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Seductive Salmon Makes a Perfect Valentine's Day Dinner

I love preparing a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day. Cooking is one of the ways I show my love for my sweet husband, Michael. We've been married for 34 years, so I've had plenty of opportunities to create romantic meals, from breakfast in bed to late-night fireside suppers. What better time to prepare a heart-healthy meal than on the one day of the year that celebrates matters of the heart -- Valentine's Day? Roasted Salmon With Pomegranate Butter Sauce is a delicious way to make a special day even more memorable and provides the gift of good health. Salmon is low in mercury and high in omega-3 fatty acids. While 80 percent of all of the salmon sold is farm-raised, wild salmon is the best option. Eating two to three servings per week of foods (continued P3)

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PHOTO CREDIT: Ben Fink, Courtesy of William Morrow

February 13-19, 2009

Rick Mercer, the new owner of Wheelhouse Restaurant & Lounge in Garibaldi, is offering

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By Samantha Weaver It was noted American journalist, essayist, satirist and critic of culture H.L. Mencken who made the following sage observation: "Strike an average between what a woman thinks of her husband a month before she marries him and what she thinks of him a year afterward, and you will have the truth about him." It may seem odd, but the Drug Enforcement Agency supports, in a fashion, a publication that advocates the legalization of cannabis; the DEA has three subscriptions to the magazine High Times. There was a time when cartoon character Fred Flintstone appeared in ads for Winston cigarettes. In an anthropological study once conducted in Papua New Guinea, it was found that one in three adult deaths were the result of homicide. And it seems that those murdered were often targeted because they were suspected of practicing sorcery. There seems to be quite a rivalry between the towns of Rosehill, N.C., and Wilmington, Del. Both locales claim to be the home of the world's largest frying pan, with a diameter of 10 feet. This begs some questions, of course: How many eggs are being fried at once to require such a large piece of cookware? And what sort of stove is required to heat such a mammoth pan? In today's troubled economic times, you might not be surprised to learn that in his famed "Devil's Dictionary," Ambrose Bierce defined a corporation as "an ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility." According to estimates made by United Nations researchers, approximately 25 languages became extinct in 2008, meaning the last native speaker had passed away. *** Thought for the Day: "Democracy consists of choosing your dictators, after they've told you what you think it is you want to hear." -- Alan Corenk (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Shorebirds in Waldport

