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SPEED SERIES 2011 nother great year for the Speed Series with some good competition throughout the year and as I write this a very exciting final round at Anglesey on the 8th and 9th October. So as you read this the results may well I be known ! At the beginning of this year when I the regulations were written we were conscious of the need to try and I cater for the conflicting interests of having an inexpensive entry class, yet I also ensuring that our top road going I competitors had a class to compete at National level. This was further complicated by the I differing classes run around differing j areas of the country. For example, in | the north 1A tyres and windscreens are required, yet in the south 1B tyres and no screen are the norm. To try and accommodate this, we introduced an introductory level of

class A ft B, which use 1A tyres and windscreen and synchro boxes. The C&D allow 1B tyres, dog boxes and windscreens, which is aimed at the more experienced competitor. We were able to ascertain targets for A & B, but classes C &D had fewer targets as not many cars had run in this configuration before. But enough cars had to give some meaningful results. After this first year things should settle down as some good times have been set in these classes. It is useful to discuss the 'Target Times' a bit, some people have mistakenly been viewing these as the expected time they should be able to achieve at an event. But of course they are not, they are the 'fastest' time set by a WSCC registered driver driving a car of that class at that event. So they are actually the Class Records and anyone beating these times has driven very well to do so.

You should also consider this when have already received a good you look at the overall scores for the number of bookings, but if you want to championship. Anyone who achieves be there get yours in soon please. over 1000 points in 10 events has Nick Algar I effectively consistently bettered the Competition Secretary class records on average, which is an excellent achievement. As I write this report we have drivers j in Classes A, C, D, E, F a H who have achieved this, they all deserve full credit | for this achievement. 2011 AWARDS EVENING We have moved this forward, compared with previous years, to Saturday the 12th November and there is a form enclosed with the magazine for you to book your place at the event. You will need to book any hotel rooms separately. Also we have moved hotel in order I to reduce the price of both the meals, j down from £38 to £35, and also the room rate, down from £103 to £79.





urboroug T he day started off nicely, but there was rain threatening and unfortunately, whilst it didn't poor, it did drizzle enough to make both second practice and first timed runs wet. However the second timed run was dry allowing some good times to be set. But first to the lunch time fun. As usual we had an interesting challenge to test the strength of the competitors — a car push along the straight at Curborough. The teams lined up, with both club chairmen in the driving seat of their cars. WSCC had persuaded John Loudon to lend Paul his car to shed some weight, unfortunately we couldn't change the driver and our well-built (fat blook) Paul had to sit in the seat. You should have seen the dirty look the three pushers, Richard Kerr, Luke Algar and Tom Cladecourt, gave him as he got in the car! The race began and, with much puffing and panting, they were away down he straight. The Lotus 7 club was edging ahead, but there was a long way to go. It was neck and neck for most of the straight when, with an heroic last push at the end, Richard gave enough momentum to the car to get it over the line, half a bonnet length in front, as he collapsed to the ground. At least that's his version, the rest of us thought he just fell over.


Sprint 27th A

Then it was on to the bucket challenge. Large buckets of water were strapped over the chairman's heads in their cars and they set off around the course, initially at a sedate pace, but speeding up as the red mist descended, before slowly coming to a rest on the line. Then rushing around the course to get the level of water measured, Chairman Paul, must have been very wet by then as Mark was declared the winner, so it was one all, everything depended on the Sprint results! With Westfields occupying the top six places (good job I just sneaked in there) and some great class times, WSCC won the day.

Matt Hillam took FTD with a class breaking record of 54.56 s, Luke Algar took the Best Novice award, so well done to everyone who took part. It was a great day's fun and nice to meet the Lotus 7 guys and girls, who are looking forward to winning it back next year.


OTTESMORE T recent WSCC rvent at Cottesmore must have been one of the wettest .iackdays I've done in years. After the briefing we all strapped At one point a car up in front, virtually disappeared in a wall of water as it ploughed into a rather deep puddle 1 That particular piece of track was to be avoided for the rest of the day. Sighting laps done, with me at the wheel, and son Pete in the passenger

s, and we were soon able to • where we could push on, and rush to get on track, so we were first out. where a little restraint was called for. The car splashed through huge puddles, javelin's layout at Cottesmore is a skipped sideways as it aquaplaned cracker. There are a few coned off through small rivers, and after accepting 'chicanes', but the sections through the we were going to get fairly wet, it was aircraft pans flow beautifully, clipping fun — huge fun! grassy apexes, feeling very like a proper The airfield's surface was giving a circuit. Superb! surprising amount of grip. The Toyo 888s, It was a shame about the rain, but not renowned for their wet weather in my opinion, ft proved Cottesmore as performance, were doing a very good a venue, is pretty much weather proof. job of clearing all but th~ J"

