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Libros para Los Niños High school graduates look forward to attending college for freedom, new adventures and the thought of someday accepting a diploma. Unfortunately, they must also anticipate buying overpriced textbooks. What is a student to do to combat this formidable enemy as they leave home? As badly as teenagers want to leave, parents want the empty space as well. In order to please both, the challenge to purchase cheap college textbooks must be met with wisdom and frugality. According to the Government Accountability Office, students in the 2003-2004 academic year spent $898 at four-year public colleges and $886 at two-year public colleges on books and supplies. Also, College Board found that students in the 2006-2007 academic year, students spent an average of $942 at four-year public colleges and $850 at two-year expenditures on public colleges. The Student Monitor LLC found in 2007 that full-time students at four-year institutions spent an average of $683, and the State Public Interest Research Groups Higher Education Project found in 2005 that the average annual textbook expense for students is $900. Because collegiate bookstores make a profit on textbook sales, students could end up paying over $500 in unnecessary funds. However, there are many alternatives that will ease the burden in many parents’ wallets. Websites that offer cheap new and used books are: 1. ShelfSwap is a website designed to cater to California Baptist University students. Here, students can sell their textbooks to other students at prices that they find affordable. 2. is a website that gives students the liberty of renting their textbooks for reasonable fees. They understand the student perspective in textbook purchasing and even offer a 21-day “any reason” guarantee. 3. Campus Book Rentals offers free express shipping on orders of $100 or more. They also offer 30-day risk-free returns and live customer support. 4. offers cheap books with high discounts of up to 75 percent in savings and offer free shipping on purchase totals of $59 or more. No matter the financial hardships families might face, there are always alternatives that can suit any sticky situation. At Libros para Los Niños, we believe that the education of children takes priority. We are a lobbyist group comprised of parents who are dedicated to telling our representatives in the U.S. Congress that textbook costs need to be lowered. Join us in our efforts by visiting our website at Parents will always want there to be cheap college textbooks and it is our duty to see that it will someday become a reality.

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