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LIBRARY – Early Evening

Four college students, sitting around a table assignment. They have together, which is due So.


DAREN, JORDAN, RAUL, and TOM are in a library working on a group to complete a screenplay for a class the next week.

DAREN Anyone have any ideas?

TOM (After a moment of silence) Fuck this, lets go get drunk, I have no ideas. DAREN Thanks Tom. You’re a lot of help. Our grade depends on this and we really have to finish it tonight. So let’s all put our heads together and do this please. JORDAN I agree with Tom, but first let’s smoke this joint. If we all get a little high, we’ll be more creative. DAREN Dammit. We’re never going to finish this are we? I have a lot of shit for other classes to do. RAUL (Looks up from his computer for the first time) How do you spell dammit? TOM It’s with two m’s dude.

Come on.

JORDAN Are we really asking about how to spell words right now?

DAREN I’m going to agree with Jordan for the first time ever. This is stupid and we are wasting time. Lets focus guys. JORDAN I never said that. TOM Or maybe it’s with an ‘m’ and an ‘n’. RAUL I just looked it up on Google, it’s two words, but it says if you use it as slang, then it’s with two ‘m’s. DAREN Dammit! I don’t care, why are we still talking about this? JORDAN Hey man, settle down. big deal.

It’s not a

(Chuckling) Let’s smoke this joint. (After a moment of silence) Or not. DAREN Well, since we have nothing right now and this is due soon, what if we just start with someone getting hit by a car? JORDAN I don’t know about that man… Why are your ideas always so violent?

DAREN Why don’t you come up with an idea? JORDAN (In Towlie’s voice) I would if I could get a little high. DAREN No it will work, if we start the story with a car crash it will capture the reader’s attention immediately and we can just build from there. What if someone is walking down a sidewalk and a drunk driver or something, someone driving on the road swerves onto the sidewalk in a freak accident and kills them? TOM (Sarcastically) Hmm, sounds crazy. JORDAN Why does someone have to die? DAREN (Frustrated) Just an idea. Anyone have anything better? JORDAN How about, a huge tidal wave comes and hits the town and everyone dies? DAREN Dude, first of all, we live in the Midwest, there is no ocean anywhere near here that could possibly produce a tidal wave that could hit us. Second of all, that idea was just as violent as my idea. Actually, it’s much more violent because

everyone dies in your idea. JORDAN What was your idea again? I don’t even remember what you said. RAUL (Looks up from his computer) I agree, you’re ignorant Jordan. Maybe you should stop smoking. JORDAN Ok whatever. How about, someone is walking on the edge of the top of a parking garage and a huge gust of wind blows them off? And they die. TOM (Laughing) Dude, you’re a dumbass, that’s just as bad still. But I like it. DAREN Any ideas Raul? RAUL (Looks up from computer) Instead of everyone dying in our story, let’s write about a genius bank robbery. DAREN Hmm. Well this is the best idea so far probably. TOM An armed robbery. DAREN No. JORDAN Grenades. RAUL I like Daren’s idea of beginning

the story with an intense scene to capture the reader’s attention. So, what if an armed — or unarmed man walks into the Credit Union during rush-hour, and robs it. He gets the money, escapes the bank, jumps into an already waiting getaway vehicle, a Mustang, and drives away as police sirens approach. DAREN I’m ok with that. everyone else?

What about

TOM Whatever man. I’m fine with it. JORDAN What if we start our story with a wild, crazy, frat party with lots of alcohol and girls. Everyone is drunk and partying. But then someone dies of alcohol poisoning. TOM (Laughing) You have smoked yourself retarded Jordan. But I like it. RAUL You are a pot-head and you need to concentrate on our story, we really need to get this done. JORDAN Fuck you guys, I don’t need this shit, I’m going home. DAREN Settle down everyone no one is going anywhere until we get this done.

JORDAN Well we need a break at least, I am dying for a cancer stick. DAREN Alright, lets all just take a break. Come back in five minutes and work on this. RAUL I’m just going to stay.





TOM, JORDAN, and DAREN are standing next to each other outside the doors of the library smoking cigarettes. It is getting darker and beginning to rain softly. JORDAN (Opens his cigarette box) So, are we going to smoke this joint? Anyone wanna get high? DAREN Are you serious? We’re standing in front of the library right now. TOM Let me hit that. It’s been a long time. Wow guys.

DAREN Are you both serious?

TOM (Laughing) You need to loosen up a bit man. Take your mind off things. You seem very stressed out. DAREN That’s because this is due soon and we have nothing besides a few lame ideas. Plus you guys are going to get me into trouble. JORDAN They’re not lame. They’re awesome. you were high you would understand.


DAREN What’s our teacher going to think when he’s grading this and he’s not high? JORDAN How do you know he won’t be high? Everyone gets high.

DAREN Shut up Jordan. TOM What do you think Raul is doing up there? What the hell does he do on his computer all the time? He doesn’t talk much. JORDAN He’s kinda shady man. Don’t trust him. He’s probably hacking into our email accounts right now or something. TOM Yeah. Or maybe, he’s planning some kind of attack on the University’s network. He seems like a computer geek. JORDAN Yea he does, he should be hacking into our grades and making them A’s man. DAREN (Putting out his cigarette) You guys are dumb. Alright let’s go finish this.





TOM, JORDAN, and DAREN exit the elevator in silence and walk back to the tables where RAUL is still staring into his computer in his own world. JORDAN So what are you doing on there? Raul? RAUL None of your business. You wouldn’t understand anyway you stoners. DAREN Did you think of any ideas? RAUL You guys smell like cigs.