the wide open spaces make it virtually impossible to hit anything, should any driving errors be made. I was so impressed by the place, I've booked another day there, 29th October. (Javelin). Dry weather would be nice, but not essential! A big thank you to NickAtgar, and team for organising this one, it's a pity the attendance was a bit low, but hopefully the next one will see bigger numbers. Andrew & Peter Dixon adtes' Locost waiting for the off

't this fun?

Did we say it was WET?


AROUND THE News from the WSCC Areas Black Country

t's been quite busy since the last write-up. We had a great turn out / for the annual Black Country Museum car show. Westfields from Shropshire, Stoke, Warwick, and of course the Black Country Area made up the eleven j strong line up. Thanks have to go to the I Westfield Factory for supplying the flag and forgetting to include the bit that I goes in the ground. I have put a link on our website (www. j to a short video of the [ event in case anyone wants to have a nose. We also attended the Trimpley and I Arley Shows with Arley being a particular favourite. It's got a great car boot/auto jumble and it's only a ten minute walk | across the River Severn footbridge to the Severn Valley steam railway. | WALK OF THE STARS On Sunday 14th August, the people of Birmingham honoured Nigel Mansell by awarding him the 'Walk of the Stars' trophy along with his own place on Broad Street. Along with the award ceremony was the 'Midlands Motor Manufacturing Past and Present' car show.

I had received a promotional email about the event and contacted the organiser (Mike Olley) to see if we could put a stand on. He was only to pleased to oblige and we were given room for ten cars. I have to say, it took a lot more trouble than I had expected to fill them. In the end I managed (out of the entire club) to get six cars for our stand.

Thanks have to go to Cam and his wife for bringing along their race-prepped Westie and for allowing me to hang the new Black Country Area banner on the side of their trailer. Thanks also to Steve Meade (Shropshire AO) for supporting the event — he managed to get Nigel Mansell to autograph his steering wheel. I also passed on the details of this event to Simon Westwood from the factory. He organised a Drift Experience display. Due to the limited space there was no charge to the public for having a go so you can imagine how busy they were. The event was nowhere near as busy as expected. Mike Olley had told me had attracted well over 100,000 visitors. Unfortunately, due to the Birmingham

riots and poor promotion we hardly scratched the surface of that figure.

See inside back cover for area meet and contact details

After checking the paperwork that came with the car I felt his main problem was the cam. The one currently in his engine was an A6 race cam - totally unsuitable for road use according to Kent Cams'. So I agreed to whip the engine out and replace the current cam with something more suitable. To keep the costs down I would see if I could pick up a good second hand one on ebay. Whole job should take a few weeks in my spare time.

