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Step #2: Pick a Topic What in the world will I write about? Directions: Below you will choose your top three choices regarding World War II. Remember these three guiding principles about choosing a research topic: Ø You have to be interested in the topic. I recommend choosing a topic that you do not know a lot about. Ø You have to be able to describe your topic’s overall impact in WWII. Ø You have to be willing to think “outside of the box.” Your research will take you many places and your paper focus might change once, twice, or maybe three times.

You will be assigned your first, second, or third choice for your research paper topic. Your first and second choices will be strongly considered.

Circle and Label Your Top Three Choices: Hiroshima/Nagasaki

War Comics (Incredible Hulk, etc)

Joseph Stalin (Soviet Dictator)

Anne Frank

Tuskegee Airmen

Pearl Harbor

Anti-Semitism in Germany/Kristallnacht

US Manhattan Project

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

President Truman

Tuberculosis in Japanese Internment Camps

Nazi Propaganda

Bataan Death March

Victory Bonds

FDR (US President)

Roles of Women during WWII/Rosie the Riveter Benito Mussolini (Dictator in Italy) Bomber Planes/Air Warfare

Battle of Iwo Jima

Battle of the Bulge

Topaz Internment Camp/Japanese Internment

Adolf Hitler (Dictator in Germany)


Codes and Code Breaking

Executive Order 9066

Naval Warfare/Submarines

The Draft

Blitzkrieg (Military Tactic)

Battle of Stalingrad

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Robert J. Oppenheimer

General Leslie Groves

Otto Hahn

Nuremberg Trials

Raoul Wallenberg

Dachau Concentration Camp

Atlantic Wall

Holocaust Denial

Children in the Holocaust

HibakushaAtomic Bomb Survivors

Other idea to submit to Mrs. H:_____________________________________

7th grade advanced research project 2018  
7th grade advanced research project 2018