Oregon Coast Tide Tables Girabaldi to Coos Bay

Local Standard Time

Fun Things to do Out and About All times are listed in Local Standard Time(LST) or, Local Daylight Time (LDT) (when applicable). All heights are in feet referenced to Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW). Girabaldi Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/13/2009 Fri 03:13AM LST 8.8 H 09:26AM LST 1.1 L 03:33PM LST 7.3 H 09:18PM LST 1.5 L 02/14/2009 Sat 03:50AM LST 8.7 H 10:19AM LST 1.1 L 04:31PM LST 6.4 H 09:55PM LST 2.3 L 02/15/2009 Sun 04:28AM LST 8.4 H 11:18AM LST 1.2 L 05:40PM LST 5.8 H 10:34PM LST 3.1 L 02/16/2009 Mon 05:12AM LST 8.1 H 12:25PM LST 1.3 L 07:08PM LST 5.4 H 11:23PM LST 3.8 L 02/17/2009 Tue 06:03AM LST 7.7 H 01:38PM LST 1.3 L 08:50PM LST 5.4 H 02/18/2009 Wed 12:33AM LST 4.2 L 07:06AM LST 7.6 H 02:48PM LST 1.1 L 10:09PM LST 5.6 H 02/19/2009 Thu 02:00AM LST 4.3 L 08:14AM LST 7.5 H 03:46PM LST 0.8 L 10:57PM LST 5.9 H Pacific City/Nestucca Bay entrance Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/13/2009 Fri 02:49AM LST 8.1 H 09:27AM LST 0.9 L 03:09PM LST 6.7 H 09:19PM LST 1.3 L 02/14/2009 Sat 03:26AM LST 8.0 H 10:20AM LST 0.9 L 04:07PM LST 5.9 H 09:56PM LST 2.0 L 02/15/2009 Sun 04:04AM LST 7.8 H 11:19AM LST 1.0 L 05:16PM LST 5.4 H 10:35PM LST 2.7 L 02/16/2009 Mon 04:48AM LST 7.5 H 12:26PM LST 1.1 L 06:44PM LST 5.0 H 11:24PM LST 3.3 L 02/17/2009 Tue 05:39AM LST 7.2 H 01:39PM LST 1.1 L 08:26PM LST 5.0 H 02/18/2009 Wed 12:34AM LST 3.7 L 06:42AM LST 7.0 H 02:49PM LST 0.9 L 09:45PM LST 5.2 H 02/19/2009 Thu 02:01AM LST 3.8 L 07:50AM LST 6.9 H 03:47PM LST 0.7 L 10:33PM LST 5.5 H Taft, Siletz Bay Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/13/2009 Fri 02:42AM LST 7.0 H 09:28AM LST 0.8 L 03:02PM LST 5.7 H 09:20PM LST 1.0 L 02/14/2009 Sat 03:19AM LST 6.9 H 10:21AM LST 0.8 L 04:00PM LST 5.1 H 09:57PM LST 1.7 L 02/15/2009 Sun 03:57AM LST 6.7 H 11:20AM LST 0.8 L 05:09PM LST 4.6 H 10:36PM LST 2.2 L 02/16/2009 Mon 04:41AM LST 6.4 H 12:27PM LST 0.9 L 06:37PM LST 4.2 H 11:25PM LST 2.7 L 02/17/2009 Tue 05:32AM LST 6.1 H 01:40PM LST 0.9 L 08:19PM LST 4.2 H 02/18/2009 Wed 12:35AM LST 3.0 L 06:35AM LST 6.0 H 02:50PM LST 0.8 L 09:38PM LST 4.4 H 02/19/2009 Thu 02:02AM LST 3.1 L 07:43AM LST 5.9 H 03:48PM LST 0.6 L 10:26PM LST 4.7 H Depoe Bay Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/13/2009 Fri 02:21AM LST 9.0 H 08:42AM LST 1.1 L 02:41PM LST 7.4 H 08:34PM LST 1.5 L 02/14/2009 Sat 02:58AM LST 8.8 H 09:35AM LST 1.1 L 03:39PM LST 6.5 H 09:11PM LST 2.4 L 02/15/2009 Sun 03:36AM LST 8.6 H 10:34AM LST 1.2 L 04:48PM LST 5.9 H 09:50PM LST 3.2 L 02/16/2009 Mon 04:20AM LST 8.2 H 11:41AM LST 1.3 L 06:16PM LST 5.4 H 10:39PM LST 4.0 L 02/17/2009 Tue 05:11AM LST 7.9 H 12:54PM LST 1.3 L 07:58PM LST 5.4 H 11:49PM LST 4.4 L 02/18/2009 Wed 06:14AM LST 7.7 H 02:04PM LST 1.1 L 09:17PM LST 5.7 H 02/19/2009 Thu 01:16AM LST 4.5 L 07:22AM LST 7.6 H 03:02PM LST 0.9 L 10:05PM LST 6.0 H 02/20/2009 Fri 02:30AM LST 4.3 L 08:24AM LST 7.9 H 03:48PM LST 0.6 L 10:39PM LST 6.4 H Southbeach Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/13/2009 Fri 02:35AM LST 9.1 H 08:49AM LST 1.1 L 02:55PM LST 7.5 H 08:41PM LST 1.5 L 02/14/2009 Sat 03:12AM LST 9.0 H 09:42AM LST 1.1 L 03:53PM LST 6.6 H 09:18PM LST 2.4 L 02/15/2009 Sun 03:50AM LST 8.7 H 10:41AM LST 1.2 L 05:02PM LST 6.0 H 09:57PM LST 3.2 L 02/16/2009 Mon 04:34AM LST 8.4 H 11:48AM LST 1.3 L 06:30PM LST 5.5 H 10:46PM LST 4.0 L 02/17/2009 Tue 05:25AM LST 8.0 H 01:01PM LST 1.3 L 08:12PM LST 5.5 H 11:56PM LST 4.4 L 02/18/2009 Wed 06:28AM LST 7.9 H 02:11PM LST 1.1 L 09:31PM LST 5.8 H 02/19/2009 Thu 01:23AM LST 4.5 L 07:36AM LST 7.7 H 03:09PM LST 0.9 L 10:19PM LST 6.2 H Waldport, Alsea Bay Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/13/2009 Fri 02:49AM LST 8.4 H 09:13AM LST 0.9 L 03:08PM LST 7.0 H 09:09PM LST 1.2 L 02/14/2009 Sat 03:26AM LST 8.2 H 10:04AM LST 1.0 L 04:02PM LST 6.3 H 09:46PM LST 2.1 L 02/15/2009 Sun 04:04AM LST 8.0 H 11:00AM LST 1.2 L 05:04PM LST 5.7 H 10:27PM LST 2.9 L 02/16/2009 Mon 04:47AM LST 7.7 H 12:02PM LST 1.3 L 06:20PM LST 5.2 H 11:16PM LST 3.6 L 02/17/2009 Tue 05:39AM LST 7.4 H 01:13PM LST 1.3 L 07:54PM LST 5.0 H 02/18/2009 Wed 12:25AM LST 4.0 L 06:41AM LST 7.1 H 02:24PM LST 1.2 L 09:21PM LST 5.3 H 02/19/2009 Thu 01:49AM LST 4.1 L 07:48AM LST 7.1 H 03:25PM LST 1.0 L 10:17PM LST 5.6 H Florence Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/13/2009 Fri 03:12AM LST 7.1 H 09:40AM LST 0.7 L 03:31PM LST 5.9 H 09:36PM LST 1.0 L 02/14/2009 Sat 03:49AM LST 7.0 H 10:31AM LST 0.8 L 04:25PM LST 5.3 H 10:13PM LST 1.8 L 02/15/2009 Sun 04:27AM LST 6.8 H 11:27AM LST 1.0 L 05:27PM LST 4.8 H 10:54PM LST 2.4 L 02/16/2009 Mon 05:10AM LST 6.5 H 12:29PM LST 1.1 L 06:43PM LST 4.4 H 11:43PM LST 3.0 L 02/17/2009 Tue 06:02AM LST 6.3 H 01:40PM LST 1.1 L 08:17PM LST 4.3 H 02/18/2009 Wed 12:52AM LST 3.4 L 07:04AM LST 6.0 H 02:51PM LST 1.0 L 09:44PM LST 4.5 H 02/19/2009 Thu 02:16AM LST 3.4 L 08:11AM LST 6.0 H 03:52PM LST 0.8 L 10:40PM LST 4.7 H Reedsport Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/13/2009 Fri 03:39AM LST 7.3 H 10:06AM LST 0.7 L 03:58PM LST 6.1 H 10:02PM LST 1.0 L 02/14/2009 Sat 04:16AM LST 7.1 H 10:57AM LST 0.8 L 04:52PM LST 5.5 H 10:39PM LST 1.8 L 02/15/2009 Sun 04:54AM LST 7.0 H 11:53AM LST 1.0 L 05:54PM LST 4.9 H 11:20PM LST 2.4 L 02/16/2009 Mon 05:37AM LST 6.7 H 12:55PM LST 1.1 L 07:10PM LST 4.5 H 02/17/2009 Tue 12:09AM LST 3.0 L 06:29AM LST 6.4 H 02:06PM LST 1.1 L 08:44PM LST 4.4 H 02/18/2009 Wed 01:18AM LST 3.4 L 07:31AM LST 6.2 H 03:17PM LST 1.0 L 10:11PM LST 4.6 H 02/19/2009 Thu 02:42AM LST 3.4 L 08:38AM LST 6.2 H 04:18PM LST 0.8 L 11:07PM LST 4.8 H Coos Bay Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height 02/13/2009 Fri 03:54AM LST 8.0 H 10:10AM LST 0.8 L 04:13PM LST 6.6 H 10:06PM LST 1.1 L 02/14/2009 Sat 04:31AM LST 7.8 H 11:01AM LST 0.9 L 05:07PM LST 6.0 H 10:43PM LST 1.9 L 02/15/2009 Sun 05:09AM LST 7.6 H 11:57AM LST 1.1 L 06:09PM LST 5.4 H 11:24PM LST 2.6 L 02/16/2009 Mon 05:52AM LST 7.3 H 12:59PM LST 1.2 L 07:25PM LST 4.9 H 02/17/2009 Tue 12:13AM LST 3.3 L 06:44AM LST 7.0 H 02:10PM LST 1.2 L 08:59PM LST 4.8 H 02/18/2009 Wed 01:22AM LST 3.7 L 07:46AM LST 6.7 H 03:21PM LST 1.1 L 10:26PM LST 5.0 H 02/19/2009 Thu 02:46AM LST 3.8 L 08:53AM LST 6.7 H 04:22PM LST 0.9 L 11:22PM LST 5.3 H