pods. Fitted black mesh to Weber cut-j out and bonnet bulge. Replaced rusted f bonnet clips with new stainless/rubber ones. Replaced washer jet. Had new windscreen glass fitted. Shot-blasted I and powder-coated windscreen surround. I Fitted Caterham screen pillars after I having them powder-coated black.I Fitted new screen to scuttle rubber seal. I Re-fitted interior mirror. Fitted new | Caterham side screens. Fitted Caterham hood bars after manufacturing brackets for them. Replaced tonneau press stud I won't mention that someone video'd bases on bodywork with black ones -I the presentation and realised just original ones where held on by a mixture | before the end he had forgotten to press of fittings, most of them rusty.Replaced the record button. Needless to say he aluminium panels on the top and ends had to face a suitable punishment when of the foot wells - original panels where ] he got home. Stripped naked in the back in a poor condition and any gaps in garden and thoroughly thrashed with an them had been filled with car body j old 'pre-lit' wiring loom he had lying in filler. Removed old faded stickers from I the garage. Unfortunately this didn't bodywork and fitted Westfield badges, j have the desired effect and has now Bodywork was then T-cut/polished to j become a weekly event in his household! As you all know, you start one job improve it's appearance. Our regular monthly meetings are I and it leads to another, and so on. Then INTERIOR: Made new dashboard and | attracting a few more members now. m before you know it eighteen months replaced old instrumnts, warning lights ! There is still plenty of room for some if have passed. Now that it is finished and switches. Replaced steering wheel 1 more though. there are quite a few members who and steering column upper bush (Original I want to see it. Not just Black Country bush was non-existent and allowed the ; members but also Shropshire and alloy steering wheel boss to rub against Warwickshire members as well. The the speedo and tacho chrome finisher thing is that only a few people saw the rims). Because of this the boss had to car before 1 had it and I don't think any be machined to take off the rough edges. of them saw under the bonnet. Geoff's Westie just looks like a well-looked after car so they are going to wonder what the hell I was doing with it for so long. So if the rest of you don't mind I have listed everything (as much as I can remember) I must give a special mention (and that has been done on his car:house point) to Mark Jones. He turned EXTERIOR/BODYWORK: Replaced up at the August meet absolutely soaked steel rivets/washers with correct body after being caught in a downpour rivets. Refitted scuttle and secured it without his hood, side screens, or brolly. along front edge using angle aluminium Mere mortals like ourselves would have — originally only held on with six hexturned around and headed home to dry head self tapping screws. Front edge was out. Not Mark. Not only did he carry on not secured and the gap between the to the meet he was also one of the last scuttle and the bulkhead was covered members to leave! by a strip of old carpet. Replaced rusted PRE-LIT (and far too long) cross cut steel screws Going back some eighteen months or and washers that held the swept wings Fitted Allegro steering column ignition so, I took charge of a members Pre-lit in place. The screws had to be cut off switch. Replaced control tunnel top Westfield. The car belonged to Geoff with a Dremel as they where completely aluminium panels replacing rusty fixings Hall who had bought it for a bargain seized. Wing piping was also replaced. with rivnuts and stainless steel button price — or so he thought. I first met head bolts. Drilled holes for gearbox oil Removed driver's side stone guard (it only had one on the drives side) and filler plug and speedo cable. Fitted new Geoff when he had broken down in his Westfield after picking it up from the replaced with a pair of stainless steel speedo cable and grommet. Replaced missing pedal rubbers. Replaced rolling road where he was having it ones with black edging. Replaced roll bar. sorted after it had been off the road Strengthened rear tub around the boot handbrake lever - original was rusty and had a piece of garden hose for the hand since he bought it some three years ago. box area. This had split where the spare I stopped to help and immediately wheel was touching. Fitted replacement grip. Replaced bench seats with single diagnosed he had run out of fuel. I can't spare wheel and number plate carrier. adjustable seats — the wooden bases believe the rolling road let him take Fitted spare wheel securing bracket. in the original squabs had completely rotted away. Replaced cup washers and it away with absolutely no chance of Replaced rusted steel pop rivets and reaching a petrol station. Anyway. After washers along the bottom of the rear rusted self-tapping screws that were tub as a number of them had failed. securing interior panels with black pop a phone call they did bring a can of fuel Replaced aluminium finisher where rivets. Made and fitted scuttle closing for him and at least they didn't have the cheek to ask him for any money. exhaust comes through body with a panels (these hide the fixing bolts). Fitted new gear stick gaiter, gear knob Geoff had forked out a lot of money new one. Fitted dzus fasteners to nose and surround. for them to sort his car but it was still coneas nose cone was only held on with three tie wraps. Opened up grille ELECTRICAL: Replaced wiring loom un-drivable. He had to keep revving it aperture in nose cone and replaced (Originally, I was going to tidy up the because it wouldn't idle and that was rusted chrome grille with a black wiring by replacing the outer covering. costing him a fortune in petrol. Unfortunately, it was in such a bad state I next saw Geoff at our area meet. Caterham grille. Sprayed headlamps that for safety sake it had to be replaced. He told me that he had taken it back black and fitted Caterham indicator It had been hacked into in several places pods with spacers to raise them slightly to the rolling road because he wasn't behind the dash and the connections happy with it. They charged him some — original indicators where rubbing on more money and it was still no different, the inside of the wheels on full lock. had simply been twisted tQSjiithfiC WXtV brown parcel tape wrapped around Shot-blasted and powder-coated wing/ ^fo c'uVaVohg story sViort, 1 agreed to do them. This had become brittle over headlamp bracket after re-shaping the work needed on his car to get it back the years and had slid down the wire them to accept the Caterham indicator on the road.


exposing the connections). Wiring ioom with parcel tape!'

