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Book Art Book Art Competition Competition

Summer Reads Summer Reads introduces readers to some of the most exhilarating writing and storytelling from around the world. Selected by readers for readers, it encourages a love of reading and supports the development of bold, confident, and adventurous reading for everyone. The 2013 books are: - Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo (Portabello) - The Polish Boxer by Eduardo Halfon (Pushkin Press) - The Beautiful Indifference by Sarah Hall (Faber & Faber) - This Isn’t The Sort Of Thing That Happens To Someone Like You by Jon McGregor (Bloomsbury) - A Light Song of Light by Kei Miller (Carcanet) - Beside the Sea by Véronique Olmi (Peirene Press) For more information, visit

Summer Reads is brought to you by Writers’ Centre Norwich, an organisation which brings writers and readers together. Find out more and sign up for news at

The Book Art Competition The Book Art Competition is a new venture between Writers’ Centre Norwich and turn the page which seeks to enable cross-art collaboration between the visual arts and literature. Artists were invited to respond creatively to any of the Summer Reads books. A cash prize of £250, as well as signed copies of each of the books, was offered for the entry deemed to best marry artistic excellence and deep engagement with the content and context of the book.

A Note from the Judges The judges were deeply impressed with the many ways that entries reflected the deeply personal nature of reading and the enduring appeal of the book as physical object. Creative flair was shown in how entries reinterpreted the idea of the book, particularly the ways it can unfurl its contents and draw one in to viewing the world from a different perspective. Four entries stood out as exemplifying this. And now we present to you our winners...

Judges - Jules Allen - turn the page artists book fair organiser and book artist - Roxanne Matthews - art and architectural historian - Lara Narkiewicz - Summer Reads Co-Producer - Sam Ruddock - Summer Reads Co-Producer - Julia Webb - writer, poet, and artist - Richard White - artist and Marketing Officer at Writers’ Centre Norwich

Photos copyright Martin Figura -

Photos copyright Martin Figura

Highly Commended ‘This Isn’t The Sort Of Thing That Happens To Someone Like Me’ by Kate Bufton A sculpture constructed from burnt pages of Jon McGregor’s ‘This Isn’t the Sort of Thing That Happens to Someone Like You’

Judges’ Comments A stunningly beautiful physical object that imaginatively deconstructs Jon McGregor’s collection and uses it to create an ambiguous organic sculptural form. The references to burning and destruction as a form of creation intrigue and keep the viewer guessing, while the bell jar accentuates the mystery and preciousness of the piece.

Highly Commended ‘If It Keeps On Raining’ by Chris Ruston A concertina book in blues, responding to Jon McGregor’s short story ‘If It Keeps On Raining’

Photos copyright Martin Figura

Judges’ Comments The dark foreboding of McGregor’s story is mirrored in the murky blues and continuous flow inherent in concertina book structures. Hand written text taken directly from the story involves the reader in the protagonist’s paranoia, while the ripped tops of pages hint at the unending skies of the Fens and the potential for total flooding from above.

Runner Up ‘Le Petit Bâtard’ by Karen Apps A book of matches and accompanying quote responding to Jon McGregor’s short story ‘Fleeing Complexity’

Judges’ Comments Excellently designed and produced, this is an intriguing little book object that is as minimal as the story it is based on. Quick, cunning and naughty, it uses a larger-than-life scale to hint at the potential destruction and unknown dangers lurking within its seemingly innocent packaging.

Gwen Simpson has kindly donated her prize money to Muktangan, an education charity based in Mumbai that seeks to offer a sustainable model of quality education at an affordable cost for economically deprived sections of society. For more information about Muktangan, visit

Winner ‘Behind the Beautiful Forevers’ by Gwen Simpson A self-assembly Mumbai slum dwelling constructed from recycled materials

Photos copyright Martin Figura

Judges’ Comments A brilliant and sophisticated concept constructed from recycled materials. A simple pamphlet stitch holds together this book containing all that you need to re-create a Mumbai slum hut. In doing so, this piece places the viewer in the position of those in the book: provided with a ramshackle array of recycled materials and tasked with constructing a life and hope for a brighter future in any way you can. Gwen Simpson’s piece is tactile, playful and thought-provoking. A worthy winner.

Exhibition Monday 19th - Saturday 31st August 2013 Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library Come and see the winning pieces and a selection of the judges’ favourites for yourself!

turn the page 2014 Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd May 2014 The Forum, Norwich turn the page artists’ book fair is a UK and international exhibiting and selling platform for artists who are creating work that is inspired by the structural and conceptual properties of the book form. The event is held over two days in the spectacular atrium at the Forum, Norwich and is fast establishing its place amongst the top UK Book Art events.

For more information visit Entries for turn the page 2014 will be open from 2nd September to 2nd December. Submission forms will be available to download from 2nd September.

Supporting bold, confident, and adventurous reading for everyone

Summer Reads Book Art Competition  

Announcing the winners of the Summer Reads Book Art Competition

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