompson, Bhane Thompson, Janet Thompson, Jessica Thompson, Michelle Thompson, Pamela Thompson, Shane Thompson, Shilo Thompson, Shirley Thompson, Tasha Thompson, Tori Thompson, Walter Thorgaard, Thomas Thorson, Chelsea Thorson, Dennis Thorson, Jeanette Thorson, Jenny Thvedt, Melissa Tibault, William Tietema, Vivan Tillema, Sally Timmereck, Carol Titus, Linda Tkachyk, Mike Tong, Lori Topp, Chad Torgerson, Brent Torgerson, Brook Torgerson, Diane Torgerson, Jessica Torgerson, Scott Torgeson, Rodney Tornov, Collette Torpy, Darrell Tracy, Andrea Trangsrud, Duane Trautman, Marla Traxel, Kenneth Treib, Doug Trogstad, Jerald Trones, Gerrie Trones, Robert Trott, Nickolas Trovatten, James Trowbridge, Melany Trust, Courtney Tschetter, Shawn Tuchscherer, Derek Tucker, Angela Tupa, Kerri Tupper, Laurie Turcotte, Lacey Turcotte, Roxie Turcotte, Sara Turcotte, Tammara Turcotte, Wylie Turnbow, Stephanie Turner, Jenille Turner, Sommeral Tveit, Carrie Twete, Alexandria Tykward, Tina Uhler, Marla Ukestad, Matt Unruh, Lee Urban, Dean Urbatsch, Diane Urbatsch, Melodie Uthke, Celeste Vadner, Michele Vaira, Elizabeth Vaira, Vicki Vallad, Gary Van, Berkom Van, Vleet

Van Liere, Jason Van Wagner, Glen Vance, Stacy Vander Vorste, Daniel Varner, Chad Vasquez, Kelly Vatne, Deanne Vaughan, Julie Veil Jessica Velo, Maralys Velo, Paul Venable, Ryan Verhasselt, April Vetter, Pamela Vialpando, Gloria Vibeto, Brett Vicha, Jan Villamor, Matthew Vinger, Chelsey Vinje, Craig Vinje, Megan Vitt Leeanne Vitt Shari Vogel, Christina Volk, Christopher Volk, Matthew Voller, Nicholas Voller, Nick Vournas, Elea Vournas, Eleni Waddington, Elizabeth Wagner, Patrick Wagner, Tracy Waitman, Zach Wakee, Anthony Waldal, Jackie Walden, Matthew Walhaug, Denise Walhaug, Shiela Walker, Gary Walker, Paulette Wallace, Lenwayne Walter, Eejai Walter, Rory Walters, Dawn Walters, Shannon Wambaugh, Kristi Wangerin, Randy Wanner, Greg Wanner, Thorwald Ward, Dana Ward, Trevor Warneke, Cristal Washek, Jay Wass, Janice Waters, Debbie Waters, Tiffany Watt, Jeremy Watterson, Justin Watterud, Robert WebbvLois Weber, Jennifer Wegleitner, Debra Wegley, Bruce Wegley, Gail Wegley, Nadine Wehri, Dana Weishoff, David Weishoff, Joellen Welker, Pamela Wells, Leslie Wells, Lynora Wellumson, Nathen Welsch, John Welstad, Molly Wendt, Patricia Wentz, Michelle Wentz, Valerie Werner, Dana West, Catherine Westergaard, Scott Westgard, Bruce • (701)572-9275

Wetzel, Lynn Weyer, Hugh Weyer, Michael Weyrauch, Bobbie Wheeler, Beth Wheeler, Brady Wheeler, Bruce Wheeler, David Whick, Donald White, Kristin White, William Whitebear, Mary Whitecloud, Darryl Whited, Sharon Whiteman, Jamie Whittier, Deborah Wick, Keith Widtfeldt, Jonni Wiegand, George Wieland, Paula Wieler, Lauren Wiggington, Joel Wigness, Karson Wiley, Patrick Wilkes, Debra Williams, Michele Williams, Odessa Williams, Paul Williams, Richard Williams, Shirley Williamson, Jacquelyn Willis, Brian Willis, Rachael Wilson, Arvin Wilson, James Wilson, Karen Wilston, Merlee Wilt, Eric Wingerter, Nathan Winhofer, Kirk Winter, Debra Wirtz, Greg Wirtzfeld, Sara Witt, Stacey Witteman, Brady Wock, Joseph Wold, Brian Wolf, Sandra Wolfe, Lindsay Woodard, Darren Woodard, Shelly Woods, Fredrick Woolston, Jason Workin, Marybeth Wyland, Cheree Wyse, Steven Yadon, Shauna Yager, Donald Ybabez, Leonardo Yellow Wolf, Tom Yellowbird, Marla Yockim, Ericka Yockim, Marvene Young, Amy Young, Rhett Young, Sandra Youngbird, Sandy Youngbird, Sierra Yttredahl, Kristine Yttredahl, Stacie Yustanti, Farida Zahn, Bruce Zander, Amy Zastoupil, Christine Zemliska, Shelly Ziegler, Bradley Zieske, Keri Zimmer, Gale Zimmerman, Jenny Zimmerman, Jr. Zugg, Connie

