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It was Herb Caen, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, who made the following sage observation: "Cockroaches and socialites are the only things that can stay up all night and eat anything." The oldest man in the United States is George Francis, who was born on June 6, 1896, which means he was already nearly 50 years old when D-Day occurred. In an interesting coincidence, the United Kingdom's oldest man, Henry Allingham, is also 112 years old -- and was born on the exact same day of the exact same year. Do you suffer from metathesiophobia? That's the scientific appellation given to the fear of change. In 2007, one of the justices serving on the Virginia Supreme Court ordered a plaintiff to drop her pants in court. The purpose was to look at an injury on her leg that was relevant to the case at hand; however, the order was deemed inappropriate and the offending justice was removed from the bench. Every single day, across the globe, there are more than 200 million Internet searches conducted on Google's search engine. If you are like the average American man, over the course of your lifetime you will spend a grand total of five years in the simple act of shaving. No word in the record at hand of how long women spend on the same chore, taking into account the fact that the real estate they cover in their shaving duties is, generally speaking, larger than that covered by men. If you take into account all the sales in the world, there are approximately 50 Bibles sold every minute. *** Thought for the Day: "Not every story has explosions and car chases. That's why they have nudity and espionage." -- Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Oregon Coast Tide Tables Girabaldi to Coos Bay

Local Standard Time

All times are listed in Local Standard Time(LST) or, Local Daylight Time (LDT) (when applicable). All heights are in feet referenced to Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW). Girabaldi Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/20/2009 Fri 03:14AM LST 4.1 L 09:16AM LST 7.7 H 04:32PM LST 0.5 L 11:31PM LST 6.3 H 02/21/2009 Sat 04:09AM LST 3.8 L 10:07AM LST 7.9 H 05:09PM LST 0.2 L 11:59PM LST 6.5 H 02/22/2009 Sun 04:54AM LST 3.4 L 10:52AM LST 8.1 H 05:42PM LST 0.0 L 02/23/2009 Mon 12:24AM LST 6.9 H 05:34AM LST 2.9 L 11:33AM LST 8.2 H 06:12PM LST 0.0 L 02/24/2009 Tue 12:48AM LST 7.3 H 06:11AM LST 2.4 L 12:12PM LST 8.2 H 06:40PM LST 0.0 L 02/25/2009 Wed 01:12AM LST 7.6 H 06:49AM LST 2.0 L 12:51PM LST 8.1 H 07:08PM LST 0.3 L 02/26/2009 Thu 01:37AM LST 8.0 H 07:27AM LST 1.5 L 01:32PM LST 7.9 H 07:37PM LST 0.6 L Pacific City/Nestucca Bay entrance Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/19/2009 Thu 02:01AM LST 3.8 L 07:50AM LST 6.9 H 03:47PM LST 0.7 L 10:33PM LST 5.5 H 02/20/2009 Fri 03:15AM LST 3.6 L 08:52AM LST 7.2 H 04:33PM LST 0.5 L 11:07PM LST 5.8 H 02/21/2009 Sat 04:10AM LST 3.3 L 09:43AM LST 7.3 H 05:10PM LST 0.2 L 11:35PM LST 6.1 H 02/22/2009 Sun 04:55AM LST 2.9 L 10:28AM LST 7.5 H 05:43PM LST 0.0 L 02/23/2009 Mon 12:00AM LST 6.4 H 05:35AM LST 2.5 L 11:09AM LST 7.6 H 06:13PM LST 0.0 L 02/24/2009 Tue 12:24AM LST 6.7 H 06:12AM LST 2.1 L 11:48AM LST 7.6 H 06:41PM LST 0.0 L 02/25/2009 Wed 12:48AM LST 7.0 H 06:50AM LST 1.7 L 12:27PM LST 7.5 H 07:09PM LST 0.3 L 02/26/2009 Thu 01:13AM LST 7.4 H 07:28AM LST 1.3 L 01:08PM LST 7.3 H 07:38PM LST 0.6 L Taft, Siletz Bay Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/20/2009 Fri 03:16AM LST 2.9 L 08:45AM LST 6.1 H 04:34PM LST 0.4 L 11:00PM LST 5.0 H 02/21/2009 Sat 04:11AM LST 2.7 L 09:36AM LST 6.2 H 05:11PM LST 0.2 L 11:28PM LST 5.2 H 02/22/2009 Sun 04:56AM LST 2.4 L 10:21AM LST 6.4 H 05:44PM LST 0.0 L 11:53PM LST 5.5 H 02/23/2009 Mon 05:36AM LST 2.0 L 11:02AM LST 6.5 H 06:14PM LST 0.0 L 02/24/2009 Tue 12:17AM LST 5.7 H 06:13AM LST 1.7 L 11:41AM LST 6.5 H 06:42PM LST 0.0 L 02/25/2009 Wed 12:41AM LST 6.0 H 06:51AM LST 1.4 L 12:20PM LST 6.4 H 07:10PM LST 0.2 L 02/26/2009 