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Writing prompts: A boost for the beginners As an upcoming writer, there may be moments when you are struggling to get new ideas to start with or finding it difficult to end a story or maybe wanting to write a particular idea in a better way. Your problems could be easily solved with writing prompts. Being a part of a writing community, 1-604-783-7351, gives this advantage to you. When you post your writings on the writing website, it is viewed by other writers – both beginners like you and seasoned writers too. They are free to give their comments and reviews on your write-up. These writing prompts can bring a big difference to your ideas and style of writing. The first hurdle that comes in the way of your writing career is that of ideas. There are so many situations when you feel a lack of creative ideas to begin with. The writing prompts come to your aid. You can select a few of the numerous writing prompts that you get, compile them and get a brand new idea for your story or write-up. There are also situations when you are stuck in-between your writing project. It could be that you don’t have ideas to complete it or the way it has ended is not quite what you want it to be like. You can go through the writing prompts and get the best of the ideas and use it to complete your story. Thus, writing prompts are a big help in every aspect in a new writer’s career.

Writing prompts a boost for the beginners