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i all, I hope you are making the most of the sunshine and getting out in your Westies as often as possible. I have to be honest in saying that mine is sulking in the garage (still on SORN and not MOT'd), purely down j to the demands of running your own business I'm afraid. Perhaps 1 will get it on the road soon and join one of the local groups for the obligatory "Blat" one Sunday morning. It was great to see so many of you at the Stoneleigh event a few weeks ago. i We had record numbers of Westfields parked up in 'Westfield Avenue' which was a site to see for sure. I had several people from other clubs quizzing me as to how we manage to "rally the troops'

whilst they struggle to get more than a dozen. "Club spirit" I say — and they look at me all puzzled. There are some fantastic pictures of the event later in the magazine, most of which are indebted to the shutter skills of Paul Dew (also AO for the Cannock area). We have already booked the pitch for next year, and look forward to another fab event. Of course, I cannot talk about Stoneleigh without mentioning the efforts of everyone who volunteered their help over the weekend, with a particular mention for Chaz Powerslide (aka Ian De Chasterlain) who burned a shed load of midnight oil to ensure the event was a success. Many thanks to Chaz and his band of helpers!

June 18th and 19th see the annual WSCC event at Curborough. Again, there are lots happening over the weekend, including a 'Sprint School' which is run by some old hands at the sprinting game (some are very old!). The aim is to provide instruction and guidance on preparation of vehicles and how to nail the racing line for the novice who is thinking of giving Sprinting a go for the first time. After lunch, you can put this tuition to the test by taking your car out on the track. All you need is a crash helmet, long-sleeved shirt or jumper, and a small sum of money — and away you go. On Saturday evening, we will hold our Annual AGM for all who are interested. To numb the pain, we will commence


the evening frivolities immediately following the AGM with Wellie Wanging | and a BBQ. Sunday is full throttle day as the WSCC I Sprint Series takes over, with running commentary on the day provided by | yours truly. A not-to-be missed event! Finally, another date for your diary: This year's WSCC Dinner and Dance incorporating the WSCC Speed Series Awards for 2011 is taking place a little earlier than in previous years. So make a date for Saturday 12th November at the I Lea Marston Hotel near Sutton Coldfield. I More details will follow — but make it | a date now! Paul I

IN THIS ISSUE: Chairman's Ramblings Stoneleigh 2011 WSCC AGM Agenda Shall we all go on holiday together? Around the World — news from the Area Organisers

BIG BLUE BEAST Ian Stinton (left) and Neil Clark with their factory-built, 5.0 litre V8 engined Westfield which turned out for the Cotswold Area's trackday at Curborough.


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STONELEIGH 2011 by Ian de Chastelain few hours earlier I had met up with Paul Edden in the car


tside the ' 'Kit 'Car' entrance P to the Stoneleigh Showground. As I I approached him he, as did I, had the look on his face of a man who's appointment | with the gallows was imminent. The cause of the jitters was that neither he, nor I, were in possession of the small bit of paper which meant that at least the marquee could be erected |— we had no 'Penetration Permit' In my courting days permission to penetrate was usually effected with a bag of chips and half a can of Tenants Extra but this was a whole different ball

given, we relaxed but only a little. Neale then paced out the footprint of the marquee where I'd indicated I'd like it to be located, Paul's and my jaws dropped a little at this stage as it looked like most of the rest of the show would fit into the finished marquee! The marquee took about three hours to put up and wire. In the meantime we put up our own tents, Ian and Tony helped out with this and 'home' was

