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The Townsend Post Is a newsletter dedicated to serve the Goodwood area and will be released on a forth nightly basis. The Townsend Post wishes to bring affordable advertising into the reach of the home and small business owner as well as acting as a platform for home and small businesses in the area to market themselves to those in their local area. For it is often the case that people do not know that the small job they need done or that personal touch that they require can be done by someone from their own community, and often at a fraction of the price.

Help make your community stronger. For more Information on Placing an ad or if you just want to say something to the community, The Townsend Post can make your voice heard. Please call 083 266 1771 021 591 1611

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Make this space work for you FOR affordable ads for the HOME small business owners Call 083 266 1771


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Make this space work for you FOR affordable ads for the HOME small business owners Call 083 266 1771

Energy Saving Since this is our First Issue we would like to Start with this Article on a subject that we have all become quite use too, Saving Energy.

Lights This ones Quite Simple, Just don't buy Old Style Lights bulbs any more. They waste valuable energy that could be used elsewhere. New CFL bulbs don't heat up as much as regular bulbs & have a much longer Lifespan. This Also makes it easer to change them.

Fridge Sometimes we forget that there is a dial in our fridge to regulate the Temperature. This could be used to set the Temperature lower thus saving electricity & Money.

Kettle If your making Coffee for one person use 1 & half cups of water. If your making for two people use 2.5 cups and so forth. Or alternately fill a flask in the morning for use during the day.

Geyser If you are planning to go away for a week or more remember to switch off your Geyser If u can switch it off while at work this will also save a lot of energy and money

Thoughts from BILLY THE CAT I have heard from many people in Goodwood how much they appreciate the fact that our Library is expanding its range of books, Especially its sci-fi and graphic novel selections. Paws up and thanks all those involved. Keep up the good work. Strolling down Voortekker Road the other day I could not help but notice how many shops come and go. It is as if there is a new store every week. What has happened to our economy is it so difficult in this day and age to keep a business going? Have something to whisper in my ear? SMS :082 869 1230

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