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Writing Studies and Composition

Course Offerings, Fall 13 Writing skills are vital for professional advancement in fields such as business, law, medicine, communications, education, and engineering. The Minor in Writing Studies requires successful completion of 18 semester hours chosen from the following areas: (1) Professional Writing, (2) Composition and Rhetoric, (3) New Media Literacy. Consider adding one of the classes below to your fall schedule. WSC 102 Grammar What’s the difference between a participle and an absolute phrase? You’ll know the difference after taking this course, which provides instruction in the forms and functions of standard English grammar and their relation to meaning.

WSC 103 Words and Meanings (AA) This course is a study in English-language awareness, with special attention to word origins, vocabulary development, metaphor, and semantic change. It focuses on the ways English words come into being, adapt, change, and expire. Some emphasis will be placed on the history of the English language as a cultural subject.

WSC 121 From Pictograph to Pixels: The Impact of Technologies on Literacies (AA)

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Cave paintings tell us that humans have been communicating, using available technology, for over 31,000 years. Such pictographic efforts can be found in Europe from Spain to the Ural Mountains, in South Africa and Southeast Asia, in South America, in Baja Mexico, and in the American Southwest. Were they part of a religious ceremony? intended to entertain or to teach? Were they done by random members of a group or were there designated "authors"? In this course, we will explore some of the more significant efforts and the questions and problems engendered by the basic human drive to communicate.

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For more information about these classes, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Jennifer Rich, or call 516. 463.5467.

WSC Fall 13 Course Offerings  
WSC Fall 13 Course Offerings  

Course Offerings for Fall 2013