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Fear Itself:

A selective, collection of phobias By: Adra McBride

SYL Micropublishing 2012

“What’s your phobia?”

Mark the day a phobia finds the inner child, where uncontrollable fear takes over, screams are all that will be heard. So best not to put childhood memories on a shelf... all that will be left is Fear Itself


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Arachnephobia [Ar-ach-ne-pho-bee-ah]: An irrational fear of spiders.

“One night I was sleeping and had an insane urge to pick my nose and sneeze. Turning on the light, I reached for my tissues and sneezed out a dead spider.� -Chris

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“I got pushed into a pool one time and couldn’t help but to panic. I suddenly envisioned the Titanic ship sinking and how my body would do the same. Ever since that incident I can’t stay under water for very long, even if it’s just in the shower.” -Max

Coulrophobia [Kal-ro-fo-bee-ah]: An irrational fear of clowns

“My phobia is Coulrophobia which is the fear of clowns. When I was little I use to go to Circus Circus in Las Vegas, Nevada and one time I saw this clown it kept following me around which was already strange, after that day I kept dreaming about this clown chasing me and trying to attack me, but every night in my dream he’d get closer and closer to killing me. So now I can’t even stand the sight of them.” -Mar

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“My grandparents have a cottage on Lake George in New York, and when I was little, my brother and I would go pick wild blueberries in and around the swamp at the back of their property. Being little and clumsy, I slipped off the wood plank path and into the water, getting stuck in the mud, of course. It took a few minutes to get me out, and when I finally did, there were two leeches on my right leg. Smreaming and crying, but refusing to move at all, they were quickly removed, but I’ve been terrified of leeches ever since.” -Cee

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“I suffer from a beef-tacophobia. When I was 10 and I had a beef taco for dinner, I threw up. The next time I ate a beef taco it tasted like my vomit. Ever since I haven’t been able to be near beef tacos. I breathe heavy, sweat, and my throat closes. Sometimes I even cry.” -Jean

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“I have a phobia of my face being touched by others and sometimes even myself. As a child I was molested by a family friend. I am now afraid to have my face touched and I have an obsession with thoroughly washing my hands (even if I know they are clean) before I have to touch or wash my face.� -Darla

Hemophobia [hee-mo-fo-bee-ah]: An irrational fear of blood

“My first memory is when I was two years old, I fell up a set of stairs and cut my chin open and had to get 20 stitches across the bottom of my chin. I remember them putting me into a restraining device (almost like a straight jacket) in order to hold me down, since I was a vivacious two year old and didn’t want the scary doctors near my face. Every since then, I have had a fear of blood. Whenever I see, think, talk, or hear anything about blood, I pass out. I even passed out when I lost my first tooth.” -M



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[cl-aw-s-tro-fo-nee-ah]: An irrational fear of tight spaces.


“Ever since I got stuck in the elevator with twenty people during the Christmas holiday for fifteen minutes, I can no longer be inside an elevator. I get too overwhemled.�- Tina

This book is dedicated to my biological mother: T. Churakova and my adoptive mother: Elva McBride The two role models who helped me overcome my fears and special thanks to all who participated by giving me a phobia to work with and trusting me to keep their identity confidential.

Fear Itself  
Fear Itself  

This book is about a selective collection of phobias. Not only are there creative illustrations in this book but there are also real life st...