I of seat belt webbing. Two of these had I failed so the tank was literally floating about).

managed to buy a second hand I Zetec loom from Westfield for a very good price. It had to be modified as ; Seatbelt webbing securing fuel tank | the engine ancillaries are in a different place. Secured wiring to side indicators Fitted a VDO fuel sender to tank. original wiring was hanging down and Fitted replacement petrol cap rubber I the outer sleeves had been worn away seal and body grommet — these were I due to rubbing on the front wheels. Triumph Spitfire items. Replaced petrol Fitted reverse and fog lamps. Fitted cap to tank hose as the original had gone handbrake warning light switch. Fitted brittle. Fitted replacement fuel pump new washer bottle. Fitted FIA cut-off with rubber mountings and pre-filter and j switch. Fitted new air horns. Replaced relocated to rear of vehicle. Replaced all all battery and earth leads. Re-secured rubber fuel lines with Unleaded quality j windscreen wiper motor. Fitted new items. Fitted fuel filter. Fitted misab battery tray rings to carbs — originally the 40's had FUEL: Replaced original modified Mini been bolted solidly to the inlet manifold. | Van fuel tank with a Westfield narrow Manufactured and fitted accelerator bodied one. (I had to make a plate for it and return spring brackets. Fitted new I to sit on as the pre-lit chassis is slightly accelerator cable. Manufactured and I different to the SE chassis. The original fitted a fuel pressure regulator bracket. [ tank was held in place with three lengths COOLING SYSTEM: Fitted Polo

Radiator. Fitted new cooling fan. Fitted expansion tank. Replaced a rubber hoses. Replaced rusted Jubilee clips with stainless steel items. Renovated the thermostat housing and fitted a blanking cap, a fan control switch, and a thermostat as it didn't have one fitted. ENGINE: Replaced A6 race cam with a 234. Fitted new big end and main bearings. Fitted new oil seals. Fitted new clutch and release bearing. Fitted new timing chain and tensioner. Fitted new fuel pump blanking plate with deflector. Fitted Catch tank after having it powder coated. Fitted replacement sump and pick up pipe. Modified rocker cover so the oil filler is at the rear.

exhaust manifold zinc plated studs and long brass nuts. GEARBOX: Replaced four speed I gearbox with five speed gearbox after having it re-conditioned. Adapted rear gearbox cross member to accept a type I 9 gearbox. Had prop shaft reconditioned, j shortened, and modified to fit. B R A K E S : Fitted r e p l a c e m e n t I handbrake cable after having it modified [ by Speedy Cables in Wales. Freed off | N / S / R handbrake linkage. Replaced handbrake rod bush on rear axle. MISCELLANEOUS: Levelled engine up and moved it back an inch. Cleaned (Scrubbed) old engine oil from inside engine bay and from behind the dashboard. Modified gear stick. Made and fitted new rear exhaust bracket and fitted new rubber bobbin. I've only included a few pictures with this write-up, if you want to see some more I have uploaded them to Photobucket: http://s1235. frazerz/

Fitted new engine mountings. Fitted side entry distributor, and replaced the points and condenser. Fitted new

