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PENING RECEPTIO O N Saturday, February 4th, 6-8:30 pm

GALLERY TALKS: Saturdays from 2-4 pm Otis Huband: February 11th Charles Jones: February 18th Gallery Talk on the Legacy of Bill Reily: February 25th

In the gallery’s newest installation, we focus on figurative modes emanating within Texas modernism. In Modernist Figurations, we bring together the works of three accomplished artists who have ingeniously employed figurative subject matter as the basis for their vivid and expressive creations in art. The exhibition blends recent oil paintings by Otis Huband, with elegant, large-scale woodblock effigies by Charles D. Jones; along with mystical works on paper from the hand of the late, great Bill Reily (1930-2014). In a stunning display, the exhibition pays deference to the rich modernist traditions born from the fundamentals of classical life drawing and figure painting, reminding us that not all Lone Star art is a testament to the land or is necessarily representational in nature. Here, we honor strands of figurative expression (and expressionism) which has been extant in Houston and Texas art since its inception. Otis Huband, for instance, is perhaps the most important purveyor of figurative abstraction to have ever worked in Houston, or for that matter any Texas city. Huband, who has painted and taught in Houston since his arrival in the city in 1964, has established himself as a leading artist in the field, perfecting a brilliant, dynamic style of “figurative expressionism” over a long and distinguished career. In this show, we feature the most recent work of this talented and prolific octogenarian artist. These fresh paintings underscore Huband’s powerful elixir of creative energy, expert facility and masterful control of artist’s craft. These dramatic and exhilarating works are hallmarks of the show, and worthy of the time and attention of the most sophisticated collector.

Charles D. Jones’ cerebral prints and woodblocks likewise call for contemplative study and careful review. In his monumental woodblocks, the artist pays homage to the writers, artists, conductors and musicians who have influenced his life and work. Subjects of regal bearing rise from Jones’ blocks, pushed from their powerful backdrops of intermingled lines and form, which magically propel them to the fore. In his handling of such large-scale prints, the artist displays double-edged acts of artistic prowess; first masterfully carving some of the world’s most distinguished luminaries from the core of solid wood plates and then sensitively rendering their likenesses in beautifully laid inks on fine, hand-made papers. Jones, a resident of Nacogdoches and professor-emeritus at Stephen F. Austin, is among the most accomplished of Texas printmakers today, with a career spanning some five decades. He was recently honored

with a landmark retrospective exhibition entitled East Texas Impressions: The Art of Charles D. Jones. Jones’ print work is exemplary of kind, and his expert hand has extended into the production of fine art books, via his continued role as Director of The LaNana Creek Press in Nacogdoches. As with Huband’s recent output, Jones’ elegant print work is also a “must-see” for true Texas aficionados.

The third member of this artistic triumvirate, Bill Reily was one of San Antonio’s earliest modernist painters. The beloved god-child of the heralded Marion Koogler McNay, Reily was introduced to the virtues of modern art in an early and personal manner. He pursued undergraduate education in fine arts at The University of Texas, and was among the earliest cohorts to engage in graduate study at that institution. There, Riley flourished as a painting student of Everett Spruce and William Lester, and a print-making colleague of Constance Forsyth. Returning home to San Antonio, he joined the faculty at Incarnate Word University, and taught art there for over 30 years. During all this time, Riley painted with unusual flair. He blew through the 1950s and 1960s, building a reputation in Texas and beyond for fresh and imaginative works, and winning prizes in the state’s most prestigious exhibitions. He perfected a haunting, surrealistic style, and left behind a series of brilliantly executed works populated by strange beings and mysterious forms, now recognized as some of the most distinctive contributions to the annals of figurative expressionism in Texas. At midcentury, Reily was hailed as one of the state’s most creative artists, and the selections here, many fresh from the artist’s estate, attest to his expressive genius in this regard. In Modernist Figurations, William Reaves| Sarah Foltz Fine Art presents yet another engaging selection of Texas modernism at its best, reaffirming the figure as a vital and intriguing mode of artistic expression, and deftly demonstrating its interpretation in Texas through the works of three superbly accomplished artists. Modernist Figurations brings together the full measure of fun and artistic intrigue, and offers one of the year’s first blockbuster exhibition for Houston art lovers. You really won’t want to miss it! Bill Reaves Sarah Foltz