Thu 01:06AM LST 6.3 H 07:29AM LST 1.0 L 01:01PM LST 6.2 H 07:39PM LST 0.4 L Depoe Bay Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/20/2009 Fri 02:30AM LST 4.3 L 08:24AM LST 7.9 H 03:48PM LST 0.6 L 10:39PM LST 6.4 H 02/21/2009 Sat 03:25AM LST 4.0 L 09:15AM LST 8.0 H 04:25PM LST 0.2 L 11:07PM LST 6.7 H 02/22/2009 Sun 04:10AM LST 3.5 L 10:00AM LST 8.2 H 04:58PM LST 0.0 L 11:32PM LST 7.0 H 02/23/2009 Mon 04:50AM LST 3.0 L 10:41AM LST 8.3 H 05:28PM LST 0.0 L 11:56PM LST 7.4 H 02/24/2009 Tue 05:27AM LST 2.5 L 11:20AM LST 8.3 H 05:56PM LST 0.0 L 02/25/2009 Wed 12:20AM LST 7.7 H 06:05AM LST 2.1 L 11:59AM LST 8.2 H 06:24PM LST 0.3 L 02/26/2009 Thu 12:45AM LST 8.1 H 06:43AM LST 1.5 L 12:40PM LST 8.0 H 06:53PM LST 0.7 L Southbeach Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/20/2009 Fri 02:37AM LST 4.3 L 08:38AM LST 8.0 H 03:55PM LST 0.6 L 10:53PM LST 6.5 H 02/21/2009 Sat 03:32AM LST 4.0 L 09:29AM LST 8.1 H 04:32PM LST 0.2 L 11:21PM LST 6.8 H 02/22/2009 Sun 04:17AM LST 3.5 L 10:14AM LST 8.4 H 05:05PM LST 0.0 L 11:46PM LST 7.1 H 02/23/2009 Mon 04:57AM LST 3.0 L 10:55AM LST 8.5 H 05:35PM LST 0.0 L 02/24/2009 Tue 12:10AM LST 7.5 H 05:34AM LST 2.5 L 11:34AM LST 8.5 H 06:03PM LST 0.0 L 02/25/2009 Wed 12:34AM LST 7.9 H 06:12AM LST 2.1 L 12:13PM LST 8.4 H 06:31PM LST 0.3 L 02/26/2009 Thu 12:59AM LST 8.2 H 06:50AM LST 1.5 L 12:54PM LST 8.1 H 07:00PM LST 0.7 L Waldport, Alsea Bay Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/20/2009 Fri 03:03AM LST 3.9 L 08:50AM LST 7.2 H 04:14PM LST 0.7 L 10:55PM LST 5.9 H 02/21/2009 Sat 03:59AM LST 3.6 L 09:44AM LST 7.4 H 04:54PM LST 0.4 L 11:25PM LST 6.3 H 02/22/2009 Sun 04:45AM LST 3.2 L 10:30AM LST 7.6 H 05:29PM LST 0.1 L 11:53PM LST 6.6 H 02/23/2009 Mon 05:25AM LST 2.7 L 11:11AM LST 7.8 H 06:00PM LST 0.0 L 02/24/2009 Tue 12:20AM LST 7.0 H 06:03AM LST 2.2 L 11:51AM LST 7.8 H 06:30PM LST 0.1 L 02/25/2009 Wed 12:46AM LST 7.3 H 06:40AM LST 1.7 L 12:30PM LST 7.8 H 06:59PM LST 0.3 L 02/26/2009 Thu 01:13AM LST 7.6 H 07:17AM LST 1.3 L 01:10PM LST 7.6 H 07:28PM LST 0.6 L Florence Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/20/2009 Fri 03:30AM LST 3.3 L 09:13AM LST 6.1 H 04:41PM LST 0.6 L 11:18PM LST 5.0 H 02/21/2009 Sat 04:26AM LST 3.0 L 10:07AM LST 6.3 H 05:21PM LST 0.3 L 11:48PM LST 5.3 H 02/22/2009 Sun 05:12AM LST 2.6 L 10:53AM LST 6.5 H 05:56PM LST 0.1 L 02/23/2009 Mon 12:16AM LST 5.6 H 05:52AM LST 2.2 L 11:34AM LST 6.6 H 06:27PM LST 0.0 L 02/24/2009 Tue 12:43AM LST 5.9 H 06:30AM LST 1.8 L 12:14PM LST 6.6 H 06:57PM LST 0.1 L 02/25/2009 Wed 01:09AM LST 6.2 H 07:07AM LST 1.4 L 12:53PM LST 6.6 H 07:26PM LST 0.2 L 02/26/2009 Thu 01:36AM LST 6.5 H 07:44AM LST 1.1 L 01:33PM LST 6.5 H 07:55PM LST 0.5 L Reedsport Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/20/2009 Fri 03:56AM LST 3.3 L 09:40AM LST 6.2 H 05:07PM LST 0.6 L 11:45PM LST 5.1 H 02/21/2009 Sat 04:52AM LST 3.0 L 10:34AM LST 6.4 H 05:47PM LST 0.3 L 02/22/2009 Sun 12:15AM LST 5.5 H 05:38AM LST 2.6 L 11:20AM LST 6.6 H 06:22PM LST 0.1 L 02/23/2009 Mon 12:43AM LST 5.7 H 06:18AM LST 2.2 L 12:01PM LST 6.8 H 06:53PM LST 0.0 L 02/24/2009 Tue 01:10AM LST 6.1 H 06:56AM LST 1.8 L 12:41PM LST 6.8 H 07:23PM LST 0.1 L 02/25/2009 Wed 01:36AM LST 6.3 H 07:33AM LST 1.4 L 01:20PM LST 6.8 H 07:52PM LST 0.2 L 02/26/2009 Thu 02:03AM LST 6.6 H 08:10AM LST 1.1 L 02:00PM LST 6.6 H 08:21PM LST 0.5 L Coos Bay Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/20/2009 Fri 04:00AM LST 3.6 L 09:55AM LST 6.8 H 05:11PM LST 0.6 L 02/21/2009 Sat 12:00AM LST 5.6 H 04:56AM LST 3.3 L 10:49AM LST 7.0 H 05:51PM LST 0.4 L 02/22/2009 Sun 12:30AM LST 6.0 H 05:42AM LST 2.9 L 11:35AM LST 7.2 H 06:26PM LST 0.1 L 02/23/2009 Mon 12:58AM LST 6.2 H 06:22AM LST 2.5 L 12:16PM LST 7.4 H 06:57PM LST 0.0 L 02/24/2009 Tue 01:25AM LST 6.6 H 07:00AM LST 2.0 L 12:56PM LST 7.4 H 07:27PM LST 0.1 L 02/25/2009 Wed 01:51AM LST 6.9 H 07:37AM LST 1.6 L 01:35PM LST 7.4 H 07:56PM LST 0.3 L 02/26/2009 Thu 02:18AM LST 7.2 H 08:14AM LST 1.2 L 02:15PM LST 7.2 H 08:25PM LST 0.5 L