Cleggy has been very good in assisting to The only fly in the ointment was the Dave, Tony, Catherine and I attended organising events over this year and has 1 drizzle which was fairly consistent, the the WSCC organised track day at kindly contributed the following to the j| standard rule applied however of 'keep Cottesmoore on the 26th of August.There i Cambs area report for this issue. moving to stay dry'. As the team of five I will no doubt be plenty written within I • A fe[l, some say an apology is in At 10am on the 13th of August, Dave ii made their way from Stamford to Maxey U this copy regarding the day's events I ^f^f ol"der for the rather off topic bit (Locost), Kev (MK), little Al (MK), Simon 1 the weather brightened up to reveal SI needless to say we all got a proper j in WWfrom me last issue, I don't 8 Knight and myself in our Westfields met Isome patches of blue from the heavens. soaking but still had huge grins and some : really know what happened, the words at the A1 /A605 services for a 'long way j l Upon arrival at the show there was, 8 comical memories of the days events. started to flow and that was the result. round' trip to the Maxey Car show near I within moments, a sighting of Lord I suppose that I was in a reflective Peterborough. | Lucan. Well actually it was a young C/eggy gets moist at Cottesmore mood as the Westy was going up for sale man called Martin Keene who as many Maxey Car Show \ and the "What next?" question had been of you will know was once the local AO on my mind for a while. The nice bottle but seems to have been out of WSCC of red that accompanied me whilst scene for quite a few years now. Martin's writing the piece may also have had an red Zetec-powered westy looked a effect, who knows? treat with its aero screen and chunky Like many people I kind of mark rubber boots. Telephone numbers were out periods of my life with the cars exchanged and hopefully Martin will be that accompanied me through them less of a stranger in the future. and various Westies have been my This was Simon Knight's first ride out On the 9th of August my father and I companions for the last 10 years or so. with the Cambs lads. I bumped into had an evening session at Cadwell. No When the initial email came through Simon at Stoneleigh earlier this year matter how many Youtube videos you from the eventual buyer (and the after parking up next to him at the watch of cars and bikes going around the subsequent emails led me to conclude already well populated WSCC stand. 'mini-Ring' nothing quite prepares you for he was serious) the possibility began to After the usual car chit-chat had taken the ups, downs, blind bends, the narrow dawn that the car really was going to place the age old question was asked: track and, of course, 'the mountain' be sold. When the payment hit my bank "Have you travelled far?" Amazingly account I can't state that I was actually despite both travelling 80 odd miles to happy. get the venue it was discovered we lived Looking at the empty space in the within three miles of each other. Have garage last Thursday night after I had you ever asked yourself how many '7' The show itself was the usual mix watched the new owner drive away to friends there may be within your village, of interesting machinery from the start his epic trip back to Austria (some town or city awaiting to be discovered? plethora of Fords and MGs through 1400 miles) I felt somewhat of a cad. I The answer, probably more than you to the wonderful GT40 in the Gulf sort of felt that I'd sold my best friend. would imagine. colours and a 'real McCoy' DeTomaso Pantera, which sounded like thunder Once home on Saturday the new owner Coincidentally I also mentioned he as it pulled away. Unfortunately it sent me a few piccies of his new Westy had a rather strange sign language has to be said that the numbers were The Westfield was successfully and tucked up in the garage next to his Elise conversation whilst stationary at the safely negotiated around the track, traffic lights within 200 yards of his down on last year, I guess the uncertain it kinda looked happy. As the Westy will weather had something to do with that. although admittedly much slower than be nigh on impossible to register in house on the way back. Apparently there potentially possible. Still we all have was a gentleman trimming a bush at the On the 15th of August Dick in his Austria the new owner will be using it to start somewhere and no doubt it is Tuscan and me in my Westfield had an solely for track and sprinting duties and front of a house, I looked over to see the evening taster session at the Snetterton another one crossed off the 'bucket list'. man giving him a big 'thumbs up' which retiring the Elise, the Westy will finally On the 28th of August I met up with 300 track. Dave (LocoR!) accompanied be used for what I built it for so I'm was reciprocated, the next signal from Liam and enjoyed a blat up to the Cleggy whilst Andre co-drove with the stranger was a finger point to the happy about that. The Westy was even Stamford car show where Liam joined yellow Westfield followed by the man Dick. The guys managed to get out on been blessed last Sunday as this excerpt track together on a couple of sessions up with the Midlands TVR owners club. from an email from the new owner then pointing to what must have been Martin Keene made yet another surprise and enjoyed the views and sounds describes. his garage. The assumption is the man as they swapped places. Apparently appearance, proudly displayed his car on has something similar in his own shed. "Hi Chaz! Today I let the Westfield the meadow Anyway back to the route to the show there was not much in it performancebless by the Bishop of Upper Austria. So wise between the supercar (Dick's Thanks for the input Cleggy, much your daughters will feel a great relief - the lads apparently managed to fit in appreciated. Tuscan) and my lightweight Westfield. that the Westfield is now protected by some of our old favourites including the The 10th August was another of our As you would expect the TVR clawed back roads out to Kingscliffe, the drop God and his Son!" second Wednesday of the month away slightly down the straight with down to the Seaton viaduct (which is truly I will write up the full story of the sale meetings. These have been gathering a the Westfield catching right back up spectacular), down the side of Rutland for the next issue of WW as it deserves again under braking and through the bit of momentum since the early days Water, and finally through the beautiful it's own spot in the mag. when Tony and I would stare languidly historic town of Stamford where the cars corners. Both drivers enjoyed the The area activities have been many into one another's eyes, whisper sweet new circuit layout immensely, both caused a bit of a stir in slow-moving traffic and varied since the last issue of WW nothings about forced induction in each making the promise to go again! within the narrow streets. hit the doormat.




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Westfield World Magazine Issue 5 2011  
Westfield World Magazine Issue 5 2011  

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