Garibaldi Feb 13-Apr 11 Saturday Market at The Old Mill Quality handcrafted gifts, baked goods, chocolates, meats, soaps, jewelry, plants, herbs and more. Live music, breakfast, and lunch available. Open from 10am-2:30pm at 210 S Third Street. 503-322-0322 Tillamook Feb 14-Nov 21 Oregon at Statehood: Local Legends, Lifestyles, and Lincoln - Exhibit showcases the life on Tillamook Bay in the decades surrounding statehood. Speakers, debates, and children's art projects are featured throughout the year. 503-842-4553 Lincoln City Jan 01-May 25 Finders Keepers: Glass Floats on the Beach 800-452-2151 Feb 07-Feb 15 Antique Week - Antique Week is back and we will have Harry Rinker giving priceless appraisals around town. Take your sweetheart to enjoy a Dessert and Tea Fashion Show on February 14th! More events happening around town. 800-452-2151 Feb 14 Chinook Winds Casino: Battle at the Beach Amateur Boxing 888-CHINOOK Newport Feb 14 Art Deco Film Series: Shall We Dance - Show starts at The Ark, 453 SW Coast Highway, at 7pm. General Admission $12, CCNA Members & Students with ID $10. Dress up in art deco style, get in for $7 at the door. Feb 14 Give Your Sweetheart a Kiss! - Valentines Day sea lion encounter. 541-867-3474 ext 2313 Feb 14 Writers on the Edge: Citadel of the Spirit: Oregon’s Sesquicentennial Anthology - Launch of Citadel of the Spirit: Oregon’s Sesquicentennial Anthology, published by Nestucca Spit Press. Starts at 7 PM at the Newport Visual Arts Center. Admission $5/ free to students. Feb 14 FossilFest - A chance to learn about fossils of the Oregon coast, bring in your own fossils for identification and swap with other fossil-hunters. Guy DiTorrice presents "Fossil Hide-&-Seek," and geologist Dr. Bill Orr presents "Oregon Fossils and Paleontology." 541-867-0100 Yachats Feb 14 St. Valentine's Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony - A Celebration of Renewal and Commitment. Starts at 5:30 p.m. at the Little Log Church and Museum, W 3rd & Pontiac. 541-547-3976 Gardiner Feb 14-Feb 15 Confluence 2009: Wine, Beer, Seafood, and Music Festival - Takes place at the old W. F. Jewett School building on 325 High Street. Admission: $8, must be 21 or older. www.confluence.reedsportcc. org 800-247-2155 Coos Bay Jan 09-May 22 The Chef's Table at Oregon Coast Culinary Institute - OCCI offers wonderful culinary luncheons as part of their new externship program. Creative & tastefully prepared luncheons delight diners every Friday afternoon from Noon to 1pm. $20 per person. 541-888-1540 Feb 19 Author's Night at the Library: Anita Sullivan - For the month of romance, Sullivan discusses her book "Ikaria: A Love Odyssey on a Greek Island." bay. 541-269-1101