expanse of space around us in much the same way as a mouse might feel small peering into a large dog kennel. Over the next few hours barriers were located and moved, banners deployed, flags fixed, signage taped, tables manoeuvred and heads scratched. I must say that all the guys worked really well and by about 7pm (15 hours after we'd got started) both the interior and exterior stands were as ready as they could be for the following day. After sinking a few beers and a walk around the site we turned in to get some rest before it all kicked off on the Sunday morning. At 7am on the Sunday the marquee was unsealed and the arriving helpers assisted in sorting out the final details as the showground was flooded with a sea of kit cars and Jo Public. All of the marquee team were issued with their bright yellow 'Stoneleigh 2011' T-Shirts and ID badges, and briefed upon their arrival so that they at least looked game. Hanbury Marquees were already built in a record time with the aid of like they knew what they were doing! on site and requesting permission to ; tea and bacon butties. Mark and Terry assumed their parking penetrate but Paul and I had not had In the meantime Mark Leybourne duties and began to assemble Westfield our Tenants or Chips yet so had to say no. and Terry Brown arrived, as did Boney, Avenue whilst Dick and James started By this time, Pincher (Ian Martin) and Chippo, Rob (lies) and Andy Banks - all booking in the Autojumble. Housebutition (Tony) had arrived to lend willing helpers. The Northampton Motorsport guys a hand. Whilst the WSCC army waited for the began setting up in their part of the After a cuppa, a chat, and more finishing touches to be added to the marquee as Paul arrived and unloaded worried looks we were finally allowed marquee, various cars were winched Green And Mean 1. into the showground at 10am and made off trailers, kit was unloaded, 'phone Photo: Ian de Ctiastelafna beeline for Block 53. calls made and more tea consumed. Several thousand pounds worth of Mark J then pitched up with another * marquee sitting on a truck looks less trailer full of kit that was duly unloaded than impressive, no truck, no marquee and assembled ready to be placed into and a bare field even less so as would the marquee and Graham Whittaker be the case if the Ground Penetration arrived up with my Westy and another Permit didn't get sorted soon. bundle of kit. Neale from Hanbury introduced Work stopped for a while when Marc himself and asked where we'd like the Venton turned up in his Mclaren liveried Before long 'Motorsport Corner' marquee put, the short answer was XTR2 and the assembled petrolheads consisted of Mark J's SE on the NMS nowhere until we'd got the Ground took time out to have a good gander. scales, Marc Venton's spectacular XTR2, Penetration Permit thingy sorted, the Adam's V8, Mark Leybournes SEiW and field had been scanned by BT already Paul Pocklington's Green and Mean and the Stoneleigh electrician was on sprint car. his way to do his ground scan. I never knew putting up a big tent would be so involving but judging by the army of Eastern European muscle Neale had brought along to get the job done I was being educated to the contrary. At last the electrician arrived, Marc had thoroughly enjoyed driving consulted a plan of the underground services, waved his tool here and there, the car up from Surry and reported that sprayed some grass white to mark where it wasn't as bad as he thought it would Chippo wedged his carbon bodied not to bang in marquee pegs and said: be, it certainly turned a few heads along SEiW in a corner, and Westfield added a lime green electric Eco Car into the ^"Go ahead." It took all of three minutes ÂŤ the way by all accounts. Paul and I now stood in the completed mix and shoved another in the marquee - the stress abated a little. Permission to penetrate had been | marquee feeling a little small in the enclosure.


By 9:30am Fish (John Curtis) had set up the one-stop membership shop, Stu Winfer was selling the first of many hats on the merchandise stand and Richard (you can eat your dinner off any part of my car, but if you do I'll kill you) Clements was signing anybody who strayed into his path up to the competition.


Adam Joyner joined the fray parked up his Mege Busa in the marquee whipped off the bonnet and immediately attracted a crowd of appreciative onlookers. Mags and the kids got the snack bar organised and began dishing out tea, coffee and snacks to the needy, Paul Edden got the laptop locked into the boardroom and the projector up and running before duty called him to the internal stand, and still the Westfields came like a multi-coloured tsunami, flooding block 53. Steve Livesey had a relatively relaxing time on the drop-off zone, giving out stickers and doing demo runs for people on the WSCC website. The first couple of hours was a bit hectic, but it all settled down and ran very well with the shift changes seamlessly taking place. Paul Hughes took over from Stu on the merchandise, James Holstead relieved Steve on the drop-off, Boney and Chippo continued the good work that Mark and Terry had done on the parking. Ian and Val took over on the snacks - and Andrew Reeves' 'Cotswolds , Autojumble Army' relieved Dick and


Thames Valley I A fe[[, hasn't the weather been Ip^p good to us, and long may it W W continue for a long spring and summer of happy blatting. Following a last minute e-mail to the Thames Valley members forwarding on an invitation to join the Cotswold lot at Track Developments for a handling and suspension health check, I was pleased to see that a number of Thames Valley members went along. They got a lot out of the opportunity to learn about car handling and have their cars checked over by the skilled guys at Track Developments. I hope this is run again next year as it had high praise from Nigel Jones who e-mailed to say he had great drive back so the new setup was good, and Phil Tester who said there was even a BBQ! Despite not sending a reminder about April's meet, as I had been enjoying myself on holiday so avoiding computers for as long as possible, we had four cars and seven people attend. AU enjoyed the sunshine and a cold drink. Simon Besant was off giving Steve Thorne support during his first Sprint in Farnborough which went really well,

Steve managed third in class (and lots of special things for members out of three!). to do. One of these special things was a Simon only managed second in class, 'What the hell is that competition'. With and couldn't manage fastest time of the some guidance from Steve and I, who day either, so I am sure will be back next seem to have broken most of the parts year after a full engine rebuild to take which were photographed, Luke M WON! top place. He is a very proud man as someone who: Next up was our annual pilgrimage ''Never wins anything". to Stoneleigh. A convoy of three cars Sunday 8th May was the Thames Valley meet at The Bird in Hand at 7:15am and Jaguar Enthusiasts Sportscar Show at travelled to the Holiday Express Inn at Hambleden which we have been invited Banbury to meet another five cars from to for a number of years and have the northern half of our region. enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and When we got near the showground a good selection of cars — not to mention line of Caterhams pulled out in front of the pub which runs a tasty BBQ. We met me creating an amazing sight of ten 7's at 12 at the Bird in Hand as usual and in front of me and ten 7's behind me. then blatted to Hambleden at 1:30-ish. As per the last couple of years the As Luke bought a prize draw ticket to club made a huge effort to make it win a XKR I thought I would see if any of 'Stoneleigh- the Westfield Car Show' his recent luck would rub off and also