Teton Thunder Fall 2011

Marmon, Jason Marquart, Mandy Marschner, Curtis Marsh, Cary Marshall, Kristi Marshner, Steve Martens, Terry Martin, Larry Martin, Leah Martin, Michelle Maruskie, Sharon Mass, Kayjuana Massee, Claude Mastalka, Vojtech Mathews, Deborah Mathis, Lara Mattingley, Michael Mattingley, Ra’Nae Mattox, Leah Mauldin, Marianne May, Jonathan May, Marley Mayer, Ashley Mayer, Melini Mayer, Monica Mayer, Peggy McAnear, Jack Mcbride, Laura Mcbride, Russell Mccann, Joseph Mccann, Theresa Mccann, William Mcclelland, Dawn McClintic, Mark Mcclure, Bobbi Mcclure, Roberta Mccombs, Cary Mccoy, Kurtis McDonald, Pearce McDowall, Stephanie Mcgee, Jo Mcginnis, Cindy Mcginnity, Kristi McGrady, Jason Mcintyre, Bryan McKeil, Derek Mckenzie, Marieta Mckibben, Annie Mckim, Norris Mckinzie, Jamie Mclachlan, Jaren Mclachlan, Jill McLaughlin, Karen Mcllroy, Thomas Mcmahon, Michael Mcnary, Kasey Mcnary, Kyle Mcnichols, Moira Mcrae, Kelly Meadows, Stephanie Means, Beatrice Medalen, Richard Meder, Diane Meduna, Kathryn Meehan, Carly Meehan, Kathleen Mehler, Ryan Meidinger, Marilyn Meiers, Luwanna Meland, Deborah Melberg, Jana Melby, Jeannett Melby, Laura Melby, Weston Melland, Timothy Mellon, Christopher Melton, Chelsey Mendro, Spencer Mentanko, Travis Mercer, Dwayne Meredith, Carol Messer, Dori Messer, Peggy Messersmith, Deborah Mettler, Ashley Meyer, Amber Meyer, Kenneth Meyer, Summer Meyer, Vonda Meyers, Debra Michalenko, Danaka Micou, CJ Micou, Cordale Middaugh, Joel Miller, Barbara Miller, Benjamyn Miller, Beverly Miller, Clifton Miller, Dion Miller, Dorothy Miller, Karla Miller, Kayla Miller, Loren Miller, Mary Miller, Melissa Miller, Scott Miller, Shane Miller, Shannon Miller, Timothy Miller, Tina Miller, Tom Millette, Amy

Missing Alumni L – Z


Lee, Jackie Lee, Julene Lee, Kari Lee, Melissa Lee, Sheneka Lee, Sonja Lee, Susan Lee, Suzi Kay Leeks, Barry Leer, Axel Legg, Lonnie Leininger, Lynette Leiseth, Patricia Leiss, Kenton Leisy, Chris Leland, Timothy Lennox, Preston Leonard, Chris Leonard, Stephanie Lester, Kayla Lester, Kimberly Lester, Shelly Letourneau, Patricia Letterman, Kc Levitt, Eugene Lewis, Kimberly Lewis, Richard Liebel, Andrew Lind, Bryan Lindlar, Michelle Lindquist, Casey Lindquist, Serena Lindsay, Shannon Lindseth, Duane Lindseth, Jean Lingenfelter, Jesse Lintwed, Ryan Liudahl, Shawna Livers, Randall Lobdell, Lacee Lobdell, Shad Locken, Jenna Loehr, Brenton Logelin, Dustin Lokken, Natalie Lokken, Norton Long, Carrie Long, Daniel Long, Patricia Looman, Mary Loomer, Jenelle Loomer, Justin Lopez, Anna Lorenz, Troy Loughman, Cindylou Lovdahl, Annette Lovdahl, Mike Love, Juanita Lovegren, Samantha Loveless, Diane Loveridge, Brandon Lowe, Delrae Lowenberger, Fred Lucy, Anne Lucy, Jean Lucy, Kim Ludlum, Karie Luecke, Kimberly Luft, Catherine Lukenbach, Cathy Lund, Carolyn Lund, Dustin Lund, James Lund, Kirby Lund, Mandie Lundby, Jackie Lundby, Kassandra Luthy, Maddelaine Lutz, Renae Lux Malinda Lynch, Marty Lynde, Robert Lynne, Arne Lyseng, Kyle Macaulay, Rachel Macdonald, Tamara Mackay, Brea Maddock, Melvin Mader-Dye, Dr. Lody Madison, David Madl, Tracee Magandy, Misty Magnus, Marie Magstadt, Jesse Mahaffey, Barrett Mahany, David Mahlen, Taite Mahlen, Tyler Maki, Dawn Maki, Kara Maleckar, Kelli Maltby, Debbie Mangel, Heather Mann, Jeff Mann, Jr, Gilbert Manswell, Dextroy Mantei, Colleen Marcotte, Stacie Marden, Rebecca Markin, Darrell Markuson, Mari Marmon, Jackie

Missing Alumni

23 27

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Teton Thunder Fall 2011  

The Teton Thunder is a quarterly publication produced by the Williston State College Foundation in Williston, ND.

Teton Thunder Fall 2011  

The Teton Thunder is a quarterly publication produced by the Williston State College Foundation in Williston, ND.