Title of Work



Size (inches)


Otis Huband

Baroque 2016 oil stick on canvas 34x44


Otis Huband

Busy Fantasy 2014-16 oil stick on canvas 55x42


Otis Huband

Elysian Fields 2014-16 oil stick on canvas 49x40


Otis Huband

Figure in an Interior 2016 oil stick on canvas 56x36


Otis Huband

Figure in the Rain 2013-16 oil stick on canvas 31.5x26.5


Otis Huband

Full Moon 2016 oil stick on canvas 43.5x67


Otis Huband

Guest in August 2013-16 oil stick on canvas 56x44


Otis Huband

Incident off Morgan's Point 2016 oil stick on canvas 44x68


Otis Huband

Long Shadows 2016 oil stick on canvas 45.5x34


Otis Huband

Moon Machine 2016 oil stick on canvas 36x44


Otis Huband

Reclining Figure 2012-16 oil stick on canvas 54x43


Otis Huband

Remembering E.D. 2017 oil stick on canvas 40x52


Otis Huband

Retro Evocation 2014-16 oil stick on canvas 55x42


Otis Huband

Right Entry 2014-16 oil stick on canvas 66.5x45


Otis Huband

To Alex North 2014-16 oil stick on canvas 55x42


Charles Jones

Bessie Smith 2014 woodcut 10x8


Charles Jones

Billie Holiday 2014 woodcut 10x8


Charles Jones

Eudora Welty 2006 woodcut 52x14


Charles Jones

Ezra Pound 2000 woodcut 32x14.5


Charles Jones

Franz Kafka 2007 woodcut 71x21


Charles Jones

Homage to Leonard Baskin 2001 woodcut 28x18



Title of Work



Size (inches)


Charles Jones

James Joyce 2004 woodcut 35x26


Charles Jones

John Muir 1999 wood engraving 5x3


Charles Jones

John Muir on a Hill 2001 wood engraving 5x4


Charles Jones

Kathe Kollwitz 2001 woodcut 71x21


Charles Jones

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 2008 woodcut 60x17


Charles Jones

Louise Bourgeoise 2001 woodcut 71x21


Charles Jones

Oscar Wilde 2004 woodcut with chine colle 50x26


Charles Jones

Ruffino Tamayo 2004 woodcut 50x26


Charles Jones

Self Portrait woodcut


Charles Jones

William Faulkner 2006 woodcut 52x14


Bill Reily

Afternoon mixed media on paper 18x24


Bill Reily

Blue Prophet 1957 mixed media on paper 24x18


Bill Reily

Dame Edith Sitwill oil on board 23.5x17.5


Bill Reily

Dr. Edith Sitwell 1950 mixed media on paper 24x14.5


Bill Reily

Face c. 1951 mixed media on paper 16x12


Bill Reily

Fish-bird and Fish-man mixed media on paper 5x7


Bill Reily

Four Horsemen Unmounted c. 1951 mixed media on paper 18x24


Bill Reily

Frolic of the Mysterious Beings/Animal People


Bill Reily

Girl in Red mixed media on paper 11.5x11.5


Bill Reily

Guardians c. 1955 oil on masonite 24x30


Bill Reily

Guitar Player mixed media on paper 11.5x8.75


Bill Reily

Harlequin oil on board 30x26

c. 1960

mixed media on paper




Title of Work



Size (inches)