Mark your calenders Siletz River Clean-up first Saturday each April

Fun Things to do Out and About Corvallis 2/19-3/19The Arts Center's Exhibit - J.S. BIRD RECEPTION FEB 20 530PM

Storylines J.S. Bird J.S. Bird is a painter and a story teller; his paintings are filled with personal symbolism and interpretations of myths, allegories and legends. With strong brushstrokes and working on a large scale, he depicts warriors, shamans, animals and inanimate objects referring to both Christian and pagan symbolism, tribal traditions and the human relationship to the earth. Bird visually combines various types of space in a single picture-plane, flat space, illusionary depth and grids. J.S. Bird sees the creation of art as a journey which has led to a better understanding of himself – the process of learning about and creating his work as the path of that journey and the artwork exhibited as the story of that journey. His exhibit Storylines will be

on display at The Arts Center from February 19 – March 19, 2009. The exhibit informs us about connections between Bird’s story and the story of humanity, and through relationships with community and his/ our ancestors. Bird sees the story as his way of praying, healing, his way of penance, and his way of giving thanks to the world. J.S.Bird is proud to call himself a painter, giving him a part in a 30,000 years practice, and he feels honored to follow in the footsteps of so many. He calls himself “dramatically influenced” by art from the past: Paleolithic cave painting, MesoAmerican sculpture and architecture, Oceanic sculpture and early Renaissance fresco’s are a few of his many sources of inspiration. Contemporary artists that he feels a kinship with are Anselm Kiefer, Kiki Smith and Susan Rothenberg. Event Time:12 PM-5 PM 700 SW Madison Ave