And no.

DAREN Nice work. TOM God I can’t do this anymore. JORDAN Yea, I need to smoke this joint. (Pulls it out) Check it out. DAREN God dammit. You can’t have that here, we’re in a library. (Starts packing his things) I think I’m going to leave, we’re clearly not getting anywhere tonight. I’m just going to finish this tonight and we can get pictures of locations tomorrow. And I’ll start with the car crash and the parking garage I guess.

So everyone go do whatever the hell you have to do and we’ll take pictures tomorrow to finish the assignment. Let’s meet downtown on the square at 11am. Don’t be late! Daren finishes packing his things and heads toward the exit. TOM (Smiling at Jordan) Hell yes! JORDAN Thank God. Trying to get high? TOM No you idiot, I gotta go fix myself a drink. See you guys tomorrow. Tom packs his things quickly into his backpack and heads to the stairway doors. Jordan packs his things too, looks at Raul who is still focusing on his computer, then leaves without saying anything. Raul remains and the scene ends.






It is a sunny spring morning; DARREN is sitting on a ledge with his head hunched over staring at the ground. RAUL approaches with his laptop in his hand. RAUL Is there WiFi connection here? DAREN I don’t know, I don’t care. Why do you need it? We gotta take pictures today, I wrote the entire story, so you don’t need to be on your computer today. Do you know where is everyone else? RAUL I don’t think you understand, I need to be on my laptop all the time. Business. DAREN Where is everyone else? drunk and too stoned?


Daren and Raul sit in silence for a little bit before JORDAN appears. DAREN Dude, your eyes man. They’re bleeding. How high are you already? JORDAN I’m not high at all, this is normal. DAREN Sure. RAUL There’s definitely no internet connection here.

DAREN So we should walk down the street to the parking garage and check it out to see if it will work for our story. JORDAN Sure why not. DAREN Where the hell is Tom? You guys know? JORDAN Thanks for giving me shit man, at least I showed up. DAREN Well. Let’s just start on this, I don’t think Tom is coming. The three stand up and begin walking down the street to the parking garage, which is in sight a few blocks away. At the first intersection they are stopped at a crosswalk. Suddenly, a loud, jolting sound comes from their left and down the street. DAREN Holy shit! Did any of you guys see that? JORDAN (In disbelief) Whoa. Damn. I didn’t want to see that. DAREN What the hell happened? To the left of the intersection a crowd of people is gathering around a car crash. A car is partially on the sidewalk and people are gasping and screaming. Wow.

JORDAN Oh my God.

There was a

girl just walking on and then that car, a out of nowhere drove the sidewalk and hit

the sidewalk, Mustang, straight onto her.

RAUL No way. DAREN Oh my God. The three stand there motionless, staring across and down the street at the scene of the accident. DAREN Holy shit, this is so fucked up. This is how our story begins, remember? A car crash, a pedestrian on a sidewalk getting hit and killed. JORDAN Oh wow, you’re right. I actually remember that. More silence as screams continue down the street and more people gather. Sirens are getting louder. DAREN This is so, so crazy. JORDAN The sirens, we should get out of here cause I’m stoned. DAREN You said you weren’t stoned. JORDAN I lied, shoot me, but we should get out of here, like right now. I don’t want to think about that, and I don’t want to get in trouble. DAREN Yeah, let’s keep going.





DAREN, JORDAN, and RAUL enter the parking garage; Daren is carrying a digital camera and looking around. DAREN This is perfect. JORDAN I wonder if anyone has actually ever jumped off the top of this on purpose. DAREN I hope not. Tom’s not going to show up is he? I wonder where he is? Raul Don’t know. Moments later, TOM comes running up to everyone in the parking garage. JORDAN Where ya been man? DAREN Way to be on time. TOM Sorry, got hung up a little bit this morning. DAREN Not a good excuseJORDAN (Interrupting Daren) Tom, did you see what just happened?! TOM No?

JORDAN This dudeDAREN -Remember how we were going to open our story with someone walking on a sidewalk getting hit by a car? Yeah?


JORDAN We just saw someone walking on the sidewalk get hit by a car! What?!

TOM Where?!


DAREN Yeah. So crazy. JORDAN How’d you know that man? TOM Know what? JORDAN That it was downtown. TOM I heard some people talking about it on the way here. DAREN Did you not see all the people around the corner? That’s where it happened. TOM No.

DAREN Huh. It was right outside. Don’t know how you missed it. TOM That’s crazy. I don’t know how I missed it. Anyway. What are we doing here again? DAREN Well, we are here because we need pictures for our story to finish our assignment. We see the four emerge on the top floor of the parking garage. DAREN This is perfect. So this is where Jeremy is walking on the ledge in the story and falls off. TOM What are you talking about? Who is Jeremy? DAREN Our story, that I wrote. Remember? Jeremy is the main character, he falls off a parking garageThe four, walking together, reach the edge and look down to the street. A body is laying motionless on the sidewalk. Across the street and down a block is the scene of the earlier accident. The four look at each other.


TOM (After a moment of silence) Fuck this, lets go get drunk, I have no ideas. TOM It’s with two m’s dude. Come on. DAREN Dammit. We’re neve...


TOM (After a moment of silence) Fuck this, lets go get drunk, I have no ideas. TOM It’s with two m’s dude. Come on. DAREN Dammit. We’re neve...