Bill Reily

King & Queen Masks mixed media on paper 8.5x8 each


Bill Reily

Leaving Happily 1951 casein on paper 15x11


Bill Reily

Mardi Gras 1948 oil on masonite 16x20


Bill Reily

Mystic Fisherman 1964 watercolor 22x29


Bill Reily

Planted Green 1949 oil on board 18x24


Bill Reily

Portrait 1957 casein on paper 23x18


Bill Reily

Portrait of a Woman c. 1960 oil on masonite 30x24


Bill Reily

Romulus and Remus 1951 mixed media on paper 9.75x13.25


Bill Reily

Shadows casein on paper 16x20


Bill Reily

Standing Figure mixed media on paper 11.75x5.25


Bill Reily

Study for Guitar Player graphite on paper 9.5x6.5


Bill Reily

Study for Guitar Player on Green Chair mixed media on paper 14x11


Bill Reily

The Butterfly Charmer c. 1955 mixed media on paper 6x8.5


Bill Reily

The Child of Stare mixed media on paper 9.5x15.5


Bill Reily

The Family of Giants c. 1955 mixed media on paper 18x24


Bill Reily

Three Female Masks mixed media on paper 5x7 each


Bill Reily

Three Warrior Masks mixed media on paper 7x7 each


Bill Reily

Trouble in the Hatchery 1954 casein on paper 17.25x23.25


Bill Reily

Two Figures in Archway mixed media on paper 10.25x8


Bill Reily

Woman in Yellow - Man in Black mixed media on paper 14x12


Bill Reily

Untitled mixed media assemblage 13.5x3x3


Bill Reily

Untitled mixed media assemblage 13.25x5.5x3.5

Artist Talk Saturday, February 11th from 2-4 pm

1. Otis Huband, Baroque, 2016, oil stick on canvas, 34x44

2. Otis Huband, Busy Fantasy, 2014-16, oil stick on canvas, 55x42

3. Otis Huband, Elysian Fields, 2014-16, oil stick on canvas, 49x40

4. Otis Huband, Figure in an Interior, 2016, oil stick on canvas, 56x36

5. Otis Huband, Figure in the Rain, 2013-16, oil stick on canvas, 31.5x26.5

6. Otis Huband, Full Moon, 2016, oil stick on canvas, 43.5x67

7. Otis Huband, Guest in August, 2013-16, oil stick on canvas, 56x44

8. Otis Huband, Incident off Morgan's Point, 2016, oil stick on canvas, 44x68

9. Otis Huband, Long Shadows, 2016, oil stick on canvas, 45.5x34

10. Otis Huband, Moon Machine, 2016, oil stick on canvas, 36x44

11. Otis Huband, Reclining Figure, 2012-16, oil stick on canvas, 54x43

12. Otis Huband, Remembering E.D., 2017, oil stick on canvas, 40x52

13. Otis Huband, Retro Evocation, 2014-16, oil stick on canvas, 55x42

14. Otis Huband, Right Entry, 2014-16, oil stick on canvas, 66.5x45

15. Otis Huband, To Alex North, 2014-16, oil stick on canvas, 55x42

Artist Talk Saturday, February 8th from 2-4 pm

16. Charles Jones, Bessie Smith, 2014, woodcut, 10x8

17. Charles Jones, Billie Holiday, 2014, woodcut, 10x8

18. Charles Jones, Eudora Welty, 2006, woodcut, 52x14

19. Charles Jones, Ezra Pound, 2000, woodcut, 32x14.5

20. Charles Jones, Franz Kafka, 2007, woodcut, 71x21

21. Charles Jones, Homage to Leonard Baskin, 2001, woodcut, 28x18

22. Charles Jones, James Joyce, 2004, woodcut, 35x26

23. Charles Jones, John Muir, 1999, wood engraving, 5x3

24. Charles Jones, John Muir on a Hill, 2001, wood engraving, 5x4

25. Charles Jones, Kathe Kollwitz, 2001, woodcut, 71x21

26. Charles Jones, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., 2008, woodcut, 60x17

27. Charles Jones, Louise Bourgeoise, 2001, woodcut, 71x21

28. Charles Jones, Oscar Wilde, 2004, woodcut with chine colle, 50x26

29. Charles Jones, Ruffino Tamayo, 2004, woodcut, 50x26

30. Charles Jones, Self Portrait, woodcut

31. Charles Jones, William Faulkner, 2006, woodcut, 52x14

Gallery Talk Saturday, February 25th from 2-4 pm

32. Bill Reily, Afternoon, mixed media on paper, 18x24

33. Bill Reily, Blue Prophet, 1957, mixed media on paper, 24x18

34. Bill Reily, Dame Edith Sitwill, oil on board, 23.5x17.5

35. Bill Reily, Dr. Edith Sitwell, 1950, mixed media on paper, 24x14.5

36. Bill Reily, Face, c. 1951, mixed media on paper, 16x12

37. Bill Reily, Fish-bird and Fish-man, mixed media on paper, 5x7

38. Bill Reily, Four Horsemen Unmounted, c. 1951, mixed media on paper, 18x24