Coos Bay Friday 2/20

Area Chamber of Commerce IBO Lunch Forum All Day 1988 Newmark Coos Bay Cultural Oregon Coast Lab Band All Day Oregon Coast Lab Band presents “The Coos Bay Area Youth Swing Dance Society (under the direction of David Allan and Erin Morgan) will present a youth organization Fundraiser Concert and Dance at the Mill Casino’s Ballroom. The fundraiser will feature live music by “Evolution”, the top show band of the Oregon Coast Lab Band, and dancing by the Oregon Coast Lindyhoppers. Doors open at 7:00pm with DJ dancing. Beginning East Coast Swing dance lessons will begin at 7:30pm The main event will be from 8:00-9:45pm Special dance guest performers be featured from Portland, Eugene and Coos Bay, Individual tickets are $20, couples are $35 and students$8. Tickets can be obtained at the Mill Casino Gift Shop, Epiphany’s Gift Shop in North Bend, and the Coos Art Museum. For more information visit or call the Lab Band Office at 541-751-0221, or David Allan at 541-294-2841 for more information

Newport 2/20-22 32ND ANNUAL SEAFOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL It wouldn't be winter on the coast without the Newport Seafood & Wine Festival. It's the premier seafood and wine event of the west coast and the original Northwest seafood and wine festival. FMI 541-265-8801 Newport-NyeBeach Feb 21 Coast Festival Run 5K Time: 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM Scenic paved course through Nye Beach, down to bridge, through Yaquina Bay State Park and back to Performing Arts Center. A fairly flat, fast, and fun course. Race Day Safety Concerns: For your safety and others, there will be no headphones, baby joggers, skates, bicycles, or pets allowed on the course. There will be no road closures for this eevent. traffic on course, runners must abide by all laws governing use of roads. Awards 10:15am in the small theatre at the Performing Arts Center. Awards for Top overall male and female, Masters Male and Female, age group awards by 5 year increments, results posted at the event. Newport Performing Arts Center , 777 W Olive Street, Nye Beach. Turn West at Highway 101 and Highway 20 intersection and proceed on Olive to Newport's Performing Arts Center. Sat, 2/21. Registration begins at 8:00am. 9am race starts.FMI runatthebeach@hotmail .com Fees/Admission Entry fee Garibaldi Feb 2/21 Saturday Market10 am-2 pm Lodge at the Old Mill 210 S. Third St. Garibaldi, OR FMI Maureen Shore 503-322-0322 Self- produced products from the Northwest

Fun Things to do Out and About Lincoln City Feb 21

Mardi Gras Jambalaya Cook-Off at the Pacific Coast Center for Culinary Arts 11 am - 2 pm. Enjoy Jambalaya from restaurants all over the state. FMI Sharon Wiest at 541-557-1125 Feb 21Tide Pool Edibles with Lee Gray the Wild Gourmet. 3:30PM at NW 15th Street Beach Access. FMI 541-992-3798 Depoe Bay Feb 21The Ric DiBlasi Trio at Italian Riviera. 7-10PM FMI 541-764-3400. North Bend Sat 2/21 7p.m. Egyptian Theatre - Forrest Gump North Bend High School fundraiser all seats $5.00 Run time 1 hr 42 min Lincoln City Feb 22 Bay Clamming with Lee Gray the Wild Gourmet. 3:30PM at Siletz Bay State Park in the Taft District. FMI 541-992-3798 Corvallis Feb 22, & Mar 1 CHARLOTTE'S WEB The LBCC Performing Arts Department presents Charlotte's Web. Feb 22 and March 1.FMI visit arts or call 541-917-4531

Coos Bay Mon, Feb 2/23 9:00AM Cancer Supp

South of the Border Stuffed Toast

Hospice Community Center For Persons and their Family members diagnosed with cancer/going to treatment chemotheraphy and/or radiation, including cancer survivors. An excellent forum to have your questions answer by those living with similar circumstances. FMI Linda Furman Grile 541-269-2986 Web References