THE KITCHEN DIVA (continued)

rich in omega-3 is a healthy choice.This recipe for roasted salmon is adapted from author Rick Rodgers’ newest cookbook, “Autumn Gatherings: Casual Food to Enjoy With Family and Friends” (Morrow Cookbooks). If you’ve never roasted salmon, get ready for a treat, as the heat from the oven seals in the flavor of the salmon much better than moist-heat methods like poaching or steaming. The pomegranate butter sauce is what makes this dish so deliciously unique. Pomegranate juice is fairly easy to find in most grocery stores, and the flavor marries beautifully with the salmon. Roasted Salmon With Pomegranate Butter Sauce is the perfect choice for a seductive Valentine’s Day dinner and the perfect way to combine heart-felt sentiments with heart-healthy benefits. ROASTED SALMON WITH POMEGRANATE BUTTER SAUCE The pomegranate butter sauce is a red variation of the classic French beurre blanc. Beurre blanc literally translated from French means "white butter." One important tip: Slowly incorporate the butter over very low heat so it softens into a creamy emulsion with the acidic base. If the heat is too high, the butter will simply melt. 1 (2-pound) center-cut salmon fillet, with skin 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper

Staying Motivated to Exercise

I've experienced a lapse in keeping my New Year's resolution. I started a walking program three mornings a week. I was excited to begin It was held in a heated indoor arena with a flat track. Two people from the Healthy Heart Program would be there giving advice and taking blood pressure, as well as leading the gentle exercise classes. It seemed perfect. And the first few classes were fun. I felt better after each class, energized and ready to face the rest of the day. Alas, I neglected to consider the human element -me. It appears that I need more encouragement than just the opportunity to put a check next to my name on the attendance list for every day I show up. Setting goals didn't help. Promising myself rewards for attending didn't help either. On the Internet I found companies that will send telephone reminders, some of which you can record yourself. The services, however, are expensive. Then there are computer software programs that will pop reminders up on the monitor. There's always the alarm clock, set to go off at the right time. In my case, the solution was a lot easier than signing up for a call-reminder service. Instead, I swapped phone numbers with one other person in the class. It was her idea because she also found herself lacking the right motivation to get to class. On even days of the month, I call her in the morning to ask if she's going to class. On odd days she calls me. Having to answer to someone else seems to be working. I've gone to enough classes in a row now that I don't think I'll start skipping them. It might be low-tech, but it's working.