39. Bill Reily, Frolic of the Mysterious Beings/Animal People, c. 1960, mixed media on paper, 9.5x13

40. Bill Reily, Girl in Red, mixed media on paper, 11.5x11.5

41. Bill Reily, Guardians, c. 1955, oil on masonite, 24x30

42. Bill Reily, Guitar Player, mixed media on paper, 11.5x8.75

43. Bill Reily, Harlequin, oil on board, 30x26

44. Bill Reily, King & Queen Masks, mixed media on paper, 8.5x8 each

45. Bill Reily, Leaving Happily, 1951, casein on paper, 15x11

46. Bill Reily, Mardi Gras, 1948, oil on masonite, 16x20

47. Bill Reily, Mystic Fisherman, 1964, watercolor, 22x29

48. Bill Reily, Planted Green, 1949, oil on board, 18x24

49. Bill Reily, Portrait, 1957, casein on paper, 23x18

50. Bill Reily, Portrait of a Woman, c. 1960, oil on masonite, 30x24

51. Bill Reily, Romulus and Remus, 1951, mixed media on paper, 9.75x13.25

52. Bill Reily, Shadows, casein on paper, 16x20

53. Bill Reily, Standing Figure, mixed media on paper, 11.75x5.25

54. Bill Reily, Study for Guitar Player, graphite on paper, 9.5x6.5

55. Bill Reily, Study for Guitar Player on Green Chair, mixed media on paper, 14x11

56. Bill Reily, The Butterfly Charmer, c. 1955, mixed media on paper, 6x8.5

57. Bill Reily, The Child of Stare, mixed media on paper, 9.5x15.5

58. Bill Reily, The Family of Giants, c. 1955, mixed media on paper, 18x24

59. Bill Reily, Three Female Masks, mixed media on paper, 5x7 each

60. Bill Reily, Three Warrior Masks, mixed media on paper, 7x7 each

61. Bill Reily, Trouble in the Hatchery, 1954, casein on paper, 17.25x23.25

62. Bill Reily, Two Figures in Archway, mixed media on paper, 10.25x8

63. Bill Reily, Woman in Yellow - Man in Black, mixed media on paper, 14x12

64. Bill Reily, Untitled, mixed media assemblage, 13.5x3x3

65. Bill Reily, Untitled, mixed media assemblage, 13.25x5.5x3.5

About William Reaves | Sarah Foltz Fine Art


William Reaves | Sarah Foltz Fine Art, originally established in 2006 in Houston, Texas, is dedicated to the promotion of

premier Texas artists of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, focusing particularly on historically significant artists active in the state during the period of 1900‒1975.

The gallery showcases many of the state’s most accomplished and recognized talents, all of whom have significant

connections to Texas and have evidenced the highest standards of quality in their work, training, and professionalism. In addition to its general focus on Early Texas Art, the gallery places special emphasis on the rediscovery and presentation

of midcentury works by Houston and South Texas artists. William Reaves | Sarah Foltz Fine Art is the foremost provider of

Texas Modern Art, which includes midcentury masters and pioneering expressionists working in the state. The gallery also

represents a dynamic group of contemporary artists, known as the Contemporary Texas Regionalists, actively showing their works in annual gallery exhibitions as well as traveling exhibitions throughout the state.

William Reaves | Sarah Foltz Fine Art is a comprehensive gallery offering fine art appraisals, consultation, collections

management, brokerage, and sales services. The gallery exhibits artists working in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, works on paper, and photography. In order to promote interest and broaden knowledge of earlier Texas art,

William Reaves | Sarah Foltz Fine Art supports related gallery talks, community events, scholarly research, and publications. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm and other times by appointment.

Gallery Contacts:

William Reaves, President

Sarah Foltz, Director

Modernist Figurations: Otis Huband, Charles Jones & Bill Reily  

This trio of exhibitions considers the presence classical human form in modern art and design, featuring the compelling figural compositions...

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