Volunteers Needed -- Maybe You? You don't have to wait until summer to find interesting things to do. Quite a few opportunities are Tillamook Feb 24-Mar 10 “60th Annual Support available now, especially if you'd like to volunteer. our Youth Campaign” Tillamook Co. YMCA 610 StillCheck out Senior Corps online [www.seniorcorps. well Avenue Don Schmidt, (503-842-9622 org] and look for the drop-down menu under the Get Involved logo. Click your main interest and put in Feb 24 Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper 5pm–7pm your ZIP code to get a list of volunteer opportunities St. Alban’s Episcopal Church 2102 Sixth Street in your area. Father Ray Ferguson, Rector 503-842-6192 I chose Arts and Culture and was surprised at the Newport Feb 25 7pm-9pm LCCC Series: Voices variety of listings. Little did I know that the college of London The Voices of London made their profeshere in town needs volunteers to serve as guides for sional debut in 1970 under the name of the Scholars one of its exhibits! Then there's ushering at one of and have performed over 2500 concerts in more than the cultural centers. After I get people to their seats 50 countries. Their concert record is rivaled by very I can stay and watch the program -- for free. Now few ensembles in the field of chamber music. They that's exciting. have performed at many famous venues such as, New Are you familiar with building supplies? ReStore, Yorks Lincoln Center, London's Royal Fesitival Hall which is part of Habitat for Humanity, needs voland the Sydney Opera House to smaller more intimate unteers to man the retail stores in four-hour shifts. venues such as the Wigmore Hall in London, and the ReStores sell low-cost building and repair materiBrahmsssal in Vienna. als, with the proceeds going to help build houses The Newport Performing Arts Center for Habitat for Humanity. They're in all states. You FMI 541-265-ARTS might also find volunteer listings for a handyman at Newport Feb 26 5:15pm-7pm BUSINESS AFTER non-profit agencies. HOURS AT GOLD MOTORS Join us at Gold Motors Like animals? Perhaps you can raise a puppy that's for wine, appetizers, & business networking destined to go to guide dog school or be a pet social FMI 541-265-8801 izer at the animal shelter. Interested in genealogy? Look for opportunities at local colleges and historical societies to help catalog Coos Bay Thurs 2/26 11:30am the collection, transcribe diaries and scan the photo Fibromyalgia Support Group South Coast Hospice archives. Community Bereavement & Education Center For When I clicked the link on the Senior Corps site, I those suffering from the effects of fibromyalgia never imagined I'd find so much good information in FMI Mary 541-267-4871 Web References one place, and I'm glad it's there. Maybe you'll find something interesting there, too. I understand now why many organizations don't advertise in the newspaper for volunteers -- they can't afford it.

If you like a little "heat" in your food, then you'll enjoy this breakfast dish for National Hot Breakfast Month. It will warm you inside and out. 8 (3/4-ounce) slices Kraft reduced-fat Cheddar cheese 8 slices reduced-calorie bread 2 eggs, beaten or equivalent in egg substitute 1/4 cup fat-free milk 1 teaspoon dried parsley flakes 1 cup chunky salsa (mild, medium or hot) 1/4 cup Land O Lakes no-fat sour cream Place 2 slices Cheddar cheese between 2 slices of bread. In a medium bowl, combine eggs, milk and parsley flakes. Dip sandwiches into egg mixture on both sides. Place on hot griddle or large skillet sprayed with butter-flavored cooking spray. Brown on both sides. For each serving, place 1 sandwich on a plate, spoon 1/4 cup salsa over top and garnish with 1 tablespoon sour cream. Serve at once. Serves 4. Each serving: 270 calories, 10g fat, 22g protein, 23g carbs, 908mg sodium, 226mg calcium, 2g fiber; Diabetic Exchanges: 2 1/2 Meat, 1 Starch, 1/2 Vegetable; Carb Choices: 1 1/2. Visit Healthy Exchanges at www.healthyexchanges. com, or call toll-free at 1-800-766-8961 to sign-up for our FREE monthly newsletter. All you pay is the shipping and handling. This is the only national food newsletter for diabetics, heart/cholesterol concerns and healthy weight loss.

(c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Write to her in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc

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Blankets, Towels, See at OTIS Junction

For the Fun of It!

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Shorebirds in Waldport

Writing Just for the Fun of It Issue 003  
Writing Just for the Fun of It Issue 003  

Writing Just for the Fun of It is a fun entertaining weekly newspaper that is distributed in Western Oregon from Rockaway Beach in the North...