Jubilee Cherry Cheese Pie

It wouldn't be February if you didn't have one cherry recipe to share with your special someone. This recipe Pomegranate Butter Sauce: has all the flavor of Cherries Jubilee! 1/2 cup bottled pomegranate juice 1 Pillsbury refrigerated unbaked 9-inch pie crust 1/4 cup good-quality balsamic vinegar 1 teaspoon almond extract 1/4 cup orange juice Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer 1 (20-ounce) can Lucky Leaf No Sugar Added Cherry reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column Pie Filling 2 tablespoons honey whenever possible. Write to her in care of King Features 2 tablespoons minced shallots 2 (8-ounce) packages Philadelphia fat-free cream 1/2 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary or 1/4 Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853cheese 6475, or send e-mail to teaspoon crumbled dried rosemary 2 eggs or equivalent in egg substitute (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc. 8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter, chilled, 1/2 cup Splenda Granular cut into 8 equal portions 3/4 cup Land O'Lakes no-fat sour cream 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons slivered almonds 1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper Dash nutmeg 1. Preheat the oven to 400 F. Lightly oil a large, Preheat oven to 450 F. Place pie crust in deep-dish rimmed baking sheet. 10-inch pie plate and flute edges. Stir 1/2 teaspoon 2. Run your fingers over the cut side of the salmon, almond extract into cherry pie filling. Evenly spoon feeling for any pin bones. If necessary, pull out the mixture into prepared pie crust. Bake for 15 minutes. bones with sterilized tweezers. Season salmon on both Remove pie from oven and lower heat to 350 F. sides with the salt and pepper. Place the salmon on In a large bowl, stir cream cheese with a sturdy spoon baking sheet, flesh side up. Cut the salmon vertically until soft. Stir in eggs and remaining 1/2 teaspoon into 6 equal portions, but do not separate the pieces. almond extract. Add Splenda. Mix well to combine. (This makes the salmon easier to serve after cooking.) Carefully spoon cream cheese mixture evenly over 3. Roast until the salmon shows just a hint of bright cherry pie filling. Continue baking for 30 minutes. pink when prodded in the center of the fillet at one of Place pie plate on a wire rack and allow to cool at least the cuts with the tip of a knife, 12 to 15 minutes. 1 hour. Evenly spread sour cream over top of cooled 4. Meanwhile, make the butter sauce. Bring the pie. Lightly sprinkle almonds and nutmeg over top. pomegranate juice, balsamic vinegar, orange juice, Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Cut into 8 servings. honey, shallots, rosemary, salt and pepper to a boil in Each serving equals: 241 calories, 9g fat, 11g a non-reactive medium saucepan over high heat. Cook protein, 29g carbs, 434mg sodium, 200mg calcium, 1g until the liquid is reduced to 1/4 cup, about 8 minutes. fiber; Diabetic Exchanges: 1 1/2 fat, 1 Starch/Carb, 1 Reduce the heat to very low. Meat, 1/2 Fruit; Carb Choices: 2. 5. Remove pan from heat and whisk in the tablespoon Visit Healthy Exchanges at www.healthyexchang of butter. Whisk until the butter softens into a creamy, or call toll-free at 1-800-766-8961 to sign-up for our texture, occasionally returning pan to the heat to keep FREE monthly newsletter. (All you pay is the shipping and it warm, but not hot. Repeat with the remaining butter, handling.) This is the only national food newsletter for diaone tablespoon at a time. Season with salt and pepper betics, heart/cholesterol concerns and healthy weight loss. to taste. Do not bother to try to keep the sauce piping (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc hot; it will be heated by the warmth of the salmon. 6. Remove the skin and any fat from the salmon and discard. Serve the salmon on individual dinner plates, and spoon the sauce on top. Serve immediately. Makes 6 servings *** Angela Shelf Medearis is an award-winning children's author, culinary historian and the author of five cookbooks. Her latest cookbook, "The New African-American Kitchen," is in bookstores now. She's known as The Kitchen Diva and is the executive producer and host of "The Kitchen Diva!" television cooking show. Visit her Web site at (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

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