t's hard to believe that we are nearly half way through the year already. / Although we have our share of nice weather already in the last couple of months. I just hope I've not missed the best weather of the year during my

annual holiday. Westies at motorcycle museum Before I went away though we did manage a nice run out | to the Westfield Factory Open * Day. We had ten Westfield cars 1 meet up at the Motorcycle I Museum then a relaxed drive through the centre of Birmingham before arriving at Westfield. You may well ask why would will have attended our first Curborough you want to drive through the track day of the year. Again overcentre of Birmingham? The subscribed so you have to book early. answer is there are several Hopefully, the weather will be kind and tunnels on the A38. One car sounds we will all have had a safe entertaining nice through the tunnels but when you day. Pictures to follow in the next have ten the sound is spine-tingling. A Westfield World. big thanks to Marcus in his V8 joining us Several more events are planned in from Leeds. the coming months including a drive By the time you are reading this we to Chatsworth House, WSCC AGM And


tested route through some very scenic countryside, eventually popping out at Bala just in time for a well-earned cup of tea at the railway station. Time was getting on at this point, and John D and I had a fantastic run back from Bala. It was certainly the quickest I've ever done that route, of course within the legal speed limits Michael Finlow finally made it out in his car for the first time in a long time after having an engine rebuild, so there were no heroics from Mike as he was running his car in (see photo).

I A fe\\., here we are again, time ^f^f for another instalment from r F the Wirral ft North Wales boys and girls. The season is now well under way and we have had a few good runs out into Wales, including a run out to Lake Vyrnwy via the Ponderosa cafe for the obligatory breakfast. The weather stayed fine for the whole day and Darren took us on a tried-and-



Looks like we were not the only car clubs out on that day, those boys in their BMW Z4's had a good show of cars, but trying to pass each other on a single track road round the lake was interesting. Our May club night was another opportunity to get the Westi out, and we had a very good turn out of nine cars. This month we ventured into pastures

new and headed out into the Cheshire countryside, via Chester. Considering there were nine of us, we all stayed together through countless sets of traffic lights. We continued out towards Holt/ Farndon, then across to Broxton along a great stretch of fast B-road, and then of course back to the Tudor Rose for a beer and a chat, We also welcomed a new member to our area, Peter Thomas, who turned up for a pint and a chat. Hopefully he will soon be joining us for our Sunday trips out in his Westi. May means only one thing in the show calendar; Stoneliegh - Stoneleigh — Stoneleigh. The day started at Sam prompt from the Tudor Rose, picking up a few cars on the way up the motorway. I'll hold my hands up and say I didn't check the route prior to leaving home, because when we got a down the M6, in my infinite wisdom I decided for no apparent reason that we needed to turn off down the M5 This is when the day started to go pear-shaped. John Dolan was frantically pointing at his fuel gauge at this point, so after a quick turn-around at the next junction we headed back to the M6 and stopped at the next services where a few of us filled up with fuel. At this point I swallowed my pride and asked if any one actually knew the way to Stoneleigh? Jeff put his hand up

bought one. Next up is the Thames Valley Private I Track day at Curborough on the 2nd June. I We have nine cars booked and will be I laying on a BBQ for all the drivers and supporters, this is the first time our area | has arranged our own day like this and we are all very much looking forward to I it. I just hope no one breaks anything as j I expect there will be some swapping of I which cars go on the trailers for the way | home! At the end of June we have a I change of event, instead of going to the Thatchem and District Car show we are going to Supercar Sunday in [ Gaydon! I have applied for passes so I once confirmed I will e-mail out the I details and how to book test track runs. I This should be a good event and I look | forward to taking part. Following from the last issue of I Westfield World, and once the weather goes downhill, we plan to arrange a day at Pure Tech Racing (the ultimate F1 simulator) - so here's to a great rest of | 2011! Please remember that I send out I regular e-mails to keep people up to date, if you're not receiving them please let me know and I will add your name to j the list. Tim and Steve \

Curborough Sprint, and the ' Supercar Sunday at Gaydon. For more details please 1 check out our area web site ( I Warwickshire), our facebook page (WSCC Warwickshire), or the WSCC Boardroom forum. If you would like to be added to our e-mail distribution list to be kept informed of upcoming events please drop me an e-mail to As a closing note I'd like to say good luck to Simon in finding another Westfield, and to Andy who is restoring Simon's previous Westfield. BCINU,


and said: "No problem'. So off we went again, right into a housing estate — a very nice housing estate; but not a clue where we were. Graham now lets us know he has a sat-nav nailed to his dash - so off we go again, only to get a few miles down the road and, you got it, LOST again. This is where the group got split up, but we did find our way eventually and we all arrived within minutes of each other, albeit from different directions. All of us were more than impressed with the Westfield stand, a credit to the organisers, the best by a long way - and even the rain stayed away for the day. I think every one would agree a fantastic day out. This year's Y Ddraig Goch (Tour of Wales) is the next event on the Wirral a North Wales calendar. It's going to be a three day, two night event. This should be about to take place when this edition


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